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Welcome to Many of ONE

Raise Up AND 'Stay Up' to...  Ouantum LOE...

FLOW, FEEL, and Ouantum LOVE!

(It Is just that EASY.)



Many of ONE Shares…
 QUANTUM Singularity,
 Quantum LOVE,
 High Vibrations, quantums,
 Resonance, DNA, Heart Strength,
 Soul Mastery of eGo & eMotions,
 Quantum to Spirit to Soul to eGo.
 Mastery of the Quantum Triangle
 gets you ‘Above the Ice’ 
 and 10% towards Connection
 with the QUANTUM Singularity.
 The last 90% is Unique
 is between your Divine Part
 and your Quantum Part,
 (QP eventually becomes your
  Higher Self)
 You are now Quantum Incarnate.


You are among the ‘Best of the Best.

Deep Within you already Know This.
Connect your Divine (words) to your Quantum (Endless)… Become your Total Self!

This website has 404 webpages... and is very easy to navigate.

Read the first 12 webpages each month.

(HOME thru Quantum Triangle)


Your “GPS" for your Reality is either your eGo (Divine) or Mastery & Maintenance of the QUANTUM Triangle (Quantum).


Maintenance means being able to start at any of the 64 words and immediately verbalizing the other 63 Stations of the QUANTUM Triangle in order and quickly.
Without Maintenance, we will revert back to eGo
Maintenance is not required after full connection of Divine to Quantum.
This Connection Process begins after you are ‘Above the Ice’.

 This website shares the 'True Nature of Reality'... QuantumQuantum LOVE and Divine... in three versions...

1) this 1 webpage,
2) first 12 webpages,
3) 404 webpages (dramatically reduce mis-understandings).

     Your Choice!
For each webpage, Scroll Down when necessary.  Until you can recognize it's Content, the webpage should be re-read.  There are no page numbers.


Most Links have been disabled to shorten reading time.

Working Links are in the form of Buttons.

If you want "Faster to Quantum",  Master the Quantum Triangle... then go through the 'very small hole in the ice' to the Quantum Side of the Ice.

More under Daily Quantum Intents ~ Quantum Healing.





Transform Your Life to 100% 'Bliss & Satisfaction' with added spikes of 'Joy & Fun'... and the personal ability to 'Heal & Purify'... thru Your Own Behavior Change.

 LOVE' & 'Behavior Change to Quantum' have been scientifically validated by over 250,000 Hours of Assemblage/Research/Sharing & Forward Testing.

There are 'No Anomalies'... amongst the over 103,000 inter-connected components (visualize a 47x47x47 Rubic's Cube) by Consciously Being Quantum.

The 'Sharing and Validation of the over 103,000 components has been via over 50 Global Radio Shows, iTunes, in person Meet & Greets, this Website, and thousands of eMails and Phone Conversations.

Just '7 Words' capture the essence of this Sharing of 'The True Nature of Reality'...

Always              (never an exception)
Choose             (Behavior Change & De-Tox happens every
                              time we Choose a new 

                             "LOVING AND Positive".) 
To Be_ come   (Shakespeare)
LOVING           (Quantum LOVE... not even Pure LOVE or
                             Pure Mature LOVE available "Within Creation') 
AND                  (spelled backwards is DNA, and your DNA will
                              dramatically change)
Positive            (no exceptions... negative thoughts are created
                               by the eGo/brain and rob the highly needed
                               electricity from the rest of the body cells.)


If You Choose Quantum Behavior Change to 'Quantum Behavior and Quantum LOVE' (via 1, or 12, or up to 404 webpages),  change your Focus and then 'practice, Practice, PRACTICE'... about 10,000 hours... 1 to 2 years... after that transition period,  Quantum Behavior will be totally automatic.

There will be a 'lag time' for your Consciousness to notice that your Being has changed... and that you can Always BALANCE all '22 Stages' of Reality.

There will be a 'lag time' for your Consciousness to notice that the benefits of Being Quantum are Manifesting... benefits such as 24/7 BLISS, no FEAR, and no attempt to Control.

Even though your "Consciousness will be the last to Know", your Behavior Change and Quantum Benefits will start immediately.  But you will not detect them immediately.

Mass Consciousness is the total of ALL Individual Consciousness.  You can not change someone else's Consciousness for them... they must 'Go Within' and do it for themselves.

"Mass Consciousness will be the very last to Know."








       cause low vibrations... must be eliminated to Ascend!


Replace FUD with MTT.




They make Creation Endlessly Interesting... Anticipate & Enjoy...

do not lower your vibrations to FEAR.



Always Surf Quantum LOVE!



Current Events...
(We are all Unique.  Channelled Messages may contain a few  eGDistortion's.  Being Quantum... Being above the ice, enables recognition of the eGDistortion's... enables retention of the rest of the message.)




May 3, 2016... see below.


QUANTUM Singularity... RV... NESARA

April 11, 2016


QUANTUM Singularity... RV... Banks, Ware & Deceptions

April 10, 2016

QUANTUM Singularity... RV... Saint Germain

April 8, 2016

QUANTUM Singularity... RV... Giving/Receiving

April 4, 2016

AA Michael, 2nd Wave of Ascension... March 20, 2016
March 14, 2016


Sheldan Nidle, The True Nature & Purpose of First Contact

March 13, 2016


Galactic Federation, Stage 5 PoV, Ascention Process,
March 9, 2016.


Little Grandmother, Best of Best, Crystals, Mother Earth & More, February 24, 2016

Sheldan Nidle - Fall of Atlantis to February 16, 2016


Adronis -  8 Year Span of Change, January 1, 2016


Adronis - The Agartha Network, January 29, 2016


Mayan Masters thru Rae Chandran, January 19, 2016.





May 3, 2016... DNA related.
April 11, 2016... RV related...


April 10, 2016... RV related...

all about Banks, Wars, and Deceptions.


April 8, 2016... RV related...

all about Saint Germain… including the part of his background enabling the approaching RV.


April 4, 2016... RV related... the Quantum Singularity still requires us To Be better able to Give  (with 'no strings'… we still like the Power and Control of ’strings’).


The Quantum Singularity still requires us To Be better able to Receive (with 'no strings’). 

January 19, 2016
This is a Mandala for Ascension.  It is a channeled mandala and focusing in the center of this mandala and meditating can help us to receive much energy.  It is also a portal.
This symbol was channeled from the Mayan Masters
Mayan Masters, Jan. 19, 2016


Peter G. Olson III    eMail: 
(best, aids self clarity)
                                   Phone: 1-719-651-1411
(second best)

I AM taking May 6 thru June 20, 2016 to adjust my DNA for 'After Ascension'… I will return calls and eMails after this period has ended.



My experience in Quantum Actual began a little over 1,000 Super Cycles ago.

Peter G Olson III is not responsible in any way, shape, or form for Actions taken by individuals Using the Information on
Many of ONE.


All of Your Behavior Change, must be Your Choice, and come from 'Within'!



Always Choose to TO BE... LOVING & Positive

“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias exists. 

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