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'What will be' continues until WE change it!

Commentary starts on October 10, 2008 or 10/10/10.  

Provides commentary regarding living from Heart,  ways to better Health and preparation for 2012 ... plus another 1,000 days... into September 17th 2015.  

 Webpage updated Jul1811

 This webpage is a 'roll of commentary'... a scroll of "dot connecting" information.  The most recent commentary is near the bottom.  



 (Each entry is similar to a new Section.)


1   (10/10/10)   (October is the 10th month, 2008 = 10)  World Markets have started to decline in a big way.  (Note:  They continued that decline into March 2009.)

2   (Nov/01)     11/1 + 2008=10 or four ones a very powerful gateway for new beginnings. 11/11/2008 is five ones ... 11/01/2009 are five ones ... 1/11/2009 are six ones!  The ones are signaling a 375 day period of new beginnings. Much of history will not repeat itself... including the behavior of possible safe/rewarding investments. 

3   (Nov/25)      'ONE ness' is on the upswing... duality ("TWO ness") is on the downswing.  World economies, stock markets and many large institutions like AIG, 'Big Three' Autos and Citibank are not structured for ONE ness and no longer appear as vital and healthy.  These downswing changes are consistent with the 375 day period of new beginnings started Nov/01/08.   

4   (12/12)          12/12 (Dec12) every year is a major moment to receive timely Inspiration.  Be with yourself, feeling nothing but Un-conditional Love for at least 91 seconds to receive.  (Loveand Inspiration are 2 of the 20 Magic Words).  



5   (5/5)                 ONE ness continues to emerge... duality ("TWO ness") continues to implode. Stock markets are not necessary when ONE ness becomes well established. 

... There are many views on the state of the economy and stock market... after the 1929 highs in jobs and stock prices14 years were required for jobs to recover to the 1929 levels... 25 years for stock prices"Patience is a virtue."  

... Our possible future? A 26 year old 'crystal child' basically holds the same viewpoint as Many of ONE... most of which is in the last 15 minutes of this 52 min. November 2008 video interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

6   (May/24)       Medicine is toxic! Body toxicity eventually causes death (see 'TAFFY'). This 4:45 min. May 8th 2009 video by Jenny Thompson, Director, National Institute for Health Sciences provides one example. (Google search on 'acetaminophen Tylenol liver toxicity' produced about 114,000 results.)

7   (6/6)                Treat yourself to a touch of Joy with this 4 min video.

... and how about this 6 min video to share how major change is underway around the world? !!!

8   (Jun/18)      Some of the players and events positioning us for 2012... 6 min video.

9   (Jun/25)         Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett both transitioned today... icons for Loveand Beauty. Michael helped to write this song about 'One ness' and to 'start giving' to each other.

10  (7/7)                 ONE ness continues to emerge... duality ("TWO ness") continues to implode. The one remaining major cornerstone of our past has been destroyed... that cornerstone being the long term safety of bonds and preferred stock as happened in the cases of both GM and Chrysler... 

... enjoy the 'new ness' of our return to Love and 'ONE ness'! There are only 1263 days remaining until 12/21/12

11  (Jul/08)          Dr. Brian O'Leary, Nobel Laureate, with a historical scientific perspective and the importance of quickly adopting new beginnings (20min audio only).

12  (8/8)                 The US GDP has now declined for 4 consecutive quarters. 3Q 2009 GDP is forecasted to grow... but jobs are still declining.   

 Sustainable wealth comes only from secure non-temporary jobs... investments can decline, savings can be depleted... borrowings can reach maximum credit limits.  "Patience remains the virtue" least until the GDP and jobs have both grown for 4 consecutive quarters. 

13  (Aug/25)        If you find any current or upcoming event fearful, you will not be affected if you Choose to immediately replace your fear with Un-conditional Love.  Fear comes from mind/ego... Un-conditional Love comes from Heart.  

14  (9/9/09)       On this day, a Google search for 'vaccines causing 1918 pandemic' returned about 4,420,000 results. Vaccines are toxic... that is why some people die from vaccines... and why today's search produced millions of results. More than forty (40) 'Self Help' tools shared on the Health webpage... including MMS for flu. 

 Project Camelot interviews Jane Bürgermeister regarding the vaccines to be released during October 2009 (55 min)

15  (9/11)          A list of Galaxies within 20 million light years... some of our neighbors.

16  (Sep/16)         (57 min) "Viv from Venus", abductions and much more (if choosing to watch all 57 min). Notice the Heartcentric Love present among the 3 on camera people even when discussing potentially non-loving information (like Cheney, Obama, reptilians, 911).

17  (Sep/22)         (2:01 hr) During his 2 hr presentation in Los Angeles on Sunday Sep/20/2009, Alex Collier (Andromeda abductee)  states that H1N1 Vaccine will permanently damage your DNA. This is basically the same vaccine related message posted above on 9/09/09 from another source. 

 The entire 2 hr presentation is an excellent summary of commonly unknown but important information directly and shortly effecting our future as we approach the inevitable and uplifting Heartcentric transition caused by direct alignment with our Galactic Center on December 21, 2012 For those who choose to view this shared information from Heart, there is a positive scenario... it resonates as true and produces an uplifting experiencebecause the information is no longer secret

 If you would prefer a more scientific approach to December 21, 2012 being a major event in our near future, David Wilcock presented for 2:38 hr on the same day... from NASA to crop circles and more

18  (10/10)           Many are finding "Letting Go" difficult. The key is Love. From pleasure to pain... if you choose to 'Let go' of a specific item or pain (and eventually the dis-ease causing the pain)... simply 'turn on' your Un-conditional Love. The item will immediately/eventually dissolve back into to pure Love. The more pure the Love the faster the results. 

19  (Oct/22)      (2:49 hr) Jordan Maxwell shares information from his 48 years of investigating hidden agendas. This information may be uncomfortable..., For those who choose to view this shared information from Heart, there is a positive scenario... it resonates as true and produces an uplifting experience because the information is no longer secret

20  (Nov/01)        Significant changes have taken place since November 1st, 2008... the day we entered the gateway for new beginnings one year ago. (See Commentary entry above.) This 375 day period ends in 11 days on 11/11/11. Bottom line... 'ONE ness' remains on the upswing... duality ('TWO ness') continues to collapse... paving the way for those choosing#5 return to the Heartcentric#10 way of Being#17... 

... and how about this 6 min video to share how major change is underway around the world? !!!  

21  (Nov/06)        Today the U.S. Jobless Rate increased to 10.2%. From the May 5th, 2009 Commentary (above) "There are many views on the state of the economy and stock market... after the 1929 highs in jobs and stock prices, 14 years were required for jobs to recover to the 1929 levels... 25 years for stock prices"Patience is a virtue."  

22  (11/11/11)     (November is the 11th month, 2009 = 11) Today ends the 375 day period of new beginnings starting Nov/01/08.  Many of ONE is celebrating by introducing 'The Magic Symbol'. The symbol is presented as it might appear on a cave wall because the information is timeless and eternal. (More information is shared within the new Magic Symbol section... just below 'Benefits of Many Visits section' on this page. This is the 11th consecutive update in 11 days... four additional '1s'... for a total of 10!

23  (Dec/01)      Fast approaching worldwide economic speed bump including reasons & players.

Benjamin Fulford has a 'full spectrum' background...

One choice to navigate the 'speed bump' is to surf it  by holding no fear and using Inspiration#18, resonance#19 and flow#20 for navigation. 



24 (Jan11/10)   A '3 of 21' Date Fractal happens on March 5, 2010... and a '4 of 10' Date Fractal on May 19, 2010. This first clustering in 25,917 years of two major Date Fractals signal a "beyond historical game changing" event during 2010. (Many of ONE website posting on Jan/10/2010) ... more on 2012 webpage.   

25  (Feb23/10)   MMS gains traction... some of the people working with Jim Humble identify themselves... success/reach is growing... roles are expanding... including free energy devices...

26  (Mar07/10)   Two days after the '3 of 21' Date Fractal, there are already early signs of accelerating change... on March 6th, the "Ring of 5 Pearls" surfaced via this website. On the 7th, a woman won the Academy Awards Oscar for Best Director (82 year history of only men winners).  Her film, "Hurt Locker" cost about 15 million to produce, with 21 million earnings.  Her ex-husbands 3D film, "Avatar" cost about 350 million to produce, with 2.5 billion earnings.  Post Date Fractal change is already visible!  

27  (Jun10/10)   The first commentary in this series (October 10th 2008) mentioned the world markets had started to decline.  This decline continued into March 2009.  Since then, this period of "speed bumps" has continued to pause then accelerate... pause then accelerate.  

The potential for First Contact and Ascension started March 5th 2010 as we passed the first Date Fractal of the cluster.  The Joyous Process started within the highest 3 levels of experience (Pure Love, Love in Form, and Multidimensional) on May 2010 at 7 PM MDT.  

Now, two cross currents... 1) The decline of duality... 2) The rise of Joy... are causing an acceleration of intensity from "speed bumps".  The Iceland Volcano and Gulf Oil spill are two recent examples.  

Question: What can any of us do?  
Answer:    Muster Courage... "Let Go"... and Surf Love.  


28  (Jun12/10)  First Contact/Ascension is underway!  All necessary information to participate or not to participate is available.  All decisions are OK... based on your choice, the downstream experiences will be different.  Which set of experiences do you choose?  

By gradually taking the time to understand and digest the 17 red flagged entries on the What's Newwebpage... including watching the 3 videos in Section 0 of the Home webpage one or more times, you will begin to understand the big picture... making it very easy to make your own set of choices.  

Duality is within the final stages of implosion... including the portions of duality carried by each and every One of us!  These are simply "Pre-Joy" speed bumps.  

Future updates to Many of ONE may occur... and may not.  The website has been updated thru August 1st 2010.  

No more information is necessary... and all information has been shared... all is available.  

It's now up to you to understand and to choose... person by person by person.    

Joy to ALL!  We are THE ONE!!! 


29  (Jun21/10)  Today is Summer Solstice 2010... the activations started today for the "Synthetic" portion of First Contact/Ascension!  

These two off-planet transmissions provide additional information the Ascension Type (Synthetic) most of us have chosen... &

Those reading the information shared within Section 0, Home webpage may already have become aware... this information is from the link located within Section 0.  

Ancient prophecies include the sea turning black... that is the BP Gulf Oil Spill... that started April 20th 2010... and is still being revealed as getting more intense than first acknowledged which was 1000 barrels daily.  

BP in the whitest of Light is an acronym for "Before Providence".  

Another ancient prophecy is for "Spinning Disks".  As readers of Many of ONE know so well, there are basically two types of UFO's... those directly from Love... and those who have "darkened" their own Light.  

UFO ON-Planet activity since the 1940's has been with/by ET's who have "darkened" their own Light.  

Those directly from Love have superior technology... and will be the only ET's to appear... if a physical portion of First Contact becomes necessary.  

Some will immediately KNOW these Loving ET's to be "kith & kin"... a Joyous reunion will occur.  

Others will immediately FEEL and begin to experience the Pure Unencumbered Love.  

TRUST Your SELF!  G U I dance... God You I dance where God is an interchangeable synonym for You & I.  

We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!!!


30  (1/18)       


During summer 2008, some firms with internet visibility (such as Cliff High's Half Past Human)used 'web bot predictions' to correctly identify the September 2008 and March 2009 dates almost to the day... although there was much speculation as to what would happen during that 6 month period. Looking back, the dates were accurate with respect to the stock market which fell by 50% during that 6 month period during 2008-9.

Fast forwarding from Summer 2008 to today, January 18th 2011... this date is the next 'web bot' identified date that appears to be worth noticing since late September 2008.  Today appears to be the low day of a one year vibration raising process that started last summer.  For many it will feel like a low physical energy day.  The percentage of these low days should now start to decrease into Summer 2011... with stability reached by Winter Solstice 2011.  This percentage of low days must be adjusted for remaining 'toxin release days'.  The remaining release days will vary widely on a person by person basis.
As vibrations continue to increase, simply "Let Go" of the old and "Allow" the new.
"Letting Go" is easy to understand... but many times hard to do.  "Allowing" is different... it will just feel right... but many times have no immediate logic. The logic comes later. 


31  (2/1)       

Tunisia signifies the "Red Rose"... symbolically we are all like the Red Rose... each with red blood and each with an individal petal of the ONE Rose..  The change that started in Tunisia last June is now spreading... including Egypt with over 80 Million in population.  

Obvious change now includes more than 1% of the ON-planet population.  The fact that Egyptian's are showing pride in their country through cleaning the streets and their positive attitude demonstrates HIGHER VIBRATIONS.


32  (2/6)       

"All roads lead to L O V E."  

"The most important form is not the first 5... but the 6th Platonic Solid... the vortex... the left ventrical of the human heart uses this form... without the availability of this form we could not exist."

Super Bowl #45 was played today and watched by 110 Million viewers world wide... the most simultaneous live viewers for any event in history.

The Half Time Show displayed one word... L O V E.

The Half Time Show featured one form... Heart. 

Combine the Super Bowl #45 Half Time Show with the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt... and the UFO Sighting over Dome Rock in Israel.


The end of duality has accelerated once again.  L O V E has landed in front of 110 Million Humans.  It is time to look for the answers "From Within".


33  (2/11)       

Yesterday was the 7th Fractal Day, February 10th 2011... each Fractal Day plus/minus 2 days leads to significant events.  In this case we have official notification that the people's revolution has toppled Mubarack from Egypt... a country of about 80 Million people... over 1% of the world's population.

The 8th Fractal Day is June 9th 2011.


34  (2/18)       

Considering Multidimensional First Contact started May 1st 2010 at 7PM MDT...

ON -Planet change is now in evidence...

  • June 2010 Tunisia... 

  • January 2011 Tunisa then Egypt 

  • Tunisia means "Red Rose'... strong symbology...

  • Red for blood... Rose for 'ONE ness'...
    we are each an individual petal of the ONE Rose

  • Egypt... cradle of modern civilization

  • There is now clear ON-planet evidence of increasing VIBRATIONS and reconnection to L O V E.


35  (2/26)       

Based on familarity with links at bottom of Home webpage...

  • Temporary Chaotic conditions in different parts of world into fall 2011

  • Various temporary forms of Government (Oligarcy, Democracy,
    Republic, Anarchy) 

  • Followed by Republics forming around the world by 2013



36  (3/11)       

This is the first day of Uranus transiting Aires in nearly 84 years.  Uranus is noted for Earthquakes and Higher Mind.

Today a major earthquake of 9.0 and about 300 following quakes of 5.0 or greater occurred in Japan.  Talk about the precision of Uranus!

Higher Mind is about RAISING VIBRATIONS to participate in this current 1000 day transition period into December 21st 2012... leading to the return of 'Living from Heart'.  The last such window was about 13,000 years ago.


37  (4/11)       

This recent release of the 1950 Roswell article released by FBI on-line is clever... allows for both fact/fake interpretation.

In either case, shows 'those of lower vibrations' are loosing their hidden control of ON-Planet events as duality continues to implode... day by day.  This implosion was first 'hinted at' within the 10/10/2008 Commentary.

Today is the tipping point of the 'elevator ride' that began 7/31/2010... the half way point. Events like Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, Japan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya are not random events and have been leading up to the 'Tipping Point' on 4/11/11.

Much more will be understood as we continue to release karma#15 and RAISE VIBRATIONS by the end of this 508 day 'elevator ride into 12/21/2011.

By 12/21/12, one year later, enough should be clear to all who would appreciate clarity and then to decide to raise/ignore their individual vibrations.



38  (5/02)       

Yesterday was the beginning of a new sabbath... the four halfway points between equinoxes and solstices each year... February 2nd, May 1st, August 2nd and Halloween. 

The energy of each and every sabbath is different and unique... this one has started out in a big way.  One of us felt "more connected and happy"... another finished up their 'ToDo List' for this life... very freeing!

Times since the April 11th 2011 'tipping point' have been full of activity... for example, the tornadoes in South Eastern USA are at record levels and Bin Ladin has been announce by U.S. President Obama as killed by Navy Seals.



39  (5/09)       

Today wraps up the 'Sharing' information part (of Understand, Be, Share, LOVE).  The remaining days into 2013 are "From Within" and focused on Co-creation.

If you have questions, ask them one at a time to your Heart... the answer will arrive instantly to within 72 hours.  

Trust your Heart...     Raise your Vibrations!




40  (5/10 & 25 & 7/18)       

There will be many significant upcoming dates including:

June 9th 2011

August 16th 2011

October 22nd 2011

November 11th 2011

December 21st 2011

April 5th 2012

December 21st 2012

September 17th 2015.

All dates are covered within the website except 102211 which halfs/doubles to 2011.  



41  (6/9)       

The 8th of 8 Fractal Days for the 508 Day 'Elevator Ride' into Winter Solstice 2011 has again been accurate... including the linear dates of 12/5/10 and 4/11/11, the accuracy hase been 10 for 10... which shows the Winter Solstice 2011 schedule is holding.  (The 3/4 linear date is August 16th 2011... the final interm date before Winter Solstice 2011.)

As long time readers know, from late 2003 thru 6/9/2011, this website has been 100% accurate... including the 40 Commentaries since October 2008.  So far, the subjects of LOVE, Vibrations,  Living from Heart, Health and 2012 have been addressed.  Now the focus turns to Beyond 2012.

Regarding the 'Grand 2012 Opportunity' of Winter Solstice 2012. participation decisions have already been made at the Superconscious and 'LOVE Parts' Levels of our Being.  The Subconscious Level has been informed.  As Vibration Levels are increased, the individual's Conscious level will learn more and more.

For newer readers, Duality/Twoness is a low vibration environment where everyone experiences separation... which allows fear to be presemt.

Today the question becomes what do we want for our timeline after Winter Solstice 2012?   Beyond High Vibrations, LOVE and 'ONE ness' our slate is totally clean.

This is not an easy question, beyond 2012, what do we want to Co-create... together?



This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

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We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!!!
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