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  What is Timing/NoTime?

Heaven uses Events and NoTime.

Surface Earth uses Time

Timing is the synchronization of Events with Time.

Heaven uses Events.

One Event can have many many many Programs within the one Event.

  What is “NoTime”?

NoTime exists in Heaven.  NoTime changes on
every planet within every Galaxy/Universe.

Considering there are about 493B Universes/Galaxies
+ all planets within each Universe/Galaxy...
... “NoTime” is the only practical choice for Heaven.

Imagine keeping ‘493Bx1B clocks’... it is not practical.

Terra/Surface_Earth, ‘NoTime’ equivalents...

Super Cycle             340,000,000,000,000,000,000,000  Years   340S     Terra/Earth

Long Cycle                             100,000,000,000  Years   100B    Year

Cycle                                         25,000,000,000  Years     25B    Quarter

                                                    8,333,333,333   Years    10B    Month

Sub Cycle1                                 1,973,076,923   Years      2B     Week
Sub Cycle2                                    274,725,275   Years  275M     Day
Sub Cycle3                                      11,446,886  Years    10M      Hour
Sub Cycle4                                           190,781  Years   200T      Minutes
Sub Cycle5                                               3,180  Years       3T      Seconds
Sub Cycle6                                                    53  Years     50Y      Sub-sec.

The above Table shows why so much can happen while we sleep.

The table also shows the major approximate time cycles.  These cycles do not include popular_held_belief_cycles such as 25,920Y (Procession of the Equinoxes) and 16,400,000,000Y (Mayan Calendar).

There are no real cycles in NoTime, there are only approximate cycles...
established in the ‘Rear View Mirror’.

In NoTime, there are only Shorter Events... and Longer Events... no attention is paid to NoTimes.

On April 25, 2014 at 21:00 GMT, all eleven nested NoTime cycles turned over and the We-Line was crossed... a new Super Cycle began.

Important Earth Cycles                                                             (248Y)

  What is the Bingo Vector?

64 of 64 Soles have become Unanimous on undertaking an Event...
or Program within an Event.

A constantly changing 8... of 64 Soles determine the Timing of when
to start that Event... or Program within an Event

The Timing is kept in form of a Vector... the Bingo VectorBingo means Go.

An example is...
... 88821.

First Position, total red lights.
Second Position, total red lights 1D ago.  
Third Position, total of Issue1.
Fourth Position, total of Issue2.
Fifth Position, total of Issue3.

Issue1, Other Event Synchronization, with our Readiness.
Issue2, Complete the Wrap-up.
Issue3, Complete the Architecture.

 What happens one by one by one?

Gradually and Consciously we start using Events/Programs and NoTime...
... Time no longer matters.

 What is a ‘Big Picture’ from an ‘Earth Point of View’...
that is actually very very very Small?

Hubble Deep Field.. 6 Min Video

A larger Fractal of how Galaxies are Clustered... 4 Min Video + Article


We are ONE QUANTUM Singularity of Individual Quantums
having trillions of Unique Experiences.

Eventually, we become 22 Stage Individual Quantums’ and Choose only
my Unique Portion of the ONE Quantum LOVE for my Individual Unique Experiences.

We are Many of ONE

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“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias exists. 

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