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20 Magick Words

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This is my Point of View.

(Socratically, we know there could be 15 other PoVs.)


1 Stillness  


Practical USE of '10's' Fractals.

2 motion   Divine.
3 and  


not... 'or'
not... 'ignore'.

backwards is DNA.

Being LOVING and Positive dramatically alters DNA.

4 All   Quantum and Divine.  
5 experience   For Quantum to have Experience within the Divine Realm.  
6 Intent   For experience within Divine Realm..  
7 Soul   A  2 way portal to Divinity.  
8 Photon  
An unlimited number of photon pairs that cancel each other out unless Each Half is kept in a separate Universe, Always the case.  
9 Love   from Profound Steps 11 & 22.  
10 Heart   The connective point for Stage22 Quantum LOVE.  
11 Attention   The programming tool for eGo.  
12 eGo   Divine Realm.  
13 choice   Free Will.  
14 agenda   Series of Choices.  
15 karma   Maintains Quantum Balance. Stage 15,  
16 Awareness  

Leads to Quantum.


Awareness, Quantum, Change.

17 Being   Divine Realm to Pre Quantum… then Quantum.  
18 Inspiration   Communication with Quantum.  
19 resonance   Using Heart to Confirm Quantum.  
20 FLOW  

Always Easy,

'Easy', also Confirms Quantum.



“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias exists. 

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