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Our Future

'What will be' continues until WE change it!

 Our Future  

A mix of joy and 'speed bumps' are on the horizon.  

 Webpage updated August05/10

 This webpage is a 'roll of information'... a scroll with "dot connecting" sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.  


  Section                           Brief Description                                         Date  

  1. Introduction                                Very clear picture of coming events...                                             
  2. Natural                                       More of the same                                                                             
  3. Man Made                                  Stock Market drop                                                                            
  4. Religion                                      'Ah ha' moments                                                                             
  5. Beyond 2012                              Will be whatever we choose, person by person                             
  6. Planet A                                      "Move In" day was July 31st 2010                                                   


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The scientific work preceding Many of ONE, identified, interconnected and reduced thousands of verified facts or 'Dots' into one set of 20 'Dots' that answers all of life's questions, Magic Words webpage.  

During May 2009, the same scientific approach was used to add 45 to the original 20 'Dots' for a total of 65... To develop the details regarding 2012,  Section 34, Scientific Proof of Truth, Home webpage.  

Projecting these same 65 interconnecting 'Dots', we get a very clear picture of the types of events that will happen into December 21, 2012.  


  2  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


We will continue to experience unusual weather patterns, above normal earthquakes, occasional severe tsunami, and occasional increase in volcanic activity.  At times the intensity will be greater than experiences before March 5th 2010.  


  3  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Man Made:  

We will continue to experience the breakdown of large institutions, more social consciousness such as the green movement and the beginning of new technology release such as free energy devices (over unity devices).  

The major markets are manipulated for the benefit of a very few.  This manipulation process started to become visible and centralized during the 1700's and accelerated on January 20 1987.  

The process has been becoming more devious ever since... especially derivatives.  The currency, stock, debt and derivative markets will continue to limp along... until one day, without warning, all will drop (crater, plunge).  

The safest way to ride out this coming drop is with no debt and low monthly fixed expenses.  

The most important of all choices is to hold no fear.  Fear lowers vibrations.  

And there is nothing to fear, as a new economic structure, based on fairness to all, will form in a matter of months.  This scientific projection based upon thousands of interconnecting 'Dots' is the only real possibility, so don't worry.  


  4  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


There are thousands of religions and 'community held' belief systems on-planet.  One major set of 'Dots', the Bible is currently published in over 5000 languages and dialects.  

The Bible contains many verified facts or 'Dots', but varies from version to version.  For example the Catholic version contains four additional books.  Why are the four books not included in other versions?  

Which one of the thousands of versions and languages is correct... and why are all others incorrect?  

There is no correct or incorrect, there is only the person by person set of beliefs, Comfort Zone, Section 24, Home webpage.  

If the Bible is part of your comfort zone, which version of the daisy chained translation is correct,  Is it possible that information shared over 2000 years ago to a non-scientific culture of hunters/gatherers/farmers/fisherman has been partially misunderstood.  Is it possible that some of this information translated from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English or to any other of the 'over current 5000 languages and dialects' has been "lost in translation"?  

The four 'Dots' of daisy chained translation, 2000 years of time, non-scientific culture and separate agendas, Section 14, Magic Words webpage say that almost everyone on-planet will experience some "ah ha' moments into December 21, 2012.  


  5  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Beyond 2012:  

Very few consider out of control spending, increasing debt loads, declining asset values and increasing health care costs to be ushering in a bright future.  Many see our future as gloom and doom.  

Because we are within the final 1,000 days of the current 100 Billion Year Cycle, this gloom and doom will not occur... except for those who wish to attract that experience by keeping their vibrations low.  

What will happen for you is your choice#5.  Life is like a box of chocolates with something tasty for everyone.  



  6  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Planet A:  

Added August 5th 2010.  

Earth started to evolve into two separate parts in 1989... the continued same vibrations part (Planet B) and a new higher vibrations part (Planet A).  

The Great Loving Being known as Mother Earth or Gaia will become Planet A.  

After Planet A started to become terraformed, many of the Planet B honey bees relocated to Planet A and started the pollenization process for Planet A.  That's why many honeybees have disappeared.  

A three day Planet A live test for humans was held July 14th thru 16th 2010.  "Move In" day became possible for humans as of July 31st 2010.  

During the next 500 days, our current Planet AB co-location will gradually separate into Planet A and Planet B.  This is similar to the movie "It's a Beautiful Mind" except the separate beings visible to John Nash will be each one of us choosing#13 to move to Planet A.  For about 500 days, we will experience two versions of ourselves... the Planet A and Planet B versions.  At times this state of Being#16 can be very tiring and requires "Letting Go" of the old.

"Letting Go" can only be accomplished by living from Heart#10 and not using thought/thinking.  Ego#12 goes from the Sorcerer to the Apprentice.  "Letting Go" is not possible any other way... witness the sinking/destruction of Atlantis.

After about 500 days, the co-experience phase of Planet AB will end.  

The most effective way to start your Planet A experiences NOW is to ~Surf Love~ and#3 Co-create.  

More on... Section 3, Choice of Planet A or B, Magic Future webpage         Section 10, What is Planet A like? Magic Future webpage     &     Raising Vibrations webpage


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This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  


We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!!!
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