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  What is Medicine?

Most physical medicines contain toxins and/or addicting substances designed to make us dependent and wanting more.

Most substances directly from nature, such as plants, roots and herbs, do not contain addicting qualities and generate exact wave forms... the exception is those substances directly from nature known to be addicting such as opium.

Toxins can only be removed by Clay or other less effective forms of physical cleansing.

Toxins come from processed foods, spraying foods for longer shelf life, non-organic fertilizers, non-organic foods, preservatives, and quite often... any produce with a store shelf life of more than 2 weeks.

Three examples of illnesses caused by toxins are Cataracts, Alzheimer's, and Blood Disorders.

Toxins also cause pre-mature death.

The very best form of toxin cleansing is to avoid consuming toxins in the first place.

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