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All Food stems from Light.

All Food can include Toxins.





Organic               100x... Highest.

Non-Organic    10x...     Lower by 1 zero... by a Full Fractal.

Processed          0to1x.   Lower by a second zero.

                                                (At zero, the Processed Food becomes

                                                 'Nutrition Free'.)





Organic               0%.

Non-Organic    10%.

Processed          10 to 100%.



All Stress is    100% Toxic.


Toxins include the Stress from not being

harvested/picked properly.


Toxins include the 'anticipation of being killed',



When practical, Eat Organic... 

(Require the Word Organic on the package.) 


Sphere7 will gradually 'take over', including Organic...

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Spheres 7thru10.

7 Divine Words.


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“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias exists. 

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