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June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.










 Decision vs. Choice,



 Talk to Others,

 Deadlines, Stress,

 Make Decisions, May produce more Stress,



 Talk to Others,

 Set Target Dates,

 ONLY from 'Quantum',


 Make Choices not Decisions.


 January 28, 2019


 . Self Funding,

There are 1440 Minutes In 24 Hours.


If People Say 'You Require Funding', That Is Their belief.

If People Say 'Self Fund', That Is Their Truth.




'Self Funding' Requires You To ...


. Further Develop New Skills,

. Invest Your Upcoming Minutes,

. Rapidly Develop A Working Prototype,

. Keep Costs Low, Live At Home When Possible,


. Choose A First Customer,

. Receive First Revenue,

. Maintain Continual BALANCE,


. Expand Skills, Prototype(s)/Product(s),

. Expand Sources Of Revenue AND Customers,

. Begin To Pay Yourself A Salary,

. Begin To Hire Employees,

. Gradually Increase Your Salary,

. Establish profit Sharing For Employees &


. Gradually Increase Salary For Employees,


. Share Half For You, Or Your Group,

   Half For All Others,

    profit, profit Sharing, 401K Matching,

     Retirement Planning/Funding.


As LOVE Continues To Ascend...


. money Will Become,

   Asset Backed (Like Gold), No Longer Fiat,

     debt Will Vanish,

      Capital Will Remain,

       Governments Will Change To Republics.


. After Ashtar Joins Us, money

   Will Be Replaced By Technology

    (Replicators) AND Direct Exchange Of Goods,

. (3D Printers Are Preliminary Replicators),


. Quantum UNIQUENESS AND Your Total

    Experience Filaments Will Produce

     A Variety Of Directly Exchanged

      Goods AND Services.


. We Will USE Two Energies,

   Holographic AND Real Energies.



January 28, 2019






Do Much More Dancing!

(C0py link to your Browser.)



Bee Gee Concert 


Bee Gee Song

This Link Does Not Work In Canada


Time of my Life

This Link Does Not Work In Canada


What a Feeling


Footloose Final Dance


 Grand Juries,

Will be one of the first groups to Co-create with

the Galactic Federation.



The Planet is NOW back in Balance.



 f fud (fear, uncertainty, doubt)

false Evidence Appearing Real,


uncertain Because You Do Not KNOW


doubt Because You Do Not KNOW


Accelerates the effect of Breath.



Accelerates the effect of Breath.



Organic Food has about 10x the amount of Light...

when compared to non-organic food.


 Crystal Kingdom,

Necessary for the Existence of 'The Milky Way Galaxy'...

Knowledge to hold our Milky Way Galaxy together.



Necessary for the Existence of 'Creation'.


Based on Positrons... not Electrons.


  . Tachyon,
Faster than Photonic Light Beings.
(Photonic Light is the same as ALL Information.)
  . Point Persons,
Teams, Fractal 2




May 18, 2020





ManyOfONE Focus Is 'ONE To ONEness’ Through 'Return To Quantum'


The Resulting ENDless Mastery:


Daily Change & Youthing... No physical death, aging, unBalanced pain & disease


Only ENDless Daily...Fun, Happiness

Personal & Skills Growth

Quantum Analog



No bias



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