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June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.



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13 Webpages Of 2016


 Your Growth Will Accelerate

By 1 Million

To 1 Billion



By USE Of Only Your


You Will Only Do

What You Choose

To Do


 Say Carefully Outloud

The 'Daily Intents'




Divine/TheVine Is For Gaining 100% SelfLOVE

AND Gaining More Maturity

AND You May Stay,



 Divine/TheVine Has 'Stacks Of Circles'

For You To Travel

Both Directions


Divine/TheVine Is Endless

Until You Are Ready To Graduate

 Then Your Experience Filaments Change

To Start Your 'Return To Quantum'


Return Normally Requires You

1 Million To

1 Billion Years



Divine/TheVine Is One Gigantic Integrated Equation


Your Quantum Magnificence Tests Your Quantum Readiness

Every 25 Years

The Next Test Is In 2037





June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.





The Focus

ENDLESS Quantum, All FunDays, Personal Growth

10 To 50 Fun Events Per Day


A Combination Of Spiritual, Science and Quantum

Including 'Total Mastery' Of Quantum

No Religious Bias Exists

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February 26, 2019


Daily Intents


April 18, 2019




February 26, 2019




February 26, 2019


23 Profound Steps


February 10, 2020


21 Magick Words


February 26 , 2019


37 Stages


April 9, 2019




February 26, 2019


Total Mastery


February 26, 2019


15,462 Words


These Words Are Also Numbers Used In  One/1 Precise Formula


No Errors Thanks To MIT


End Of About 335,000 Hours Research

February 26, 2019

3:21 AM, No More Physical Death


February 26, 2019

No More Pain In Right Foot Instep


February 27, 2019

Chest Had Expanded By Almost 5”


March 9, 2019

Humanity Doing BETTER, Spaceship Meeting Above NORAD/Broadmoor, Colorado


June 17, 2019



March 13, 2022



July 29, 2049



May 15, 2323




Quantum AutoBiography Of Peter Olson

The Quantum Quickening   Finally Reached The Threshold Of Quantum Manifestation, 14,500 SuperCycles Ago.  (1 SuperCycle Is 3.4 With 25 Trailing Zeroes )  Including Manifestation Of EachMagnificence, Spirit, Soul Of Our Quantum Expansion From 3 To 25, Harmonics, Frequencies, Video, Editing For Clarity & Words, White Noise, A Non-Detectable Computer Interface, 64 QBit Quantum DigitalComputer Architecture With Many Uses, Including Conscious Thought & Consciousness.  During The Most Recent 1,000 SuperCycles, We Each Have Used One/1 Endlessly Growing ‘Experience Filament’ With Endless Parts For Each Human, Cat, Dog, & Gorilla/Horse/Mule/Donkey/And Many Other Non Swarming Animals/Fish/Birds.  The Below Represent The Core Capabilities For Every Individual  ‘Returning To Quantum’, Should Be Eventually Developed By All‘Returning To Quantum’.  New Skills Are Easy Because You No Longer Die Or Age.  In Quantum, There Is No Such Thing As Prayer/Asking Or Meditation/Listening, The Name Is Quantum Focus, Which Is A Part Of Everyone’s Instant Quantum Entanglement.




Before ‘Experience Filament Parts’ Were Finalized (At Start Of SuperCycle 1,000), We Kept An Advanced Quantum ‘Movie Like’ Daily Record (Quantum Harmonics & Euclidean Geometry),   1) Know,   2) New,   3) Balance   Then Know Grew Each Day;  When We Expanded To Magnificences For Each/Every Person  We NOW Had Individual Personal & Skills Growth.   ALL Change Within Quantum Is With A Teammate.   (I Currently Have 3 Teammates… 1) QS, 14,500 Consecutive SCs Of Practice,   2) QS, Inside Creation With 3 SCs Of Practice,   3) Cammey Where Both Of Us Are Currently Dolphins, Generating 24/7 Happiness, With 9,500 Consecutive SCs Of Practice,  4) Nelle (Family With Multiple LifeTimes Of Practice). Using Quantum Entanglement, I Communicate Daily With The Magnificences Of Cammey, Nelle, & QS.             The Dolphins Cloak And Decloak At Will… Go To Any Location In Creation By Going To The Flux Level Of Creation, Changing Coordinates, Then Returning From The Flux Level Of Creation. To Others They Simply & Magickally Appear And Disappear.  Each New Trip Requires A Total Of 16 Minutes.




March 15, 1942


Past Lives Include Johnny Appleseed & Nicola Tesla



Nelle’s Birth

December 5, 1942


First Conversation With My Magnificence, ENDLESS, EQUAL, SPECIAL, UNIQUE, (Also Metatron, From SuperCycle 940 Added SPECIAL).

May 11, 1947


Always USE The Name Of A Person

March 15, 1949


Perfect Posture, Always Stand Up Straight & Tall, Shoulders Back

March 15, 1950


Started Business Careers, Newspaper Delivery, Selling Christmas Cards

March 15, 1951


Always Being Efficient

March 15, 1952


Exercise, Weights, Body Building

March 15, 1953


Completed First Energy Mastery Cycle, Age 11

March 15, 1953


Became Eagle Scout

July 15, 1955


Golf, Swimming & Tennis

July 15, 1955


(Eventually, “Total Mastery’ Using The Five Phases Of Water)



Finished Second 7 Years After Birth

March 15, 1956


Finished Third 7 Years After Birth

March 15, 1963


Completed Second Energy Mastery Cycle, Age 22

March 15, 1964


From My Magnificence, Study Waste Management    (Eliminate Unnecessary Baggage & Toxins) And Cycle Separation (To Understand Layering… Astrology… Then Mo1)

May 11, 1964


BSEE, Penn State

June 7, 1964


IBM,  Marketing, Eventually Finance, Business Policy, WW Business Development, Started IBM Credit Corporation, Shared Culture Change, Already Knew Architecture Of Computers

June 14, 1964


Married Nelle E Olson; Kristina, Jennifer, Peter IV

December 27, 1964


Health, Healing, Youthing Thru Nutrition

March 15, 1973


No More Death For Me

June 15, 1973


ReStarted Astrology (Continued From Many Past Life Experience Filaments)

September 15, 1973



November 15, 1973


Clusters Of Astrology, I Ching (Book Of Change),  Numerology, Playing Cards, Tarot Cards, Day Of Year, Days/Events

March 15, 1974


Completed Third Energy Mastery Cycle, Age 33

March 15, 1975


Purchased Apple Computer, Studied Computer Architecture & Astrology

December 21, 1979


Learned IBM PC,  Easily Recognized The FlawedArchitecture, But IBM Did Not Want To Hear The Flaws

August 12, 1981


Masters, MIT Sloan Senior Executive Program

December 5, 1982


Completed Fourth Energy Mastery Cycle, Age 44

March 15, 1986


Confirmed Most Markets Are Rigged By A 250 MS Delay For Orders Placed Outside In The Case Of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Building.  This Is Called A ‘Black Swan Event’ By Those On Wall Street 

January 20, 1987


MCI, Learned Construction & Many Computer Systems Architectures/Applications

March 1, 1990


Added 1440 Minutes Each Day To Calculation Of Clusters/Events

March 15, 1996


Completed Fifth Energy Mastery Cycle, Age 55

March 15, 1997


Started To Manually Build Waveforms Of Events

March 15, 1998


Automated The Building Of Waveforms Of Events

March 15, 1999






Dec 4 2003


Completed Sixth Energy Mastery Cycle, Age 66

March 15, 2008


Simplicity In Everything You Do & Share

December 15, 2012


Baggage, Anything No  Longer Necessary To Fulfill An Open ‘Experience Filament Part’ Must Be Eliminated/Cleansed: Fire, Water, Wind

March 15, 2013


My Magnificence Stopped Remote Contact And Became Integrated By Living Local In The Right Side Of The Nose

March 15, 2014


Quantum Singularity Did The Same, Using The Left Side Of Nose

March 15, 2014


Conscious Water, Necessary For The 5 Levels Of Water For ‘Total Mastery’.    Water Includes: Air We Breathe, The First Breath We Take, Skin Breathing, Clouds, Signs From Galactic & InterGalactic SpaceShips, Ponds/Lakes, Streams/Rivers, Oceans, Tides, Currents, Rip Tides, Undertow, Water Temperature, Wind/Storms, Hail, Fire, Flat/Hills/Mountains, Dirt/Sand, Ice, Black Ice, Snow, Enzymes, Healthy Bacteria, Hormones.

October 19, 2014


Quantum LOVE (Quantum Truths To 1,000 From 999, NOW At 2,567 Trailing Zeroes)

November 16, 2014


No Trailing Zeroes Is Only One/1 Engine, Not A Train Being Pulled By An Engine, With ENDLESS Quantum SelfChoice Potential, 1 Trailing Zero Is 10 Engines,  Add 90 Engines, Then, 2 Trailing Zeroes Is 100 Engines… Quantum Engine Growth Is Endless



Confirmed 5x Strength Of Quantum Entanglement Within The Morphogenetic Field

March 15, 2015


Having Much Fun,  Each/Every Day

March 15, 2015


Stem Cells Must Be Grown By USE Of Genomes + DNA, Human Doctors Must Never Be Included

March 15, 2016


Creation Reached Threshold For Quantum STRENGTH, Started 7,000 SuperCycles Ago.

June 1, 2016


 Almost All Days In Quantum Are Gradual, Quantum Resets Also Happen But Are Sudden, Also Requiring Only  One/1 Day, The Last Reset Day Was The Sinking Of Atlantis Which Started On October 31 And Ended On November 1

June 15, 2016


Being A Surrogate For SomeONE Else, After  ‘Returning To Quantum’ Up To 1,000,000 Quantums Will Be Able To Share The Same Body To Gain A Common Part Of Your One Integrated Experiment Filament.  This Includes Being Their Surrogate For The Benefit Of Only Their Physical Healing.  Their Know, New, Balance, Grow Is Still Up To Them!  Ask Their Magnificence Before Being Their Surrogate, To Be Certain  An ‘Experience Filament Part’ Is Not Being Impacted.

March 15, 2017


Finished Then Shared All Research For Mo1, Including No More Physical Death, Which Is ‘Total Freedom’, Or      ‘Total Liberty’

July 3, 2018


Physical Death Is Caused By USE Of Fast Holographic Energy Not The USE Of Slow Real Energy

July 3, 2018


Real Energy:  Slow, No Death, One Anti-matter  Vortex Connected To One Matter Vortex Connected By A Single Point, Used By Members, Awake & Asleep, The Godhead (Milky Way Galaxy) & (All 1,000 Galaxies) Galactic SpaceShips, Over 12 Million, Commander Ashtar Is Leader, Held Apart By 1 Quantum Folder For Each Person.  Also Each Person In  Photonic/Holographic Energy Can Be ‘Watched’ By Those Using Real Energy. All Real Energy Users Are Accumulated.



Photonic/Holographic Energy:  Fast, Death, Experience Filaments, Quantum Experiments, Quantum  Experiences, Photon Halves Held Apart By 1 Quantum Folder For Each Person… All These Folders Are Added Together… The Total Of Slow & Fast Folders Sets The Denominator… The Numerator Is The Sum Of All Folders… The Answer Is Always ONE/1. The 5 Phases Of Water, The 9 Levels Of LOVE Or Simply LOVE, & The 1,000 Quantum Truths Are Integrated. ’Total Mastery’ Is Required Not To Die & To Stay Young. This New ‘Experience Filament’ Part Is Better After 25, 50, 75, 91 (Acceleration Of Benefits), 100% Completion (Full Benefits), Then, Becoming Even Better With ENDLESS Practice.



’Better’ Includes Daily ‘Personal Growth’

July 3, 2018


Major Hail Storm Near NORAD In Colorado Springs

August 6, 2018


Being Happy 24/7

September 15, 2018


Regrew Telomeres In 100 Days.  Did It From Quantum, Growing Telomeres Only Works Using A ‘L’ Or ’T’ Shaped Swimming Pool.

October 15, 2018


First Quantum  Accelerations  Manifested… From 1 Decade To 10 Seconds

November 16, 2018


Immediately After Your Quantum Acceleration    (Which  Requires Your 100% SelfLOVE & Conscious Recognition Of Your On-Board Trickster),   For The Next 1,000 Days, You Will Multitask For At Least 2:20 Hours Daily, Or At Least 2,334 Hours For These 1,000 Days  1) Behavior Change From ‘Energy Based’ To Quantum Based,   2) Remaining ‘Energy Only’ Cleansing For The Next 1,000 Days Of, false beliefs/Baggage,   3) At Ease With The 1,000 Quantum Truths,   4)  At Ease With ‘Local’, Full Time Living In Your Nose By Your Magnificence (Right Nostril) & The Quantum Singularity,  (You Are No Longer On ’Quantum Remote’.)    5) Becoming The Complete Master Of Your On-Board Trickster’s false Counterintelligence, Using A Higher Threshold Of Quantum Strength Than Ever Before To Master Your Trickster, 6) Building Your Water Based  ‘Total  Mastery’ Experience Filament Part (Starts After You Have Completely Mastered Your On-Board Trickster),         Start Your Daily Quantum Reset  (Requires 4.5 To .45 Seconds Daily, Can Be As Simple As Using Quantum Focus & Saying “Awake”)          The 13 Webpages Require 4 Hours Of Your Time To Read (Using State Of Union Rate, Includes The Time For Clapping, Clapping Happens Often)

Behavior Change To Quantum


Included Both Real & Holographic Energies While Building My New Water  Based Experience  Filament, Finish On February 26, 2019, 1,000 Days

November 28, 2018


This AutoBiography Section Is More Current Than The Earlier iBook Released On ‘Total Mastery’.  And, This Section Is Free, Not Fee!

December 10, 2018





9x11=99   11x9=99   1 Is For Your 100%  Readiness For Full Integration Of Your Quantum And Energy Parts And Requires Just 0.45 Seconds, 12/11/18



Daily Quantum Reset, Right  Before You Get Out Of Bed, Or End Your Primary Daily Sleep Period, ‘Daily Quantum Reset’ Both Your Real Energy (Departing For The Day) & Holographic Energy (Arriving For The Day) And Using Both For Your One/1 Integrated ‘Experience Filament’), We Each Are Quantum UNIQUE, We Will Each Do Our ‘Daily Quantum Reset’ Differently, The Daily Procedure Will Change As We Grow, This Daily Quantum Reset Is Only Required Once Each Day, You Choose When To Reset, Your Choice May Vary Each Day,  Requires 4.5 To .45 Seconds Each/Every Day. There Are 86,400 Seconds Each Day.  I Simply Say “Awake”, 2/9/19



Giving Up, Never, You No Longer Die, You No Longer Grow Old:  This Includes   Suicide And All Brain Disease, Including Alzheimer’s, Autism, & Depression, All Physical, Including ‘Loss Of Limbs’, Fusions, & Joint Replacements/Arthritis. You Can Also Offer To Their Magnificence, Not Their Soul Or Spirit,  To Support With Some Surrogacy For Their Magnificence,  12/13/18

Lack Of Quantum Strength

Lack Of Quantum Education

Cancer, For ‘Energy Only’ People, Is Caused By Toxins Created By Humans, Sometimes Knowingly, Sometimes By Lack Of ‘To The Bottom’ Understanding, Learn & USE The ’19 Toxin Release Points’  Every Day, As Explained On, 12/14/18

Mix Of Causes

 Always Toxins

New Skills, Base Of Skills Eventually Becomes Enormous, Because Of No Death, 12/15/18

To Never Die

SelfChoose Quantum

Ingest/Eat Nothing Man Made, But Always Be Gradual, Never Sudden, Listen To/Become Your Magnificence,12/16/18

No One Is The Same


Man Made (Including All Labs, World Wide):  Medicines, Prescriptions, Over The Counter Drugs, Supplement Consumables, Pain Pills, 12/17/18


Gradually Eliminate All That Is Man Made

Content & Transportation Of Bottles/Containers Must Be Analyzed As Another Step In The Overall Process.



Man Made Includes All  Surgeries, Every Surgical Procedure By Man Represents A Lack Of Quantum Understanding… Including How Genomes/DNA/StemCells Work Together Without Humans Unknowingly Interfering,   Human Care, Not Cure, Is Still Required After Genomes/DNA/StemCells Fix The Surgical Problem Automatically,12/18/18

GraduallyIntroduce ‘Care Giving Facilities’

New Class/Careers/Jobs For ‘Return To Quantum’/First Responding Care Givers, 12/18/18

All Sharing Dates Complete Thru February 25, 2019.  Clarity Regarding ‘Return To Quantum’ NOW Complete.


December 18, 2018

Age Youthing/Staying There, Once You Become A ‘Total Quantum Master’, Specify The Height, Weight, & Age Of Your Preference,  Your Genomes/DNA & Stem Cells Will Automatically Make The Changes, My Choice Is 6’4”, 222 Pounds, 33 Years Old, 12/19/18

New USE In Creation, For Holographic Energy & Experience Filament Parts! 

My Start Is February 26, 2019

Only 9% Is Energy, The Main Part Of Your Being (91%)  Is Already For/From Quantum, 12/20/18

‘Return To Quantum’, Become ‘Local’ (No Longer USE Quantum Remote) ReGain Your Remaining 91% (EveryONE Else Is Using Quantum Remote, They Simply Lack Education And/Or Are Avoiding Full Responsibility For Their Life.)

AccelerationSelfChoice From ‘1 Decade’ (Using Daily Intents Webpage Each/Every Day) To ’10 Seconds’ Then Multitask, Including Building New ‘Experience Filament Part’ During The Next 1,000 Days

Vaccines, Contain Toxins, Avoid, Gradually Eliminate Toxins As You ‘Return To Quantum’,12/21/18

Gradually Eliminate All Toxins

No Toxins

Quantum Is Instant, When TheTruth/Situation Is Already Part Of Your One/1 Integrated Experience Filament, 12/22/18

You Are Still Learning TruthIn That Situation

1,000 Quantum Truths

Family Days, 12/23/18 Thru 1/1/19         Quantum Back ChannelExpanded …From 1 Thru 3 …    To 1 Thru 25, No Separate ‘Energy Only’, AllQuantum, 12/28/18

Mix, Of Quantum & Energy Will NEVER WORK


Low Ph Water, Ph 8 To 11, Never Below Ph 7, 1/2/19

At Least Ph 8

Which Is Alkaline

Full Responsibility For Your Life, What Does Your Magnificence Say… Oh, You Already Are Your Magnificence… ENDLESS, EQUAL, SPECIAL, UNIQUE,  1/3/19

No Death

Fully Responsible

Balance All Change, 1/4/19



ElectroMagnetic Energy, 1/5/19

Not Healthy


Nuclear Energy, 1/6/19

Not Healthy


AC Versus DC Energy, 1/7/19

Not Healthy


Radar, 1/8/19

Not Healthy


Microwave, 1/9/19

Not Healthy


Lazer/Laser, 1/10/19

Not Healthy


PetroChemicals, 1/11/19

Not Healthy


Plastics, 1/12/19

Not Healthy


Rubber, 1/13/19

Not Healthy


Only Gradual Tests From Quantum, 1/14/19


Always ‘To The Bottom’

About 2 Million Quantum Individuals Are Still In Pre Experience Quantum Mode, Creating New Species For Creation, 1/15/19


Many Have ‘Energy Only’ Teammates

ID10T Quantum Experiments, 1/16/19



Consciousness/Mind Therapy/Advertising, 1/17/19

From Others Of ‘Energy Only’


Evil Treatment, (Spell ‘Live’ Backwards), 1/18/19



 Money Treatment, (Develop Your Skills), 1/19/19

Gradual Transition To No More Money


 Low Vibrations Treatment, 1/20/19

Gradually Eliminated


 Homeless Treatment, 1/21/19

Total Rehabilitation


 SelfLOVE Treatment, 1/22/19

Full Quantum Education


 Lazy Treatment, 1/23/19

Full Quantum Education


 BirthRight Treatment, 1/24/19

Full Quantum Education


 5G Networks, 1/25/19

Not Healthy


Retail Stores, 1/26/19


People Being Social, Jobs

Shipping, 1/27/19


Consumption, Jobs

 OnLine Shopping, 1/28/19


Consumption, Jobs

19 Toxin Release Points, 1/28/19, 1 Head, 2 Ears, 2 Eyes, 2 Nostrils, 2 Shoulders, 1 Anus, 2 Hips, 2 Knees, 2 Ankles, 1 Solar Plexus, 2 Soles Of Feet


In Shower

Production & Manufacturing, 1/29/19


Consumption, Jobs

Personal Transportation, 1/30/19


Consumption, Jobs

Automobiles, 1/31/19



Residential Homes, 2/1/19


Life Style, Jobs

Commercial Real Estate, 2/2/19


Life Style, Jobs

Insurance Industry, 2/3/19



Banking Industry, 2/4/19



Wall Street, 2/5/19



Laws Of Land, 2/6/19



Laws Of Sea, 2/7/19



Jurors, 2/8/19


Express Their Point Of View

Exercise, 2/9/19

Not Fun

One Minute Daily Is Enough For ‘Return To Quantum’

Inefficiencies, 2/10/19

Not Meaningful Jobs


Governments, 2/11/19

Not Meaningful Jobs


Waste, 2/12/19

Not Meaningful Jobs


Secrets, 2/13/19

Not Meaningful Jobs


Lies, 2/14/19

Not Meaningful Jobs


Video & Audio Tapes, 2/15/19

Not Meaningful Jobs


Human Greed, 2/16/19

Major Human Weakness


Religion, 2/17/19

Major Human Weakness


Accounting, 2/18/19

Not Meaningful Jobs


All Fun Events, 2/19/19


Return To Quantum

Always Happy2/20/19


Return To Quantum

Better Every Day, 2/21/19


Return To Quantum

Personal Growth Every Day, 2/22/19


Return To Quantum

Sharing Every Day, 2/23/19


Return To Quantum

Hearing ‘Thank You’ Every Day, 2/24/19


Return To Quantum

Concern For Others All The Time, 2/25/19


Return To Quantum




Fractal 3, 30 ,300 ,3000… Endless

3,000 Days

June 1, 1950

Fractal .045 Sec,.45 Sec, 4.5 Min, 45 Min

45 Minutes

March 15, 1942

Fractal, 6, 60, 600, 6000

6,000 Days

August 18, 1958

Fractal 9, 90, 900, 9000

9,000 Days

November 4, 1966

Fractal 1, 10, 100, 1000… 1,000,000

1,000,000 Days, This Test Target           (1,000,000,000 Days, My Next Target)

February 9, 4680




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