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Many Of ONE


Total Education

Is Within These

13 Webpages Of 2016.

(USE Of The 13 Webpages For 8+ Years

Will Accelerate Your 'Total Progress'

By 1,000 to 1,000,000 Years.)


"Choose To USE, Is ALL Your Choice".


For Each USE Of A

'1,000 Quantum Truths',

Each Truth Starts With A Capital Letter,

For Updates After January 24, 2017,

With The Posting Of 500 Of The

1,000 Quantum Truths, On

Quantum Webpage.



1)      Daily Intents,

           (6 Min. Saying Every Day,

            Then Master

            The Quantum Triangle,

            Then Become A 'Total Master',

            Finally All Becomes Automatic.)

2)     Read Each Word

3)     Understand Each Word

4)     Connect Each Word 



Website Not Required After 33 Quarters.

Simply USE 4 Words AND 4 Breaths

(Bottom Of Daily Intents).




The 2003 Thru 2014 Webpages Are

OF Divine,  All Quantum Sharing Has

'Come Forward' To The 2016 Webpages.



Last Updated June 26, 2017.


Most Webpages Require 'scrolling'.

(Webpage 'Refresh' For Updates...

Some 2016 Webpages Contain

Geometry From SC19.)


The Focus Is


... A Combination Of Spiritual and Science...

 Beyond Either Spiritual Or Science.  

No Religious Bias Exists. 

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