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Every Day

Is FunDay!


June 1, 2017,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.



Live Mastery!







(June 1, 2017,

Start Of Our New 1 Billion Day Period,

Replacing Our Former 100,000 Day Periods.)



How To Buy/Read An iBook. 

1) From iTunes Library, Audiobooks, Search 'Total Mastery',

Click Search.

2) From iTunes Library,
Click Read.



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1)  Near Top Of This Apple Webpage, Enter Your eMail Address.

2) Download iTunes For A PC To Your Computer.

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4) You NOW Have iTunes Running On Your PC.

5) Someone Will 'Eventually Hack' The PC To Run iBooks.







No Death


My Forward Actions

Based On iBook ’Total Mastery’


  • Live In This Body For The Next 1,000,000,000 Days
  • (274,000,000 Years)
  • In Place Upgrade Of This Body,
  • Focus On, Values Of Architecture, Building, Occupation, Sharing/Teaching, ENDLESS Experience Filaments, ENDLESS Days, ENDLESS Practice, ENDLESS New Skills, ENDLESS Fun, ENDLESS Simplicity.


  • Choose For The Next 1,000,000,000 Days
  • Choose Again, Every Quarter Billion Years



Last Updated June 24, 2017.






Live Mastery!


Series Of


Based On First iBook

’Total Mastery’


  1. Total Mastery
  2. Total Architecture
  3. ENDLESS SelfChoice
  4. ENDLESS Fun
  5. Quantum Actual
  6. Quantum EXPERIENCE
  7. ALL Experience Filaments
    1. Experience Filament Kits
    2. Shared/Gifted During July 5, 2017 Conference Call 
  8. Quantum Balance
  9. Quantum Forward
  10. Quantum Grow
  11. Quantum Transformation/Pull
  12. Quantum Support System
  13. Quantum '2s'
  14. 'TheVine' Ascension
  15. 'TheVine' Living
  16. Quantum Live Mastery! 




Updated July 16, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.






Live Mastery!



First Fifty Of Transformation


Choice To Start,

Based On iBook ’Total Mastery’

Very High Quality,
Self Funded:
  • Hard Cover Version Of iBook ($55)
  • Mugs
  • Tee Shirts
  • Fair Pricing For Everything
  • Immediate Payment To Vendors
  • Sharing, not Serving
  • All Based On ‘Highest Of Quality' & 'Speed Of Delivery'
  • Rapid Expansion To WorldWide Availability Of All Mo1 Products
  • All Currencies Accepted
  • All Currencies USEd (A Current Apple Option For iBook Publication)
  • Laws, Will Be Changing Quickly
  • (Laws, Mo1 Will Be Part Of This Change In Law)
  • Filings
  • No Intellectual Property
  • No Copyright
  • No Patents
  • Initial Profits Shared EQUALLY By Naren, Peter, & Yuri
  • More People, Expanded Sharing
  • USE Of Current Technology
  • Expansion Of Free Energy Technology (Tesla Like.)
  • USE Of Accounting
  • USE/Sharing Of Quantum Knowledge (120 Sections On Quantum Webpage)
  • USE Of Water
  • USE Of Photons
  • Water AND Food
  • Sharing Of Divine Knowledge (155 Sections On Divine Webpage)
  • USE Of Light
  • USE Of Gravity
  • USE Of ElectroMagnetics
  • USE Of Magnetism
  • Housing For ‘Watchers' 
  • Develop Free Energy Products
  • Develop Free Energy Products Lab
  • WorldWide Certification Of Free Energy Products
  • WorldWide Distribution Of Free Energy Products
  • No Credit Available From Mo1 Labs
  • 101 ‘Total Mastery’ WorldWide Transformation Centers
  • ‘Total Education’ Synchronization
  • ‘Total Economics’ Synchronization
  • Mo1 Mission Statement
  • From ‘Government' To Sharing 
  • From ‘Time’ To ‘Timing’ (A Coordinate System)
  • From Money (Toxic) To Free Energy Technologies
  • LOVE
  • Never Anything Religious
  • 100% FIT For A Growing/EVOLVE In Inter-relationships
50 Inter-Relationships, So Far.
(50 Has 64 Zeroes)






Updated July 16, 2017.


Spheres 1thru10.

7 Divine Words.








The Focus

Mastery Of Quantum AND Then Continuous FunDays


A Combination Of Spiritual and Science

Beyond Either Spiritual Or Science

No Religious Bias Exists

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