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Home of Miracles for Others... but Events

Fully Understood

and Manifested

by You!


It's ALL About Quantum... 

Your Behavior Change...

plus Mastery!


The 12 2016 Webpages are written Using Stage23...

(Stage1 was *Used from 2003...

Stage10 was Used for the

first half of 2016 Re-Do.)


Each Stage must be Mastered in Sequence...

there is no 'Jumping Ahead'.


Each Stage must be Mastered before

'PoV Elevation' to that same Stage

 can be Mastered.



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This Many of ONE Website Shares




 1) (Quantum Part, 100) 

      (Primary No. = 6)


 .  '10 Always Inter-connected

   & Changing Quantum Spheres',


 . ONLY "Within",

 . From "Within" Mastery,

 . Cause,

 . 'Connection',

 . 'Bottom not Deep',

 . Loading,

 . Adama,

 . quantums,

 . SuperCycles,












Triangle (80),


  LOVING ALL Others,




 Lite Body,

 Form Shifting,

 Understanding of Spiritual Body,

 Higher Self,

 Originate 'Actions',

 Only 'The Best',

  . PoV (Point of View),

 Daily Intents,


 Stage 2 Tools,

 Truth Progess.




  2) (Divine Part, 001)

      (Primary No. = 4)


 7 Divine Words,




 Endless Experiences,

 This "Lifetime" Experiences,



 Meet & Greet,





 . Human/"Blood"/Discernment,

 . Respect,

 . Fear to Faith,

 . Truth Progress,

 . Control,

 . Focus,

 . Creation,



 Photonic Halves,

 . Electromagnetic,

 . Gravity,

 Sentient Space Ships,

 . Spirtual "Ego", Stage10

 . Surrogates,

 . Scalar Waves,

 . Agendas,

 Grand Juries,






 . High Vibrations,

 Behavior Change,



  . Exploration,

  . Timelines,









 Life Force,



 . MTT (Mysteries, Twists, Turns),

 FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)








 Crystal Kingdom,

 Elemental Kingdom,


 .  Non-Hologram,

 . 3 Consecutive Waves,

 Meditation (receive),

 Prayer (ask),



 Healing Pulse,

 Light Body,




 Quantum Computers,

 Pure LOVE,

 Pure Mature LOVE,

 . Understand Pre-Spiritual Body,




  Alive Water,

  Conscious Water,


  . Total Being,

  Heart Strength,


  Shape Shifting,

  Approve 'Actions',

  Originate 'Words',


  . Ascension,

  . Tachyon,


  Return to Quantum,

  . Co-creation,

  . Pods,

  . Point People,






  July 4th,

  High pH (7.2 thru 14.0),

  Natural Addictions,
 All Other Addictions/Toxins,
 Less than Full Health,


  Old Age,




  3) (Total of All Parts, 101)


 You deeply Understand/Apply all 

 Quantum (100) and Divine (1)...

You pass through the very

 'Small Hole in the Ice' to the Quantum Side of the Ice

 (happens after Stage9 of 38Stages)...


 ... Much Behavior Change ...



 You are Now becoming 

 Quantum Incarnate.

(Your Quantum will still be able to 'bypass' your Divine.)




  4) More within this Website...
      (2003, 2008, 2010, 2014)



  5) Disclaimer for this Website ...
 (2003, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016)





For full power, repeat 'The 13/17' Contents OUTLOUD, daily.

"The 13/17"… 6 then 10

Quantum Spheres 

7 Divine Words.
6 'Always Inter-connected
 & Changeable Quantum Spheres',

(July 2016)  



1 Flux/Quantum Singularity


2 Quantum/Magnificence/I AM Presence


3 Plasma/Spirtual Body/

    DNA/Scalar Waves/

    MorphoGenetic Field of Creation/

    Tachyon/Delta Wave


4 Gas/Mental Body/eGo


5 Liquid/eMotional Body


6 Solid//Physical Body/Ice



10 'Always Inter-connected
 & Changeable Quantum Spheres',

(January 2017, via "Reverse" Resonance, starting Fall 2014)  



1   Quantum Singularity

     (The 'How' of ONE)


2   Endless

     (More than Infinite)


3   Equal

     (ALL Are)


4   Unique

     (ALL Are)


5   Quantum LOVE

     (ALL Others)



6   Quantum/Magnificence/I AM Presence



7    Plasma/Spirtual Body/

       DNA/Scalar Waves/

       MorphoGenetic Field of Creation/

       Tachyon/Delta Wave


8    Gas/Mental Body/eGo


9    Liquid/eMotional Body


10  Solid//Physical Body/Ice




 7 Divine Words,  



Transform Your Life to 100% 'Bliss' with added spikes of 'Joy & Fun'... and the personal ability to 'Heal & Purify'... thru Your Own Behavior Change.

 LOVE' & 'Behavior Change to Quantum' have been scientifically validated by over 300,000 Hours of Assemblage/Research/Sharing & Forward Testing.

There are 'No Anomalies'... amongst the over 103,000 inter-connected components (visualize a 47x47x47 Rubic's Cube).

The 'Sharing and Validation of the over 103,000 detailed components has been via over 50 Global Radio Shows, iTunes, in person Meet & Greets, this Website, and thousands of eMails and Phone Conversations.

Just '7 Divine Words' capture the Divine Essence of this Sharing of 'The True Nature of Reality'...

Always               (No exceptions... Use the Endless NOW,

                               for comparison, not just this life)

Choose              (Behavior Change to Quantum LOVE)


To Be_ come     (Shakespeare, To Be or not To Be)

Of                         (QuantumLOVE... not even Pure LOVE or
                               Pure Mature LOVE) 

Quantum           ("We Are Quantum")

 LOVE                   (Endlessly Present... Endless

                                Harmony of 6 Quantum Spheres)



The 7 Divine Words...


1  Always

2  Choose

3  To

4  Be

5  Of

6  Quantum




“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias exists. 

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