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  What is Teaching?

Sharing    of    Truth.

  How do we know a channeled message is Truth?

There is no scolding, fear or doubt within the message.

Inner Knowing.

 Name three Soul/Messengers.

Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed.

  What did they teach?

Buddha - don’t take your brain/eGo seriously.

Jesus - reconnect to LOVE by stilling your emotions.

Mohammed - you have a LOVE/Spiritual Body.


We are ONE QUANTUM Singularity of Individual Quantums
having trillions of Unique Experiences.

Eventually, we become 22 Stage Individual Quantums’ and Choose only
my Unique Portion of the ONE Quantum LOVE for my Individual Unique Experiences.

We are Many of ONE

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“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias exists. 

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