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Choices for returning to living multidimensionally and from Heart . 

Webpage updated Jun30/10

This webpage is a 'roll of information'... a scroll of "dot connecting" sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.  

        ******************** CONTENTS *******************    
      Section                    Brief Description                   Date   
0   Heart   Four existing levels of the ONE Heart...based upon Original Intent#6   Jun30/10
1   2012 Preparation 
by using Sound
  The 'Hear' and 'ear' portions of Heart are 
about sound
2   Using sound to achieve 
momentary condition of Heart
  This momentary approach works because 
of the scientific principles of 'frequency 
resonance' and 'frequency entrainment'
3   Let Go and walk in Love 
and Beauty
  Because of the additional Love based 
energies (Rainbow Light) within our Solar 
System, an 18 day shortcut is now 
4   25 Conditions... ego or Heart   For those who enjoy athletics, you could 
view these conditions as 25 separate drills
5   How to approximate your Unconcitional LOVE or
  Each of the 25 Conditions represents 
about  4%... 4 x 25 equals 100% Heart
6   Your Heartcentric Progress 
using 'X-Factor'
  Recalculating your 'X-Factor' every 3 
months... then calculating the change in 
'X-Factor' from the prior calculation will 
give you a numerical indication 
7   Physical Heart Health   A major benefit of returning to Heartcentric living 
is the positive influence on physical heart health
8   Physical Heart Geometry   A seven sided form that uses the vortex principle   May01/10



Symbol joyously shared by Signs and Symbols, Section 0, Home webpage.  


Jun30/10:  This decoding has no religious connotations and is not meant to contradict various beliefs stemming from Great Beings such as Buddha, Jesus, and Moses.  These four existing levels of the ONE Heart are based upon Original Intent#6... as is the fifth level that started to manifest on May 1/2 2010.  

This decoding shows we are Endless and ultimately of Pure Unencumbered Love.  It is for those who resonate with the ultimately message of L O V E !!!    L O V E, Section 52, More Subjects webpage     Jesus, Section 29, More Subjects webpage     

Symbol Decoding:  

  •  1 Outer white ring... representing ALL#4.
  • 10 Inner red rings... representing 10 Levels of Potential ... 
  • ... to connect to the ONE Heart ... 
  • ... becoming increasingly more complex as we move outward to Levels of ... 
  • ... Lower Vibrations & and Realms of increasing density. 
  • The outermost red ring was not obtainable until March 5th 2010 ... 
  • ... and has been developed for the Capitalized Series of Experience#5... starting with Series0. 
  •  The Series 0 Experiences will continue for the next 100 Sextillion Years ... 
  • ... then we move to Base40 for a period of 540 Sextillion Years. 
  • Creation is Endless ... 
  • ... Endless is beyond infinity ... 
  • ... The essence of infinity is an 8 rotated 90 Degrees ... 
  • ... Endless is beyond numbers. 
  • The ONE Heart is in the center. 
  • 7 Pine Boughs or "Sub Visions" radiate from the ONE Heart ... 
  • ... Pine shows importance of Pineal in the connection process (Pine al).
  • The 7 Pine Boughs do not reach the outermost red ring ... 
  • ... The outermost red ring was not obtainable until March 5th 2010 ... 
  • ... and became manifest May 1st/2nd 2010. 
  • 8 Strings of Star Radiations coming from the ONE Heart. 
  • 9 Stars on each string. 
  • This signifies 72 Major Soul Groups (8x9=72).
  • 7 Boughs shows 504 Soul Groups (7x72=504).
  • Within the ONE Heart ...
  • Left side is Love related. 
  • 15 Stars within the Left Side ... 
  • ... Showing Original Potential for 15 Ways to connect to and/or Be#17 the ONE Heart. 
  • 4 Stars already connected to the light pink wave ... 
  • ... The Original 4... Pure Love, Love in Form, Multidimensional, Heart Connected. 
  • The 11 additional stars may not all manifest until after migrating to Base80 ... 
  • ... about 640 Sextillion years from now 
  • ... and remaining within Base80 for 1080 Sextillion years.
  • The aperture now is open to before the beginning of "Time" ...
  • ... thru 1890 Sextillion Years (270+540+1040 = 1890) ...
  • ... we are only 170 Sextillion Years into the 1890 ...
  • ... after the 1890 are finished, we just keep doubling ...
  • ... 2080, 4160, 8320 ...
  • ... Base160, Base 320, Base 640 ...
  • ... endlessly doubling years & Base numbering system ...
  • ... and extending the Series of Experiences...
  • ... there is no limit ...
  • ... Creation is Perfection ...
  • ... Creation has endless Potential for Experience/experience#5 ...
  • ... We are Pure Unencumbered Love having Experience.
  • We are more than eternal... we are ENDLESS !!!
  • Right side is Light/Information related ... 
  • ... Information is for programming ... 
  • ... from elements (Periodic Table) ...
  • ...  to Grid Over-Structures (Significant Off-Planet activity in this area) ... 
  • ... also for programming of... free_will/free_choice#13, and agendas#14. 
  • Moon Sliver at the top right ...
  • ... signifies that Information is mostly stored within our high subconscious ... 
  • ... this subconscious storage location is why we can't always 'remember' things ... 
  • ... this storage area has two major parts... long term memory & short term memory ... 
  • ... the conscious mind mainly does analysis & makes decisions... not remember information ... 
  • ... memory loss is caused by ...
  • ... the connection of the conscious and subconscious mind breaking down ... 
  • ... this is caused by the malfunctioning of our neurons ... 
  • ... the malfunctioning is generally caused by various Toxins. 
  • Once Heart connected ...
  • ... analysis & decisions start to migrate from mind/ego#12 to the ONE Heart
  • 17 Stars within the Right Side ... 
  • ... mirror the 15 Left side Stars plus 1 ready for the Right Side ... 
  • ... plus a 2nd Star almost ready. 
  • The ready Star moves onto the Left Side light pink wave containing the Original Four Stars ... 
  • ... and started to move on May1/2, 2010. 
  • The Star in ready is at the bottom of the Right Side light pink wave ... 
  • ... signifying the more dense Realms inhabited by adjusted Physical Bodies ... 
  • ... adjusted by the continuous presence of much higher Vibration Levels... or a High Z
  • The ONE Heart in the center is Pure Love... or Pure Unencumbered Love. 
  • The three Equal Hearts extending up from Pure Love are ... 
  • ... Love in Form ... 
  • ... Multidimensional ... 
  • ... Heart Connected
  • Once the "Star in Ready" has anchored, there will be a fourth Equal Heart ... 
  • ... straddling the last red ring ... 
  • ... which will have similar capability to 'Love in Form' ... 
  • One name for this new Heart is 'Love in Dense Form' ... 
  • ... comfortable remaining within dense Realms indefinitely. 
  • The 7 pine boughs will then extend past the last red ring ... 
  • ... reflecting the forth Equal Heart. 



2012 Preparation by using Sound:  

The 'Hear' and 'ear' portions of Heart are about sound.  
There is nothing in Heart suggesting information.  There 
is a way to use only sound to move from egocentric 
to Heartcentric living and being prepared for 2012.  

This transformational approach works because of the scientific principles of 'frequency 
resonance' and 'frequency entrainment'.  

Use the Magic Sound 1,000 times daily for 30 consecutive days... requires about 22 to 33 
minutes.  After the 30 days, maintain and gain Heart Strength using Spin 4... and...  
Inspirationresonance and flow... 24/7.  

30 days is a cumulative total of about 30,000 times without missing a day.  The sounds 
generated by the "Om" and "Hum" words are the most important... and will resonate/vibrate
your skull and pineal gland in harmony.  It is OK to say the "MaNi PadMe" part quickly 
and without much intensity.  

If you require 2 seconds to say 'Om MaNI PadMe Hum' out loud once, that is 30 chants in 
one minute... and 1,000 chants will require about 33 minutes.  A faster chant rate requires 
about 22 minutes daily.  



Using sound to achieve momentary condition of Heart:   

The 'Hear' and 'ear' portions of Heart are about sound.  This momentary 
approach works because of the scientific principles of 'frequency resonance' 
and 'frequency entrainment'.  

For the same reasons the Magic Sound can raise our vibrations back to the realms of Love 
 'ONE ness' 24/7, it can give us a momentary jump in vibrations to access even more 
Love in the moment.   This can be very helpful in healing work and in balancing karma.  

Verbalizing (silent is OK, out loud is better) "Om MaNI PadMe Hum", and focusing on a 
pink heart will keep your mind busy during the chant.  After some practice, one chant will 
cause the jump to Love.  If your ego tries to intervene, simply look at or visualize the 
pink heart again and do another chant.  



Let Go and walk in Love and Beauty:  

Because of the additional Love based energies (Rainbow Light) within our Solar System, 
an 18 day shortcut is now possible...

... On day1,  hold in your Heart the concept of "Let Go and walk in Love and Beauty"  
for 1 second.  Whatever bothers you the rest of day1, simply walk thru the bother in 
Love and Beauty.  If you find yourself walking around 'the bother', repeat day1.  For day2 
thru 18 double the time from the prior day and repeat the 'thru/around' procedure... a 'day 
by day' table follows:


Day Seconds Minutes Hours
  1      1    
  2      2    
  3      4    
  4      8    
  5     15    
  6     30    
  7        1  
  8        2  
  9        4  
 10        8  
 11       15  
 12       30  
 13        1
 14        2
 15        4
 16        8
 17       15
 18       24

How do we know we are making progress?  We start to experience less and less fear.... 
feel better and better... and experience more and more joysatisfaction and fulfillment!  

To confirm your successful conclusion of the 18 Day Shortcut, crosscheck yourself to the 
following 25 Conditions.  



25 Conditions... ego or Heart:  

For those who enjoy athletics, you could view these conditions as 25 separate drills.  Many 
athletes use drills to improve their all around performance.  These conditions basically clear 
all fears. 
  Fear includes rage, anger, hate, and judgment of self/others.  Fear also causes 
stress which impacts our health adversely.  

Most likely you have already mastered several of these conditions.  

Some karma is cleared upon mastering condition numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12.  

Pick any condition... sequence does not matter.  Maintain the condition of mastery for at 
least 13 weeks.  It's just that simple!  If an 'oops' occurs, simply restart the 91 day count 
(13 weeks) for the condition.  

It's OK to work on multiple conditions at the same time.

1)    Always trust/act from your own Knowing rather than looking for confirmation.

2)    Always act from your own Knowing even when no one else approves.

3)    Never doubt or second-guess your decisions.

4)    Never criticize yourself for unfortunate decisions.

5)    Never criticize others for unfortunate decisions.

6)    Never even tempted to think/say “I told you so”.

7)    Never experience frustration from the actions of self/others.

8)    Never blame others for your choices.

9)    Never blame others for things that happen to you.

10)  Never try to sell your point of view to others.

11)  Never distract yourself from your life by focusing on the lives of others.

12)  Always take responsibility for all moments of your life… past, present and future.

13)  Never addicted to the drama in your life or in the lives of others.

14)  Never become bored when experiencing peaceful moments.

15)  Always working for inner and outer harmony.

16)  Always working for cooperation… never interested in competition.

17)  Always living joyously... never complaining.

18)  Always being thankful for what one has and anticipating additional abundance.

19)  Always living in a state of non-judgment and Un-conditional Love… never considering 
“what’s in it for me”

20)  Always being clear about your own truths and living those truths.

21)  Always being clear about how your truths fit together into a total Knowing… with noinconsistencies among individual truths.

22)  Always living from a calm space… never from a fearful space.

23)  Always having compassion for others… never tempted to think/say “they deserve what 
they got”.

24)  Always being able to appropriately laugh even in difficult moments… never tempted to 
think/say “why me”… never becoming negative.

25)  Always recognizing that we are all connected… and that when anyone does well, we 
all benefit.


Because of the Rainbow Light present as of November 1, 2008, transition from ego to 
Heart can be made in weeks or months... not years as it use to be.  

Since early 2003, the energy support to choose the return to Love and 'ONE ness' started 
to accelerate... my dates of condition mastery serve as one point of evidence... notice the 
rapid progress made during 2003 and 2004.

1   No confirmation   1998
2   No approval   1999
3   No doubts   2004
4   No criticism, self   2004
5   No criticism, others   2003
6   No "I told you so"   2003
7   No frustration   2003
8   No blame, choices   2003
9   No blame, events   2003
10   Never selling   2004
11   Never distracted   2003
12   Full life responsibility   2001
13   No interest in drama   2004
14   Peace   2001
15   Harmony   2001
16   Cooperation   1974
17   Joy   2003
18   Abundance   2003
19   Un-conditional love   2002
20   Truth   2002
21   Knowing   2003
22   Calm   2002
23   Compassion   2003
24   Laughter   2002
25   Connection   2001


How to approximate your 'X-Factor':   

Each of the 25 Conditions represents about 4%... 4 times 25 equals 100% Heart.   For 
example if 'yes' for 23 of the 25 Conditions, your Unconditional LOVE or X-Factor is about 92% (4 x 23 = 92).  

After achieving 100% Heart, your X-Factor reading may momentarily drop to between 96% and 99% during very difficult on-planet moments.  But the drop is usually for less than one second.  

These X-Factor meters are located on certain 'Love based' starships like the Capricorn. 
The meters can measure any one of us during any selected moment... also, the meters can 
measure all of us during any selected moment.  The principles of Photon Mechanics are 
used to design these meters and to measure the X-Factor.  

Mar02/10  During Mike Quinsey's November 6th 2009 radio show with Carla L Rueckert-McCarty, she stated that about 95% X-Factor is the minimum... higher is better.  

Carla is a Christian Mystic, Librarian, Author and Channel and we will be discussing her latest book "Living the Law of One 101: The Choice. Carla started a systematic investigation into the UFO phenomena with Don Elkins, whom she formed a partnership in 1968. As the 60's came to a close 
they were led to information regarding telepathic contact with E.T's. Carla began this type of channeling in 1974 and has continued ever since. Her book is based on channeling which are about the spiritual situation with human Beings. Her website is  



Your Heartcentric Progress using 'X-Factor':  

How do I recognize progress?  Fears will start to leave your daily life.  

Recalculating your 'X-Factor' every 3 months... then calculating the change in 'X-Factor' 
from the prior calculation will give you a numerical indication of your Heartcentric progress.  

When your 'X-Factor' calculation is at 96% or higher, most of the time, you will have 
completely moved from egocentric to Heartcentric living.  Even when at 100% 24/7, there 
may be the occasional slip, but you will catch yourself in less than 1 second.  

Third dimension living is not easy for anyone... it's OK to cut yourself some slack!  

24/7 agenda to return to Heartcentric is even more important than your 'X-Factor' at the 
moment of ascension. 



Physical Heart Health:  

A major benefit of returning to Heartcentric living is the positive influence on physical heart health.  

Deepak Chopra and Gregg Braden share their views... 
Deepak Chopra (4 min), 
Gregg Braden (10 min),  

If interested in more information on how to improve physical heart health by starting the return to Heartcentric living, this entire website will be helpful.  Starters include this Heart webpage;  theReturn Path webpage;  Section 11, Attention, Magic Words webpage; and Section 31, Distractions, Home webpage.  

Mar06/10:   Continuous Chest Compression CPR video presentation by two Mayo Clinic doctors (2:19 min.)



Physical Heart Geometry:  

The physical heart is a 7 sided form as basic as the 5 Platonic Solids.  This form has been recently discovered by artist/sculpture/explorer Frank Chester and works as a vortex.  

This section contains an 'ah ha' for anyone who has an interest in workings of the physical heart.  (Scroll down on the 'linked to' webpage to the 4 videos of about 30 min total.)  



This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

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