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June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.






Living In Divine


   'Live Mastery'!



  1. 001
  3. Much Practice.
  4. Growth/Maturity Process

Primary Number, Divine

  1. 4
  2. 2, Half Technique
  3. 8, Double Technique

Divine Perspective

Kryon Says NOW That Guides Split Off From Our Souls

At Birth, So We Are Our Own Guides


Our Magnificences Are Being Encouraged

To Become 'Direct' With Each Of Us

Free Of 'Remote Control'

Updated September 4, 2017


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.










 . 7 Words To MASTER Divinity,











Last Updated January 2, 2017.

24 Words.

Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.





 . Divine Part

The '001',


  3. Experience Filaments
  5. Eventually No 'false beliefs'
  6. Then 'Transition To Quantum'
  7. Integrate Both  



Updated August 14, 2017


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words



 . Colors AND Dragons,


Colors/Dragons Began Creation, SC100.

Creation Finally Manifested In SC998.

Creation Is ENDLESS, Forward.


Colors Added Frequencies,

(Vibrations Had Added Dimensions.)


Dragons Added The First 'Form Prototype'.




Last Updated January 6, 2017.

42 Words.

Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.

Our KNOWING, Stage15, started gradually over 11,000 SuperCycles ago.
Fast Forward to Today/NOW and we have 39 Stages,
20 Magick Words, and 22 Profound Steps for a Total
of 81, the 81 of the Quantum Triangle.
The Holographic Parts are 'run' with banks of
Quantum Computers.
The Real Parts are 'run' with Electrons and Positrons
in double vortex configurations connected by a single 
point/center... also termed 'zero point'.
The Two Realms are 'Connected' by 'quantums' via
'Two Way Resonance'.

Reality, NOW, will ultimately stem from

Quantum LOVE.



Last updated January 22, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.



 Higher Self,
The Truth Of A Higher Self Is A False Divine Belief.
 There Are...
1) Autopilot Quantums (Like Drones)
2) Remote Control Quantums (Shallow To Deep
3) Master/Magnificence In Process
      (Gaining Bottom Understandings
       AND Then, Connecting Dots)
4) Master/Magnificence/QUANTUM Singularity
      (22 Profound Steps, 20Magick Words,
      1 thru 23 Stages)
      (Stages 24 thru 39 Only Require 200 Days.)


10 Year Minimum (It's Up To You) Transition Process,

Divine To Quantum.


Last updated May 12, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.



The Holographic & Real Parts of Creation.
'Watchers' Detect Nothing Because The ‘White Noise’ Interface Is Beyond Detection.
They Know About The Hologram, But They Do Not Die, Because They USE 'Real Energy'.
They Do ‘Conscious Die' To Dramatically Change Their ‘Experience Filaments’.
They Do Not Have ‘Total Freedom’ Because They Have Not Been Observing For 
The Most Recent 11,499 Consecutive SuperCycles.
They ‘See’ All Our Actions/Choices/Consequences.
They ‘See’ If Each/Every One Of Us Is 
Always Positive!
USE Of Water + ‘Total Mastery' = ‘Total Freedom’, 
An Upcoming MTT For Each/Every Watcher!
Most Of The Quantum Computer Programming Is Quantum, Beyond Atoms/Quarks/Energy.
'The Quantum Part' Is What Required 498 SuperCycles Before 
'One Gigantic Integrated Equation’
 Perfection Was Met.

Last updated September 9, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.


 Originates                            'Inside'
 USEs                                       Full Words
 Creates                                   Harmony
 Shares                                     LOVE
 Requires High                      Strength
 NONE of the                      Above... 
 USEs mostly                           Stage1
 Ignores Learning                 TRUTHS
    Lazy                                        and/or
    Excuses                                 and/or
    Too Busy                               and/or
    Too Tired                              and/or
    'Try' and then Fail             and/or
    Empty Words can Be    Chaotic.

Vibrations will ultimately...

 'ALWAYS BE of the HIGHEST'...

 and Stem from Quantum LOVE.



Last updated September 22, 2016.


 . Sliders,


Peter's USE Of His 'This Life' Body For Sliding 

 Started At The Very Beginning Of 1980 .



Sliding Happens Because The 

 ElectroMagnetic Charge Of A

  Sentient Being Is Higher Than Can

   Be Contained By The Normal 'Charge' 

    Level Of Vibrations.


(Most 'Sentient Beings' Carry A Charge

 That Can Be Contained.)


A 'High Charge' Is Also USEd By

 Shaman AND Shapeshifters,

  Without Their Conscious Knowledge.


Stage1&10 Consciousness Are Not USEd.


Higher Blood Pressure Is Present.


Wrist Watches Are Not Comfortable.


(Knowledge Is Present, After

 Mastery Of Stage23.)



Last Updated June 12, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.



 . Acknowledge,

The Default Can Be Denial.


The First Step Is To Acknowledge...

 The 'Experience Filament' To Be

  Eventually Mastered.


Mastery Can Be Completed, In

 As Little As, The 10 Year Process Of

  Transition To Quantum.




Last Updated April 23, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.


 . Stress,

Stress Produces Toxins.


Stress Comes From Under-Education.

Stress Comes From Fear AND Faith.


'Toxin Free' Comes From Stage15 Knowing.



Last Updated January 6, 2017.

33 Words.

Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.


 . Romance,

Romance May Eventually Produce Stress.


Romance Is Possible USE Of Stages1thru9



Romance 'Goes Away' For Stages10thru39.


Romance Is Replaced By 'Choice.'



Updated July 16, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.


 . Hope,

Deep Human Emotions Are Added To Faith.

Faith Plus Human Emotions Is Hope.


Hope Still Produces Toxins.


Hope Comes From Under-Education.

Stress Still Comes From Hope.


'Toxin Free' Comes From Stage15 Knowing.



Last Updated January 6, 2017.

46 Words.

Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.


 Full Words/Empty Words,
My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments
started gradually on March 15, 1942.
We ALL have been using Stage15, Knowing, for
11,000+ SuperCycles... Stage15 includes
Direct Quantum Communication...
or Your Unique Quantum PoV.
Telepathy and Words started in SuperCycle998...
 just 2 SuperCyles ago.
There are Full Words and Empty Words.
Full Words come from 'Inside' of You...
 'Actions' have the anticipated effect...
 Subjects have been studied Deeply or to the Bottom.
Empty Words come from 'Outside' of You...
 'Actions' are delayed or never happen...
 Subjects have not been studied deeply...
 Much 'He said/She said' Gossip.
'Empty Words' can be Chaotic.
'Empty Words' can be Addictive.
('Addiction' near bottom of this webpage.)

'Full Words' stem from Quantum LOVE...

 and produce Harmony...

 and produce the Highest of Vibrations.



Last updated September 28, 2016.


 Thank you,
My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments
started gradually on March 15, 1942.
 (We ALL have been using Stage13, Balance,
for 11,000+ SuperCycles.)


ALWAYS say 'Thank You'.

'Thank You' means 'I LOVE You'.



Last updated April 1, 2017.



My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments

 started in 1942.



 Can Eliminate 'Complex Dissonance', including...

 Deadlines, Decisions, Stress and Talk,


Laughter stems from Quantum LOVE.



Last updated September 14, 2016.




My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments started in 1942.


JOY is 'First of Three' 'Highest States' of

Divine Vibrations that are Always Available...


 the 1 of the 101...

 the                  Motion Part of the


 Stillness   + Motion Total... or the

 Quantum + Divine  Total.


JOY ultimately stems from Quantum LOVE.


The other two 'Highest States' Always Available...

 Always Choosing, Stage21, To Be POSITIVE...

 Always Choosing, Stage21, to ENCOURAGE Others.



Last updated September 7, 2016.



My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments started in 1942.


POSITIVE is 'Second of Three' 'Highest States' of

Divine Vibrations that are Always Available...


 the 1 of the 101...

 the                  Motion Part of the


 Stillness   + Motion Total... or the

 Quantum + Divine  Total.


POSITIVE ultimately stems from

Quantum LOVE.


The other two 'Highest StatesAlways Available...

 Always Choosing, Stage21, JOY...

 Always Choosing, Stage21, to ENCOURAGE Others.



Last updated September 7, 2016.



 . Encouragement,
   (of Others)

My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments started in 1942.


ENCOURAGEMENT is 'Third of Three' 'Highest States' of Divine Vibrations that are Always Available.


ENCOURAGEMENT ultimately stems from...

 Quantum LOVE... including the...



The other two 'Highest StatesAlways Available...

 Always Choosing, Stage21, JOY...

 Always Choosing, Stage21, To Be POSITIVE.



Last updated October 2, 2016.


 Decision vs. Choice,

My USE, Stage20,  of these Experience Filaments

started in 1942.



 Talk to Others,

 Deadlines, Stress,

 Make Decisions, May produce more Stress,



 Talk to Others,

 Set Target Dates,

 ONLY from 'Within',


Change Target Dates.


 Make Choices not Decisions.




Last updated September 14, 2016.





 Physical Location,

My USE, Stage20,  Experience Filaments started 1960.


Physical Location does not matter.


Study Subject to 'Your UNIQUE' Bottom,

USE ONLY Bottoms when Talking to Others,



 Rely on Others...

 Make Decisions...

 Make from Outside of yourself...

 Rely on Family, Friends, Reputation of Another, 'GOD'.



 Rely ONLY 'Within'...

 USE 'Choices'...

 USE, Stage21, from ONLY 'Within' Yourself.



Last updated October 17, 2016.


 40,000 Days,

My USE, Stage20,  Experience Filaments started 1942.


110 Years, 40,000 Days is the

Current Normal Lifetime...

 all years in Full Health...

 all years with No Pain...

 all years with Full Mobility.


Shortened by Toxins, including Stress.


Full Mastery...

 Life Extension starts at Stage16

 Becomes Stronger with each new Stage Mastered...

 Increases with each Level...

 thru Stage39...


 Thousands of years...

 Same Lifetime...

 'Experience Filament' Driven.


Zero Point Energy is NEW to Us...

ZPE is NOW part of our NOW.


Your Mastery...
Your Choice!


Last updated January 22, 2017.



My USE, Stage20,  Experience Filaments started

Fall 2014.


USE of Quantum...

 Trust in my Magnificence...


 no more Divine......

 NOW, Balancing Stages1thru9...

 NOW, becoming Stronger every day...


 Starts with "Fake it till you Make IT'!



Last updated October 7, 2016.


 "The Walk",

My USE, Stage20,  Experience Filaments started 1973.



 Understand is the 13 2016 Webpages,


 Be is Your Potential Behavior Change,


 Share requires You to Make The 'Behavior Change',

 before you can safely 'Share',


 LOVE  (There Are 9 Types).



Updated July 14, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.






 . Jobs-Salaries,
My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments
started in June 1960.
The Sequence is 'Jobs' lead to 'Skills' lead to 'Bottoms'
lead to Mastery... Subject by Subject.


After the RV, there will be a transition period from...

 'Money' to... 'Replicators'.


During the 'Money Period', Salaries will Continue.

One Simple Scenario of LOVE...

 Do they LIVE mostly from their Chest/Heart Area

 or Head/eGo ?...


If LOVE, the below Monthly Scenario will be successful...

 FIVE Monthly Levels, including Health Benefits...

 based on verbal statement of HIGHEST W-2...

 'round up' no paper proof required...

   . $10k

   . $20k

   . $30k

   . $50k

   . $80k


FIVE is a 'F-Word' and means GROWTH.

'1  2  3  5  8' is part of the Fibonacci Sequence.


Salaries are a Transition

AND ultimately stem from Quantum LOVE.



Last updated January 22, 2017.

 . Jobs-Customers,
My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments
started in June 1960.


'Customers' Create 'Jobs'.

'Customers' are part of 'ALL Other'.


'ALL Customers' are part of 'Respect'.


Ranges, Stage39, are far better than Points.



Customers are a Transition

AND ultimately stem from Quantum LOVE.



Last updated January 22, 2017.

 . Jobs-Profit Sharing,
My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments
started in June 1960.


You can Choose to include Profit Sharing for

Your Employees and Important Vendors.



Last updated November 13, 2016.


My USE, Stage20,  Experience Filaments started 1947.


Vibrations are usually Higher...

 Talk is more Positive...

 Participants are often Friends.


Socializing, using Discrimination, can temporarily Raise Vibrations of the Group.



Last updated October 6, 2016.


 eMail Protocols,

My USE, Stage20,  Experience Filaments started 1988.



 OK using Blind Copies,



 No Blind Copies,  "We are ONE",  No Secrets,



Last updated March 7, 2018


 . Self Funding,

My USE, Stage20,  Experience Filaments started 1973.


There are 1440 Minutes In 24 Hours.


If People Say 'You Require Funding', That Is Their Belief.

If People Say 'Self Fund', That Is Their Truth.


Your Choice.


'Self Funding' Requires You To ...


. Further Develop New Skills,

. Invest Your Upcoming Minutes,

. Rapidly Develop A Working Prototype,

. Keep Costs Low, Live At Home When Possible,


. Choose A First Customer,

. Receive First Revenue,

. Maintain Continual BALANCE,


. Expand Skills, Prototype(s)/Product(s),

. Expand Sources Of Revenue AND Customers,

. Begin To Pay Yourself A Salary,

. Begin To Hire Employees,

. Gradually Increase Your Salary,

. Establish Profit Sharing For Employees &


. Gradually Increase Salary For Employees,


. Share Half For You, Or Your Group,

   Half For All Others,

    Profit, Profit Sharing, 401K Matching,

     Retirement Planning/Funding.


. Continue To Maintain Overall BALANCE.



As LOVE Continues To Ascend...


. Money Will Become,

   Asset Backed (Like Gold), No Longer Fiat,

     Debt Will Vanish,

      Capital Will Remain,

       Governments Will Change To Republics.


. Then Money Will Be Replaced By Technology

    (Replicators) AND Direct Exchange Of Goods,

. (3D Printers Are Preliminary Replicators),


. Quantum UNIQUENESS AND Your Total

    Experience Filaments Will Produce

     A Variety Of Directly Exchanged

      Goods AND Services.


. We Will USE Two Energies,

    Not Just Holographic,

     But Holographic AND Real Energies.


. Once Mastered, The Two Energies Will

   Produce ENDLESS...

    Full Health,


      Conscious Life'',

       (No More Disease, Aging, Or Death).




 Updated July 13, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.







There are Two Experience Fields...

 ... Quantum (the Field of Stillness)...

 ... Divine (the Field of Motion).


A Field  is like a common 'Catcher', with many 'Pitchers.'


The two Fields can be 'Connected'...

 ... by much 'Internal Work'...

 ... which quickly becomes Joy (Divine)...

 ... and then becomes Bliss (Quantum).


The 'Connection' is One by One...

 ...Quantum 'Pitcher' by Quantum 'Pitcher'.



My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments started gradually on May 11, 1947.


MASTERY, NOW/Today, is of the...

 '81 Position Quantum Triangle Tool'...

 for Total Being Focus/Development...

 'The 101',


Divine has been Part of Reality for a little over

2 SuperCycles,


Divine is Forever...

Divine Can Accelerate You Dramatically...


Or, Until You Choose To Take

the 10 Year Quantum Mastery Process.



Last updated April 1, 2017.

 Children, 'The Ramp',
My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments
 started gradually on March 15, 1942.


The Purpose of Life is to EVOLVE our Personal...

 'Concentration and Mix' of Experience Filaments.


There are two key birthdays... 14 and 21.


At 14, we have enough Self LOVE...

 and begin to LOVE Others.


At 21, we LOVE Ourself even more

  and continue to LOVE Others more each day...

   a LOVE that continues to grow every day...

    throughout our entire upcoming LIFE...

     of Gathering NEW Experience Filaments.


The ONLY Difference between LIVE and LOVE...

 is the 'I' or the 'O'...

  the 'I" EVOLVES to the 'T'...

   the 'O' EVOLVES to the 'Q'...

      BOTH Thru the '1,000 Truths'... Not the

      'Zillions of false Beliefs'.

        BOTH thru also Understanding...

         the Invisible




Children then gradually 'Change Behavior'...

 ALWAYS CHOOSING to Do when Practical.


Adults ALWAYS SHARE, but only when ASKED!


This Includes...

Change Mastery, 

'Inside Only', Choice,



 AND ultimately stem from Quantum LOVE.



Last updated January 22, 2017.

Over 10,ooo years ago,  the High Priests of Atlantis modified DNA to reduce Divine Consciousness.
This was a technically unsophisticated event.
It was only one step beyond Gene Mapping...
 an Event already completed on Surface Earth...
 during the 1970s.
'Gene Mapping' is only a small part of Divine...
 for example, it does not affect the Quantum Part...
 of sleep.
'Gene Mapping' is only electrical/Photonic7,13,19.
'Gene Mapping' only affects Stages1thru9...
 not Stages10thru39.
'Gene Mapping' has no effect on the Quantum Part...
 of our Total Being.

Last updated May 8, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.

 Mandela Effect,

My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments started in 1987.


MANDELA EFFECT is a 'Collective Human Consciousness Event' for Raising Collective Vibrations.


During August 1987, the 'Consciousness Level' for every Surface Individual on Earth was measured.

(This measurement takes place every 25 Years.)


Our Vibrations measured high enough.


Longer Term Events like the NELSON MANDELA EFFECT, raise Collective Vibration Levels of Humanity.


Since this is currently Duality, at the same time, large organizations implement programs to gain more Control, Stage1, over Humanity and Lower Vibrations.


The result is a 'tug of war' that develops PERSONAL STRENGTH.


Once "STRONG... WE BEGIN TO MOVE ON" to new Experience Filaments!




Last updated April 4, 2017.


My USE, Stage20, of these Experience Filaments started in 1986.


MANDALA is a Stage3 Tool for

SOUL Focus/Development.


The Ultimate Mandala within Creation is the

Home Webpage of as both

Divine and Quantum are completely Shared.


MANDALA ultimately stems from

Quantum LOVE.



Last updated September 10, 2016.



Gradually 'goes away' with Mastery.





DNA Is Electrical (Photonic).


Our DNA Is USEd In Stages 1thru9.

'AND' Spelled Backwards Is DNA...
   ... In The Plasma Quantum Sphere...
   ... About 3.2 Billion 'Program Steps' For Each Person...
   ... Many Experiments In The Past.

Last Updated December 29, 2016.

40 Words.

 Endless Experiences,

Having Creation increases Experiences from about

'0.5 Billion', for Each of Us

to 'Endless', for Each of Us.


 This "Lifetime" Experiences,

During Duality, Children required 6 to 9

'7 Year Cycles' to Complete their Experience Filaments...

 ... NOW they require 3 to 5...

 ... 21 to 35 'years'.


Shorter/Longer exists at the

Choice of their Individual Quantum/Magnificence.




Understand, Be, Share, LOVE.


The difference between 'Be' and 'Share' is...

'Behavior Change'.


Share LOVE!


'Connect 'to Quantum... add Quantum LOVE.



Do Much More Dancing!

(C0py link to your Browser.)



Bee Gee Concert 


Bee Gee Song

This Link Does Not Work In Canada


Time of my Life

This Link Does Not Work In Canada


What a Feeling


Footloose Final Dance


 Meet & Greet,


At Harry’s in Virginia… 

second time at Harry’s…

right after RV

other Serious Beings are welcome to contact Harry!


No Stage1 Questions Answered ever.


No Questions, at  all, Answered, until after reading the 13

2016 Webpages, at least once.




The 'Watched'  (Us) live inside the Hologram.


The 'Watchers' (expanded Godhead & Know they are Quantum)...

 ... live outside the Hologram.


Holograms are made possible by Quantum Computers.


Holograms are Full Function... Fully Real.


Holograms are called Holodecks on some of the more Advanced Space Ships.


Holograms are ALWAYS used first to test anything of significance.


This is why Stages 1 thru 9 use Electrical (Photons).


There is nothing as significant as Reality.


The next step is "Holographic AND Real".


Many Super Cycles may be required for this Transition.





 . Human/"Blood"/Discernment,
We are Each...
Inter-connected by Quantum,
Desire Only The 1,000 Truths, not 'Zillions' Of
false beliefs,
Incarnate/Personally Growth As A Human with Blood.



Last updated September 6, 2018


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words


 . Indifference,
No 'Bias' exists to a certain Result...
 you don't have further care about the result.
Choices are Indifferent to the Result.
We hold Equal 'Quantum LOVE' for ALL!
Last updated October 5, 2016.


 . Respect,
We are Each...
ONE (of same QUANTUM Singularity),
We Each hold different Sets Of Experience Filaments.
Thus, there are 2 basic differences between each
and every ONE of Us...
Quantum Uniqueness,
Sets Of Experience Filaments.
 . Fear To Faith To Know,
We each (as a ' Me') hold Fear
(False Evidence Appearing Real)
until reaching the 'Highest of Vibrations'.
At the 'Highest of Vibrations' (Divine Realm as
'It should Be'), we stop the 'Vibrations Process'.
Going back and forth between Divine and Quantum
happens 24/7... happens all the 'time'.
We are NOW Beginning To Integrate
Divine with Quantum.
We hold no more 'Fear'... just Faith.
Eventually, 'ALL Faith' is replaced by 'ALL TRUTH'.
Stage13 Balance
Gradually Replaces ALL Faith/Beliefs,

Last Updated April 1, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.


. Grace,
Grace Starts With eMotions (Stage2)
Your Magnificence Determines Your Level 
 Of Grace For Each/Every
Experience Filament
ENDLESS Practice Is Required
Until We Always Get
The eMotion Type


Updated January 16, 2018


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words

 . Safety,
Safety is a 'Deep Knowing'  based on Trust in...
 Your Individual Magnificence AND...
 The QUANTUM Singularity.
Safety comes from eventual  Mastery...
 Subject by Subject...
Safety starts with Stage2, and constantly improves...
 ENDLESS PRACTICE is required.
Last Updated January 22, 2017.
 . Surrender,
Surrender of Your Divinity...
 Become a Total Quantum Being.
 Your Individual Magnificence...
 The QUANTUM Singularity.
Mastery AND...

Last updated October 17, 2016.


 . Control,
Stage1, eGo tries to Control.
Once we have Mastered Stage1, our attempt to Control
anything about LIFE/ALL goes away completely!
For ANYTHING tried 'At Control' by a 'me'...
receives 'Quantum LOVE' and is Allowed by a 'We''.
 . Focus,

Specific Item... not multiple items.


There is no rush... Quantum is Endless!


 . Creation,

Realm of the 'Prime Creator'... Stages1thru3...

and part of Stage4.



Transfer of Information by the 'Prime Creator'...

using our Sun to transfer Information to

our entire Solar System.


According to NASA, the Sun accounts for 99.86% of
All the 'Planetary Mass' in our Solar System.




Introduction of Clockwise (Male) and

Counter-Clockwise (Female).


 Photonic Halves,

Photon 7, 13 ,19...
 ... will begin Photon19 shortly...

 ... Photons are also called 'quantums'.


 . Electromagnetic,

Basis for Stage1 Consciousness.


Used only for Stages1thru9.



'Direct Result' of Photon Halves, always kept apart...
the Halves are constantly trying to re-unite...

causing Gravity.


 Sentient Space Ships,

'Very Advanced'... available before Creation.


Also termed 'Beam Ships'.


 . SpirItual "Ego", Stage10

A problem for the Watchers, after Creation was started at SuperCycle 998.


The Watchers include the Godhead.


The Watchers Need Holographic Energy To Accumulate

New Experience Filaments.


The Watched are all 'Mobile Beings' (13 Levels, Insects To Humans) within Holographic Energy.


The Watchers Are Not NOW Accumulating New

Experience Filaments Thus Developing A Spiritual Ego.


Last Updated December 31, 2017.



'Very Advanced'... help Others within Creation.





 . Scalar Waves,

Also... helps Others within Creation.


(Similar, but  more effective in Healing than Standing Waves.)


 . Agendas,

As of July 2016, we have only a few Agendas that are part of the MorphoGenetic Field of Creation.  The rest of the Agendas are not effective... because most people are not aware of these 'MorphoGenetic Rules' within Creation.


 Grand Juries,

Will be one of the first groups to Co-create with

the Galactic Federation.



Creation is ALL about Motion.  


Exercise is a Form of Motion


30 Minutes of Exercise, 2 to 4x weekly.



Expansions occur at the end of each Super Cycle.



We are ALL of the same 'QUANTUM Singularity'...

sometimes we Share... sometimes we Learn.


All from different 'Layers' of the QUANTUM Singularity.



We are ALL of the same 'QUANTUM Singularity'...

the more the Sophistication,  the more we Share...
the less we Learn.



A Prime Rule of Creation... rarely overruled, and only

by the need to Balance.



Added no later than Stage32...
can be added as early as Stage22.


 Behavior Change,

A Must for Everyone!


Quantum Computers were Started in SuperCycle440, Complete by SC498 (At 16 QBit)


Upgraded (To 64 QBit) by SC500.

Prime Creator came from QuantumPotential to QuantumActual in SC650… so does not 'Understand To Bottom’, or Have 'Personal Experience Filaments’ 
Of either Veils or QuantumComputers.
(Both Complete by 500.)
ProfoundStep of Perfection was completed in SC930.
64QBit has '89 Zeroes of Capacity', AND No Errors.
(One SuperCycle has 25 Zeroes Of Days.)
HumanMinds Have EVOLVED from
HumanMinds, without LOVE, are basically
The ‘Navigation Phase’ is NOW Complete, as of SC1000,
Consciousness AND eGo.
Next To Become A 'Total Master'
All Six Integrated Levels
4Spirit, & 5Magnificence, 6Quantum Singularity
HumanMinds, Next, Will EVOLVE To ‘Understand, Be, Share LOVE’,
To Move From 'Using Consciousness' Nearly
'1 To 1 Time' To 1 Every 8,000 Times
ALL Humans Start In 'Low E'
To Gather Their 'Experience Filaments'
The Lower Half of Vibrations
The Lower Half Of Strength
The Lower Half Of Maturity
Eventually More 'Time' Is
Spent In 'High E'
While Navigating The
'Stacks Of Ever Changing Circles'
Our Final Step Is To Move To 'Above E'
Maintaining Only The Highest Vibrations 
Showing Ourselves Continual Strength/Maturity
We Then Knowingly Change
Our Experience Filaments
'Transition To Quantum'
In As Little As 10 Years
Or Unknowingly Transition In
1,000 Years To
1 Trillion Years
Either Case Requires Much
Behavior Change

Updated January 16, 2018


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words





We become Physical Angels after Stage4...



  . Exploration,

'What We Do' until to the end of each Normal Cycle...

(100 Billion Years)...

NOW is a Major Ascension Opportunity for ALL...

 (End of 100 Billion Years)...

Part of Stage4... the minimum for Ascension.


Last Updated January 22, 2017.


  . Timelines,

Will eventually cease to exist after Disclosure.


TIME = NOW (Attractor).



Last updated March 22, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.


. Disclosure

Disclosing that We are actually ET.s...

and are in this 'ALL Together',

as ONE.


Based Upon Advancement Of Technology...

New Apple iPhone X (10)

Artificial Intelligence Advancements

Secret Government Capabilities


My Personal Observation Of NORAD...

Increase Of SpaceShip Activities

New Weather Patterns


Disclosure Will Happen During

Late 2017 Thru 2019


Updated January 16, 2018


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words




We are actually ET's... and are ALL Together, Are ONE.


ET's become the basis for our Upgraded Education.



New Education leads to Culture Change.



After Our Culture has changed, Some Other ETs will

gradually depart the Planet.



The Planet is NOW back in Balance.






New Technologies are introduced,

LIFE on the Planet is NOW Physically Easier.



Stage1 Clones are like other Stage1 Personalities...
but have no Stage2 eMotions... and never Change.



Stage1 Consciousness is based upon ElectroMagnetics.


 Life Force,

Life Force, or Chi, is used in Stages1thru9.


Stages 10thru16 currently use Quantum Lite.


Stages 17thru39 ALL use Quantum LOVE.


Last Updated January 22, 2017.



Various Forms of Breath bring in Life Force to the
eMotional, and Mental Bodies.





. MTT (Mysteries, Twists, Turns),


Assure That Creation Never Becomes Stale/Boring.


Another Name For MTT Is 'You Never Know'.


MTT Often Comes Before An 'Ah Ha'... Or A Reveal.


ALL MTTs Are From Your Magnificence,

Your Part Is To 'Transition To Quantum' AND

To Become A 'Total Master'.




Last updated December 10, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.




 FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)

False Evidence Appearing Real,


Temporarily lost Connection to Quantum LOVE, 


Connection to Quantum LOVE lacks Strength.



Helps bring Stages1thru9 into Alignment.


ALL that is not Truth… ultimately ALL Beliefs go away.

When Truth is too far away from Beliefs,

'Complex Dissonance' Occurs.


The antidote for 'Complex Dissonance' is Laughter.



Last Updated January 22, 2017.



Accelerates the effect of Breath.



Accelerates the effect of Breath.



Organic Food has about 10x the amount of Light...

when compared to non-organic food.



Focus on Light... also allowing LOVE.





 Crystal Kingdom,

Necessary for the Existence of 'The Milky Way Galaxy'...

Knowledge to hold our Milky Way Galaxy together.


 Elemental Kingdom,

Necessary for the Existence of 'The Milky Way Galaxy'...

Ease for our Milky Way Galaxy.



Necessary for the Existence of 'Creation'.


Based on Positrons... not Electrons.






 .  Non-Hologram,

Location of the Watchers/Heaven,


 3 Consecutive Waves,

Peaking about September 28, 2015, March 19, 2016,

June 20, 2016... each one higher.


Vibrations, within Creation,  have raised substantially.


. Meditation (receive),





The End Point Is Simply

 'To Be'


Free Of The Need To 'Listen' To

Divine Intermediaries For Anything


Simply Dialog With Your Own




Updated August 31, 2017


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words




. Prayer (ask),





The End Point Is Simply

 'To Be'


Free Of The Need To 'Ask'

Divine Intermediaries For Anything


Simply Dialog With Your Own




Updated August 31, 2017


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words





'quantums' are also called Photon 7,13,19, etc...

'quantums' are the Building Blocks for ALL

within Creation.


'Resonance' is the way Information is transferred
from the Quantum Realm to the Divine Realm.


... Prime Creator...
... Godhead, Ascended Masters, and Galactic Federation
      All the Watchers.
 Healing Pulse,
From the Divine Realm... And/Or from a
a person in the Creator Race.
 Light Body,
Same as Quantum Lite Body... and it is of
Quantum Lite...
not of ElectroMagnetic Light.
Where the Watchers live.
An 'Individual Creation' for a single person...
   Stage1 only creates Hell...
   not possible when using above Stage1.
A Soul Is Always Divine.
A Soul Is Always The Source For Our Physical Body, Divine Thoughts AND Divine eMotions.
ALL Souls Are Shared With The Prime Creator... But We Each Are Always
Responsible For All Our Soul
Choices AND Actions.
ALL Together, All Sentient Beings
(Including All Souls) Comprise Creation.
Creation USEs Holographic Energy.
We Each Have A Strengthening Soul (South Rim, Grand Canyon)… The 001.
Eventually Our Soul Becomes Strong (North Rim, Grand Canyon)… The 101... Both Holographic AND Real Energies.
Each AND Every Experience Filament Is Different AND Always Orchestrated By Our Unique Magnificence.
This Orchestration Is Done Remotely, USE Of Real Energy, Without Conscious Knowledge, Until We Finish The 10 Year 'Quantum Mastery Process'.



Updated July 16, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.

 Quantum Computers,
'Down Deep' support for the 'Creation'...
talking to a Stage1 eGo can be like talking to a
Computer... Quantum Computer Support is WHY.
By SuperCycle500, we had Banks of Quantum
Computers using 16 Levels (21 Zeroes).  That was not
enough zeroes to support an Endless Growing
The Choice was made to  upgrade ALL Quantum Computers from 16 Levels to 64 Levels (to 89 Zeroes).
NOW we use 4o Zeroes for...
  'quantums' (Watched), Holographic Energy...
  and 40 Zeroes for Real Energy...
  (Watchers + Other Quantums)...
  and have 9 Zeroes for Growth.
Quantum Computers Were Programmed By
2 To 12 Quantum Beings Between SC440thru500.
The Upgrade From 16 to 64 QBit Was By
3 Quantum Beings Between SC498thru500.
QCs Are 'The Reason' We Have The
Potential Of Order (Not Chaos).
Chaos Exists From Under-Education.
QCs Are Managed By QUANTUM Singularity, Divine Is Not Aware.
Every Planet In Every Solar System Contains Farms Of Quantum Computers.

Last Updated September 6, 2018


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words

 Pure LOVE,
'Within Creation', 'Pure LOVE' Can Become
'Pure Mature LOVE', 50 SuperCycles Later.
Mature Is Only Your Choice,
 'Transition To Quantum'
   Is Required.
 Pure Mature LOVE,
 . Understand Pre-Spiritual Body,
'Within Creation',..
Based upon the 'Pure LOVE', Profound Step11.
'Allows' for 'Endless Experience Filaments'.
Ninth 'Always Inter-Connected Quantum Sphere'.
 Alive Water,
Holds two additional Electrons.
 . Conscious Water,
Holds two additional Electrons.
Holds four new Positrons.
  . Total Being,
Holds Total Divine and Quantum Parts...
001 + 100 = 101.
  Heart Strength,
Ability to HOLD Quantum LOVE,
no matter 'How Difficult' the Experience Filament'.
Ability to HOLD only Quantum LOVE...
nothing of a Lower Vibration, 
To Be Void of
Personal Choice or Agenda...
not even consider Controlling anything.
  Shape Shifting,
Ability to Shift Shape... not shift Quantum Form... which requires much more Quantum Understanding.
  Approve 'Actions',
ALL Major 'Actions' ultimately Originate in the Quantum Realm.
  Originate 'Words',
Most major 'Words' Originate in the Divine Realm.
  . Ascension,
Stages1thru3 + some of Stage4... minimum.
  . Tachyon,
Faster than Photonic Light Beings.
(Photonic Light is the same as ALL Information.)
Actions 'Championed' by the Divine Realm.
By Choice,
Stage21... minimum.
  . Point Persons,
By Choice,
Study of Positions of the Stars.
Study of Positions of the Stars...
within various Houses
  Pineal Gland,
USE Of Gland Moves A Person To
A New Location Within Divinity.
USE Of Gland Has Nothing To Do With Quantum.

Last Updated April 1, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.

  . "Device",
A one word name used by some Cultures for Stages1thru3.
From Stage1 Quantum Computers.
  July 4th,
Day of the year representing 'Freedom' in the USA.
  High pH (7.2 thru 14.0),
Physical Body, Alkaline.
Healthy Alkaline Diet.
  . Addictions,
 such as Heroin, Alcohol and Smoking is not OK...
 a small amount of daily wine/beer/marijuana is calming and is OK.
(Too much wine, beer, & marijuana becomes addictive.)
 Created in a Lab...
 Includes GMO...
 Not Natural...
 Not of Nature...
 Almost Always Naive...
 Almost Always Damaging...
 Sometimes On Purpose, for Population Reduction...
 Includes Using Toxic Substances for Vaccines...
Empty Words...
 Coming from Others...
 Coming from 'Outside' of you...
 Not 'Originating' with you...
 Gossip by You...
 Being 'Lazy' by You...
 Being a 'Copy Cat' by You...
 Often Produces Chaos...
'Words' Never Intended, Profound Step 7,
 to become Empty.
More in Full/Empty Words Section,
near top of this Webpage.

Last updated September 29, 2016.

  Less than Full Health,
As we begin to age, 'Disease' starts to 'creep in'.
As we continue to age, more 'Disease' appears.
  Old Age,
As we continue to age, more bodily
'Functions' disappear.
Leaving the Hologram to become a temporary 'Watcher'.
There is no death for the Quantum Realm & 'Watchers'




Updated December 1, 2018


Spheres 1thru10

7 Divine Words








The Focus

ENDLESS Quantum, All FunDays, Personal Growth

10 To 50 Fun Events Per Day


A Combination Of Spiritual, Science and Quantum

Including 'Total Mastery' Of Quantum

No Religious Bias Exists

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