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Over 160,000 hours of research, development, testing and experiencing#5 has developed this website in conjunction with The Roundtable of 'ONE ness' and Pure Unencumbered Love, Perfection, and Potential..  This webpage contains over 156,000 words and shares much of the research since 1999.  

About 10,000 'Dots' (verified facts) have been included and reduce to just 20 words. (500 to 1 coverage for each word... 15 hours average to establish each of the 10,000 interconnected 'Dots'.) 

These 20 words answer all of life's questions... no exceptions.   19 of the 20 words describe the workings of 'ONE ness'.  The other word is Love#9.   It is one thing to understand everything... it is another thing to do something different... to change... to act.  

Raising vibrations can only be done "From Within"... "you can lead a horse to water but can't drink for them".  Raising vibrations from within works... experiencing higher vibrations from the outside is only temporary... the higher vibration levels do not last!    Raising Vibrations webpage.

This webpage has the deepest level of information sharing on Many of ONE... not really necessary to study/digest this webpage unless you wish to review and understand some of the more recent research.  All of the important research findings are contained within the 19other Many of ONE webpages.  

Thousands of the 'Dots' were in the areas of applied astronomy and astrology... work which eventually became very accurate for stock market prediction.  This prediction work also brought light to market manipulation starting in a big way in late 1987... after the October 1987 crash.  Shortly after the 9/11/2001 bombings of Twin World Trade Towers, the stock markets stopped all natural behavior and became a 'game' for big players like the Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Derivatives Market Makers, offshore manipulators, and the "invisible's".  "Invisible's" are splintered groups... each trying to dominate the planet.  

About half the 'Dots' fell out during the scientifically conducted reduction process... using a dramatically enhanced version of Systems Dynamics as originated and taught at MIT.  

This 'Dot' reduction process eventually lead to the identification of the 20 Magic Words....then further reduction to two words, Love and 'ONE ness'... then one actionable essence... Vibrations.  This Research webpage includes many many 'Dots' that fell out during the 'Dot' reduction process.  

As of the updates through August 1st, 2010, the entire website is about 227,000 words... written like a highly compressed zip file... which saves the reader much time.  If this website was written uncompressed, it would approximate 2,500,000 words.  The website contains a massive amount of highly valuable and actionable information.  

For those who plan to read the entire website 1, 3, or 9 times... there is no reason to go further into the Research webpage as all the valuable/actionable information is contained within the other 19 webpages of Many of ONE.  


Webpage updated Jun16/10

This webpage is a 'roll of research information'... like a scroll with dividers.  Indexes leading to the 'dividers'
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After choosing a subject of interest, copy in the chapter date from the index... key 'CTL F'... paste the chapter date... 
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(All webpages use terminology explained within the Magic Words webpage... Magic Words are in bold... other key words derived from the 20 Magic Words are in bold/italics.)   

If interested in a specific word or phrase,  press 'CTL F'... a 'Find Box' will appear... key the word... press 'Next' or 'Previous' Buttons.  


This evolving ebook is focused, non-redundant and Co-Created with the Guidance Realms (Inner Worlds).  The type of information in this ebook at the right time can help trigger/assist your individual return to Wholeness... it is the type of book to read a chapter or two when inspired from Heart.  Each chapter stands by itself... reading any/all chapters is an individual choice.

The INDEX for this ebook (subject groupings and titles) is about two webpages below... the chapters follow the INDEX.

To goto a specific chapter, copy the date of the desired chapter (example Dec/31/03)... then select Edit (Ctl F)~ then paste the desired chapter date into the Find box... then hit enter.  You are now at the beginning of the chapter... OR

... for most recent chapters see From eBook.


Other highly informative links follow:  


(Sep/21/09)  Link to Project Camelot Conferences:  Live when a conference is in process... 

archives once the presentation has finished... even during the same day!


(Jan/22/09)  Bob Dean on The Cosmic Top Secret:   

Very comprehensive picture of our complex set of realities.  We... are not our bodies... are eternal... and can choose to live in mind/ego or Heart.   There is nothing to fear.  Bob provides 45 years of a rather unique perspective leading to why he has chosen to live within Heart.   

If you find Bob's perspective 'too far out'. then watch Sgt. Clifford Stone's 52 minute video interview taped November 2006:   Notice the lack of mind/ego for both men... Bob mentions 4 alien races... Clifford mentions 57.  They both are calm and lack drama.   


(Jan/17/09)   Scientific Evidence of Ascension:   

This information observed by NASA and thru Steve Rother are consistent and validated by Photon Mechanics.  (See Magic Words.)   

From NASA (Dec/16/2008)...   

Explaination thru Steve Rother...   

Video explaination thru Steve Rother...   

These "Cosmic Particles of Truth" are photons#8 that require no reprogramming.  We program them with our attention#11. (See Magic Words.)   

Remember there are 1440 minutes per day for us to chose where our attention is directed.  Each one of us is creating our future minute by minute, day by day, week by week.  Normally we must deprogram before we reprogram to change our chosen experiences.  Because of these "Cosmic Particles of Truth"... or new supply of photons that require no reprogramming, our job has become much easier!   

Photons are basically particles of  Love & Light.  When choosing to use mind/ego we may not be aligned with Love & Light... thus not able to quickly change our chosen experiences.   When choosing to reconnect with our unique aspect of Heart, it becomes possible to quickly change our chosen experiences.   


In light of Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum (links below),  it becomes easy to accept the below Mercola article as basically true.  The rescue/bailout bill that failed was 3 pages long... the one that passed 3 days later was 451 pages long.  Now we are beginning to see what else has been happening before/during this September/October 2008 period of 'manufactured chaos'.  It is normal to "manufacture" chaos(current example: declining stock market) and use the crisis/panic to pass new laws... further tightening the 5 enslavement nooses of... (1)'duming us down' (examples: pollution, chemical food additives, medicines, vaccinations);  (2) 'controlling our information' (examples: advertising, media, disinformation, censorship);  (3) technological (examples: surveillance, tracking, mind control, weather modification, scalar);  (4) economic (examples: greed, power, profit, debt, interest, taxes, false scarcities); and (5) 'moving closer to' military slavery (below Mercola article with links to related articles). Fortunately we are not alone... we are all one... and those coming (hopefully before Halloween 2010) know we are all one... and live that way... by living in/of Love & ONEness.    'Those coming' have the most advanced technologies... many of which are actually sentient... and have not been openly visible on-planet for thousands of years... and have never been part of abductions, mutilations and other fear causing activities. From Many of ONE... "What can I do right now?   "Let go and walk in Love and BeautyAre there any shortcuts?  Yes!  see Home webpage.

Subject: Shocking Loss of Freedom in U.S. - Articles   (2 two hour videos.)   At a minimum these two videos represent 4 hours of a most gripping historical novel.  They may even 'shed' some new light on the recent stock market declines.  

"Zeitgeist" (first video):   For me, the first 20 minutes was almost too disturbing (but basically true, glad I 'hung in' and continued to watch)... the middle was very comprehensive and informative... the last 10 minutes talked about ONEness and the basic choice of 'fear or Love'.   

The credits at the end showed the depth of research in putting this film together.  The movie included many helpful video news clips and quotes I have never seen before. On October 22, 2008,  I watched the first 45 minutes on YouTube to watch it full screen.  The next morning the video had been removed from YouTube... so I used the above link to watch the rest of the first video.   Other subjects receiving comprehensive coverage include several born on December 25th and ties to the Zodiak, 9/11 as an inside job, IRS, Central Banks and the Federal Reserve.

"Zeitgeist Addendum" (second video):    Subjects include... Krishnamurti, Institutions, money_supply/debt creation, interest, inflation, economic hit_men/jackals/military/large_corporation/privatization manipulation process, scarcity, politics, religion, technicians/technologies, Venus Project, tidal, wave, wind, solar, geothermal energy sources, mag-lev transportation. abundance/resource based global economy replacing scarcity/money based state/national economies, false separation, totally connected experience. joy/bliss, intelligent management of earth's resources, military dictatorship, revolution in consciousness, Krishnamurti again.  

 As you watch the last 5 minutes of "Zeitgeist Addendum", the concept of "Let go and walk in Love and Beauty" may take on a new deeper level of meaning/understanding.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   (53 min video.)  Additional information not included in Drunvalo's latest book "Serpent of Light Beyond 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Weiser Books, published 2007.  To paraphrase Drunvalo in the video... we are now within a 7 year transition period that started on October 26, 2007... move back to living in Heart and celebrate the post transition joyous future... the Hopi are Mayans who moved north from Central America... our ancestors may be able to return after April 15, 2009...this ancestor return may include our ET ancestors from Sirius.  (The 2002 movie "Whale Rider" is mentioned in Drunvalo's book and highly complimentary to the book and interview.   

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  'Almost daily' messages from Captain Helena.   

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Project Camelot's purpose is to provide a vehicle for researchers and 'whistleblowers' to get their stories out.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. It is a transferable and teachable phenomenon, powered by intent, which has a physical and observable effect every time. Complete beginners as well as seasoned health care practitioners are able to perform and utilize this work to affect change-with no waiting and no running of energy. Anyone can learn this skill and practice Matrix Energetics. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Welcome to Divine Cosmos, the new Internet home for the work of David Wilcock. Within this site are thousands of free pages of scientific and spiritual  information about soul growth, Ascension and the evolution of consciousness on Earth.   

2012 Video by David Wilcock (96 min)

2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year? David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA,  Pineal Gland, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate ... all  travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much, much more! 

Part I: CONVERGENCE The Movie, consciousness energy field, Edgar Cayce reincarnation, Da Vinci Code, Inconvenient Truth, galactic alignment, dodecahedron, 2012 / DNA crop circles, sacred geometry as vibration, tetrahedron, 19.5 degrees 
Part II: Hans Jenny / Cymatics, space and time inverting, wave-particle duality, Buckyballs / fullerenes, DNA as a wave, Kaznacheyev, psychic healing, Dewey Larson, 3D time, space-time fabric, time-space 

Part III: Fairy circles, natural stargates, ESP, nested spheres, channeling, chakras, Pineal gland, Sumerian tablets, Osiris, kundalini, pine cone symbolism, Tammuz, Shiva, Third Eye, Bindi, Bacchus, Dionysus, Jesus, the Vatican 

Part IV: Pyramid sarcophagus, cathedral windows, the World Tree, melatonin, DMT, ayahuasca, Dreams, Out of Body Experience, the Silver Cord 

Part V: Mark of the Beast, microclusters, synchronicity, shamanism, holographic sound, reverse-engineering the pineal gland, Dan Burisch, Project Looking Glass, CONTACT 

Part VI: The Last Mimzy, the Roswell Crash, the Cube / Yellow Disc, Hellraiser, election tampering, pole shift, time-viewing technology, the Iraq War, DCTP / Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, human-lineage ETs 

Part VII: Tree of Life, Illuminati, Rothschilds, Hitler, New World Order, Lucifer, Luciferian philosophy, Catholic church, Philadelphia Experiment / Rainbow Project 

Part VIII: Phoenix III, Montauk chair, time travel, Dec. 21, 2012, 20-year cycle, Stargate SG-1, Outer Band Individuated Teletracer / OBIT, The Outer Limits, Time Vector Generator / TVG, Mars pyramids, underground bases, jumproom, Total Recall, Minority Report, X-Men / Cerebro, Rifts in Time 

Part IX: Forbidden Planet, psychic conduit, LSD trips, zero-time, 2012 dimensional shift, Edgar Cayce readings, Chandler’s Wobble, pole shift, Library of Atlantis / Hall of Records, California earthquakes 

Part X: Create your own reality, 2012 not cataclysmic, Russian physics, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov / Auric Time Scale, Mayan Calendar, spiral imploding into 2012 changing consciousness, Ascended abilities, spiritual growth   


NASA 50th Anniversary Interactive Video            (You click on the various icons ; music top left, you can forward to different songs.) 


This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  


This eBook started December 2003. Some of the chapters were available before the year 2000... some are newly available.  The chapters have many different sources and together describe most of our collective/individual choices between Feb/28/2000 and Dec/21/2012:

  • Architecture and purpose of motion (also called physicality, creation, outer world);
  • 12 key energies to accelerate individual by individual return to Wholeness (ascension);
  • Ascension from mind/ego to Heart within motion;
  • Healing, health, rejuvenation and youthing;
  • First Contact;
  • Return to Wholeness of world cultural systems for health, education, politics and economics;
  • Great Beings from the Inner Worlds guiding/assisting our return to Wholeness .

There are many LINKs imbedded within the chapters below.  (Some links may no longer be active.)

To goto a specific chapter, copy the date of the desired chapter (example Dec/31/03)... then select Edit (Ctl F)~ then paste the desired chapter date into the Find box... then hit enter.  You are now at the beginning of the chapter. 



12 Key Energies

  • Dec/31/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III                                                 (Chapter  16)
  • Oct/2003 ,  Archangels Michael, Raphael & Chiand’ra.        (Compassion)        (Chapter  17)
  • Jan/02/04,  12 Key Energies, truth, knowing and calm                                    (Chapter  18)
  • Jan/12/04,  Uranus & Neptune allignment, once every 13,860 years                 (Chapter  19)
  • Jun/22/04,  Connection Consciousness, Fear/Caution/Anger, Anchoring           (Chapter  47)
  • Feb/13/05,  What is energy and where does it come from?                              (Chapter  71)
  • Feb/14/05,  The Wingmakers call energy 'frequency' plus implications              (Chapter  72)
  • Dec/02/04,  Peace......................... Key New Energy #1                                 (Chapter   54)
  • Dec/12/04,  Joy............................. Key New Energy #4                                 (Chapter  55)
  • Dec/21/04,  Unconditional Love....... Key New Energy #6                                 (Chapter  57)
  • Jan/20/05,  Unconditional Love....... Can ONLY be blocked by Fear                 (Chapter  65)
  • Oct/31/05,  Unconditional Love is 'All there Is',                                                 (Chapter  85)
  •                ,  Knowing...................... Key New Energy #8                                  
  • Feb/12/05,  Knowing...................... Can ONLY be blocked by Illusion            (Chapter  70)
  • Jan/13/05,  Connection.................. Key New Energy #12                               (Chapter   64)

Archangel Michael

  • Dec/11/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III                                                  (Chapter   1)
  • Oct/2003 ,  Archangel Michael thru Ronna Herman             (motion)                (Chapter   2)
  • May/01/04, Archangel Michael thru Qala Serenia Phoenix   (Ascension)           (Chapter  37)

Ascension Considerations/Experiences/Techniques

  • Dec/18/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III                                                  (Chapter   9)
  • Dec/12/03,  Nell Arnaud                                                    (Ascension)           (Chapter  10)
  • Jan/24/04,  Dawn breaks on our co-created Golden Age!                                  (Chapter  21)
  • Jan/03/05,  Choosing Ascension? Yes/No                                                      (Chapter  60)
  • Mar/18/05,  Energetic Changes for Ascension are now Complete                      (Chapter  76)
  • Jun/03/08,  Other lives other realms                                                               (Chapter  93)
  • Jun/23/08,  Time and Thought                                                                        (Chapter  94)
  • Jul/04/08,   What you can do to choose and prepare for Ascension                   (Chapter  95)
  • Sep/03/08,  First Contact Preliminary on October 14, 2008                               (Chapter  97)
  • Sep/25/08,  October 14, 2008                                                                        (Chapter  98)
  • Oct/10/08,  Let go and walk in Love and Beauty                                             (Chapter  99)
  • Oct/15/08,  "X-Factor" and October 14, 2008                                               (Chapter  100)

Change in direction for Many of ONE

  • Jan/24/04,  Many of ONE narrows focus to active lightworkers                          (Chapter  22)
  • Jan/26/04,  Beth, an aspect of Archangel Michael is born into flesh this day      (Chapter  23)
  • Feb/01/04,  Kryon on Understanding Relationships!                                         (Chapter  24)
  • Feb/06/04,  St. Germain, El Morya, and Archangel Gabriel, 8 or 9 more years   (Chapter  25)
  • Feb/07/04,  Bryan DeFlores, Light Masters Conference in Sedona                    (Chapter  26)
  • Feb/14/04,  Everything we do is futile but we must do it anyway"... yes or no?   (Chapter  27)
  • Feb/28/04,  The process of ascension happens by decending.                         (Chapter  28)
  • Mar/09/04,  Simple structural view of Physicality & Upcoming Portal Dates       (Chapter  31)
  • Mar/10/04,  Manifestation of Grace planned by the inner worlds                        (Chapter  32)
  • Mar/27/04,  Percent of Light, our Creator God thru Nancy Tate                         (Chapter  34)
  • Apr/30/04,  Mayan Calendar,Nesara, and Stock Market                                   (Chapter  35)
  • May/01/04, Full Moon on 5/4/2004 from Qala Serenia Phoenix                          (Chapter  36)
  • May/17/04, Beacons of Light - May 2004 - The Third Earth                               (Chapter  39)
  • Dec/17/04, Ascension process to accelerate, early 2005?                                (Chapter  56)

Eyes of God

  • Dec/24/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III                                                 (Chapter  14)
  • Dec/24/03,  Eyes of God thru Nancy Tate                          (motion)               (Chapter  15)

Health, healing, rejuvenation and youthing

  • Click on this link for the Health webpage... for chapters 'Find' the date (example Ctl F Jul/22/08)
  • Jul/22/08,   Healing, health & Ascension                                                       (Chapter  96)

Lord Ashtar

  • Dec/17/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III                                                  (Chapter   3)
  • Dec/17/03,  Lord Ashtar thru Nancy Tate                            (motion)               (Chapter   4)

Manifestation and Co-creation focus for Many of ONE

  • May/30/04,  Venus Transit and Communications                                              (Chapter  41)
  • May/31/04,  Manifestation of personal & collective abundance                           (Chapter  42)
  • Jun/09/04,  Abundance & Co-creation, Light Masters Conference                      (Chapter  45)
  • Aug/11/04,  Percent of Light has reached critical mass!                                    (Chapter  49)
  • Aug/21/04,  Alchemical Geometry and the Mayan Calendar                              (Chapter  50)
  • Aug/25/04,  Bellona, return to two moons, & Mayan Calendar                           (Chapter  51)
  • Aug/26/04,  First Contact, Ag-agria 8/24/04, Heaven on Earth, Golden Age        (Chapter  52)
  • May/05/05,  Co-creation must be from Unconditional Love                                 (Chapter  80)

Mayan Calendar 

  • Jun/19/04,  Lord's Prayer & Mayan Calendar Forecasts                                     (Chapter  46)
  • Jan/11/05,  The Numerology of Creation                                                           (Chapter  63)
  • Jan/28/05,  3rd Day of 8th Cycle of Mayan Calendar                                         (Chapter  66)
  • Aug/09/05,  Cycles, Mayan Calendar and ONE Creator                                     (Chapter  81)
  • Jan/27/06,  4th Day of 8th Cycle of Mayan Calendar                                         (Chapter  87)
  • Mar/20/06,  Duality and the most recent 100 Billion Years                                 (Chapter  88)
  • Dec/10/07,  The Mayan Calendar (8th Cycle, 5th Day) and predictions         (Chapter  89)

Sananda (Jesus, Yeshua)

  • Dec/19/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III                                                  (Chapter  11)
  • Dec/19/03,  Sananda thru Nancy Tate                               (12 key Energies)    (Chapter  12)
  • Jan/15/99,  thru Lisa Smith                                              (Ascension)            (Chapter  13)
  • Oct/06/04,  Amphibian Ascension thru Nancy Tate             (Ascension)            (Chapter  53)
  • Jan/10/05,  The story of Creation                                                                   (Chapter  62)
  • Mar/07/05,  Sananda is preparing us for his Second Coming                            (Chapter  74)
  • Mar/08/05,  Animals                                                                                     (Chapter  75)

St. Germain/NESARA/Stock Market

  • Dec/17/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III                                                  (Chapter   5)
  • Dec/17/03,  St. Germain on NESARA & Stock Market                                     (Chapter   6)
  • Jan/14/04,  Event Announcement Alert                              (NESARA)              (Chapter  20)
  • Mar/01/04,  Stocks and Bonds no longer a safe haven        (Stock Market)        (Chapter  29)
  • Mar/06/04,  NESARA Details & Stock/Bond Update           (NESARA)              (Chapter  30)
  • Mar/27/04,  Symbology within US Dollar & Nesara             (NESARA)              (Chapter  33)
  • May/15/04,  News/implications from the Inner Worlds         (NESARA, S.M.)     (Chapter  38)
  • Jun/01/04,   A window for Co-creation,                              (Connection)           (Chapter  44)
  • Mar/02/05,  You are Color                                                                             (Chapter  73)
  • Jan/04/08,  The coming Golden Age                                                              (Chapter  90)
  • Feb/20/08,  Sleep and Death                                                                         (Chapter  91)

UFO/ET/First Contact

  • Dec/17/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III                                                   (Chapter   7)
  • May/09/01,  Dr. Steven Greer video at National Press Club   (UFO/ET)               (Chapter   8)
  • Dec/24/04,   Immediately after First Contact                                                     (Chapter  58)
  • Dec/29/04,   An upcoming love/hate choice                                                      (Chapter  59)
  • Jan/05/05,   First Contact Perspective from Ela                                                (Chapter  61)
  • Feb/10/05,   First Contact, NESARA, & our Moon from Helena                          (Chapter  68)
  • Feb/11/05,   'Tour' of Spaceship Capricorn                                                       (Chapter  69)
  • Apr/05/05,   First Contact accelerates                                                             (Chapter  77)
  • Apr/09/05,   Preparation for First Contact & Nesara is complete                         (Chapter  78)
  • Apr/17/05,   First Contact Fine Tuning                                                             (Chapter  79)
  • Aug/14/05,   View from the Galactic Federation of Planets                                (Chapter  82)
  • Aug/22/05,   Brief history of our Galactic Wars                                                 (Chapter  83)
  • Sep/10/05,   Some transformations after First Contact                                      (Chapter  84)
  • Nov/10/05,   More on transformations after First Contact                                   (Chapter  86)
  • May/16/08,   Planet X                                                                                    (Chapter  92)
  • Nov/01/08,   Those Coming, Other, Those Present                                           (Chapter  101)

End INDEX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To goto a specific chapter, copy the date of the desired chapter (example Dec/31/03)... then select Edit (Ctl F)~ then paste the desired chapter date into the Find box... then hit enter.  You are now at the beginning of the chapter. 




Begin Chapters ===================================================================

To goto a specific chapter, copy the date of the desired chapter (example Dec/31/03)... then select Edit (Ctl F)~ then paste the desired chapter date into the Find box... then hit enter.  You are now at the beginning of the chapter. 


12 Key Energies

Dec/31/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III ************************************(Chapter   16)***start

From the Mission webpage... "What will life be like after ascension?   Living in peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, abundance, unconditional love, truth, knowing, calm, compassion, laughter, and connection... a 'Golden Age'."

These are the 12 key energies that arrived to stay within the earth system during the Harmonic Concordance (11/9/2003 GMT).  These energies will dramatically assist the ascension process for humankind.  We will all be living and 'being' these energies no later than 12/21/2012.

The order of the 12 key new energies is synchronized with the 1 through 12 of "Creation Mathematics".  Our easiest choice is to collectively manifest peace... no more wars.  Most of us have already had our fill of the 'war experience'.  Peace is key energy #1.

Once we have peace, it will become easy to collectively see the advantages of harmony... to see the advantages of respecting and appreciating the uniqueness of each and every one of us... to learn to work, play and grow together.    We will become like one global orchestra making wonderful (ONE der FULL) music.  Harmony is key energy #2.

Our natural draw to harmony will teach us the art form of cooperation.  Cooperation is key energy #3.

Having mastered cooperation, we will be living in a constant state of joy.  Joy is key energy # 4.

Joy unlocks abundance for all... no more 'haves' and 'have nots'.  Abundance is key energy # 5.

Upon collective reflection we will now fully understand unconditional love and realize it is the one state of 'being' that is exactly the same in and beyond all worlds... that it is the collective power beyond all force.  Unconditional love is key energy # 6.

Seeing unconditional love for what it is unlocks all truth... at this point, nothing can remain hidden or mis-understood.  Truth is key energy # 7.  

As we now assemble each and every truth, a knowing about how everything works in perfection emerges from the mist.  We now find ourselves in acceptance of all choices made by all souls.  Knowing is key energy # 8.

Knowing leads to calm.  It is no longer possible to become upset about any situation or choice made by any soul.  The state of being in calm is the state of living from our high/inner heart.  Calm is the foundation for our collective ascension.  Calm is key energy # 9.

From our state of calm, unconditional compassion for all ongoing choices and experiences is possible.  All judgment stops... there is only acceptance of everything... including our choice to co-create a changed situation.  Compassion is key energy # 10.

From a state of unconditional compassion, the full value of laughter becomes clear... laughter as a purifier... laughter as a release technique.  Never laughter at someone... only laughter with someone.  Laughter is key energy # 11.

Calmcompassion and laughter form the triangular foundation to support connection... visualize a three sided pyramid with connectionat the top.  We are now living in Universal Connective Consciousness... we are no longer living in separation consciousness.  We are now beginning our "Golden Age".   Connection is key energy # 12.

These 12 key new energies will be collectively present no later than the Mayan Calendar Dec/21/2012 end date.  These 12 key new energies can be individually present now.

Dec/31/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III ************************************(Chapter   16)***finish

Oct/2003 ,  Archangels Michael, Raphael & Chiand’ra ***************************(Chapter   17)***start

Bottom Line:  (12 Key Energies) "Compassion is the most powerful energy in the universe.  When you are firmly based in Unconditional Love and Compassion, you automatically connect with the highest consciousness grid in existence - the 9D Grid.  The 9D Grid is energized by you, the Lightworkers, from your conscious intent of both mind and spirit - and you have far exceeded even Heaven’s wildest expectations." 

Link to complete October 2003 article:   then select 'Light Express'   then select 'Premier Issue'.  The four background articles are important... with the underlying message that our collective rapid improvement is causing our 'now' to change for the better.  Note:  As of Aug/30/04, these links no longer work... but you now have the essence of the messages.

Oct/2003 ,  Archangels Michael, Raphael & Chiand’ra ***************************(Chapter   17)***finish

Jan/02/04,  12 Key Energies, truth, knowing and calm **************************(Chapter   18)***start

COMPLETE EMAIL: (12 Key Energies) Seems like the information/searching phase for frontline lightworkers has ended with 2003.  2004 starts the moment we can choose to activate our collective 'worker' portion of lightworker... choose to be among those creating a new tomorrow rather than fearing it. Information leads to truth (key energy #7) which then fills in one's mosaic of knowing (key energy # 8).  Then in knowing we experience a constant calm (key energy # 9). Frontline lightworkers are now collectively positioned to begin the acceleration of ascension within a knowing calm... and with Divine guidance/assistance from the inner worlds. 

From half way down the Mission webpage:  What will life be like after ascension?   Living in peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, abundance, unconditional love, truth, knowing, calm, compassion, laughter, and connection... a 'Golden Age'.

Both Nancy Tate and Drunvalo have just switched gears in a big way for 2004!  (Their details follow.)  ~htl~

Original Message ----- From: xxx To: xxx Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 2:18 PMSubject: [merkaba-adventures] very imprortant info bout Dru n SpiritofMaat, gewd news.. plz read on
A Change in Direction

Letter to Our Guests from Drunvalo

Dear Guests of the Spirit of Ma'at,

As of February 1, 2004, the subscription requirement for reading the Spirit of Ma'at will no longer exist. And at least for a while, there will be no new editions of the magazine. Instead, everything that's on our website now will be available for free.

You will be able to read 33 magazines — more than 400 articles — that were formerly under password protection, and all 12 Letters from Drunvalo.

There will be new articles and news items in the future, but because there are so many magazines you have not yet read, we decided to hold off on creating new ones for the immediate future.

Also, I want to tell you that we — myself and my colleagues in creating this website — are all embarking upon a brand new adventure called Alllife Foundation, which also will have a new website:

AllLife Foundation and Website will combine the power of the Internet with the incredibly persuasive medium of film. The documentaries to be created by AllLife Foundation will cover the same kinds of subjects we have addressed in the Spirit of Ma'at, but in greater depth. And they will be viewable FREE on our new, media-oriented website. They also will be available in DVD form to people who prefer to have their own copy.

What is so fantastic is that AllLife Foundation has been given several donations in an amount such that we will be able to have an ongoing yearly budget in the millions. These great documentaries will be produced!

Our goal is to make one documentary each month — but achieving this rate of production will take some time, as we must first complete the organization of a huge, brand-new company.

We are deeply convinced that this new information format will be an even more powerfu l sharing of "the truth and integrity of spiritual wisdom and human potential to co-create a healthy and peaceful world."

In Love and Service,

From Nancy Tate, December 31,2003
Happy New Year Greeting 
>First I want to express my deep appreciation and love for all of you. Your heartfelt support and wishes for me to carry on with my next work has been very moving to me. I am so grateful for this beautiful family from which I will never feel separated again. That is why I cannot just cut the cords with you through this means. I will share with you from time to time messages of interest about my work and others of timely interest. 
>Bob and I are working on a plan by which some of our family will be sharing messages that they receive from their own innate wisdom, or that of other Spirits. These will be introduced to you very soon. In this way we can keep messages coming to you once or twice a week, and keep that energy of sharing prevalent within this site. Stay tuned for developments of this. 
>I want to bring you a short message from Lord Enki. He is telling me that he has something to say to all of you. He is in love with all the people of this world, and he is ready to show that love in whatever way that he is bound to bring it to you. Here is what he has to say. 
>My dear family; I am here this day to tell you of a song that is radiating from my heart these days. It is one that tells of the reunion of all of us with the core of light that sits in our beingness and radiates forth in its promise of love and thanksgiving. This is a song that I will be continually singing from this point on, so that you may all hear it when you tune in and recognize your names on my heartstrings. I bring to you the memory of all of you that I carry with me in my infinity. I give you life as surely as you have given me a reason for living. This is a wonderful day for me to be able to come to you in this way and add my tones to the chorus that is singing in your honor. Grand is the refrain, and I along with Sananda, are singing to the rooftops of the universe in joyful reverence of the God within each and every one of us.  
>This coming year will be one of wonder and delight. Much will be coming to the front in the awareness of man, and we will see the joy that builds and the compassion that heals the broken Spirit of so many. This is a time of coming back to the love and the light through the transgressions that will be transmuted to greatness in action. All there is, is Light, and all there is, is Love. That is you, my family, and that is I. 

Thank you dear Lord Enki, 
Nancy Tate

Jan/02/04,  12 Key Energies, truth, knowing and calm **************************(Chapter   18)***finish

Jan/12/04,  Uranus & Neptune allignment, once every 13,860 years ***********(Chapter   19)***start

For those with an interest in astrology... this is very important information.  The last time this mutual reception existed was during the Atlantis timeframe.

Bottom line:  "Uranus and Neptune in Mutual Reception
Probably the most significant and profound effect of the Uranus in Pisces cycle will be the combined impact of this cycle with the Neptune in Aquarius cycle. Uranus and Neptune are in a Mutual Reception a rare combination where Uranus is in the sign (Pisces) that Neptune rules while Neptune is simultaneously in the sign (Aquarius) that Uranus rules. This creates an infinity figure 8 flow of cosmic energies from Uranus to the constellation Pisces, to Neptune, to Aquarius and back to Uranus. Since both of these planets give access to the mystical dimensions, the spiritual impact on the collective consciousness of humanity will be profound."   ~htl~ Peter

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From: merijn [  Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 7:39 AM
Subject: FW: Uranus in Pisces

Hi friends, this is inspiring! I knew it ( see article beneath ) ;-)  let's not depend on outer circumstances and catalyze an evolutional spiral within, stirring our souljuices, mixing them with shattering love and blissfull compasion.. blazing and crumbling the old, to ressurect ever new waves of  consciousness! ;-)  Yeah. from the subtle realms of oneness all is perceived as perfect.. let us engage in life.. Celebrate it with increased certainty.. imaginary walls and collective statue's like arrogance, scepticism, critisism, hostility, fearbasedprophesies, extremism and nationalism will melt like butter if we direct the torchflame of faith in front of us.. Like the odour of a rose arouses the heart of man, so will our faith, love and compassion  naturally intoxicate our circumstances and the scenery's around us. Believe your heart, She will tell you. Believe your guides as they whisper in your ears.. Silence the turmoil of thoughts trough attention on breath or silence and know that we are one. Relax..  It's not happening out there.. out there are only results.. be the cause consciously in attunement with your highest source. and it will change out there. It does. I've wittnessed it too. if the light flows easily through you with your attention relaxed within.. wisdom comes naturally.Love is key if you know what i mean..Namasté Merijn Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 5:18 AMSubject: Uranus in Pisces
Uranus In Pisces - The Veil Is Lifting
By Govinda

Uranus will transit the sign of Pisces from March 10th, 2003 through March 12th, 2011. Uranus brings energies that stimulate and support the evolution of the Collective Consciousness and Humanity. It brings inspiration and the unexpected, unusual, unconventional and radical events that catalyze change. Uranian energies always act to stimulate the evolution of consciousness. Uranian experiences break through the boundaries of our conceptual reality and transform our lives. These catalytic experiences often come when you least expect them. 

Pisces energies are deep feeling, compassionate, visionary, psychic, mystical, spiritual and subtle. Pisces energies bring awareness of new possibilities and are connected with our unconscious emotions. The higher octave of Pisces is Divine Compassion, which streams from the Divine Feminine energies of the Universe. When Humanity realizes and expresses the Divine Feminine we will heal our world. Uranus in Pisces will link the Collective Consciousness of Humanity with these sensitive, feminine and mystical energies.

Over the past seven years Uranus has been in Aquarius, giving birth to the Information Age. It brought forth a revolution in communication, including global communication through the Internet, mobile phones and digital technologies. We are deluged with data! While we were being distracted with all the mental processing of knowledge, our unconscious, emotional nature was ignored, and our emotions were repressed. Uranus in Pisces increases the awareness of our unconscious realms. This is a cycle of emerging feelings that will likely bring intense, unpredictable waves of emotional upheavals in our lives! However, humans are also more likely to develop meaningful, emotional and spiritual connections with each other during Uranus in Pisces. 

Uranus and Neptune in Mutual Reception
Probably the most significant and profound effect of the Uranus in Pisces cycle will be the combined impact of this cycle with the Neptune in Aquarius cycle. Uranus and Neptune are in a Mutual Reception a rare combination where Uranus is in the sign (Pisces) that Neptune rules while Neptune is simultaneously in the sign (Aquarius) that Uranus rules. This creates an infinity figure 8 flow of cosmic energies from Uranus to the constellation Pisces, to Neptune, to Aquarius and back to Uranus. Since both of these planets give access to the mystical dimensions, the spiritual impact on the collective consciousness of humanity will be profound. 

A Spiritual Revolution 
The veil between the physical and spiritual dimension is dissolving. Ordinary people will have direct, profound, personal spiritual experiences and revelations. There will be major breakthroughs in spirituality for Humanity. Spirit will liberate itself from limited beliefs, causing many people to reject and rebel against traditional religions. Spiritual organizations and churches will be forced to change their doctrines in order to satisfy the natural evolution of consciousness of their members. Limiting doctrines that call for devotional dependence on the church and religious leaders will be replaced by doctrines that honor the individuals and their personal connections with God. Churches will naturally evolve from doctrine orientation to individuals sharing their personal spiritual experiences. 

Virtually every human being on Earth will have mystical experiences including empathic and clairvoyant awareness, telepathic communications, past life flashbacks and sensing what others (humans and animals) are feeling and thinking. These experiences will cause most humans confusion and/or denial. Some may feel as though they are losing their sanity, or, perhaps they may believe that demonic forces possess them. As people become more sensitive and open to their deep emotional and mystical energies, many will turn to drugs and alcohol to dull their senses and escape from their emotional pain. It is important to stay focused on positive and ascending thoughts. It is good to practice formal meditation - one that connects you with the Divine Source within you - daily. This will help you to attract and create positive and beneficial experiences with the spirit realms. 

It is not good to be too analytical during this time. The logical mind will not be able to comprehend these psychic experiences. Get together with other like-minded, spiritual people and groups to get the support you need. Also, spiritual revelations happen when two or more are gathered in the name of Spiritual Truth and Love.

The boundaries between people, factions, religions and countries will begin to dissolve. As people become increasingly aware of the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others, the belief in separation from one another will break down. This may feel uncomfortable and confusing at first, but will naturally lead to a greater willingness to know and accept one another, and, eventually, to sympathy and compassion for each other. 

As the psyche opens and unconscious emotions become conscious, many people will seek wise counsel. This will benefit those who are having intense emotions coming up and those having spiritual/psychic experiences. Emotional and spiritual counselors and healers will be in great demand! 

Science Meets Spirituality
New drugs will be developed that will offer new hope for healing previously incurable conditions, but the side affects may be detrimental. Inspirations for new healing modalities will lead to the development of powerful, effective, unconventional healing methods. These will include subtle healing modalities involving light, sound, breath, water, visualization, vibrational and spiritual healing. Powerful spiritual healers will be acknowledged and become more accepted by the masses. 

Computer / Human Psyche Interfacings
Technologies will expand to include mind, body and computer infusion. Computers will be able to receive and interpret mental impulses, and redesign their patterns to improve the humans ability to create the reality he/she truly desires. Virtual Reality programs for healing mental and emotional disorders will be designed and made available to the public. Some of these will be a kind of lucid dream therapy.

Instruments of communication with the spirit realms will be developed and perfected. These may include computer and etheric realm interfacing.

Dream Wisdom
We may be inundated with spiritual truth and healing wisdom, including images and messages from the spiritual realms through our dreams. Solutions to major problems may come through messages from Divine guides while we dream. It would be good to keep a dream journal by your bed and write in it when these dreams occur.

New Art Forms
There will emerge new genres of music, poetry, photography and other arts that refer to and illuminate the Oneness of all creation. Unique new colors, textures, modalities and combinations will catalyze higher awareness and transport those who experience these art forms to another place and time. Motion pictures will undergo major transformations as a result of advances in visual and sound reproduction technologies.

Pollution Solutions
Toxins in the water, food and air will likely become a greater threat to health. New technologies for neutralizing pollution will be developed and made available. New forms of inexpensive, sustainable, non-polluting sources of energy will be invented and become available to the public. The technologies, sciences and spiritual abilities of ancient and advanced civilizations - e.g. Atlantis (a Uranian culture) and Lemuria  (a Neptunian culture) - will be remembered and developed. These instructions may come through psychic mediums, psychic scientists, visionaries and Extra Terrestrials. Important and helpful individual and mass communications from Extra Terrestrials are very likely. This information will teach us ways to heal our environment and our relationships with each other. They will teach us technologies for cleaning up our oceans, lakes, streams, air and Earth.  

Collective Thinking Creates Our World 
Problems with air pollution and the ozone layer will cause major changes in the weather. The melting of icecaps will likely cause the flooding of many islands and coastal areas throughout the world. High winds, hurricanes and tornados will become more frequent and show up in unexpected places. The combined thoughts of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity are creating our world reality, including the weather and the earth changes. If we can collectively shift our thinking from fear-based thinking to love, trust and faith in goodness, we can change everything. It is our faith that bridges us with the power of Creation.

Ascension Is A Choice
It is our responsibility to consciously choose to evolve. To do this is to live in integrity. Living in integrity is behaving as though we are an integral part of All That Is. As we develop integrity, we support our personal ascension and the ascension of the Collective Consciousness. Ascension is To rise above limited ways of thinking and creating reality. When we choose praise, gratitude and love as our way of life, we ascend. When we express unconditional love and compassion for others, we help those people and ourselves as well.

In Conclusion
We must learn to work in harmony with our natural environment and with each other. It is important that we use our Earths resources responsibly, and relate to each other with compassion. Uranus and Neptune (in mutual reception) are bringing us opportunities to discover innovative and inspired solutions to our personal, environmental and sociological crises. The infusion of spirit into matter brings hope. If we will develop compassion in our hearts and use our minds to serve our hearts, we can heal our world and live in harmony with each other and Nature.

Om Shanti


Jan/12/04,  Uranus & Neptune allignment, once every 13,860 years ***********(Chapter   19)***finish

Jun/22/04,  Connection Consciousness, Fear/Caution/Anger, Anchoring ******(Chapter  47)***start

After reading this 6/6/04 transmission 3 times (Archangel Araqiel through Athene Raefiel), I found myself with even more inner clarity and calm.  

Three examples from the transmission follow: Connection Consciousness:"Believing that you are separate from your soul, spirit and us, is the only hindrance any of you face at this time."   Fear/Caution/Anger:"Remember caution and fear need not be synonymous. Caution is being aware. Fear is being afraid. These are two different things. Being aware, if you see the train coming you step off the track. Being afraid, if you see the train coming, you freeze and the train runs over you. Therefore we say, indeed caution is good, fear can be paralyzing. Be aware that fear is all around you. That the dangers in life are about how much fear people are in, not necessarily how much anger that they are in. The more fearful the individual, the more dangerous they are because in fear many things happen to an individual that they have no control over. In anger one action takes place and they are usually done with it." Anchoring new interdimensional energies (Day 3 of Mayan Calendar):"We would ask of you that you become aware each time a star gate is opening. This is simple process and you will know simply by meditating daily. For each time a star gate is opening, simply through your awareness you will be aligned to the energy of that star gate. There is naught else that you need do."   ~htl~

 ----- Original Message ----- From: Sent: Monday, June 21, 2004 3:47 PMSubject: June 6, 2004 Channeling

Dear Friends and Fellow Lightworkers,

Thank you all for your loving support.

 Athene Raefiel 

Channeling of Angels 

Venus Transit Celebration

June 6, 2004 

Repeat after me:

I call to the Holy Sacred Flames of Light

I call to my Spirit guides and Teachers

I call to Love Within that I am

I am that I am

I am that I am

I am that I am

I am Earth

I am Air

I am Fire

And I am Water


Lord Araqiel is the angel that is here today, he comes today as one of the Archangels and assistants who work with the planetary beings of Earth. 

I am Lord Araqiel and I have come today to assist the channel and help the group feel more connected with divine flow. Today you will connect with your own inner awareness and receptivity to the feminine aspect of the divine mother and the divine male counterpart. It is important to understand that each of you is an element of us as well as all other components within the hierarchy; including the karmic board, the ascended masters, the Councils of Light, and the intent beings who come from other planetary systems, referred to as extra terrestrials. 

There are other planetary beings as well as brotherhoods of light that have been part of your human race since the beginning of time. As you and others enter into the realms of spirit you find a grand family of loved ones such as us. 

There are many here that are questioning why it is that they are here on the planet and what their purpose is. 

Purpose will be the focus today, for purpose is indeed that which you seek to understand, become, and evolve through. Without purpose in life there is naught that motivates, that clears the way, and opens you up. It is your purpose within the divine element of truth, love and understanding that assists you with finding purpose in your physical, practical and reality world of everyday life. 

It is through the divine principal and purposeful being that you are, that allows you to understand that the course of one physical lifetime is but a short journey in the scope of your soul and spirit life. Each lifetime is involved and integrated within all the other journeys you have taken whether they be in body or spirit as your soul has progressed along it’s course. 

There is unending evolution within the divine element of each of you. There is much to learn of being a human, but in being a human without the divine element there is little change that occurs in the process of your soul evolution. This is why many humans are at a stand still in their own spiritual evolution at this juncture in the road. It is clear to us that many wish to grow and evolve. It is clear to us that many seek guidance from the higher realms. Understanding how you and we are one assists this process. 

Being in a physical incarnation allows the soul to descend from the plane of soul into the plane of body. When this occurs they are born as a baby without memory of former lives or incarnations, at least not conscious memory. Due to this process they are easily influenced by the surrounding life that feeds and comforts them. In the course of a few short earth years a child has forgotten where they came into the womb from. This is necessary for them to continue the physical journey without wishing to return home to us too early.

This arrangement has been created so humans could learn to bring the Divine element of self and us into the physical reality world. This you refer to as bringing Heaven on Earth.

Why, you may ask, would we want to do this? The answer is simple. Through all dimensions and planes of creation the Divine is seen as the ultimate exploration and expansion of conscious awareness. When conscious awareness was designed, it allowed beings from every Galaxy and Star System to directly communicate with us the creators and the ancestors. 

Conscious awareness allows each human to learn how to use their telepathy through courses and book study as well as history records of the Spoken Word. Since many beings have chosen to forget the Divine Essence of Light that they are, more and more souls have become programmed instead of aware. Believing is what soul basis its truth upon. 

Believing that you are separate from your soul, spirit and us, is the only hindrance any of you face at this time. Purpose is immediately found when you remember who you are in the Divine element of self. This remembering aligns you to your purpose to evolve allowing for direction to become clear. The more you understand the Divine Element of life the more clarity and intuition you develop.

So many of you now question the need for the experiences you are having here. When the realization settles in that you are a multifaceted being of light and love you accept your life differently. You begin to change yourself and your program to work towards your soul evolutionary path and enlightenment becomes your purpose. 

Seeing so many divisions among your own humankind we realize it is difficult for you to believe in the union of spirit. Within the spirit the only division that is made is made within the minds of humans and their kind. It is only through the fear of another getting to know the truth about you that you create division. It is only in what you have to hide. So many of you feel shame at being who you are, so many feel guilt at not being someone else, someone better. This is a learned response and reaction to the life you have lived within for centuries of time.

Long ago you believed that the creators had forsaken you and left you to your own demise. Because of this you separated yourself from your divine counterparts and believed you had committed some great sin that ran us away. This was an untruth. What happened was that the more you hid from yourself and one another the more you shut us out. We were always with you, you could just not accept that you were worthy to be loved and one of us yourself. Because of this, to this day you remain in a state of mind the closes us out. 

It is true that you have the will, desire and right to choose to know and be anything you like. Knowing how to do it seems to be what has been forgotten.

When the world decided that there should be many religions but only one God, instead of many gods all of one spirit, something happened to true enlightenment. It became separated.

Religions began to teach that there was only one way to the truth of God and that was through a doctrine decided by a church. Unfortunately each sect of Religion had it’s own doctrine and although they were often similar they refused to see the others point of view as truth. This separation also began to determine where God resided. The teachings that God, Goddess, All that is resides within the individual was lost.

For a race that is as stubborn as humankind we are amazed at how easily this untruth was adopted and accepted as truth. 

Since the inception of human life we have come into human bodies and sent many great Avatars and Teachers to bring the light of truth back. Even as Jesus taught the truth so many simply believed it was he, and he alone who stood for the Divine Light.

Finding salvation is within each of you, it is the same as finding purpose.

It has been a long time since the spirit of religion was broken and religion became a force in your communities that aligned itself to the power over rather than the sharing of the truth of light. There has been many, many times in the evolution of mankind, where beings have chosen to accelerate and overcome the demeaning and deceitful attitudes of the power mongrels. Because there is instant and immediate gratification in the wealth of gold, diamonds and possessions, it is financially more rewarding to hold the light beings and the truth of evolution at bay. This is done by a standard of those that understand that if all people understood how to use their free will to create abundance in their life then there would no longer be control over the masses. 

It has been this way for centuries of time, but there was a point in time when it indeed was not this way. At one time creatures such as yourself had the ability to transform themselves into any form they chose, be that animal, be that human, be that human and animal, be that extra terrestrial, be that a rock, be that a mineral, it mattered not. The choice was simple. The choice was to experience all life through becoming and experiencing it as who they were. 

During that time soul, spirit, human emotion was not yet separate from the development of the species. Emotion was placed within a realm of its own later on and when this occurred so did the separation of soul and spirit. The soul seemingly separated from the body so that there could be a colonization of your planet by other beings from other star systems. In truth this illusion was created so that the mind of man, or the rationale as you call it, could develop and begin to seed in its own creation. In this way humans were allowed to discover their own talents and their own abilities to develop and create. This was a natural part of the process as were the love and understanding. 

When love and understanding were destroyed within the hearts of men, due to painful experiences, the dysfunction, disharmony and the disruption took place. 

When the heart of humankind closed down was when the mind or the rationale took over. This was accomplished through torture, through pain, through hardship and through sadness. This was not done by the universe or the divine. This was done by different star beings that had colonized planet earth. 

In this colonization they chose to take that which was innocent, that which was pure, that which was unattached and harm it so it would no longer find solace in those things. In so doing a momentum was created that has gone forward since. 

Over the course of many generations that momentum has carried a vast amount of souls to a very deep place of depression, sadness and overwhelm. This pattern of sadness, hopelessness and distrust was carried over into the children who were born from the original race of humankind. 

It is not easy to conquer, overcome and change these patterns within oneself. You have survived much sadness and suffering over many incarnations. In your survival the one thing that you have learned how to do, is to not allow those types of things to devastate you again in the future. Unfortunately by doing so, you often close your heart to the innocence, the purity and the light within. It is not a conscious thing that you do. It is not that you choose your life to be this way. It is that life has come about through these horrendous and horrible hardships that you find yourself in the middle of. You know that if those around you discover how loving and sensitive you are they will tear you apart and take advantage of your innocence. This is the inner memory that you must overcome and transform. 

We say to you be cautious. We say to you be aware. We say to you there is good need for caution. Remember caution and fear need not be synonymous. Caution is being aware. Fear is being afraid. These are two different things. Being aware, if you see the train coming you step off the track. Being afraid, if you see the train coming, you freeze and the train runs over you. Therefore we say, indeed caution is good, fear can be paralyzing. Be aware that fear is all around you. That the dangers in life are about how much fear people are in, not necessarily how much anger that they are in. The more fearful the individual, the more dangerous they are because in fear many things happen to an individual that they have no control over. In anger one action takes place and they are usually done with it. We say help others to understand that fear does not have to be the all encompassing journey of their life. Help them to understand that what they are afraid of is fear itself and not t he actuality of what their life is about. Understand that your heart is pure and that within your heart the pure love that you hold and the understanding of the connection that you have to your soul and spirit self is the sanctity and beauty of the gift you give yourself. It is the gift that you came in with. It is the gift that you shall leave with if you so desire. 

We would say to you, we are amongst you always. The angels have a placement on the planet with the beings of earth. We surround the planet. We are here all of the time. We are not out of ear range. We are not like the other beings in the other realms. We are pure of heart and mind and we are sensitive to your pain, your joy and your love. We may not be able change your life or your situations for you, but we certainly will walk through the fire and the trial with you. We have always found great compassion in the hearts of human beings and we understand that you have to go through the experience of survival in order to evolve on a soul and spirit level. We are with you always. We assist you always and we are your companions. Your love energy resides within and without all that you are and all that we are. 

We would ask of you that you become aware each time a star gate is opening. This is simple process and you will know simply by meditating daily. For each time a star gate is opening, simply through your awareness you will be aligned to the energy of that star gate. There is naught else that you need do. 

These gatherings and coming together help to anchor the energy of the star gate for those others that are searching and seeking at this time. These meetings, these unions, these sharing of your heart energy assists as stepping stones for those who have never ever seen anything beyond the putrid ugliness of what they believe life holds. Therefore you are each special to us and you are each important to us and you each have our greatest camaraderie, love and assistance available. 

We the Angels, come today to bring your guides closer to you, to help you understand how to reach into your being and find the center of all light and life that allows you to be centered, aligned and participating in the unity and the union of the divine. We bless you and we wish you a joyous, prosperous and definitely enlightening life. 

Jun/22/04,  Connection Consciousness, Fear/Caution/Anger, Anchoring ******(Chapter  47)***finish

Feb/13/05,  What is energy and where does it come from?***********************(Chapter  71)***start

There are two questions that have been asked many times:     What is energy?  What is the Source of energy?     1)   To fully understand energy, we must fully understand what is beyond energy... what is beyond classical physics... even what is beyond quantum physics.  (Another term for beyond is Meta.)    2)   There are only all of our Souls and the whole of Spirit (Holy Spirit) beyond energy... nothing else!    3)   Thus, the Source of all energy can only be from Souls and Spirit.    4)   This means that energy can be created and un-created.  Currently, energy in our Physicality is being created.    5)   That our universe (Physicality) is expanding has been proven through 'red shifting' scientific observations.    6)   This expansion of our universe is caused by the creation of additional energy.    7)   Metatron is the Soul who meters (adds/reduces) the Soul Light for our Physicality.  (Light, upper case L, is not the same as visible light, lower case l.)    8)   Additional Light creates the additional energy.    9)   Energy may be defined as imbalance.  This imbalance is in constant motion and always seeking balance.    10) Energy may be defined as motion.  This motion is always seeking stillness.    11) Souls and Spirit are always centered in a state of balance and stillness.    12) When centered there is no good or bad... right or wrong... tragedy or comedy... yin or yang... there is only experience.    13) We all have the free will to choose our energetic experiences at all four of our basic components... body, mind, Soul, Spirit.         Several readings of this chapter at different points in time should increase clarity.   ~htL~  Peter    

Feb/13/05,  What is energy and where does it come from?***********************(Chapter  71)***finish

Feb/14/05,  The Wingmakers call energy 'frequency' plus implications *********(Chapter  72)***start

Starting in 2003, I have spent a great deal of time studying the Wingmakers Website  From their home page... "Nearly a thousand pages of thought-provoking multimedia content that introduces a new cosmology and a future vision of our universe and our purpose therein. It is certain to expand the mind of any who reads, listens, and views this startling collection of philosophy, art, poetry, science, music, and integrated, multi-level story."     The co-created portion of information for this chapter comes from Adamonis through Nancy Tate and is the first I have seen from a confirming source regarding the Wingmakers.  This information is a way to understand some practical reasons for 1) time travel;   2) the energetics of the 'Now';   3) free will;   4) re-programming our own past lives.     1) Regarding time travel... "This is to inform you all of a coming time when there will be many upon the earth who will be ready to step in and assist you through every venture that you begin. Those ones will be of an advanced race, and they will be here from another time in your history. They will be from your future. They are known as the Wingmakers."     2) Regarding the 'Now'... "The Wingmakers are here now in order to change their present. They have advanced technologically, however, they are not experiencing what it is that they would intend."     3) Regarding free will... "However, if experience is different from what the probability has expressed, then that changes the outcome of the stream of probability. Some other expression occurs and the time expression is changed. When this happens, it is as if it had never been another way. It is as if the whole has always been as it is in that moment. The only time that anything other than that moment is experienced is if the intent to see it and experience it another way is projected. Then time can be tapped into, at any moment of existence."     4) Regarding re-programming our own lives... part of the person by person preparation for ascension is learning and applying the techniques of past life re-programming.  This is a free will choice each and everyone of us can make at any point in time.  (On a personal note, this past life re-programming was a critical step in preparation for my own Soul merge during June 2003.)     ~htL~    Peter    

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 12:45 PMSubject: Wake up Call, Adamonis
> We are welcoming a new one to our midst, who is a part of us, and very real. 

> Wake up Call: Adamonis Feb 07, 05 

> This is to inform you all of a coming time when there will be many upon the earth who will be ready to step in and assist you through every venture that you begin. Those ones will be of an advanced race, and they will be here from another time in your history. They will be from your future. They are known as the Wingmakers. 
> These ones came here in another time dimension and in so doing they left upon your land a few strategically deposited evidences of their coming. They came from a time when they had benefited from the technological advances that they experienced and developed in their advancement through the ascension process. They are now awaiting the opening of certain portals so that they may come and be among you in a way that is open and friendly, rather than having to secretly hide their evidence of visitation. 
> When they came they did so with the love that they have for all of you and for themselves. For you see they represent you in infancy. They represent what you can and indeed may very well choose for a future. If things go as you are projecting, then they will most assuredly be the future of the identities that you hold now. 
> In the time to come, there will be great cataclysmic events upon your world, and these will be tempered with a relatively minor loss of life. Due to the processes of ascension that Gaia must undergo, there will be some land that will emerge, and some that will disappear beneath the waters. When this happens it will not be as widespread as originally foreseen by some of your seers. Because of the increase of your frequency that has far surpassed what they experienced as they came through the time period that they did, you will be altering their earth time as surely as you alter yours.  
> They are eagerly awaiting the rigors of this experience, for in this adjustment lies the secret to their coming. Already you have changed your future, and in so doing you have changed their present. This is a concept that may be a challenge for many of you, however this is basically what it is. 
> When events are experienced in any moment they have effect on all of time. When events have created a flow, a frequency of probability, then certain streams of existence take hold and manifest in a way that corresponds with the momentum thrust that is born from that frequency.  
> Understand that thoughts, ideas, actions, are all frequency. They all create probabilities. When more of the same frequency is built by manifestation, then that is perpetuated in manifestation. As this continues, physical matter is created in expression. As the same momentum is experienced, the likelihood of the same expression is experienced.  
> However, if experience is different from what the probability has expressed, then that changes the outcome of the stream of probability. Some other expression occurs and the time expression is changed. When this happens, it is as if it had never been another way. It is as if the whole has always been as it is in that moment. The only time that anything other than that moment is experienced is if the intent to see it and experience it another way is projected. Then time can be tapped into, at any moment of existence.  
> This is what is taking place at this time. The Wingmakers are here now in order to change their present. They have advanced technologically, however, they are not experiencing what it is that they would intend. They are seeing that at this time in their history, there were certain events that influenced the energy, so that their present time developed in a way that was contrary to their intent when they were here. You see, they were the lightworkers of this time, who despite their beautiful work were not able to overcome these last years of ascension and take the light over the top to the ultimate conclusion of the plan of duality. They are still living in a world of duality, and they are still venturing to overcome the darkness, which has developed into an immense cloud over earth. 
> This is why they at one time planted their time capsules over the earth. They are coming back to do what they can see must be done for the present time of us now. They see that in order for us to be able to go over the top, we must become aware of what life in their world is. Then they must be able to show us what we can do to assure that we shall give them the bright future that is being prophesied now. 
> We are going to do that, my dear ones. We are going to take it over the top, and we will reign supreme, for we are being shown what we can do to accomplish that. We are our own wayshowers, for we have come back to see to it that we live in a world of love and light and total freedom from all that is not pure love. 
> There are those among us who walk in our shadows, for with the future that they experience, there are many shadows. We are finding that so many truths of what has been taking place on earth are hiding in the shadows, and in that there is soon to be release. Through the efforts of many of those who are back, we are going to be able to bring those shadows to light, and forever walk in the sunshine.  
> My dear ones, I AM here to share with you that I walk among you now, and I AM in the process of awakening to my future self. I carry with me the memories of what we withstood throughout the years between this time and the time of your future. I AM from your future time of 750 years from now, and in order to allow the Divinity to realize its destiny, we gather once again as lightworkers and bring the truth to the ones who will see the manifestation of the Divine Intent for this time in our history. 
> We shall change our history, and therefore yours, for we are all One. Allow me to introduce myself; I AM Adamonis, and I am your future. I express myself as the representative of all of you, in the future. I love you so much, and in you I see great promise for all of existence. 

> Thank you dear Adamonis, 
> Love, Nancy Tate 

Feb/14/05,  The Wingmakers call energy 'frequency' plus implications *********(Chapter  72)***finish

Dec/02/04,  Peace... Key New Energy #1  *****************************************(Chapter  54)***start

The bottom of this forwarded email states    "We are Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Sadiyaa, Sananda, Tikele, Metatron, Kirael and many others this day for the Tikele Group.  And so it is."    Indeed!  Today's transmission about Peace is from a most impressive list of inner world Great Beings. Background... during the Harmonic Concordance on 11/9/2003 newly opened energy stargates permanently flooded our planet with 12 Key New Energies... peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, abundance, unconditional love, truth, knowing, calm, compassion, laughter and connection.  This email provides in-depth understanding for the first of these 12 new energies... Peace. Bottom-line... when we are able to hold our own pure state of inner peace... for even just a brief moment... we are providing the greatest gift possible to ourselves... to humankind... and to Mother Earth (including the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms). ~htl~

Original Message ----- From: Tikele To: Tikele Group messages Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 12:49 AMSubject: Living with Peace in Your Heart - Week of 1st Dec, 2004
Blessings, dearest ones, for we come in love as always, to be of service to you, in the highest possible Light.  

The message we bring this week is for you to know, that the peace that hold in your heart, is the most valuable gift you can give, to all of Creation.  For in the giving of that gift, you also give it to yourself.  It resides in your OWN heart.  By focusing on  peace, as a feeling of well-being, of contentment, of harmony in all things - without doubt of any kind; without physical restrictions, mental worries, or emotional upset - simply to BE in a place of calm.  This is the best gift of all that you can give yourselves, and each other.  In holding the Peace in your heart, even if only for short periods of time, you are creating a New Earth - one that will be, exactly as you would desire it to be:  a place where all can express themselves, their own beauty, to their fullest potential, choosing ways to express it, that will be of benefit to others, for in service lies great joy and personal fulfilment, while at the same time, creating personal abundance, for the two are inseparable.  

As you are willing to create Peace in your own heart, you will find you are less concerned with the daily strife and worries that are there for you to choose to take on, or not.  As someone said to Tikele just recently, one can choose not to accept the gift of anger.  One can choose not to accept gifts that are unneeded for your own wellbeing.  For you did not seek to receive such a gift, and you did not ask to receive the anger of others, their despair, their concerns that they will not survive.  

It is your place now, dearest ones, to hold the Light firmly, maintaining that central core of Peace within your being, knowing yourselves to be multi-dimensional, able to call in the Light, the fullness, of who you are; able to invoke the assistance of those of us in the guidance and angelic and intergalactic realms, in the dolphin world, the whales, the tree beings, the Elven realm, and so many others.  You have so much assistance at this time, to help you to maintain a core of Peace, from which Love, Joy, Harmony and Beauty emanate.

Maintaining the Peace that is you creates a refuge, a sanctuary, where others can come to heal, simply by being in your presence, by hearing you speak, by receiving your understanding, of what it is that they are going through, because you, dearest ones, have been through it ALL.  There will be little that you can not handle; there will be ones who come to you, because the vibration they carry, matches the history that you carry in yours.  For the journey that you have undertaken, is still there, always, recorded in your auric field, the vibration that you send out, that says, "Come to me:  I have healed this, I can help you heal also."   Simply by providing understanding, insights, and allowing them to come to their OWN understanding, for you cannot do their journey, dearest ones, but you can indeed, walk beside them, in complete harmony, in a Peaceful place, that they will then do their best to find within themselves.  That is a beautiful gift, much as the gift of Joy:  when you are in a Joyful space, others wish to be there with you.  It is the same with Peace, and Peace is so dearly needed at this time.

We come to you this day, to ask you, to work in your meditations, to come together in Love with those around you, creating opportunities for Peace to occur; creating space for it in your lives.   Allow yourself the time - the gift of quiet space - where you can feel the Peace within your own heart, having released your worry mind, and asked it to step aside, allowing us to come in, and assist you in dealing with those worries.  

We also have a message for you, that is a little harder to hear:  it is one that says, you have all the time you need, to heal, as you would wish to heal, and yet, we constantly ask you, tell you, that the healing that you are doing now, is what YOU wish, and we do not wish to see you do too much more of it, because it is not needed, you have learned those lessons sufficiently already to continue on, and some of you have taken that on board, and been able to let go, of what it is you were convinced you had to complete.  

Know that the timetable is always at your choosing.  Know that the one that you are, knows PRECISELY, when something is able to be released, and in that space, can provide the release that is needed, find the healing, find the catalyst, or find the one who will be the mirror.  This is what the information in your auric field tells those around you: how to be, for your highest good, as you would perceive it.  We are also here to tell you, that that information also comes with information from the Highest Self, that says, "This is no longer needed, except where you are willing to take on such a journey with this one."  

What is the difference?  The difference is, dearest ones, that we are asking you to truly be willing to recognise, the beautiful being of light that YOU ARE:  the One that you ARE is beyond magnificence.  It is something that you must come to an understanding of, as quickly as you can, now:  time to let the hair shirt go; time to let the worry mind go; time to let all of the concerns that you have not done as you needed to do, that you have not been able to provide for others in the way that you would wish to.

It is time to step into your own beauty, recognising yourself as magnificent, and in that Light, Capable, Abundant, Loving, Peaceful, and full of Joy.

"So how do we reach this place?", you ask.  We tell you, simply through spending quiet time, being willing to imagine yourself in that place of Peace, of Joy, of great vitality, ready to do what it is that you came to do.

"But what if we don't know what that is yet?"  

Ask, and the answer is given.  There will be ways to receive a message from another.  You will be asked to go to a place where information can be found, and it is for you then, to be willing, to take the step of working with that information, and choosing, deciding for yourself, whether that is indeed where you would wish your journey to go at this time.  For there is much free choice in the expression of how you will fulfil, what you came to do.  

What you do not understand is that you, Beautiful Beings of Light that you are, are powerful beyond your comprehension, and what creates the world around you, IS your OWN sense of what is reality.  As you are willing to let go of the idea that you have no control over the weather, over the parking spaces available, over insects in your home, over the way people interact with you, who comes into your life and who leaves - all of these are governed by you.

The responsibility cannot be placed at our door, any longer.  We are willing always to help you with your journey, but it is time to recognise Your Self as Capable, as Abundant, as Peaceful, as full of Joy, Vitality, and with an innate desire for Harmony in all things.  Let this desire drive you, guide you, to a new understanding of what it is to be human, and then you will indeed have created the New Earth.

You see, this New Earth is a combination of each and every consciousness on the planet.  And yet, it can also be infused with Light, far beyond your knowing.  We in the Guidance realm, the Galactic realm, the Angelic realm, are working together now, along with many many others, to create, to strengthen, the WEB OF LOVE that surrounds the Earth plane now.  And we ask you to picture yourself as a part of that Web of Light, perhaps as a beautiful point of Light, sparkling in that Web, connected to other Lightworkers, the beautiful Beings of Light that work with you, and our assistance.  Also, to strengthen and create brighter Light, wherever it is needed, to show others that a new way is dawning, that a new way is possible, and is indeed, already here.  Through your energy, this is indeed so.  It is but for you to recognise it now.  And no, there has not been a misconception about what the New Earth is, or how to achieve it.  For as each of you holds that moment of Peace in your hearts, particularly when that energy is shared in groups with others, you create a healing so powerful, that others can then see a different way to be, and in this form, together we can create a new reality.  

It will take a little diligence on your part, to simply be willing to spend time, quietly and alone, to work, to create a new Peace in your own life, and that of those around you.  Is that such a big price to pay, when the world seems to be going crazy; when all you hear is news of pain and suffering in one form or another?  We think not, and we ask YOU, to join with us, to link hands with US, and work with us to Create a new wonderful place to be, where all can be who they ARE, in Love, in Light, and in Joyousness.  

We are here this day, to ask you to take seriously, the questions we have raised, to consider them in your own minds, your emotions, and in your physical body - where do they resonate?  Where do you feel you are not comfortable, with any part  of this message?  As you do this, you will come to an understanding, of what still needs to be released in your own energy field.  Wherever you might feel blocks, ask for them to be released now, simply and easily, without drama, without strife, without endless worry.  Your part will be, to be willing to set aside, the worry mind; to release those emotions, and to ALLOW whatever is there, to come forth.  No matter how shameful or unacceptable you might consider it to be at times, we do not EVER look at things in that light, and by asking our assistance, you are giving us a beautiful blessing, a great gift, for we are here to be of service, and it is our most Joyous delight, to be able to help you to shed the burdens that you insist on carrying, and to have them released, for ALL time, so that you CAN be the Being that you really ARE.  

We leave you this day with this closing thought:  




And in that Light, NOTHING is impossible, is it.  

We are most Joyous to have been here this day, in loving service, and in shared understanding.  

We are Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Sadiyaa, Sananda, Tikele, Metatron, Kirael and many others this day for the Tikele Group.

And so it is.


loving blessings,


This email becomes the 54th Chapter within the freely available eBook on the Many of ONE website.

Dec/02/04,  Peace... Key New Energy #1  *****************************************(Chapter  54)***finish

Dec/12/04,  Joy....... Key New Energy #4   ****************************************(Chapter  55)***start

From Chapter 16 (Dec/31/2003) of the eBook on Many of ONE...   """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""     "What will life be like after ascension?     Answer:  Living in peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, abundance, unconditional love, truth, knowing, calm, compassion, laughter, and connection... a 'Golden Age'."    
These are the 12 key energies that arrived to stay within the earth system during the Harmonic Concordance (11/9/2003 GMT).  These energies will dramatically assist the ascension process for humankind.  We will all be living and 'being' these energies no later than 12/21/2012.    
The order of the 12 key new energies is synchronized with the 1 through 12 of "Creation Mathematics".  Our easiest choice is to collectively manifest peace... no more wars.  Most of us have already had our fill of the 'war experience'.  Peace is key energy #1.  (Chapter 54 of this eBook fully explains the deeper aspects of peace.... and how with true inner peace, war is no longer a possibility.)
Once we have peace, it will become easy to collectively see the advantages of harmony... to see the advantages of respecting and appreciating the uniqueness of each and every one of us... to learn to work, play and grow together.    We will become like one global orchestra making wonderful (ONE der FULL) music.  Harmony is key energy #2.    
Our natural draw to harmony will teach us the art form of cooperation.  Cooperation is key energy #3.    
Having mastered cooperation, we will be living in a constant state of joy.  Joy is key energy # 4.      (Key energies # 5 thru 12 are also described in Chapter 16.)     """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""     The forwarded chapter (below), also from the Tikele Group, fully explains Joy.   Bottom-line:  "Joy is a natural birthright of the human".      This email becomes the 55th Chapter within the freely available eBook on the Many of ONE website.    

 ----- Original Message ----- From: Tikele To: Tikele Group messages Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2004 6:17 PMSubject: Finding the Joy Within - Message for week of 24th Nov, 2004

Blessings, dearest ones.   

We come to you this day with a different tone of message.  Rather than focusing on the difficulties that you may feel you are encountering, we wish to focus on finding the beautiful one that resides within each and every one of you.  

Joy is a natural birthright of the human.  Babies, as they are born, are born with that joyousness.  Some indeed, do not show much evidence of it for some time, as they come to terms with the restrictions of a large energy form, in a very small physical form.  There is quite a bit of adjusting to do in the first few weeks, and even months of life.  Once that has been finalised, clarified to a level where the new one can feel comfortable in its own being, the joyousness starts to emerge, and you all know the magic of a baby's smile, especially as it begins to show it.  

Take yourself back to that time, when you were a young babe, so joyous, so free, able to love unconditionally, the ones who cared for you; the ones who loved you; the ones whom you call parents, the ones you call uncles, aunts, grandparents, sisters, brothers.  All of these beings welcomed you, in their own way, to this world, knowing that you came here with a particular set of gifts, of knowings, of wisdom, of understandings; that it would be your task to develop into the fullness of who you are, this day, and beyond.  

Imagine that you are now a few years old, two or three.  Remember how it felt, to have almost anything that you desired, given to you by your parents.  They were trying hard to please you, and as you learned you had to respond to certain limits, like not running across roads, or indeed, running too far from your parents at all, you learned that there was much joy to be had in simple things - looking at flowers, insects, simply what there was to see.  Just looking, and looking.  This joyousness is what we seek to remember in ourselves this day.  The beautiful simplicity of knowing that all is well, that life is abundance, beauty, peace and harmony, and that one can allow that joy to bubble up from within.

As you read or hear these words, we are sending you joyousness energy - close your eyes a moment, and let yourselves feel.  This joyousness will highlight where you are feeling tense in your body.  Allow that joyousness to find that place, and ease the tension there.

You say to us, we do not understand how to express joyousness in this form.  Simply let a feeling of happiness become part of your being.  You may wish to imagine a particular colour, a form that pleases you, of some living thing.  It might be a dog, a puppy, or a cat.  It might be flowers, by the water, showing off their beautiful colours, against the sea or a lake.  It might be simply the feeling of being in a comfortable, beautiful space, that is yours.  Or the love that is shared with a friend, or partner.  You may also lean into our energy, as Tikele describes it - simply imagine yourself leaning back against one of us, with our arms around you (it works every time!).  

Allow the feeling of love to come up, to be part of your energy field.  Imagine that you are filling your energy field with love, with every breath that you take, breathing in golden particle light, and allowing it to come out of every part of your body, every pore in your skin.  As this light moves through your body, it finds and heals what is there to heal, and releases what is there to release.  Take a deep breath, and allow this energy to fill your entire being.  Feel it tingle - the loving warmth, that is the Creator's loving gift to us all.  

We are here to be of service, and we ask you to trust, that the joyousness IS there, and that we are working with you, to find it.  Not so much find it, as uncover it, where it has been hidden from your view.  For each of you has moments, in each and every day, that create joyous expression.  Some of you do it more readily than others, but it is there for all.  

Allowing yourself the gift of time, to be in a peaceful space, to connect with your Higher Self energy, and with your own guides and angels, or with our presence, creates a safe space, where you CAN let your energy flow freely; allow your auric field to EXPAND, and SHIMMER, in the light, in the way that it truly IS.  You see, there is so much beauty, here on this Earth plane, and to allow yourself the gift of seeing it, is one of the most joyous things that you can do, to manifest abundance, in all its forms, in your own life, and that of those around you.  

Just as when you receive a gift from someone, your impulse is to see what it is that you can do to return a similar gift, or give one to another, when you are in this peaceful, joyous space, your energy is working to create that same energy in others.  

There are so many reasons why people feel separate:  many of them have to do with those earliest experiences as a young child or babe, and yet, there were so many instances when you knew yourself to be loved; when you were in absolute bliss, and these are often blocked from your conscious mind.

We ask you to imagine yourself held, in the arms of Divine Mother, where you feel your own mother's energy was not as supportive as it could have been, or that you were in some way blocked from receiving it.  Imagine that there is also the Father energy, your own, or that of Divine Father, as you choose.  Imagine both parental figures, gazing at you, in absolute wonderment at your physical perfection, at your beauty, at the warmth that was there in your smile, and that is equally there in theirs to you.  Know yourself as SAFE, dearest one, beloved from those earliest times, a precious part of humanity, welcomed joyously by those around you, who anxiously awaited your coming, and who. on our side of the veil, were ecstatic with delight, that you had chosen them, to be your birth parents.  For that is how it is.  While on the Earth plane, one may find oneself in all sorts of lesson plans, on this side of the veil, there is so much rejoicing, at each and every step that you take, on your journey, be it large or small, or even when you are resting.  For we know you are getting ready to move once more.  

Take this knowing into your heart:  that we love you so; that your Being, your Light, your Essence, is TREASURED; so very Precious; so very Loved.  Take that into your heart, dearest one, and know, that in that light, you CAN be creative, joyous, abundant, in all of its forms.  And radiate your light, as you already do, in ways that serve both you, and those around you.  This is all that is needed, in this coming week.  

We ask you to take the time to sit and find memories of joy, or to sit and be still, in peace.  And allow whatever comes forth, to be there, and let it go.  As you do, you will find bubbles of joy permeating your being, for we will be working hard on our side of the veil to ensure they are there in your energy field, for you to discover as beautiful gifts of light that they are, put there by the Cherubs, for they are the ones who delight the most in creating joy, and laughter, and fun, in your lives.   So allow them to be present, and know, when you feel a tickle on your toe, or your fingers, even through your clothing, that the Cherubs are announcing their presence.  Or you may see a pinpoint of light, visible for but an instant, even through closed eyelids.  Even if you do not see or feel them, they will indeed be present, as you sit down to create that peaceful joy within you.  

We have so enjoyed bringing this message this day.  It is our delight to be of service to you, so please, call on our energy, as you feel the willingness to be in our space of love and joyousness, and allow us to assist you to Co-Create it.  This is the most beautiful of gifts for the Creator light to receive, and also for Gaia.  

We are Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Sadiyaa, Sananda, Tikele, and many many others for the Tikele Group this day.

And so it is.

Blessings be to all, who hear this message, read it, receive it, pass it on to others, as you would wish.  For as the ripple that you send out expands, it grows far far beyond your own knowing, and this is the gift that we would bring to you, dearest ones, to know yourself as valued, so precious, and so very dear to our hearts.  

We honour you, we bless you, always; and so it is.


All messages are available at

loving blessings,


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Dec/21/04,  Unconditional Love....... Key New Energy #6  ***********************(Chapter  57)***start

Until early 2003, I struggled to fully understand Unconditional or Universal Love.  During my life long struggles, various temporary understandings emerged... including:'Passionate Love' or having wonderful sex;   'Tough Love' or preparing our children for their struggles in life even though they immediately put us on their 'most hated' list;   'Soul Mate Love' or finding the perfect mate to reach a state of inner calm and fulfillment;   'Self Love' or unconditionally loving and accepting yourself;   Passion, Tough and Soul Mate Loves are all part of separation consciousness.    Self Love (which requires total forgiveness of oneself) is the bridge to Unconditional Love.     Being within the state of Unconditional Love is beyond description... is heaven on earth.     St. Germain describes Universal Love (synonym for Unconditional Love) so well in the following transmission through Nancy Tate... including:    "I once gave myself over to the world and in so doing, I found that the world took what I had for its own purposes and left me nothing in return."      "I had opened up and then put the stopper in my heart and soul, so as not to allow the fruits of my labor to come back around from the world of love."    "The universal love flows through everyone all the time. There is no time when there is no love available to anyone. What ebbs that flow is the attitude of separation."    "When you leave the door open for the flow; when you allow the universal love to saturate every cell of your body, then all that can come from yourself is love."    
My own progress in the areas of healing and youthing have shown nothing more effective then:Setting and maintaining the Intent to heal & youth myself... and     Allowing Unconditional Love to constantly saturate every cell of my body.    Everytime we stop loving ourself or choose not to unconditionally accept the choices of others... we are in separation.  This means we have blocked our flow of Unconditional Love.  Which means we are not healing and youthing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our Total Self.      ~htl~ Peter

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 8:09 AMSubject: Wake up Call St Germain
> Taking your stand on being in the light gives you the power and ease of truth. 

> Wake up Call: St Germain Dec 17, 04 

> There comes a time in everyone s life when they must take stock of what it is that is going on with them right now, and before anything else goes awry. When your life seems to echo the life of the world around you, then you may indeed be giving yourself to the world in a way that depletes you rather than invigorating you.  
> Good morning my dear ones, I AM St Germain, and I will let you in on a little secret. I once gave myself over to the world and in so doing, I found that the world took what I had for its own purposes and left me nothing in return. Instead of allowing the flow to go round, I didn t do that. I had opened up and then put the stopper in my heart and soul, so as not to allow the fruits of my labor to come back around from the world of love. 
> What we do with our time and efforts is determined largely by the attitude we carry about ourselves. When we show others that we love ourselves and respect our life, then that comes back and works for you rather than against you. Take for instance the troubling times in the Middle East. There is a prime example of how people give their power away and then put up the blocks to keep themselves from receiving the love of the universe.  
> The universal love flows through everyone all the time. There is no time when there is no love available to anyone. What ebbs that flow is the attitude of separation. When this is done, then the flow gets backed up and saturated with the fear of the ego, which finally can only find expression within its own nature, which is to see only separation. That of course brings about more of itself, for it gets its food from itself, and more of the same. 
> When you leave the door open for the flow; when you allow the universal love to saturate every cell of your body, then all that can come from yourself is love. There is no way that fear can overcome love, unless the door to the flow is closed. The ones who fight for something set up an energetic barrier that keeps what is at their door from them. They cannot feel the flow of love, for they have decided that it is not there for them. So they fight to express the very nature of themselves, and the resistance creates the blockage. 
> This is what has taken place with the illuminati. Eons ago when the reptilians came to this planet, they had a vision. They determined that they could carry on with their idea of conquering the universe and beyond. They were only in the strength of their persistence, and did not give the idea of universal love the due it had. They thought that in their own supremacy they could rule all of existence. So they set about to prove just that; they set themselves above the others who approached life with a feeling of love and allowance of what it is. The reptilians regarded that idea as weakness. 
> What they did not see was that their idea to hold on to their control was weakness rather than the other way around. And so they had to continually hold on to their power and obtain more of it from others in order to continue in their idea. Their thirst was never quenched, for they were not open to the truth of the power of love. 
> Now we are seeing the same thing being played out, throughout the land. We are seeing it on the homefront and across the waters . We are seeing it in our towns and our families. We are seeing it in our own selves and our relationship with ourselves and our egos. 
> Then we stop and we observe how some around us are living in a constant state of peace, and we wonder how that can be, and why do we not find that. My dear ones, we need only to stay within what makes us feel strong and joyful; what makes us know that we are living our truth. When something happens that makes us feel withdrawn, or that gives us an uneasy moment, then that is our self whispering to take heed and pay attention to the flow that is perhaps being ebbed. 
> My dear ones, I realize that this is a subject that has been addressed a bit much of late. This is because it is so indicative of what is taking place in these days in pockets and cities all over the globe. To understand the difference between giving of oneself and giving oneself away, is to be able to keep the flow going and to keep the love shining out to all of the world. You are all beautiful beings, and when you forget that for even one second, you stop that flow.  
> This is a time for the ease of being, and the wonderful time of love and compassion. Seeing every one as yourself is the way to the oneness that is the truth of all there is. In that truth lies the secret to the fulfillment of the destiny of mankind. See it as your reality and love the ground you walk on, for it is Holy Ground. 

> Thank you dear Master St Germain, 
> Love, Nancy Tate

Dec/21/04,  Unconditional Love....... Key New Energy #6  ***********************(Chapter  57)***finish

Jan/20/05,  Unconditional Love....... Can ONLY be blocked by Fear ***********(Chapter  65)***start

On the day of Winter Solstice 2004, Chapter 57 (Unconditional Love... Key New Energy #6) of this eBook was published.  The chapter generated more email comments than ever before.  If one chooses to live in unconditional love, first one must root out and live above all fears.   If one chooses total healing and physical regeneration, first one must root out and live above all fears.   If one chooses ascension, first one must root out and live above all fears.  If one chooses to become their Soul/Divinity, first one must root out and live above all fears.  There are no shortcuts... there is no other way... our fears must be fully understood and transcended.     When you are prepared to joyously face, experience and move above all your fears, you are ready to appreciate this information from Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Sananda (Jesus), and Tikele.     ~htl~    Peter        

----- Original Message ----- From: Tikele To: Tikele messages Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2005 5:36 AMSubject: Week of 19th Jan 05 - Moving Through Fear - No Matter What!

Blessings, dearest ones, I AM Sananda; I AM also Tikele ­ but she does not yet wish to know this fully.  

Tikele has been through much this past week, and likens it to being in the pit of despair.  There have been many issues to deal with, on all levels, and many of you are going through the same journey.  It is not an easy process; but it is one that has brought her to a point in her life, where she can now regenerate, rebuild, and grow, in a manner that is needed, and that is why so many of you are choosing to do this now, rather than leaving it until later, when the energy around you is even less supportive, of the cosy lives you have fashioned for yourself, to evade the fears that you carry within.  

This may sound very harsh, and not like you would imagine Sananda to speak:  I promise you, I am he.  The journey has changed, dearest ones.  It is now no longer a matter of holding the Light, but becoming it.  And in that becoming, those nooks and crannies, that you still have there, in your minds, in your emotions, in your physical beings, are being what you might call uncovered, excavated, and exposed for all to see.  The issue is:  do you choose to work on your fears, voluntarily, or do you need to wait until you are pushed, feeling yourself already to be in such a space of fear, that no further delving can be carried out.  And what do we mean by delving? And why are now saying to do this deep level work, when in the past, we have said there is nothing more needed to heal?  That was then; this is now.  The frequencies have shifted, or rather, not shifted sufficiently, and there is a great need for you, the ones who call yourselves Lightworkers, Family, to know one another, to turn to one another, and to mutually be supportive of each other¹s journeys, as you move through what can seem to be a trial by fire.  But it does, like the Phoenix, offer huge potentials, so we ask you, to know, to acknowledge, when your life begins to shift about you, to a pattern you would not see as favourable, that you have chosen this; that you ARE doing this for very profound reasons:  to bring yourself, so fully into the Light, that it need not ever reoccur; and to also assist in clearing the Earth of her huge levels of pain.  For as you take this journey, you become so bright, so lit up in Light, no matter what you may think you look like ­ this is Truth indeed.

I, Archangel Michael, am here to tell you, that this IS needed now.  Use my Sword of Truth to cut through the structures, the stories you have built about yourself; and honour, that the one you are, no longer needs them.  This has been Tikele¹s issue.  She felt that she had to portray a certain level of what she calls success, to show, that her life was working.  It manifestly has not been, and so we ask you, to know and understand the courage that it takes to admit this; to allow her journey to be used as a teaching.

We ask you to be in a place of understanding that what you see about you, is not in the least bit solid in the way that you may perceive it to be; and the fear that this statement generates is what is hiding there, and needs to be dealt with.  

What would happen if:  you were reduced in circumstances to poverty level, as you would see it?  

What would happen if you suddenly found yourself completely unable to relate to others around you?

What would happen if instead, you found the Love of Spirit, to be so all encompassing, so needed, that you are not willing to give it up, when all about you are telling you, you are crazy, if not to your face, to your etheric body, which does receive each and every message.

To move through this process, takes a willingness to express the pain that is felt, to the utmost; not to bottle it up, or try to put it aside, because you feel that pain is not for you, any more; or simply not to acknowledge the pain that you ARE feeling.  

We ask you to understand that the journeys you are on, while appearing to be so difficult, really are not, were you to be willing to release the structures you have placed about yourself; the ideas that you have about what constitutes success.  The knowings that you have within you, are sufficient to recreate your journey, in a way that is more aligned to be one with the Light, to express your true abilities; to be of service to others in a way that generates income, for it is never ever the path of Spirit, to live without abundance, in ALL its forms.  Sometimes it takes a while for this to sink in, because the fear, what is underneath, pervades all, diverting your energy from the process of creation, of abundance, to one of manifesting the fear that is there within you.

"How do we change", Tikele has often asked us, "when these patterns seem so overwhelming?"  By asking, and asking, for our assistance, much as you might like to murder us in effigy, at those times, and we do not use those words lightly.  Tikele tells us we have made a pun ­ it is not intended as such.

The energy you have been within, has been one of radical shift.  In that journey of change, allow yourselves to change; allow yourselves to hit, as it were, bedrock, and re-emerge, triumphantly reborn, into your new lives.  This is our message to you this day.  

What else can we offer to be of assistance in this process?  We ask you to know that while this journey, this message, may seem to come from a less than wonderful space, of Love, of Light, as you are accustomed to hearing messages that inspire such hope, from the Archangelic realm ­ now is the time is to really understand what it is to be human; to really know yourself as the Divinity that you carry within you.  For it is you, but you keep hiding it, and in this process of rebirth - you may even choose to call it baptism ­ a choosing of a new journey in the path of Spirit, or otherwise, as you choose.

The message is one of allowing yourself time to heal; of allowing yourself time to grieve the old self, that seems so dear, so familiar, for it is all you have known; and allow yourself the journey of adventure, of change, of growth, of evolution, for that is indeed what it is, not just for yourselves, but for all.  And it is indeed time to focus on your OWN journeys, to see how you can best integrate parts of old, and parts of new ­ this has been the way in times past.  But what is being asked for now, takes considerably more courage:  not to allow yourselves to starve ­ this is not the answer we seek.  But you can no longer throw yourself on the resources of our energy, to be fully guided, to exactly where you need to be, for your life to run smoothly, for now, it is a Co-Creation.  It is a place where you are being asked, What do YOU choose, in each moment?  And we are supporting YOUR choices, to show you that you are the ones who know what you need; you are the ones who carry such beauty within you, and yet, over and over, you refuse to see it for more than a moment.  

How do you find your path to that self-love?  For many, just as for Tikele, it is a process of moving through the fears that you carry so deeply held, so cherished within you, that they rule your journeys; and as the energy supports manifestation of all that is there, you find your lives tumbling into chaos.

Envelop it; embrace it, accept it, as a part of your journey, and ask how best to release the fear.  We know it is not is not easy, when there seems to be little in the way of financial support; when there is only the wolf at the door:  but is that wolf, really a friendly dog instead? - just perceived to be a wolf.  Are the friends who speak to you, to tell you that you need to be grounded, in reality, as well as walking on those cloud tops, friends?  Indeed they are, for there needs to be a way for you to earn your living, in comfort, in abundance, in Joyousness, and you have not found it yet.  That is the message that we bring those who find themselves in this place of fear, and what appears to be darkness, but is really, the brightest of lights, and we say that because we are shining it for you, to show you there is no need to be in fear; simply allow yourselves to Create what it is you would wish to Create.  Lose your ideas of what it should look like, and play, with a variety of possibilities.  We will indeed work with you to Co-Create what it is that you find most appealing, only you may find yourself to be shifting so rapidly, that what was appealing in one moment, is no longer in the next.  Honour that you are in a process of huge change - never comfortable for those immersed in the idea that life should be stable, smooth, and sweet.  We agree with the last two, but not the first.  Life is not about stability, but rather, an ever evolving path, that leads you to ever increasing levels of Joy, of Love, of Peace, in your life.

The journey you are on is one of Joyousness: from our side, we this clearly; from your side, it seems so dark.  How do we convince you, of the Light?  We cannot, if you choose not to see it ­ it will not be there for you.  And that is the hardest part of this journey in Love, in Light, to know yourself as so Loved, so embraced, so much walking in the Light, that you have had the courage to set yourself this journey, and for those who look on in fear, saying, "Do I really need to go through that too?  I do not wish to", we say, it is for you to choose, the level of Light that you wish to carry, knowing that were you to choose to continue your journey in the form that you would like it to be, you do need to look closely at the fears that you carry within.  Do you need to prove to yourselves that you need to survive poverty?  Many do ­ sadly, this has been the case for many.  Tikele chose it to convince herself that she was self-sufficient, and able to make this journey of teaching, of healing, work for her; but she came from a place of fear.  

We ask you to be kind and compassionate to yourselves in this coming week, for the energy that is there, is still as profound as it has been for the past several months, and will continue to be, in an ever increasing spiral.

Know that we are always there, to assist you on this journey; know that as you call on our help to increase the Light about you, it is there; and as you work to Co-Create your future, know, that what appears to be the worst of circumstances, is absolutely a blessing in disguise, for it shows you the Truth of things.  It shows you the fear that you hold, that has been manifested before you, and simply asking for it to be released, is not always sufficient.  It requires that you live that fear, and move through it, much as one moves through fears when returning to repeat something one has failed; or when knocked down by a wave in the ocean, returns to the water once more, to work with it, this time, to either duck beneath it, or rise so high above it, it does not affect you any more.  

This is the task you have set yourselves, to know, that these waves will keep coming, and sometimes, they may knock you flat, but water is buoyant; water is energy, and can be harnessed, and ridden, to create the beautiful journey of surfing, or simply to feel the joyousness of lifting oneself through its energy.  

We honour you, we thank you; we hold you in the brightest of Light, and the warmest of Love, surrounding you, indeed, in multitudes of blessings, for you are the ones who ARE so beautiful, so Joyous, so cherished, and you are on a journey to know yourselves to be such, which is in itself, so miraculous, and so beautiful we weep for the Joy of it.

We are Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Sananda, and Tikele, this day.

And so it is.

loving blessings,


Jan/20/05,  Unconditional Love....... Can ONLY be blocked by Fear ***********(Chapter  65)***finish

Oct/31/05,  Unconditional Love is 'All there Is', ************************************(Chapter  85)***start

One song by the Beatles is "Love is All there Is".  A History Channel Documentary makes the case that one person directly next to Jesus in the "Last Supper" painting is Mary the Magdelen.   Well then, if 'Love is All there Is'... and Mary worked closely with Jesus, just how does Mary explain Unconditional Love?   Mary the Magdelen is one of the Ascended Masters currently assisting Mother Earth and her occupants.  The rest of this co-created chapter is by Mary the Magdelen (channeled through Elmarilla Bailey of Earth).   This email becomes Chapter 85 in the freely available co-created eBook on 
Many of ONE.     (By the way, Chapters 57 and 65 of this eBook also deal with Unconditional Love.)   ~htL~    
Peter    ----- Original Message ----- From: mike quinsey Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 2:23 AMSubject: [ET First Contact] MARY THE MAGDELEN
Channeling: Love, by Mary the Magdelen

No human has a complete understanding of love. But this period of earth time is set aside for humans to discover the real nature of love. You tend to think love is to be involved with another and to feel nice feelings. In truth, that is the smallest part of the complete picture. Love alone is the complete picture. Love is all. Love is everything. Love is dark as well as light. Many perceive the side of love that you might term "dark" to be sin. But the only sin is to be separate from all that is, or God/Goddess. Love is to be connected to all that is.

Each person is part of all that exists. If you perceive something to be either dark or light, you are wrong. All that exists . . . just is, and is neither light nor dark, right nor wrong, good nor evil. It just is! In your lifetimes, this paradox is played out as either creative experiences or non creative experiences. Both are equal and both are necessary to experience the totality of being. At any given time you do not know your balance, and you cannot know it until you have played out both sides of the paradox.
To play out both sides of the paradox is to experience lifetimes, or experiences within your lifetimes that which seems to be both negative and positive. Yes, negative experiences have their purposes. Each life experience that you have had within the last 26,000 years on the planet has a purpose and is part of your whole being. They were necessary for you to be who you are and where you are in your current life experience.

Now the last 26,000 year cycle is completed, and all of your magnificent preparations were just for NOW! Your life experiences as a murderer, king, queen, artist, painter, leper, rapist, warrior, or whoever you were, are all in you. Each of you is now, in this lifetime, everything that you have ever been. And, everything that you have every been is necessary for this now. You have been prepared for this Now by experiencing all, from the highest to the lowest and everything in-between. Each experience was important. Each was for now, and it was an act of love. They were lives of love just so your soul could experience all that is possible and reach the full potential of your first, second and third dimensional life experiences.

The third dimensional life experiences are now complete. The third dimension is over. It no longer exists. The fourth dimension is now firmly grounded on your planet. Indeed, even the potential of the fifth dimension also exists on your planet, but it is not grounded because it is not a dimension of earth. It is a dimension of spirit or air. The fourth dimension however, is a dimension of earth, and is firmly grounded on your planet at this time.

All dimensions relate to your chakra system. The third dimension was a time of your third chakra. The third dimension was a time in which you experienced all and programmed those experiences in your DNA. Your third-dimensional DNA contains everything that you have ever been up to this point. This is where all your wisdom lies accumulated. This is also where your misconceptions are stored. Everything that you could possibly imagine still dwells in the third chakra. You have now moved into the fourth dimension. A dimension is nothing more than a range of frequencies in which life is experienced according to your perception within that range of frequencies. Many still perceive themselves to be in the third dimension, but it is no more. That which remains is simply an illusion.

We love you in all of your third dimensional ups and downs. Indeed, we loved you as much when you were a rapist as we loved you when you were an artist. We loved you as much when you were a warrior. We loved you as much when you were inquisitors during the Inquisition. We loved you always because we knew why you chose to have each life experience. And you did indeed choose them. You chose them carefully to prepare for the full realization of your soul for this time.

Your Soul has completed all its potential through the third dimensional level. Now you are firmly grounded in the fourth dimension. It is very difficult for many of you. You created your bodies to accommodate the energies of the third dimension. Now your bodies must adjust on a cellular level in order to accommodate the energies of the fourth dimension . . . and even the fifth dimension.

If you find it difficult to make the shift and can't seem to change, it's because you still have third dimensional issues to clear. In recent days, you all have experienced much clearing of your third dimensional issues whether you are aware it or not. We have watched your tears flow, your confusions, your sorrows, your sadness, and your anger. We support you and applaud you, because we know it is painful for you when you don't understand what is taking place. But these feelings are a necessary clearing so real healing can take place. It is exactly what allows you to experience who you truly are, and be in the condition of love.

Love is a condition, a state of being It's not what you Think . . . it's who you Are. Love is where you allow yourself to come into the full knowledge of who you really are. To know your light and your dark and to release all that you experience as your light and all that you experience as your dark and allow them to blend and integrate into the sum of your being. Each of you is a being of perfect love. In your Whole self, it is so. This is the truth.

Now you are in the time of the heart, your fourth chakra. The fifth chakra is the time of communication, the throat. The first order of communication is with self. It's nonverbal and deals with integrity. "To thine own self be true." No more self delusion. No more hiding. No more lying to self. Learn to be in impeccable integrity with yourself. This is how to discover that you are beings in the condition of love.

Oh you say, "I love unconditionally." But those are mere words and do not reflect the true meaning of love. However, that still remains your goal. To love unconditionally is to acknowledge yourself as a perfect being. No more, no less. No matter what some of your so-called evil thoughts are. No matter if you choose to swear. No matter if you covet something that your neighbor owns. No matter . . . whatever.

Again we say to you there is no such thing as right or wrong. There just is. And you experience everything that you think to be right or wrong in order to discover that there's no such thing as right or wrong. There just is. All experience is for achieving balance. As you have experienced the consequences and pain of your noncreative choices, behaviors and actions, you are able to strike your balance. Otherwise, you do not KNOW balance.

Again we say to you that the third dimension is over, and you are firmly grounded in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimensional life experience will be uncomfortable for some, enjoyed by others, and at certain times both uncomfortable and enjoyed all at once. You'll have your upsets. You'll see your sleep patterns shift and your eating habits change. You'll let go of this . . . and you'll acquire that, etc., etc. You must change! Expect and look forward to change. You must change at a cellular level in order to accommodate the energies of the fourth dimension and even the fifth dimension.

So what will these changes be like? You may begin to experience the ability to hear what another is thinking. You call it telepathy. We say to you it is even more than telepathy. It is the ability to move into the energy field of another and transmit and receive the totality of the concept. Watch for this. Pay attention. You will discover this is so for each of you. Do not take it for granted. Congratulate yourselves. Love yourselves a little more as these things begin to express in each of you.

It is of urgent importance that you have this understanding. Love is a condition of being. When you are in the condition of being . . . all is included. All that you are is included. ALL! There is no part of any one of you that is not of perfect love. How could it be otherwise if you were created from God/Goddess?

If God be for you who could be against you? So then why should you be against yourselves? So it is. Don't spend even a nanosecond in judgment of self, or anyone, or anything. Move through your discomforts and you will discover that the discomforts dissolve as the energy of the discomforts shift. So it is! Each of you is a being of perfect love. Let it be so in your awareness.

You have been told the greatest commandment is to Love. IT IS!

Mary the Magdelen.
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Mike Quinsey 10.30.05.


I could not get my own comments entered at the beginning of this message, but I think it is one of the most clear and detailed ones I have read that explains the meaning of Unconditional Love.

At this particular time we need to be aware of what it means and how to use it.


You can read more of these messages on


Mike Quinsey 10.30.05.


I think it is one of the most clear and detailed ones I have read that explains the meaning of Unconditional Love.

At this particular time more than ever we need to be aware of what it means and how to use it.


You can read more of these messages on

Oct/31/05,  Unconditional Love is 'All there Is', ************************************(Chapter  85)***finish

Feb/12/05,  Knowing...................... Can ONLY be blocked by Illusion *******(Chapter  70)***start

Knowing is Key Energy # 8.  (Chapter 16 describes the 12 key energies.)     Question:  Why is the 3rd Dimension often called an Illusion?     1)  It is difficult to completely understand our Divinity after descending ("falling") all the way down through Light (5D) into Physicality (3D) because we can not hear, see, smell, taste, or touch our Soul (Divinity).  After our fall, this 3D point of view helps to create the illusion that we are separate from our Soul.     2)  In 3D, because our five senses do not sense our Soul, it becomes easy for us to experience Doubt or the opposite which is Faith.  Both doubt and faith exist only while in separation.  In Connection doubt and faith can not be experienced and are replaced by the experience of Knowing.     3)  By the way, another term for illusion is Maya.     The remainder of this chapter is from Hatonn through Mike Quinsey.          ~htl~    Peter    

Hatonn  02.11.05.

The 3rd Dimension is still your reality at present, and it serves both the dark and the Light. But soon it shall be completely transmuted and all life forms lifted up out of it. It will no longer exist as you know it now, yet to those that are present during the changes it will seem as if all is proceeding quite normally. There are many of you who are unable to understand the claim that your reality is an illusion, as your experience is perfectly “solid” to both touch and sight. The illusion is that this lower dimension is your home, and until you find the truth of your being you appear not to understand anything outside of it. The 3rd Dimension is a vibration of matter that you have temporarily dropped down into for the experience of physical existence. As the higher vibrations are drawn to Earth that are lifting it up into a new dimension, so matter is changing and if it cannot submit to this change it is totally transmuted and returned to source. This is in accordance with Universal Law and the changes are quite natural and in no way harmful. However, when matter can move with the changes, it absorbs more Light and becomes less dense and more “lighter”.

Where life-forms are concerned there is no problem with those that are moving ahead, and able to accommodate the higher vibration. But those Dear One’s who have chosen to stay in the lower vibration have to be directed to a similar reality, otherwise they would be unable to continue existing for much longer. This is why a new Earth has already been prepared for the continuation of their journey. The Beings who are comfortable in the rising vibrations will continue to do so until they are fully prepared for Ascension, and even they will go on to a new reality. But this one will be no illusion, it is in the realms of Light that are your natural home. Yet the Light dimensions are expansive and seem never ending, and the vibrations become faster and more powerful. These Light realms are your real home, and where you came from after you left the Godhead. 

People of the Earth, you are at the beginning of a great adventure in co-creation with the Creator. You will be as a God and become all powerful, but because you will have undertaken to carry out the Will of God your power will not be mis-used. You will be free to explore the Cosmos and will become a God to others. Can you imagine taking a planet under your guidance and preparing it for habitation? You can do it and much more, there will be no limit to your powers of creation. This is all in your immediate future, and you will be well prepared before you are given such freedom of expression. The responsibility for such undertakings may sound frightening to you in your present level of consciousness. But your return to the Light and all that it entails is quite natural for you, as you will be returning to your true home.

Your understanding of how spirit works in matter and vice versa, results from your experience gained during the cycle that is about to close. You have a wealth of knowledge that is without parallel, and you have experienced every possible situation that physicality could embrace you with. And most important, you have seen how Universal Love has been the driving force behind all creation. All along, although you have not understood the reason, you have been preparing for the coming quantum leap forward in your evolution. When you first came into the lower vibrations you knew the Divine Plan, and you also knew the challenge would test you to the limit. But you went ahead with full confidence, because you knew that you would never be left alone and without help, and that there would always be someone to call upon. You have already achieved greatness from your experiences, but you do not yet fully realise it because you only see yourself as the figure you are in your present lifetime. But eventually you will have that realisation, as your full consciousness is returned. You have necessarily been kept in the dark, now you arise in the Light to your full potential and claim your Cosmic Consciousness. The Divine Plan is coming to a close for your old Earth, yet it reaches into the next one as the Creator never ceases to create more opportunities for further experience.

I am Hatonn, and I have been closely associated with your development. I have laid the TRUTH before you many times, and opened your eyes to the machinations of the dark. I have been open and transparent in my dealings with you, now go and do likewise. Leave the lies and treachery of millennia behind you, it no longer serves a useful purpose, and become that which you are and always will be, a Love aspect of the One. I take great satisfaction from the achievements of you all, you have overcome the dark and it is joyful to see the great Light that now abounds on Earth. You have your victory and all Heaven rejoices in a great outpouring of Love. So be it.

Thank you Hatonn

  Mike Quinsey    

Feb/12/05,  Knowing...................... Can ONLY be blocked by Illusion *******(Chapter  70)***finish

Jan/13/05,  Connection.................. Key New Energy #12 **********************(Chapter  64)***start

Collective humankind is evolving from Separation to Connective Consciousness faster than anticipated.  The 9.2 earthquake... triggering a major tsunami... triggering 150,000 deaths... triggering an outpouring of unconditional love and assistance from all over the world is the evidence.    

eBook Chapter 16 states:    

"From our state of calm, unconditional compassion for all ongoing choices and experiences is possible.  All judgment stops... there is only acceptance of everything... including our choice to co-create a changed situation.  Compassion is key energy # 10.    From a state of unconditional compassion, the full value of laughter becomes clear... laughter as a purifier... laughter as a release technique.  Never laughter at someone... only laughter with someone.  Laughter is key energy # 11.    

Calm, compassion and laughter form the triangular foundation to support connection... visualize a three sided pyramid with connection at the top.  We are now living in Universal Connective Consciousness... we are no longer living in separation consciousness.  We are now beginning our "Golden Age".   Connection is key energy # 12.    

These 12 key new energies will be collectively present no later than the Mayan Calendar Dec/21/2012 end date.  These 12 key new energies can be individually present now."     

And now for Chapter 64.  From the forwarded message for the week of 12th January, 2005 (Sananda was Jesus)...     

"Now, there is a time of change, when her energies are aligning more fully with ours, and yet, it cannot happen in an instant, it needs time to integrate, to develop to the fullest of what it will be.  This is news to Tikele, she expected to simply begin to channel my energy.  I, Sananda, am indeed speaking at this moment, but also it comes through the filter of her awareness, and time after time, particularly in this last week, she has requested to be a medium in its truest form, where her energy is set aside, and she, while being there also, does not influence the course of the message.  We wish to say to her, and to you, that this cannot be:  it is not how we will be working with any of you, in any space and time, from this moment onwards.  Her courage in being willing to work with us in new ways, has led us all to understanding, that it is the path of the human to Co-Create."    

"We are there to guide; we are there to assist.   "We cannot do the journey for you" ­ this has often been stated, so many times, within a different meaning.  It was in the context of not coming in and taking away the pain you insisted on suffering, unless you requested this most clearly ­ or in any way, whatsoever.  Now, we are asking each of you, to be willing to move to a level of understanding of yourselves as the powerful Creators that you truly are, and in that Light, we will not take away that power, by having you be mediums for our messages, any longer.  It is a time of change, which is never easy to understand while it is going on, and yet, afterwards, one often finds oneself in the space of appreciating the benefits of the new journey that has begun."    

"So we ask you to be patient with the birthing pains; with the shift in energy that needs to occur ­ in your own body systems; in the Earth¹s energy; and also our own, as we work together, to Co-Create the New Earth."    

"It is for all of you to understand, the seriousness, of this message.  The energy that you ARE, is UNIQUE.  You are the ones who have pioneered so many changes, so many shifts in energy, despite unbelievably heavy loads of despair, and fear, and worry at times, in not just this incarnation, but also, many others.  The energy that YOU ARE, is SO BEAUTIFUL, but none of you are willing to look, to see it, in its fullest form, so we are asking you to have the courage, to begin your journey to do this, to find the beautiful one within; to not focus on your imperfections, be they physical, emotional, mental or otherwise, but to instead, CELEBRATE, for you are here at a time, when it was long foretold, in so many systems, in so many places, that it could not be done, and yet, you are here, and so are we, in this new space of togetherness, of Co-Creation."    
"Know, that the energy of YOU, is very unique, so special ­ there is not another energy like you, in the Creator¹s force of Light.  Not another has the exact combination of skills, of knowing, of experiences, that you have accumulated together, and while certain journeys may indeed seem repetitive, as you choose to learn a particular lesson, along a tried and true route to change, know that still, you are unique. Even were you to try to make those journeys identical, it could not be so."      "Know, however, that you ARE being asked to work with us, in whatever form you would choose, whatever guidance you wish to call upon, most of all, to be guided and linked with your own higher self energy.  It is who you are:  it is time to wake up to that, and to become that energy, as fully as you might, while remaining in a place of adventure, rather than fear."     On two personal notes,  Nelle and I have both experienced shifts in our personal energy fields this week.  Neither experience was enjoyable... both experiences passed quickly.  My 'survival tool' was to remain connected... with absolutely no fear of the pain or outcome... to breath light into my body... and to sleep whenever possible.     ~htl~    (Holding The Light)    Peter    

----- Original Message ----- From: Tikele To: Tikele messages Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 10:26 PMSubject: Message for week of 12th January, 2005

Blessings, dearest ones, I AM Sananda; I AM Tikele; I AM Archangel Michael; I AM Archangel Gabriel; I AM many; I AM ONE with ALL, in this place, this time, this moment.

It is a combination, a merging of energies, that is affecting ALL on the Earth plane, and most of all, in this moment, our dearest Tikele, who is working so hard to integrate a multitude of new possibilities into her life at this time.  

This process brings with it a number of benefits, for her, and for you.  For indeed, your journeys are linked, to the extent that you wish them to be.  As you follow these messages each week, ask yourself, "Where do they come from?"  They come from you; they come from the understanding that you have, in that moment, as you read them; of the nature of your own true selves, of the nature of your own reality; and of the reality that we know as Tikele.  You see, Tikele is just a one such as you; she has not worked any less, or any harder than some of you.  It is for you to understand, that to be willing to generate a message each week, that reaches the hearts of those who receive it, takes much courage, takes much willingness to be of service, because the pressure can feel relentless to send the message out, and yet, it cannot be created, until such a time, as she has brought her energies into the fullest alignment possible with those she is reaching out to.  And we do say "she", as in the past, it has been her own higher self wisdom, that has reached you, much of the time, guided always by our own energies, indeed.  

Now, there is a time of change, when her energies are aligning more fully with ours, and yet, it cannot happen in an instant, it needs time to integrate, to develop to the fullest of what it will be.  This is news to Tikele, she expected to simply begin to channel my energy.  I, Sananda, am indeed speaking at this moment, but also it comes through the filter of her awareness, and time after time, particularly in this last week, she has requested to be a medium in its truest form, where her energy is set aside, and she, while being there also, does not influence the course of the message.  We wish to say to her, and to you, that this cannot be:  it is not how we will be working with any of you, in any space and time, from this moment onwards.  Her courage in being willing to work with us in new ways, has led us all to understanding, that it is the path of the human to Co-Create.  

We are there to guide; we are there to assist.   "We cannot do the journey for you" ­ this has often been stated, so many times, within a different meaning.  It was in the context of not coming in and taking away the pain you insisted on suffering, unless you requested this most clearly ­ or in any way, whatsoever.  Now, we are asking each of you, to be willing to move to a level of understanding of yourselves as the powerful Creators that you truly are, and in that Light, we will not take away that power, by having you be mediums for our messages, any longer.  It is a time of change, which is never easy to understand while it is going on, and yet, afterwards, one often finds oneself in the space of appreciating the benefits of the new journey that has begun.  

So we ask you to be patient with the birthing pains; with the shift in energy that needs to occur ­ in your own body systems; in the Earth¹s energy; and also our own, as we work together, to Co-Create the New Earth.

"Aah!"  Tikele says, "at last, we are speaking about something else!" 

It is for all of you to understand, the seriousness, of this message.  The energy that you ARE, is UNIQUE.  You are the ones who have pioneered so many changes, so many shifts in energy, despite unbelievably heavy loads of despair, and fear, and worry at times, in not just this incarnation, but also, many others.  The energy that YOU ARE, is SO BEAUTIFUL, but none of you are willing to look, to see it, in its fullest form, so we are asking you to have the courage, to begin your journey to do this, to find the beautiful one within; to not focus on your imperfections, be they physical, emotional, mental or otherwise, but to instead, CELEBRATE, for you are here at a time, when it was long foretold, in so many systems, in so many places, that it could not be done, and yet, you are here, and so are we, in this new space of togetherness, of Co-Creation.

But Co-Creation requires equal sharing of the load, and, while some of you may insist on playing the one who is constantly at fault, understand, that it cannot be so.  There are times when we do advise you on a course of action, that as the Game is played, may not have been the best one, were the situation revealed in its fullest, ahead of time.  Indeed yes, we can look at energy; indeed yes, we can assess the probabilities, and indeed yes, we have much more of a grasp of the overall picture than you.  In that Light, we are most willing to be of guidance, of service, to guide you, in whatever form you request that guidance to take.  

Understand that it is for you now, to have the courage to embark on a new journey, to find the one within, that you love, that you honour, that you enjoy being.  The words do not matter so much, as the energy now, as you hold a space of your own beauty; of being able to find Peace in your own mind, in your own heart, as you focus on the Love that is there around you.  Honour that we are opening you up wide, to the beautiful new possibilities that are created in that process.  Honour, that there are a multitude of possibilities, and that the choice is yours, dearest ones, as to which ones you journey with.  

When a stone in your path seems too heavy, too big, and you ask yourself despairingly, "Why did I put that one there!"  Think again, and know, that it is a matter of perception.  Were you to think yourself to be a powerful Being of Light, able to move mountains with thought alone, and but a single thought, at that, you would know that you have nothing whatsoever to fear in your journey any more, other than to explore the full creativity, the full dynamics and possiblities that are there in that moment, for you to choose, which ones to play with.  

The energy that you are, is one of Love, and you are the ones who have found your way back to that space.  Although you do not perceive yourselves to have found it, you have.  How do we make this clearer, for we know that many are not understanding what it is we are saying to you.  

In this moment in time, it is a time of narrowing of certain flows of energy, to create the dynamic for powerful change.  You are caught in this flow, and may feel yourself to be helplessly sucked towards an outcome that you do not wish to be part of.  Know that this is an illusion:  it is one of the places of fear, that is being generated by those who do not carry the Light sufficiently to be able to be open to their own guidance, to know themselves as Divine.

"What does that mean", Tikele asks, "in practical terms?  It means that you spend time honouring your connection to the Divine, without you and within you ­ it is all around you, in everything that you see.  It is also very much a part of your own energy, and this is the part, Tikele included, that you find most difficult to access.  

As you appreciate the beauty that is around you, is that not Divine?  As you find yourself speaking words, that cause change or healing in another, is that not Divine?  As you open yourself up to the possibility, that we are real, just unseen, is that not Divine?  And as you open yourself further, to see our presence, or to feel it, or to notice our energy, as flashes of light, or touches on your skin, or the wind, suddenly changing course, to caress you, or to stop completely ­ all of this is Divinely guided.  All of this is part of you.  

And for those of you who would rather feel the pain, than the Love, we offer you the understanding that you are indeed, Divine:  you have simply pulled the covers about you, very tightly indeed, so the Light will not penetrate.  We ask you to come out of this self-imposed darkroom, and into, at the very least, the shade room, and then, a shaded area, emerging gradually into the fullness of the Light that you ARE.  Such is the journey you have set yourself with this action.  Should you wish to emerge fully into the Light in one step, we ask you to understand that it requires a radical shift in your energy fields, in the way you manage your thought systems.

Know, that the energy of YOU, is very unique, so special ­ there is not another energy like you, in the Creator¹s force of Light.  Not another has the exact combination of skills, of knowing, of experiences, that you have accumulated together, and while certain journeys may indeed seem repetitive, as you choose to learn a particular lesson, along a tried and true route to change, know that still, you are unique. Even were you to try to make those journeys identical, it could not be so.  The energy that YOU bring to each and every moment, is so powerful, so needed, and we are asking you, to open your heart, to be in a space of loving compassion for those who suffer around you, without being drawn into their struggle.  Focus instead on holding the Light, as Truthfully, as Joyfully, as Wonderfully, as you can, for this is the journey of the Lightworker now:  to maintain a space of loving compassion and tenderness for those in fear; understanding, that as you give out energy and time, it is returned to you, tenfold or more.  If you do not feel this to be so, ask yourself "why am I not willing to receive?"  Is it because you have certain frames of reference, ways of thinking, thought systems, patterns, that have aligned you to see only one possibility.  We suggest to you that that is indeed the case, and ask you to be willing to work with us very closely, as the energies undergo a radical shift, all over the Earth, and beyond.  Do not be in fear of another natural event ­ it is not required at this time, to generate a shift in consciousness.  

Know, however, that you ARE being asked to work with us, in whatever form you would choose, whatever guidance you wish to call upon, most of all, to be guided and linked with your own higher self energy.  It is who you are:  it is time to wake up to that, and to become that energy, as fully as you might, while remaining in a place of adventure, rather than fear.  

We leave you now, with the fullest of Love, for the journeys that you have been willing to commit to, the ones you are trying to carry out now:  many of you have chosen a very large chunk to deal with indeed, when smaller, continuous ones would have served just as well.  

We honour each of these journeys; we honour you.  And we ask you to see yourselves as the beautiful ones you truly ARE.  This is the space we hold for you, in this coming week.  

We are Sananda, Tikele, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael , Sadiyaa, and so many others this day, speaking through the one you know as Tikele.  

And so it is.


loving blessings,


Jan/13/05,  Connection.................. Key New Energy #12 **********************(Chapter  64)***finish

======================= end 12 Key Energies=======================================



Archangel Michael

Dec/11/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III ***************************************(Chapter 1)***start

I have been aware of Archangel Michael's presence in my life since June 2002.  During August 2003 he physically appeared to me and my wife Nelle as we were leaving Crestone, Colorado.  He appeared as a diamondback rattle snake with no rattles.  We locked eyes and I immediately knew, this was an intelligence from the inner worlds.  The purpose of the visit from Michael was to remind of his protection and for us to remain courageous.  

I have been aware of Archangel Michael's presence in my life since June 2002.  During August 2003 he physically appeared to me and my wife Nelle as we were leaving Crestone, Colorado.  He appeared as a diamondback rattle snake with no rattles.  We locked eyes and I immediately knew, this was an intelligence from the inner worlds.  The purpose of the visit from Michael was to remind of his protection and for us to remain courageous.  

On Nancy Tate's website, select 'Introduction to Spirit' and then select Archangel Michael for Michael's own introductory words thru Nancy.

Dec/11/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III **************************************(Chapter  1)***finish

October 2003,  (Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman) *********************(Chapter  2)***start

Bottom line: (Physicality) "We gave you a golden promise, and that promise states that no matter how much or how little Christed Light or Essence of your Divine Self you brought forth with you at birth, you have the potential to draw forth all the magnificence of your God Ray and I AM Presence. That is what ascension is all about, returning to balance and harmony within your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies so that Spirit can descend and take dominion. However, you must remember, all that you draw forth you must use for the greatest good of all and then, beloved ones, even more will be given to you." 


"Great Beings who had never before left their home in the Great Central Sun of their universe agreed to do so and to fragment themselves into lesser Sparks of God Light in order to bring their radiance, their love and their wisdom to planet Earth. The Beloved One called Jesus, the Great Kumara's including the one called the Buddha, Lords Melchizedek, Rama, and Krishna, to name only a few, came from universes created long before this young universe came into being."

"The Divine Plan was perfected and the ground work was laid long ago for what is taking place on Earth at this time. Just as these Great Beings came to prepare humanity for the multiple cycles of mass awakening and ascension back into the realms of en-LIGHTEN-ment, within the core of Its Being the Earth was encoded with the vibrational frequencies, keys and codes that would activate Its own awakening and also accelerate the awakening process within humanity as well. "

"Mary was chosen for an even greater task and opportunity to serve the Creator and humanity. She brought to Earth and anchored the virtues of the Goddess in the greatest measure possible so the process of balancing the masculine and feminine qualities of the Creator on Earth could once more take place."

"I have been called the guardian overseer of humanity, and it is time for you to understand that the beloved Lady Mary is the feminine aspect of the Goddess assigned to oversee humanity's sojourn and descent throughout this universe as well. "

"King Arthur, The Lady of the Lake, Joan of Arc and many mythical historical characters each bought forth an extraordinary amount of Lady Mary's and my Essence in order to infuse it within the Earth's consciousness and within the hearts of humanity. This is why these myths never grow old, and why they have stayed near and dear to your hearts."

"Many other great Beings of Light have visited the Earth over the ages, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Abraham, Moses and Mohammed to name only a few. The Beloved Kwan Yin was overlighted with the Essence of Lady Mary and brought the qualities of compassion, justice and healing to Earth. "

Link to complete October 2003 article:  The article follows:

Homepage Message from Archangel Michael
October 2003 * LM-10-2003 

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, wondrous things are transpiring throughout this universe, and by now many of you are aware that your galaxy and particularly your small planet are the focal point of these momentous happenings. Before your planet was created it was decreed that it would become the Zero Point or the center of a new creative endeavor whereby the Angelic Realm, the Co-creator Gods, the Great Beings of Light, and the Star Seed from throughout the Omniverse would send emissaries to Earth bringing their Light, their wisdom and their desire to fulfill the Creator's Grand Plan. 

Humanity and the Earth's soul are reaching up and out to connect with our Father/Mother God, and the Supreme Creator is opening the pathway from the core of Its Being down through the multi-universes, the Great Central Suns, dimensions, and realms beyond measure in order to incorporate and harvest the beauty and magnificence of what has been wrought by all of us in the name of our Omnipotent Creator. We wish to instill in your mind that you are living in unique and unprecedented times. Great Beings who had never before left their home in the Great Central Sun of their universe agreed to do so and to fragment themselves into lesser Sparks of God Light in order to bring their radiance, their love and their wisdom to planet Earth. The Beloved One called Jesus, the Great Kumara's including the one called the Buddha, Lords Melchizedek, Rama, and Krishna, to name only a few, came from universes created long before this young universe came into being. We of the archangelic realm come from the far reaches of the omniverse, as did many of the Ascended Masters and Avatars you are familiar with, and we assure you that many of you were birthed into your individualized consciousness in other universes as well. 

The Divine Plan was perfected and the ground work was laid long ago for what is taking place on Earth at this time. Just as these Great Beings came to prepare humanity for the multiple cycles of mass awakening and ascension back into the realms of en-LIGHTEN-ment, within the core of Its Being the Earth was encoded with the vibrational frequencies, keys and codes that would activate Its own awakening and also accelerate the awakening process within humanity as well. 

We do not like to focus attention on ourselves, for our greatest joy and mission is to serve the Creator and those under our guardianship, and no credit is needed or desired. However, it is necessary so that you can fully understand our mission on Earth and how closely we have always been connected with you. 

The beloved Jesus came to Earth some 2,000 years ago, and along with Archangel Uriel anchored the virtues, aspect and qualities of the Sixth Ray of devotion, forgiveness, mercy, grace, spiritual nourishment and faith in God. The lovely Lady Mary, the feminine Archangel of the Fifth Ray, who, along with Archangel Raphael, radiate forth the qualities of surrender, selflessness, dedication and healing, was given the honor of bringing forth unto the world the Christed Being called Jesus. However, Mary was chosen for an even greater task and opportunity to serve the Creator and humanity. She brought to Earth and anchored the virtues of the Goddess in the greatest measure possible so the process of balancing the masculine and feminine qualities of the Creator on Earth could once more take place. Many of you are familiar with what are called the Michael/Mary lines in England. There are "Ley Lines" that pass through the British Isles, Germany, France and many other lesser known areas in Europe and around the world. We wish to give you a greater understanding of the "Grand Plan" and what have become some of the myths and miracles of your history. Thousands of years ago in Earth time, Lady Mary, representing the negative or feminine crystalline electromagnetic currents and I, Michael, radiating the positive or masculine crystalline electromagnetic currents, set about infusing the Earth's ley lines with the currents necessary to rebuild the balanced and harmonious golden etheric grid system of the Earth. Rods of Power or vortices were installed at integral points around the Earth. The sacred sites, natural formations which became places of worship, as well as great churches and temples, have all been constructed along these ley lines and power points. Down through your many lifetimes on Earth, you have been drawn to these places over and over again to receive spiritual sustenance, but much more has transpired than you realize. Each of you, either by your physical presence or in your nightly sojourns in the etheric, have received harmonious energy and encodings from these spiritually magnetized locations, but you have also helped to activate them and spread these currents of Light around the Earth. You have become both a sender and receiver of God Light from the Earth below and from the heavens above. The Earth's soul and the oversoul consciousness of humanity are once again becoming attuned, one with another. 

I have been called the guardian overseer of humanity, and it is time for you to understand that the beloved Lady Mary is the feminine aspect of the Goddess assigned to oversee humanity's sojourn and descent throughout this universe as well. It has been our greatest honor and privilege to be with you, guiding, guarding and directing you every step along the way throughout the aeons of time as you journeyed forth on your assigned task of cocreating worlds and wondrous things without end. 

Along with the Essence of the Creator, the memory of us coming together and overlighting you with our individualized Essence and love was buried deep within your soul and your memory so that even though you may have forgotten consciously, you could never forget within the memory of your soul-self. 

King Arthur, The Lady of the Lake, Joan of Arc and many mythical historical characters each bought forth an extraordinary amount of Lady Mary's and my Essence in order to infuse it within the Earth's consciousness and within the hearts of humanity. This is why these myths never grow old, and why they have stayed near and dear to your hearts. They conjure up memories of the time we were together in the higher realms, before your mission into the worlds of density began. You are remembering our close and Divine connection, and as we are reunited in mind and heart it is a most joyous and gratifying time for us all. 

In order to give you a greater understanding of what has taken place on Earth and how perfect the Creator's plan was and is, we will go back in your history to approximately 5,000 BC according to your timekeeping, to the time the Avatar Rama came to Earth. The Christed Being in human form called Rama, who brought forth to Earth the attributes, virtues and qualities of the Creator for that era, was overlighted with my Essence bearing the First Ray of Divine Will. Many of you are of my lineage and bear the Essence of angels within your DNA and soul. The difference is that Rama bore the greatest infusion of my Essence ever brought forth to Earth in order to lay the foundation for the future, this time we are in the midst of. The love of the Creator has always been the major overlighting focus with every Avatar, however, they bring forth different teachings, those which are best suited for the time and the level of humanity's awareness. Following Rama, was Krishna, then Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha, and numerous other Avatars. Archangel Mary, as the bearer of the Goddess energy or the feminine aspect of the Creator, played an important part in the lives of these great avatars. In Rama's life, his wife was overlighted with the Essence of Mary. In Krishna's life, it was a spiritual friend and companion, devoid of physical desire. Of course, Mary's best known role was the mother and mentor of Jesus. She has stayed in the background all these thousands of years, but her great love and devotion for the Creator and humanity has always been a major force on Earth and in the higher realms. 

Many other great Beings of Light have visited the Earth over the ages, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Abraham, Moses and Mohammed to name only a few. The Beloved Kwan Yin was overlighted with the Essence of Lady Mary and brought the qualities of compassion, justice and healing to Earth. You are or should be familiar with these great ones, for they all portrayed particular facets, aspects and virtues of the Creator, and have played important roles on Earth as representatives of the Creator. 

What is not widely understood is that the archangelic realm has also played an integral part in this Divine drama of descent into the worlds of material form. Throughout the ages, each archangel has played a predominant part in anchoring and radiating specific aspects, attributes, qualities and virtues of the Creator. They have been attuned to and in communication with the great Avatars and have overlighted their great Essence with their own radiance and virtues. The Avatars were the physical, human representation of the Creator for a particular period of time, and the archangelic Beings were their spiritual overlighting connection with our Father/Mother God. 

This unique time has never before been experienced on Earth, and even though there are presently many beautiful Avatars and ascended masters on Earth, there will not be just one great Avatar sent to the Earth to overlight, guide and inspire humanity. Each of you has the potential of becoming an Avatar for these glorious times ahead. We gave you a golden promise, and that promise states that no matter how much or how little Christed Light or Essence of your Divine Self you brought forth with you at birth, you have the potential to draw forth all the magnificence of your God Ray and I AM Presence. That is what ascension is all about, returning to balance and harmony within your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies so that Spirit can descend and take dominion. However, you must remember, all that you draw forth you must use for the greatest good of all and then, beloved ones, even more will be given to you. 

Beloveds, my flaming Sword of Light was fashioned by thought and energy from my innermost being, and infused with the dynamic energies of the Creator's First Ray of Divine Will. It is a sword of redemption, a sword of hope, a sword of freedom, a gift I offer you to sever the shackles of your own mis-creations, and to release you from the illusional bonds of the third/fourth dimension. It is using the awesome power of the First Ray of Divine Will and Power and the unmanifested primal life force substance to create anew in harmony with the Divine Will of the Creator. It is claiming, once more, your Divine right as a cocreator with our Father/Mother God. The chalice we offer you in these times of great change is filled with the Elixir of Love/Light, the twelve-fold flame from our Father/Mother God. It contains the Cosmic Fire of new creation that will be used to mold the new Golden Galaxy and to expand this universe out into the void. Drink deeply my beloved and faithful ones, for you are the Star Seed of the future. We surround and enfold you in our auric field of love and protection. I AM Archangel Michael 

Transmitted through RONNA HERMAN 
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Susan, web master for The Spirit of Ma'at web site magazine requested answers to several questions from AA Michael through me for their September issue called "Partnership with Angels." This month's message was also a request from Drunvalo and Susan in which they asked Michael to explain the Michael-Mary Connection and why so many of the Christian churches bear the name, not of Christ or Jesus, but of Mary, Michael or both. Below are Beloved Michael's answers.

Question: How are Archangels different from us in consciousness?
AA Michael: Beloved masters, we are all that you are, and we are also much more. We are in constant attunement with the God Mind and our Will is in perfect harmony with the Creator's Will. This is one of the major differences between the Angelic Kingdom and the Human Kingdom, we exemplify unconditional love and we bask in the sweet loving energy you send to us. Our greatest desire is to serve Humanity and to assist each of you on your path toward enlightenment. 

Question: What is like to be an Archangel? 
AA Michael: We have the ability to create a multitude of wondrous things instantaneously. However, we know that being cocreators with the Creator means using our gifts and abilities for the greatest good of all and in harmony with the Divine blueprint. We have great compassion for Humanity and the trials and tribulation you are experiencing on Earth, but we can only intercede within the framework of universal law and when you align your will with the Creator's Will. We have distinct personalities, and we also have our personal preferences and ways of doing things. Although we are androgynous, we often portray the attributes and qualities of one gender or the other. We can focus our consciousness on thousands of you at once, and we hear all your prayers and petitions.We see all things from a higher vantage point and know that ultimately ALL will be lifted and returned to their perfect estate. As it was in the beginning, it will be again. 

Question: How do angels see us as human beings? 
AA Michael: We see your radiance - or lack thereof - and we are aware of the vibrational patterns you emit, both positive and negative. Our connection to you and interactions with you become stronger as your auric field becomes more harmonious and you return to balance or are no longer projecting discordant energies. Our love for you is unconditional and eternal. 

Question: What is Humanity's relationship with the angelic kingdom? 
AA Michael: We, of the angelic realms, are functioning in the capacity of a transition team, you might say. We are the messengers of the Creator, and in times of great transition we are sent out as the advance guard to relay and transmit the thoughts of the God Mind to all of you in a way you can understand - a way that is acceptable to every race, religion, and culture. We have always had an intimate relationship with humanity, but you have been in a slumber and could not easily tap into our refined frequencies. We have always assisted you and protected you in whatever way was available to us or permissible within the laws of free will. However, because of the density of your Earth and your own auric fields, you were hardly ever aware of our presence. And so, Beloved Ones, call on us, and we will answer and assist you, but also maintain or strengthen your relationship with whatever Avatar, Christed Being, or Ascended Master you relate to and resonate with. We know we all have an integral part to play in this grand scheme. We always work in harmony and synchronicity with each other, just as we are endeavoring to teach you to do. 

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May/01/04, Archangel Michael thru Qala Serenia Phoenix **(Ascension)*******(Chapter 37)***start

Archangel Michael has asked this transmission to be left un-edited and shared widely. I plan to perform the process on Tuesday (5/4/2004, the Wesak Full Moon).  Please consider sharing Michael's information with others who may be interested. This email is posted on

----- Original Message ----- From: GAIA Networking To: GAIA Subscribers - World List Sent: Friday, April 30, 2004 11:29 PMSubject:Blessings from Archangel Michael 
Blessings to all lovelightworkers,

The following message from Michael may assist you at this time in your life.  I was asked by the Masters to send it out to as many as possible, so I hope you enjoy this.  I ask you to follow your guidance with the appropriate time to attune to the healing process that he offers you, as the timing to do this inner work is important for the grace and love that you will receive through this.  This message is quite long but is well worth reading as it offers you personal transformation, and through this, assists the collective consciousness of humanity to raise in vibration.  Please pass it on to others that will be assisted by this work.  I ask that no one change or edit this document, and give permission for all to network it, and I ask that you accredit the source of the work as you do this.  This is a gift from my being, Qala Serenia Phoenix, to all of humanity.  May it support you in your ascension process and your divine service projects.

All my love to you,

From GAIA 
I am Archangel Michael and I bring forth to you a message of assistance for your new dreaming for Mother Earth and humanity and all kingdoms of the Earth.  My message is simple, and it involves an understanding of three primary points which relate to the energy body of Mother Earth, the energy body of humanity, and your personal energy body.  I ask each one of you to reflect on what I offer you, and through this reflection, enlighten your energy body and the energy body of the group consciousness of humanity.  Know our Beloveds that each of you hold an important puzzle piece in the raising of the vibration of the life force and love and light quotient in many places of the Earth.  Know our Beloveds that your energy body is directly connected to Mother Earth’s energy body, and through specific areas of the Earth, or what is known as specific portals or sacred sites of the Earth, your energy body aligns itself to Mother Earth’s journey.  Know that each one of you are ascending as Mother Earth is, and this is creating many changes within you to arise.  These changes at first manifest on the inner of your being, and are felt deeply through your mind and emotions.  This brings you to the path of learning to embrace the shadow nature of your being and learning to love that which you have not loved in the past.  Each of you our Beloveds are embodied on a planet of learning, which is a sacred mystery school for universal beings of light.  Know that each one of you have embodied into the physical body through the Earth plane for the balancing of your male and female energies.  Know that Mother Earth or Gaia as she is known as a cosmic mother, holds the sacred medicine of balancing the male and female energies within one’s being.  Know that this sacred planet you live upon is the home for all beings that are needing to enter this process in the universe.  Know you have come to the Earth to meet the lessons in your life in relationship to your male and female energies and the complete balancing of your inner and outer nature, your shadow and light nature, and your unconscious and conscious nature.  It is here on the Earth that this is possible for you as a soul.  

So I ask each one of you to embrace this journey with love, and to know that you are empowered by your spirit (God Presence) to manifest complete balance on a soul level.  Know that your lessons come to you through your interrelationships in life, and each day you awaken, you create lessons for yourself and opportunities to choose a new path of creation.  It was the Christ that came to the Earth 2,000 years ago to bring the codes of ascension and open within the consciousness of humanity a doorway to forgiveness and unconditional love.  Know that that Christ nature lives within you, and it is only through choosing the path of forgiveness and unconditional love that you will experience the balancing of your inner and outer self, your feminine and masculine energies, and your unconscious and conscious nature.  Know that if you enter denial of any aspect of your being that lives within you, this aspect will be magnified and played out by beings around you to show you the unconscious and shadow and repressed nature of your being.  Know that before your embodiment, each of you chose to embody on the Earth for three specific reasons.  

The first reason relates to that which you must heal on a soul level, and many of you are on the path at present of healing your soul memories and embracing your soul lessons to achieve this.  Know that it is not until you embrace your own karma that the second reason for your embodiment on Earth is self-realised by you.  This second reason relates to your soul purpose and the gifts that you bring to create service and self-mastery.  As you heal yourself and resolve all karma from the Earth plane, these gifts awaken and a new vibration begins to flood through your energy body, and you experience a sense of great change.  Our Beloveds, a sense of fulfilment comes into your life through this process and a sense of knowing one’s self manifests if one chooses to live a life using these gifts for the benefit of all beings in divine service.  Know many of you are at this stage of serving Mother Earth and all beings.  My message to you is to know that there is a third reason for your embodiment, and this relates to your ascension and that which will be felt through all other lives that you experience. 

Know that each of you are here to reclaim parts of yourself that live within other kingdoms – parts of your consciousness that live in the flowers and inside the crystals, or parts of your consciousness that live in the inner Earth.  Know that each one of you has embodied previously through the Earth realm, whether this was in physical body or in a lightbody.  Know that none of you would have chosen to embody through the Earth plane if this was not true for you.  The teaching that I offer you my Beloveds, is that to heal yourself and offer the divine service of your soul, you may be empowered through this process by attuning to the sacred sites on the Earth that assist to bring your spirit into your body.  To give you a greater understanding of this, I simply share with you that Mother Earth is a giant cosmic force that brings many light rays and love rays into the core of her heart, and this mighty mother being expands these love and light rays out to the stars and the suns and moons in the heavens above.  I ask you to visualise Mother Earth in this way as a being of light, and I ask you to become aware of your own energy body in relationship to this.  I explain that your energy body primarily exists within 6 feet of your physical body in every direction.  This is your Earth energy, or the energy that you have access to on the Earth.  It is true that you are multidimensional, and that you expand beyond this, but through the Earth plane, your consciousness grounds through this field. 

This field is an auric egg of approximately 6 feet in radius.  It is a light sphere that moves and anchors through your physical body, and it is the sphere of consciousness that you experience life through.  I ask you to consider your energy sphere and its connection to Mother Earth’s sphere that extends into the heavens and holds starry energies such as the Pleiades and Sirius in her outer fields.  I ask you to become aware of a picture of Mother Earth in a new way and to see her as a sentient being, breathing light and love with you.  I ask you to consider her trees to be like the hair follicles on your skin, and her waterways to be like the skin on your body.  I ask you to visualise Earth and your relationship to Earth through imagining yourself to be like a gem or a crystal that sparkles and anchors light and love into Mother Earth’s body.

We ask you to recognise that your being is transforming through your ascension process and your energy is transforming to activate its crystalline nature.  Your cells are beginning to open and create themselves to live like chakras of receiving light and love from the heavens, and each of your cells are learning to breathe that light in and radiate that light and love out again to the universe.  This process is taking place naturally, and for some of you, it is creating great difficulty, for your cells are not opening fully to the light, and some of your cells are rejecting the light.  Those of you that experience this experience pain in your physical body.  It is your body asking you to allow movement and light and love to flow through these areas.  This pain, no matter how subtle or how deep, is the same energy in every being.  It is the cells of the physical body closing a little through rejection to the light or love of your soul.  We ask each of you to recognise that you may be empowered to transform and change this in your life.  I offer you the following simple process to assist you to transform the parts of your consciousness that are held in your cells that may reject the light and love of your soul.  This process I offer you is a process that involves connecting your energy body to Mother Earth’s energy body through specific sacred sites that support specific energies from the heavens to ground into your body.  Know our Beloveds that there are areas of the Earth that carry a specific vibration that no other areas of the Earth hold.  Just as there are souls on the Earth that carry a specific vibration that other souls do not hold.  This is the medicine or the unique puzzle piece of a being or an Earth site.  I am asking you to become aware that Mother Earth’s body holds specific power frequencies through different areas of the world.  The process I am offering you involves connecting to 7 of Mother Earth’s sacred sites and restoring balance within your physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, and through your light and love currents in your chakra system and cells.  I am offering this to you as my gift to you Beloveds.  May this assist you to find more joy and wellbeing in your life as you embrace your life lessons and your ascension into the light.

In divine service to each one of you, 
Archangel Michael with the subject –UNSUBSCRIBE.   
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Archangel Michael’s Process

As you speak the following decree, I will step forth to each one of you and your own ascension council of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters will come to be with you.  We will anchor a Temple of Transformation and Release around you at this time, and place your energy body in a field of unified love that will support you and your soul to be merged as one.  Many other Angels will come into this chamber with you, and begin to clear and align your chakras with a violet flame and a silver white light.  They will begin to spiral and spiral these energies through your energy body until your energy body is able to receive the vibration that the temple is able to offer you.  This temple is made of crystalline white and golden light and has 12 pillars made of crystal in the 12 directions around you.  This is an etheric temple that provides a bridge for your energies from your energy body to receive the energies and frequencies of healing held through the realms of Shambhala, the twelfth dimension of the Earth.  Know that each one of you is being activated with specific ascension waves that come into the Earth to support Mother Earth through her ascension process.  As you say this decree, the twelfth wave of ascension begins to flood through you.  I ask you to say this 33 times slowly from your heart. 

I am the soul.
I am light divine.
I am love.
I am will.
I am fixed design.

Breathe into the core of your heart and imagine yourself just like Mother Earth ... Receiving beautiful currents of light and love into the heart, and with each breath radiating out these currents of light and love to all beings.  Through your intention, your own energy will begin to travel through these pathways, for all of your light follows the pathways of your intention.  I ask you to breathe 33 cycles of the light and love into your heart and emanating it out in every direction.  As you breathe these 33 cycles, you will begin to receive the eleventh wave of ascension flooding through you.  I ask each of you to visualise a golden sphere around your physical body when you have completed these breaths, and to ask the Christ consciousness of your soul to seal your energy body.  As you do this, I place my sword around you, and begin to shift and clear any energies that are not presently serving you and the divine plan for your being.  I ask you to breathe 3 times again through your natural breath, and to imagine your heart as a beautiful flower opening as you do this.  This flower is a symbol of your heart chakra, and as you open your heart, I ask you to breathe a greater volume of light and love from all around you into your heart and to enlighten this flower and see it expand and open its petals more deeply than before.  It is at this time that you will begin to receive the tenth wave of ascension and the light rays from this wave will begin to connect to the tips of the petals of your heart chakra.  These tips are known as the nadis, and as your nadis ignite, a sacred fire begins to burn more brightly than before in your heart.  This fire is known as the eternal flame of your spirit, for as your heart begins to open, your soul is able to merge with you and your spirit is able to be ignited.  

I ask you to just receive at this time and go inside your heart by visualising yourself in a beautiful temple with 12 golden crystal pillars around you and a golden-domed roof above you.  Your family of light is surrounding you and sending you love at this time.  I ask you to just receive this love and allow yourself to be supported by your universal family of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.  Other beings also come to be with you – some from the fairy kingdom or from the starry realms come to sit by you.  These ones bring golden packages and place them in your energy body to assist your energy body to open more deeply.  They ask you to call to all your guides and teachers to be with you in a circle in this temple.  They ask you to receive again as the ninth wave of ascension begins to flood through you, and it is at this time that they ask you to become aware of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and to call on the Source vibration held by the Great Pyramid to connect to your crown chakra and into your base chakra.  They ask you to breathe as the Great Pyramid activates your chakra column and begins to balance your light connection to the Earth and to the heavens.  I ask you to mantra 33 times this mantra of light.

RAKUNA (light from the Great Central Sun)
SOLUNA (light from the Great Central Moon)
KE-UA (light from all suns and moons)
JUEAH (light from the Inner Earth)
MUEAH (light from Mother Earth)
U-AYHA (light from heart of one’s soul)
E-U-AYHA (light from Mother/Father God)

As you mantra this mantra 33 times, your light column will expand and all of your family of light will ground this into the Earth core for you.  You will begin to receive the eighth wave of ascension and you are asked at this time to sit in stillness for a few minutes on completion of this.  Mother Gaia comes to you at this time in the form of a beautiful goddess or Angel, and places in your chakras an energy body code to assist your physical body and your cells to open to the light of your soul.  She asks permission to lift the old codes from your body that may create rejection of the light and love of your soul through your cells.  Give her permission if you feel a resonance with this, and say a prayer for this to occur.  Breathe and allow yourself to relax as you now receive the seventh wave of ascension flooding through you.  You are asked to just become aware of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in central Australia, and to call on the Source vibration held by this sacred site.  Ask that the energy of Uluru travel through your base chakra and up into your crown.  I ask you to breathe as Uluru activates your base chakra and begins to balance your love connection to Earth and to the heavens.  I ask you to mantra 33 times this mantra of love to ground this.

LAKURA (love from the Great Central Moon)
KATIRA (love from the Great Central Sun)
AY-RUAH (love from all suns and moons)
AY-RU-ALIA (love from the Inner Earth)
AY-U-ALA (love from Mother Earth)
E-AY-U-LIA (love from heart of one’s soul)
U-AY-ALIA (love from Mother/Father God)

As you mantra this 33 times, your love column will expand and all of your family of light will ground this into the Earth core for you.  You will begin to receive the sixth wave of ascension flooding through you.  As this occurs, Mother Gaia blesses you again and she begins to focus a five-pointed star through each of your chakras and asks permission to connect your chakras and your cells to 5 sites on the Earth that hold a great frequency of love and light for the balancing of all your bodies.  She asks to connect your spiritual meridians and spiritual body to Mount Shasta in California. She asks to connect your mental meridians and mental body to Mount Kailash in Tibet.  She asks to connect your emotional meridians and emotional body to Lake Titicaca in Peru.  She asks to connect your etheric meridians and etheric body to Mount Fuji in Japan.  She asks to connect your meridians that feed your physical body and your physical body to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.  She explains that these parts of her energy body hold the power to create a great balancing of these bodies for your ascension process and healing process.  She asks you to call for this if this is your heart resonance.  As you do this, you begin to receive the fifth wave of ascension and Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael step forth to you and begin to offer you gifts in the form of packages of energy.  These may come in the form of a wand or a sword or a chalice or a disc.  These energies hold specific frequencies that balance your earth, air, fire and water elements in your body.  

The wand balances the fire, as the sword balances the air, the chalice the water, and the disc the earth element.  They ask you to receive these gifts as they begin to spin the wand, sword, disc or chalice through your chakras and into your cells.  They explain that pain is created through elementals being caught in the body – unexpressed/repressed emotions (water), thoughts (air), actions (earth) and spirit (fire).  They ask you to become aware that it is the fourth wave of ascension with the complete balancing of the elements in your body.  As you breathe, you begin to receive this fourth wave flooding through you.  They ask you just to allow yourself to move your body a little to allow the shift to release.  They ask you to call on your  Divine Presence to merge with you, and ask you to breathe again to receive the third wave of ascension that assists the grounding of the Divine Presence or spirit into the body.  They explain that unless one has balanced the elements in one’s body, that the spirit coming into the body can create difficulty or discomfort, for it magnifies all that is within the body.  They explain that the elemental balancing is of a priority for all beings, and the choice to not repress energy is the first key to this.  As they explain this, they offer you a tool to work with to harmonise your emotions, thoughts, actions and spirit.  It is a rod of your soul vibration, a specific light that only you carry as a soul. 

This rod is filled with the energy of the core heart of your soul, and will bring all into oneness.  They ask you to take this rod now as they place it in your hands and for you to send the rod through your chakras and into each of your cells.  Know that this rod will always return to your heart after using it, and you may always go within and receive this rod when you need to attune your energy to a unified frequency.  It is this unified frequency that brings peace to a being.  As you complete this, the second wave of ascension activates through you, and each of the sacred sites begin to activate through all your bodies, creating your bodies to align and balance.  You are asked to release any fear thought forms that you have been holding about your life at this time by naming them to God/dess or writing them down and then calling for the release of them with grace and ease and in divine order for your being.  As you complete this, the first wave of ascension begins to ground this release and you are asked to lay down for 25 minutes while the Angels and Archangels work with your energy body to assist you to complete this healing process.  On completion of your rest, you are asked to sound or mantra the following to bring a deeper balancing to your being.

OM   MAYA   MA   KITA   RAKU   ANA   PEYA   NAMU  x 13 
(translates to I call forth for my God Presence to merge with me)

This article/message is copyrighted © Qala Serenia Phoenix, 2004. This may be freely distributed as long as none of the content is altered, and as original source and copyright is honoured.  If wishing to share this with others, please do not delete this section of the article.

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Message From Archangel Michael to Humanity 

May/01/04, Archangel Michael thru Qala Serenia Phoenix **(Ascension)******(Chapter 37)***finish

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Ascension Considerations/Experiences/Techniques

Dec/18/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter   9)***start

The email following this introduction helped me to understand my own recent conditions/experiences. Here is the sharing of my sequence:

  • Saturday 12/13, normal joyous day... including the best mogul run (snow skiing) of my entire life (it was like a flying dream) and then a full evening of dancing; 
  • Sunday 12/14, a quiet reflective day; 
  • Monday 12/15, not feeling real well... in the past, this would have been the start of something not so good... but noticed I could actually "pour" enormous quantities of golden energy into my body... so I kept pouring... while totally unaware of what the 57th D. Energy was stirring up within me... the more I poured, the more I stirred... but I knew this was a good thing... my reaction was joyous; 
  • Tuesday 12/16... felt a little worse and did not sound healthy... but that golden energy was still there... so I kept pouring... and remained in joy; 
  • Wednesday 12/17... the golden energy was still here, my physical body was weaker than normal... but I kept pouring and drinking more water than usual... and remained in joy;
  • Thursday 12/18... back to normal... with one difference, the golden energy!

By the way, this golden energy (57th Dimensional Energy per Dan) is a nice addition to the circular cleansing breaths and to the Merkaba.  I have spent most of 2003 working in several areas... including the three areas mentioned by Dan... "Dan suggested that this type of clearing is best facilitated by a process of surrender, forgiveness and letting the darkness go and not being afraid of it." 

  • My form of 'surrender' was a complete choice to align 100% with the God Portion of me and to delete all my un-necessary ego programming. 
  • My form of 'forgiveness' was to perfectly understand that we are in Physicality to experience and master all energetic combinations and possibilities... so what is there to forgive?  Some energetic conditions are difficult and painful... we knew that when volunteering for Physicality (Creation). 
  • 'Letting the darkness go' is accomplished by removing at least 51% of our "energetic dirt" (karma), starting to lift our veils of forgetfullness and starting to re-establish direct connection to our Prime Creator... to our God Portion within. 'Letting the darkness go' also starts a parallel process of transferring the command of our life from our mind/ego to our high/inner heart. 
  • A Self Analysis 'Mind or Heart?' Progress Tool is available on this website in the middle of the "Mind or Heart?" webpage.

It is interesting that Nell's letter and the 25 'Mind or Heart' conditions both manifested into Physicality on 12/12/2003.  Coincidence?  I don't think so!

Dec/18/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter   9)***finish

Dec/12/03,  Nell Arnaud discussing Dan Mathews describing Ascension ******(Chapter  10)***start

From: "Nell Arnaud" <>
To: "Nell Arnaud" <>
Subject: 57th Dimension
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 13:27:14 -0800
A healer named Dan Mathews talked about a special shift in consciousness occurring  this Monday, Dec. 15th.  He refers to this phenomenon as "the opening of the 57th dimension into Earth Consciousness." Dan said the 57th dimension is like the apex of a pyramid, which lends itself to direct access to your indwelling God presence.   

Up to this point, we've lived our lives with our consciousness connected to the ego.  This Monday is the day when that begins to change for the human race to a more conscious communion to the God within.  One of the many exciting things about this piece of good news is that once we've reach this state of divine consciousness, we never go back into living solely from ego consciousness.   

On the other hand, this shift creates a gigantic purge of the human condition.  So realistically, this will probably be a time of clearing much unwanted substance energies from all levels of our lives.  Dan suggested that this type of clearing is best facilitated by a process of surrender, forgiveness and letting the darkness go and not being afraid of it.  This time of year is always associated as a great time to celebrate our divinity in human consciousness anyway.   

But based on Dan's information, this particular year takes on a whole new meaning.  This year marks a stage in our evolution of a conscious process of going from human to divine which takes us closer to bringing heaven on earth.
Happy Holidays!
Nell Arnaud
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Mt. Shasta, CA  96067
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Jan/24/04,  Dawn breaks on our co-created Golden Age! ************************(Chapter  21)***start 

(Ascension, First Contact & NESARA)  This is the signal from the inner worlds that I have visioned for thousands and thousands of years... the time is now... there is no turning back from humankind's march to ascension.  The dawn is breaking on our co-created Golden Age! There are no time saving bottom lines or extracts... every line and every 'between the line' is for savoring and rejoycing.  This signalis even more special if you read it from deep deep deep within your high/inner heart. 

~htl~ (Holding The Light)

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Saturday, January 24, 2004 4:29 PMSubject: Kryon Special Message
> Kryon & Family Special Channeled Message 
> January 20, 2004  
> Kryon:  Good evening.  I AM Kryon, of magnetic service, and I am so pleased to be here.  I am merely the opener of the ceremonies tonight, and when we have come to a close, there will be many new news items that will be brought forth and that will be utilized to act on in the coming months. 
> When I decided to come to this place of beauty in my field of energy, I came because I was stirred to an emotional release that bounded all of eternity.  I came with the idea of joining all of these beautiful people, and all of the rest of the cosmic family, to present some information that would propel mankind into a new way of being, a new height of awareness.  This has been my journey, and this has been a wondrous one.  I bring to you now parts of members of the family of the All.  And, first I would like to introduce to you Ascended Master St. Germaine, for he comes with a message of world events. 
> St. Germaine: Hello, my friends! 
> Voices:  Hello! 
> St. Germaine:  I AM St. Germaine, and I come to you with news of what is happening on your planet.  And this news brings a beautiful rainbow of joy into my beingness, and what this rainbow represents is a coming together of certain elements of peace, of abundance, of joy, and of integration of the polarities of men.  There is a certain personage who is here tonight to give you some information.  And once I have given you the piece of information that I have for you, he will come and he will tell you something that may make your ears curl! 
> What I wish to say to you now is that there is a certain group of White Knights who are meeting with some of the Masters, including myself, very soon.  And in this meeting there are certain occurrences that are being discussed and these are in preparation for what we have all been waiting for.  And when this meeting is over, however long it takes, I feel that we will have a resolution to the grievances that have been brought forward.  This I wish to tell you, for I felt an update was called for.  Also, I wish to tell you this because I m asking you all of you to pool your beautiful energies of gratitude, of knowing, of joy in seeing the beautiful resolution of these circumstances of this meeting. You, my beautiful friends, are the energy behind the successful resolution of all of these preparations, for you lend your intent to these proceedings, and you bring an energy of change in that intent.  And for this we are very grateful and we thank you. 
> And now, my brother my esteemed brother from days long ago, comes to you now with a message, and I give to you Lord Enki. 
> Lord Enki:  My dear family, I come to you this evening with a message that speaks of the history of mankind.  And in this message, I bring to you a bit of news.  And that is, that the energy that has been prevalent on this planet for so many eons of darkness, of the polarity, is now coming to a state of nonresistance.  The light is overcoming the darkness, and the part that I have played in this is to allow it to happen.  Once I released my hold on this darkness, I released the hold on mankind to stand in the dark and to battle.  I am not saying that I am responsible for all the darkness no!  I am saying that I walked in the shadow of the darkness all these millennia.  And now I have stepped out into the light, and I am beckoning you to follow me all of you who stand in the shadows, afraid, timid. uncertain as to what lies beyond those shadows.  I am asking you to take the hand that I outstretch to you, in courage, in joy, in the lightness of being that you are, and follow m!
>  e into the light, into the freedom, into the forgiveness that you bring yourself, as I have done for myself. 
> This is an opportunity for you to see the path that you have taken reflected in my eyes.  A chance for you to realize that the light that lives and glows from my eyes also lives and glows from yours.  And all you need do is recognize that within you, and you will be forever in the light.  You will step from beyond the shadows and you will come into the knowingness of who you are, as I have done.  It has been a journey in purpose and that purpose is bringing you to the destiny of living forever in the light in the light of love. 
> My dear ones, I love you all beyond compare.  And we are the family of man, and we are whole.  And my brother, Enlil, would like to say a few words. 
> Enlil:  I AM Enlil, and I come to you with a feeling of remorse, for I lived many years in the shadow of my brother, regretting all that he did.  I am stepping out of his shadow now, and I am telling you that all is love, as he knows.  There will come a day when you will know this story, you will know the path that brought us here.  And you will know why brother stands beside brother, and tells the story, and tells you of the light.  For it has been a journey in purpose, and it began thousands of millions of years ago.  And as you go forward in this destiny of light-beings, you will remember your parts in it, as I remember mine, and you will forgive all of those transgressions.  And you will realize then there was never anything to forgive, for it all was in purpose and it was all walking in the light of the Creator, and the plan through which we traveled this journey. 
> My dear ones, there are no evil ones.  I tell you this now, there are NO evil ones!  There are only those who have turned away from love and light, and have stood in fear for all this time.  I invite them now, as I have, to recognize those transgressions as being part of the plan, and that is what I wanted to say to you today. 
> And now, Sananda would like to speak. 
> Sananda:  Beloveds, I gather here today with my family with my brothers and someday you will realize how much we are all brothers and sisters.  That we have been all to each other, and we are all with ourselves.  As I walked the sands of earth, I walked in many shoes, I wore many garments and many faces.  I knew you all at one time or another.  I walked with you and I talked with you and I supped with you, and we were all and everything to each other in those times.  You will awaken to these memories and we will all walk together again into eternity, for I AM your family, and I AM walking in your light as well. 
> And I ask that you observe all that takes place on this earth with the eyes of light and love.  And in so doing, that is all you will see.  You will see all your brethren, walking in the various shoes, wearing the various garments, wearing the various faces, and you will see them all as yourself, you will see them all as God the Creator, and you will know why this has all happened.  You will feel the love that permeates every particle of existence, and you will know that you are home.  The grand reunion has taken place, and no matter what things look like on the surface, no matter how it seems around you, all you will see is the light and the love, and you will walk forward in that, and it all will be grand.  And you will see that it always has been. 
> And now, I wish to invite questions from any of my brothers, if you care. 
> Response:  I was off-guard.  I wasn t thinking of questions. 
> Sananda:  My brother, I m sure you can always come up with questions. 
> [laughter] 
> Sananda:  We have some fine, beautiful four-legged brothers here and sisters--as well. 
> Response:  Yeah, they seem to be asking a few questions, if only we could understand their language. 
> Sananda: These canines are part of the family as well, and they are contributing their own version of language. 
> Voice #1:  I don t know if this is a question, but maybe an observation that you could carry forth.  It just seems like the activity is really very strong right now, behind the scenes I feel like there s a lot going on that, of course, we can t see on a daily basis, but the feeling is it s just really in high gear right now, is the way I feel about it. 
> Sananda:  Trust your feelings.   And that basically is what I can say right now, trust those feelings, for they represent truth. 
> Voice #2:  My feelings say  we re getting close.  Is that also true? 
> Sananda:  Trust that as well. 
> Voice #2:  OK. 
> Voice #1:  Since I have a lack of questions tonight, I guess we ll just ask you to give us what you feel we need to hear tonight. 
> Sananda:  Very well. 
> Kryon:  Greetings!  I AM Kryon again, and I would like to bring you a bit of information that would be pertinent for many of you in the days to come, and in the weeks as well.  And this information relates to the energies that are prevalent in and around and on the earth today.  There are many of you who are finding difficulty in dealing with the energies of transmutation.  I may suggest that when you feel a tightening in your chest, as you may, breathe deeply into that tightening.  See it in a golden rosy glow, completely flooding the whole area.  Close your eyes and feel that tightening loosen, because you love it, not because you fear it.  Feel it loosening with your love.  And then ask ask what this is telling you, for it has a message for you.  And then, in silence, listen to what this message is. 
> Another thing that you can do to meet with these energies is to take yourself to a quiet place outdoors at least once a day.  Go sit under a tree, walk with your dog, go walk in a stream with the bare feet anything at all that takes you outdoors and allows you to commune with nature.  And as you are doing this for at least half an hour a day, tune in to what Mother Earth is telling you, for she has a message for you now.  She has a message for you that will assist you, through her, to more fully acclimate yourself to the energies, for she is absorbing these energies and emitting them back up to you.  Therefore, is the oneness. 
> Another thing that is happening is that the world of business is becoming more chaotic.  And when I speak of business, I include in that the business of medicine, the business of insurance, the business of education this whole planet has incorporated business into all of these strategies of life.  To see these businesses the business aspect of these strategies is to see them in the light of the Creator and the intent of this journey, to see the tightening there.  And then, with your inner guidance, your intuitive guidance, see the energies of love reach into that tightening and slowly loosen it, with your knowing, with your wisdom.  This is how transformation takes place. It is not from direct attack.  It is from gently coming into it in your intent, in your knowingness, becoming part of it in this energetic way and, through your intuitive guidance finding the ways to loosen that grip that these businesses have on society.  To feel the tightness loosening, to feel the love t!
>  hat brings it to that loosening, and to feel the power of the Creator within all of you, to bring the aspects of light to these businesses so that the tightening will never take place again.  This is a world of strategies, this is a world of carrying on in business, this is a world of finding the way in which to find the harmony to balance all of it.  And with your intent, and tuning into your inner guidance that you believe in, that you know is there, that you listen to you will be able to have a hand at transforming the society that you live in.  By being a part of it in that way, and in any other way you are guided to be. 
> These are great changing times, my friends.  And in these changing times, you, stepping in, lending your energy and support to the light, are creating this new, beautiful, harmonious society of earth life.  We stand back and we watch you, and we stand back and we sigh, and we gasp, and we wipe the tears from our eyes, for we see the beauty with which you do this.  And we see the colors of the rainbow as they sparkle and they change as you do.  And we stand in awe of all that you do, for it is grand and it is fine and it is holy.  So, remember my words and the words of my brothers, and remember the beauty of the sisters and the brothers who all stand hand-in-hand interlocked in love and graciousness and peace. 
> Voice #1:  I do have a question, Kryon, before you leave. 
> Kryon: Yes. 
> Voice #1: I wonder if it might be possible for you to bring us a few things that we would see maybe happening in the year 2004 what are the probabilities at this time? 
> Kryon:  The year 2004 is a year of expansiveness.  I see a great ballooning of all of the works that the Lightworkers are doing.  And I see that reaching out and touching every aspect of life on earth.  The year 2004 is a year of bringing together of all of the plans.  It is a year of striving forward and catching that golden ring and flying and swinging and dancing.  It is a year of dreams come true.  It is a year of forward-moving.  And it is a year of opening up of new information.  It is a year of transformation of many of those who have kept themselves in the box.  It is a year to set your dreams into place and into motion, for it will be carried along on the energies of transformation and it will be done.  This is what I see for this year, and there is so much that I am seeing.  It would do it injustice to narrow it down to mention just a few specific things, for one rides on the shirttails of the other, and all bring the momentum that creates it all in completion.  Th!
>  is the year of 2004, and when you see how this year goes out and brings in 2005 and then -6 and on, you will wonder at the glory.  And you will look back and you will see how beautifully all the steps that have taken place up until now have added to the momentum and the energy of what is taking place.  So, 2004 is the springboard to all of the other dreams that come from the ones that will be realized this year. 
> Does anyone have another question? 
> Voice #2:  Actually,...will our space brothers be landing this year? 
> Kryon:  You will be visited by various of our family, yes, and this will take place in ways that have not been entirely culminated yet.  When the energies of earth and the activities of earth take place, they set up a certain energy, they set up a certain vibration.  And these vibrations affect the portals.  This determines and affects the abilities of us to come and see you, and for you to see us.  I am not saying that this won t happen.  I am saying that circumstances will determine the occurrences of our coming to see you.  We come in love, of course, and we come with helpful information and guidance as to how  to start healing the earth and yourselves.  Creator, in its infinite wisdom, carefully orchestrates the energies by which we perform our purpose.  Creator, of course, is represented in all of you, as well as everything else.  Therefore, you on the earth all of you in large part will determine how we will come, when we will come, how many of us will come.  Trust, in!
>  deed, that WE WILL COME, and the work will begin in earnest to bring harmony in all ways back to the planet earth, Mother Gaia, and her people. 
> Voice #1:  I have a question along the same lines.  We re getting messages from some others that there is a mother ship somewhere, been here a long time, called the  Capricorn at least that s what they call it, what they know it as.  Can you tell us anything about this ship, what its purpose is, what it s doing? 
> Kryon:  This is a ship, yes, a mother ship, that is preparing just what I have been speaking of.  Preparations are being made for first contact, and this, among others, is a ship that is being watched from those further back in the cosmos.  It is being monitored, it is being prepared, for all of these ships are living matter.  And the ships closer to earth are being supported energetically by those who are stationed further back in the galaxy.  When Capricorn is ready to make its contact physically on earth when those of Capricorn are willing, are ready, when the doors are opened, when the opportunities are in place there will be emissaries who will join with others, various strategic other ships around the globe, positioned strategically they are on the outer rims of various portals, ready for the circular energy that is set in motion through the intent of the Lightworkers on earth.  And when this circular motion has created a vortex of welcome, then these ships will be bro!
>  ught in they ll be drawn in to a certain point where they will stay, and the scout ships will descend towards earth with the emissaries.  And this will only be done when the conditions warrant.  For we will not come in an energy of fear.  We will come to those who are ready for our coming and in so doing, we will bring the light of knowing to all those who gaze upon us.  And then our work will begin on the earth plane, and we will be integrating our knowledge, our information with your willingness, your knowledge, your wisdom.  Many of you will be awakened in an instant when you gaze into our eyes.  You will remember your purpose and you will walk forward in that purpose.  This is a homecoming we have been looking forward to for eternity, and when this takes place it will be, as you like to call it, the  hundredth monkey  and all will be one, walking in purpose on the earth.  And those who do not choose to awaken will have their own reality.  For all will take place in onen!
>  ess, and earth will ascend with all those who choose to live here. 
> Voice #1:  A follow-up question on that.  Those of us who are Lightworkers who are very, very interested in the first contact mission, working with scientists, and others, what is your advice, or what should we be doing at this time to get ready for that contact, to establish that contact what is it we should be doing at this point, if anything? 
> Kryon:  It is to be asking yourself that not me.  It is to be asking your inner knowingness, What is my next step?  I could tell you.  It would be much more beneficial for you to find out from your own voice.  To walk in your own knowing is to open up another particle of your memory and your DNA.  For when you open up those particles and bring back to a knowingness the DNA, you are that much closer to full realization of who you are.  If you hear it from some other source, the DNA may not open.  It needs to come from that for every particle of forgetfulness that you have is a little door, closed on your DNA.  And when YOU who have the key, when YOU use that key to unlock that door, you are awake that much more. 
> Voice #1: Let me summarize what you what I think you just said.  That each individual who seems to be interested in the process of first contact must decide for themselves where they fit into this whole thing. 
> Kryon:  That is true.  By asking yourself.  By going within. 
> Voice #1:  And so, what follows then, to me, would be that no one else can really tell me, or tell someone else, how to go about this.  They ve got to find this for themselves. 
> Kryon: Yes, there may be those who can give you tools by which you can find what is in there.  There may be a word or two that will stimulate your own knowingness.  This is the purpose and the gift of many who have vision.  However, listen to those words and then take them into yourselves, and find the ones that fit and the ones that you leave behind.  For that is the ultimate way to reach your own inner wisdom. 
> Voice #1:  I know that you bring, Kryon, very much scientific information to those that you bring information to.  I know that there are those who are finding ways to use, say, digital recorders, to communicate with the extra-terrestrials.  Do you have any comment on whether that s possible?  Or if it s something we should be working on? 
> Kryon:  I say, all is possible.  Once again, it is based on what as you say what resonates with you.  If you feel strongly to use a digital recorder, by all means, do that.  Anything that works for you.  As long as you know that you are following your inner guidance. To do so because someone over there said,  This is the way to do it,  is not necessarily the path that you ve chosen.  You may find that, if you decide to listen to that other voice, it may not work for you.  So, once again, the bottom line is make a decision based on what you feel is right for you. 
> Voice #1:  Thank you. 
> Kryon:  And now, is there anyone who has any more questions? 
> Voice #2:  No more questions, but I feel moved to send my greetings to my great friend, Metatron.  Will you do that for me, please? 
> Kryon:  Metatron hears, and he graciously accepts and sends his to you. 
> Metatron:  For I AM Metatron, and I gather my children to my bosom for this evening, and this evening is forever.  And I bring you all into my oneness.  And I bid you farewell through this broadcast.  I love you all so much, and I welcome you all into my family, knowingly, for all of my brothers and sisters.  I bless you and I salute you, and so it is. 
> Channeled by Nancy Tate 
> Transcribed by Sandra duMonde 

Jan/24/04,  Dawn breaks on our co-created Golden Age! ************************(Chapter  21)***finish 

Jan/03/05,  Choosing Ascension? Yes/No ****************************************(Chapter  60)***start

To fear anything is to hold oneself separate from the always present Unconditional Love of our Creative Source.    Question:  What if I choose not to ascend, will my situation be better or worse?    Answer:  Better.    Question:  What if I choose to ascend, will my situation be better or worse?    Answer:  Better.    Question:  How can both choices be better?    Answer:  Read St. Germain's following transmission of 1/3/2005 thru Mike Quinsey.   ~htl~

St.Germain 01.03.05


Let me touch upon your future, one where you have gone beyond the present cycle of Earth. All of you will have made the choice to determine your next reality, as the old Earth as you know it will no longer exist. Your choice will be tempered by the fact that you cannot go above the level for which you are suited. But for those who are still comfortable in an earth-like environment, they will have moved to a slightly higher version of it in another part of the Universe. There they will be in a new energy conducive to a quicker rising of the vibrations, but much else will be the same as before. Naturally they will not have a recall of the previous cycle, but through their subconscious they will still be able to draw on the experiences of it. It will not be a retrograde step in any way, and given that you in effect start where you left off, there will be every opportunity to reach a higher level of spiritual understanding more quickly. There is not necessarily a need to stay in that cycle to its completion, and at any time you can achieve Ascension. And so the process of evolution travels on in its never ending quest to return you to the Godhead. The fact is that The Creator is dreaming up new realities all of the time, and the goal that you are heading for is actually moving away from you. But when The Creator calls time, and is ready for all to be brought back into itself, each and every soul fragment will return. In some future time The Creator will then breathe out and the whole cycle will commence once again. The Creator is forever experiencing him/herself.


For those dear Souls who have worked through this cycle with Ascension as their goal, the reward will undoubtedly be their achievement of it. Eons of time ago, when you declared your intention to take Ascension, much help would have been given to ensure that as far as possible you kept on the path. You would have come under the guidance of one of the Master’s, and also be able to call on the services of many other helpers. You could at times be forgiven for thinking that you were travelling your path alone, but this is far from the truth. Yes, at times you are allowed to experience loneliness and detachment, but even then your Guides are faithfully watching you and ready to help if it becomes a necessity. You achieve your greatest experiences in adversity, and you go forward in leaps and bounds. You learn about Will and Intent, Perseverance and Determination and herein lies your strength, as make no mistake the dark are forever attempting to lead you off your path.


Sometimes they succeed and you momentarily forget who you are, and your purpose for being on Earth. But you always hold the seed of Light and it cannot be diminished completely, and you always come back that much greater for your experiences. Travelling through duality is a whole series of tests that temper the steel you are made of, and finally you can face the challenges with a knowing that comes through your resolve, and self power to wield the Light. There is nothing more wonderful to see than a Soul who has achieved a Light quotient that blazes out, announcing a great conversion to the Light. The dark can no longer get near enough to carry out their mischief, and the only danger is that in having acknowledged your achievement to yourself, that the ego is allowed to surface. Remember that no matter how evolved you become, you are no better than anyone else as all are on the same path, and simply at different points along it. Lightworkers are humble and not given to boasting, but quietly get on with their work. When the ego gets in the way, there can be a need to be recognised for whom you are, and what you have done. Always be careful when you are making comparisons, least these should turn out to be judgements. Judge no one, simply because it is not given to you to know their life plan, and you cannot possibly know what that soul has chosen for its experience. As you look around you, you see so many people appearing to become engulfed in the activities of the dark. See them as playing a part that is necessary to reflect back to you the negative energies. They provide you with the challenge without which you could not progress in the manner you have. Bless them and send Love, as they will turn back to the Light at some time and they will need much help to lift themselves up again. Remember You Are All One, and in your time you have played reverse roles.


Ascension is the signal that you are leaving duality behind, and you will have learnt all that cycle can offer you. Your next step is your choice, as you will have achieved your Masterhood. But you will almost certainly move into higher dimensions that are known to you as the Realms of Gold, where only Truth exists and there is a totality of Light. You will help create your own world, in complete Peace, Harmony and Balance. These are the realms of Light where you can enjoy all of the wonders of Heaven. Words cannot describe what it will be like, as it is an experience in itself, the energies, the colour and the music are so idyllic. Your consciousness will encompass all that is, and you have that grand feeling of Oneness. You will feel that you have achieved everything possible, but of course you will eventually take up new challenges doing The Creator’s work.


Some of you will take other options, and you will return to your original groups, who will have their collective consciousness enhanced through your experiences. Some will actually forgo Ascension as such to stay with the Souls going to the new Earth, so that they can help them in their future evolution. The Creator’s Kingdom is never ending, and you can experience to your hearts desire, as it is truly mystifying and of great wonder.


Dear Ones, time passes so quickly now, and all that is spoken of will manifest soon, and then you can start to become that which you are, Cosmic Beings. I wait for events to occur that will soon see me and many other Master’s return to Earth, to see you safely through the last period of preparation. There will be much to do, but it will speed ahead as no longer will the dark be able to influence or delay what is taking place. I have worked with Earth for eons of time, and I look forward to openly doing my work, and many of you will assist me.


I am St.Germain and I ask you to draw my strength to carry you through this period, and call on my Love to sustain you, I am always with you.


Thank you St.Germain


Mike Quinsey

Jan/03/05,  Choosing Ascension? Yes/No ****************************************(Chapter  60)***finish 

Mar/18/05,  Energetic Changes for Ascension are now Complete  *************(Chapter  76)***start

All the required energetic changes are now complete and 'on their way' into physical manifestation!     Things to look for:  1)  Increase in people completing current life in preparation for their glorious next one;    2)  Increase in earth cleansing activities in preparation for ascension;    3)  Announcement of Nesara and manifestation of First Contact.     It is joyous to realize that all First Contact (and beyond) activity will only be with the 'Lighted Realms' of our Sky brothers and sisters who all live in full Connective Consciousness and are basically 'Unconditional Love Incarnate'.  They come in peace and to join us as fellow Co-creators of 'Heaven on Earth'.  This includes the 'Second Coming' of Sananda (Jesus) who is our current World Teacher.  All world religions will be clarified.  This wondrous clarification process will eliminate all religious conflict.     More subtle details from Hatonn through Nancy Tate follow... especially for the '79%' (and growing every day).     This email becomes Chapter 76 in the freely available co-created eBook on Many of ONE.        By the way, 7+6 = 13.  13 is the Base 20 Numerology number for ascension.  The detailed events within Chapter 76 represent the gateway for humankind into the ascension process of Mother Earth and humanity.     ~htL~    Peter     

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 5:35 PMSubject: Wake up Call, Hatonn
> It has been a long time gone, and now I am back and loving it! 

> Hi Everyone, 
>       Well, here we are in beautiful, warm, sunny Patagonia AZ. We left our friend, Doris in the very capable and loving hands of her daughters. She is on a mercury detox program, and we will be keeping you informed as to her progress.  
> We are going to be posting on the  tree  site in the Healing Modalities section, information on mercury poisoning and the various ways people are cleansing their bodies of it s insidious influences. Watch for it soon. 
> We are back in a Verizon area, and for the time we are here I will be able to bring you some Wake up Calls. We will be meeting with some wonderfully awake new friends; we will keep you up to date on our travels and adventures. 
> I received the following messages while in Safford. 
>     Love, 
>          Nancy and Bob 

> Hatonn, March 12, 2005. 

> My dear ones I come to you from a place on planet Earth. I am here on earth for a specific reason and that reason is to further the cause of peace in the Middle East. There is coming a great tribulation for many in this area, and it is something that must be allowed to work its way through for it is part of the rejuvenation plan for Mother Earth. And when this takes place there will be a difference in this area.  

> There will be a noticeable change in the terrain in various parts of this area and this is for the purpose of bringing to life a part of Mother Earth that has long lain dormant. This is the time in which this must come back to life and be heard from in order for the changes all over the planet to synchronize with each other and then ascension can happen in its own time.  

> There is to be a great bringing together of all of the religions on earth and when this happens there will be a unitedness that that will wipe out any concern that those of you who face this possibility may have. When this does come about there will be other implementations of change that will be in the works as well, for this must all come about together in order for the flow to maintain the light and to maintain the momentum that is set in place at this time.  

> I see from my vantage here at this place on earth that there is much activity taking place in the United States surrounding the announcement of NESARA. With this announcement will come great change not only in this country but also around the world. NESARA no longer means only change that starts in the United States and will eventually leak out and flow out to the rest of the world. It affects the whole earth all at once, for the United States influence all over the world right now is at its peak. Therefore NESARA must have direct and instant influence on the whole world.  

> This is not to say that all of the aspects, all the factions of NESARA will all of a sudden be in effect that is not as it is. The announcement will be made, and then these aspects these parts of it will begin the process, or shall I say will resume will continue the process of bringing about the change.  

> Some of the parts of NESARA are all ready being implemented; that is to say the foundation is being built, and has been for some time, upon which for these issues to stand. This could not come to announcement without this foundation being laid first; this was made obvious in the last two years. Therefore we set about the program by which we would have the willingness and the involvement of various people in this country and around the world, in some preliminary work in this direction.  

> There are those who have already started to bring the different issues of NESARA to fruition in their lives and the lives of those that are touched in the same way. And in doing this they have set up a scenario by which all the issues of NESARA can stand, can be implemented and can bring about the changes that they are designed for. Once this takes place, then the funds that are to be issued from the prosperity programs will be in the hands of those who are involved with the programs. They will be made available to them it is like the doors will finally open, and they may reach in and bring out the funds by which they will distribute to the various people on their lists.  

> These members already have the necessary paperwork to be able to access these. The funds are in place and they will be distributed upon the announcement. When the régime, the present political régime of all the United States is replaced, then there will be in place a lighted body of individuals who will preside over the country in the interim before the elections take place. This lighted body will be able to implement the various measures that will be necessary in order to bring about the cleansing, the changes and the various orders of the people.  

> The government of the United States will be transformed to be as was originally set down in the Constitution. It will be by the people, with the people, for the people. Their voices will be heard as they realize their own sovereignty once more, once they realize that they no longer have to submit to some others who would see that their authority overpowers those of the people. This lighted realm, this lighted body of leaders will hold counsel every day in the interim for anyone who chooses to come and air grievances, submit plans, requests, have a chat; whatever it is there will be an openness to this government has never been realized in this country before.  

> This kind of governing will eventually become the way of governing of the whole world, for this is what's lighted body's are all about, this is how they operate. There are no secrets, no hidden agendas and no taking it upon themselves to usurp the power of any individual. It is a complete unification of all of the people contained within the society on earth.  

> As I stand in my position within these hallowed halls at this place on earth, which I will not disclose in order for the security of the place to stand, I see that there are forthcoming several different occurrences that will most likely lead to another brick, another rock being set into the foundation for the announcement of NESARA, and these most likely are the ones that will secure the foundation, close the final gap and render it done.  

> When this takes place it will be for some people as 100,000 angels singing in their psyche, for they will be able to hear the frequency of the celebration of the glory of the opening of the coming days of unification and freedom. 

> I would be honored to answer any questions you may have. 

> Bob: Oh, good! I do have a few questions. From your vantage point are we talking about now possibility of this announcement sometime this spring?  

> Hatonn: I will say this; when the winds blow forth their glory, and the blossoms burst forth in their beauty they will be doing so in the celebration of new beginnings.  

> B: All right before we go on to some other questions is any of this information thus far to be spread via the Internet or just to certain ones?  

> H: You may share this with whomever you please; this may go out to the fullness of the world at your discretion. 

> B: OK; is there anything else then that you would like to say publicly about what's going on, the landings, anything that would be of interest to the public? 

> H: There is one more thing I would like to say at this time, and that is that when some of these earth changes take place that are working themselves to this point off expression, shall we say, there will be bodies of land that will take on a different look. There will be changes within the population of the earth, and this is a grand gesture for the many souls who have chosen their next move.   

> The loss it represents for the loved ones left on earth is undeniable, and I ask that you find it in your hearts and your souls to understand that these ones who have chosen to leave in any of these events do so with a deep, deep love for mankind, for earth, for the whole universe. Their celebration upon return to home goes unheralded in any other time such as this.  

> So dear ones, when you hear of, see, and even personally experience any of these events, these changes, these leavings of loved ones breath deeply into your soul and your spirit, and find solace in the majesty and the love and acceptance that is there to help you through any periods of sorrow, confusion you may have, for they are giving you all a beautiful gift of life in the light and the love that you have promised yourselves.  

> B: Thank you Hatonn for this very nice update, and we shall get this out to the proper places. Now we will see what questions Doris might have.  

> Doris: This eruption of Mt St Helens, is it a prelude to the earth changes that will taking place? 

> H: Yes I do my dear one. Mt St Helens; consider the name of this mountain. This dear mountain is one of us. She provides for us an expression of release; she provides for earth an expression of release. And in her release she allows a diversification of earth changes that can bring about the minimum amount of catastrophe on earth. She provides a pressure release that not being present could render certain a section of the globe in the greatest turmoil that can be considered. There is a balance that she provides in doing this, and in so doing she brings a degree of comfort to all of mother Gaia, and allows her energies to disburse in a wider fray in order to lessen the discomfort that her changing, her cleansing must effect. So Mount St. Helens is indeed a saintly being in service not only to the continent of North America, but also to the whole globe.  

> B: Anything further you would like to tell us before we say good-day? 

> H: I would like to stay that when you go to sleep at night, and when you close your eyes to dream realize that you are meeting with those of us of the Tribunal of Interstellar Affairs and you are planning the next moves that will be made between earth and our ships. There are plans being sent into place that will provide for smooth operation of these visits, and there will be a sharing between those who visit us on the ships from earth. This will all be part of the cleanup of mother earth and her people and society.  

> As my dear colleague, Sananda has been sharing with some of you fine people including Miss Candace, there is to be an increasingly playful interaction between all of us. In that we will make a party of this cleanup. There will be work crews, there will be committees, there will be people all over the globe who will be joining us, working with us in getting down to the nitty-gritty, and seeing to it that your home, that you beautiful, beautiful hostess, Mother Gaia, get this housecleaning done so that you all may go out and play for the rest of your lives.  

> B: Thank you Hatonn. 

> H: You're welcome and I'm always here at your bid and call. 

> This is a short message I received from Hatonn three days after this previous one. 

> Hatonn, 3-15-05 
> You are going to be surprised at what I am about to tell you. It is that there is not going to be an announcement of NESARA this week. It is going to be in the hearts and minds of all on earth and will come forward without the usual fanfare surrounding such an announcement. This is going to take place at a time when there is the least resistance to this kind of news. As news is an energy, there is a time when the energies are most receptive. 
> When this takes place, then the announcement will be able to come forward and be accepted by all. This will be determined by the allowance of the people who have been able to download the information and comprehend the news that it carries. Then the announcement will not be stopped by anyone or anything for the momentum will be such that there can be nothing to stop it. 
> With this shortcoming of the illuminati, there will be no receiving by them of this news for they cannot comprehend the frequency of the information, for it is entirely out of the range of their will, this is the set up that we have come up with, and with this there is to be a grand scale of 1 to 100 that will read at about 79 who will comprehend and accept the news when it comes. A year ago, that number was more like 29 who would be able to accept without fear; now we are ready to bring this to the world, and to know that it will be met with joy, trusting and acceptance. 
> Realize that this is a great change for the people of the world, for it means that you are at a greater proportion of awakening than only a year ago, enough to throw the acceptance over the edge and forward to completion. 

> Thank you dear Commander Hatonn, 
> Love, Nancy Tate 

Mar/18/05,  Energetic Changes for Ascension are now Complete  *************(Chapter  76)***finish

Jun/03/08,  Other lives other realms ***********************************************(Chapter  93)***start

From below...  

This chapter contains a comprehensive and clear perspective on past lives, current life, relationships and the higher Realms.~htL~Peter

Ag-agria  30-May-2008 

Not many people on Earth are aware that they lead a double life, and have a secret life in the higher realms. Very few of you realise that when your present life is finished that you return to the higher one, and that it is ongoing. You may choose to continue experiencing that which has gone before, depending on whether you consider the lessons it offered have been learnt. All life is for that purpose, with the ultimate goal of rising up on your evolutionary path.


Whatever happens to your physical body, your consciousness carries you forward into the next phase of your life. This search for progress is ever moving onwards and is always planned with a view to your upliftment. Once on Earth the plan is forgotten, and it would seem that you alone determine your future. However, you have Guides that are assigned to the task of keeping you on track, and bringing into your life those experiences you have elected to go through. It can be quite complicated with many souls sharing your experience, and more likely this is for karmic reasons.


Nothing that happens in your life is without reason, and all experience contributes to your overall development. It is almost like your first experience of school, when you are prepared to take your place in higher education. Out of it you find the purpose of your life, and sometimes it seems pointless and leading nowhere, but all of the time you are gaining experience. Often it is by observation, and not directly being involved in other people’s lives. You can learn in many different ways, and you live different situations through your mind games.


Your freedom of choice can open a number of paths that lead to events planned in your life, but eventually you will reach those that are essential as karmic responsibilities. Your life is your own, but your freewill has usually been exercised before you incarnate upon Earth, and it is not in fact in your interest to alter your plan. Matters can impinge upon you that affect your own life, so there can always be changes to your experiences. The school of life will nevertheless ensure that you leave it with much to contemplate, and it is not until you review it that you aware of how you handled it.


The criterion for all experience is whether your actions or words harm others. As the judge of your life, you will be the hardest critic of what has taken place, and from it is determined what lessons remain or are necessary for your next one. Remember that you undertook to come to Earth, for the purpose of furthering your spiritual evolution. You never stop learning, but once you have risen above duality your path will become clearer and much easier, and you will travel in full consciousness.


In the present period on Earth you are quickly awakening to your true self, and this is necessary for you to take your place in Ascension. If you feel that you are failing to grow in awareness, do not be harsh upon yourself as you will overcome all obstacles. It is just that you cannot see beyond them, but be assured that no conditions that assail you will last indefinitely. How you have chosen to live out some of them will depend upon your pre-life plan. You can change your situation but if it goes against it, you may find it creates more difficulty. Accept what comes to you as carrying an important lesson for you, and to progress make sure that you integrate into your consciousness.


Often you will carry resentment about something that has happened in your life. Try to see things from the perspective of your Higher Self, and accept that there will be unpleasant experiences and that these will certainly be karmic in nature. Ambition is fine, but you cannot have everything you set your minds upon. Quite often thoughts arise from your sub-conscious mind, and they may relate to previous lives and experiences that you want to continue. That is not always possible but the urge may remain with you for your lifetime. Preferences of many kinds do surface, and will strongly affect your choices. For example it can be seen in your style of dress, or decorations in your home. It certainly influences your interest in foreign countries, which is why some more than others are particularly appealing to you.


Past life experiences can also lead you to follow certain beliefs that remain in your sub-consciousness. These can be in respect of religious beliefs, and some of you will feel at home with those of another country. Where you have had an illustrious life previously, it will have a stronger impact upon your present one and may lead you to follow the same ways and customs again. There are many strange things that happen in your life that are explained by previous life experiences. Meeting souls that are already known to you is often accompanied by an immediate feeling of already being familiar with that person. Links with your past are never completely broken, and you are just as likely to move through your different lives with many old friends. They may become part of your family, and often such units continue to stay together.


The truth about you and your many lives is often stranger than fiction, and when you return to the higher levels you will be able find such information recorded and available to you. On Earth it is as well that you do not have access to it, as it would distract you from more important things. Some people have psychic powers and can look into your past lives, but it is controlled and they do not have free access to everything. Some information would not be desirable if it looked like disrupting you present life.


Whatever your beliefs about previous lives, know that life has a purpose and in this way make sure that your experiences count for something. If not, you may be sadly disappointed that you did not make the best of it. Allow other people to see out their chosen experiences, and if it involves you try to help them along in a positive way. Setting up negative situations will help no one, and thoughts such as revenge against someone who has hurt you will simply pile up karma for you. As you are often told, love is the most important aspect in your life and you need to be generous in giving it out. It is the balm that soothes many a difficult situation, and mends broken lives. 


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, bringing love for you all and your upliftment.  


Thank you Ag-agria.

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Jun/03/08,  Other lives other realms ***********************************************(Chapter  93)***finish

Jun/23/08,  Time and Thought ******************************************************(Chapter  94)***start

From below... "Dear Ones you are obsessed with time, and for many it rules their lives. Of necessity it plays a big factor in all you do, but outside of Earth it has no place as all is in the Now. 

Linear time is most appropriate for the type of experiences you have, and for the dimension you are in actually helps you organize your activities. You have a system of looking at life and putting it into compartments, and you call them the “past, present and future” yet all exist and run parallel to each other. 

Currently you are experiencing what you call a speeding up of time, and it is taking you into an altered state that is part of the process of Ascension. You can go backwards and forwards in time, and you will find that it alters the fabric of Space. It is not constant and that is not telling you anything new, and is understood by your scientists. 

Take a situation where you have an illness or injury, and through the visualization of it in a healed state you can reverse the condition. It comes about through invoking your power of creation, and the “thought” is an instruction to your body cells to change. Self-healing takes place more than you realize, and you tend not to credit yourself with such success. 

The power of your thought is increasing which is why due warning is given to you to use it wisely. Let go of those thoughts that no longer serve you and intrude upon your mind. 

You carry much baggage of this nature in your subconsciousness, and it often comes from life patterns established prior to your present one. You have been thinking and acting from self-programming that is carried from one life to another. Now you are creating a whole new Self that reflects your higher ambitions and intent to rise up out of duality." 

----- Original Message ----- From: Mike To: Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 1:27  

Ela  13-June-2008 

Dear Ones you are obsessed with time, and for many it rules their lives. Of necessity it plays a big factor in all you do, but outside of Earth it has no place as all is in the Now. Linear time is most appropriate for the type of experiences you have, and for the dimension you are in actually helps you organize your activities. The thought of being without “time” is difficult to comprehend, but it is normal once you enter the higher dimensions. You have a system of looking at life and putting it into compartments, and you call them the “past, present and future” yet all exist and run parallel to each other. Time is an illusion that can seemingly run slow or fast depending on your perception of it. Currently you are experiencing what you call a speeding up of time, and it is taking you into an altered state that is part of the process of Ascension.


You can go backwards and forwards in time, and you will find that it alters the fabric of Space. It is not constant and that is not telling you anything new, and is understood by your scientists. It is now coming within your personal experiences as you centre within yourself, and in such practices as meditation where you change your level of consciousness. It has been your experience that when you leave your body and later return, your concept of time has changed. In what may be a relatively short time away from it, you seem to have been able to achieve an inordinate amount of functions that otherwise would have been impossible.


There are many aspects of your lives that are changing as you continue to raise your vibrations. Time becomes less important, and as you release yourself from its hold it is for example possible to visualize change and manifest its result more quickly. Take a situation where you have an illness or injury, and through the visualization of it in a healed state you can reverse the condition. It comes about through invoking your power of creation, and the “thought” is an instruction to your body cells to change. Self-healing takes place more than you realize, and you tend not to credit yourself with such success. The power of your thought is increasing which is why due warning is given to you to use it wisely.


If you are one who is preparing for Ascension, what I have said so far will not be totally new to you. As you spend more time in a heightened state of awareness, so you will expand your consciousness. Through that you will intuitively understand what moving into Ascension means, and it will come very natural to you. It comes through a new way of thinking and acceptance of the Oneness of All That Is. You will comprehend the link with your Higher Self, and the wisdom and love it carries that are yours to use. This is part of the process of change within yourself, and gradually you will be in more constant touch with your higher level of being. The pull of the earthly energies will have less attraction for you, and you will spend more time working from the level of your higher consciousness.


What you are going through are vital and necessary changes in readiness for the upliftment of your consciousness. Through your intent and desire to lift up you are attracting the higher energies to yourself, and in consequence it will progress in a harmonious way. In reality there is nothing difficult in raising your consciousness, it simply comes down to where you place your focus. Let go of those thoughts that no longer serve you and intrude upon your mind. You carry much baggage of this nature in your subconsciousness, and it often comes from life patterns established prior to your present one. You have been thinking and acting from self-programming that is carried from one life to another. Now you are creating a whole new Self that reflects your higher ambitions and intent to rise up out of duality.


You are loved and revered for your tenacity and willpower that has carried you through your present cycle of experience. You have worked your way through the darkness of your soul, and found the Light to open your eyes again as to your true destiny. There is no difference from one to another except that some of you have dedicated more of your time to seeking the truth. There are many distractions upon Earth, and the dark ones would hold you back to maintain their power over you. Some feel trapped and cannot find a way out, but be assured that once they do express the desire to change help will be there.


You have never been totally alone on your journey, no matter how far you have wandered from the Light. You are accompanied all of the way, but allowed your freedom of choice to experience as you desire. There will always come a time when you become introspective, and examine what your purpose of life is and what you have achieved. It is at these times your Guides will draw near to you and try to influence your thoughts for the better. Progress must ultimately take in your spiritual growth, as it is the most important aspect of your experiences. Nothing else matters although it may for a period of time hold it back. Even in your present life you are experiencing the ups and downs of your choices, and now more than ever it is important to let go of the past.


It is usually guilt that is the obstacle to your progress, and too much time is spent trying to re-live those aspects of your life that trouble you. Take what you can from them and move on, knowing that your future will take care of any uncleared karma. It is likely that providing the lessons are considered to have been learnt, that you will in any event be released from them. God in his wisdom and Love is all caring and compassionate, and has no desire to see you punish yourself for your indiscretions. If necessary you can face the same situation again, and the odds are that you will successfully overcome it. You are the hardest judge of yourself, but when you make decisions about your future Higher Beings help you with their great wisdom and understanding.


I am Ela from Arcturus, part of your Galactic Federation teams waiting to be called upon to assist in your cleansing and Ascension. Meantime we Endeavour to guide you and open your consciousness to the higher understanding. We fully know you as your true selves, and when we say you are great beings we mean it. You descended from our levels to enter duality, prepared to lose your identity for the duration of your lower experiences. Now we have come to help lift you up again to your former glory. Bless you All. 


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey          Please do not use the above Email address, it is one way only. My address is To "subscribe"  to the ET First Contact List go to :
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Jun/23/08,  Time and Thought ******************************************************(Chapter  94)***finish 

Jul/04/08,   What you can do to choose and prepare for Ascension*******(Chapter  95)***start

What you can do to choose and prepare for Ascension,  Chapter 95

Today is Independence Day for the United States of America... happy 4th of July to all! As 'time' continues to move towards the latest transition date of 11:11 GMT on December 21, 2012, the mystery and twists_and_turns along the way continue... and continue... and continue. And... the evidence of change continues... from the interest in going "green"...   to wild weather...   to the increase in visits to Many of ONE where timely updates are being made. 
As 'time' marches on, when/if you feel so inspired, check Many of ONE for updates.  All updates are clearly identified on the home page.  This will be the last general email distribution... as the email lists have become too large.  

from below..."I am Ag-agria from Sirius and we continue to cover the subject of your Ascension, because that is the ultimate aim of everything we are doing for you. We are your Guardians, and First Contact is to provide massive help in matters that you could not otherwise handle. All must be made ready for Ascension, and the divine plan is in its final stages waiting our open contact with you. 

There are times when you must find those quiet places where you can unwind.  The rushing around and continual pressures to meet your commitments, are causing you stress. Unchecked it can lead to ill health, and is not conducive to achieving the peace within necessary to bring about a higher state of consciousness. Part of your experiences are intended to help you understand the value of holding them in check, but you need to accept that they can be controlled. You will find that you cannot lay blame elsewhere for any lack of control over them. 

Emotions out of control cause so many difficulties, even to the loss of life. To be able to stay calm in the face of provocation is not easy, but the sooner you take this stance, the sooner you will feel safe and secure within your own space.  What is so important is that when you have spiritual aspirations to raise yourself up, it must be accompanied by self-control. 

It extends even further as the ego has to be addressed, as it is often the instigator of reactions that are not of the highest order. There comes a time when you realize that you are responsible for all of your thoughts and actions.  

Eventually there will be two groups working along side each other, but moving in opposite directions. One will ascend, whilst the other one will move into another place prepared so that they may continue their present level of evolution. Their new cycle will be the continuation of their chosen experiences in the lower dimensions, much like those on the Earth at present." 


----- Original Message ----- From: Mike To: Sent: Friday, July 04, 2008 1:08 AM

Ag-agria  4-July-2008


There are times when you must find those quiet places where you can unwind.  The rushing around and continual pressures to meet your commitments, are causing you stress. Unchecked it can lead to ill health, and is not conducive to achieving the peace within necessary to bring about a higher state of consciousness. You must try to release your tension, as otherwise you may find it difficult to control your emotions. Part of your experiences are intended to help you understand the value of holding them in check, but you need to accept that they can be controlled. You will find that you cannot lay blame elsewhere for any lack of control over them.


Emotions out of control cause so many difficulties, even to the loss of life. To be able to stay calm in the face of provocation is not easy, but the sooner you take this stance, the sooner you will feel safe and secure within your own space. Referring to the matter of your health, it is affected by the poisons produced in your body through continual stressful conditions. When it leads to such emotions as anger, you are in danger of damaging your most vital organ, your heart. Of course there can be other contributory factors, but for the moment I am concentrating on causes that are under your immediate control.


What is so important is that when you have spiritual aspirations to raise yourself up, it must be accompanied by self-control. It extends even further as the ego has to be addressed, as it is often the instigator of reactions that are not of the highest order. There comes a time when you realize that you are responsible for all of your thoughts and actions. You will come to realize that you have programmed your ego, to respond to the mind-set that you believe is the real you. Consequently you lose sight of the fact that you can change it at any time, if you have the will to do so. You and your ego should become as one, working to the highest principals you know.


Ego is the holder of your pride and measure of self-importance, but it must be tempered with caution that you do not place yourself above others. As your spiritual understanding grows, you will realize that you must be humble and accept each persons right to their own place in society. Not only that but also understand that it takes a multitude of people, each providing what is necessary for the evolution of your mass consciousness. At present you are just beginning to establish a new level, and the awakening is leading people to the truth of their existence. More importantly it is also revealing their purpose for being on Earth.


The old paradigm is no longer suitable for souls that are finding a need for enlightenment. There is a great movement of Lighted ones that are linking in a common purpose to bring peace and truth to the Earth, and it is resulting in the divide that will continue growing as it lifts you into the Ascension process. Eventually there will be two groups working along side each other, but moving in opposite directions. One will ascend, whilst the other one will move into another place prepared so that they may continue their present level of evolution. Their new cycle will be the continuation of their chosen experiences in the lower dimensions, much like those on the Earth at present.


The end times are to be the crowning glory for those who have made Ascension their goal. The pathway has been opening up so that its coming is known, and many messengers have come to Earth to make people aware. It sometimes leads to confusion, as there can be different expressions of the manner in which it is to be achieved. However, the details should not deter you, as it is the goal that is all-important and Ascension will take place regardless. Nothing can prevent it from lifting you up into the higher vibrations, as firstly you will have prepared yourselves for it, and secondly you have planned it as your final experience as you leave duality.


As an ascended Being you will enter the realms that hitherto were not accessible to you. Your higher vibrations will only allow you to ascend as far as the level that resonates with them. That may sound as a restriction but in fact you are entering the Light realms, and you will find that they stretch out into Infinity. There will always be that urge to move ever forward, and you will gradually find yourself in even more refined realms. In your present cycle that urge is responsible for your quest for the truth. It has hitherto been concealed from you, because being in the lower vibrations has restricted your consciousness. Your Light cannot however be extinguished, and has come to the surface as you have risen out of the Dark Ages.


Now the Light is in the ascendancy and is linking enlightened souls together. As a powerful force of Light and Love you are transmuting the dark energies, and they are breaking up and their hold on you is being released. There may be darkness still around you, but it cannot touch you any longer unless you allow it. Providing you take responsibility for your own creations, you can clear any old karma quite quickly and it has never been easier than at this time. Intent is the word, and carefully note the experiences you have, as therein is the message for you. Dispatch those wayward thoughts that come into your mind, do it with love and tell your ego that they no longer serve your higher purpose. You and your ego must work in harmony together, until you are able to dispense with its services and become One with All That Is.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius and we continue to cover the subject of your Ascension, because that is the ultimate aim of everything we are doing for you. We are your Guardians, and First Contact is to provide massive help in matters that you could not otherwise handle. All must be made ready for Ascension, and the divine plan is in its final stages waiting our open contact with you. The Earth must be restored in a way that is respectful to that great entity called Mother Gaia, who like a mother to her children has sacrificed much at your hands. That has been her loving approach ever since you first stepped foot upon her surface. Now it is time to honor that great Being and return the love she has shown you. You are immutably linked with all forms of life, and it is the energy of Love that holds it all together. Be of the Light that brings love into everything you do and touch with your thoughts.    


Thank you Ag-agria.

 Mike Quinsey. Please do not use the above Email address, it is one way only. My address is To "subscribe"  to the ET First Contact List go to :
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Jul/04/08,   What you can do to choose and prepare for Ascension*******(Chapter  95)***finish 

Sep/03/08,  First Contact Preliminary on October 14, 2008******************(Chapter  97)***start

From below...  "(1) Michael has been wondering whether we will endorse the prediction of a special sighting that is intended for the 14th October, and we are more than happy to do so. However, always allow for changes where anything of this nature is concerned.    (2) The UFO cover-up has gone on for so long, but now fools very few people. The disclosure of mountains of evidence is essential to the acceptance and safety of our craft and personnel, and it needs to be seen that we have interacted with you in a peaceful and non-interfering manner. We would like that to go further, and reveal the many occasions that we have contacted your officials on peaceful missions.    (3) There is still a mixed feeling about our intentions, but generally speaking we are accepted as being of no threat to you. The nearer we get to First Contact there will be fear mongering but we visualize that by then we shall have achieved our goal of being accepted.    (4) The messages we bring are going to call for a new look at your history, and many false concepts and beliefs will have to be released."~htL~Peter ----- Original Message ----- From: Mike Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 2:04 AM
Diane  29-August-2008 

You are on your way, as you might say to the Promised Land and it will far exceed your expectations. After all of the turmoil you have experienced with the prospect of Mankind entering a period of collapse, it will be so uplifting to be able to put the past behind you. You have moods of consciousness, and presently there is much despondency at the direction the world is heading.  Yet within all of it a bright new dawn is emerging, that speaks of unity and a great coming together of all people. Changes are occurring all of the time, but hope is there that they will lead to new pathway that will put the past behind you.


More people than ever are detaching themselves from the constant bombardment of negative news, and look to the emergence of new directions that will lead to emancipation. They desire a coming together with a common purpose, and in the U.S. the election of a new President is seen as a step in the right direction, but the old influences and control still remain. However, all is in a state of flux, and so many things are happening at the same time it is difficult for you to see the outcome. We know the direction it is heading into, and this is why we repeatedly tell you of your success. How often we have said that victory is yours, and this is why you should detach yourselves from the intentional fear laden messages of your current leaders.


We have an army of people who are working hard to bring the dark forces into the Halls of Justice, and it will be the last time they shall stand in the limelight. The dark deeds that they have perpetrated upon you will be revealed, and they are far more extensive than you can possibly imagine. People will find it hard to believe that they have been duped and misled for so many years, and that their future has not been in their own hands. You have been held back from what should have been a natural advancement out of the Dark Ages into the Light. They have orchestrated the continual ups and downs of life, and they have cared little about leaving you impoverished and in desperation.


Now a different scenario is presenting itself, and many see that we of the Galactic Federation are the answer to your problems. We have contacted you with a view to helping you forward to a peaceful co-existence, and whilst your leaders have refused our help, you have responded positively. That has allowed us into your lives and we represent your best opportunity to change things on Earth. As your consciousness grows and the desire for our intervention becomes stronger, so we can respond and work with you to bring those changes about.


We are the balancing force that offers you peace and happiness, whereas the E.T’s invited to Earth by your government were used to strengthen the hand of the dark forces. Technological advancements have been used to empower your military forces and not for the general good of Mankind. Now we take up the role of bringing into being far ranging world changes, that shall bring you all that has previously been denied you. The waste and misuse of your money and resources has taken place on a massive scale, when it could have been used for the general good of all people. The ever present problems of starvation and need for just the basic tools for survival could have easily been overcome, and these are all areas that we shall address very quickly. However, that cannot commence until we can openly meet with those who are to be appointed to carry you into the New Age. One most important factor will be the need to keep you informed of what is happening, and we are well equipped to do it. You can then participate with us, and in this way we shall soon gain your full approval and confidence.


Michael has been wondering whether we will endorse the prediction of a special sighting that is intended for the 14th October, and we are more than happy to do so. However, always allow for changes where anything of this nature is concerned. Because it has been given to you some weeks in advance, it allows for a careful assessment of your reaction to the news. It also means that we can judge the impact upon your dark forces, and how they intend to respond. We cannot jeopardize the good work that has been done up to now, so we ask you all to accept at this stage the intent to bring our presence into the open. It will open people’s eyes and minds to our mission, and they shall see that we intend no harm to you. It will result in a call for your governments to interact with us, but of course that is not what they wish to do. They would rather ignore us and prevent any discourse with us that would take away their power over you.


The UFO cover-up has gone on for so long, but now fools very few people. The disclosure of mountains of evidence is essential to the acceptance and safety of our craft and personnel, and it needs to be seen that we have interacted with you in a peaceful and non-interfering manner. We would like that to go further, and reveal the many occasions that we have contacted your officials on peaceful missions. There is still a mixed feeling about our intentions, but generally speaking we are accepted as being of no threat to you. The nearer we get to First Contact there will be fear mongering but we visualize that by then we shall have achieved our goal of being accepted. The messages we bring are going to call for a new look at your history, and many false concepts and beliefs will have to be released.


We come to prepare you for Ascension, and come what may we shall ensure that we are successful in carrying out our divine orders. When the might and power of Heaven is placed behind us, you can be sure that there is only one outcome. Our mission is one of love and dedication to you, and we see you as equals and in no way different to us. We may be further down the path of evolution, but soon you will have the opportunity to join us. It is our responsibility to raise your consciousness to much higher levels, and bring the truth to you of your immortality and everlasting immutable link to God. Life is infinite and you are eventually destined to take your place in the Cosmos as time travelers. You will carry the message of God, and Love and Light just as we are now for you.


I am Diane from Sirius, and carry the feminine energy that is now predominant upon Earth, and will bring balance to you as the masculine energy has controlled your past often to your detriment. Great times together are coming closer, and we have so much to do that we will be so pleased when the formalities of getting together have taken place. We have studied Mankind for eons of time, and it is your emotional reactions that are so unpredictable. We do however believe that our approach over many years now, has paved the way for a peaceful and happy re-union. Indeed, it will be an occasion when you can interact with us, and you will know beyond doubt our intentions are honorable. The coming of the Masters to Earth will dispel much doubt regarding your religious beliefs, and the last barriers between people will be removed. You have lived with many drawbacks that have created separate societies, because you have not found a common purpose in your lives that has enabled you to come together.


Dear Ones, everything is about to permanently change for the better, and the basis for it all has gradually been put into place over many years. Our presence has stimulated your minds, and you have understood the potential that was being placed before you. You correctly see yourselves in us, and we are linked from ages past when we were able to come to you in a more openly manner. Your true history will show that we have always traveled with you, and have influenced your progress in ways that have speeded up your evolution. It is no different now and we are ready to enable you to take the greatest step of all onto the path of Ascension. We accompany you with our love and caring to bring you happiness, and release from the thralldom of centuries of darkness and oppression. We love you all with heart felt joy at being with you at such an important time.         


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.      

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Sep/03/08,  First Contact Preliminary on October 14, 2008******************(Chapter  97)***finish 

Sep/25/08,  October 14, 2008******************************************************(Chapter  98)***start

From below...  "(1)  There are events that are approaching manifestation that will be the precursor of greater happenings, that shall lead you in a different direction to what you are used to experiencing.   (2)  Extraterrestrial craft are no strangers to your Earth, and contact with them is quite normal. What will be different is that the event of the 14th October sighting will happen in such a way that it will be undeniable, and open the door to First Contact.   (3)  From hereon, think in a more expansive way that allows for the unity of Man, and his counterparts from all parts of the Universe. You are All One, and it is time to welcome them to your Earth not as strangers or aliens, but your friends.   (4)  Be of good cheer and help others to overcome their fear, by pointing out that a cleansing is taking place that is necessary to enable the new to manifest." 

From the Home page of Many of ONE... "Fear is a mind/ego created illusion... Un-conditional Love is all there is.  To fear or not to fear... that is the question." 

~htL~  Peter  

----- Original Message ----- From: Mike Quinsey Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 9:11 AM
SaLuSa  24-September-2008 

Even by your measure of time, there is not long to go before you will get a clear indication of where Humanity is going. There are events that are approaching manifestation that will be the precursor of greater happenings, that shall lead you in a different direction to what you are used to experiencing. You are being helped to break away from the iron grip of the dark forces, and this is vital if you are to tread a different path that shall allow you full expression in the Light. As you rise up from the lower vibrations, so you are creating a new energy field around you, and eventually will be totally protected against intrusions from them.


The raising up of your consciousness is a process that you can contribute to by being aware of all of your thoughts and actions, ensuring they are of your highest expression. As you progress, you will attract even higher energies to yourself, and in so doing will help others also awaken. Your presence is all that is required to perform this service, on behalf of those who still dwell in the lower vibrations. Some will remain rooted in them and unable to break out. They will not be deserted, but allowed to continue through their freewill choice.


Part of your reason for coming to Earth was to experience separateness from the Source, and in the end-times that you are now going through to grasp the opportunity to ascend. It is of your choosing, and as your consciousness expands to reveal the truth you must live according to your highest understanding of upliftment. Once you are on the path to Ascension, many dear souls from the Light will accompany you for the remainder of your journey. You have never been alone, but as often as not have been mired in the dark energies and unable to fully respond to the Light.


This particular period of time is drawing many Beings to Earth, who desire to help you overcome the many obstacles across your path. Rigid belief systems are a major difficulty to overcome, and it is so essential that you allow for other beliefs to expand your understanding. If not, many revelations that are about to enter your consciousness will be missed opportunities to break out of the conditioning that has held you back. Soon for example, there will be irrefutable proof that you are not alone in this Universe. Extraterrestrial craft are no strangers to your Earth, and contact with them is quite normal. What will be different is that the event of the 14th October sighting will happen in such a way that it will be undeniable, and open the door to First Contact.


From hereon, think in a more expansive way that allows for the unity of Man, and his counterparts from all parts of the Universe. You are All One, and it is time to welcome them to your Earth not as strangers or aliens, but your friends. You are One in the Light of the Source of All Life, and your destiny is to once more to become a pure Being of Light. Without the assistance of your ET friends, Man would have been unable to progress thus far. In time you will understand the truth of their presence, and how they have greatly helped you to evolve according to the Divine Plan that has guided them.


As we have often informed you, fear is the greatest obstacle to your enlightenment, and your dark forces play upon it. See beyond their attempts to intimidate you, and take your focus away from the activities of the Light. Some events are natural and real enough, and physical changes will continue to take place. However, others are intentionally brought about to continue the assault upon your senses to cause confusion and despair. Look further ahead and see that the present conditions cannot remain much longer, without a major change of direction. The dark is already beginning to implode upon itself, as it has no place whatsoever in the New Age. The Light is rapidly manifesting upon Earth, and drawing ever closer to the moment when the new Earth shall come into being. It will be with all of its glory, fully restored and fit for the sovereign Beings that shall have been lifted up.


There should be no concern about anything of value that will be left behind, as nothing of the 3rd dimension vibration can take its place in the higher ones. You will eventually use your own powers of creation to bring into being absolutely anything that gives you joy and happiness. There will be no loss to mourn over, and you will enjoy an existence of wonderful peace and great satisfaction in the company of Souls of Light. The times upon Earth will seem distant, and only those moments of utter love and upliftment will remain in your awareness. Think and meditate upon these things, and you will find a certainty within that knows the Truth in this connection.


We say be aware of what is going on around you, but stand back and deflect the lower energies back to their source by placing the golden white Light around you. Everything is energy, and therefore you have the means to combat any unwelcome energies so that they do not affect you. There will be difficult times ahead but you can soften the blow, if you approach them in the knowing that great changes are coming that will advance you beyond any lasting effect. Everything is happening so quickly with some speed as the new energies begin to manifest the new Earth. It is happening now, and therefore much of the old must make way for it.


Be of good cheer and help others to overcome their fear, by pointing out that a cleansing is taking place that is necessary to enable the new to manifest. Death and destruction are inevitable, but you will learn that nothing happens by chance. All souls decide how they will leave Earth and they accept it without any trauma or regret, as there is a time set for the completion of each souls life period. One life is but a brief moment of time in the whole scheme and plan for Man. The present one is however most important for those who seek the path of Ascension, and even that is known within the souls subconsciousness and will drive them onwards.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and come with greetings from the Galactic Federation, and much joy at the thought of your soon to come experiences of our craft, as they come close to Earth. Our actions are all in the cause of Love and Light and to ensure your safe arrival at journeys end, and Ascension. 


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey   

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Sep/25/08,  October 14, 2008******************************************************(Chapter  98)***finish 

Oct/10/08,   Let go and walk in Love and Beauty *********************************(Chapter  99)***start

Let go and walk in Love and Beauty,  Chapter 99

 Some observations:

(1)  The old ways are crumbling... Dow Jones Industrial Average peaked about one year ago... and is now down over 40 percent (October 10, 2008 close is 8451.19).   

(2)  The new ways are emerging... the pre-First Contact activities are currently planned to go to the next level on Tuesday October 14, 2008.   

(3)  "To fear or not to fear... that is the only question!"   

(4)  What can I do right now?   "Let go and walk in Love and Beauty."    

From below:

"(1)  These are testing times with many problems thrown at you on a physical level, and also testing of your faith and understanding in connection with your Space friends, and their announcement of intent to show themselves to prove their existence beyond doubt.   

(2)  This is one time in your history when you shall emerge victorious, unlike earlier cycles when you have been virtually destroyed through the actions of the dark forces. This one was always projected as having the full potential for a successful conclusion, and to ensure such an outcome has been carefully directed and assisted by our Federation.   

(3)  The Galactic Federation have made clear what you can expect with their coming to Earth, and they offer great help having foreseen the mass destruction that the Illuminati planned for your demise. Very few of you have a realization of how far their plans extended, and the degree to which they had been advanced.   

(4)  It is nearing the time when the Light will have been established upon Earth, and it will project you into a new era of joy and happiness. It will continue during the restoration of Earth and take you on to Ascension, when you will exist in absolute bliss and become free from all of the problems that beset you now.   

(5)  All around you death, destruction and decay are evident, but understand that absolutely nothing is permanently destroyed as it simply changes its level of vibration. All is energy and creation is by thought, and as you lift yourselves up your powers will increase to levels of instant creation.   

(6)   Meantime you can help those around you, by not entering into the fearful consequences of the financial problems that abound at present. You have the benefit of seeing further ahead than those who are uninformed or unaware of the Great Light, and it is emerging from the darkness and creating the opportunity for a complete turn around in the direction of your lives. Keep that vision in your sights at all times, because it is about manifest and once it does you will be under no illusion as to what it means."

----- Original Message ----- From: Mike Quinsey Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 1:28 AM
SaLuSa  10-October-2008 

These are testing times with many problems thrown at you on a physical level, and also testing of your faith and understanding in connection with your Space friends, and their announcement of intent to show themselves to prove their existence beyond doubt. The weeks have passed by and the Sighting looms ever nearer, and it has as expected provoked much interest and discussion. In the depths of world chaos there is hope extended by us, and anyone who has followed our messages will be aware of the nature of our presence. We come to release you from the conditions that have subjected you to so much turmoil, and have reduced your lives to being little less than slaves to your Government’s agenda of global control.


This is one time in your history when you shall emerge victorious, unlike earlier cycles when you have been virtually destroyed through the actions of the dark forces. This one was always projected as having the full potential for a successful conclusion, and to ensure such an outcome has been carefully directed and assisted by our Federation. It has required much cooperation from you who are the Lightworkers, and your commitment to establishing the Light upon Earth. In this you have been remarkably successful, having carried Mankind through several periods of uncertainty over the last century. Many souls have ventured to Earth during this time to specifically lift you up, and out of the darkness have achieved the establishment of a grid of Light. It is your link between Earth and the immediate levels above you, and as you attract the Light so it enforces the power of the grid to create many centers within it.


The Galactic Federation have made clear what you can expect with their coming to Earth, and they offer great help having foreseen the mass destruction that the Illuminati planned for your demise. Very few of you have a realization of how far their plans extended, and the degree to which they had been advanced. They had success in their grasp, but have had it snatched from them through joint activities with our allies. There is no “quick fix” and even with our knowledge and technology, it will take some time to establish the foundation for a new way of life. However, we are very near to being able to go ahead with First Contact, and that is the key to everything else that is necessary to get the changes underway.


It is nearing the time when the Light will have been established upon Earth, and it will project you into a new era of joy and happiness. It will continue during the restoration of Earth and take you on to Ascension, when you will exist in absolute bliss and become free from all of the problems that beset you now. Duality is an experience and no more, and it was never intended to become your permanent way of life. It is cyclic like everything else and now draws to its conclusion having served its purpose. Your natural state is being at one with All That Is, living in complete harmony and happiness without the burden of having to deal with the attention of the dark forces. They too are gaining experience from their activities, and act out their roles assigned to them just the same as yours.


All around you death, destruction and decay are evident, but understand that absolutely nothing is permanently destroyed as it simply changes its level of vibration. All is energy and creation is by thought, and as you lift yourselves up your powers will increase to levels of instant creation. You are far from being helpless Beings tossed around in the sea of physicality, as you have all of the potential offered by the higher levels of vibration. Ascension will place you in the fifth dimension or higher, which is far removed from the limiting vibrations you are now in. Yet, it is you over millennia of time that have created what you see all around you today. It is not exactly by choice, but your dark thoughts and deeds have overshadowed the Light. Now you can take credit for having lifted yourselves up sufficiently to manifest the higher vibrations, and they are opening the path to Ascension.


Meantime you can help those around you, by not entering into the fearful consequences of the financial problems that abound at present. You have the benefit of seeing further ahead than those who are uninformed or unaware of the Great Light, and it is emerging from the darkness and creating the opportunity for a complete turn around in the direction of your lives. Keep that vision in your sights at all times, because it is about manifest and once it does you will be under no illusion as to what it means. Changes for the good of all are descending upon you in the form of the Galactic Federation, and we await the initial response to the “Sighting” from which we can gauge your readiness for the next stages. Know for certainty we will come very soon, as it must be realized that time is becoming short for the plan to take you to the end times.


We do not experience concern in the way you do, as we have the ability to adjust to any changes quite easily and no challenge is beyond us. It is simply that our technological superiority lends itself quite readily to any situation. However, we need to take the present opportunity that offers us the chance to implement the Divine Plan for you and your evolution. Earth is a beautiful world that will leave you with many memories, but these will be surpassed once you see the restoration completed. Truly the Garden of Eden will rise from the ashes of many centuries of neglect and destruction. It will be befitting of the new Man that will emerge to accompany Earth on its Ascension pathway.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you from my experience, that your Earth is one of the most beautiful planets I have ever seen. It was created for you by bringing the flowers and fauna from other planets, so that you could experience some of the wonders of the Universe. Can you comprehend the love of the Beings of Light who were responsible, and the great love of the Creator who conceived of the plan. New Universes are being created all of the time, and as a Cosmic Being your opportunity to explore these unlimited expanses is infinite. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the changes that are commencing on Earth. Think positively and live your life in appreciation of what is being given to you, and give love to all others on this journey with you. Make it a happy and joyous time that you share with them.   


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey. Please do not use the above email address, it is one way only.
My address is 

Oct/10/08,   Let go and walk in Love and Beauty *********************************(Chapter  99)***finish   

Oct/15/08,   "X-Factor" and October 14, 2008 *********************************(Chapter 100)***start


(1)  Free will/choice can not be predicted mathematically.  Off-planet, the collective status of on-planet free will/choice is known as the "X-Factor".  The collective on-planet "X-Factor" measures between 0% and 100%.   

(2)  0% "X-Factor" is living in fear from mind/ego... or separation consciousness.   

(3)  100% "X-Factor" is walking in Un-Conditional Love and living within Heart... or Connective Consciousness.   

(4)  Every possible form within Heart contains inner Beauty... this Beauty can be seen through the 'eyes' of our own unique aspect of the ONE Heart.  There is only ONE Heart... we are all many of ONE... connected through the ONE Heart.   

(5)  The path from 0% to 100% is all about 'Letting go" of thoughts and beliefs no longer within our individual truth.   

(6)  45 Acceleration tools to "Let go" are on Many of ONE...  none of which are necessary for those who simply choose to "Let go and walk in Love and Beauty".   

(7)  For the scientific types, the full force of Photon Mechanics (explained on Many of ONE) is activated for those who choose to simply "Let go and walk in Love and Beauty".    

From below:

"(1)  Dear Ones a high point has been achieved through the ongoing expectation of the arrival of the Forces of Light, and that is so important to the final outcome of First Contact. Having been presented with a firm announcement connected with the “Sighting” rather than a mere possibility; it has confronted many souls who were not ready for such an enormous event.   (2)  The result has been a shock to their system, over and above the normal reaction to the many sightings that have been taking place with ever increasing regularity.   

(3)  ...  the sighting has been curtailed for a short time until a more receptive response is registered.   

(4)  Overall the Light has grown, and brought the facts of what is transpiring on and off Earth, to more people’s attention than ever before. In that respect there has been a gain for the Light, however it was never intended that an event planned with so much love and good intentions, should heighten people’s fears and confusion.   

(5)  Now the focus returns for the time being on the next few months, during which many major and extremely important events are drawing to a conclusion." 

Original Message ----- From: Mike Quinsey Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 1:20 AM
SaLuSa  15-October-2008 

Dear Ones a high point has been achieved through the ongoing expectation of the arrival of the Forces of Light, and that is so important to the final outcome of First Contact. Having been presented with a firm announcement connected with the “Sighting” rather than a mere possibility; it has confronted many souls who were not ready for such an enormous event. The result has been a shock to their system, over and above the normal reaction to the many sightings that have been taking place with ever increasing regularity. With all of the confusion and chaos already making people tense and worried, yet another matter of mind wrenching capability has created a degree of tension that was not envisaged. In the interests of those people, the sighting has been curtailed for a short time until a more receptive response is registered.


The Lightworkers will understand that people’s wellbeing has always been first and uppermost in our consideration. As with other proposed major events that have been held back, the whole process of Ascension still moves forward. It will certainly be unaffected in any way by the change of course. Overall the Light has grown, and brought the facts of what is transpiring on and off Earth, to more people’s attention than ever before. In that respect there has been a gain for the Light, however it was never intended that an event planned with so much love and good intentions, should heighten people’s fears and confusion. Our decisions are always for the good of all, and it still remains true that there is a divine decree in place regarding the manner in which the end times are played out.


Now the focus returns for the time being on the next few months, during which many major and extremely important events are drawing to a conclusion. This is in accordance with the long held plan to remove the last cabal. Then, the mass consciousness will be even more receptive to the possibility of First Contact. What has been happening over the last few weeks, is that dear souls who have not previously given much thought to the existence of their Space Family, have felt compelled to wrestle with what it would mean to them. For some it has been extremely unsettling, and they clearly need yet more time to contemplate such an important issue. However, the seeds are sown and as further changes occur on Earth, so the possibility of contact with us will become more acceptable.


There is a fine line between our desire to contact you openly, and the reluctance of some of you to accept our presence and place in your lives, and indeed in your future. Our ways are not to force issues, but to try with immense patience to guide people’s thoughts into a new way of thinking. For quite some time messages of love and great encouragement have been presented to you. Their goal is to awaken you to the truth of your reality that you have created, and lift your consciousness to a much higher level of understanding. In that the messages have been remarkably successful, yet so many of Humankind have remained bogged down by the lower vibrations. Our desire would be to lift every single soul up, but we know that some are not ready to take such a step. That is as always a freewill choice, which will always be honored.


It is not so much as you would say “back to the drawing board” but simply an adjustment to part of the plan to acquaint you with our presence, Bear in mind that at this stage, the “Sighting” was intended to make a final move that proved beyond doubt our existence. Whilst millions of you have seen our craft, and even Extraterrestrials a considerable number of times, these have been the ongoing contacts that have gradually brought a large degree of acceptance of us. To present a sighting such as was planned would leave little way out for those full of fear. Of course there is always going to be a certain degree of opposition to such an event, as the uninformed and dark forces will use every way possible to defeat our intentions. They cannot however achieve but only a temporary respite from our presence, and in the long run the plan for Man will manifest.


Nothing has really changed, and there is always a need to reappraise what we are planning. We do in fact constantly review our input into earthly affairs, and our caution is sometimes seen as inaction on our part. A few more days or weeks are really unimportant after thousands of years in duality. The most important factor above all else is the result of our presence, and our gentle nudging towards the path of Ascension. Our craft will continue to make their way across your skies as before, and that will remain as part of our ongoing plan to familiarize you with them and accept that they offer you no threat.


We would encourage you to look at the positive side of any event that seems on the face of it to be a failure. The “Sighting” has not gone ahead as planned, but because of the intent to prove our presence beyond doubt, it has opened more people’s minds and hearts. It signals the coming together of your civilization and others that are truly your brothers and sisters from the stars. As always we keep tabs on what your dark forces are doing, and they continue to fall down the slippery path to oblivion. Their time is up, although they refuse to recognize it and obstinately hold onto their waning power. 


A look at what is happening on your world shows that there have been great advancements for your release from the hold of the dark. Suddenly the plan for the initial changes that will start a whole ream of them is there to see. Allow for matters to play out, and then you will notice that our allies have managed to set the scene for a massive change in the way your financial set up works. Soon the abundance program will be able to commence, and your immediate worries will be short lived. It will be only the start of a whole series of changes that will not be able to be thwarted by the outgoing and defeated cabal.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation ask that you try to see what has happened where the “Sighting” has been concerned, and put it into perspective with everything else. Your future is assured, and although it may not be apparent, there has been much gain from the upliftment in people’s consciousness as a result of it. Please accept and feel our love for you all.


Thank you SaLuSa

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Oct/15/08,   "X-Factor" and October 14, 2008 *********************************(Chapter 100)***finish   

=====================end Ascension Considerations/Experiences/Techniques===================



Change in direction for Many of ONE                  

Jan/24/04,  Many of ONE narrows focus to active lightworkers *****************(Chapter  22)***start

The 'Dawn breaks on our co-created Golden Age!' email from Many of ONE on 1/24/2004 may be the final email designed to inform of and explain ascension... our focus has shifted to those actively interested in manifesting their personal ascension.


----- Original Message ----- From: Peter G Olson III To: xxx Sent: Saturday, January 24, 2004 7:47 PMSubject: Some 1st half of 2004 details regarding the Ascension of Humankind.
Chrissie,  Just finished listening to the radio broadcast... many thanks!  My reactions:Lungold describes/understands the pre Harmonic Concordance path... before the 12 key energies were permanately pumped into our Solar System on 11/8,9/2003; April 23, 2004 is clearly a "defining moment" date; There will be a micro measurement of humankind taken on 2/2/2004 (similar to the macro measurement taken every 25 years... last macro taken during 1987... next macro due 2012); Determination of humankind's current readiness will be known after 2/2/2004; Possible manifestations from the inner worlds into Physicality based upon our current readiness will then be known... NESARA, yes/modified/no;  First Contact, yes/partial/no;  Reshaping/mitigation of economic/civil/geological disruptions, yes/no.

What can we do?  Just as Lungold states while concluding the radio broadcast, find our center... and stay there... no matter what happens, remain positive!  (The strongest expression of being positive is ask your Total Self and the other Great Beings of the inner worlds working with you to activate your physical self to hold more light, magnetism and high/inner heart space within Physicality than you ever have done in this life... and to hold more and more every single day.)  Learn the power of the Spirit, its strength is inexhaustable. If starting today (1/24/04), just one additional person on the planet, chooses to increase the amount of Light, Magnetism and Inner Heart Space they hold every single day, the micro reading on 2/2/2004 will be more favorable... contain a higher percent of light.  The more favorable the micro reading... the more the Great Beings of our inner worlds will be enabled to step up their assistance and ease humankind's transition.  With all their Being and unconditional love, they want to help us... but the amount and nature of their assistance is our choice (those of us in Physicality), not their's.  We make that choice by our actions... our light... our unconditional love... not our words... not our desires... not our fears... not our nightmares. 

The measurements are performed by very sophisiticated percent of light scanners.  An analogy would be scales that not only measure the weight of our body... but also our percent of body fat.   These scanners are located on spaceships currently stationed all around the planet.  The measurements are then consolidated on Sirius.  The measurement process is then complete.  Our current percent of light is known to the inner worlds... to heaven. Please don't anyone ask me fear based questions like... What will happen to the stock market? Should I buy gold? What about this... what about that?These decisions depend on humankind's percent of light... period... full stop.  My plan is to make such decisions from my space of inner calm (key energy #9) after 2/2/2004.  My space of inner calm is not your space... we are unique.  We will all make unique decisions. My decision is to do my life's work.. which is all about Ascension (as described on to flow with the collective choice of humankind in a state of non-judgement and joy... and to do my best in doing my part in co-creating our new future... our Golden Age.
~htl~  (Holding The Light)

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Peter was an interesting interview..........keep your discernment ears on whilst listening    Okay-Okay You Win, Please No More Emails...01/22/04 
by Mitch Battros (ECTV) I'm not exactly sure what happened out there in ether-land, but the word traveled faster than I have ever seen it. It seems the topic of economic collapse struck a cord I wasn't even aware of. I have received hundreds of emails asking to make my interview with Ian Lungold - Mayan Scholar, available to all. The topic was a follow-up to what Mayan Elder, Carlos Barrios said "live" on Tuesday's January 20th ECTV 'Radio Hour'. Carlos disclosed for the first time, his belief Mayan prophecy suggest the United States experiencing a "economic collapse" starting "this year". 

After Ian Lungold heard of what Carlos Barrios (one of the Elders he studied) had to say, he made contact saying "you got to get me on the air". So I did, and the rest is history. When you hear what Ian has to say about coming times, and a specific day as to its probable peak, you will understand why. 

So here it is: 

Ian Lungold  (61 minutes) 

Dr. Tom Van Flandern Makes Stunning Statement About Mars 

Now if the above news is not shattering enough, wait until you hear what Dr. Tom Van Flandern has to say about the Mars Rover "Spirit". As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I had a telephone conversation with Dr. Flandern on Tuesday morning. He first grabbed my attention when he said the new "color photos" of Mars were "real". I was thinking it was just more hocus pocus with pixel manipulation. To my stunning surprise, Dr Tom Van Flandern, former Director of the US Navel Observatory for 20 years, and NASA contractor, told me and I quote "the photos you see Mitch "are real". The bluish/grayish rocks, and the bluish sky "are real". The next sentence had me sitting up straight in my chair. Dr. Van Flandrern stated "did you happen to notice the bluish/redish tent to the sky? This indicates a partial atmosphere." 

Now with a forth in a row sudden disappearance of a Mars probe, one has just got to scratch their head and say "is this just a coincidence"? No more hints. I told Tom I wanted him to be the first to disclose what he believes happened while "live" on the air, so I will keep my word. 

Join Dr. Tom Van Flandern and myself Tuesday January 27th for our "live" interview. The show will be made "free" and available to all. So please, no more emails to make the archive show available. In fact, let me do the asking. Please help support ECTV and join today. All archive shows are available to subscribers. Help us help you. Lets keep the show and its almost always breaking news topics available to a ever growing awakened world. 

Dr. Van Flandern's Website: 

Mars Rover Photo's and Information: 

World News 

The leader (Dr. Kay) of ISG has just resigned due to Bush's unwillingness to accept his findings. 

Dr. Kay is the head of the Iraq Survey Group, a U.S.-led coalition team of military and intelligence personnel that has been hunting for WMD in Iraq since July 2003. A former U.N. weapons inspector, Kay had led a team after the first Gulf War which hunted down and destroyed Iraq's nuclear weapons. But by 1998, having been denied further access, all the U.N. teams were forced to leave Iraq. At that time, Kay was convinced that Saddam was still hiding WMD. 

In this interview, Kay discusses the approach the ISG is taking in the hunt and the ISG's October 2003 interim report, which stated that no WMD had been found so far. 

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Mitch Battros 
Producer - Earth Changes TV 

Jan/24/04,  Many of ONE narrows focus to active lightworkers *****************(Chapter  22)***finish

Jan/26/04,  Beth, an aspect of Archangel Michael is born into flesh this day **(Chapter  23)***start

This is a milestone event in the ascension of humankind.
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  Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 7:41 AM
  Subject: Morning Wakeup Call Jan 26, 2004

  > Please do not respond to this automatic Mailing.
  > Birthing An Angel of The Heart
  > My Dear Ones,
  > Today, my spirit sings with the angels of the lighted realms in
celebration of my journey into oneness. My birth is happening now, here with
you this day. The freedom of my first breath, fills my heart with an intense
expansion of loving compassion. I AM held in the arms of my family, The
Angels of The Arch. I sense them all around me. Like that of any new born
child, my vision is being allowed to focus. My hearing has improved greatly
in both dimensions, there is such beautiful chanting. I AM told to use the
chanting as a homing devise, so as not to stray to far off. I am receiving
activation energies that will be balanced with comfort and ease thru breath.
Trust is so natural here because, I AM HOME. MY HOME.
  > MY TRUTH. I AM The Heart of Michael. I AM also, a part of each Angel of
The Arch, as are ALL of YOU. The message I bring to you today, is from home
and family. Release everything that you are, and breathe, relax, surrender
to the compassionate love of their embrace. ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER. Let
everything you know go. Stop trying to figure out the illusion, for that
also, is an illusion. Release it, surrender and, let it go. It is only by
doing this that, you will know The Truth of Trust in The Divine. The time
has come for ALL Angels to AWAKEN. Go now, within. We are awaiting your
arrival with great anticipation and joy. Come home Angels of Light, We have
a surprise for you! It's Your Birthday!
  > Blessings and Thanks to The Family of One for allowing my truth to
appear upon this page. You are loved beyond measure.

Jan/26/04,  Beth, an aspect of Archangel Michael is born into flesh this day **(Chapter  23)***finish

Feb/01/04,  Kryon on Understanding Relationships! ******************************(Chapter  24)***start

A helpful follow-on to Sananda's Twin Ray Reunion transmission of 1/15/1999. This Kryon message will be posted on our website.
Peter----- Original Message ----- From: xxx To: xxx Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2004 8:26 AMSubject: [merkaba-adventures] Understanding relationships!
There are no coincidences... Blooming Bard and I have discussed many 
times the importance of "pairing" so one can create and the other 
manifest... This Kryon channel, performed by David Brown in Cape 
Town shows it well... how men and woman can dance in perfect 
harmony... Enjoy!!!


Note to the reader: Express the intent to be 'in the NOW' at the 
channelling, and for your energy to be combined with the group that 
was present.  

Kryon South Africa 
Channelled through David Brown
14th January 2004 at Lakeside, Cape Town
"Understanding relationships"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you this night. You have all worked 
together in Service in many lifetimes, not only on the earth plane, 
but on many other planets, around this and many other universes.

There is so much love beginning to flow here on planet Earth as the 
energy shifts and the new-world beckons. You, that have done so much 
work on yourselves, will be truly reaping the benefits of that work. 
You are beginning to feel at peace with yourself and you are 
beginning to fill up with love, joy, freedom and spirit within. As 
you release all the energy around your childhood and become freer in 
your own life you will be recognized and seen, you will be honoured 
and respected. Honour and respect is the next energy to enter the 
earth plane - in a big way. Respect is an energy that is not 
detrimental in any way; it is an energy that maintains a deep and 
empowering space, an energy that is like the nucleus of an atom, an 
energy that holds everything in place - the right place. As you 
respect yourselves and others everything in your life will fall into 
place and stay in place. 

The more love energy that you have in your heart the more respect 
you will have for yourself and the more joy and freedom will come 
into your heart. It is very much like opposing forces, joy and 
freedom, equalling respect and holding a space. There will be 
dignity on this Earth once again. Dignity comes hand in hand with 
respect - as you respect yourself, the earth plane and those that 
surround you, you will create a high level of dignity and honour. 
There is much that ails many people; many sicknesses revolve around 
lack of dignity, respect and honour. Cancer is a side effect of this 
phenomenon - it is the anger that comes from not respecting or 
honouring yourself - from not being dignified with yourself. There 
is a flip side to anger - anger will be the energy used to bring 
respect, dignity and honour into your life. It is only dirty anger 
that creates sickness - an honest, clean, down-to-earth anger 
creates love, order and respect.

The more you have worked on yourself the more space you are capable 
of holding and the more people you will be able to hold within that 
space. Just as the centre of the atom is the neutron, so you will 
become, as healers, the nucleus of a new society - the new society 
will be based in a much smaller grouping than we have on earth at 
the moment; in a way, back to tribes with smaller groups of people. 
Within each tribe there will be a Shaman, a holy man, the leader. 
All that read and understand these channellings are on their way to 
becoming the Shaman or holy man of their own tribe. Holy comes from 
the word wholeness as does the word heal. As you heal yourself and 
become whole you will become holy, strong and capable enough to hold 
the energy for a group of people to evolve and revolve around you.

There is a new awakening; a re-awakening of an old and ancient 
energy, an energy where there is a deep love and reverence for all 
men and women who live on earth. Within such a group there is much 
joy, freedom and intimacy to be experienced. In a group such as 
this, each person will have a particular job, a particular state of 
being. Each person will have their own gifts, their own knowledge, 
their own wisdom and their own way of being. As the energy begins to 
settle people will begin to recognize one another, understand one 
another and realize who belongs with whom. It is not to say that a 
tribe will be autonomous, each tribe will be linked and inter-linked 
with all other tribes; they will be structured in such a way that 
happiness, joy and freedom will vibrate through the group of people. 
There will be a level of intimacy and understanding brought to the 
earth plane by the healers that have become whole by releasing all 
their issues.

In this room tonight, as we said earlier, we have all worked 
together in many lifetimes - we are here to learn from one another 
and embrace one another's energies - no matter what these energies 
are they are all welcome here. If you have resistance to a specific 
energy it will stick to you like glue. The art of manipulating 
energy is to love and to embrace the energy, allow the energy to be 
free even if it is an energy that would "normally" be considered 
negative or positive - in truth there is neither. The truth is that 
there is only one way forward and that is into love; whether you 
view the vibration as negative or positive you will be guided to the 
Divine, to love. There will be much joy when you join hands with 
these old friends from the past. You will feel a connectedness and 
oneness with those people that you have loved so many times in the 
past and will come to love once again in the present. As these 
tribes begin to form - they are already forming - the ancient wisdom 
will come to the fore. There is much to be learned from ancient and 
forgotten wisdom. The tribes will become very powerful in the world 
of business and politics in the outside world. Within each tribe 
there will be peace, joy and freedom, there will be Divinity 
connecting individuals of the tribe and they will know and 
understand their connectedness.

This is a time of stepping into love - a time for you to meet your 
soul mates. Close your eyes and imagine a dandelion ready to 
disperse its seed - feel the wind that flows beyond this dandelion 
and allows the seeds to float away - every single seed lands exactly 
where it is meant to be. You are all great seeds of the New Age and 
the wind will blow you, for many the wind has already blown - this 
night you are all exactly where you are meant to be - tonight this 
is your "sweet spot". Many years ago in a place called Atlantis we 
were all together - we were part of a nation that was torn and 
divided - in an energy not un-similar to today - the world was 
headed for catastrophe. Catastrophe did happen! You have always 
wondered why life is so difficult as you work in the Light. The 
reason behind your difficulties is that Spirit strengthens each one 
of you, through each and every challenge that you face and overcome, 
and you become much stronger - you are so much stronger than you 
were even one year ago. 

Each challenge that you have faced to become stronger, not only 
strengthens you physically but it also strengthens your trust in the 
Divine and in Spirit. You will never see your future from the 
present but you will have a deep inherent knowledge that your 
future, and you in your future, are safe, loved and deeply held in 
the Spirit of Love. You all have a dream - it is a seed planted by 
the Divine in your mind - all you have to do is remember the dream 
and keep walking towards it. It is only when you stop walking 
towards your dream, when you fear your fears, that you come into a 
situation of pain. You need to step outside of yourselves and see 
who you are - you need to see yourself as if you were someone else - 
offer yourself advice as if you were offering it to someone else and 
you will easily come back onto the right path. It is said there is 
nothing to fear but fear itself and that fear is just an absence of 
love, so whatever your fears are, place love in those spaces. Love 
comes in many different ways and forms, like teaching yourself life 
skills; the main point of your focus should be in the abstract world 
for this is where all your emotions and feelings lie - in the 
abstract, whatever you are feeling you will become. There is so much 
emphasis placed on the power of thought that once you train yourself 
to step into the feeling world, into the realms of feelings and 
emotions, and manage to control and handle your feelings and 
emotions, then you will be able to direct your emotions into a space 
of what your dream is requiring of you and you will get closer to 
your dream. 

Your dream is the work of the Divine here on the planet - it is your 
Divine work here on the planet - it is the work that you are 
supposed to be doing to bring yourself into truth, and to bring this 
planet and all that live on Mother Earth into a more balanced, 
productive, easy-going and more exciting way of life. Whatever your 
fear is, there is always an energy waiting; through the power of 
intent comes the energy of postulation - postulation will bring 
conclusion to your fear, problem or challenge - it will bring 
resolve and it will bring clarity. 

Spirit this night is quadrupling the energy of postulation within 
each person here this night - you will have more power and energy to 
resolve the issues that you are wrestling with. This energy may feel 
strange; it may take you rapidly into a new reality. You will be 
held by Spirit in this reality. Your dreams will come quicker and 
faster than ever before, manifestation will become much easier, 
relationships will become understandable and there will become a 
greater understanding and knowledge of relationships. Spirit is 
working with mass consciousness to alter relationships here on 
planet earth. There is much lack of understanding of relationships; 
a great lack of understanding of the masculine and feminine 
energies, of male and female relating to one another, male and male 
relating to one another and female and female relating to one 
another. A decision has been taken to alter mass consciousness and 
to bring the planet a deep and meaningful understanding of how human 
beings relate to one another.

The scientists on the planet will begin with their understanding - 
this understanding is in energetic form. This night we will sow this 
seed of understanding in your heart - allow yourself to open your 
heart to this understanding of relationships - open your heart to 
each person in this circle - connect with one another energetically 
and allow love to flow from your heart to everyone else in the 
circle - receive love from everyone else in the circle. Allow your 
heart to be vulnerable with this love - where there is any hurt or 
any pain in your heart just allow you heart to be cleansed and 
purified by the love of everyone in the circle, by Kryon, by Spirit 
and by your Spirit Guides. This night the room is full, filled with 
Spirit, the room is thick with Spirit and you are being transported 
to a new reality, a new state of being - as a group you will anchor 
this energy, here, this night into Mother Earth. The energy of 
understanding relationships.

First of all, relationships begin within you; so allow yourself to 
scan your body for aspects of yourself that are not relating within 
yourself. Note that your right hand side is your masculine side and 
the left-hand side is the feminine - the easier that these two 
aspects of yourself relate to one another the easier relationships 
in your outer world become. Allow yourself to build bridges from one 
side of your body to the other - allow energy to flow from the 
masculine to the feminine and from the feminine to the masculine. 
Feel how easy the integration comes in this energy - how the 
masculine flows into the feminine and the feminine into the 

For the men in the circle this night, allow yourselves to become 
friends with the masculine side of your body. For the women, allow 
yourselves to become friends with your feminine side and embrace 
your femininity. Acknowledge yourself as a man or a woman whatever 
the case may be and within that acknowledgement acknowledge the 
strength that flows into your body. Within all men and all women 
there is insecurity around their own gender. Allow this insecurity 
to surface and acknowledge the feeling of insecurity within 
yourself - allow the energy into your body, acknowledge the energy 
and release it, let it go. This energy will come in waves, one after 
the other - just be with the energy - as your insecurities release 
your back will become stronger and straighter, and more energy will 
flow easily through your body.

For a few here this night this is something you have never 
contemplated, but just sit with it and be gentle with yourself, 
enjoy yourself and who you are, embrace yourself. The most powerful 
of men have truly embraced the femininity within themselves, that is 
how they became so powerful, their relationship with the feminine is 
easy and flowing. The feminine is all that is not known on this 
planet and the masculine is all that is known - you become powerful 
by manifesting continually what is not known, by flowing with the 
feminine and by stepping into your power. The more you make known, 
the more knowledge you have. Knowledge within itself is power, this 
is known as gnosis, which is in itself a journey to the Divine, a 
journey through knowledge. The more divinity there is within you the 
more powerful you are and the more you are trusted to do Divine 
work. This is also true for the women in this circle. Your greatest 
strength will be bringing the unknown to the planet - the more you 
can revel in the unknown the more powerful as a woman you will 
become, the more attractive also. A woman that operates in the 
unknown or in the Divine will have a secret aura, a secret 
understanding of herself and where she's headed. It has to be secret 
because it is unknown. It is like the seed of a tree, when it is 
planted it will grow but no-one knows how it will grow, how it will 
look in 30, 40 or 200 years. No-one will know. The more a woman 
operates in the Divine, in the feminine energies, the more beautiful 
and attractive she becomes, but a woman will always need a man to 
manifest what is unknown.

In general terms the physical strength of a man, his physical 
constitution, is built to manifest. Of course a woman can operate in 
the masculine realms, but by operating in the masculine realms and 
manifesting her own unknown, she is wasting much of her energy. The 
same also goes for men; if they operate too much in the feminine 
realm their energy is wasted, a man should focus himself in his 
masculine realm and have a partner who revolves in the feminine 

When there is respect, honour and dignity of the differences of the 
genders then great wisdom will come, great understanding will come 
and great riches will come. The more a man and a woman work 
together, closely, in harmony and in tune with one another, the more 
they can manifest. If a woman is full of trust and the man also 
trusts then you will come together and create a oneness, a oneness 
that is divinely inspired. Your work will be Divine - your Divine 
work will be your dream of what you really want for yourself. When 
you are in a state of this oneness it is like two strong pillars 
holding up a beautiful temple, which is the relationship. The 
stronger the pillars the bigger and more beautiful the temple can 
be. As a woman lives in her femininity and a man in his masculinity 
those pillars become strong. Should a man live in his femininity or 
a woman in her masculinity, those pillars will never be strong; the 
relationship they hope to have will never be what it could be.

We are going to hold a vibration of a man living in his masculinity 
and a woman living in her femininity - we will allow you to feel 
what it feels like to be in a relationship with such an energy. The 
energy of this relationship is coming into the room now - allow 
yourself to feel and become sensitive to this energy - where there 
is resistance in your body, for there is great resistance in this 
room this night, then allow the energy to wash away this resistance. 
What you are not ready to release will be held by Spirit so you can 
feel the truth of a deeply intimate relationship. We are now at 80% 
power - now 90% - you will be beginning to feel the strength, 
respect and the honour that we spoke of earlier for that is all 
contained in this energy. This energy is not about silly love songs, 
it is about a true bonding of two people coming together, two people 
who have a true deep understanding of one another and who deeply 
trust one another; entrenched in their gender, their femininity and 
their masculinity. At this point you may feel resistance in your 
bodies - for now Spirit is going to hold this resistance, to release 
this resistance temporarily - we don't wish to take away your 
lessons should you wish to learn along such lines.

Now you should be feeling the energy of how a relationship between a 
man and a woman is supposed to feel - acknowledge this energy and 
sit with it - become this energy as it is part of all your dreams. 
It is not just a dream for you in this room - it is a dream for all 
of mankind to experience - Spirit will slowly release your issues 
around this energy - allow this energy to have autonomy over your 
issues and your fears - whatever your fears are around this, 
acknowledge them and let them go - there are great fears. At this 
moment this energy is not welcome in mass consciousness and energy 
of this calibre is shared by a mere handful on this planet.

Before long those who want this kind of relationship will receive 
it - the energy is being sown here this night. We have the honour in 
Cape Town of bringing this energy to the planet - South Africa is 
the nation with the fastest growing consciousness on the planet - 
the ancient cultures of Africa at one time had this energy, but it 
is even lost to them - this energy is being returned, it is being 
returned to bring the true magic and majesty of planet earth back to 

Dear ones, your guides are at your feet; they are in awe and honour 
of your progress of your life here on earth. Allow them to wash your 
aura with love - whatever you wish to let go of, acknowledge it and 
release it and Spirit will take it away.

Dear ones, go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.


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Feb/01/04,  Kryon on Understanding Relationships! ******************************(Chapter  24)***finish

Feb/06/04,  St. Germain, El Morya, & Archangel Gabriel, 8 or 9 more years **(Chapter  25)***start

This channelling is very clear, and in it's acceptance, calming (key energy 9)... also provides clarity on the role of Indigo Children.  (Lightworkers who read and choose denial may or may not experience calm.) 
Peter --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Athene Raefiel is a Telepath, Author of the book "Getting to the Heart" A Journey of Soul Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment, a Spiritual Teacher and an Enlightened Being. 

All of her work is copyrighted but may be used, posted or published by acknowledging Athene as the author.

Due to the length of this channeling she suggests you print it out to read it.

Channeling of St. Germaine and El Morya and Archangel Gabriel

By: Athene Raefiel

December 13, 2003


I am St. Germaine. I come forward as the spokesperson for the hierarchy at this time that the channel refers to as the Oversoul. I am the teacher of the violet flame. I am the keeper of the violet flame and I am the assistant of the violet flame. I come forward today to bring the violet flame to each of you in this room who are working with their transformative processes of changing their negative energies and their negative emotions. Through the violet flame energy you will bring your emotions to a point that will allow them to cleanse, heal and regenerate. Reconstructing them with the balance and fulfillment of joy, happiness and peace. 

I am that which is spoken of as an ascended being, who was in body for many incarnations and walked much the same paths you are all walking at this time. Of course we did not have this technology that you have. We did not have televisions. We did not have DVDs. We did not have all of your entertainment. For we made our plays and entertained on stage, played our music, did our journeying geographically, studied our surroundings and were much more in touch with the earth, in a way you are not. I have had many, many different incarnations. In so being, I have been many facets of what a human being represents. 

I too had to learn to change the program. I too had to learn to reprogram and understand that I was a god myself. I do not see myself any longer as being a god. I simply see my self as being St. Germaine, the ascended one. I ascended your plane and your dimension and in so doing pleaded with the higher realms to allow the violet flame of freedom to be released back to the consciousness of mankind to utilize in changing the unwanted frequencies that they had carried for such a very long period of time. So many people had abused and misused the energy of the holy flames and they are such a sacred energy that indeed the hierarchy and the councils were not easily persuaded to do so. It was a labor of love shall I say, to convince the councils to allow the flames to be used once again within your dimension.

There are many sacred colors of flames that can be utilized. There is the violet flame, the emerald green flame, the turquoise flame, the pink flame, there is the azure blue flame of cause and there is the violet flame of transformation, and many others. 

When you use the violet flame it is as if you are using an action or an activity that changes the energy within and without. It brings all of the negativity to the surface within your being; therefore it can cause feelings of agitation. It can make you feel uncomfortable. It can make you feel paranoid. Whatever delusions it is that you carry within yourself, it will definitely heighten those delusions. This energy of the violet flame is an energy that transforms and breaks down that which is not pure in its originality. 

When I say not pure in its origin, I am speaking of things that have been created through the environment and also through thought processes that you yourself or others around you have had that you have accepted as reality. When you call upon, and use the violet flame you say: "I wish to place myself within the violet flame and within the violet flame I wish to burn the dross energy of untruth from my being and assimilate the new energy of what the violet flame is within my being. I call to the blue flame of cause and align myself within my own causal body to help instruct me on the difference between cause and effect so that I can understand how I am the paradox that dwells within all life." When any of you call to the violet flame you are automatically calling upon the ascended masters or the oversoul to assist you. The oversoul are other beings such as myself who have walked many lifetimes within your plane, the physical reality plane of existence, and have found there way to ascension. In other words they have ascended the need for the experiences of the third dimensional being. 

We are a group, we are united, we are far and many more than many think or understand. There is the oversoul of your particular soul group as well as the oversoul of other soul groups. Some of you belong to the same soul grouping and some of do not. Few of you have been born from this planet. Very few of you originated here except in some of the lifetime experiences that you are now in. You have a great connection to your family, who is your spiritual family from other planes and other dimensions, that you have not you have not yet connected with, you have not yet realized. 

I come to you today to tell you that in my great love, if you call upon me personally or the violet flame personally you will receive the assistance necessary for the work at hand to do upon yourself. Also you may call to the violet flame to assist you with your work that you are trying to do with others as well. I am St. Germaine. I am honored to be here today. I am honored by the group that is here and I am honored to be with the channel and I will now let Morya El speak.

I am El Morya, referred to as Morya El. I am what many would call of Indian descent, not native Indian from your country but from India. I have seen many wars. I have seen much death. I have experienced the sadness upon your plane as so many souls decide that they have been abandoned by the truth and light within themselves. I have fought many wars. I have died many times. I have fought with fervor and conviction for what I believed to be true at the time. There came a point in my journey of life where I realized that who I was fighting and what I was fighting, was no different than who and what I was fighting inside of myself. I realized that all the death; all the sacrifice could not right all the wrongs by the actions being taken to destroy one sect or another. It is a long and no win situation where life is disregarded by others. 

We speak as the oversoul. I speak as El Morya. As El Morya I have sanctity in the role that I play. I am the transcriber. I am the one that takes the information and transcribes it or writes it down for others to have memory of. When I say write it down, it is not as you write things down. What I write is given in a method of telepathy or consciousness where it can be passed and utilized by all. The things that are written, the things that are stored, are all the things that have occurred in this plane and other planes and other dimensions throughout time. Much of your planet refers to this as the akashic records. Akashic records is a place or shall we say an element of each of you where we store your memories as they are written. I store memories that will be restored lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. Few have been introduced to me. Few understand the role that I play as part of the oversoul. 

I have been known to be a harsh taskmaster for indeed I find no joy nor pleasure in much of what it is that I see as the journey of many who seek to gain from harming, hurting and holding others in a place where they are uncomfortable. The freedom that is created in life is within you. It is a freedom that you seek within your own mind, within your own consciousness, to be free to understand the playfulness that resides within. 

I have come today as the channel has opened herself to allow any of us who would like to speak and of course we all enjoy the opportunity to be in the presence of a group such as you. I am Morya El and I bid thee depart.

It is once again St. Germaine. St Germaine returns to take you through an exercise to bring the violet flame into each of you at this time. He would ask that you use this on a daily basis so that you could get in touch with him and his emissaries or his companions that assist mankind. If you would please repeat after him:

I call forth the sacred violet flame of light.

I call forth the energy of the violet flame within myself.

I surrender to the flame within.

Align my energies to the violet transmuting flame

I connect with my oversoul, and open my higher- self-energy to be cleansed within the violet flame of light that I am.

And now if you would visualize yourself with the violet flame inside of you expanding out and surrounding you. 

And then if you would say

I call to St. Germaine

His great love and compassion

And ask him to personally assist me

In my daily walk of life

To understand the higher self being that I am

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am

Break: Question asked of Athene Raefiel

Somebody was asking why do I feel like I am going to sleep when this is happening – the channeling. It’s because the energy that’s coming through is so powerful and the consciousness is connecting with all of your guys’ higher self and your consciousness so you’re actually learning on all these different levels. The words that are coming through are not necessarily what the teaching is about, the communing that you’re doing in these different levels is what is actually going on when I’m channeling. 

A lot of the information that you receive today will be assimilated over a process of time. You’ll still be assimilating it two weeks from now, three weeks from now. You’ll be going how did I know that, where did I learn this. I didn’t know this. That’s how we assimilate the energies when we are communing with our higher self and communing with the beings of light. That’s how we end up assimilating it. It’s through what I call these realizations that come to us. We realize something and we go how did I know that, where did that come from. Oh, it was always there I just never realized it before. 

I’m going to tone it down just a little bit. I’m going to bring Gabriel through and I’ll let Gabriel work with you, with the group and maybe do some question and answer stuff. When I say tone it down I mean for me I’m going to tone it down a little bit, so I don’t explode after everyone leaves today. (laughter) I’ll bring Gabriel through he will be the one who answers questions for you. So let’s do a quick prayer again, just repeat after me. 

Heavenly father, divine mother we call you forth and ask that you anchor your light in and around us so what is needed for each individual’s highest good come forth at this time. I am I am I am a child of love and light. I am I am I am special in god’s own sight. I am I am I am divine in my own right.

I call forth my teachers, my guides, my higher self and the light within that I am, so be it amen.


Channeling of Archangel Gabriel

By Athene Raefiel

December 13, 2003

Archangel Gabriel:

Well, what’s all the hoopla today. We have a big party that’s going on here. The angels have been waiting their turn to speak. We say this in jest as the angels never wait. The angels are always among you. The angels are with you always. Daily in your prayers, in your minds, in your beings. 

I am Archangel Gabriel. I am known as the golden angel of light. I am one of the archangels that are assigned to your planet to assist the god within each of you. The angels help you to discover your own angelic beingness. They help you find and use your wings to rise above your emotions and drama of daily life. You each have the ability to be angelic and you each have the ability to understand that you are an angel of light and love. 

I have asked to speak today, as it is not often that I am with a group of beings such as you. There are two within this group who are very, very dear and special, related beings to me, which is why I have chosen to come forward today. I am here to remind you of our connection to remind you of our relationship, and to remind you of who I am as well as who you are. I am shall we say, free in light, and I bring messages only to those who are working to understand the love within that they are. I have assisted all of your relatives. I have assisted all of your siblings, all of your children, all of your parents. My assistance has not been one that has been known, for it is in love and in the sharing of love that I assist. 

I am there when you pray. I am there when your loved ones pray and I am the one that assists you in knowing what to say when you pray. How to form your prayers, how to ask from your heart, how to understand that your prayer is a connection that you are conveying. I help you understand that it is not so much about the words you say, but about the desire within that makes your prayer appropriate or inappropriate. 

As of late, you have each felt great sadness. Sadness from the past, sadness from the memories of what the nostalgia brings. I would say to you in your nostalgia, remember the good as well as the bad, for indeed it is the balance that we seek to maintain in center. In that balance, of what is good and what is bad, you will find that there are memories within you of feeling loved, of being loved and of sharing love. All of your past memories did not bring about the pain in your life that you so readily attach to and remember. Let go of the attachments of the pain. Feel the areas within you that seek to dwell upon what is no longer relative to you. For you see, when you let go then you trust, and when you trust you try again, and when you try again you feel alive. For to say I cannot try for I may fail, then I say you shall not feel alive. For in this way you have already closed off the energy that allows you to feel what you need. You need to strive, to move forward, to as cend, even to overcome all that it is that you know to be yourself. 

For indeed you are ever changing, you are ever light, you are ever being and you are ever golden, just as I am. You are ever needed, you are ever wanted, you are beautiful, and you are alive. When you are striving you are alive. When you seek to be, you are alive. When you trust again, you are alive. 

When you fall, you call it failure. We do not see failure among you. We believe that there are ups and downs in your life. There are times that are better than others and there are times that are painful and sad. 

Then indeed there are times that are happy and glad, peaceful and content. 

We do not understand why you stay stuck in the pain, and yet do not attach to the joy. You see, joy is freedom and it is not attachable. You cannot be attached to that which is free, for that which is free has no attachments. But sorrow and pain they do not relate to freedom for you, therefore they are attachments. 

When we ponder upon you, we ask ourselves "why do they not remember us, why do they not remember the angelic beingness that they are, why do they not remember or seek their creations and creators?" We recall vividly when each of you was born for the first time. We recall the open heart that you had, the joy and the freedom. We say unto you now, that you shall attain what you want, each and every day of your life if you so desire. For indeed there is nothing to imprison or trap you but your own mind, heart and soul. You see, you are one of us. 

We have ascended, but we were not from the body in the way that you are of tangibility. We were form and formless ethereally. We have commonality and personality given to us by you in many ways. We have seen ourselves as the reflection of you and how you see us and we have created that form for you to see, to be and to become. In this way we teach you to understand within yourselves that beauty, that trust, that love, that purity and that energy. 

I am named Gabriel. Some call me Gabrielle. For indeed it is not to us to be a male or feminine or female. It is for us to be that which we are. All that we contain is both male and female. Whichever it is that you respond to as love the most, which many upon your plane see as mother and female, is why I am one of the more feminine energies of the angels. I am here today for the healing energy of love that you need and I open my heart unto each of you at this time for you to remember what that connection in love feels like. I’m here to answer your questions and your thoughts. I am here to be part of what you are about, not set apart from it. I have to come to belong because you belong with me. I am one with you always and you may call me Gabriel. 

Are there those within the group who would wish to speak at this time?

Question about the grief process - Should I make a conscious choice to be joyous?

There are many questions that you have asked within one question. For indeed it is multi-leveled, shall we say. What you are asking is, is it wrong for me to feel what it is that I feel. Should I avoid feeling that way? Is this not correct?

Answer: Yes

And what I would say to you is you are a being of feeling therefore feeling is a natural aspect of oneself. To understand, once again, why you feel the way you feel is important. To try to block how you feel is not natural. To feel it, and to say this is part of my being experience, therefore I shall not attach to the feeling, but allow it to move through, understanding that it is a natural process for it to do so. Then I am able to feel the feeling and I am able to move it and I am able to allow it to process. It’s called to process. 

I then forgive myself for feeling the feeling and I let go of needing to dwell upon it, for it is the dwelling that creates the attachment you see. The attachment is because you have dwelt upon those feelings in the past already and this is why you fear getting stuck within them. The fear is about remembering what happened when you dwelt on them before. Is this not so? 

Answer: Yes it is.

So what you are learning, is how to feel the feeling and not dwell upon it and not believe in it as the end all, be all, do all of who you are. Does this help. 

Are there other questions?

Question: I seem to think that we have more violence in the world today not just the wars, but even among people in general, children at sports events etc, do you have any comment as why that is true and what might be the reason for it?

We would say unto you that as the beingness within you resides unbeknownst to the masses, that violent behavior is all they adhere to as their methods of defining their anger, their hostility, their frustration. They have not yet found within themselves any purpose in their life other than to deny the existence of what is good, what is kind, what is love. 

This is not a new speech that I make. This is not a speech that I wish to make. It is a relatively a long period of time upon your planet that many have chosen to deny the love and the light within themselves. Therefore as they have children and their children have children and mankind has imprisoned one another in forms of slavery, in forms of money, in forms of greed and avarice. There is not for those upon you planet to learn except the ways of man, the ways of the present, the ways of the past. 

We have no explanation for why it is individuals have chosen to close their minds and their hearts to the truth within, other than the condition and the environment within which you call survival. Survival has brought about great wars, great savages and great need for power and control. 

When humans feel that they must control other humans in order to be powerful, they lose sight of the truth of their destiny, their path and their life. We would wish that it would not be so and we would honor a process within which humans choose. But we would also say that this time of insanity upon your planet and with your beings will persist for some years to come yet, at least 8 or 9. And that during this chaos and this insanity, there will be great need for individuals to be patient with the process that these others are experiencing, to find the truth and light within. 

We would ask you not to judge what it is that you see around you as being good or bad. But to understand that you can only illuminate those choosing to become illuminated and that through that illumination the war will be fought without the violence. The violence begets other violence; death begets other death. Transformation is not a tool that can be used by chopping off someone else’s head. Transformation is a tool that can only be used by understanding the need for transformation. 

Until the minds of those in power, in control, have understood this precept and this concept and abided by it, the changes will not take place that you are wishing to see. The anger, the hostility and the violence are a means for survival at this point in time, not only for the indigo children but for all others on the planet as well. 

They wish very much to be in their love-centered beingness. They wish very much to be in their third eye awareness. Yet the world is a harsh task master when greed and avarice are controlling the masses. We would say to you that many of you have been working to shift this energy. Many shifts have taken place and much good things will come to light in the next year or so here. But for the question that it is that you personally have asked and the changes that you personally wish to see, we would say it shall not occur yet for another 8 or 9 years. 

Are there other questions?

Question: Gabrielle, I am finding for myself and perhaps a lot of other people that it feels like we are being pushed and all the negative feelings are coming up of feeling unloved, unwanted, there is no place for us. Are we being pushed so far so that we finally say this is enough and then we find another way to release it all, cause it doesn’t seem like its happening?


The feelings of which you speak are yours. No matter what the experience that brings the feeling to you, it is your feeling nonetheless. In feeling that way, you believe in that feeling as being who you are. You have accepted it as truth you see, and you must change that perception. 

You can only change that perception by embracing that feeling and saying indeed this part of myself. I am feeling this way because no one has ever taken the time to understand what happened or occurred to cause it to feel so, but I now will take the time to understand this feeling part of myself. I ask this part of self to feel welcomed by me. I speak with this feeling part of myself and help this part of myself to understand that I love this part of myself that this part of myself loves me. In us loving one another we can feel whatever the dysfunction is that our experience in life has told us was truth and change that belief that energy, together. 

All these things being pushed to the foreground are happening on a very grand scale. When one is forced to look at the extremes within themselves then they can understand the extremes going on outside of themselves. If you understand that one moment I feel this way and another moment I feel this way and you say how can these two extremes exist within me? Then you say they exist everywhere in this world. It is for me to transmute the extremes within self and to bring them more into harmony and balance in self at this point in time. To embrace and understand feelings shows me how my perception allows them to be an extreme power.

When I understand that there is nothing bad about myself, that all in life are simply experiences to be learned from, then I can forgive myself for the mistakes I have made in my life and I can understand that even though I may feel I do not belong in the world the way that the world is, that does not mean that the world does not belong to me. It simply means that it is my world and those others are trespassing. 

Does this help?

Needs elaboration

And it will be a time yet, but first you must change it within yourself and this you can only achieve through loving and understanding self and the damaged parts and the crippled parts of self. You see? For indeed all of those parts that you see out there that you hate, that you despise that you are confused by, all of those parts also have been part of yourself. If you can acknowledge the parts of yourself, if you indeed can embrace them and understand and transform them, then will also aid in transforming the world and its consciousness as a whole. 

Other questions please.

Question: Do you or anyone with you have a message for me regarding my future? 


Your future, what do you mean by your future?

Question: What direction should I be going in? 


You ask us this question when in reality you are not interested in our answer for you know that you seek direction within yourself and yet you talk yourself out of this all the time. Is this not so?

Answer: It is so.

So you are afraid to take the direction and to follow your own intuitive awareness and understanding. You are afraid to do so because you are afraid that it would alienate you from what you consider to be the norm. Is this not so? 

(Clarifying norm instead now Gabriel calls it tradition.) Tradition perhaps is a better word. You have had a lot of traditional training in your life even though you rebelled against it and even though you fought against it for many, many years. You now have found a tradition that works for you that allows you to maintain a certain comfort level. So therefore, once again, when we speak of survival and we always speak of survival because survival is your comfort level, then we say when you think about changing direction or you ask are you going in the appropriate manner, we would say to you instead of looking at it in those terms, you need to always set the goal of happiness, joy, peace, and say whatever it is that I need to obtain those things is indeed the direction that I need to follow. Does this help? 

Other questions?

Question: Is there any advice you can give for the parents of indigo children?


The indigo children have chosen to be the warriors who will stand at the last stand between what has been referred to as the war of dark and light or ignorance and intelligence. They’re mission in this lifetime is a very hard task to experience individually as well as collectively. They are filled with despondency, anger and hatred for what they see around them for their indigo eye, their third eye was opened before they were ever born. Therefore they are all psychic. They are all perceptive. They are all aware, of to use your terms, the bullshit that the world calls reality. They are strong willed. They are stubborn. They are obstinate. They are opinionated. They will not listen and take orders. They will not succumb. 

Therefore to the parents we say pray for strength and wisdom for these children shall be challenging at best. But also to the parents we say know that these children have come specifically to free the planet of a poison that has been within it for a very, very long period of time. The ones that survive this lifetime will be the ones that will gather and it will not be for some time yet, so it is best to be patient with them. It is best to share the truth and the light with them. It is best to understand that they are smarter than you already and it is best to not take it personally when you cannot comprehend where they are coming from. 

This is the advice we would have for the parents. 

Are there questions?

( No more questions) 

Then I will say that it has been my pleasure to be here today. I asked to be part of the love and the energy for so many of you have known me and my connection through your own angelic beingness as well as your own guardian angels who have worked hand and hand with me. 

There was a child born recently to one of you or one of your family members that is very much connected to the angelic realm and we have blessed that child. We bring forth at this time the holy light of god, the god of all of you, into your space and we tell you, you may pray to us, with us. You may even pray for us, if you would like. For we are the connection of prayer to the divine, we always have been and we always will be. And we can tell you that there is naught we can do to change the minds of men, but we can certainly understand how you wish to do so and we honor that wish for we wish it as well. Be grace unto you. I am Gabriel.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Feb/06/04,  St. Germain, El Morya, & Archangel Gabriel, 8 or 9 more years **(Chapter  25)***finish

Feb/07/04,  Bryan DeFlores, Light Masters Conference in Sedona *************(Chapter  26)***start

FYI... Nelle and I are attending.
Peter----- Original Message ----- From: To: undisclosed-recipients: Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2004 2:22 PMSubject: Business as Usual?

I am riding high on the energy today, so I will cut to the chase.....

In addition to all of the magical experiences I am having here in Las Vegas, I have recently been receiving a huge amount of mail with questions regarding new paradigm business procedures, I have written a wonderful piece called "Business as Usual?"  It sheds light on common problems and offers some solutions along with introducing the new upgrades for the 2nd Edition of "The Golden Age Business Plan."  The new concepts and procedures are simple and will catapult your business into its full potential.  For instance, the concept of "product down-stepping" is, in itself, a groundbreaking revelation.  If you have a product which is not selling well or at all, you will want to perform this procedure on it.  I will be presenting the new business package and demonstrating all the new procedures in June at the Light Masters conference.  The new package will be available to the general public on June 10. 

Also, in regard to the Light Masters, we have quite the international crowd gathering for attendance.  People are coming from all over; Australia, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Iceland etc.  Those journeying the see the Ark and attend the F-6 Mystery School will be treated to huge downloads of new cutting-edge information and incredible never seen before visuals, which will upgrade the molecular structure of the body and heal the planet.  Also included in the conference will be an Essential Programming class, including all the basics and a new dream template procedure for anchoring 'ideal situations' into your life.  We are continuing to take sign-ups, so if you feel magnetized, there is a link below. 

I have just added four new pieces art to the "Accelerator Gallery" including "Origination" and the "Celestial Ascension Program."  To view all of the additions, please click-on or cut and paste the links below.

As a side note, I have recently seen some wonderful films worth mentioning....."Master Spy" with William Hurt, "The Affair of the Necklace" and "Nuremberg" with Alec Baldwin are incredible films now on video, all with in-depth character studies...dark at times...but ultimately very enlightening.  Another two films which I thoroughly enjoyed were "Le Divorce" and "Under the Tuscan Sun."  They are really fun while providing lots of intuitive insight into relationships and creativity.  Also, currently in theaters is "The Butterfly Effect," an incredible film on time travel and it's effects on other time lines.  This is one of my favorites!

Enjoy the article and see you at the Light Masters!   


"Business as Usual?", a new article by Bryan de Flores

Light Masters Registration

Accelerator Gallery 

Feb/07/04,  Bryan DeFlores, Light Masters Conference in Sedona *************(Chapter  26)***finish

Feb/14/04,  Everything we do is futile but we must do it anyway"... yes or no?(Chapter  27)***start

Free choice/will is our greatest gift from the Prime Creator.  When one deeply understands this gift and takes full responsibility for only their life (no one else's life), everything we do is no longer 'futile'. Each choice by each person has meaning... adds to or blocks the overall flow of physicality (or creation)... but always strengthens all participants (inner worlds & outer world) within our Solar System. Mother Earth is currently raising the frequency of her vibrations... her position in the major 26,000 year cycle dictates this increase. Each one of us on the planet (6.3 Billion) has the choice to do the same.  To command the additional complexities/speed of a higher vibration environment, we choose to transfer command of our life from mind/ego (separation) to high/inner heart (connection), if we wish to survive the additional complexities/speed.  An analogy would be becoming a professional race car driver and driving at speeds over 200 mph with no preparation... few would survive for very long. Our high/inner heart is like the professional race car driver.  It takes a great deal of work to become a driver who always thrives/survives.  It takes a great deal of inner work to transfer (or ascend) command of our life from mind/ego to high/inner heart... this work is described on for those interested choosing in ascension.
Peter----- Original Message ----- From: "Blooming Bard" xxx To: xxx Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 1:26 PMSubject: [merkaba-adventures] Nick's Message... thank u Nick 4 ur lovely insights :)

> Having just indulged in the David Icke Matrix concepts, I am 
> completely blown away by this truth.  Whenever I read or hear 
> something I believe to be the truth my Chakras open up automatically 
> and I immediately go into meditation while I am listening or 
> reading.  This was true with the Flower of Life concepts as well and 
> the activation of the Mer-Ka-Ba.  However, the Matrix concept has 
> left me with a not so negotiable conclusion.  In the self-
> realization of infinite and the realization we are literally 
> everything, there is no need to Activate, Expand, Ascend, become 
> Enlightened or become anything.  It has also left me to believe or 
> know as the truth that the Activation of the Mer-Ka-Ba and the 
> teaching of the Flower of Life must also be the inter-workings of 
> the Matrix as such is any other teachings in the physical plain.  My 
> intentions aren't to discredit any teachings of value but simply 
> understand the truth.  I must also say that the teachings I have 
> indulged in so far in my life have been of tremendous value to me 
> and those teachings have in very basic terms, identified just 
> exactly where I am in the Matrix.  The teaching of the the Ancient 
> Secret of the Flower of life vividly animates almost on a physical 
> level exactly what the Matrix looks like.  The universe, our journey 
> to its center and back (a swirl, or whirlpool), the layers of the 
> Matrix, like dimensions and other realities within dimensions.  All 
> of this information in my eyes is imperative in order for me to 
> identify where I am.   Now I truly FEEL Bobs words about being 
> programed and "not knowing we don't even know" and also those once 
> confusing words " everything we do is futile but we must do it 
> anyway!"  
> I would love get feedback on this from anyone.  
> Just another soul searching.
> Love, Peace, Happiness
>                                         Nick Meraz 

Feb/14/04,  Everything we do is futile but we must do it anyway"... yes or no?(Chapter  27)***finish

Feb/28/04,  The process of ascension happens by decending. ******************(Chapter  28)***start

The process of Ascension is one of descending and then retaining the interdimensional parts of us within Physicality (Creation).  We are not ascending and leaving Physicality... we are ascending from mind/ego to high/inner heart command and working with others to co-create a new Physicality.  Ascension is a gradual process... a process to be worked (as in lightworkers), savored and enjoyed.

Bob T works with Nancy Tate.  

----- Original Message ----- From: bob T To: Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 7:23 AMSubject: Wakeup Call Message -- February 27, 2004
Wakeup Call Message 
February 27, 2004 

The Joy of MultiDimensionality 

  We are multidimensional beings, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  As we continue on the ascension process, we are required to blend new vibrational levels with the existing ones - and that is not always easy or fun. 

Emotions rise to the surface, new challenges present themselves – to help us stretch to higher capabilities. Perhaps it’s true that "whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger"! ?  Family members force us to be an example of living our truth while fully expressing with compassion.  Our bodies talk to us through pain, fatigue, skin disorders, nausea – hovering threats of disease, bumps, love handles and drooping, sagging parts.  We find ourselves sometimes taking two steps forward and one step back. We learn through difficult experience and releasing fear - how to master the energy of money while breaking patterns of money mastering us.    

We “talk” of detaching from the material world on our way to ascension.   But - still we yearn for human touch, a hug, a comforting hand, and a kiss.  Still we delight in the fresh, cool morning air. We cannot deny the smile and grateful heart when our nose breathes in the fragrance of nature’s blossoms.  Our ears continue to embrace the songbird’s melody; the inimitable sound of water’s waves still touch our soul, the amazing rippling notes of a child laughing. The mouth savors the universe of flavors from a giant delicious pantry.  Our eyes release tears of joy at the awesome beauty of a mother and child, the sunrise/sunset, the grandeur of lakes, mountains, flowers, and rainbows.  YES - Our senses are alive, excited and begging us to use them even more!  

Our spirits soar and radiate - rising higher and shining brighter, while supporting our daily needs; our vibration level rises, bringing an even richer texture to even the most basic experiences. 

We cannot separate from our material, third dimensional world - AND RIGHTLY SO. We are here for experience, ___expression and full expansion with/through the 3rd dimension to those beyond.  There is no shortcut.   

And though we exist in the higher dimensions more and more of the time these days, doing our light work  – we realize that our body is still is our “temple” - our connection to this glorious Mother Earth.  What a joyous rediscovery we have when we take a morning walk and our muscles thank us (it seems as if they are complaining – but they are truly grateful for being put to use.) The lungs feel more valued too, as they bring in the life giving oxygen on a larger scale than sedentary hours allow.   As the blood gains new purity & vitality – the cells also begin to regenerate on a higher level, cheeks glow with the color of new energy, eyes sparkle with a new light. 

If we take this simple, abundant routine further, we begin to take care in what we put in our mouth. The digestive system is now functioning more efficiently and we have more energy, more clarity; we are indeed lighter while still being grounded. 

All the partners in the daily experience – spirit, mind, heart and body are in perfect synergy, each with an equal role and equal rights. YES, Oh God THANK YOU!  Integration is DIVINE.  

Angel Joy  - thru Joy Rae  

Feb/28/04,  The process of ascension happens by decending. ******************(Chapter  28)***finish

Mar/09/04,  Simple structural view of Physicality & Upcoming Portal Dates ***(Chapter  31)***start

The imbedded email in the second part of this note has a wonderfully simple view of Physicality (Creation) and Portal Dates for the next year. I received this email on 3/6/04... one day before the current portal (Integrity & Honor) opened on 3/7/04.  Didn't study and absorb the email until today.  Because of that delay, last night was my most difficult inner work experience of this life time... an almost devastating overnight experience for me.  Today with significant intellectual assistance from this email and overwhelming continued energetic assistance from the inner worlds, I dodged that bullet and continue forward... with much more knowing (key energy #9) than two days ago.  The inner worlds call these experiences 'gifts'... and in hindsight they are gifts.  Inner work is difficult... there are no short cuts! 

Our Physicality (Creation) is based on the numbers 1 thru 12.  Mathematically this means as individuals in separation over many lifetimes we can experience up to  479,001,600 (12 factorial) different energetic combinations... as individuals in connection (key energy # 12) we can experience up to 6,227,020,800 (13 factorial) different energetic combinations.  For the purpose of description, physicality can be described in an infinite number of ways.  My preference is to use 12 as a way to describe/understand.  The imbedded transmission reduces 12 to 4... makes it very simple... I love it!

Spirit/God_Presence/Fire (many layers of Higher Self); 

Soul/Light_Being/Water (our Light Being living within our body); 

Mind/Bridge/Air (basic choice of separation or connection); 

Body/Heart_Connection/Earth (high quality water, crystals, radiant aquamarine color).

The first portal opening is from 3/7/04 thru 3/20/04... the first half is the most important portion of this period.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Wave - March Circular 

Planetary Portal Connection and Energy Tips
Qala and Lord Maitreya’s Gift to the World © Qala Phoenix 2004

Blessings all lovelightworkers,

For a period  of years I have been writing messages to the world as my service work. These have come in waves. I recently have decided to offer this as a monthly circular through my email list and to write alternate messages for the Ascend Foundation world service I offer.  In this circular, I am including the ascension portal periods (for the next year period) and energy tips and practical understandings that will support you through your journey as a lovelightworker.  You may already be fully aware of when the energies that Earth is receiving, become higher in frequency and how to co-create your lives to be more balanced and fun through this. If not you may enjoy this assistance. 

These times are portal periods of Gaia’s( Mother Earth’s) Ascension, which create your cellular memory to activate more deeply than at other times. The following dates have been given to me by The Ascended Masters for the assistance of humanity. I am offering some mantras for those portal periods which is a new gift from the Masters to assist all beings to raise their frequency to that of the ascension portals so the cellular memory activation does not release huge amounts of memories through your body.  For anyone who wishes to connect to these, the following is offered. Also within the months circular , you will find some energy tips to assist your soul to feel happy about the journey on Earth. I hope you enjoy this and it assists each of you to the highest benefit. Please share the information with those you feel it will help. Each circular will be a different theme extending from the last, written for your assistance.  Love, Qala

The following are the portal periods for Earth for the next 12 months and the mantras of connection with the new frequencies anchoring through these portals:

March 7 to March 2O                         NAYA   U. A . E.  QU  AHVA  E. A. O.            Wave of Integrity and Honour                  

March 31 to April 11                            RARA     A. E. U.   QU   MARI                           Wave of Love and Divinity                

April 22 to April 25                                JAYA   U. I. A.   SITA   LUKAY                      Wave of Truth and Cleansing 

April 29 to May 8                                   JUMA   E. A. E.   KALA   MI                             Wave of Joy and Communion 

June 2 to June 22                                   SITU   K. U. E.   JUEALU                                    Wave of Faith and Trust 

July 13 to July 25                                  MAPU   E. U. O.   KUPU                                      Wave of Divine Arrangement 

August 4 to August 18                       SIMA   A. U. A.   SHEMU                                     Wave of Charity and Annointment                                     

September 3 to September 9              JEULA   E. O. A.   KUMI                                     Wave of Harmony and Alignment 

September 17 to September 23        RUPU   A. E. U.   SEMU                                          Wave of Divine Child, Playfulness 

September 30 to October 8               KEMU   A. O. U.   JETHI                                     Wave of Service and Grounding 

October 21 to October 27                    MARU   U. A. U.   KIMI                                  Wave of Giving and Receiving 

November 8 to November 20           PARA   A. O. A.   SARI                                      Wave of Forgiveness and Upliftment 

November 26 to December 3           KALU   A. E. I.   MAREA                                     Wave of  Balance and Crystalisation 

December 11 to December 19          ARI   U. A. I.   GEMU                                           Wave of Soul Family and Renewal 

December 21 to December 30          SAPRI   K. A. I.   MUTU                                     Wave of Regeneration and Abundance 

December 28 to January 13               JELU   U. O. I.   QALI                                          Wave of Happiness and Offering 

January 29 to February 4                    MANU   R. A. I.   SETU                                      Wave of Radiance and Beauty 

February 18 to February 28              AMAI   A. I. A.   UETHI                                    Wave of Cosmic Alignment 

March 17 to March 25                        RAULI   I. A. O.   SEMILU                               Wave of Christ Consciousness.

These portal periods are offered to each one of you so you are aware that a new wave of very high frequency is beginning to activate every cell of your body on the first date of this portal opening.  

If the portal is larger than 7 days, the energy will come in a wave effect that builds for the first half of the portal and activates during this time (in other words, it can bring up a lot of old energy to be released) to then ground and stabilise through you in the last half of the portal (this is when you feel the effects of the energy and how you interacted with it).  I offer this to you because your intention is very important in the first half of each portal that is longer than 7 days as during this time, everything is magnified at least one thousandfold.  The mantras for each portal will assist you to experience your divine nature during these periods.  

For portals that are shorter than 7 days, these are portals of intense activation and grounding.  These portals have less affect on your physical body and more affect on your spiritual bodies, so it will depend on your own focus in life at this time what you receive and how this affects you.  If you are particularly spiritually focussed, then this will have a great impact upon you and magnify your spiritual work, whereas if you are physically focussed, then you will have little experience of this portal.  The mantra offered may assist each of you to receive the truth of each portal period.  Various waves anchor at this time, bringing new frequency from Source to Earth.  I have outlined a simple understanding of these frequencies for each portal that Lord Maitreya has given me to share with humanity.  If you hold your intention to this phrase over this period, it will assist you to integrate and receive the new frequency with grace and ease. 

It is not necessary to change your focus just for the portal, but it may be of interest to you to understand this.  The waves of energy that come to the Earth from these portals come directly from Source through the Central Sun and Central Moon into our Sun and Moon to feed all life on Earth with this new energy and consciousness.  Visitations from the Family of Light occur more powerfully during these times than any other times as the portals of Earth open to receive the floods of waves.  This allows the veils to be lifted so many on Earth can meet or have first contact with the Family of Light.  If you are seeking to have first contact, I would suggest you spend time during one of these spiritual currents in deep spiritual practice and call for these ones to be with you.  I have had the personal blessing of having had visitation from our family for many years and this is such a divine experience, I would recommend it to all. 

The following is a small exercise that Lord Maitreya offers to any who wish to align their energies to the divine waves of ascension that pour forth through Mother Earth during these portals.  He suggests to potentise the experience, to align one’s energies in complete balance to the opening of each portal through a small meditation with this mantra and intention.  Each of the mantras offers communion to the waves of ascension pouring forth through each portal and each of the intentions are a simple understanding of a focus that Mother Earth receives at this time.  It is important to note that your own bodies are one and the same as Mother Earth.  That the water within your own physical body is the carrier wave for these frequencies.  Therefore, it is important to drink high quality water that will assist the vibration of your body to raise with Mother Earth.  It is also important to realise that if your physical body does not raise in vibration with these portal periods, you will tend to experience deep emotional and mental cleansing as your physical body is not able to support the vibrational shift fully ... Leaving your emotional and mental bodies to resolve this.  

It is also important to note that you do not need to experience emotional and mental upheaval in your life through your ascension process.  The following three tips are offered to you with Lord Maitreya’s simple meditation to support you to create harmony and connection to who you are during this great shift on Earth.

The first tip I offer is related to your soul (the light being that lives within your physical body).  I am asking each of you to recognise the inner being of your life and the environmental needs that your inner being truly needs to experience oneness in life.  Your soul may originate (before this life) from a beautiful realm where colour or music, scents (smells), flowers, trees, water etc hold the vibration of this realm.  It may be angelic, Lemurian, starry etc.  It is not important to know where or why or how you journeyed as a soul from this realm to Earth, but it is important to recognise what on Earth holds the vibration of the realm that you travelled from.  Every soul that comes to Earth experiences a different journey than that which they would have experienced on this realm.  Some souls experience shock at what occurs on the Earth plane.  Some souls do not wish to stay on the Earth, and some souls try to change themselves to suit the energies that they meet with and see occurring around them in Earth society.  It is important to recognise that your soul is here for a reason, and that reason is to raise the vibration of our Earth society, and the only way that a soul can create this is to firstly create an environment which raises one’s own vibration each day.  When a soul is living in an environment that depresses their own natural vibration, they begin to shrivel inside and not wish to be present in the world.  Through simply creating one’s own environment with the vibrational energies that support one’s soul to experience oneness, one is able to  be freed of the lower vibrational experiences that occur on Earth.  This allows one’s soul to feel free and happy on Earth so they may then offer their gifts to the Earth society and renew and raise the vibration of this.

The second tip I offer is related to your spirit (God Presence) or the many layers of higher self.  It is important to recognise that life on Earth is a co-creation between four sacred elements.  The first is the earth or your physical body, the second is the water (carrier of the soul) or your emotions, the third is air (carrier of the mind) or your intentions, and the fourth is fire (carrier of your spirit) or your spirituality.  This co-creation of your life experience is manifested through the divine qualities of God consciousness (love, will, wisdom, grace, joy, creation etc) when these four are balanced and working together in complete harmony.  Therefore, your soul, spirit, mind and body need to be working in complete cooperation, harmony and balance for your sacred experience on Earth to be fulfilling to the highest potential.  Through offering from your mind the choice to be the bridge between the soul and spirit, one is always guided in divine order for one’s being to experience grace, harmony, bliss, joy, love, radiant connections and divine experience.  When the mind chooses to not be the inter-connector between the soul and spirit, a battle between the fiery and watery nature of one’s being culminates, creating negative emotion and depression of the spirit.  This creates the mind to question all in life and also creates the body to not receive that which is the highest for it at this time.  It is this sacred balance that the mind may offer to all aspects of self if it so chooses.  Know that if you have chosen the path of ascension with Mother Earth consciously, your mind will be learning to be this bridge.  I offer the following tip to your mind to assist the spirit of your being to anchor in your body with your soul, creating your ascension into the light.  This that I offer you is merely to align your mind to your soul and spirit.  The soul is within you and the spirit is without throughout the universe.  You may see your spirit as your universal connection, and your soul as your inner connection to the heart.  It is only through both being listened to that balance and guidance in life may take place.  You may also see the soul as your feminine nature and the spirit as the masculine energetically.  It is through the balance of this through the mind that your life is guided completely in divine order for your being.  

The third tip I offer is related to your heart.  This heart will only open, our Beloved if your soul feels free and safe in the world.  It is your role to create this safety through the manifestation of your choices.  It is important for each one of you to recognise that your soul is alive within you, and to truly listen to the feelings expressed by your soul.  At times your soul feels separate, and other times one with all.  It is your role, our Beloved to create sacred space for your soul to experience the oneness and feel supported on the Earth.  Without this, our Beloved, you will continue to live in your minds and not feel connected to the Earth truly.  For it is the soul within you, not your mind that holds this connection to the Earth.  It is only through your soul connecting deeply to the Earth that your spirit is able to ground in your body.  With your spirit, comes great energy, power, love, light and mastery, purpose, direction etc.  It is only through your dedication to your soul’s needs being met that this sacred space can be created.  Each soul has their own formula for sacred space.  For some, it is water, and others it is crystals, and others it is a radiant aquamarine colour.  Know that you will know what it is for you, and it is your role to create this for yourself.  To choose the highest for yourself, not the lowest in vibration for yourself.  This is a sign of loving thyself.  Know you will be supported with your choices, but you must choose this, for no other Angel, Master or dolphin being can choose this for you no matter how much you love them, and they love you.  These ones can only watch over you and assist you with what you ask for.  My last tip is to ask for this to come to you and be ready to receive this.  

Blessings upon you, 

Qala, with the love and light of Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya’s Simple Meditation

Allow yourself to sit comfortably within sacred space and ask your soul to relax and receive the Angels and Archangels love and assistance as they now come to you and surround you with sacred flowers from the realm that your soul has travelled to Earth from.  Many of the soul family from this realm also come to support your soul to release and allow the joy to anchor more deeply.  Your soul is asked to choose permanently to connect into the physical body and emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of your being, and to let go of any previous agreements or choices to reject life on Earth due to difficulty.  Each of the beings that now surround you begin to connect to your soul and annoint your soul with the love and light of their beings.  

Each of these ones make a sacred promise to your soul, and this promise is related to visiting your soul each evening as you sleep.  These ones that are soul family to your soul offer you love and sacred connection to your ascension process through placing flames of love and light within your energy body to allow your energy body to open and release any trapped energies that do not support your soul to experience the oneness of All That Is.  This occurs naturally as you sit comfortably within your sacred space with the intention to open to this simple meditation.  This assists your soul to relax and feel supported.  If you have made a conscious choice through your personality in this life to not be on the Earth and to leave your body in times of difficulty or stress, it may support you now to break all agreements you may have made in this regard.  I offer this simple decree to each of you that have made choice in this regard.  

By divine decree, in the name of the God Presence I am, and under the Law of Grace, I now release all karmic bonds and ties that I may have created or drawn to myself through a previous choice to be separate from the Earth and my Earth body.  I now choose through all time, space and dimension to cancel all agreements of this regard that I may have made consciously or unconsciously in relationship to disconnecting from the Earth and my Earth body in times of stress and difficulty and choosing to disconnect my soul cord from the Earth core and from the network of my soul matrix within my Earth body.  I ask now for this connection to be re-established and anchored through the Earth core and networked through my soul matrix and soul bodies into my Earth body.  I ask that regeneration take place within me gracefully in regards to this.  I ask that all emotion and sensitivity be lifted from  me in times of release and surrender in regards to this and I ask to be placed on a ascension healing program to support my soul and body to reunite in alchemy and chemistry.  Through the heart of my soul, I now choose my ascension on the Earth and recognise that this is not a process of leaving my body. 

This only needs to be activated once to be manifested fully, our Beloved ones.  In regards to aligning one’s self to the Earth planetary portal periods, I offer this simple connection.

Portal Connection Process

On the first three days of each portal period, this process will be the most potent experience, as this is the time when all ascension waves begin to anchor.  These waves are larger than the Earth and higher frequency than any grounded frequency on the Earth.  They activate your DNA and all within your cellular memory is rebirthed.  If you are experiencing your energy to be vibrating at a resonant vibration or higher vibration than your own soul frequency, you will not experience any emotional or mental dissonance.  To assist you to achieve this, Lord Maitreya offers you now the following.

Call to the portal keepers of Earth and Source to assist you to connect energetically to the portals of Earth that are receiving this new frequency.  You may become aware of different landscapes that are the portals to receive at this time.  Call forth to Mother Gaia to merge with you and ask to be transported to Uluru to receive alignment to the planetary portal ascension waves.  At this time, Lord Maitreya will step forth to you and ask you to enter group merkaba with the Ascended Masters and Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Chamuel, Jophiel, Uriel and Zadkiel.  

Saint Germaine will step forth to you and ask you to blend with him and alchemically you will begin to raise in vibration with him.  He will ask you to sound the mantra 21 times for the portal period you are beginning to enter.  As you sound this mantra 21 times, you will be transported to Uluru, where your energy body will experience a complete opening to the new frequencies coming through.  After sounding the mantra 21 times in a slow resonant tone, you will begin to experience the energy shift.  This is best done on the earth rather than inside a building.  Follow your guidance with this.  

Mother Earth will begin to ground you after you have completed the mantra, so it is important to connect to her energetically and her heart, which is the Earth core.  Send the energy that you are receiving down into the Earth core and channel it through your being with your intention for a few minutes.  After you feel this wave anchoring through you, it is the perfect time for you to intend clearly the intention of your energy over this portal period.  Create your own affirmation of intention or way of doing this that is powerful to you and intend with your full power to align to the intention of the portal.  As you do this, you may experience Ascended Masters coming to you and offering you sacred gifts and dispensations to support you through your ascension process.  May you enjoy this simple process that will bring a great deal of power to you and balance throughout these portal periods.

Namaste to you,

Qala, with the love and light of Lord Maitreya

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Mar/09/04,  Simple structural view of Physicality & Upcoming Portal Dates ***(Chapter  31)***finish

Mar/10/04,  Manifestation of Grace planned by the inner worlds ****************(Chapter  32)***start

This note started for only the Many of ONE Ascension Group... and then expanded to the Many of ONE email list... I offer no logic for the expansion... other than it is meant to be. On 12/17/2002 I finished reading 'Your First Contact' by Sheldon Nidle... and completely 'resonated' with the information in the book... including the protective/father_like role Sirius has played for Earth.  I have read/attended well over 1000 books/readings/seminars... this book went to number 1 on my list.  But, much of the information was ultra disturbing to my mind/ego programming at that time. Then on 12/31/03 & 1/3,4,5/04 Nancy Tate shared information from/about Lord Enki.  This information was even more disturbing to my mind/ego programming (even after a hard year of inner work)... so I did not share it with others. 

Starting New years Eve (12/31/03), I have spent 5 to 20 hours daily reprogramming my mind/ego... including a 10 day intensive in Hawaii during the second half of February where the work was 18 to 20 hours each day... no breaks.  Hawaii is beautiful... inner work is hard... there are no short cuts to each of us doing our very own inner work (as some on this list, including me, have learned the hard way)! My mind/ego programming has basically finished morphing from separation to connection (key energy # 12) as of March 9, 2004.  From the point of view of connection, this forwarded email is wonderful news... it would accelerate manifestation of our golden age dramatically when/if it happens... and with grace for all... respecting and honoring all choices... by every single human... how good is that!

Mike Quinsey's transmission is interesting reading... if you are so inclined, go to, click the 'ET First Contact' button on the left,  then select 'Articles and Comments from Members of this Group'... Mike's transmission is dated today 3/10/04. This email is posted on

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 10:49 AMSubject: Wake up Call
> Thank you for not replying to this email. You may contact me at 
> Special: Wake up Call, Enki March 10, 04 
> Enki, what can you tell me about this report from Mike Quinsey (see below how to read his message); how true is it? I ve never felt that this thing about going off planet, or into the earth while it is healed, is what our reality will be. Now I feel impressed to ask you about this. 
> My dear one there are certain things that one must face if one is to be in tune with reality. This is one of them. When this takes place, it will be for some as if they are in a dream. They will feel that they have been asleep and that they are awaking when they return to the surface. They will feel that this fantastic dream occurred and that they are now living in the reality that they are familiar with. They will think that this is the reality that they have built and they will have no conscious memory of what it is that they have experienced all along. They will have built in their minds an acceptable reality in which all makes sense to them and they will live out their lives in this reality and then pass over as they expect to do. The difference is that when they come back to earth in another lifetime, they will come as fully realized beings, and then they will know what the truth is that they could not comprehend before.  
> As for the others, such as you and those who are in a reality of knowing the truth, you will find that as you are taken into the earth you will realize that it is a wonderful transition period and that you will be able to walk as though you are on the surface, for the societies there are every bit as beautiful as the beautiful spots on the surface. Then you will be able to comprehend how the differences really are not of importance. You will be able to see how the wonders of this world can be duplicated and represented in their perfection within just a matter of months and even minutes in some cases and then you will know that all the messages of this sort are representations of the truth. 
> You may be able to take anything and anyone who wants to go with you, including your pets. They too are going to undergo a transition of sorts, and they will not be lost to you. They are a part of this whole change and when they get there they will undergo their own particular way of transition. They will still be the wonderful loving beings that you know and now you will be able to more closely communicate with them. 
> When is this all going to happen? 
> This will be in flux for a time, for the appropriate terms must be met for this to happen. For one, there is a coming period when there will be an ongoing transference of energy into the earth and her people, and when this takes place and has reached a certain point then there will be an ongoing evidential stream of events that will prepare you for this event. The process will be even and sure and will not cause you any discomfort. It will be a guiding light that will lead you through the process and it will be one of the most pleasant journeys that you have undergone. 
> What about plans for repairs on our houses and things of that nature; what should we do about that? 
> This is your decision for now you are within the free will process. You are also within the ability to be discerning and make wise decisions. Remember that money will not have the same value or effect that it has now. So when the events and the cleansing takes place, all that was in consideration now will be of no relevance then. There will be certain areas that will undergo changes, yes, and there will be some destruction. However those areas will undergo a cleanup and there will be no major cleanup and repair that will be needed. There is a plan to fully restore the earth to the pristine beauty it once enjoyed while keeping it as close to the dream that you all had in mind when you first came and when you built your dreams, even in the latter years, of how it would be to live on earth in a beneficial way. You have all helped to guide us in the way you would see your ideal utopia, and we are working with all of you in that way. This will not be of our design, but it will be!
>   of yours with our guidance and technological assistance. We do not mean to come in and take over, but to co-operate with you in the way to create this world of beauty and promise for all of you. 
> For those who go into the inner earth, you will be given the flame of renewal and this will mean that when you resurface there will be a lengthening of the body life that you have now, and a choice as to keep this body in a younger state, or live out the longer life to a certain point and then leave it behind and come back in the way you wish, through rebirth as an infant, or to come back as an adult. The flame of renewal is the heat of spirit to cleanse the totality of the being.  
> May I say this that there is nothing to fear from this occurrence. There is only that which will be the reuniting with all your loved ones and the eventual reuniting on earth with the ones that will bring about soul recognition, and differing faces and bodies perhaps, but you will know each other for you will see the truth about who you are. 
> What about our family and friends who are not open to all of this? 
> There are certain people who will make the first choice I spoke of, to be asleep through the process and choose to live out their present lives in their present reality, then return. We are not at present allowed to reveal these choices, for it is a sacred agreement that has been set up. To try to tell these ones is futile unless they ask. That would indicate their readiness to have a different thought about their belief systems, and some are not interested in that. That is including all on earth. 
> Thank you dear Lord Enki, 
> Love, Nancy Tate 
> The report from Mike Quinsey can be read at 
> www,

More info from Lord Enki...
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: "Nancy Tate" <>
  To: <>
  Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 2:33 PM
  Subject: Continuation of Enki Message

  > Thank you for not replying to this email.
  > Hi Everyone,
  > I had more questions come, so I asked Enki. Here is the result.
  >   Love, Nancy
  > Special Enki, Continued March 10, 04
  > Enki, please give us a clearer, more detailed picture of how the ones
who are not awake now will experience this whole transition process.
  > My dear, there will be a great deal of controversy when this takes
place. At first there will be an understanding of the ramifications of a
move into the center of the earth.
  > What will those ramifications be?
  > Well, one will be that they may have to say goodbye to a lot of the
outmoded ideas and ways of doing things. For some, this may be a bit
traumatic, unless they know that there is something much better coming.
Earth humans have a way of not wanting to let go of what they are
comfortable with, and that is because they have not as yet awoken to their
true identity.
  > Another thing is that there will be a great deal of abundance that will
come their way, and they will be rewarded by, be trained to accept this
abundance freely and with a joy that you would think they would have, yet
they could find elusive. When people have lived for so long in captivity and
haven t even been aware that they are not free, they may at first be fearful
of what they are given; they may wait for the other shoe to fall. This we
will help them with.
  > There will be a divine ordinance that will give those who are aware the
opportunity to go into the center, which we see most people will choose.
Then the ones who are of a different perspective, such as the ones who are
living their fundamentalist reality, and those who are of an atheistic mind,
etc, will be given the opportunity to choose to leave the planet through
what they know as death, or to leave to be kept in captivity on another
planet for the duration of the transitions stage, when at that time they
will be given the choice as to return to earth fully awake, or to experience
their own reality of earth as it is for them now.
  > What would this other planet be?
  > This planet that they would go to will be Nibiru. We are all set up for
the ones who will choose to come and be retrained, restored, healed in every
aspect of their beingness.
  > When they are taken into the earth, they will either choose to be
asleep, and will go through the cleansing that the others will who are in
full knowledge of what is taking place, or they will be cleansed enough to
be able to return to the surface, and go through the remainder of their days
as they hold the expectation for. This will represent itself in the reality
that they have created, and held in trust for their return to the surface.
In that reality, everyone who was there before will still be there, acting
as they expect them to act. The changes that come about in that reality will
be the expected, and possible within their reality. Then because they expect
it, they will at some point pass over, die, and then they will be returning,
when they do, to a fully awake reality on earth. As was said before, it will
all be as a dream to them, whether they choose to go into the center for the
transition time, or to be taken to another planet.
  > Will those people, after they  die  take a great deal of earth time to
return, or will it be almost an instantaneous return?
  > This is dependant upon their decision upon being on the other side. As
you realize, once the body is shed and they are  home  then they undergo a
healing and regeneration process and then a series of decision making
lessons and experiences are made, before the rebirth is accomplished. This
all depends on what the soul decides and how that process serves humanity
and the universe. Some may choose to stay and serve from that side, and some
may return quickly.
  > There are those who will go into the inner earth and stay asleep in a
dreamlike reality for the duration of the changes. Then when they return to
the surface, with the others who are now awake and will be throughout the
stay there, they will experience their own version of the life on earth, and
in that way, they will have created their own reality once more, and see
that they are living in their own version of hell, and will decide to remain
forever in that hell, because they do not wish to let go of their ideas of
reality. They won t see it as hell, for their idea of hell is quite
different. Or they will decide to open their eyes and see what it is that is
the reality that they have been avoiding. This choice will be met with the
utmost love and assistance and they will then be able to awaken to their own
knowingness and remember who they are.
  > So are you saying that there will be two earths then, the new restored
one and the old one of today?
  > It isn t as simple as you state it, and yet it is very simply that there
will be the numbers of realities that have been dreamt of and that will be
in the minds of those who hold those realities. There is much that you will
be learning, remembering about the dimensionality of realities, and when
this process takes place, you will be able to conceptualize more of what it
is that makes up the realities of existence. Till then, I will give you the
information that is within your scope of understanding, and that in turn
will further open your understanding so that with the energies that are
being absorbed into the earth and your beingness you will come to a greater
understanding, and will be able to ask grander questions that will allow the
answers to be understood.
  > When I say that there will be two earths I speak of the dimensionalities
of the third and of the fifth on up. These are the two basic dimensions of
earth that will exist at that time. Within these two dimensions, there are
also realities that come and go, are continually changing with the concepts
of the individuals. The universe is a very busy place, if you consider that
there are as many realities as there are life expressions. This makes for an
overwhelming sense of space and busyness for most, so to be able to
conceptualize the subject of dimensions and realities it is wise to bring it
down to the two earth realities. All the others are merely changing forms of
ideas and manifestations of thought that are accompanied with emotions and
enough push, passion to create. This is the malleability of the universal
expressions. For now we shall come back to the subject of the two earths and
how the people will be conceptualizing their reality.
  > Take for example that there are two earths and that you are living on
the restored one. This you can conceptualize now, though it is in your
future. This can be made to come about at a quicker rate through the
connectedness of all the thoughts of the ones who can see that. This is what
brings into manifestation a new thought.
  > When the ones who believe only in what they see keep that vision and
thought, belief system, they keep that reality and the separation in their
minds takes place, and the two different realities are manifested. It isn t
that there are two different physical earths, as you would see two balls
side by side in your own reality. It is rather that the two are separate
only as far as the dimensions are concerned, as you would see a dream-like
state to be the unreal, and the waking to be real. Both happen at the same
time, but one is more substantial to you. When you experience lucid dreams,
for instance, then you are in that process of being able to see both, and
then you will continue to access the reality of the dreamstate in awakening
and attain the ascension.
  > What will happen to the areas that are already beautiful and maybe hold
acreage that we now would like to utilize for developing beautiful future
cities of Light? What if at the time of these earth changes these projects
have already started; what will happen to those?
  > If these projects are already in the works and are aligned with the new
technologies, then they will be preserved and the work on them will be
resumed upon return to the surface. This is why it is of import to be
certain of the work that is done, and that only the guidance from within be
followed along with the guidance that we give you. Remember, anything that
does not meet with the purity of the new design will not be preserved. You
have already put that design into action, and will see it come into
manifestation. We will not be doing your work for you. We play a part in it
and shall assist you.
  > Thank you Enki, I guess I ve run out of questions for now, but I m sure
there ll be more in the days to come.
  > It has been my pleasure my dear one. I am always here to answer any and
all questions. All you need do is ask. Blessings to you all.
  > Thank you dear Lord Enki,
  > Love, Nancy Tate
  > www.treeofthegoldenlight

Mar/10/04,  Manifestation of Grace planned by the inner worlds ****************(Chapter  32)***finish

Mar/27/04,  Percent of Light, our Creator God thru Nancy Tate *****************(Chapter  34)***start

Today is the opening day of the 'Love and Divinity' portal... and we have a message from our Creator God (creator of our Central Sun). The message basically explains way Nesara has not yet been announced... the percent of light is still not high enough.  To use our Creator God's words... has not yet reached the 'zero point'.  (The percent of light measurement taken on 2/2/04 was too low... as this group knows.)    Creator God explains the basic reason remains that collectively we still view ourselves as separate... rather than connected (key energy #12)... to one another and to our Creator God.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 11:25 AMSubject: Wake up Call
> Thank you for not replying to this email. You may contact me at 
> Dear Creator God, 
> Nancy: I know that you are in everyone; I know that you have more than one emissary of the truth. In the capacity of a carrier of your message, I ask what you can tell me about NESARA and why we have not seen it on our screens. 
> CG: My dear one, this is the time for all of you to know that there is nothing that has happened on earth that has not been the direct result of the idea that you are all separate from me. This is the premise by which all of you live and operate in the wisdom of what you consider to be the good of everyone. With this in mind I ask you, why do you feel that there has been no announcement? Why do you feel that it is someone else who must bring this about? 
>   N: I see that this is something that must come about through the collective consciousness, and that there aren t enough on earth who feel that we are in desperate need of this. There are so many who have been mesmerized and are not seeing the truth of the situation. How can we bring this forward, if there isn t enough energetic oomph to do so? 
> CG: When in the course of human events it becomes possible to bring something into manifestation, it is with the direct and purposed action of the people. This is the law of the natural way, and when I say that there is only one way to deal with this, I am referring to the energy of knowledge and foresight that a small percentage of people bring forth on this planet. There is an ongoing residual that is affecting the ones who are in charge of this announcement, and when this residual gets cleared out, then there will be no resistance to the proposed announcement.  
> How this can be accomplished is by the careful, and thorough absorption of the energies of darkness that prevail on the planet. This residual is not the basis for the troubles that are plaguing the planet right now. It is the light that is being produced from the overriding of the darkness by the lightworkers of the planet. When this takes place, there is a mounting of energy that places itself into the stream of consciousness and prevails over all. This takes place in a gradual way, until there is a point reached, which you call a zero point, and that point is very, very imminent. The occurrences that take place every moment around the globe are as a sweeping action to that residue. Every time there is a life lost, or a part of the globe that is dirtied with another chemical, there is a lessening of the light, and a sweeping of the darkness that comes in. With this action, the light comes around and supplies the oomph to the issue, and then the relativity of the electric en!
>  ergy is given to the situation, and the buildup manifests itself in the intention of the consensus. 
> This is the way it works in this existence. This is the way that matter comes about. Now with the increased resilience to the energy of intent, there is a quickening taking place, and that makes the situation at hand closer to being brought forward. What you can all do now is to keep monitoring the messages that are brought forth, and taking to your heart and knowingness what in those messages are a match with your intent. This is the buildup that is necessary in bringing about the picture and the reality that is being created. 
> N: Would you please explain that about the light coming around and providing the oomph after the darkness has overridden? 
> CG: Let me explain it in a different way. When there is a room with a door and a window, there is a certain amount of light that is present until the door is closed. Then if the shade is drawn on the window the light lessens. These are obstacles to the light brought about through the actions of intent. Then someone opens the door and some light comes in. The darkness, which has overridden the light, is now being supplanted and the one who brings in that light then raises the shade and more light is allowed in. This brings a great deal of light to the situation, and it is done through the action of intent. 
> The light, though overridden by the intent of darkness, never is destroyed. It is always present, and in unlimited quantity. No matter where you go on earth, there is always the potential for light, because there is always light somewhere in the world. Light is the All That Is. It is the expression of That Which Is. 
> When the situation of NESARA is in the light of intent, then it shows itself. When the intent is strong enough, and the intent of the people builds the strength of the Light enough, by opening the door and the shade, then you will all see it in your reality. 
> N: So this means that what we must do to bring this about is to keep on bringing messages, and seeing that we have it. It is to know that we are already living it, is that right? 
> CG: Yes that, and remember the action. Someone has to open that door and raise that shade. Then someone has to recognize and appreciate that the light is there, and go forth and spread the word. Otherwise there is still only one who knows about the lit up room. It is a collective action that takes place. It is a rejoicing that brings the awareness to the world. It is a determined intent that spreads the word, and eases the darkness.  
> N: I m hearing the echoes of so many people now who are saying things like,  I am so tired of waiting for this. Day after day, we hear the same thing. When are we going to see this? 
> CG: That is because that is their reality. That is what they create through their impassioned pleas for things as they are. Rather than saying to these messages yes, this is grand, we are ready to live this, they are creating a reality of not having it. When they see that they are living it, and that it is wonderful, then they will push the last vestige of darkness out of their reality. And then the rest of the world will do so, for they will see the light as well. When they see the White Knights as being powerfully playing out their roles, and when they see the Judges as being ready to make the announcement, then they will help to create that as their reality. When this and other messages are spread far and wide, they will open doors and raise shades. It will build a reality that will give oomph to the intent energy. This message and all the others will join and push the intent energy into reality.  
> Meet all the messages with love and enthusiasm, and the knowing that it is the very thing that will propel the word to the far corners of the globe and onto the screens of the world. It is like giving birth. The pains of producing a new life can sometimes be overwhelming. That can be alleviated by the surrender to the process; and the final push will bring the beautiful new life into the arms of the parents, and the world will hear the cries of the new life and the voice of the people. Passion brought the seed to the new life. Passion brings the new life into the reality of the world. Bring your passion into the equation, and you will see the new life and hold it in your hearts and minds, and create your new reality. 
> N: Thank you Creator God.  

Mar/27/04,  Percent of Light, our Creator God thru Nancy Tate *****************(Chapter  34)***finish

Apr/30/04,  Mayan Calendar,Nesara, and Stock Market *************************(Chapter  35)***start

Mayan Calendar

I have just completed a great deal of work around the Mayan Calendar... the precision within the calendar is now in my evidence.  This evidence being the accuracy of forecasted daily stock market price changes.  The daily price changes (not levels) for the S&P 500 have been calculated to 2009.  (Forecast is not adjusted for the 4th day midpoint, 7/26/2006) The forecast to 2009 is based on 5638 days of history... and 15 days of watching the future projections.  So far, the future projections are totally consistent with historical accuracy.  The history shows that an investment made on the first day of 1982, with all profits being reinvested, is now up 65,969% as of 4/9/2004... without compounding of profits, up 1,225%. The worse peak to valley drawdown at any time during the 22 years was 11% (10/26/87 & 10/27/87, right after the 1987 crash).  For the entire crash month of October 1987 the system turned in a net profit of 18.6%. Ian Lungold's 6 hour video tape, 'Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled, September 6, 2003',  ( and Carl Johan Calleman's book, "Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our time: The Mayan Calendar" were very helpful to me.  (It does appear their end date is off by exactly 420 days... end date is 12/21/2012, not 10/28/2011.)  This means Ian's key day forecasts would be delayed by exactly 420 days.   With any calendar work, the toughest of all problems is to know either the start or end date.  There is no history to help us pinpoint the exact start date of about 16.4 Billion Years ago... so that means we can only speculate about the end date, since it has not yet arrived.  I reasonate with a 12/21/2012 end date.  If your truth is different, simply move my key dates dates forward or backward, accordingly. Question:  So where are we according to the Mayan Calendar?  Answer:  As of today, 4/30/2004 we are 5,990,399,996,844 days into this Creation... with only 3,156 days remaining to the Creation end date of 12/21/2012.  We reach the midpoint of the 4th Day on 7/26/2006.  The 9th of 9 major acceleration points begins on 4/5/2012.  (8th of 9 major acceleration points started on 2/28/2000.) 


Once again St. Germain is reminding us "It is all about Light and its ability to touch the hearts of those who are in fear."  Translation... the collective % of light of humanity is still too low.  On the progress side, we are very close (98%) to having enough collective light.  Nesara will happen as soon as there is 2 percent more high/inner heart collective energy replacing mind/ego command (fear energy). 
Peter----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 11:13 AMSubject: Wake up Call by Mike Quinsey
> Thank you for not replying to this email. You may contact me at 
> Good Morning St. Germain  4-29-04 
> I come to dispel your anxiety and your fears that all of the good work and effort to bring out the announcement of NESARA, will come to nothing within this announcement window. I stress again, that now more than ever you must be totally focussed on the reality that is about to manifest. You measure time, and feel it, in a way that gives you the impression that it is slow to manifest the necessary conditions for NESARA to come into being. From my point of view I see the larger picture and am aware exactly what is taking place, and I mean the activities of the dark as well as the Light.  
> I have told you a number of times that there is a  right time  for the announcement, and we cannot and would not force the issue, as that would be to interfere with your freewill. It is all about Light and its ability to touch the hearts of those who are in fear. Even those who are hearing about the benefits of NESARA for the first time, are likely to be unsure, and wonder what to make of it. People s trust has to be won, and the last thing I want to see is the Supporters of it becoming doubtful and restless. Tilt the scales that little bit further, and you shall see the wonders of NESARA develop before your very eyes.  
> A lot of work is going on behind the scenes, some of which it would be unwise to tell you of, yet be assured that all is well. Now more than any previous opportunity to announce NESARA, we are so close to acknowledging that all is in place and ready. The dark are fast losing their devious means of interfering with the future that is planned, a glorious future that will quickly come into your reality. The dark are losing their support and many who were their staunch supporters are in doubt, and large cracks are beginning to appear in their framework. They are subject to the Laws of attraction as well as the Light and their confusion and chaos within their ranks is escalating, they are already in disarray, their little but powerful organisation is breaking apart. Transmute the dark even further and there shall be no opposition left which can have any effect upon our plan to announce NESARA NOW. 
> We, that is myself and many others who are directly involved in guiding the future of your evolution and the restoration of Earth, are carrying out our part of the Creators Plan, believe me, there is absolutely no way that a few mortals upon Earth can thwart it. The Earth is a very special planet, a home to very special Beings, and they are you. For aeons of time you have come and gone from Earth, through many cycles of experiences, working out your visions of reality and then being part of its manifestation. You have set up situations to test out your determination, and through your own experience whether you can achieve a positive result that would lead to your ideal, living in peace harmony and balance. You have been through this so many times, and often you are given more than one opportunity to accept the same challenge, for example your present civilisation has followed a pattern which closely follows the period during the end time of Atlantis, one that led to its ulti!
>  mate destruction. You have again gone through this same experience, and your challenge was to make the right decisions that would avoid a repetition of the total destruction that occurred. You have of course a number of times come close to a nuclear holocaust that had the potential to destroy your Earth. It has been a close thing, but good sense and a subconscious remembering of what happened previously enabled you to come back from the brink.  
> Our influence as it is now is to bring the Light to such situations, and we do our best to help you see beyond your squabbles, and desire an outcome that is for the good of all. We can always see your true potential, and we had no doubt that you would support the Light and make it manifest upon Earth. Since your millennium, you have even surpassed our greatest hopes for mankind, the Light has become so powerful, there can never be any doubt as to the outcome of the events you are now experiencing. Look beyond the outer dressing, see inside the package, notice how there is an upsurge in demands for the Truth, you are breaking out of the control of the dark, they no longer fool you with their platitudes, you are beginning to see how they have manipulated many events, you are seeing right through their subterfuge, they are rapidly losing their power and support. 
> You have already won the battle; it is just that for the moment you cannot see it to be so. Feel the expectation of victory in the air; there is an excitement at the opening of NESARA and all that it represents. You are about to experience a great joy and happiness, and from thereon you will not look back. As a part of your experience you will need to know the true history of Earth and your part in it, and this also will enhance your understanding. 
> You are all great Beings, if only you knew yourselves as we know you, we bow before you, we humble ourselves before you, you are truly of the Light, you are Gods. A great unity of souls upon Earth is about to take place, coming together as great Beings of Light, ready to traverse the Universe in search of knowledge. You have much to offer, and yet the learning never ceases. Your future is assured in the Light of Love, you are tremendous Beings of such power, and that same power will now bring to you that which will result in great happiness, joy and Love upon Earth. 
> Thank you beloved St.Germain 

Apr/30/04,  Mayan Calendar,Nesara, and Stock Market *************************(Chapter  35)***finish

May/01/04, Full Moon on 5/4/2004 from Qala Serenia Phoenix ******************(Chapter  36)***start

Tuesday (5/4) is an upcoming opportunity day to more fully connect with your Full Self and all other Full Selves... and to stay at this higher level of connection.  (This means moving away from separation.) Please share this information with others interested in connection. This email is posted on

----- Original Message ----- From: GAIA Networking To: GAIA Subscribers - World List Sent: Friday, April 30, 2004 10:51 PMSubject: The Wave - May Circular

Blessings of Love to all , 

This email relates to Wesak and the new spiritual current that Mother Gaia is anchoring and lifting all of us. 
The following is a message from Mother Gaia and Lord Buddha and I also offer you  a linkup process for Wesak ceremony (May 4th) below this.  
I hope you enjoy this beautiful ones and it assists you in divine order for your being....Love Qala

Message from Mother Gaia

I ask you to take a deep breath in Beloveds, as I begin to activate the Earth current in your body to generate each of your chakras and crystalline cells to begin to resonate to the vibration of my heart.  I am calling to each of you to gather with me at this time to prepare for the new spiritual currents that will ground through this coming full moon.  Beloved, I am like a chalice that opens to the Sun and Moon, and as the cycles of the Sun and Moon interchange, the golden chalice I am fills with light and love.  This sacred full moon, that is known as Wesak ... my chalice fills and overflows, not only with the solar and lunar elixirs, but at this time my sacred body receives a divine blessing directly from Source as the new spiritual current for the year begins to anchor through me.  This current, direct from Source, births my new year spiritually.  At this time Beloveds, you may also receive your chalice to overflow with me if you sit with me at this time on the full moon, you will receive the grace of the light that Lord Buddha brings to the Earth.  This light is for your service Beloveds, and to carry your soul through your ascension process for the next year.  It is a sacred time of gathering of all souls who choose consciously to walk the path of the open heart.  These souls gather and meet in the Wesak valley of my body.  This is the sacred gateway that a holy trinity anchors the spiritual current into the core of my heart and body.  If you gather together and travel to this valley etherically, you will receive the light that only comes once a year to me.  This is a birthing wave for your service and your divine mission, and it is the time when you are heard from every portal in the universe in relationship to what serves you and how you wish to serve with the energy of your love and light for the next year.  It is at this time that your old commissions complete and you open to choosing and co-creating your next year projects or commissions with me.  Know that every soul is welcome to this ceremony, but it is only those that travel into the heart of this valley that receive this light directly.  I invite thee to receive this sacred gift that has the power to hold you for one year as a service emissary to the light and the path of love.  Know those of you that choose this will need to find a sanctuary on the full moon to receive this, and then simply ask to travel to the Wesak valley to the Wesak ceremony.  If you sit on the earth with me, or in a group/circle, it will be easier for you to travel to Wesak with me.  I bless each one of you, and ask you to guide yourself over this time to the most appropriate place for you at this time.  

I hold you with each breath of my heart, 
Mother Gaia 

Message from Lord Buddha for Wesak

Blessed be the Angel within thee,

I call forth to each one of you and invite thee to be with me and all other Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels and emissaries for this Wesak full moon to receive the blessing of the light of the heart of God through every cell and chakra of your being.  Beloved, Wesak is a gateway of divine consciousness that opens each full moon when the Sun is in Taurus.  Know in the heavens, the stars and planetary bodies awaken and open a new configuration.  Know that this will not be found in your astrology, but is held through the heart of alchemy of the heavenly bodies.  Beloveds, it is at this time that I merge with all on Earth to bring the Buddha consciousness to earth – the stillness of the light to Earth.  This stillness has the power to complete and resolve that which has not completed and resolved easily.  Beloved, know that this stillness, when focused on your service, will bring a peace and balance to you in regards to your divine service.  Each one of you are guided from within to receive and give service.  This service I speak of is divine energy, and this divine energy that comes to you for Wesak is known as God consciousness.  Beloved, the stream of light is direct from God.  It is at this time that you may open to your God Presence more fully than at any other time.  

You may consider this to be of high benefit, but Beloved ones, it is more than this.  It is the highest potential gateway and opening that occurs for every being. Know Beloved, this comes once a year to your being, and it is of the highest potential for each of you to resolve and complete all that you have been working through to open to a new initiation through this Wesak full moon.  It is the time for you to give thanks to the last year, and to the service you received, and the service you gave.  It is the time for you to let go of old projects that did not complete, and to open to new ways that will fulfil these or open you to new projects.  It is the time for you to speak with God directly from your heart on that which you resonate with in your heart that you are guided to give as your service for the next year.  It is the time for you to receive the Wesak keys for this to assist your consciousness to open to completely manifesting this.  It is a time for you to awaken to the light of your being and to allow the light to flow through your being.  Beloved, it is your time to be with God.  In this way, I speak of your God Presence that lives within thee.  Take thy time to feel what I share with you, and that which I gently impress on you as important for thee.  Over this Wesak, there is a great focus from the inner planes on Iraq.  We are asking each of you to bring the light through your bodies to fill yourself and then to let it overflow to the Iraq body on the Earth as your Wesak service.  Beloveds, I offer you now the mantras that will create you to connect to the Wesak ceremony powerfully over the full moon.  Know that you will be guided of how to sing these, and how many times will come through the feeling of this.  Allow yourself to create your own ceremony at this time if you cannot be in a large group gathering at this time.  I will be with you if you ask to travel to the Wesak valley at this time.  Know that this ceremony takes place prior to the full moon, and completes just after the full moon turns in its fullness.  Know that over one day, and we suggest the 4 May, for you to attune to the ceremony with us.  Know you will be translated by the Ascended Masters in a group merkaba with many others.  You will be cared for in divine order our Beloveds.  Sound the mantras when you feel to, and receive the light from the heavens above you.  Then lay our Beloved, and receive, for the activation takes 24 hours to complete.  You will be receiving over the next day, even after you sleep.  

We bless you and say Namaste to you ,
Lord Buddha and your ascension council

Blessings Beloveds, - A linkup process for Creating your Wesak Connection this full moon

This Wesak I will be in Byron Bay with a group in gathering with the Ascended Masters and the Divine Mother. For those of you who are guided to link with us etherically I have received the following for you to connect to if this is your heart resonance. The linkup will be on the Full Moon in your own local place. Call to your God Presence and ask to be taken to Wesak valley at this time and to link in with the Byron Bay Wesak Gathering and all others in divine order for your being. 

Wesak is a sacred celebration on the spiritual/ inner planes of Earth that is held each full moon of the Taurus sun in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas. At this time the love and light of Buddha anchors into this valley for a sacred ceremony on the inner planes. This ceremony is related to one’s spiritual path and path of service on Earth.  At this time all old commissions are honoured and new ones are co-created with ones God Presence. Buddha offers a sacred dispensation to all souls present, of a vial of light that is so concentrated it contains enough light to live in sacred communion for the whole next year.  It is a new beginning and before Wesak each year all are asked to complete with their last years tasks and resolve any old energies related to being in service and open to a new beginning with this.


1.  Call to the Beloved God/dess, The Galactic Federation and The Ashtar Command and your God Presence, the Angels , the Archangels ,The Inner Earth Temple Workers,  The Ascended Masters and all on your team….Ask for space you are in to be cleared energetically (clear it physically by cleaning it if it needs it first )  and then create a sacred alter with love. If you have crystals clean them energetically with light and place them on your altar….......................collect flowers and light candles and place whatever sacred objects you would like to create sacred space with on a beautiful cloth in the centre of the room you are wishing to anchor the light through….you may wish to play beautiful music or sing while you do this.  Ask for divine assistance and for a Temple of Love to anchor and a huge column of violet flame to anchor through your home once you have completed this.  Call for the violet flame to flood through you and sit in meditation and breathe as this occurs. 

2. Call to Beloved God/dess and ask for Temple of Wesak Heart be anchored in this place through this altar. 

3.Call forth for all Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, the Divine Father and Divine Mother, Mother Gaia and Lord Buddha, The Elohim and Eloha  and one’s God Presence to be with you and to lift you and all other souls into connection with the Wesak Valley for Wesak Ceremony. 

4. Offer your prayers for all beings to the altar as a large column of love anchors through your altar with a golden dome anchored around and above you and sound Om or another divine mantra that opens the light to pour forth into your home and into the Earth. 

5. Invite all those you wish to etherically be with you to also receive what you receive over the evening to be present….calling in your loved ones, family and others you wish to have this opportunity of expansion of their love and light.

6. Hold Hands with all others who are present if you with others and form a ring of love and light. 

7. Connect to the three fold flame in your heart and expand it out in every direction around you If you are with others send the flame into the centre of the circle to connect to all other hearts present and if you are not with others physically, send the flame out all around you and then connect your heart to the central column of lovelight through sending flame from your heart into it. You may then begin your ceremony by opening to the following mantras in sacred space or you may infuse these mantras through other aspects of ceremony. Guide yourself through your heart with this. 

The WESAK CEREMONY mantras are the following. They focalise your God Presence Love and Light to create a deeper connection to WESAK and the inner plane ceremony occurring each year on Full Moon in Scorpio (When the Sun is in Taurus). Some of the mantras work best in groups of three and these ones are placed in a group so as to assist you to sing them as a group before moving to another part  of your ceremony.

v Opening the Heart        


v Merging with God Presence 


v Opening the Group Heart & Soul Merkabah  …….




v Anchoring The Divine Presence 


v Honouring the Divine  Masculine     


v Honouring the Divine  Feminine 


V Wesak Communion with The Masters and receiving Lord Buddha’s offering of Light



v Mergence with Divine Mother 


v Mergence with Divine Father


v Mergence with Divine Child 


v Receiving the 12 ki’s to Wesak 

After offering intention of one’s divine service for next year……sound this to receive the 12 sacred ki’s offered to all initiates at Wesak ceremony in support of their coming year. The Ascended Masters offer these to all who offer their new service agreements for the next year. This service agreement may be very simple …it is what you wish to offer to the divine plan of love ….to assist others to raise their consciousness and experience more love. It may be focalised on the planet, community, race, family, society, or individuals. The Masters share that is service to others that can provide the greatest experiences of love in life and the discovery of the open heart experience – unconditional love. They ask you what does your heart wish to offer as heart resonance this next year and do you need assistance to create this. They ask you to name what it is you wish to offer as your service and they offer to provide the assistance needed for this if it be in divine order for your being and others. 



v Honouring the Divine in all beings 


v Blessing all Beings with The Wesak Love and Light- Focusing this on Iraq and the Middle East 

Calling to all souls in the Middle East and Iraq to receive the sounds of this sacred song and blessing as you sing. 


Blessings on your Wesak  everyone.
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See you on the inner planes if not at Byron.
Love Qala
The Wave - May Circular 
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May/01/04, Full Moon on 5/4/2004 from Qala Serenia Phoenix ******************(Chapter  36)***finish

May/17/04, Beacons of Light - May 2004 - The Third Earth **********************(Chapter  39)***start

This transmission from "The Group" has much new uplifting information... like third earth, crystal children and the ascension of Lemuria.   It is long and logically organized... easy to read... stop... read some more.  If you don't resonate with reading it, simply smile, feel good about yourself/others, and know collectively we are doing better than ever dreamed possible!~htl~

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Lightworker proudly presents:
The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from HomeMay 15 2004

~ The Third Earth ~
A New Hologram for Earth The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live in the internet, transcribed and posted on the 15th of each month. The next live message will be on Mon May 31, 2004 11am Pac
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Creating a new template for Earth
with the hologram of the Third Earth. 

From Steve: 

This month’s message is a climax to the last several months’ messages. The Group’s messages are rarely presented to be read in any specific order. However, if you look at the last seven 

monthly Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home, you will see a definite order building to the creation of the Third Earth. The past messages have planted the seeds of understanding for Vortex and Portals, the Crystal Energy, our changing relationship to time, and the Universal Energy. All of these messages are about us standing in the doorway to a new reality. Last month the Group told us about the death of a star, and told the story of a family on the planet of Akarru. The story they told was about how this family dealt with learning that their sun and their planet was dying. It was a beautiful but sad story about what life would be like if you had just learned that you, everyone around you, and your planet were about to die. One of the interesting points was that after the initial shock and reaction the people of Akarru became very spiritual and only focused on the really important things in their lives. 

With an understanding of the Crystal Energy, we know that energy never dies. Since we are energy, even in our own death, we simply change form, from one energy form to another. It is the Universal Energy that facilitates these transformations. Therefore the death of Akarru and Leilu, Amarah and Trudge is a gift to us, as the other side of their death is the opportunity for a wondrous birth. For this reason the Group said we would be feeling an increase of life force energy entering through our sun. Most humans feel this as Kundalini or sexual energy. 

Our own solar sun has been charging our planet with the Universal Energy for more than three years now. Recently, in November of last year, we had the largest Coronal Mass Ejection or solar flare ever on our sun. In fact, our scientists are really wondering if our own sun is in the process of dying. The Group says that our own sun is a portal for the Crystal Energy that will help us to step into higher dimensions. They say that the gift of the people of Akarru, including Leilu, Amarah, and Trudge, is being channeled to us through our own sun. Now we will use that energy to birth the Third Earth. 

Recently in Belgium, we presented the 8 Sacred Rooms seminar. Our seminars always include a lot of hugs. As I was hugging a special lady she looked up at me and told me that I had just given her a “Trudge hug.” In that moment I came to understand that Trudge had given us all a wonderful gift, and he was probably looking just over my shoulder as I hugged her. Since the Third Earth will begin as a hologram and a collector for our highest thoughts about what we want in the fifth dimension, my first contribution to the Third Earth is a big Trudge hug to everyone I meet! 
Special Request
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Greetings from Home.

Ahh, here we sit at Home and watch with amazement as you create Home right in front of us. You are magical beings. You carry the energy of everything we have done in heaven, but you now carry it on Earth. Do you know how magical you are? Do you understand the essence of the true beings that you really are? We tell you, from this day forward you are taking on a new role here and it is incredibly important for you to understand. That is why we have been here to help you remember. Now you have enacted a whole new level of creation that was not possible any other way. You have set into motion the possibility of creating something higher than was ever dreamt of, even as you play the Game. And now you sit at the precipice of the entire valley, looking across from the highest cliff, deciding where to go from here. 

New Abilities to Re-Create Heaven on Earth

Each one of you has gifts not fully understood, and yet you are starting to understand them now. Yes, you know that each and every one of you holds an important piece of the puzzle which is totally unique. That is why we call you the magicians of the Game Board. That is why you are creating new energy this day. Now that magic goes to all new levels. The Harmonic Convergence and the Harmonic Concordance have given you capabilities that were not even dreamt of in the beginning. That is what we wish to speak to you of this day. 

Dear ones, we cannot tell you of the excitement here in Heaven as we tell you this. We cannot fully explain the possibilities that you now hold before you as you step into the power of your own individual creations. What you did not know is that in order to create your next step in the evolution of a soul, you will now re-create Earth. We will offer you a different perspective. We do not offer you the ultimate view of anything, but our purpose as angels is simply to help you see yourselves from a different view, the view of the angels. We will offer you that view this day.

The Second Planet of Free Choice
Human – Human Angel – Angel

You are aware that until recently you have been the Only Planet of Free Choice. Now there is a Second Planet of Free Choice that is in motion on a separate timeline, evolving rapidly. Your own evolution is moving from that of human to Human Angel, and eventually into the angelic realm. And when you finally assimilate all the energy that we are trying to gift you, you will step into the role we have been playing, for you will become the angels of the Second Planet of Free Choice in much the way that we have been the angels of the First Planet of Free Choice. That is why you are here. In the meantime, you are becoming the Human Angels, for each of you are finding ways that you can touch another human. We love it when you open your hearts and touch each other, for that is exactly what we have done for you, over and over again. Now that you have the capability of angelic acts, we ask that you claim and use that ability. As angels-in-training we ask you to use it for each other. A Human Angel is one who makes a commitment to be placed at the exact junction of time and space to help another human. Then eventually you will use those gifts to be an angel to the inhabitants of the Second Planet of Free Choice. That is the purpose of the portals that have been opening on Planet Earth. Not only will they open up other dimensional realities for you, but they will eventually provide you with access to the beings on the Second Planet of Free Choice. 

In the very beginning we spoke of different boiling points, or hot spots, on Earth, all over the globe, that would connect to each other as you connected to your higher selves. It is happening this day. You are creating it yourselves. It is not the land. It is not the portal. It is you. You are the ones who have set this into motion through your own intent for your own opportunities to connect to other souls. The centers of light that you all have created have already made a difference on Earth. That is why so many of you have had the dream of a healing center. Only by holding that dream within your hearts were you able to create the centers of light you will now use for the next creation. 

In the near future you will see movement though these portals as contact from what you call ‘space beings.’ We think that is quite humorous, as that is what the beings on the Second Planet of Free Choice will call you at one point. We love your conceptions of other life in the universe, although they are rarely accurate. There are interdimensional realities that live within your own time and space and this is where many of the beings that you call ‘visitors from outer space’ have been all along. They have been waiting for the appropriate time. Oh yes, some of them are far advanced of you technologically. Oh yes, some of them have been waiting a long time with the full knowledge that they are not alone in the universe. Some of these beings are your own parental races. Some of them you will recognize, some of them you will not. We tell you that when the time is right, they will come through the portals and start showing up in your reality more than ever before. But it goes much farther than that. That is only the first part of the process. On the First Planet of Free Choice you decided to put on the veil in a very unique way so that you would completely forget your abilities of creation. You would be pushed into a survival mode where you would not be able to re-member or use your power. You have done well at re-membering Home and taking your power while still in physical form. That is why we say that you have already won the game. That is why a Second Planet of Free Choice has begun. But it does not stop there for as advanced beings, will start re-creating Earth itself to take your next step. 

The Third Earth ~ A New Hologram for the 5th Dimension

This is why we show you how we have interacted with you as angels; for you will be using these tools exclusively in the future as you become angels yourselves. It will be important for you to interact and find effectiveness in your world first as a Human Angel, for that is how you will spread your joy. That is how you will know your own passion and what you have come to do. For even though you may find small pieces of it at this moment, it will become more important as time goes on, for there is something happening here that we speak of this day. In the beginning there was the Only Planet of Free Choice. Now there is the Second Planet of Free Choice. . . and now we speak of the creation of the Third Earth.

As you move vibrationally from one level to another to another, it is important to understand that you have been playing a Game on what originally began as a hologram. Even your ancient human writings speak of the creation of the Earth as a thought-form of God that was created in six days. These ethereal thought-forms are actually holograms of light. Therefore it should be known that even as the Earth is a living, loving and sentient being, she began her incarnation as a thought of God, as a hologram. Earth is the stage where you play out the dramas of your lives. You get up in the morning, brush your teeth, comb your hair, get into the car and you go to work. You are playing a wonderful Game pretending to be human, when in fact you are spirits playing a game in human form. Many times you are creating the dirt below your feet as you step forward. You create every second of every day as your expectations and beliefs allow. Earth has been the most generous host for the game you play when you put on the veil. She is a part of you and you are a part of her. But even as a living, sentient being, there is much evolution that the Earth must undergo to fully support the dimensional shift to make space for fully empowered humans. Your evolution from the third dimension into the fifth dimension has already begun, yet there must still be adjustments to fully assimilate the attributes of the fifth dimension.

To facilitate those adjustments you will now create a new hologram for the new Earth. Once again it will begin in the ethers as a thought form of God, only this creation will manifest from the God within each of you.

You will build the hologram of the Third Earth with the highest intent that you wish to carry forward into your next evolutionary step. Then, when the image is complete, the Third Earth hologram will imprint itself over the top of the First Earth. At that stage, a unique thing will happen, for all vibrational levels will move as one. That is what you have known as ascension. It is in progress now. Yes, we know this whole hologram thing is hard to fathom for some of you. Let us put it very simply. Imagine a sacred space were you retreat and rejuvenate. It is your special room. You may have a favorite space beneath a walnut tree that sits on the edge of a lake. You may have a room with a golden chair right in the middle of it where you claim your power. Whatever it is, all of you have used such places to reset your energy from time to time. Then, when you have incorporated the serenity within your heart that this sacred space offered, you will walk from that special space carrying the energy within you. That is the space that you are creating in the Third Earth. That is the uniqueness of what you create in the mental image that you will now project to create this hologram. It is not that you will go and live on the Third Earth at some point, but rather it will come to you and lie over the imprint that is now Earth. This will effectively reprogram the original hologram and make space for fully empowered humans to begin a new game. 

So you have the First Planet of Free Choice, you have the Second Planet of Free Choice and you now have the Third Earth. Yes, your minds will want to know much: “Where is it? In what part of which quadrant of the Universe doe it exist? What dimensional reality is it in?” We love the questions and yet we will laugh hysterically when you ask them, for how can we tell you the exact location of a thought pattern? How can we explain to you the coordinates in the galaxy of your dreams? That is what you are creating this with, dear ones. Now is the time to become masters of your thoughts, for all of Earth is in then process of a grand creation. 

Reconnecting to the Parental Races

The energetic machinery that has helped to create the veil has been in place for a very long time, and now you are starting to perceive it as the veil thins. Your own ears are advancing to a level where many of you will begin hearing more and more of that machinery that has existed behind the veil to help support it. Many of you will hear mechanical sounds that you have never heard before. Many of you will hear things that are not of your own biology, but instead are hearing the actual machinery that breathes life through ‘All That Is.’ You will be hearing the Universal Energy as it pulses through you and connects you to the Earth. 

As this activates it will call in many of your parental races, who will begin showing up en masse. They love you dearly and will go to any extent to stay out of your way to allow your Game to move gently and naturally to the next level. There may be some, however, who will approach with great audacity and they will say, “We are here. We are back. We are here to help you move forward.” Hold your power, dear ones. Although your natural curiosity will want contact with them, you do not need help. You hold much more power than you can possibly imagine. Are they the bad guys? Of course not. They are your parents in much the same way that some of your countries were first started by other countries. Hold them in respect and learn what they have to offer, yet remember that their highest hope in creating a race of humans was for that race to hold their own power in human form. 

They will come to you with advanced technology. They will come to you with advanced intellect. They will come to you with knowledge of the universe that will help you tremendously. Some may tell you that they are here to save the day and to move humanity to the next level. Please understand, they are simply here to watch, because you have already saved the day. You have even altered their reality. And although most will sit in the background and wait quietly to be called upon, some of them will come right to the forefront and claim an illusive victory. You are the ones that created victory. Do not ever lose sight of that. Please do not give your power to anyone for you will use that power to create the hologram of the Third Earth. 

The Crystal Energy will be used to Create the Hologram

The portals that are opening on Planet Earth now will connect you with realities instantly and you may never know what quadrant of the universe they are in, nor will it matter, for you will create the image of the Central Sun in this space. 

The Central Sun is the first place of origin of physicality. It is the first place of the infinite energy becoming finite. You have been imprinted with the crystal energy which has been coming in from the sun in what you know to be solar flares. This energy has been storing in the Earth for several years. It has been building and will now provide you with the material to manifest this new hologram for the intentional creation of the new earth. This will help you and the Earth herself to form crystalline bodies. The Crystal Children will soon inhabit the Earth. They carry the imprints already, contained within their own DNA. Yours are advancing toward that now. Every time you see the master numbers on a clock face, every time you see certain imprints, every time you see the figure eight or the infinity sign, it is an imprint and trigger for your own DNA to begin the reconnection process. That is exciting beyond belief, for you are advancing into the crystalline form. The crystalline form will allow you to move to the next level and create your own imprints. The hologram you now create in your own thoughts is the Third Earth that will create the new stage for the new you. The interesting part is that some of you will see it and some of you will not. For it will be of such a vibrational level that those of high enough vibration to see it will incorporate it readily. The rest will not fully see it at this time. It will take time, but you begin first by creating it. You begin first by understanding the process and helping others to adjust to it. These are the acts of a Human Angel. 

As time goes forward there will be another breath of God. And at that point, the Earth will take on its original form and will once again become the library of the Universe. It was halfway there. It was well underway in the beginning, but the Planet of Free Choice meant free choice for all and the game took a turn. Now you have an opportunity to re-create that same library again. All it takes is to hold that pure thought in your own heart and intentionally send it to the hologram of the Third Earth. 

The Magic of Three

You will see much about the number three in the very near future. Yes, there will be many who talk about different aspects of the Third Earth. Please know that all you see before you is made up of threes. It is the base number for creation, as all things are based on the triad. We are not the first to speak of this. All we wish to do is to offer you a different perspective of what this looks like and to share with you our excitement, our love, our energy, and to hold our wings out in front of you so that you can see yourselves the way you can only be seen from heaven. You are the masters of the Game Board, dear ones. You have created your wildest dreams and now you are starting all over again. It took six days to create the Earth and now you will begin counting backward in time to create the Third Earth. It has begun. You are doing it and you are doing it in a more grandiose fashion than you ever dreamt of, for the hand of God is at work here. Dream your highest dream. Dare to step into that room with that golden chair. Dare to put yourself under that tree and overlook that lake. Dare to find yourself happy. Dare to accept your full abundance of all energy on all levels that you can. Turn around and share that and project it out and create the most beautiful place that you can create and you will have the Third Earth. It has begun. It can either be created as an intentional creation or it can be handed to you by default. The decision is yours now. It is moving faster than you can possibly know, for we tell you that many of the opportunities that were to happen in 2012 are already given to you. You have surpassed the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. You are now a higher vibration than ever dreamt of by your parental races. The possibilities are endless, dear ones. Claim your power. Step forward in every moment. Know that even what you see in front of you as turmoil on your planet can be healed by the smile on your face, for you are responsible for your reality and none other. Create that reality first and create it in your heart, which will create it all around you and on the Third Earth. 

Lemuria Did Not Sink – Create in Unity

We tell you, the tales of Lemuria are confusing for most of you. The writings talk about Lemuria sinking into the sea itself and ending. It did not, dear ones. It ascended. It was such a simple, advanced society that the beings went forward to step into the next vibrational level to hold the door open for others to follow. It was a wonderful, beautiful experiment. It did not work the way they wished it to work, for the door closed very abruptly in the sinking of Atlantis. And even though it was done with great heart desire and great energy, there was a misdirection of energy, for some went ahead and some stayed behind, and we tell you that will never happen again. Even as it was offered from the heart, that act of selflessness added to separation and not unity. When you move into the next stage, all of you must move into the stage. That is why you have turmoil on your planet at this moment. There is energy that must be distributed in order for all of you to find a base on which you can build a base of love. Please do not put yourself down or ridicule yourself because there is war upon your planet. Things are playing out now. There will come a time when you will look back on these things and you will say: “Thank God that happened. We are so glad we do not have to go through that again.” Step forward with it. Stand in your truth. Create the Third Earth in love and unity and from what you have learned as a result of all the negative energy that you have gone through. Take that negative energy which has dropped below the line of normal and use it in a positive form to create the Third Earth. Then you will have created a space that is sacred, for the Children of Crystal Vibration to enter. They will then help you move into that crystalline energy yourself, comfortably and quickly.

Dear ones, the task is at hand. You are up to it. Your beauty is beyond description, for you stand tall as the creators, the Masters of the Game Board. We can spread our wings to show you who you really are. Take the energy that you have this day. Take it from your sacred space and allow others to see it. When your space includes the beautiful Third Earth, you are inviting them into your sacred room. Share the dream. 

It is with the greatest of honor that we touch your heart with only three re-minders. Treat each other with respect. Nurture one another other at every opportunity. Re-member that it is a Game, and you are supposed to be having fun. Play well together.


the Group
Connecting the HeartGiving and Receiving

By Barbara Rother

My heart feels so full of love at this moment. I have an abundant flow of love throughout my entire being. Abundance is about having more than enough for yourself so you can share it with others. Steve and I have presented a weekend seminar in Belgium and spent a whole week presenting an OverLight event in Holland. I have opened my heart charka so wide I feel I am glowing. The love I have shared with all my wonderful spiritual family has been overwhelmingly beautiful. I feel like I have given and received so much love and I can’t wait to continue to share this love. 

Steve and I have had a few days to reflect on the past experiences by taking some time off to enjoy the beauty of Holland. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to be in this energy more than most people. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we were always in the energy of spiritual family. Most likely we would explode from all the love! We have been enjoying our time with just the two of us. I enjoy sharing my love with Steve, and yet we still take time to be by ourselves as individuals. It is important to have time alone to center and ground. In two days we leave for Germany for our first visit. I look forward to meeting more of our German spiritual family. I hope they are ready for all the hugs we have to give them. 

In all the tools that we teach through the Lightworker seminars, my favorite is sharing how we can all be Human Angels to each other. This is all about giving and receiving. You give to another without expecting anything in return. The way the energy circle works is that when you give to, or help another, it creates a vacuum that returns to you in some magical way. It may or may not return to you from the same person. But often it comes from someone else who surprises you. We all need the touch of a Human Angel. We go through life trying to be strong and independent. It is true that we do not need anyone but it warms our heart and puts us back in touch with our spiritual growth when another soul touches ours. So I encourage you to let your hearts be open, even if it means being vulnerable. Allow another angel to touch you and both of you will benefit. So many of us make sure we are out there spreading our love to help all around us and yet, not allowing others to give to us. Unless we are ready to receive, the energy circle of love is not complete. It is all about giving and receiving. Dare to put yourself first, then you will have more to offer others. If we continuously give and are not open to receiving, then we are not allowing the natural flow of life. In the 8 Sacred Rooms seminar that we presented in Belgium we have an experience called Awakening the Master Healer. During this time we ask people to give and receive healing and love from the people in the room. We encourage people who are professional healers to just sit and receive healing for a change. You would be surprised at how difficult this is for some people. So many of us continually give without taking the time to receive. It is important to remember the energy circle of love includes giving and receiving. 

There are many ways of giving. You can give of your time, money, talents or yourself. When you feel in your heart that you want to step into another persons life and help them in some way this is a sign of being a Human Angel. The Group defines a Human Angel as a person who asks to be placed at the exact juncture of time and space in order to have the opportunity to make a difference in another human’s life. This giving needs to be unconditional. This way it is given with all of your heart without expecting anything in return. When you give, it starts the energy circle of the heart. The more you give, the more you receive. Strive to take the hand of the soul next to you. As you extend yourself in love, you will be uplifted to a new state of joyful awareness.

I ask you all to be open to the love I have to give to you. By doing this, I already feel the circle of love in motion. Pass it on to all you touch. You are a Human Angel. 

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May/17/04, Beacons of Light - May 2004 - The Third Earth **********************(Chapter  39)***finish

Dec/17/04, Ascension process to accelerate, early 2005? ***********************(Chapter 56)***start

On Wall Street there is an old adage... "No one ever rings the bell to signal a major high or low".  Today's information from the Guidance Realms is about as close to 'ringing the bell' as possible.      This 'bell' is about our collective future... our return to fully conscious beings... our return to living in Connective Consciousness.    I have never seen information from the Guidance Realms about coming events be this date specific.  However, the nature of energy is constant change... so there are no guarantees... ever!  If that were not the case, this would not be a Free Will based energetic creation.    I see the word 'GUIDance' as follows... God, You and I Dance.  With energy we are in a constant dance with a most impressive group of dance partners!     We all carry the potential and have the choice to dance our way to becoming Co-Creators.       ~htl~ Peter    

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 9:45 AMSubject: Special Messages from Last Night
>I wish to share these messages with you. 

> Hi Everyone, 
>          Below are two messages; the first I received just before the Conference Call, and that I read on the call. The second one I received as I was falling asleep after retiring to bed. 
> The theme of the call was love and forgiveness. Though he has returned to the Light, fully aware that love is all there is, Enki wishes to share with everyone that he feels it his purpose right now to retain a small degree of the duality in order to stay with us to the end/beginning of this time, for he still bears the feeling of responsibility for all that we have experienced. What he is relaying to us in his message is the ultimate forgiveness that he feels from The Creator, that he is working to accept within himself. I feel that it is representative of all of us. 
> The message about the vision speaks for itself, and asks for discernment on your part. 
>    Love, 
>       Nancy 

> Enki Asks for Forgiveness 12-16-04 

> There is a time when everything that you have ever believed in is the bearer of the fortunes that you bring upon yourself, in the shame of the betrayal. When this is the road that you travel, there is no retribution, for to bring about Grace is to bring about forgiveness of sins committed in full knowledge of what is the inherent right of every man, and that is to carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders, or to give it over to the Creator and know that it is forgiven. 

> There is no greater blessing than that which springs from the knowing that all is one. There is no greater chalice for the drinking of the balm of forgiveness, than the wonder that is the chastity of the Lord. We are the Temple; and unto us is the image of the redeemer, and that is the mighty one who sits and waits for the sheep to return to the fold and ask for the forgiveness. There is no greater purpose in this life than to stray from the Father and return for the blessings knowing full well, that all is forgiven, and the truest forgiver is oneself. 

> So dear ones of mine, I seek the understanding of all of you for the inequities that I have committed unto you, and the forbearance to recognize that all is in purpose, and in that all is forgiven. There is a substance that is emitted from every personage as he seeks the forgiveness of his sins, and that is that there be the understanding that the sins of the world are but forgotten truths made unclear in the omission. This is the rightness that is being established today, and in that rightness of the truth of the forgiveness, is the name of love eternal. 

> My Vision Last Night, Dec 16, 04 

> Last night as I was drifting into sleep, I suddenly was energized and wide-awake. I sensed a huge energy around me, and then I felt that I extended up to the ceiling. I mentioned this to Bob, and then I began to tell him what I was receiving.  

> I was told that soon there would be a complete disclosure of all of the truth about 9/11, and about the present regime s involvement in it. I was told that they would be arrested and removed from office immediately and that the Senate Majority leader would step in as interim position in the place of the president and vice president. I felt that this would most probably not happen till after the first of the year. 

> Then I was told that after this happens all of the rest of the truth will be revealed to the people, the truth of the financial picture, governmental, economical, educational, etc. Then I was told that was all for now, and that I would be able now to sleep, for I must be fresh to share information with others tomorrow. Then indeed I was sleepy and fell fast asleep. 

> Realize, that this was a vision I received; in that there is the possibility of change, for that is the nature of energy. I see this as a very strong possibility, and encourage all of you to rely on what you discern from it.

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dec/17/04, Ascension process to accelerate, early 2005? ***********************(Chapter 56)***finish

=========================== end Change in direction for Many of ONE ========================



Eyes of God

Dec/24/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter  14)***start

On Christmas eve, this joyous, incredible message appears... and it is a joy to share with you.  Even when confirmed by my loving parents, I never wanted to stop believing in Santa Claus.  When visualizing Santa, an image of pure red and white immediately forms.  Activated by today's message, the red morphed into high/inner heart... and the white morphed into the presence of all colors in balance.  My newly formed picture of knowing then morphed into the Eyes of God.  Today's message is from The Eyes of God.

Dec/24/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter  14)***finish

Dec/24/03,  Eyes of God through Nancy Tate *************************************(Chapter  15)***start

Bottom line:  (Physicality) "Who is Santa, you wonder? Well let me tell you. Who is the bearer of the gifts each and every moment, not just at this time of year? It is you, my friends, and it is the God within each and every one of you."  


"I see its changeability and I marvel at the wonders that I see coming to form around this sphere. This mist of change is becoming more solid, and more in tune with the energies that are present on this sphere now. I see that the mists are forming into a semblance of a crystal and gold replica of the dreams and ideas that are prevalent around and within this sphere. This is the wonder of this gift. It keeps on giving as the ones who receive it give back. It is a sight that I have been awaiting for these many eons, and it is fine indeed. 
> When did I form this sphere? It wasn t I entirely. It was all of those who are in receivership. It was the Granddaddy of them all who first planted the seed to produce this gift, and find the ones who would place into trust the ways and means by which to create the intricacies of this gift s properties." 

"No matter where they look, they look at God. They see themselves in the eyes of those who bear the gifts."

Link to complete Dec/24/03 article:   then select 'Morning Wakeup Call'   then select 'December 2003'   then select 'Eyes of God' (right below the '24').  The full message follows:

Morning Wakeup Call Message 
December 24, 2003 
            Good morning my friends, I AM coming to you this morning from high overhead in my ship the Intrepid. I come bearing gifts and surprises in the echoes of time, and it is the surety of the occasion that is expressed in these gifts. Santa wears a suit today of red, white and blue, and he comes with the values of mankind intact. He comes with the knowing that all of his people have been good boys and girls, and his heart is pleased.

            Who is Santa, you wonder? Well let me tell you. Who is the bearer of the gifts each and every moment, not just at this time of year? It is you, my friends, and it is the God within each and every one of you. Some of the gifts are wrapped in purple with ribbons of gold. Some are wrapped in snakeskin with contents resembling mud pies. Which would you prefer? What lies under your Christmas tree? Would you be surprised if I told you both are there? Oh, it is not to show you how to find the best in your life, for you know that already. It is to show you how you have brought the fullness into your life, and how it is disguised in its identity.

            Allow me if you will for a moment to show you what I have given myself this year. It is round and firm and rattles a bit when I shake it. It is full of all kinds of wonders, some are ancient and some are brand new. It is the harbinger of many splendid gifts that are in the stage of progression from the thoughts and deeds of man. There are great mountains on this sphere, and rivers and oceans. There are massive fields and plains that stretch for miles, and there are deserts with the touch of harshness and the interior of gold. There are great cities that expand the knowingness of the ones within. There are meadows and villages that compliment one another in their simplicity. There are artifacts that are hidden in places yet to be uncovered. There are secrets that lie hidden in the ancient structures that glorify the landscapes. There are windows through which ancient eyes peer, and watch the travels of the ones who walk the roads and byways, the ones who fly through the air, and the ones who span the waters in their vessels of wood and steel. There is one place beneath the vast waters where there is a long forgotten replica of a city that shines in the mountains afar. There is another place under another stretch of waters that waits to give its story to the rest of the ones who comprise the whole.

            This, and more are what I have as a gift for all who claim a place with this gift. I see its changeability and I marvel at the wonders that I see coming to form around this sphere. This mist of change is becoming more solid, and more in tune with the energies that are present on this sphere now. I see that the mists are forming into a semblance of a crystal and gold replica of the dreams and ideas that are prevalent around and within this sphere. This is the wonder of this gift. It keeps on giving as the ones who receive it give back. It is a sight that I have been awaiting for these many eons, and it is fine indeed.

            When did I form this sphere? It wasn’t I entirely. It was all of those who are in receivership. It was the Granddaddy of them all who first planted the seed to produce this gift, and find the ones who would place into trust the ways and means by which to create the intricacies of this gift’s properties. This is the representation of the abilities that is exhibited in every move upon this sphere. This is the culmination of all those moves, and the promise that awaits upon the opening of the portal to the lands that are sitting in the mists. I see the glow that is being emitted from those mists, and it warms the heart. I see the reflection of myself in the eyes that are all gazing back at me as they lift their countenances into the direction of the Creator.

No matter where they look, they look at God. They see themselves in the eyes of those who bear the gifts. They see the mud pies melt away into liquid gold, and then they see themselves in that gold, dazzling and bright. Then they see themselves coming into the mists and transforming them into the crystal and gold that is in the promises that they give. I join them, and I am humbled by their master plan. I see the wonders that they perform, and I see the ones who cherished the mud pies holding hands with the ones who gave the gold, and I see the love pour forth and the embraces linger, and the hearts swell with the joy that comes from sharing. I see the unitedness and I see the oneness express itself in the glow that shines throughout the whole universe. I hear the chorus of angels as it reverberates throughout the beingness of every living thing, and I see the great tears from God fall on all of creation cleansing all that is and rendering it Holy. I see this all, for I am the Eyes of God, and I welcome you to your world.

            Holiness and Blessings are you. I sit at your feet, and glory in thy name.

Thank you dear Eyes of God,

Nancy Tate

Dec/24/03,  Eyes of God through Nancy Tate *************************************(Chapter  15)***finish

================================ end Eyes of God ======================================


Healing and Health

Jul/22/08,  Healing, health & Ascension *******************************************(Chapter  96)***start

"Mind over matter" is a familiar phrase.  The non-physical portions of healing and health can be more powerful than the physical portions.   Pure Unconditional Love (see Magic Words webpage) can be even more powerful than the mind/ego ("mind over matter") approach to healing and health.

From below... "Perfect health is something no one experiences on Earth, as you are subjected to energies and conditions that “attack” your psyche and your physical body reacts to it. 

Factors such as the effect of your food intake, and your lack of emotional control such as anger all damage the normal function of your bodies. I refer not just to your physical body but also your etheric body, that carries your energies and where an imbalance can lead to illness. 

All these problems will lessen as you cleanse yourself and lift up your consciousness. You are beginning to understand the nature of the power you are developing, and how your thoughts are reflected in your body. 

Like attracts like, and if you can concentrate on those that bring harmony and balance to it, healing will take place. Earth has its moments of utter joy and happiness, but usually these are fleeting experiences. 

In the higher dimensions it is always blissful, as the energies are pure and untainted by the lower energies you are in now." By the way... 'Like attracts like" represents the same concept as the magic word 'attention'. 


----- Original Message ----- From: Mike To: Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 1:48 AM

Atmos  18-July-2008 

A day in your life seems to go so much quicker than ever before, yet the illusion of time still allows you to carry out your normal daily tasks. It is becoming more apparent to you that time is not constant, and meditation is an example of altered states of consciousness you experience. Not many of you have controlled out of the body experiences, but if you do the time factor is totally different. You have found that you can seemingly achieve so much, yet so little time has passed when you relate it to how long you have been away.


Our experiences in Space are very similar, particularly when we move backward and forward in time. There is also a different factor involved with intergalactic travel, where we move at speeds faster than light. Time such as you know it is changing very rapidly, and once you move out of duality into the higher realms it will have little relevance. We use craft of different types according to what our destination is, and those you mainly see in your skies are small scout ships for that specific use. Sometimes you see our cigar shaped Mothercraft that carry them, and they range from a few hundred feet to thousands of miles long. The latter are kept well outside of your Earth’s atmosphere, and form part of the fleet that is waiting for First Contact.


Linear time for you rules your lives, but for your experience is necessary. On occasions some of you have been invited aboard our craft, and you have found that a long period with us is but a short time as you measure it. It is the manner in which your consciousness alters that creates the different impressions. We know that as you continue to uplift your consciousness, your experience of time will change with it. As a result some of you are finding that apparent memory loss is occurring, and it is because you are no longer bound by linear time. Your mind can so to say be in more than one place at once, and it can be confusing when you are used to doing just one thing at the time.


Just imagine when you regain your creative power, which will be part of your Ascension process, and also when you can travel by pure thought which is instantaneous. Will time even be of any consequence or even necessary? At present you have a nice routine with your sleep and waking pattern. The Sun rises and sets, and your physical body responds accordingly as it needs regular recharging every 24 hours. However, your new crystalline body that is beginning to replace your present one, will eventually have no such needs. Indeed, even now you will find that progressively you require less sleep. Because you will be able to literally renew your body from the energy that is around you, the normal extent of your solid food intake also becomes unnecessary. These are changes that some of you are already noting, and the habit of setting regular meal times will be replaced by simply eating when you need sustenance.


All of the things I have mentioned are part of the Ascension process, and are preparing you for the final upliftment. It is quite natural and it is not a matter of “giving up” anything at all, as when your body is ready the subtle changes will occur and you will feel much better for it. Perfect health is something no one experiences on Earth, as you are subjected to energies and conditions that “attack” your psyche and your physical body reacts to it. Factors such as the effect of your food intake, and your lack of emotional control such as anger all damage the normal function of your bodies. I refer not just to your physical body but also your etheric body, that carries your energies and where an imbalance can lead to illness. All these problems will lessen as you cleanse yourself and lift up your consciousness. You are beginning to understand the nature of the power you are developing, and how your thoughts are reflected in your body. Like attracts like, and if you can concentrate on those that bring harmony and balance to it, healing will take place.


As many teaching sources have informed you, your emotions are a big factor in your lives. It is an area that requires your attention if you aspire to be part of Ascension. Duality is continually trying you out, and we do not make light of the difficult situations you can face. All challenges are a part of your evolution and allow for rapid advancement. You are in a truly wonderful period of opportunity that if you can apply yourself, will ensure that you leave this level for once and for all. Earth has its moments of utter joy and happiness, but usually these are fleeting experiences. In the higher dimensions it is always blissful, as the energies are pure and untainted by the lower energies you are in now. The truth is that they cannot exist there, and constant harmony and balance is in everything around you. You will find beauty unparalleled upon Earth, and not sullied by the dirt and grime you are used to seeing.


Dear Ones, you are so near to the final phases of Ascension that will cleanse the Earth. We of the Galactic Federation are charged with carrying out those tasks, and our craft are fully ready and equipped to move at a minutes notice. First however, the initial steps must be taken mainly by you to oust the last cabal that stands in the way of change. That task is progressing very well, and we have little doubt that success is very near. A few more weeks or even months are not important, as the stage must be set for our arrival in the manner we have requested. Certain changes have to be in place, so that as a population you have discerned our purpose and how we fit in. Financial problems are about to peak, and it is in this vital area that the new system must fully replace the old. There has to be a base from which we can work, and money matters are up front because of the unfair and unequal distribution of wealth. Political systems are also a priority, as it is vital that your representatives are honest and dedicated to the good of the people. A new Constitution must reflect the original concepts that made you the leaders of your destiny, and not those who have taken away your freedom.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and we are one of the prominent star nations who have a major role to play in your future. We are where you are destined to go, and soon we shall meet as old friends and start a new venture in the vast Cosmos. We come with great admiration for your tenacity and dedication to your intent to bring back peace and harmony through Love and Light. Be assured that every ounce of effort you put in is worthwhile, and will lead to the victory you well deserve. We salute you and bow to your godselves.      


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.      

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Jul/22/08,  Healing, health & Ascension *******************************************(Chapter  96)***finish

============================= end Healing and Health ===================================



Lord Ashtar

Dec/17/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter   3)***finish

The first powered controlled flight by two Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk, NC on 12/17/1903.   Every great evolutionary change has a beginning. (picture from  I have been aware of Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command since the 1970s.  Back then my basic reaction was science fantasy... not even science fiction.  Now, after working within the discipline, for over 50,000 hours, addressed today by Lord Ashtar, I know his message as science fact.

My biggest surprise within that 50,000 hours of now completed work had been the enormous effect that Pluto had on stock markets around the world.  Let's face it, Pluto is not that big and is far away from Earth... yet the mathematics showed me the overwhelming influence of Pluto.  I watched my forward predictions for the stock market unfold with very high accuracy from January 1997 to June 2003.  

Now, today Dec/17/2003,  I finally understand why.Pluto does what it does!

Also interesting that this information from Ashtar arrived today.  Exactly 100 years ago, the first flight by the Wright Brothers took place in Kitty Hawk, NC... an interesting coincidence?  I don't think so!

Dec/17/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter   3)***finish

Dec/17/03,  Lord Ashtar thru Nancy Tate *****************(Physicality)***********(Chapter   4)***start

Bottom line: (Physicality) "Thus the entire consistency of the planet was the Oneness that brought it all to the sameness that represented the Creator in entirety. This was the function of Pluto in that it represented the oneness of the solar system from the outmost planet that has as yet been recognized."

Morning Wakeup Call Message 
December 17, 2003 

            Good morning my dear ones. I AM going to take you on a ride through the solar system this morning and show you the various planets and their function at this time. We shall start with the planet that you know of that is at the outer periphery, and that is Pluto. I AM your commander from the Galactic Federation some know as Ashtar. I sit in the Council of the Lords with a membership of eight within that tribunal. We oversee the functions of the planets in the recourse of their coming back to the perfection in which they were born.

            With Pluto, there is a continuing presence of mists that coagulate between the substance of ice and of crystal. This changing is representative of the sun’s influence and the reflectability of the particles as they catch the rays and coalesce with them. There is a language that is spoken in the process, and it differentiates between the effect and the intent of the effect. Yes, that is the order; the effect is the parent of the intent, for it is the relativity, you see. When this takes place, the rest of the planet intermingles with the energies of light that are emitted from the core, which is molten crystal. This creates the changing of the particles, and their evolution from one property to another. There is a time when these two properties is joined by another, and that is when they come into direct lineup with the other planets. This recent occurrence came about and the effect was to render it all one. In other words, the energies from the core neutralized and became solid and the particles on the surface and the immediate surrounding atmosphere became the same as the core. Thus the entire consistency of the planet was the Oneness that brought it all to the sameness that represented the Creator in entirety. This was the function of Pluto in that it represented the oneness of the solar system from the outmost planet that has as yet been recognized.

            Now I take you to Uranus. This planet is the cousin of Neptune, and is therefore the star of the outer edges, for it came before Neptune to its totality. In the split second of its completeness of expression, it depended on the Creator for the substance with which it would derive its identity. This was to create an energy in which the cousin could relate to it. Uranus was the fore-bearer of the times of eruption of the various volcanoes on its surface, and their activities stimulate those of Neptune. There is a noticeable difference in those two, for there is always that split second of cosmic time between the activities of each. This is the hiccup, you might say, of the system, or the echo, as some have termed it. The function of these planets is to give that relativity in sequence to the idea of commonality within two ordered systems within the larger systems. This is the gift and part of the whole that is necessary for the function of the system within the galaxy.

            Next we take you to the planet called Jupiter. This planet being the biggest known of the system is the one that establishes the memory of the system. It is a close sister to the sun, and in this capacity stores all the energy records from the sun as it absorbs the rays of intelligence. This is why Lotar gives you representations of the intellectual aspects of the planet. Within this capacity it is the storehouse and repository for the energies that hold the system together in the function of the growth and creation that takes place within the system. It also acts as a stand in for the sun with the eventual diminishment, and stepping down of the function of the sun as the central figure of the system.

            The next planet we feature is Saturn with its rings. This planet is the holder of the beauty in expression. It comes with the rainbow of colors that would be seen in the event that the rings turns were slowed down to a point where you could see the various colors and patterns represented there. These rings are made up of millions of thought patterns that are manifested in gases that represent the intent of the planet. This is what you may call the adornment of the system, and gives us all the idea of the beauty of the Divine. This changes every evolution of the planet around the sun, and in its course of travel, it brings itself back to the expression of its moment of knowingness within that course. All the factors of the system have influence and speak to the planet, thereby bringing the influence to her expression.

            Venus is the next planet in this lineup, and she brings the expression of the love in relativity to the polarity of the gendered idea. This is the planet that gives idea to the relativity of the differences as they relate and coalesce with each other. There is the drawing back and the moving toward that is in constant pattern over her surface and within her core. This creates a constantly moving and changing system that in its circular motion combines the energies in a constantly accelerating and abating movement. This is the planet of the system that lends this energy to the whole, and keeps the idea of sameness constantly in a guessing mode. Through this process, there is always the underlying energy of the need to progress and bring into oneness the motion so that there may be heard the voice of the creator, so there is within this function the moment of climax when the motion stops and the voice of the Creator is heard. Then the process begins again, for the moment is so fleeting there is that propulsion to regain the moment of ecstasy.

            Your earth is the next planet in line, and I know that you know much about your home. What I feel that you may not be clear on is its function within this system. Since this planet is made of crystalline energy, she represents the mirror of the system. In this capacity she reflects the activities of her function out to the rest of the system so that they may see themselves in her. They do not have to react and respond, just to receive and intellectualize while performing the other functions of the system is the course of this response to earth’s function. When this happens then the growth of the whole can take place and the changes will become apparent in the interaction of the whole with all parts of it.

            Mars sits in the next position, and brings the warmth of the system to its knowing. When I speak of warmth I speak in the broader sense, for to know warmth is to know oneself. This is a melting pot into which all of the ingredients are poured and stirred by the proverbial sword of truth. When this planet emits the warming rays of the sun, which have been met and mixed with the energies of heat from the core, the mixture is the catalyst for the manifestation that takes place in the whole. This also acts as a sealer of the mix, therefore the messenger of the Creator that all is well.

            The innermost planet, Mercury, is the bystander that collects and transmits the rays of the sun that serve to create the impetus by which all of the above functions take place. This is the roadmap, energetically, that steers all to their destinations. When this is accomplished then Mercury sends the message for continuation and recycling of the same energies. This is the way in which this planet holds the other end of the spectrum with Pluto for the expression of the functions of the others. This is the one who speaks through her directness to the sun, and the lineage of the ancients. It is a constant with which she speaks, so as not to divert the energies from the constancy of the whole.

            This, my friends, has been your guided tour through your solar system. I trust that this has shown you the nature of the Creator in expression, and how the nature of this holographic universe operates. Look now to yourselves to see the relativity between you and all there is, for you are an integral part of all there is, and without your particular part of the puzzle, there would be imbalance. This brings me to the subject of the other three planets of this system that are coming back into balance with the nine that you know of. As you progress in your mirroring, those three others will come back into the reflection and be noted by all of you. This is the function that you are doing right now in this ascension process that you are involved with right now. See your power? See the purpose with which you operate at this time?

            No wonder we are so at awe with you. This has not been done before in this system, or in this universe. This is uniquely your party, and we are all standing by lending our support when we can. Bravo to you all! We salute you!

Thank you Lord Ashtar, and welcome back to my energies,

Nancy Tate
Dec/17/03,  Lord Ashtar thru Nancy Tate *****************(Physicality)***********(Chapter   4)***finish

==============================end Lord Ashtar=========================================



Manifestation and Co-creation focus for Many of ONE.

May/30/04, Venus Transit and Communications *********************************(Chapter   41)***start

The following excerpt is from the News Flash from - 20 May 2004.  To read the entire article please go to .   The entire article is excellent... but would not save on this webpage.  

"On June 8, 2004 the planet Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun, a rare astronomical event that occurs in pairs, separated exactly by 8 years minus two days. While these transit events are cosmically quite close, the pairs are separated by more than a century. Below is a list of recent occurrences (the second transit in each pair is listed in parentheses):

1518 (1526)
1631 (1639)
1761 (1769)
1874 (1882)
2004 (2012)
In third-dimensional terms, the Venus transit is an exciting planetary eclipse of sorts. In the realm of Master Guide Kirael, the transit of Venus is a profound alignment of energies that will forever shift our Earth realities. So what does the Venus transit have to do with Ferdinand Magellan, Mary Magdalene, the over-mastermind, the Goddess Light and the Great Shift in consciousness? Fasten your seatbelts, everyone, and prepare for peace on Earth.
* * *

KIRAEL: We are here to discuss this thing that we call the alignment with the planet Venus. Let us begin by reminding you that this event happens so very seldom here on your Earth plane. In this alignment there is something very special that takes place, and it has to do with communication.

I take you back in time more than 400 years to the first time that humans really noticed this alignment of Venus. The first time was in the 1500s when a young fellow by the name of Magellan discovered that this Earth plane had the full roundness of shape and that you could actually travel around the world and not fall off. 

Yet there are two things that you may not know. First of all, Magellan was actually a descendent of the Magdalene family. Second, his most predominant guide in the spirit reality was Mary Magdalene herself. She is the one that basically led him around the Earth. 

Now begin to understand when I say that this very year [1518] that Magellan set out to go ‘round the globe was the beginning of what you call the "over-mastermind." 1 For as his ships and crew went around the world, they left their mark, and the over-mastermind was created. It was not created with any negative intent; yet it was created, my friends, and all the sources that would feed into it began to flow into this over-mastermind. Now, knowing where Magellan originated from and ended up, you can begin to understand that this is where most of the power of the over-mastermind would have emanated from. Yet, throughout all of this, there was that great creation of space and time to be lineated in the most perfect awareness. 

If you go to the next time that this beautiful Venus energy would align itself with the beauty of this Earth, it was at the time when the great services of communication began a brand new episode. It is said that a great postal mail system got its beginning in a place called Sweden [1631] and other locations within the European light. 

If you fast-forward to the next time that the Venus alignment came about, you will find this is when science really took over the globe. Science became so enthralled with what it knew, it began to measure its distances from the Sun and all of the different energies of magnetic force, and it brought your scientists into communication from around the world [1761].

And you can fast-forward once again to the time that a young Alexander [Graham Bell] was trying to bring about the great telephone instrument that would again bring communications on your world to a whole new level [1874]. 

So, see it as you will, my friends; it is always about communications. And, of course, that brings you to your current day, when you begin to resonate to knowingness that a new communication is about to come onto this Earth plane. For I have come here long ago and spoke to you of this thing called the "Great Shift"—the Great Shift in consciousness."

May/30/04, Venus Transit and Communications *********************************(Chapter   41)***finish

May/31/04,  Manifestation of personal & collective abundance *****************(Chapter   42)***start

  Many of ONE is now focused on the manifestation of personal & collective abundance.  From the current home page:

Many of ONE is focused on manifestation and Co-creation...
manifestation of personal & collective abundance; conscious Co-creation of our personal & collective lives.

Many of ONE is for those within/beyond their process of healing and ascension...
gaining & maintaining personal healthascension from separation consciousness to connection consciousness;

Note:  If you resonate with excellent health and living within an environment of peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, abundance, unconditional love, truth, knowing, calm, compassion, laughter, and connection, you are already within your process of healing and ascension.  Living in connection consciousness (ascension) is explained on the Mind or Heart? webpage... getting there on the Heart Waywebpage... gaining/maintaining excellent health on the Health webpage.

The process to live within connection consciousness requires gaining & retaining the soul & spirit portions of ourselves to within our current life.  The process is highly rewarding and gradual... a process to be celebrated, worked, savored and enjoyed.

Grand Spiritual Masters such as Jesus, Lady Mary, Buddha, Melchizedek, Rama, Krishna, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Abraham, Moses and Mohammed have all helped us to prepare for this major moment in the evolution of humankind... a moment contained within the Mayan Calendar (2/28/2000 thru 12/21/2012).

Our intention is to be among those Co-creating a new tomorrow with lavish abundance for all.  We have two groups of members... Email and Active. Membership is explained on the Members webpage.  

Members as of  5/30/04... Email 63... Active 11.


May/31/04,  Manifestation of personal & collective abundance *****************(Chapter   42)***finish

Jun/09/04,  Abundance & Co-creation, Light Masters Conference *************(Chapter   45)***start

Please consider the following two objectives:     manifestation of personal & collective abundance;     conscious Co-creation of our personal & collective lives.     If you resonate with these two points, the process was started yesterday when Venus crossed directly in front of our Sun.  Co-creation and abundance are now available for all those who wish to choose this reality (expained on  More information follows:     We just returned from the Light Masters Conference held by Bryan DeFlores in Sedona, Arizona.  This was the best growth/educational/activation experience of my life... 100x more beneficial than my prior personal best (education at MIT).  Most of what Bryan's team*** 'gifted' to us is beyond my five senses.  Basically, he is accelerating the upgrade process of our interdimensional light matrix.  (If you choose, he has powerful and effective accelerator products available on his website,     ***By Bryans team I include, attendees, hotel staff, Bryan's assistants, presentors, Ascended Masters, Archangels, ET's, the newly born/unveiled Ark of the Covenant, and many of our individual guides.     The 2005 Light Masters Conference will be at the Luxor in Las Vegas, NV.  The date has not yet been announced.         

A pair of Venus Transits have occurred during 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries.  All these transits have been about better communications but with a planned/necessary continuation of fear to maintain separation consciousness.     The first of a new pair of Venus Transits happened yesterday 6/8/2004... the second will happen 6/6/2012.  This transit pair is again about communications ... but signals the end of fear to help activate connection consciousness.  Sanada (Jesus) expains more below in today's transmission thru Nancy Tate.     Sananda basically signals to us the time is NOW... there is no more waiting... no more dissapointments for those who choose to start living in connection consciousness.     During the Light Masters Conference, I basically 'watched' my personal interdimensional light matrix being upgraded... I knew and could 'see' I was more than ever before in this life.     

And now some personal evidence that the time is NOW... yesterday, on the exact day of the Venus Transit, an unexpected check for $5,000 came in our mail...     More evidence... today, one day after the Venus Transit, while holding light for others... and staying 100% in my Connection Consciousness... and using the principles of Fluid Dynamics... three of us living in Colorado Springs started a new small business that has the potential to become a large business very quickly... a business built on mutual trust and a common shared vision.  This business is not a concept, we initiated our first money manifestation transaction today!  (Fluid Dynamics is a way of self organization described by Sheldon Nidle in his book 'SELAMAT JA!', available on his website     I found additional personal light matrix activations happening for me while reading today's message from Sananda (forwarded below).     I was not able to know/see//feel these personal activations before attending Bryan's Light Masters Conference.  Now I know them, see them and feel them... all still beyond my 5 senses.

This Angel appeared above the conference center at the Hilton in Sedona, just prior to the birth of the new Ark of the Covenant.  While all other activity in the skys was in movement, this angel remained stationary! 

 This email is the 44th posting on Many of ONE Q&As, Articles & Links Webpage     

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 9:33 AMSubject: Wake up Call
> Thank you for not replying to this email. You may contact me at 
> Wake up CallJune0904 
> My dear ones, I am Sananda, and I come to you this morning with a pipe of peace and a blanket to cover the woes of the day. This is a time when all of you are in a state of loving action and a time for bringing all the people of the world together in a binding resolution of hope and joy forevermore. 
> When you see the clouds of doom hang in low and seem to obliterate everything, that is when the light is at it s brightest, and when the clouds are closest to bursting forth and exposing the secrets to the light of day. They can run and hide as so many field mice when the fox is out of the den, however they cannot hide from the truth of what their dealings have been. The time for revelation is nigh, and now is the time for celebration. 
> There once was a time when there were two dogs and a goat who resided on a small farm. These beautiful animals loved each other, and swore in their own special way to come to an understanding for always of how they would relate to each other. This was a sharing of energies of love and respect for one another s ways of doing things and approaching life. 
> One day one of the dogs, whom I will call Jake, took it upon himself to bring a new element into this mix. He stood just outside the gate and whispered to a rabbit that if he were to come inside and join them, they would have a party. He told this rabbit of the millions of carrots that grew in the garden and of the thousands of heads of lettuce that trailed the edges of the rows of carrots. It was all right there for him, all he need do is come inside and he would be set for life. 
> Well, this rabbit was much tempted. He loved the taste of fresh, sweet carrots straight from the rich dark earth. And when he mixed that taste with the mild yet sweet taste of the lettuce well, he was in heaven. The temptation was too great, even though he knew he was walking into a possible danger zone. So he timidly entered the yard, and eased himself round the gate and into the garden. He looked all around and then he spotted the other dog. This dog was much bigger than Jake, and he became very frightened. What if this dog saw him and tried to devour him, as he wanted to do with the treats from the garden? Oh no, and now he saw the goat, and the goat saw him. They stood peering at each other; the goat seemed to be daring him to move. My goodness, what am I to do? 
> Just then the dog began to wag his tail. He must have seen him, thought the rabbit, for he was looking forward to accompanying the goat in his next meal. This was not good! Then Jake came around the corner and saw what was about to take place. He stopped his friends and announced,  This is my guest. I have invited him to dine of the garden and to make himself at home. There is no room here for your shenanigans, and if you will just make friends with my guest, then we can get along just fine. There is no difference in him over us, anyway, when it comes right down to it. We are all creatures of the land, and we all know what it is like to scour and beg for our way. Remember how it was when you were other dogs and another goat? Remember that you once were skinny and hungry and mangy, without any idea where you next morsel of food would come from? 
> Jake s companions weren t sure what their friend was doing. This wasn t like him; it must be a trick. So they stood back with grins on their faces and waited to see how this would unfold. The rabbit carefully went into the garden and sniffed the first green tassel of leaves that hid the delectable orange root that awaited his enjoyment. He nibbled a bit at the tender green, and then he ate it all the way down to the top of the soil. Wait, how am I going to get to the root, now that I in my nervousness have eaten even the part I would pull the root out with?  
> He worked at it, and tried with his mouth to get the root loose and then he would be able to bring it forth. Alas, he had worried the leaves too much and driven the root even deeper into the soil. Darn, I have to do better than this if I am to be able to get to the delectable carrot. So he ate the green leaves of another, this time being careful to leave something to hold onto. This time he was able to pull the root out swiftly and surely. There it was, ready for his feast! This is going to be good; I haven t had a meal like this in so long!  
> The rabbit had gotten so immersed in his feast that he didn t see or hear that there was something terribly wrong going on right behind him. Suddenly a shot fired, and another. He whirled to look, and another shot echoed by him, too close for comfort. The farmer; he must have been alerted by one of the animals! Oh, why did I trust them; why did I not let my own instincts take care of me? The rabbit darted out of harm s way and was gone through the garden as quickly as his feet could carry him. He found a space in the fence where he could escape and soon he was in the field of tall grass and on his way home to safely. The only thing he had been able to gain from the whole episode was a few green leaves and a taste that still teased his senses.  
> Why did he allow Jake to lure him in? Why did he let the others tantalize him and let him think that he was safely within their care? He loved those animals, because he knew that they were really like him, in a deeper sense of the word. Why did he listen to the old memories instead of paying attention to today s message? Was there some way that he could have handled that differently? 
> Then he asked himself another question. Why is it that he was safe now, and out of reach of the farmer s bullets? Why did the aim of the farmer not find its mark? This was truly a miracle, and now he knew why all that had taken place. This was a story for him to bring the reality of today into perspective, as far as yesterday was concerned. Why would he rely on yesterday s knowledge of things that happen to lead him in today s decisions? This was not to his advantage, unless it was to show him something. What was it that he was being shown? Was it that there is really no difference in today than tomorrow, or was it that each new day is unto its own and not to be treated as yesterday? 
> Yes, I think that it is! I think that is the subject for today. I must go out and really see what the day is like now. I must act on what that is, and never mind the past except to see how it taught me about today. Yes, I think that is what that was all about! The rabbit was excited, he knew that even though he had remembered who he was before, and who the dogs and the goat where at one time, that was before, and they didn t remember. So, that is how you can get yourself into trouble unless everyone remembers.  
> But wait; isn t it true that to some degree everyone remembers? Isn t it true that when we act on what we remember others may remember too, from the reminder? H-m-m-m-m, I must think on that one for a while. That may take on another whole new meaning to this story. 
> Meanwhile, Jake and his friends are all sitting around and laughing about what took place that day. They love to ruminate about these events after they take place. How many has it been now, about a dozen in the last month? Well, this has certainly been a great time we ve been having! Yes, but what about all the other times when the rabbits just look at us as if we re crazy, and go hopping off. We were left with egg on our face and a lot of effort for nothing.  
> Jake walked away from his friends. He didn t feel so good all of a sudden. It wasn t funny anymore, and it wasn t bringing him pleasure, all he could see was the look of terror on the rabbit s face, and he knew that something was not quite right here. He lay in the shade of a big tree and mused the thing over. He fell asleep and the next thing he knew, he was standing before a giant lion, and he was a mouse. The lion roared and roared and the ground trembled. The forest came alive with the echoes of the lion. But the lion did not come any closer to the mouse, he just roared and then he lay down beside the mouse and licked the tail of this tiny mouse.  
> His mouth was eight times the size of me, the mouse thought. Why didn t he eat me, instead of just lick my tail? He felt a great outpouring of love from the lion, and suddenly he knew what the story was. No matter how deeply you go into the creatures of God, there is always some bit of love that lives there, no matter what the stuff of the ages brings forth that clouds the inner workings, there is always that love.  
> Jake awoke and looked around him. He knew that he had been given a gift that day. He knew that he would always be the one who was the mouse, for he had met his lion again that day, and now the love came through from another source. But the message was the same, and now he knew how the rest of his life would look. He arose and went out into the yard, and he strode over to the gate. A mouse skittered by and stopped in its tracks. Jake sniffed at it and reached out his paw to sweep it into his mouth, but something happened. He stopped short and lay down where he was and sniffed the mouse. Then he reached out his pink, moist tongue and licked the mouse and loved the feeling it gave him. The mouse looked at Jake and wondered at this dog, who just let him go on when he could very well have had him for supper. He sure would have a tale to tell his family when he returned, safe and sound that night. 
> Have a wonderful, beautiful day, my dear ones. Find a way to bring your past into today and live the NOW of the day in full. You are dearly loved, and you bless the ones around you in every moment. 
> Thank you dear master Sananda, 
> Love, Nancy Tate 

Jun/09/04,  Abundance & Co-creation, Light Masters Conference **************(Chapter  45)***finish

Aug/11/04,  Percent of Light has reached critical mass! *************************(Chapter  49)***start

Spirit always confirms thrice (3 times).  During the past 24 earth time hours, St. Germain has contacted humanity twice through Nancy Tate... and the Sirian's have basically signalled the same message through Sheldon Nidle (    Every one on this email list has participated in 'holding more light'... and deciding (at least during dreamtime) to initiate our next evolutionary step. Remember that earth time and 'creation time' do not have proportional relationships.  This major moment being signaled from our ascended realms has a four year manifestation window between earth time and creation time.  This means we could see physical evidence of this major moment as early as August 2004 and no later than July 2008... a very small  moment (4 earth years) when viewed within the perspective provided by the Mayan Calendar (a period of about 16.4 Billion years).  And an even smaller moment when viewed within perspective of the entire 100 Billion year preparation period for 12/21/2012. There are only 3053 days remaining until 12/21/2012 (final day of Mayan Calendar).  

The most important moment in preparation for our ascension is to collectively hold the critical mass of light on the planet.  We can now say 'done that and own the tee shirt'!  Getting to this point was our 'big unknown' 100 Billion years ago.   We know how to do the rest... basically soul merge, spirit 'hookup' and then moving our mind from being our ego (in command) and always on... to being the interface among our body, soul and spirit.  A mind now under command of our soul... turned on and off by command from our soul. Holding enough light (collectively) now clears the way for us to become a fully conscious galactic neighbor (with all humans living in connection consciousness)... and to develop our global culture based on the 12 key new energies available with the Harmonic Concordance of 11/9 (2003).  These energies are peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, abundance, un-conditional love, truth, knowing, calm, compassion, laughter and connection. New choices using these 12 key energies will become visible no later than July 26, 2006... with resulting visible rapid global changes starting no later than 1/11/2009 (Mayan Calendar start date for 5th night of 8th cycle).~htl~

Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 7:59 AMSubject: Wake up Call St. Germain
> It is a great big wide world out there and it is your playground. 
> Wake up Call: St Germain Aug 11, 04 
> On this day that has started with such a bang for some of you there is a decided merriment in the air. This is according to your plans for the day and for the rest of your life. There is no difference in what you do today and how it looks for the rest of your life, for in the energy of today you can find a blueprint for the rest of your life. 
> I AM St Germain, and I have come to tell you that you are molding your eternal now at this moment, and when you go out into your day, you will find certain patterns that you have been accustomed to will fall away and be as dust at your feet. 
> How will this affect you in the days to come? As I told you all last night, there are coming changes that will press some into deeper service, and cause some to want to flee from their own shadows. This is the beginning of the times of tribulation that have been mentioned in revered books.  
> The difference is that these times reported to last a thousand years will be but a millisecond or a few days or months, depending on how you all step up to the task and find the power that is inherently yours to be and live the Gods that you are. 
> I do not mean to bring you a challenge that you are not ready for. You have stepped up in your dreamtime and announced that you are ready for this you have called it in. You are already exhibiting the traits in some cases, of the lightbeings that you are. All you need do is put one foot in front of the other, and go about your days with the forthrightness that is inherent within. 
> Going through this time that is ahead is going to be of your making. It is a time when you will find some challenges that you may feel are more than you can bear. This is in purpose my dear ones. This is because you have looked at the world and the wars that are taking place on the battlefields and in the hearts f so many, and you have said that you will not allow this any longer. This has gone beyond what you agreed to. This is to come to a stop, and you are to be a part of accomplishing just that. 
> You are going to do that with your love and compassion, my dear ones. You are going to do that with the aplomb that is at the front of your being. It is a simple thing really, and it is within your realm of possibility. What you need do is to be who you are at every given moment and do that with the flair that bespeaks the powerful being that you are. 
> How will this show itself in your life? One thing that you will do is find that you are happy doing what you do. Yes, you create your world, and if you do not like it, then you can make a change. Either you make a physical change by leaving where you are, what you are doing, or you change your mind about your situation and how you feel about it. Also what you do is to bring a degree of love into a relationship that causes you pain or unfriendliness.  
> There is no reason for any animosity in anyone s life; it too is a matter of changing your mind. You do not have to hold ill feelings toward anyone or anything; just release those feelings and watch your spirits lift. That person or circumstance does not have to change, only how you perceive it. 
> Another thing you can do to enjoy these next times is to love thy neighbor as thyself. This applies to the previous point, and in simplicity is the formula for success. When you come to a point in the road where you are confused as to which way to turn, then pause for a moment and allow the inner guidance to whisper the way, then don t question, just go there, in glee and a knowing that around some corner on that road is a signpost that says Heaven-0 miles, and you re there. You are in heaven of your making. 
> My dear ones, there is so much that is taking place in your world that is difficult to handle emotionally. That is the dregs of the negative energies showing themselves before the last blast on the horn to happiness sounds loud and clear. When you tune in to these happenings smile and feel the compassion for all concerned for you will know in your hearts that this is the gift that is given to humanity. You will know that what is behind these activities is a golden way of life for all of you. 
> Those who left this earth through the battles of war will be coming back to become a golden part of the new life on earth. And you will know them. You will recognize them by their aura, for you will know about those things and how to be a lightened being, for you will be. It will seem as a twinkling of an eye when this comes to be, so when the going seems too rough now, just look to the heavens and give a thankful thought to what is to be in a flash. 
> My dear ones, this is a point on your world when there is nothing to do but be who you are, and be that the best you know how. You are up to the task, and you have been given clues as to how to go through the next few times with an ease that can speed up the process. Sit still for a moment and feel the power build. Feel the joy of release of the old paradigm and the eruption of the new golden expression of who you are. Feel the love emanate and encompass all that is. Feel the power that this love brings in the matters that you deal with every moment. Is it not grand? Is it not glorious? 
> You are the ones who brought this world to a point of ascension that will accompany you to the epitome of all that has been before and will be forevermore. This is the time when you will lay down the arms and embrace the plow that sows the seeds of love, joy and peace forever more. You are the farmers and the harvesters and you are also the consumers and bearers of the richness of the earth and heaven. See this time as your banner to the eternal now written in the trilogy of the heavenly Host and the annals of forevermore. 
> We are standing by, and we are playing the parts that you have agreed that we are to play. We do not assert ourselves into your creation without your joyful agreement, and that agreement you have given us. We come and we do what it is that you have asked, and we join with you in the promises that you make to yourselves, for this is your show, and we are the willing and enthusiastic performers that sit on the sidelines and wait for our cues to lend our hand whenever the times call.  
> We see the whole picture and we advise. In your dreamtime you see the whole picture and you advise. What an unbeatable combination we are! We shall take it to the limit and then go beyond, breaking all the barriers and creating unlimited abundance of All There Is. 
> I leave this transmission now with the love and honor with which I come to you every moment. Blessings are here and they are showering down upon you all. 
> Thank you dear Master St Germain, 
> Love, Nancy Tate 

Aug/11/04,  Percent of Light has reached critical mass! *************************(Chapter  49)***finish

Aug/21/04,  Alchemical Geometry and the Mayan Calendar *********************(Chapter  50)***start

A computerized visualization of the process we are all experiencing, at least sub-consciously has just become available.  The mastery and integration of certain computer software technologies to create this animation is a level of computer mastery held by very few people on the planet... Hamid is one of those people.  Hamid, thank you for sharing this animation with us fellow Light Workers. To view the animation, please click on Hamid's link... . The brief animation you just watched is a perfect inter-dimensional energetic way of understanding the 8th and 9th Cycles of the Mayan Calendar... our collective return to Connection Consciousness.   First some background, all of life exists within a holographic container filled with sub-atomic particles.  These particles can be either in a state of unpredictable chaos (separation consciousness)... or harmonious organization (connection consciousness).  

Hamid's animation shows how the organization process is actually unfolding. Mayan Calendar Cycles 1 thru 7 are basically the opening moment of the animation... showing the energy flows starting about 16.4 Billion years ago... and leading up to 2/28/2000 (start of the 8th Cycle).  The energy flows in the center are from the void... our 12 strands of DNA are represented on the circle. Next we see our DNA reactivation process taking place... increasing the energetic activity strand by strand... moment by moment.  A process that will continue until 4/5/2012. Between 4/5/2012 and the second Venus Transit on 6/6/2012, the final moment of the animation begins.  The energy flows are all to and from heaven (The Void).  Heaven will now be here on earth.  All of us who choose to stay (or leave and quickly return) will be Co-creators living in Connection Consciousness.   Between 6/6/2012 and 12/21/2012 we will collectively co-create our next "Golden Age"... an age where we live within the golden light from The Void (Ainsof)... a golden light anchored and held by each and every one of us on the planet.   This email becomes the 48th chapter of the electronic book on Many of ONE.  The chapters have many different sources and together describe most of our collective/individual choices between 2/28/2000 and 12/21/2012

Original Message ----- From: xxx Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 5:31 AMSubject: [merkaba-adventures] Say hello to the brand new art and science of Alchemical Geometry
> Here it is my friends. Take a look at my latest creation back again 
> by popular demand since 50,000 years ago 

> cheers. 

Aug/21/04,  Alchemical Geometry and the Mayan Calendar *********************(Chapter  50)***finish

Aug/25/04,  Bellona, return to two moons, & Mayan Calendar *******************(Chapter  51)***start

Those on this list who are on Nancy Tate's email list already know major changes are underway in our night time sky.  The first night that St. Germain (thru Nancy, on 8/20/04) suggested to look at the sky, I did and saw four ships true north from our house in Colorado Springs.  The ships appeared as twinkling stars that continually changed color (white, blue, red, yellow, nothing)... stationed in a formation like the cup portion of the big dipper. This message from our Inner Worlds is more evidence of our highly positive future.  This email becomes the 49th chapter of the Electronic Book about our connected future on Many of ONE.

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 

       3 Imix, 9 Uo, 13 Eb         
Greetings! We come before you today with more to tell you. At present, Mother Earth continues to react to the various geological and pollution problems imposed on her by your last cabal. Her magnetic and electrical fields continue to weaken, and her tectonic plates have also begun ever so slightly to alter their interaction with one another. Her diameter also is shrinking by miniscule amounts. These preparations on her part demonstrate her desire to move into full consciousness when you do. Many of your scientists are worried by these signs and believe that the planet is either ready to flip her poles or start a climatic cycle toward a new ice age. In fact, Mother Earth is bringing to a close, as gently as possible, the world (reality) that you have all known since birth. A secret and privileged minority controlled this planet, but this time is now at an end. Your destiny, and indeed your present experience, is no longer to be ruled by their manipulations. During this special period you will complete your transition into a glorious future.       Mother Earth's changes are also affecting your Moon and causing his orbit to shrink slightly. This is in preparation for this artificial satellite's return to the jurisdiction of the soon-to-be-reconstituted trans-Martian planet which we have renamed Bellona, after the Roman goddess of war. In anticipation of this reorganization, we have set up the future orbits of Mother Earth's two original Moons, which will be restored when she is permitted to become fully conscious once more. As you know, she is using this time to re-form her upper atmosphere. These transformations will create a series of deeper, ionized layers that will act as boosters for the special energies employed in maintaining and stabilizing her two firmaments. These will gather into two enormous cones at the poles that will allow vehicles and galactic energies to enter your inner realms. The planet's special crystalline core will absorb these energies, and vehicles will be directed to their designated spaceports in inner Earth. 

      These changes in your home planet are similarly affecting the rest of your solar system. As we explained in past messages, the grid around your solar system is controlled by Mother Sun, and she is now sending out the electromagnetic and gravitational waves needed for the extensive rebuilding of the system. Contrary to popular lore, this special yellow/white star is not aging any faster or slower than intended by the divine plan. The changes now taking place are part of a complex process to alter not only your solar system, but also the very nature of your galaxy who is herself preparing to shift into a globular configuration. This is simply part of this galaxy's natural life cycle. This maturing process affects each star and every element that is a part of her. The crucial component for this alteration is the galactic core. To understand this, it is important to consider so-called 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' as inter-dimensional Light and as essential accompanying inter-dimensional forces. These dark aspects have a cycle within them, called inter-dimensional Time. When appropriate, this internal cycle is activated by the divine plan. 

      The central core is constantly receiving energy messages both from physicality and the divine plan. These signals act to orient this galaxy on the many grids (which comprise the whole of physicality) and to define where it belongs in the divine time plan of the Creator. Divine Time is regulated by the divine plan, and from time to time these plans have been forecast in ancient calendars. Indeed, many highly accurate movements of distant stars and unseen planets have been included in the mathematics that the calendars are based on. Much of this math and the use of the 'golden section' have been lost. An example is the Mayan calendar that originated with Tehuti, the Anunnaki timekeeper, who bequeathed it to the ancestral tribes of the Mayan (the Olmec peoples). This calendar was not based on the movements of Mars and Venus, but on those of certain stars and planets in the Pleiades and within the multi-star system of Sirius. 

      The Pleiades and Sirius are the twin celestial overseers of this solar system which is why the Mayan and Egyptian calendars' New Year (like many other ancient calendars) begins on the heliacal rising of Sirius. This is when the star Sirius rises at dawn with the Sun. This moment was chosen to indicate the importance of Sirius in the establishment of humanity on Mother Earth. In like manner, a number of important yearly cycles began on the heliacal risings of certain fixed stars in the Pleiades. Again, this was done to pay homage to the important role the Pleiadeans played in bringing much needed knowledge to humanity's lost, but not forgotten, ancient civilizations. Thus, these calendars are not merely heavenly timepieces, but in fact reflect the venerable history of humanity on Mother Earth. This history can also assist you in better understanding your galaxy. Much more than merely electromagnetic and gravitational fields, she is a living Being. 

      This living Being is above all a vehicle filled with a multitude of life that is playing out an extensive cosmic drama. We have now reached a point where certain crucial elements in this drama are to change. These ancient calendars reflect these changes by delineating the physical movements of certain pivotal stars and the influence of dark energy and dark matter upon them. They are based upon foreseeable experiences and the emotions resulting from these experiences. Their goal is to inform you about the intertwining of your life with the great whole that is this galaxy and, finally, about the beauty that is Heaven. That is why these calendars seem greatly complex and foreign to you. Nevertheless, it is vital to know that Time is much more than a mere pacesetter, and that these calendars foretell not only the future, but also what is happening in the present. 

      Time is also the adjuster of space and, hence, the divine creator of physicality. The ancient Olmec and the ancestors of the Egyptian civilization both stressed this in their calendars. Also Tehuti, the Anunnaki in charge of calendars, time, and prophecy, emphasized these facts. He placed these elements into one of his greatest creations: the Great Pyramid of Giza. In his lifetime as Thoth, he constructed this massive monument to be, among many things, a predictor of many future events and to reflect and ratify the ancient calendar of Egypt as a written celestial mirror of these same events. The ancient Olmec were also given a similar calendar that was another, very accurate indicator of these coming events. Tehuti was showing humanity that its period of servitude had an ending and that a new golden era was destined to envelop them. 

      This connection between ancient monuments and ancient calendars can be found throughout your globe. When the Anunnaki were serving as your dark overlords, Heaven informed them that indicators of the eventual change from the rule by the dark to the return of the Light needed to be produced. The result was a series of calendars and stone buildings designed to leave these notices in full view of humanity. However, the way in which Tehuti and his family accomplished these tasks left some confusion as to their original meanings. Nevertheless, their intention was to inform humanity of its auspicious past and foretell its most glorious future. This was imparted to a few chosen adepts who wrote this mystery in the sacred literature of numerous ancient civilizations. This data is now being recovered and constitutes yet more proof of these sacred Truths. 

      Today, we have recounted how your glorious and inevitable destiny is preordained to appear in this moment of your history. We ask that you remain committed and focused upon using your great abilities to help us in these endeavors. Just know that a truly remarkable period in your history is starting to manifest its many miracles. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)  

Aug/25/04,  Bellona, return to two moons, & Mayan Calendar *******************(Chapter  51)***finish

Aug/26/04,  First Contact, Ag-agria 8/24/04, Heaven on Earth, Golden Age ****(Chapter  52)***start

We started our current experiment in evolution 100 Billion years ago.  The Mayan Calendar picks up the final 16.4 Billion years of this period... a final period started by "The Big Bang".      By no later than 12/21/2012, we will be living in the "Golden Age" as described by Ag-agria on 8/24/04 through Mike Quinsey.  By no later than 7/26/2006, this coming "Golden Age" will be visible to all who choose to look.      This email becomes Chapter 50 in the Many of ONE Electronic Book explaining our grand and radiant future. ~htl~

Original Message ----- From: mike quinsey To: Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 3:19 AMSubject: [firstcontact] Ag-agria24.08.04
Ag-agria  24.08.04Dear friends of Earth, we have followed your progress for a long time and your coming Ascension is known throughout the Cosmos. It might be strange to re-count that an event that is not yet widely known upon Earth, is considered so monumental to many other groups of off-world Beings. When you have ascended and become fully conscious of your real self, you will also join the ranks of elevated star systems and become part of a vast family within the Federation of Planets. With it will come an understanding of the various life-forms that exist throughout the Universe, and you will actively engage in contact with them. Such an event as that which is about to occur upon Earth, would be seen as the highlight of a cycle of evolution. And whilst it is by no means unique, it does have our attention as we too have a role to play in your Ascension. There is what you might call a gathering around Earth to view the spectacle that is about to take place, and a certain amount of excitement. For one, we are joyful that a whole system is graduating into the higher dimensions, but extremely impressed with you of Earth because of your achievements. Secondly you are exalted Beings who left the realms of Light such a long time ago, and volunteered to take part in an experiment in duality. Not everyone chooses such a path for their experience, and when you have completed it, your records will be available in the Halls of Knowledge for all to read. In completing the cycle, you will have gained much individually, yet also alleviated the necessity for others to follow in your steps. You will have provided a wonderful service to your friends, not just in this Universe but others also. You have almost forgotten your true origins; so let me assure you that you are highly respected souls that have allowed yourselves to become totally immersed in matter. Do not in anyway feel unworthy; you are actually great Beings who are about to return to that greatness. You have a tendency to look upon visitors to your Earth as somewhat superior, and technologically that would be true, but in some cases you are yourselves more evolved.

It is time to elevate your understanding of yourselves, to a level where you can see your godliness, and this is not pandering to your ego, because you are so much greater than you are aware. You have so to say, been locked into the dark for so long that you cannot bring yourselves to believe that this is not your natural environment. Yet, there are stirrings within many people, who have discovered that they can spiritually evolve through their own efforts. Of course you can call upon help, but most of the effort comes from you and your determination to return to the Light. You have proved that no matter how veiled you are from your true self, it is possible to pan the depths of darkness, and still create a path back to the Light. We, who have not had your type of experience, wonder how you have achieved success, and we greatly admire such persistence and fortitude.

Your sacrifice is going to bring its own rewards, and soon you will begin your next cycle in the Golden Age. It is difficult to convey how glorious this time will be, and the immense beauty that the new ascended Earth will reveal for you. You have a vague idea of what you call Heaven, or perhaps your ideal of what you wish it to be, but you will be surprised and overwhelmed at the sheer magnificence of everything.  Color and light, harmony and balance in a way that you have not yet experienced, pleasing landscapes, cities and other dwellings, and Temples of Light that are be–jewelled inside and out. Everything will be spotless and new and will retain its newness for all time. Flowers of beauty unsurpassed, and birds and animals that area delight to see, and dare I say that commune with you. Color and light will strike you so strongly, bright yet gentle on the eyes, vibrant and felt by you. Yes, energies will be all around you and you will express these from within self. The energies are the food of the soul, and you will have no desire or need for the solid foodstuff you are presently familiar with. You will be the new you, in your new lightbody and your radiance will be there for all to see. Your personal dwelling will be your dream home, and an illustrious garden designed by you will have life in it down to every blade of grass, that acknowledges and communicates with your energies. It is the Oneness of All that you sometimes sense upon Earth, but in reality cannot fully experience until you have ascended.

What you are presently going through seems so unreal and is a passing phase that will gradually show you the true direction it is going into. Suddenly all will fall into place and you will complete your tasks with great enthusiasm, seeing your goal within reach. You will have no doubt that your efforts have been worthwhile, when you prepare for the event that we observers in the higher dimensions have awaited, for quite some time.  You are achieving miracles at this time, through your ability to transmute the dark, and perhaps you need to be reminded as to just how powerful you are. You are remarkable souls, highly advanced souls that are realising your true potential.

You may not be at the center of the Universe as you once thought, but you are the central point of focus right now for the civilisations of thousands of planets, whose Beings are waiting to greet you once you have achieved your Ascension. I refer not only to The Galactic Federation as such and as you have been told, many visitors will come to Earth in their roles as helpers and advisors, to prepare you for the final chapter in your cycle.

Believe in your greatness, and you will find a new confidence that will enable you to rise to any challenge that can be placed in front of you. You are winning your battle against the dark, and as we see it, you have already won.

I know that you are surrounded in great Love from the many Master’s that are guiding your growth, and directing your activities. I send mine also and I see a wonderful kaleidoscope of color upon Earth as you draw the pure energies to you.You are in the most exciting times, see them for what they are and enjoy them, and rise above the negativity around you as it will slowly dissipate in the face of the Love and Light that is engulfing it.

I will come again and tell you more about our place in your evolution, and hope to have uplifted your spirits.

Thank You Ag-agria   Mike Quinsey

Aug/26/04,  First Contact, Ag-agria 8/24/04, Heaven on Earth, Golden Age ****(Chapter  52)***finish

May/05/05,  Co-creation must be from Unconditional Love ***********************(Chapter  80)***start

The Chapter 80 information can be summarized by their closing statement... "We are Sadiyaa, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, Sananda, and Tikele this day - passionate about our new journey together, for each day, is a gift of incredible Beauty."    

Four observations...    (1)  Take full responsibility for everything about/within your life...    (2)  Have the courage to leave your comfort zone and change every 'mirror' in your personal hall of mirrors that does not come from your Unconditional Love...    (3)  Become totally clear in your heart (not head/ego) about what you wish to co-create...    (4)  "Allow yourself to release the "hows' and "buts" and "I can'ts" - they do not serve you in the slightest".        ~htL~    Peter    

----- Original Message ----- From: Tikele To: Tikele messages Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 11:59 PMSubject: Riding the Wind - Week of 4th May, 2005
RIDING THE WIND - Message for Week of 4th May, 2005

Blessings, dear ones, for you are beloved of God, of the Creator Light.  

I AM Sadiyaa, here to work with you this day, to bring you to a greater awareness of your own gifts, of your own ability to BE a magnificent Creator, for this you ARE.  

BE-ING and ARE are in the present moment, are they not?  And so it is, I do assure you, that while you may add on the scripts relating to poverty, lack, insufficiency, and do not deserve, each and every time you hear these words, that describe you as the constrained Being you feel yourselves to be, it is all the grandest of illusions, built from your memories of the past.

So how do you escape this hall of mirrors, that constantly reflects back to you, the lack that you emit?  

You do so in Love.  Now, this is the conundrum - those who have discovered the Truth of this, have come to this Love in their own way, and are often willing to assist others to see their Truth also.  Yet, it does not fit, it does not come into acceptance, UNTIL you are so tired of the hall of mirrors, that you are willing to surrender your habitual knowingness, to accept that of the part of self you know as Higher Self, as a part of You.  

It is not really the Higher Self that provides this vision, or its acceptance - it is your own wisdom, your own Beauty, that has the answer for you.  Therein lies the conundrum - you cannot see your own Beauty, even though it is reflected so brightly before you, in the mirrors all around you each day.  These mirrors are the ones you work with; the ones you call family, or even Family; others that you meet as though by chance, when such does not exist; or in the energy we send you constantly in each moment.  

As you can come to appreciate that this Beauty exists, because You exist; that the Creator Loves every particle of Itself, and did not decide to miss you out in this Love; that your very presence on the Earth plane, attests to the Love in which you are held, for none of you got here by accident; and on and on, we could continue to list all the reasons why you are Loved, and that You are indeed Beautiful.  

To express this Beauty, requires the willingness to accept that you are responsible for the life you see around you.  It requires the willingness to find that courage, to DO what you need to do, to Co-Create with us, the vision you would see manifested in your life this day.  

Instantly, many of you lose interest - "you mean we need to DO something?  And what might that something be?  It already feels so difficult, I really don't want to do anything more."  

Do you gain by being in this state?  NO.  Or we would not be receiving so many requests for assistance to change, at this moment.  

There are many ways to access your courage, to enable yourself to perceive your own inner wisdom and Beauty.  You may call on the Creator, and indeed, any of us in the Angelic and Guidance realms, to assist you in finding your path to this understanding, or even, to Co-Create its presence within you in the now.  We are always Joyous to be of service, indeed.  Yet, we too are somewhat frustrated, if you can come to an understanding of us in that light, when we do our very best to be of service to you, without any perceivable difference occurring in you.  As above, so below... and yet, we are not mirroring your reality focus entirely, or we would not be able to be of service to you.  

Can you perceive us as the Love that we are, that we hold for you, without asking us to do the journey for you?  For that is what is happening, so often, at this moment.  

It is a time of shifting consciousness:  of riding those glorious winds of change, for they are here NOW, and each of you is feeling their effect most strongly, in the area you regard yourselves as having some vulnerability in.  For many of you it is finances, Tikele included, yet she has managed to find the acceptance within herself of being able to Co-Create with us, the necessary funds for her own journey, and even, to dare to do it again, and again.  How does she do this?  By being willing to express, in the moment, what is there in her heart.  She is fortunate, you might say, in being able to speak with us so directly.  Perhaps, yet, it is not apparent to us that she is any less in lack in her mental structures than many of you.  She is able to move more quickly into the understanding that we are there in full support of her journey, yes - how?  Because, she has learned to express her needs, and then to work with us, to Co-Create what is needed, by being in her heart.  

As you accept our presence in your lives, and ask us for assistance, often you may feel the connection to be real, giving you the courage to continue, to release what is there to be expressed, in the form of anger, frustration, tears or whatever may be there for you, not to inflict this energy on any other Being, but rather, to assist its release from your energy systems.  As you have the intent to release it in healing, your heart is already opening to new possibilities, that we rush to show you, the moment we can do so.  As you take it one step further, to allow yourself to Trust in your own ability to Co-Create, with us, what is needed to meet your obligations, and your further desires, we can bring to you that which you seek.

For this to be of the greatest service, it is needed to define your requirements, as clearly as you can.  This clarity must be in your heart.  What do we mean by that?  Love is the engine, the driving force behind manifestation in any form.  Where you do not Love what it is you wish to manifest, it will not be there.  Does this mean you must Love the bills you have mounting up before you?  No.  Yet, you CAN Love the experience of meeting those payments, of passing over the required funds, and feeling, intensely, the satisfaction of having paid them on time.  

Allow yourself to release the "hows' and "buts" and "I can'ts" - they do not serve you in the slightest.  Replace them with the Love you have in your heart, for Yourself, as a powerful Creator, able to manifest what ever is needed.  For indeed YOU ARE, remembering and standing in your I AM presence.  

And for those of you who simply cannot bring yourselves to this understanding, or the willingness to have it be there as an accurate statement in any form, we offer you the assistance of Knowing, that you are able to Co-Create with us, what is needed.  As you allow yourself the willingness, to move yourself from your state of despair and apathy, to release the anger and frustration at your difficulties, to move past self blame, and into a willingness to be on your path once more, you will find the winds of change blowing strongly about you, releasing this energy from you.  

Open your heart to your Creator, to the Beings of Light that work with you, and request assistance through prayer, in whatever way it is needed, in the moment; for what is there to be said at that moment, is what is real for you.  Feel, to the fullest extent you can, what is there to be felt in your emotional energy body, for that which is there, is there to be expressed now, for the healing to take place on all levels of the four body system.  Be in gratitude, that you are able to Co-Create in this way; that the Love of the Creator IS there for You; that your Angels and Guides, and Higher Self most of all, are hugging you very hard in that moment, so pleased that you have opened your heart, in Love, to them, that they may be of service to You.

Then allow yourself the quiet space, to KNOW that all is in perfection - your requests have been heard, and are at that very moment, being attended to by your Higher Self, guides and angels, in the Love of the Creator Light.  Provide a still space, to receive whatever ideas, inspirations, or concepts that come to you, to take the small steps that begin your journey to the experience you have requested to be there for you.  

As you move into your journey for the rest of the day, or the next day, or the next week, allow yourself to be in that space of gratitude, of knowing, that all is in perfection, and will be there for you in the form you have requested it to be.  You may choose to repeat these steps, to come to greater clarity about the fear that remains, Co-Creating a more defined vision of what you wish to bring to you.  Understand, that the first experience is often the strongest in its emotional energy, and hence, has great power in bringing to you, that which you seek.  There is no need to do more - "let go, and let God' - allow what you have set in motion, to be manifested before you.

Oftentimes, you may choose to recreate the fear that brought you to this level of difficulty, to be sure that you have the tools now to meet this challenge, again and again.  Just as you chose this opportunity to be in that experience once more, so you can choose again, by releasing your attachment to controlling the situation, expressing your gratitude for the new desired experience, bringing to it as much Joyousness as you can find within You.  

Where there is no Joyousness perceivable to you, acknowledge that you have once more slipped into fearfulness, and ask for assistance in releasing those fears.  Allow yourself, in that moment, to let go of your stranglehold on the terrible vision you have decided is the most likely outcome from your difficulties, to place your hands in ours, knowing that in that moment, we ARE there, and that together, in the Creator's Infinite Love, we ARE Co-Creating whatever is needed.   

Together, we CAN, and DO, ride the winds of change, glorying in their vitality, their exuberance, their assistance in moving us out of the fears we have been imprisoned by for so long.  

The Goddess Light is creating the opportunity to Co-Create with us, the life of your dreams.  It is no longer impossible - simply decide, what you most wish to do, and how you would like to do it.  The constraints you see all around you, of bills, of family demands, of other constraints, are all part of the hall of mirrors you have built around you.  It is time now, to rise above these constraints, seeing them from our vantage point, as malleable, solvable, and healable.  All is possible, in the Creator's Love.  All is possible, in the Love we have for each other - for We are You, You are We, We are One.  So begin to spread your Angelic wings, and fly, riding these winds of change effortlessly, finding precisely that which you seek, knowing that You ARE Love incarnate, part of the Creator's Infinite Light, experiencing the Joyousness of Creation.

We are Sadiyaa, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, Sananda, and Tikele this day - passionate about our new journey together, for each day, is a gift of incredible Beauty.

And so it is.

loving blessings,


May/05/05,  Co-creation must be from Unconditional Love ***********************(Chapter  80)***finish

================end Manifestation and Co-creation focus for Many of ONE=======================



Mayan Calendar 

Jun/19/04,  Lord's Prayer & Mayan Calendar Forecasts **************************(Chapter 46)***start

The Mayan Calendar has 9 Cycles all ending on 12/21/2012.  Jesus gave these light encoded words to us during the 5th Day of the 6th Cycle of the Mayan Calendar.  Key words for 5th Days are 'Breakthrough to Light'.  (7th Day of the 6th Cycle started in 1619.)  

The 5th Day of the 8th Cycle starts 1/17/08 for 360 days.  The 5th Day of the 9th Cycle starts 9/12/12 for 20 days.  We can anticipate very significant revelations(8th)/manifestations(9th) regarding our true beingness during both upcoming moments.  

"Lord's Prayer From Aramaic to English 

The Lord's Prayer translated from Aramaic, Jesus' language,  into
English rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English...

O Cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration! Soften the ground of 
our being and carve out a space within us where Your Presence can 

Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the 
fruit of your mission. 

Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire. 
Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being needs 
to grow and flourish. 

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us, as we release 
others from the entanglement of past mistakes 

Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true 
purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment. 

For you are the round and the fruitful vision, the birth-power and
fulfillment, as all is gathered and made whole once again."


Jun/19/04,  Lord's Prayer & Mayan Calendar Forecasts **************************(Chapter  46)***finish

Jan/11/05,  The Numerology of Creation ********************************************(Chapter  63)***start

Yesterday in Chapter 62, the Story of Creation was explained by Sananda (Jesus).  All Creations are mathematically precise and can be understood and decoded by paying attention to the numbers that 'speak to us' during certain moments.     Many use the numbers 0 thru 9 in their numerology (Base 9).  The Mayan Calendar actually contains Creation Numerology (Base 20).  The numbers 10 thru 20 include soul level information.. and additional Void clarity about 'who are we and why are we here'.     'All That Is' originates from and returns to the Void... always has and always will!  The Void is beyond all energy... beyond all Creations.  The Void is what all energy seeks... the Void is in but not of each and every energetic particle throughout every particle field in the Cosmos.     Focusing now on our current Creation, the 2 most important levels of consciousness are signified by the numbers 13 (Ascension) and 20 (from/of the Void, 'All That Is').  Until February 28, 2000, collectively we had been primarily working with 1 thru 9.  Now through December 21, 2012, the numbers 10 (Manifestation) through 13 (Ascension).  And then starting December 22, 2012,  the numbers 14 through 20.     The essence of Creation Numerology (Base 20) follows:    

 1) Impulse, Unity;    

 2) Polarity, Challenge;    

 3) Rhythm, Activation;  

 4) Measure, Definition (Red, White, Black, Yellow);    

 5) Center, Radiance (5 aspects of each color), (4 times 5 = 20);    

 6) Balance, Equality, Light  (Light goes around the planet 6.666 times every second... Light contains all information within the particle filled holographic container... notice the similarity between 'filled' and 'field';    

 7) Mystic Power, Attunement (at ONE ment);    

 8) Harmonic Resonance, Integrity, Infinity (8 turned sideways);    

 9) Cyclic Periodicity, Completion, Purity, Wisdom, Intention;    

10) Manifestation, Application (with the intent to have no intent), "Heaven on Earth";    

11) Universal Mastery within Dissonant Structure, Liberation, Individual Sovereignty, Full Consciousness (13 strands of active DNA);    

12) Complex Stability, Connective Consciousness, Cooperation, Galactic Citizen;    

13) Ascension, Universal Evolution, Transcendence, Universal Connective Consciousness;    

14) Transmutation of matter (unconditional alchemy);    

15) Unconditional assembly, disassembly and reassembly of matter (self teleportation);    

16) Interdimensional traveler within this Creation (Universe);    

17) Cosmic traveler among multiple Creations (Universes);    

18) Cosmic Connective Consciousness;    

19) Cosmic Mastery (mastery through unconditional application within all Creation types);    

20) The Void, the ONE, unconditional evolution, unconditional intention, beyond all energetic particles and fields of particles.    

Now for two examples...    (1)   Yesterday was chapter 62.  6+2 = 8.  The Story of Creation has and will remain Infinite (see number 8).  Until yesterday, I had no idea of what Chapter 62 would contain... but it is in complete harmony with the number 8.     

(2)   I have had most of this chapter written for several months but knew not to send it yet.  In the Light of Chapter 62, the timing window for Chapter 63 was revealed.  6+3 = 9.  9 represents Completion... so we have today entered a major window for some very new events... in hindsite, some may eventually call these upcoming events 'post-historic'.  Today is January 11, 2005 (1/11/2005).  1 represents Unity.  11 represents Mastery.  2+0+0+5 = 7 represents 'At-ONE-Ment.  1+1+1+2+0+0+5 = 10 represents Manifestation or the beginning of 'Heaven on Earth".  ~htl~    Peter    

Jan/11/05,  The Numerology of Creation ********************************************(Chapter  63)***finish

Jan/28/05,  3rd Day   of 8th Cycle of Mayan Calendar ****************************(Chapter  66)***start

The 3rd Day of the 8th Cycle of the Mayan Calendar is all about re-connection and connections.  These two topics become a natural focus as we approach the end of the 3rd Day on January 31, 2005 (3 days from today).  The most important re-connection that any of us can choose is to our Soul (or Higher Self).  The most important connection any of us can choose is to our friends and family inside and outside of earth.     The process of Ascension is basically driven by those who choose Soul re-connection (first step) and then friends and family connection.  The collective dark forces can only operate successfully during periods while humankind chooses Soul separation.     In today's transmission thru Mike Quinsey, Lord Sananda (Jesus) provides information about Soul (Higher Self) re-connection and the First Contact portion of connection.         ~htl~    Peter    

Lord Sananda 01.28.05 I am Lord Sananda also known to you as Jesus the Christed One, who came to Earth to show you the way and the path that leads back to the Creator God. In reality I have never left you, and you will be aware that by example I resurrected myself.

Many times I have returned either as myself, or in other guises to suit the circumstances I was coming into. Some still look for my return as a leader of the Christian movement, but when I openly come to you again , it will be for every soul on Earth.

There is a new message that I shall bring, and you will see that it is universal and supported by your Masters who will be with me. It has always been planned that I will be the first to touch my feet upon your beautiful home. What may astound you, yet will be seen as fulfilling the prophecies in this connection, is that I will arrive in a spacecraft. Were you not told that I would come in the clouds, and so be it, in a way that will be appropriate to the times. You are soon destined to meet all of your friends and families from outside the Earth. No longer can the truth be concealed, it is a time for revelations that will reveal your connection with life-forms that span the Universe. You are All One, and aspire to the same search for your origins and seek the path back to your former glory. I am most joyous that all of the efforts to enable you to find your Truth have largely succeeded. I do accept that given your freedom of choice, there will for the time being be many who have not yet awakened.

Life is a process of continual change and movement, and you cannot really standstill for long even if you so desired. What is happening around you impinges itself upon your consciousness whether you are aware of it or not. You are continually making an assessment of what comes into your vision and hearing, and for example, you cannot touch Love, without becoming a part of it yourself. Your Higher Self is your true mentor, and if you listen much wisdom will come from within you. You have already been that which you now aspire to be, and it is more a matter of bringing it back to yourself once more.

What you now see around you is the polarising of the negative and positive energies, and as these draw apart so they both become a separate reality. Those of you who have chosen the path of Light, will now find it easier to detach yourselves from the negativity around you. It cannot affect you unless you allow it to happen, and you will find more and more that you are an observer of the activities of the dark ones, and are well outside of their influence. Yet you influence the dark, and your Love and Light weakens and transmutes the energies that they depend upon to carry out their work.

Especially in these recent times, you pray for help and question why God allows the travesties of war, disease and your natural disasters. You feel that God as All Love and Compassion, would not allow such happenings, but I have to tell you that it is Man’s work. What has been happening, has been brought about over thousands of years, and negative energies have altered the very fabric of Earth. They become so powerful that they interact with other energies such as those that keep your Earth stable and in its correct orbit. The result is that there is inevitably a clash between them, and physical repercussions. On another level the discordant energies unsettle people, and bring disease and pestilence. If you are to learn the lessons of life, they have to be presented to you time and time again. Where you see death, please remember that those dear souls that pass over do not suffer, and that they were aware of the manner in which it would take place. Although you find it difficult to comprehend, I assure you that all works out well in the end, because there is absolute perfection in the Creator’s plan. Trust in God, and you will see how perfectly these end-times work out in a way that completely assists your desire for Ascension. And remember that this grand plan is not just for you, but the whole Solar system is moving upwards. It is the pre-ordained time for such a wonderful event, and it gladdens my heart to see you surmounting all of the difficulties placed across your path. I can but admire your determination, and the rewards shall be great and beyond your imagination. You will know in no uncertain way that your journey has been worthwhile, and you will claim back your freedom in the Lighted Realms.

All Heaven rejoices at the great events that are about to unfold, and Love is coming to you as never before. I place upon each one of you a garland of Pink Roses, and I invite you to smell the sweet perfume of Love.

I am Lord Sananda and I will soon be in your midst again, and may the blessings of the Creator give you strength to finish your journey in true Glory and Joy.

Thank you Lord Sananda

Mike Quinsey             

Jan/28/05,  3rd Day   of 8th Cycle of Mayan Calendar ****************************(Chapter  66)***finish

Aug/09/05,  Cycles, Mayan Calendar and ONE Creator **************************(Chapter  81)***start

"We are all from and of ONE Creator.  'We' includes humans, Mother Earth and her animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.  Humans have four basic self aware components all with the potential to be inter-connected by un-conditional Love... Spirit, Soul, mind and body.  (Our Spirit and Souls have never separated from un-conditional Love... thus have always remained inter-connected.)  Our Spirit and Souls are all fragments of the one Creator... thus our Spirit/Soul is a tiny portion of the one Creator.  It is mathematically impossible to be separate from our Creator... thus we are all Many of ONE.  

All of mind/body life exists within a holographic container filled with sub-atomic particles and clusters of particles.  (Clusters of particles are also called energy or frequencies.)  All of Spirit/Soul eternal existence is among and beyond these sub-atomic particles.  Spirit and Soul is what all sub-atomic particles and clusters of particles (including mind and body) are always seeking in an infinite Sine Wave like 'back and forth' searching pattern."  

The above two paragraphs are currently the first two paragraphs on the first page of the Many of ONE Website.  

Sine Wave like patterns of particle clusters are also called energy or frequencies and create cycles.  We all know from our experience that cycles exist... asleep to awake... full moon to new... longest day of the year to shortest... good days to not as good... baby hood to adult hood.  

Cycles exist because particles and clusters of particles are always seeking in an infinite Sine Wave like 'back and forth' searching pattern for something beyond themselves.  If there was no searching, cycles would be replaced by trends and there could be no frequencies, energy, free will or creator.  

The remainder of this chapter is Co-created by Mike Quinsey of Earth and Diane of the Galactic Federation.  This email becomes Chapter 81 in the freely available co-created eBook on 
Many of ONE.
Peter    ----- Original Message ----- From: mike quinsey 
Diane  08.09.05

Like you, we still wait for that time now rapidly approaching when our plans can go ahead. There has been some consolation during this period, as it has given everyone the opportunity to become fully acquainted with the purpose of First Contact. Until these details came out very few of you understood the significance of 2012 as portrayed by the Mayan’s, and it appeared as the end of time. The key to it was that it referred to the end of a cycle and the Mayan’s were very knowledgeable of such things, and it went well beyond the Cycle of Duality. Their skills and knowledge were lost when they finally “moved on” but such understanding is now slowly returning.

Everything in the Universe runs in cycles, it is orderly and runs as you would say “like clockwork”. There are cycles within cycles and some are even millions of years long. It is the incredible size of everything that will astound you, particularly the seemingly never ending Space. Some of you are wondering if you would get bored away from the attractions of Earth. However, I will assure you that even with our ability to travel far and wide, and sometimes faster than light we can find no evidence of an end to creation. Instead, we venture into different dimensions and Universes and find abundant life in a whole array of different guises.

One aspect that always greets us is the Oneness of life, and regardless of its outer shell has its links to the Creator. The Creator is still a mystery that we continue to seek answers for, and perhaps no one will ever know for certain until they return to the Godhead. Even for us the vastness of space and the teeming life are still surprising. You are soon to have your freedom, and will join us as fully fledged Beings of Light and then you will be able to experience with us. Ours is not an idle existence, we have ordained tasks to carry out but unlike Earth they do not dominate our lives, and we have ample freedom to explore according to our own desires.

Life can never be boring, and those of us in the Galactic Federation are at levels of evolution that give us much freedom, because we have outgrown conflict and wars. You have had your high moments of elation, and lifted up by the harmony and peace around. Imagine an existence where this was normal and you experienced no fear or lack of trust. In fact, you may find it challenging to know that your thoughts cannot be concealed, and that you are an open book. You are also known by your colors that signify where you are spiritually and which ray you are working on. You understand the idea that everything is energy, and as you choose your path so you are connected to higher energies that bring it into focus.

Some of you on Earth are already sensitive to another persons auric emanations. You can discern between the positive and negative and you “feel” what a person is like. As you go into the higher dimensions that ability becomes accentuated, and you are able to acknowledge the totality of that Being. This would be essential for you in the early stages, as you could otherwise be uncertain when confronted with forms that would be alien to you. There is no doubt, that once you come on board our ships you will soon get used to the various types of Beings. They are mainly human in appearance, and if you reflect on how many different races exist on Earth you should have no difficulties in accepting them.

Those of you who are strongly linked to certain interests, whether through your profession or pastimes will find many opportunities to further them. We have teaching methods that are quick and leave you with knowledge gained by others. There is no need to study in the manner that you are used to, and you will soon find yourself at levels that are compatible to ours. Most of our teaching aids are on board our ships and much use is made of holographic imaging. At first you will understandably want to learn as much as possible about your Earth, and we are keen that you should have it. We will also make use of your type of communications systems, but these will be vastly updated.

Together, we have a lot to do in preparation for the end of this cycle. In general terms we have to lift up your understanding of life not just on Earth but in your Solar System. It is full of life, and evidence of it is there to see, except that your probes into space are usually very secretive. When in the past you have been visited by say Venusians, the idea of life on that planet has been rejected. You see an outer hostile environment and conclude that life as you know it could not exist. This is so, but what people have been reluctant to believe is that is can exist in other dimensions on that planet.

My Dear friends, life is everywhere and one of the wonders of creation. It is also infinite exactly like you, and all is evolving on that illustrious path that eventually leads back to the Godhead. It is now contracting as the energies are drawn back to the Central Sun. This is something that is incalculable in terms of your time, but let us say trillions and trillions of years. As you progress so you will continually be lifted up as all other forms will be also. Movement is never ceasing and all is interconnected on the various levels. It is really difficult to convey the vastness of space with mere words, but come with us and you shall learn first hand.

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and when we can finally meet you all, many opportunities will be given for you to come aboard our ships. We shall show you glimpses of the enormity of space and fill your eyes and minds with much splendor. We are excited for you, and yes we can share your emotions except we have long shed those that are judged to be negative. We cry in joy, we love and laugh and can be tender and understanding. You are ready to receive us, and that wonderful meeting is now so close. We send you the energies of the Creator’s Love which are all embracing and will carry you forward for the rest of your journey.

Thank you Diane
Mike Quinsey 

Aug/09/05,  Cycles, Mayan Calendar and ONE Creator **************************(Chapter  81)***finish

Jan/27/06,  4th Day of 8th Cycle of Mayan Calendar *****************************(Chapter  87)***start

Today is January 27, 2006 and starts the 4th Day of the 8th Cycle within the Mayan Calendar.  (Each day and night of the 8th Cycle lasts for 360 days.)  As described within the Mayan Calendar webpage on Many of ONE, the "headline" for the forth day is "High Point... beginning for the end of separation consciousness".  The midpoint of the forth day will be on July 26, 2006.  The 4th Day webpage midpoint "headline" is "Clarity and favorable anticipation for the end of separation consciousness".  

What are some signposts within the Forth Day?  (1)  In preparation for the forth day you may have made the decision not to move... or recently moved your physical location... and/or developed some new friends... and/or... some former friends may now seem more distant.  (2) You may find yourself considering new business opportunities that are creative, fun and enjoyable (even Co-creative where allare honored and treated as equal in potential to contribute)... or you may find yourself much more comfortable and passionate with your current career... or avocation/hobby... or activities in retirement).  (3)  You may find more money flowing into your life.  (4) You may find yourself not second guessing as much about relationships, careers and choices in life.  (5)  You may find yourself in dramatically better health and physical condition (upcoming Chapter 88 will expand on available choices leading to better health and physical condition).  (6) First Contact should manifest... and assuming a normal mix of collective individual free will choices... happen before the midpoint of the Forth Day (before July 26, 2006).  You may experience all six signposts from the above.  Today through Nancy Tate,  Sananda (Jesus, Sananda Kumara) has provided a glimpse of the potential reaction by those who are choosing to end their experiences in separation consciousness.  (This choice first takes place at our Soul/Spirit level... or our Angelic Presence level... often before we inform our mind/body level.)  By the way, the individual choice not to end experiences in separation consciousness (also called "duality") is perfectbecause we really do have free will... and our choices are never judged or even 'frowned upon" by our Soul/Spirit (Angelic Presence).   During this 360 day period, the potential exists for each and every one of us to consciously (mind/body level) learn that "We are the ONEs we have been waiting for."  This email becomes Chapter 87 in the freely available co-created eBook on Many of ONE.    ~htL~    
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Wake up Call: Sananda Jan 27, 06

Once upon a time there were three wolves. One wolf had a wart at the end of his nose, while another was glistening with a coat of pure silver. The third wolf was tiny in stature, with a heart so huge and solid that it shone through in a glow that emanated from him for all to see.

One day the tiny wolf began to sing a song. He sang and trilled until the others could stand it no more. They joined in and gave a baritone and a tenor note to the songs. This brought many people out of their homes and to the edge of the field to listen and wonder in awe at what they were witnessing.

As the chorus went on there came other animals out of the woods and they too joined in with the reveling songs. They too allowed their voices to be heard in a way that brought awe to the people. As they continued there was suddenly a great hush, as if someone had turned off the dial.

The animals continued with their song, however, not a sound could be heard by them or by the people. It was a grand silence that overtook them all that moment. As the day wore on and the silent singing continued throughout the morning hours a miracle was taking place. The people were coming closer to the animals and they too were joining in the song with a grace that spoke of the oneness they were feeling.

On through the afternoon this heavenly chorus continued, and on into the night. One by one the people joined with the animals and though still singing they rested on the soft ground amid the wolves and the bear and the skunks. As they did this, they felt the heartbeat of the animals. The even heard their life-streams as they translated them into a language easily understood.

This amazed the people and brought them to tears that rolled down their cheeks. Still they sang on in silence, hearing the beautiful harmonic tones in their own minds. This was a glorious time for the people and for the animals, for the first time they joined in a common cause and were one, they were able to communicate in a way that left no mistaking their love for one another. They came to feel a peace that night they had never felt before. 

As they lay beside these beautiful creatures and sang the songs of love and jubilation, the wolves one by one arose and moved to the front of the group. They stood on their hind legs and beheld with their front ones a star in the sky. The others lying in unity on the ground looked to the heavens and lo and behold a star came nearer. This star was not like any other they had seen; it continued on its path to their edge of the woods and soon they could see the body of the star. 

Now the star was taking shape. As it drew nearer and nearer the ones on the ground could see that it was a ship from outer space. They could see the lines and confirmation of its shape. They could see the windows from which the occupants of the ship peered out at the waiting throng.

This is what we have been singing for, cried one of the wolves. His wart had disappeared and in its place was a miniature golden star. The other wolf with the glistening silver coat drew up to his full height and shouted a grand welcome to the visitors from that other place in the sky.

Then the tiny wolf with the huge and solid heart swelled up to a size that equaled any one person or being that could have been seen on earth. He reached for the ship as it stopped in midair only a few hundred feet from where they all now stood.

As they watched, the door on the ship opened and down came a stepladder. Then there appeared in the doorway a brilliant light in a form somewhat like an angel. This lighted form greeted all on the ground in the silent way that they had all been singing. It said that they had heard their call and had come, for it was planned long, long ago that this was to be the signal from those on earth that it was time to make themselves known. It was time for the lighted beings to come and be recognized for this was the signal that all on earth were on the verge of remembering who they were after these millions of years of sleep.

Then the lighted being floated down to the ground, and others followed. They formed a semi-circle around the animals and people and as they did they joined in the silent chorus that had not ceased even when the lighted beings were speaking with them. 

This was the language of the heavens, you see. This was the vibratory chorus that brought all of heaven together with earth. This was the silence that spoke of miracles and the coming of the dawn. And as the sun passed itself out of the darkness and into the light of day once more, the patterns of color that spoke across the sky decorated the ship and the beings who all stood as one on the edge of the woods. 

The sight was a spectacle never before seen on earth, though it had been told that one day it would come. In silence they all watched as the dawn played its own tune across the sky and announced the arrival of a grand new day. They knew that from this day forward the only shadows that would be cast would be the ones that came about when the people could no longer gaze upon the light and would turn their backs and walk away.

What they would see as they did this was that they were still in the light. They would not see their own shadows, for they would be blinded by the light. As they saw only the light, and could not find refuge from it, they would soon find themselves in that light, smiling back at them, and they would smile. And they too would join in the song that sung so splendidly in the heavens and on earth.

This is the promise that a family of wolves sang to the people in the village. This is the song that the animals sang to their family in the village and in the woods. This is the song that all of the people in the village and all of the animals in the wood sang out to the family in the heavens, and then they came. They came on the wings of the angels for it was time. 

Now is the time, my beautiful family. Now is the time for the reunion of the angels. You are the angels and we are the angels and this is the time for the new beginning. Join me, Sananda, in the light, and we will sing the song of home forevermore.

Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate 
You are the promise that you bring to yourselves. Master Sananda Kumara

Jan/27/06,  4th Day of 8th Cycle of Mayan Calendar *****************************(Chapter  87)***finish

Mar/20/06,  Duality and the most recent 100 Billion Years **********************(Chapter  88)***start

Chapter 88 was to be about healing and health... the material for that chapter is still in the experiential stage.   Today's transmission on the first day of Spring from St. Germain thru Mike Quinsey covers an infinite amount of 'linear time' including the most recent 100 Billion years.  At our Full Self level, which includes massive clusters of sub-atomic articles and all the common space among these particles, we have created 'linear time' to enhance our experiences within duality.   These massive clusters of sub-atomic particles form everything we can sense and feel... including Mother Earth, minerals, plants, animals, humans, minds, bodies... absolutely everything.  These massive clusters are one side of 'duality'.  The other side of 'duality' is the common space among these particles.   So, from the 'common space' side of duality, there is no linear time, there is only experience.  From the 'massive clusters of sub-atomic particles' side of duality, we have created linear time... and 100 Billion years seems to be a long time.   The most recent experiential process, began 100 Billion years ago... the final portion beginning 16.4 Billion years ago with the formation of our current Solar System.  This final 16.4 Billion years is accurately described by the mathematics and the common spaces among the mathematics by understanding and analyzing the Mayan Calendar as much more than just a calendar.   Some readers may have no current interest at all in the above information... thus there is no reason to read the rest of this chapter.   Some readers may have an intense interest in the above information... they may find themselves choosing to read the rest of this chapter again and again.   One thing is Truth... at our highest levels, we are all amazing Beings of Light and "We are the ONEs we have been waiting for."    ~htL~    Peter    

----- Original Message ----- From: mike quinsey To: etfirstcontact Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 2:08 AMSubject: [ET First Contact] SG032006
St. Germain  20-March-06


A lot is spoken about your levels of consciousness, and I would like to look at how that applies to you all. It is a combination of different levels of awareness that represent your totality whilst upon Earth. In the beginning you were an aspect of The Creator with all of the knowing and attributes that you would expect. You had no awareness outside of the Godhead, and existed in the Now and all that ever was, Is and will be. The Creator desired to experience outside of itself, and you were breathed out to be part of a great adventure and opportunity to create for yourself. Eventually, you became responsible for your own creations and became God’s in your own right.


You had no concept of time such as you know now, and enjoyed playing at being God’s. Your creations were imbued with an aspect of your consciousness, and also became free to experience within the great harmony and love surrounding the Godhead. After incalculable time, The Creator decided to give you absolute freewill to create, and desired to know of your experiences outside of the Godhead. Gradually you began to immerse yourself in your own powers, and desired to have total control over your creations. You wished to become as the Creator, and it was decided to allow you totally free expression. As the great Angelic Beings you were, you vied with each other to glorify in your creations.


As you became more self centered, so you forgot your origin and you gradually moved further away from the Godhead. Some became ego centered and moved into vibrations that took them even further away. They believed that they were no longer bound by The Creator’s Laws and tried to establish themselves independently. The more that they forgot their beginnings; the more they became immersed in the lower vibrations. The Creator allowed them to continue with their own expression, and eventually they became known as the Fallen Angels. They were allowed to continue tempting each other to create more and more, and the ability to create in perfection became lost.


The Father/Mother Creator saw that from the descent of the Angels, the experiences were provided from which much could be understood about freewill creation. The descent into physical matter followed and there came a time when all memory of their illustrious beginnings was forgotten. Your present Universe was created, and it was for the purpose of experiencing duality which you are now familiar. The Creator was always with you as a loving deity and gave you the freedom to follow a path of your choice. While you were dropping lower into the heavy physical vibrations, you were accompanied by many souls charged with looking after you and guiding your footsteps. You accepted duality as your testing ground knowing that whatever happened to you, one day you would awaken to your true self.


By the very nature of what duality is it has required that you experience the dark and the Light. This you have done for eons of time, and you have traveled the path that has led you to this present period. Now you are beginning to learn of your true beginning, and your Angelic reality from which you agreed to “fall”. In fact that term has become synonymous with the Devil/Satan which is your own creation to personify evil. Even that has the wrong connotation as there is in reality no such thing, only Light and the Absence of Light. Understand that you agreed to experience both so that you could take these experiences back to the Godhead with you. The Creator gave you laws to follow, but in no way were they in the form of punishment. That has become Man’s way, and The Creator has nothing but Love for his creations.


We know it is a difficult concept to accept that The Creator even loves those that would seemingly work against The Creators Will. It is something that you need to bring into your consciousness. This is particularly important at a time when you are seeing the final outworking of the clearing of your creations. Some souls have to take the side of the dark, and as incomprehensible as it may seem to you, they also immerse themselves in such roles to further their own evolution. They are able to clear Karma by helping you to see the depth to which Man has dropped. They reflect what you yourselves have created, and together you are now about to rise up like the Phoenix out of the ashes of the past.


Perhaps you can now understand why we emphasize the need to be forgiving and non judgmental. As hard as it is to accept, you have all been party to the experiences of Earth, but that is why you came in the first place. Had you not been veiled from your true selves, you could not have descended into matter. Furthermore, you would not have had such an array of experiences, that have made you the wonderful Beings that you have become whilst upon Earth.


You are looked upon as great Beings, because you were prepared to move out of the comfort of the higher realms to become “disconnected” from your Source. You are revered for making sacrifices in the interests of other souls, who are yet to follow on and benefit from your experiences. You are loved beyond measure because you maintained your faith in The Creator. Through Ascension you are returning to the fully conscious Beings you originally were that you know as Angels. You may not believe it, but you are far greater than you give yourselves credit for, and that is only because you have become immersed in darkness for so long. As you grow in Light so you will be able to accept your true status, and the coming changes that will guide you along the path to fulfilment.


I am St. Germain, and in one way to be seen as just another soul like you. We are One, and we all have the same potential to rise up, and in reality none are superior to another but just at different levels of expression and experience. When I return with the Masters we shall salute you and bow before you, as you are truly the Gods that we often tell you about. Feel good about yourselves, and why not as you can now do so without becoming egocentric. Know who you are, and as you enter this final phase it will all become so much easier for you. Can you not feel the Love we have for you, as you should be able to as it enfolds you every step of the way. Walk in Love and give of it freely, it is the greatest service you can give.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.  

Mar/20/06,  Duality and the most recent 100 Billion Years **********************(Chapter  88)***finish

Dec/10/07,  The Mayan Calendar (8th Cycle, 5th Day) and predictions***(Chapter  89)***start

Today's comments from Ker-On align perfectly with the 8th Cycle 5th Day of the Mayan Calendar which begins January 17, 2008... more info on From below...For a long time you have been given the proof of our existence, and you have undisputed evidence of our craft. Additionally there are thousands of sightings of our members and other visitors to your Earth. It would take an unreasonable person or one who was totally biased against us, to refuse to accept the evidence and admit to our presence. The crashed craft could easily have been removed, but sometimes you have been allowed to retrieve them for examination purposes. As with your famous and well reported crash at Roswell, the public as well as your authorities have gained much knowledge and understanding about your terrestrial visitors. 

Our tasks are not always easy, as we have to find a balance that complies with the edicts from the Councils that oversee our activities, and the freewill you have to create your own reality. However, many have made their intent quite clear to step onto the path leading to Ascension. That decision is also honored, since a major part of our instructions revolve around preparing you for this leap in your evolution, and we do just that. 

Your wait is almost over, and we hear the great sigh of relief that will bring joy and happiness to you. Suddenly your lives will take on a new look, and Humanity will quickly forge ahead and create the Earth anew. Gone will be all of those worries about your conditions and prospects for the future. The plan will be explained so that our intentions are crystal clear, and you will be in no doubt about the grand changes that are planned.

Of great concern to us are your modern day health treatments focused around vaccinations and drugs. That will all change and new innovations and methods will ensure that health will be restored, without those disabling and often serious side effects. No more will treatments take months or years to overcome health problems, and many cures will be instantaneous.

Also with the cleaning up of your environment, the conditions will be more conducive to a healthy life. The wide use of chemicals in foodstuffs and medical treatments will stop, and a healthy regime will replace harmful methods.

----- Original Message ----- From: Mike To: Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 1:52 AMSubject: [] Ker-On12.10.07
Ker-On  10-December-2007


For a long time you have been given the proof of our existence, and you have undisputed evidence of our craft. Additionally there are thousands of sightings of our members and other visitors to your Earth. It would take an unreasonable person or one who was totally biased against us, to refuse to accept the evidence and admit to our presence. Also at this time there has never been so many contacts made for the purpose of passing on our messages to you. There has been, and continues to be a program of enlightenment, so that within the human consciousness there is an understanding of us, and our reasons for coming to you.


Stories abound in your history of our help that has provided the means and knowledge for your evolution. Sometimes the evidence has been clear but on other occasions vague and distorted through superstition, and the difficulty in putting words to an usual experience. Now we do most of our activities openly except for frequent landings and contacts, as there are never ending attempts to capture us and our craft. Your authorities have been successful, but only where visitors other than us are concerned. The crashed craft could easily have been removed, but sometimes you have been allowed to retrieve them for examination purposes. As with your famous and well reported crash at Roswell, the public as well as your authorities have gained much knowledge and understanding about your terrestrial visitors.


Each and every one of you at some time will have to decide the importance and meaning of our contact with you. It has taken a long time and immense patience and planning on our part, to gently create the conditions and understanding that prepare you for our coming. There is now little time left for those who have no place in their consciousness for us, to awaken to the importance of this period in your lives. Where the evidence for our existence is rejected it is often through fear, but many also see no place for us in their vision of the future. They are content to stay within the 3D matrix and that is a choice that we honor.


We do not intend to hide ourselves away when our presence is required in your skies, as more than ever there is a necessity for our continued monitoring of the activities taking place on Earth. The dark continue building bases and equip them with the latest war technology. Many are deep underground, but that presents no problems to us in collecting information as to what is being developed. Where weaponry is concerned, there are none that cannot be neutralized if any attempts are made to use them against us. We have consistently warned against the use of nuclear weapons, and in no circumstances will that be allowed. Our tasks are not always easy, as we have to find a balance that complies with the edicts from the Councils that oversee our activities, and the freewill you have to create your own reality. However, many have made their intent quite clear to step onto the path leading to Ascension. That decision is also honored, since a major part of our instructions revolve around preparing you for this leap in your evolution, and we do just that.

There are now many generations upon Earth that have been brought up against the background of Space travel. Each successive one finds it easier and more natural to accept the idea of life beyond your tiny planet in one corner of the Galaxy. Therefore we know that our open contact will be accepted with little resistance, as the concept is already well ingrained in your mass consciousness. It only remains for us to respond to the correct timing, and that moment of our arrival will be seen as your salvation. Events on Earth are escalating and speeding up and the sooner we can organize the needed changes in your governments, the quicker we can all get on with our projects. We are eager to get started, and save you from the consequences of decades of neglect and abuse of the Earth.


The time for your release for the dark forces is nearly upon you, and we stand prepared to block any last attempts by them to start more confrontations and warlike situations. Now millions of people not only desire peace, but also turn their backs upon their leaders attempts to continue promoting fear as a means to continue with their agenda. Your future is in our hands and not theirs, and we follow the plan for the release of Humanity so that all efforts may be concentrated on your glorious future. It continues to unfold regardless of any attempts by others who place obstacles in your way.


Your wait is almost over, and we hear the great sigh of relief that will bring joy and happiness to you. Suddenly your lives will take on a new look, and Humanity will quickly forge ahead and create the Earth anew. Gone will be all of those worries about your conditions and prospects for the future. The plan will be explained so that our intentions are crystal clear, and you will be in no doubt about the grand changes that are planned.


Of great concern to us are your modern day health treatments focused around vaccinations and drugs. That will all change and new innovations and methods will ensure that health will be restored, without those disabling and often serious side effects. No more will treatments take months or years to overcome health problems, and many cures will be instantaneous. Also with the cleaning up of your environment, the conditions will be more conducive to a healthy life. The wide use of chemicals in foodstuffs and medical treatments will stop, and a healthy regime will replace harmful methods.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and I am part of the teams that will advance your technology for the purposes of bringing you into the 21st Century. You have so many advanced thinkers, quite able and ready to adapt to the new methods we will introduce you to. The Galactic Federation will allow you to use their equipment, but first we must be sure that it is placed in the right hands. It will be given out without any discrimination, and it cannot and will not be for the sole use of a chosen few to exploit. Those days will soon be over, and a spirit of co-operation and friendship will soon blossom. Put your worries behind you as you move into the New Year, as it holds all of the promises that we have made and there will be a wonderful re-union in love and joyful exchanges. 


Thank you Ker-On.

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Dec/10/07,  The Mayan Calendar (8th Cycle, 5th Day) and predictions***(Chapter  89)***finish




Sananda (Jesus, Yeshua)

Dec/19/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter  11)***start

I have been aware of Sananda's presence in my life since June 2002.  Very quickly, I realized that Sananda and Jesus are basically one in the same.

On Nancy Tate's website, select 'Introduction to Spirit' and then select Sananda for his own introductory words thru Nancy.  Those words follow:

Sananda             I, Sananda am the further evolvement of the Lord Jesus the Christ. I come to you at this time in the energy of the many for there are multiple ways in which I present myself. This is one of the ways in which the communication for the benefit of mankind is brought through.

            I intend to bring several messages for the interest of the Light of the Eternal Flame. In this deliverance is the spectrum of the totality of the violet flame as well as the Flame of the Source. This is the flame of many colors, and represents the Truth of the Heavenly Assemblage of Beings as we continue in our service to All That Is.

            In the interest of serving mankind, I openly will show myself at several points of reception to my presence. When this takes place, those who will be in receivership of my energies will be told a purpose for their lives. This will take place at the moment of deliverance of the disciples to my gate.

            In the interest of this one’s deliverance of the messages that will come forward through her beingness, I will present from time to time an example of the types of deliverances to the people of the world. This is the purpose of the wake up calls that this one is bringing forward. I, and a number of other beings will be sharing with the people various messages of the Light in the interest of bringing the sovereignty of the nations of the world to their highest order. Together with the other features of this site, there will be an offering of the nuances of the Light of the world.

            Bring together the wandering minstrels of the songs that are sung in the heavens and on the earth; for within the tones of the Holy are the whispers of the truth of the Divine. You are the Heavenly Hosts that shine down on yourselves in the splendor of the coming age.

            I work with you; and I sit by your side in the moonlight and the rising sun. You are my brothers and my sisters, and I am here to assist you to the shedding of the cross from about your shoulders. Carry on in Glory, and release Thine aching heart.

            I am Sananda, and I bless your feet.

Dec/19/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter  11)***finish

Dec/19/03,  Sananda thru Nancy Tate **********************************************(Chapter  12)***start

Bottom line: (12 Key Energies) "The owls and the pussycats of the day are finding that their strategies and pride are taking them out of the stream of light, and putting them into harm's way. They are finding that no matter the cunning, the light of day is always going to come around and find the victor to be the one who walks away into the light." 


"This is the story of the owl and the pussycat, and it tells of the coming together of the good and the evil." 

"The owl swooped down to investigate, and saw that there was another owl, feathers a flying and cat hair covering the ground. Where did this owl come from? He has invaded my territory. I must save the cat, for he is mine, and there will be no other king in my land but me." 

"When this is seen played out on the battlefields of the darkness, you may remember the tale, and give credence to the moral of the story. There is no tale of the predators that ends in total disgrace. When light is around, there is always Grace to be accepted." 

Closing:There are many ways to describe the newly available energies as of the 11/9/2003 GMT Harmonic Concordance.  On the 'Mission' webpage, these 12 energies are described by the following Q&A:  What will life be like after ascension?   Living in peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, abundance, unconditional love, truth, knowing, calm, compassion, laughter, and connection... a 'Golden Age'.  Four of these 12 energies are used in context during Sananda's closing which follows.

 "When this happens my friend, there will be much compassion to stir the feelings to healing, for into the night there is much plotting and planning, then into the light of day comes the truth of the matter. There is nothing that cannot hide the truth from the light. The wounds are evident; the feather lie on the cold snow and the fur is spread in patches over the ground. None of the combatants are to be seen, for they have stolen off to their places and licked their wounds, and continued their vain aggressions with themselves. 
> I have brought this story to you in this manner, for I seek to show you the way it is in the animal world. The instincts for survival are for the most part emotionless. There is an energy of survival that reflects the neutrality of the love energy (or unconditional love) Within this love energy of the Creator source is the answer for all of life. Apply that instinctual behavior to the emotions of the human existence, and you have the setup for what is taking place today. When the truths come out about what has been taking place, and the lightworkers are told to remember the compassion, bring to mind the owl and the pussycat, and you will find the intelligence of the Creator Source in the dealings with all that is. 
> I take you now to the end of this tale, and I say to you that there is no greater truth than the truth that waits for you in the knowing. This is your time for the coming forward of the truths of mankind to support the truths of the Creator. I hold my hands out to you in understanding and love, and I offer my assistance when the going gets a little to the rough side. The love is there my friends, and it never leaves. Find the love in everything, and it will extend out from you to the ones who have not found it within them. That is the power you have. 
> I leave you now in the embrace of the Holy ones. You are here for each other, and you are the Holy ones. Blessings, and Salu! 

Link to complete Dec/19/03 article:   then select 'Morning Wakeup Call'   then select 'December 2003'   then select 'Sananda' (right below the '19').  The article follows:

Morning Wakeup Call Message 
December 19, 2003 
            All the king’s horses and all the king’s men are putting Pinocchio together again!

            Hello, my dear ones! With this twist on the stories so endearing, I begin this message today. I AM Sananda, and I come this morning with a tale of how there are no more lies that will go unseen around the world and in-between. When there are falsehoods brought forward from this day, they will be revealed for the misrepresentation that they stand for in the practices of the world society.

            As we stand on the threshold of another day of birth celebration, I bring you another falsehood that will be known throughout the world as to its misrepresentation, and why it was started thusly. This is the story of the owl and the pussycat, and it tells of the coming together of the good and the evil. This is a tale that pervades the auspices of the new world order, for it reveals the true meaning of the deceit that conveyed the passages of the ways in which to live. When the rules were set down by the owl, it was with the knowing that cunning and wariness, plus fleet of wing would be the victor. This was the theory by which the owl carried out his might every night.

            However, the pussycat knew that he had the advantage of the cunning and the patience to stalk the owl, and await the moment of diversion when he could pounce and devour his prey. He carried that into the wee hours and snuck around in his stealth, finding the perfect time to make his plunge.

            The owl realizing at the last moment took to the air and came to land on the back of the pussycat. This would not do, so the cat raised his body and shook furiously the menace from his back. He shook and he ran and hid beneath the branches of the new tree, with its coverage low and dense. From there he plotted his course, and devised a tale for his cohorts that would belie that truth of the happening. He knew that he would have to make it a good one, for there had been many tales that gave an idea of cunning and wisdom in the staying apart from the clutches of the owl.

            Meanwhile, the owl landed in the uppermost branches of the parent tree to the cat’s escape. He found the wait to be most thrilling, and one of ease and contemplation. From his vantage at the top of the tree, he could see when the cat exposed himself, and therefore make his assault. This was to be his finest hour; he would reign in the land of the owldom, and soar through the nights with his position held secure.

            Suddenly there came a cry from the lowly branches. This cry was piercing and mighty. The owl swooped down to investigate, and saw that there was another owl, feathers a flying and cat hair covering the ground. Where did this owl come from? He has invaded my territory. I must save the cat, for he is mine, and there will be no other king in my land but me. With that he swooped in for the kill. He found the neck of the invading owl, and with all his might drew the offender forth.

            The cat lay in the snow, his breathing labored, his pride hurt. He took note of his body, and realized but for a few superficial scratches, he would recover and take stand against the next assault. He pumped himself up and found the strength to carry on into the night while the two owls battled for sovereignty. He moved a fair piece away, and found a corner in a lair unused, to lick his wounds and continue in his quest to be superior. He remained thus for the remainder of the night, for the owls took their battle to the end, and the pussycat was forgotten.

            When this is seen played out on the battlefields of the darkness, you may remember the tale, and give credence to the moral of the story. There is no tale of the predators that ends in total disgrace. When light is around, there is always Grace to be accepted. Though there may be injuries, and battle scars, there is always the escape to find the way to the safe haven.

            The owls and the pussycats of the day are finding that their strategies and pride are taking them out of the stream of light, and putting them into harm’s way. They are finding that no matter the cunning, the light of day is always going to come around and find the victor to be the one who walks away into the light. When this happens my friend, there will be much compassion to stir the feelings to healing, for into the night there is much plotting and planning, then into the light of day comes the truth of the matter. There is nothing that cannot hide the truth from the light. The wounds are evident; the feather lie on the cold snow and the fur is spread in patches over the ground. None of the combatants are to be seen, for they have stolen off to their places and licked their wounds, and continued their vain aggressions with themselves.

            I have brought this story to you in this manner, for I seek to show you the way it is in the animal world. The instincts for survival are for the most part emotionless. There is an energy of survival that reflects the neutrality of the love energy. Within this love energy of the Creator source is the answer for all of life. Apply that instinctual behavior to the emotions of the human existence, and you have the setup for what is taking place today. When the truths come out about what has been taking place, and the lightworkers are told to remember the compassion, bring to mind the owl and the pussycat, and you will find the intelligence of the Creator Source in the dealings with all that is.

            I take you now to the end of this tale, and I say to you that there is no greater truth than the truth that waits for you in the knowing. This is your time for the coming forward of the truths of mankind to support the truths of the Creator. I hold my hands out to you in understanding and love, and I offer my assistance when the going gets a little to the rough side. The love is there my friends, and it never leaves. Find the love in everything, and it will extend out from you to the ones who have not found it within them. That is the power you have.

            I leave you now in the embrace of the Holy ones. You are here for each other, and you are the Holy ones. Blessings, and Salu!

Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate

Dec/19/03,  Sananda thru Nancy Tate *********************************************(Chapter  12)***finish

Jan/15/99,  thru Lisa Smith ***********************************(Ascension)********(Chapter  13))***start

Bottom Line: (Ascension) This information from Sananda (Jesus) is one of most helpful transmissions, I have ever read... and studied... and studied... and studied!  During June 2003, St. Germain asked me to understand this information.  Before June 2003, I did not have clarity on the definition of a soul mate... but had heard hundreds of definitions and read several books.  Afterwards I understood and honored the purpose of all relationships... joyous and non-joyous.  Today December 20, 2003, I felt inspired to summarize and share this transmission from January 15, 1999. 


"As all beings are created from the source substance, we are all a part of mother/father God. In the grand oneness of source there is creation upon creation of sparks of light."

"You my friends are one of these sparks. Each particle of the vast light we know as God is one part male and one part female. The truth is always as simple as that. There are many sequences of patterns and families of spirit moving through creation, however the fact remains that all are part of a positive/negative polarity." 

"Until this time all were experiencing together and aware that we were one being of a male/female nature, working with the forces of creation and birthing many new ideas. All are part of the grand entity we know as mother/father God. The bliss and the ecstasy of two hearts joined as one is beyond any human concept." 

"At the galactic levels we started with ease and grace the separation process through several dimensions. This ensured there would be no harm to our light vehicles. For most of us the memory of disconnecting is still painful at a deep cellular level. This will become part of the clearing process if one is brave enough to commit to this relationship on all levels again. Earth is the pivot point for the entire universe for the end of duality."

"No ascended master will step into a lower than high fifth dimensional field of light. For two reasons, one being the safety of both parties, and the other being that the earth party has got to do their inner work to ascend." 

"I will give you the step by step process one has to integrate and clear before becoming one again with themselves. This also coinciding with achieving the male/female balance within. This balance along with other work must be completed before union can take place. While going through the reconnection there will be much inner work accomplished. It takes trust, faith and a strong determination to become one again." "It is also time we slowly begin to fuse into the earth's consciousness the story of man and woman. One cannot be without the other; it simply is not done. The seven-step earth pyramid of male/female relationships is as follows:  1. Twin Ray
2. Twin Flames
3. Twin Souls
4. Twin Mates
5. Divine Expression
6. Soul Mates
7. Divine Complement"

"A soul mate is one who is previously set up before coming into incarnation. Your cycle of life will take many turns and at the perfect time a soul mate will enter to teach you in a strong way about yourself. Many would like to think they are married with a soul mate, but truly not as many as would like to be are living this relationship. It is a special meeting and one that will most likely alter your life. This could be positive or negative depending on where you stand in self. Also a soul mate in this lifetime could be different than in another lifetime."

Link to the original transmission at Recommended!!!  The full transmission follows:

Channeled Material 
Twin Ray Completion 

 "Enter the Divine Twin Ray Reunions"January 15, 1999
through Lisa Smith
 Many of us have journeyed long and far to reconnect with that one complete half of whom we are. For the experience of duality we split in two separate spheres of light and now it is time to once again complete the divine union between our male and female God-self. As all beings are created from the source substance, we are all a part of mother/father God. In the grand oneness of source there is creation upon creation of sparks of light. You my friends are one of these sparks. Each particle of the vast light we know as God is one part male and one part female. The truth is always as simple as that. There are many sequences of patterns and families of spirit moving through creation, however the fact remains that all are part of a positive/negative polarity. For the inception of duality we began to move through the universal core as a team of light beings. Together in vast consciousness we blended our light for the building of the house we live in. We start this explanation from the Great Central Sun in this universe, for creation moves way past this level and we shall have a great time together rejoining with every facet of our being. A time came when the energy you know as self formed into a vehicle of expression and with wonder you came to a certain life form, praising the two of you as one. To move down through the galactic streams many came through an Archangel or other grand being of life. Many of you understand this being to be your father. And yes they gave birth to your essence into the galactic realms, while some were birthed through the solar level of light. All are children of the one. Some of us simply birthed through an energetic life stream and agreed to step down in vibration. A twin ray coupling, pulling from the one source of all created others. The duality took all on earth through the solar level eventually. Until this time all were experiencing together and aware that we were one being of a male/female nature, working with the forces of creation and birthing many new ideas. All are part of the grand entity we know as mother/father God. The bliss and the ecstasy of two hearts joined as one is beyond any human concept. 

At the galactic levels we started with ease and grace the separation process through several dimensions. This ensured there would be no harm to our light vehicles. For most of us the memory of disconnecting is still painful at a deep cellular level. This will become part of the clearing process if one is brave enough to commit to this relationship on all levels again. Earth is the pivot point for the entire universe for the end of duality. We are at a blessed time when the twin ray couplings can start the slow process of reunion. Your twin ray is the ultimate experience of your God-self in every facet. It is who you are and for this we are extremely grateful. At this time the twin ray reunions are happening on a massive scale. If you feel your one half is not here, you are correct dear ones. To blend heaven and earth we are in different dimensions. However as the earth party moves up and attains the Christ vehicle, the upper dimensional party can commune at a certain dimension. Whatever dimension is up to you and your twin ray. No ascended master will step into a lower than high fifth dimensional field of light. For two reasons, one being the safety of both parties, and the other being that the earth party has got to do their inner work to ascend. The upper dimensional being cannot do it for you. What is the difference between a soul mate or twin flame, or divine complement? I will give you the step by step process one has to integrate and clear before becoming one again with themselves. This also coinciding with achieving the male/female balance within. This balance along with other work must be completed before union can take place. While going through the reconnection there will be much inner work accomplished. It takes trust, faith and a strong determination to become one again. Now one might ask why all this when we are supposedly androgynous beings. The term androgynous applies to the balance of the male/female within, and eventually of the complete balance with your twin ray, where one is a complete extension of the other and vice versa. Creation is always a blending of energies on many levels. It is also time we slowly begin to fuse into the earth's consciousness the story of man and woman. One cannot be without the other; it simply is not done. The seven-step earth pyramid of male/female relationships is as follows:1. Twin Ray
2. Twin Flames
3. Twin Souls
4. Twin Mates
5. Divine Expression
6. Soul Mates
7. Divine Complement

We will start with step seven. A divine complement is someone who shows you the exact mirror of where you are living. This person could be anyone at any given time the higher self sends to mirror your exact image. Often times it reflects our negative vibrations, while other times you are blessed with seeing the beauty that is you. A complement could come in and out of one's life, or stay around for a while completing many lessons for both parties involved. This would be a very good reason why marriages on earth shift all the time. People change with age and move on. Many times this does not happen together, and so two partners end up going their separate ways and rightly so in this kind of environment. Remember relationships on earth are in preparation for moving you to a higher level of being.

A soul mate is one who is previously set up before coming into incarnation. Your cycle of life will take many turns and at the perfect time a soul mate will enter to teach you in a strong way about yourself. Many would like to think they are married with a soul mate, but truly not as many as would like to be are living this relationship. It is a special meeting and one that will most likely alter your life. This could be positive or negative depending on where you stand in self. Also a soul mate in this lifetime could be different than in another lifetime. There are instances when one travels in several lifetimes together. Your soul family is quite large and for purposes of learning at times you may work or set up a connection with a soul mate from another soul family. So in that instance they would be your soul mate. Also a soul mate could be the exact gender or opposite depending on what you came to experience. Often times a romantic relationship is not in the life plan, because everything at this level is about clearing up with self. We have spent some lives in dear soul mate relationships, while others are meant for the souls study and advancement.

A divine expression in short is one that comes in and makes a large impression on one's life. If one is not moving in the exact direction intended a divine expression would move in to bring out the deepest inner angst and leave you pondering the facts of life. This is good, as the intention of a divine expression is exactly that. It will feel not quite pleasant in a lot of instances, but to open a blind eye spirit will take on many forms to assist. At this time many beings are experiencing a divine expression simply to move them forward. They are actually a gift from your guidance and one to take heed so the truth can face you head on. So many try to make something work that is not in the cards for their enlightenment and this is where trust comes in. If you feel strong about a being at this time, you will want to consider that your twin ray is hanging around and this is actually what you are feeling.

A twin mate is part of a group of beings you are connected to for earth, solar and galactic work. A twin mate is someone not usually linked to romantic liaisons, as these souls are a connection of a like-minded unit of servers. All are connected to at least 144 twin mates. In the paradigm of creation the numerical value of 144 makes for the perfection of manifestation, as it works on a higher frequency of energy. In the galactic core all twin mates were set up together. Some are here on earth and some are in the galaxy doing other work. When we say we are one and the same it is because units of congregated light do not separate themselves from one another. We are indeed together for many reasons throughout our experiences. This connection will continue until we complete this cycle of creation into the birth of the new millenium. Here we will advance and the units move and work with different wavelengths of light. So together in the birthing we re-evaluate and shift energetically our streams of light depending on where everyone resides in consciousness. Some of your twin mates are not waking up as yet, but we hope all do, as time will soon run out for the opportunity at hand. As you connect hearts with many beings several will stand out and the recognition of a twin mate will show itself. 

A twin soul is a very like vibrational frequency. Each individual has twelve twin souls. They are part of the twin mate grouping, however these twelve are extremely close to your earthwork. Some of you will be blessed to have a few of these beings close to you on earth. You will feel as if you have known and worked with one another forever, and truly you have. This is likened to the twelve ascended masters you will link up to on your climb to the Christ Light. A very few of you are twin souls to the twelve masters that are on your line-up awaiting your arrival. This is for instructing purposes as you are a teacher of magnitude and your energy is linked to this consciousness of light. There have been many blessed romantic encounters with this group of beings. The ratio of male/female on each grouping is dependent on lessons and/or experiences one needs to attain for advancement into the higher realms of light.

A twin flame is a being you have worked extremely closely with from the galaxy on down into a third dimensional life form. This was set up long ago and you have kept the same twin flames for eons. There are seven twin flames you are connected to. Besides the twin ray this will be your closest bond to an entity. Whichever level of light one is at, you will have the ability to reconnect with the mighty seven. It will assist to further your own enlightenment. These are integrated before reaching the level of the twin ray. Needless to say that many twin flame relationships are of great remembrance and love to all. They are also both genders. For instance this channel has three female, and four male twin flames. Three twin flames are on earth; four are in the upper dimensions. There is a special bond between twin flames and you will forever be connected at the heart, as one does not ever forget the special love a twin flame will share. It moves beyond human sexuality and into the purity of devotion for working together through these cycles. You have been through much and after the twin ray split the first relationship one enters into is with a twin flame. At the level we split there was not yet time to learn jealousy, we just created and experienced in the love of our source. We knew there would come a time when reunion would once again join our beloved ones heart forever. I can honestly tell you there are sad memories from this parting of two hearts which all will clear before moving into the divine embrace of a twin ray.

The twin ray is the ultimate. There is no need to look further for source as this is experienced with one another. The joy at this time as we have prepared long for this event is overwhelming even for the many ascended masters awaiting this reunion. You are the same Godspark that came from the loving embrace of mother/father God. It is quite a gift that we are coming into harmony with the one other half of ourselves. There is much disbelief with this event, and I can only tell you that it is well worth the wait. For those who refuse to accept you only prolong your advancement as many ascensions are tied into the reunification with the twin ray. After working to reconnect and taking the time every day and night to complete the energy work necessary, your twin ray is then known as the Consort. Both of your missions are one and the same. The responsibility is held equally by both of you. At this point you have proven yourself worthy of the title as together you have both conquered the densities to return as one love, one life, one entity.

Each person will have a unique situation and therefore all twin ray couplings will occur differently, as there is closure necessary from many experiences learned by both parties. In addition to ascending the twin ray merge will take a daily conscious effort. So many of you feel that deep inner knowing, but have not been able to express this as the earth consciousness has not allowed for divine relationships in a long time. There have been some instances when you have traveled together on earth. Some twin rays of earth partners are on a galactic star, or perhaps your twin ray is a universal being. The last scenario is the rarest. Also some of you will electromagnetically connect with the perfect mate here already on earth. This would be a soul mate, twin flame, or twin soul. Some twin rays in the upper dimensions are not ready to reconnect. This comes only by the approval of one's higher self. So many different situations, yet each one is perfect for the individual. Whichever level you intend to reconnect with, there will be shifts in your life and spirit will not give you what you cannot handle. For instance, if one is happily married on earth you can commit to a twin ray at an energetic level while working here. This for the time being is perfect. No twin ray will interrupt a harmonious environment. This being only wants the highest and best and is willing to wait for divine time. There are many classes that will educate on this subject. I would encourage one to take advantage of the gift and learn about this wondrous twin ray information. 

There are many masters who have contacted and been in the reconnective process for over a year now. I, being one of these masters. We are learning first hand as this is quite an event and together we are creating the most effective way to make this happen. Because there has been so much preparation all are ready to move. Finally at this time many are willing to accept the information as truly we are all as one. To find out more on the subject trust your intuition and meditate about the process. Ask if you are one to make the merging of the dimensions happen with your twin ray. If you have been feeling emotional and that old familiar energy is around you, this could be your twin ray coming in from the higher realms attempting to contact you. Won't you sit and allow this energy to come through. 

In the Christ light and love,
I AM Sananda
through Lisa/Sereta 

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Jan/15/99,  thru Lisa Smith ***********************************(Ascension)********(Chapter  13))***finish

Oct/06/04,  Amphibian Ascension thru Nancy Tate *********(Ascension)********(Chapter  53))***start

Our ascension process from living in fear/separation... to living in Connective Consciousness accelerated on 8/11/2004 when the critical mass of collective light was finally held by the Souls within our Solar System. Evidence of this ascension acceleration is now visable.  Examples being Mother Earth's (Gaia) acceleration of earth cleansing changes... such as Mt. Saint Helen's volcanic eruptions and several hurricanes on the east coast of North American.  More cleansing activities are anticipated.    Additional evidence comes to us on this day from Sananda (also known as Jesus... and 2000 years ago known by his friends, family and Soul Family as Jeshua).   Today's new information describes part of the ascension process for our amphibian creatures... and our Joyous and Connective future with all amphibians. ~htl~

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 9:48 AMSubject: Wake up Call Sananda
> Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea; joy to you and me. 

> Wake up Call: Sananda Oct 06, 04 

> This is a day in the annals of time that will go down in infinity. This is a day in which all of you can rejoice and throw up your hands in ecstasy and a declaration of peace forevermore. For this is a day in which all the forces of light are gathered in one assembly and are garnering their truth to bring to your shores and mountains, lakes and streams. 
> Today, my dear ones is a day when all of the amphibian creatures are undergoing a transformation that will ring through the eons and sound the blessings of change within the aquatic kingdom. 
> I AM Sananda, and I say to you that this is a day in which there is a coming together of all the water life such as never was in the days when I produced the fishes from the one and fed the masses. This is a day when all of those ones of the waters are gathering in their own sovereign abilities and communicating the message of transmutation and abundance for all.  
> You may remember that when I produced those fishes it was for an example of what faith and knowing can do. I fed the masses and I showed them that they too can do this with the faith of a mustard seed and the will of love. Now it is time for the example to play out in the ones of the waters. They too, through their own abilities to comprehend the mysteries of Spirit, are able to instinctively translate the message into their own abilities to re-produce themselves in the way I did. 
> They are now in the throes of being able to bring their new frequencies of changed being to their present lifestream. They are becoming the frequency expression that they were back at the beginning of time. This will be a slightly gradual process in which they will be transformed.  However it is already beginning, as is your process of ascension.
> There will be no creature, no living matter left behind in this process. When the people of Gaia ascend, so too will all life on earth, and earth as well ascend. It will be as a rippling as all is transformed into the beautiful lightbodies while remaining on earth. 
> These aquatic animals and marine life are an integral part of the life expression on earth. They provide a measure of balance for all life on earth, through the expression of their particular ways of living in their own energy. They breathe in a way that translates itself to the plant life on the floors of the waterways, whether it be in the oceans or in the small rivulets in the streams as they meander through the hills and valleys. 
> They provide a sequence of life-giving recycled oxygen to the rest of the environment in which they live. In this recycled oxygen, they interact with the other forms of life, which give off chlorophyll and bio-carbons that in turn interact with the oxygen and feed the fish, thus continuing the harmonious cycle. 
> That is the way of it, my dear ones, and in this newest cycle that is undergoing a transformative process, we find that the result on the fishing industry will be to flounder for a while, as the transition is underway, and then to equalize itself into a different way of life. At that time you will likely see a whole new way in which the other earth life will interact with the marine life. 
> Imagine a seaside scene in which the sharks and dolphins play together and come to shore to intermingle for a few minutes with the people who gather to share their energies with them. Suppose if you will that the little fish and the huge whales swim in perfect sync, with the people of the world able to view them with their minds and watch them as they play their games and interact with each other. See the way that all the marine life support each other and combine their abilities to live and play, and in turn be a vital part of the ecosystem of the earth. 
> This my friends is what is coming. This is the way in which all the life of the earth will be in harmony. This and more is in store for all of you, and the tip of the iceberg is what I have expressed here today. 
> My dear ones, I come to the end of my tale of times to come, and I bid you a fond adieu for now. It is a beautiful day that dawns, and I encourage you all to give some loving thought to the marine life, and the agreement that they have made today. This is the beginning of the harmony that shall ring throughout all of eternity, and you are all apart of it.  It is a vast wonderful new experience that you are coming into, and it is of your making, for the dream has been started and continues for all of time.

> Thank you dear Master Sananda, 
> Love, Nancy Tate

Oct/06/04,  Amphibian Ascension thru Nancy Tate *********(Ascension)*********(Chapter  53)***finish

Jan/10/05,  The story of Creation  ***************************************************(Chapter  62)***start

Today's story from Sananda (Jesus) can not be effectively summarized... the 
potential experience is in the reading of this story... and in the 


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Nancy Tate" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2005 9:58 AM
Subject: Wake up Call, Sananda

> Come my children and you shall hear of the things you do that are so dear.
> Wake up Call: Sananda Jan 10, 05
> Come with me this day on a journey of forgiveness, a journey that will 
> take you far beyond any you have ever taken. Come and we shall hear a 
> finely tuned orchestra and it will send us reeling into space far, far 
> away from the maddening crowd. I AM Sananda, and I would like to lead you 
> through a journey of the soul that will allow you to soar through the 
> depths of time.
> First we shall step off into forever with the wings that we started with. 
> We shall feel the exhilaration of the wind as it whistles past us on our 
> journey back through time. We find that the sensations of love are with us 
> so strongly as to be heralding us forward to the land of the midnight sun.
> Ahead we see a small speck of light. It grows large and more beautiful as 
> we gain entrance to its life. As we immerse ourselves within the light, it 
> becomes a part of us, and we feel the glow from the inner reaches that we 
> weren t even aware of till this point.
> Within a moment we find that we are not alone; we have a partner, and that 
> partner is another side of ourself. With this knowledge comes the voice of 
> attachment, though we realize that this attachment is but an illusion. We 
> allow the voice to show us how we are a part of this other side, and with 
> this allowance comes the knowledge of a darker side, a side that is turned 
> away from the light.
> With this knowledge, we also know that the darker side is afraid of the 
> light, for suddenly it s too bright and casts a shadow on everything it 
> sees. This is uncomfortable, for it knows not who and what the truth is. 
> Why has this come about, the other side wonders, and thus the first 
> question is born. Who am I and why am I here, we hear echoing through 
> eternity. What is the reason for my being here, and why do I feel so 
> alone?
> The questions relentlessly come bounding, and soon we feel that we are the 
> ones with the questions. Who am I, and what am I doing in this place? We 
> look around, and we see others with the same look of confusion and fear on 
> their faces. We reach out and find that we are not alone, after all, and 
> that still the loneliness pervades us. So we reach out further and bring 
> more of ourselves in. Then the others begin to speak and to reach out to 
> us, till we all are lost in the harangue that we have created.
> There is no more silence; there is no more light, except from a dim memory 
> in our souls, so we bring that light from that memory, and we create a 
> source of light that is round and bright, and hangs above us in the sky. 
> We gaze upon it till we are sated, and warm. We know not where it came 
> from, for it was once a tiny speck and a figment of our memory, or was it 
> our imagination?
> We go thus through our days, and in time we tire of our plight, for when 
> do we rest? When do we find the time to lay our bodies down and rejuvenate 
> ourselves? We are weary, and we can walk in the sun no more like this. So 
> we create a darker time, and we find that darkness to be quieter. We lie 
> down and close our eyes, and soon we are resting quietly.
> What takes place while we are lying down with our eyes closed? Why do we 
> feel like there is something taking place that has us up and about in 
> strange deeds? We are playing a game and it doesn t feel real, yet we know 
> that it is happening. We drift around and play this game; then suddenly we 
> open our eyes, and find that the light is back. The sun has come round 
> again, and chased the darkness away. We feel rested, and we feel like we 
> could go through our lives with a new vigor. So we arise and go out into 
> the daylight. We look around, and we see others coming out to join us. 
> They too look rested and full of energy.
> So we all band together and begin to talk about what we experienced while 
> we were resting. We compared our playtime stories, and some of us find 
> that we saw each other in those plays. We laugh and exclaim, for this is a 
> new thing for us. We are actually interacting in each other s plays, and 
> then telling about it afterward. What do you suppose we did and where did 
> we go when we closed our eyes to rest?
> All through the day we marveled at the rest time occurrences. We wondered 
> if it would occur again. Maybe when we lie down and close our eyes again, 
> it will come once more. So that is what we did. After a day of much 
> talking and activity, we once again felt weary and the darkness came on 
> again. We once more rested, and then came the playtime and the other 
> stories of the other way to be. This time when we awoke to a new day, some 
> of us remembered only a bit of what we had done while resting, and some of 
> us didn t remember any of it.
> Days and nights went by, and some of us grew irritable. Some of us began 
> to feel like we wanted to be away from the others. Some of us wanted to 
> strike out at others, for they were not being the way we felt they should 
> be. So we grew restless, and angry, and began to strike out at almost 
> anyone. This caused us all to grow apart, and we began to wander from our 
> homeland. We traveled far and wide, searching for the other side of us, 
> for we knew that we had wandered too far from home. We thought that we had 
> lost our way and could not find home again. So we searched for someone who 
> looked familiar and would help us find our way back home.
> We drifted around like that for years, never finding our way back home, 
> nor anyone that we had known. We searched and we grew old. We didn t have 
> the same energy that we used to have, and we didn t care as much as we 
> used to about finding home. We began to stop in our tracks and take a 
> longer time to leave one place for another. We looked for a comfortable 
> place to lay ourselves down to rest, and we kept our rest time longer and 
> longer.
> One day we woke up and found that all was light around us. We found that 
> we felt young and vital again. Looking around we found loved ones that we 
> had left behind, and could not find again. So many were there with us, and 
> all of them were smiling and alight with a glow that was at first blinding 
> to our eyes. As we became accustomed to their glow we realized that we too 
> had that glow, and in that glow we saw clearly who we were and who all the 
> others were. We found that we could see our other side, too, and that 
> other side was incorporated within our own being. We found that we could 
> remember where we had been and everything we had done while we were there.
> It was a wonderful time; and we had a warm and loving reunion with our 
> loved ones. Soon we all were standing arm in arm, when a great angel 
> appeared and held us all in his embrace. She was accompanied by the most 
> beautiful being that we had ever seen. This being didn t have a form, but 
> it was everywhere at once. We perceived this being as a feeling, and that 
> feeling was one of love, a love so profound as to be unexplainable, and 
> unlimited.
> This feeling came over us and through us, and in every moment was us, and 
> everything else at the same time. We knew this being, and we knew that we 
> always had. We reached out and then we saw something else. As we reached 
> out, we too were everywhere. We didn t just stay in one place, we enclosed 
> and expanded into everything, just as the being of love had. We 
> experienced our own love for this being, just as we had a moment before. 
> We felt that love, and we were that love, and as we realized that, we 
> began to expand.
> We continued to expand, and in that expansion we were able to create more 
> of the same. Then we had an idea. We thought of creating a way to see that 
> expansion, just as we had felt it. So we thought of how it felt and put 
> words to it. This created before us an image. This image changed as we 
> played with our thoughts. We found we could give it substance, and in that 
> substance came the idea that we could do it again. So we created anew, and 
> again we gave it substance. This substance then took shape from our 
> thoughts and ideas of it. This was a wonderful thing to do, and we did it 
> over and over again. We knew that we were able to infinitely create, and 
> so we did. This continued for eons and for a moment, all at the same time. 
> We grew and we grew, and one day we found ourselves back again in a world 
> where we took form.
> This is a tale that could go on forever, and it has. This is the story of 
> creation, and it matters not where you begin, for it is all the same. 
> Eventually you will come back to the beginning and find that it is the 
> former ending. Or was it? It is the same all the way around, yet it is 
> always there, always changing to reflect your thought of it.
> Shall we go on and create again and again? Shall we create a new chapter 
> in our play and deliver it to the great being that gives us our life? 
> Shall we make the story as beautiful as the beginning and know that it is 
> also the ending, for there is no difference?
> I find that in this exercise of wonder there is only a continuation of the 
> love that empowers the creation. There is no other than love, for even the 
> darkness that comes round is a creation of the light. Do you see what this 
> story is about? Have you seen your creation, and loved it into eternity?
> I see that you have, and that you always have and always will. This is 
> your song, and mine as well, for we sing it anew with every breath we 
> take. And it is beautiful, for it is the song of the ages. With our wings 
> we sing it into eternity and fly into the sunset of eternal love.
> Thank you dear Master Sananda,
> Love, Nancy Tate

Jan/10/05,  The story of Creation  ***************************************************(Chapter  62)***finish

Mar/07/05,  Sananda is preparing us for his Second Coming *********************(Chapter  74)***start

Starting on February 12, 2005 telepathic conversations between Sananda (Jesus) & Candace Frieze have been posted at this link     The discussions include food, food supplements, earth's true history, the bible, UFOs, our creation, clarity about Jesus, clarity about his Second Coming, definition of God, specific major event dates in history and President John F. Kennedy.     Jesus prefers the name Sananda.  Sananda translates to 'One with God'.  From another posting at the same link ("What's In A Name")... So, I AM Sananda, Immanuel, Emmanuel, Jesus, Esu, Yeshua, and any of the assorted pronunciations in one's native tongue. I come unto all of every faith, of every color, of every nationality, to all members of the Earth community, by any name your are comfortable calling me. After all, its only a name. And, yes, in answer to another email question, I am a member of the Kumara's who long ago became involved in this Earth, so you may see me called Sananda Kumara. I still do like and prefer Sananda, because it is a descriptive name of where I am on my individual journey. It means "One with God."    Sananda considers John F. Kennedy to be our greatest president.  On the day of Kennedy's death, JFK was carrying a speech in his pocket which is given below.         ~htL~    Peter    

Message From Sananda: Go In Peace By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel


CANDACE: Good Morning everyone! Sananda wanted to get started a few minutes earlier this morning. He has a simple and wondrous message for the day. Before I start it, I want to mention a thing or two. Anne Bellringer suggested last night to me, in light of the posting problems with fonts, to try a different idea. You shall see it shortly. I think this method will work the best.

Also, I want to thank several who have written giving me some other ideas to try with my list. As you know, I was having trouble with sending emails using the blind copy. A reader sent an idea and I will try it. I haven't yet, but I will when I send out the last two messages to my list. I have been sent also other ideas, which I filed for later use, when I can upgrade my computer and ISP.

I am not completely computer literate, and I most appreciate the suggestions. Feel free to offer any advice of this nature. I did not get yesterdays message out on the list yet, as I am still updating it first. I will simply send both in one together. So on to today's message.

SANANDA: Good morning my Brothers and Sisters. (Or maybe it is my Sisters and Brothers)! I am in a wonderful mood this beautiful morning. My words are few today, because many things are brewing and I most attend them, but I assure you all is most well, and soon the surprises will start!

I want to thank each and every one of you who have persisted over all these most trying years. Many, in your notes to Candace, have written of coming close to losing your motivation. My Coming should have come many years ago. I am going to have Candace, today, put in the writings the text of the speech that your President John Kennedy was to give the day he was murdered.

He had in his pocket a set of cards with the speech written on them, and someone recovered them from his body and kept them safe... He was that very night going to announce our presence in the skies. This man was by far one of the greatest presidents you have had and that of course is why his life was cut short. He planned to do ALL the right things, and he had the courage to do it.

If you have never seen this speech, after you read it, you will get an idea of just how many years we have all waited for this event, and why you have spent years in frustration, knowing that you were here for something and have had difficulty figuring it out. You would have figured it out long ago, had events not been so delayed, but the delay is over, and this I assure, for certainty.


I leave you now, Blessed Hearts to attend your day as I attend mine. In that favorite expression you so love, I sign off with: NAMASTE. Go in peace and know I have come.

Oops! Even Sananda, when talking will forget to say something. A reader wanted to know how I am existing in time, and how I will be on Earth. The question I think implies that I might be in residence on the Other Side.

Although I exist there also, I am in a body and I will walk the Earth, by putting one leg in front of the other, as do all of you. I am in your time. It is 8:30 in the morning where Candace lives, and I bothered to get her moving a bit earlier today for this brief message, because "times a wasting" and I have a long day ahead myself. So again, all over, Go In Peace! Namaste! Sananda

CANDACE: Note the remark in parentheses above. I think Sananda is making light of yesterday's comments and the need of woman to be heard. He often does make out of hand comments, and I usually do put these is parentheses, to set them aside as such. I could have rearranged the channeling slightly and left out his Oops! I thought it important to leave it as he said, so you have a better feel of him as a person. So now, I will insert President Kennedy's speech.

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: My fellow Americans, people of the world, today we set forth on a journey into a new era. One age, the childhood of mankind, is ending and another age is about to begin.

The journey of which I speak is full of unknowable challenges, but I believe that all our yesterdays, all the struggles of the past, have uniquely prepared our generation to prevail.

Citizens of this Earth, we are not alone. God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to populate His universe with other beings, intelligent creatures such as ourselves.

How can I state this with such authority? In the year 1947 our military forces recovered from the dry New Mexico desert the remains of an aircraft of unknown origin. Science soon determined that this vehicle came from the far reaches of outer space. Since that time our government has made contact with the creators of that spacecraft.

Though this news may sound fantastic-and indeed, terrifying-I ask that you not greet it with undue fear or pessimism. I assure you, as your President, that these beings mean us no harm.

Rather, they promise to help our nation overcome the common enemies of all mankind-tyranny, poverty, disease, war.

We have determined that they are not foes, but friends.

Together with them we can create a better world. I cannot tell you that there will be no stumbling or missteps on the road ahead.

I believe that we have found the true destiny of the people of this great land: To lead the world into a glorious future.

In the coming days, weeks and month, you will learn more about these visitors, why they are here and why our leaders have kept their presence a secret from you for so long.

I ask you to look to the future, not with timidity, but with courage, because we can achieve in our time the ancient vision of peace on Earth and prosperity for all humankind.

God bless you.

CANDACE: Now can you all see what could have been? Those of you old enough to remember Kennedy must have felt like I did, that something very dark and terrible had occurred that day, and not the doing of a simple lone sniper acting in confusion. I felt a similar feeling that day of 911, and knew immediately in the core of heart, that that event was one of grave and evil implications.

Finally we are to arise above all of this. Let us all prepare our journeys, and never let events like this ever again occur on our Earth. Then again, we can find the blessings in the delays. We have learned more, and have grown in our resolve for change. The lessons we have endured can make us claim even greater power. The time is here. Let us begin.

Mar/07/05,  Sananda is preparing us for his Second Coming *********************(Chapter  74)***finish

Mar/08/05,  Animals *******************************************************************(Chapter  75)***start

This information about animals warmed my heart.  Even if I chose to view this transmission from Sananda (Jesus) through Candace Frieze as fantasy,  the reading experience is uplifting... just like a 'feel good' movie is uplifting!     Until experiencing these animal comments,  I have entertained a small amount of doubt about  'Is this really Sananda speaking?'.  Upon finishing the part about insects, all doubt was removed.  All his comments resonated for me and removed life long unresolved questions.     Within the transmission, Sananda also provides as a valid information source to understand 5D living... our life after ascension.  (BTW, Mount Shasta has always held a very special place in my heart.)     Telos is the 5D city below Mount Shasta.  When I first saw the picture of Telos (#150, half way down), provided by Bryan DeFlores,  I experienced a soaring feeling within my heart and used 54 of his pictures for three months to accelerate the activation of my light encodements.         ~htL~    Peter    

Hi friends, I must make a note here, to the churches on my list. Some of you want off, that is your prerogative. But, the Second Coming is to come this year, period. These messages are from Jesus, through myself. The Second Coming in part, is a "UFO" event. There are millions of ships from the stars assisting in the process. Couldn't you chose to read something just a bit different to enlighten you? The big event will occur shortly, and you have been intentionally mislead as the rapture. You are not going up to some heaven some where. Heaven is coming to earth. The planet was a prison planet for the fallen angels, and also as a planet captured in Galactic War. It has been removed from this status. You are going to participate in the Ascension of the planet back into the heavenly realms. Please consider your most important job, that of taking care of your flocks. You can find the messages you have missed at Fourwinds  or Lewis News . Thankyou, Candace, channel for Sananda Esu Immanuel Jesus Christ.

Our Good Friends, Our Animals

By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel
We have finally gotten to our Animal messages and questions. We had many lovely letters from you, with very nice questions. I also read several stories about unusual pets that were delightful to read. A few of you had very sick animal family members that passed over during this period of collecting stories and information. I hope that this message will help you deal with your grief, in that you better understand the animal journey, for it is not unlike your own. I will be including a few of my animal stories as we go. I have always had many animals in my life. I believe that having pets while raising a family is wonderful for children. So many of our animal family members give our little ones so much love and caring. Animals love to play and we all enjoy that very much. So now we go to Sananda.

Sananda: Now, my dear fri! ends, we will get to the promised topic of the Animals. We have had quite a number of questions, nearly all referring to those you take into your homes.

First I am going to cover a bit on evolution that is essential to our discussion.  Planets are seeded with life when they are ready, and the evolution supervised to varying degrees. Each planet is different in terms of its distance from its sun, its atmosphere, the amount and type of water as examples.

In most cases life is carried to the planet by those especially trained to do so, by Descending Sons of God, who evaluate the many circumstances and determine the types of life that will evolve in that planets condition. Earth has very salty oceans, so that was a consideration of the type of life for this planet.

Earth was such a glorious planet for evolution of new life, that much experimenting was done to create many more forms of life than many planets have, and this is one reason it is so important to ! take back this planet. It is an evolutionary jewel.

Evolutionary planets are for the purpose of creating more intelligent life as the Universe ever grows. As life evolves, DNA templates are formed in ever increasing complexity, as you see all around you, with highly intelligent life forms eventually coming into being. Now, we are going to go to one of the questions asked by several, to help in this discussion.

It was asked, do the animals ever become human? Yes, indeed. But you will not see your kitties body type becoming human. What happens, is that your kitties and dogs will leave their soul groups and incarnate into human bodies when they are ready to do so.

We have many animal souls on your Other Side now in preparation for this journey. They have been collecting there for some time now, and have not yet begun this journey, because we have held them back. We want them to come into your New World. Can you imagine your beloved pet coming into this one as it ! has been?

Now back to evolution. As the DNA templates are formed, meaning the many different types of life, new spirit journeys through the existing ones. Spirit does this to learn, by going ever on increasing journeys of higher learning. Each type of plant or animal group is called "group soul," and once a soul group has learned the lessons in a certain body type, the whole group is moved into the next higher type, and a lower group moves up into the "empty DNA template."

Evolution creates new souls. Most of you on the Ascending journey had your origins in this manner. So did I! When any animal realizes that it exists, it becomes an individual in its own right. Most mammals have reached this point. Some still in herds, such as cows may not yet, but when cows are raised in loving human care, this indeed may dawn on them, and at this dawning, they have started the human journey.

By human here, I am referring to the journey of the I AM. I EXIST! Wh! at wonderment to the animal at this discovery. The animal is indeed a tender young soul or primitive human at this point. It has become a younger brother or sister to you, just as I am an older brother to you. The animal might even think you to be a god of sorts.

It suddenly desires to consciously learn! It is often wonderfully excited and in sublime joy with this knowledge. It begins to think more and more as it observes itself in its surroundings. Now I know that some of your scientists do not believe the animals think, but they do indeed. Their thinking is simpler than yours, as it reflects where they are in their journey.

They begin to question their surroundings and study them. Have you not seen many to be studying what is going on? They begin to make actual decisions. This is "will" in action. Is it not wonderful for you to observe this in your animal family members? Is this not why at times, it seems that they are almost human? They are!

So show ! them what you know that they understand and involve them in your families fully. Be the way shower to them, and share in joy the common ground that you find together. In the journeys of all, everyone is a teacher. As you learn, you share with others. You should share with your animals what they are able to comprehend.

Many birds have made this discovery also. When the animal makes this discovery, in its next life, it may separate from the soul group it belonged to, and move into another, using a new DNA template for learning. And finally, when it knows enough and is thinking well enough, it leaves the last soul group behind, usually cat or dog, but also may be horse for example, and desires to join the human DNA template. Your cat does not need to become monkey first. In fact monkey may become cat or dog to experience human contact.

Now if this were understood better, you would not abuse your food animals as you do. In you evolutionary journey, you may have been food ! animal also. Does this knowledge not shed new light on the importance of how you care for your planet? Man was not given dominion over the planet to use and abuse it, but instead to care of it and keep it in pristine condition for the journey of all on the planet. YOU ARE ALL ONE.

Now another question, is that do animals go to heaven? Yes, indeed, they journey on the Other Side also, and there are those on the Other Side that specialize in the animal soul journey and provide assistance in this process. As mentioned above, many animals on the Other Side are now preparing to return unto you in human format.

I will mention briefly here, that evolution is only one source of new souls. Many are aware of over souls, and angels choosing to take the ascending journey, and other ways of being and learning. I think I should discuss this in more detail in another writing. It is too much for this article.

Now, an interesting question that a reader thought maybe not wor! th asking, but did. He asked about the nature of cats purring and if it is healing energy. I will put that question right back, and ask if any of you that experience purring find it healing? Indeed I would think so.

This is a special talent of the cat, it purrs as an _expression of its peace and joy in life, and you do indeed enjoy this and find peace and joy yourself in this as you hold your cat. Many animals are very sensitive to your needs and share of themselves in unconditional love this way.  

I personally love cats, but do not currently have any pets.  I cannot attend to them personally at this time. But many on the ships do have pets and love them, as do you. I spend time in the Inner Earth with animals, it ever continues to bring me joy to do so.

Now, there is something that is concerning some readers. Several have read recently that Germain has supposedly said that you will not have flora and fauna in the 5th dimension. I do not know! the source of this, but that is most incorrect. I am advising you to go this website, Mount Shasta Light Publishing and read about life in Telos, underneath Mount Shasta for a description of 5D living!

There are realms that do not have flora and fauna, but on this planet you will always have it. That is the purpose of the planet. That is why you are to have the firmament reinstalled, to create a more temperate climate over much of the Earth. Life needs this! The firmament will protect life from the radiation of the sun, which is aging, and shortens life.

Many lost species will be returned. Some of the links to evolution, the DNA templates have been lost or diminished, causing difficulty in the evolutionary journey of spirit. Actually some of the lost species are alive and well in Inner Earth. They have been safeguarded there, and can be returned to the surface of the planet when c! onditions are right for this.

Will your animals ascend into 5D? Most certainly, but they will not have the long lasting body that you will have. They would make no progress to remain forever in a cat body as an example and not vacate it by the dying process to move on. They will live longer and have far fewer health problems. They will experience some DNA renewal and change also.

A small house cat should live at least 25 years of normal life span. Cats and dogs, as do you, have to have more incarnations for the learning, because of the shorter life spans. As you come into caring for the planet, the animals’ soul growth will hasten, just as yours will in a better environment.

When you read of Telos, you will find that they have preserved the saber tooth tiger, which walked the Earth during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. I myself have visited some of these animals, and they are just as friendly as your house kitties. They have been raised in total love and ! peace and know no other way to be. They do not hunt, they eat soy steaks.

There are planets in existence, where none eats another, ever. These planets are not fully evolutionary in the sense that Earth is, but that is still a valid way of living on those worlds. There is many a way of doing things, that is why I said recently that there are relativity few hard and solid truths, as truth seekers on Earth perceive it. The BBB&G have been most manipulative in this manner of your education.

Some feel that their animals are little angels of sorts. This may be because your guides and angels can overshadow them a bit, as a way of communicating with you and caring for you, since you have not enough contact with the higher realms.

Are some animals soul mates, a reader asks? Yes and no, that would depend on your personal definition of soul mates. Many animals have been with you before, and this is why you may bond so closely with some animals and not others in your ! life.

Many animals come back to you. Candace has a relative who has an animal they call a "cog," a cat that acts much like a dog, and this person feels very attached to this cat. It could quite be possible that this cat had a dog experience in last life or previous life at some time. It is also quite possible this cat has journeyed with this person before even as a dog.  Open up to the many possibilities! Do not restrict your imagination in your journey of obtaining knowledge. Trust your feelings.

Several readers have asked if it is OK to neuter animals or have them put to sleep. Yes, this is OK, it is situational. Animals suffer greatly when in over population. Yes, if the animal is in pain and is suffering, it is all right to offer it rest and allow it to continue its lessons in another way.

If there is no one to take extra animals, shelters are forced to put them to sleep. If you are responsible, you will assist in population control and not allow ! your animals to over breed. You will also not partake in inbreeding, as you well know that genetic defects are enhanced by doing this. When animals over breed in the wild, they learn and pay a price for this experience, as do you in your learning experiences.

Can you be telepathic with animals? Certainly! You will find when you study 5D life in Telos, that they are telepathic with their animals. Candace has experience in this, so I shall let her describe of her experience.

Candace: My beloved kitty "Spicy" passed to the Other Side last December. I was telepathic with her the last few months of her life. It didn't occur to me to try sooner. I hear from her on the Other Side, much as I talk with my Grandmother and others that I have living there. Recently Spicy came to me and said "Mom, guess what! I'm in school! We are going to become people!"

She loves her life on the Other Side. She tells me she has many new friends. I try to get her to tell me what she ! is learning. but her vocabulary is still a bit small but growing. She has said that she won't hunt for her food, nor have it fed to her, that she will learn to cook. She much enjoyed human food and smelling the cooking while here.

She has also told me that she made great progress when she was with me. She said simply "I learned lots with you Mom. I do good in school." I had her for 16 beautiful years. I figured I was the one to make the progress. Although I know she is in the right place, I continue to miss that wonderful purring, of her sitting on me when I watch TV or nap. I miss her sitting between my keyboard and my monitor. I miss her meeting me at the door, when I return home.

I now have a new kitty. She came to me shortly before I started this project. She is still growing a bit, so she is young. Her family moved away and left her. Yes, I immediately began to see if I could be telepathic with her, and yes, it is so. She told me she came home, and they we! re gone. She wandered a bit.

Someone took her to my neighbors house, thinking she belonged to them. They fed her a few days, and I watched her playing with other cats, having no idea she didn't have a home. One day, I opened my door to read the thermometer outside, and I felt something brush at my legs, I turned around and there was this beautiful young kitty sitting in my entry.

She explored the house, and settled right in. My guides let me know that they had sent her my way, that is why she showed up at my door. The neighbor's female kitty just gave birth about 3 weeks ago to 6 little ones, and I am sure I can find amongst them, another little one to melt my heart. I want my new kitty to have a buddy.

Sananda: We have received questions regarding that animals seem to be leaving this realm in increasing numbers, and is this related to ascension somehow?

Some animals are definitely leaving to come back in better times. Life is hard for them. Some are ! simply done with that life mission. Once a mission is fulfilled, for either humans or animals, the journey may be ended. Animals incarnate with the idea of learning some planned lessons also. They can also incarnate to tend to you, especially in those cases where an animal finds it way back to you. As mentioned already the animal can be overshadowed to help in your care.

Some are asking, are animals assisting us in ascension? You are assisting each other! The animal learns from you about being human. You learn about unconditional pure love from the animal. The animals can teach you to relax into life and enjoy it. How much do you enjoy watching your animals just enjoy living? There's a great lesson in that! ALL IS ONE!

We have a question also about whether animals can walk in and walk out. Yes, this is possible as it is with humans.  If an animal has finished its lessons, and maybe the human would benefit from continuing in relationship with the animal, and an! other animal would like the experience with that particular human this could be arranged.

Candace: For those unfamiliar with walking in and out, is it possible for one that has finished lessons, or desires to leave for some other reason, to make an arrangement for the exchange of bodies. Walk ins are becoming increasingly common. Many star people are entering this way, as well as advanced teachers from the Other Side. The needs of the planet at this time, do not allow for a long period of childhood for these ones, who must get busy with their work.

Sananda: Another asks if the animals will experience similar healing of disease, when the star people come. The answer is yes. Healing techniques will cover healing of all life forms and the environment on the planet.

Can I keep my pets as I ascend? Most certainly so! The animal will leave when it is ready. Do not hold back from adopting a pet, just because it is ascension time!

One reason that animals a! re leaving may be for another cause than finishing a lesson. Some are dying from their food. I would advise that you read labels on your pet foods very carefully. If the label says "meat" on it, that means the meat may not be beef, pork or poultry.

It means it may very well be dead cats, dogs, and any other variety of animals. In general animals are not cannibals. Much prion type diseases can be caused by cannibalism. Even human cannibals in primitive societies have a problem with a brain disease passed in this way. Mad Cow at least in part comes from feeding cows to cows! Vegetarian animals should not be fed meat. This is a no-no. Not all organisms are killed by sterilizing processes in pet food, and you do not understand the role prion proteins play.

In the choices of food for your pet, many are asking if they should use vegetarian foods. That is your choice. At least in doing so, you have a better idea of what is in prepared pet food. But, your pets are fine! with quality meat, just read the labels. If you pet throws up a certain brand, throw it out.

I do suggest that if you use choose to make a vegetarian out of your pet, and the pet agrees to eat that way, that you choose specialty foods for that purpose, and not prepare it at home, unless you have a source showing you how to do so. I would suggest that you do make some of your pets food. Search the web for information. Fresh food is better for anyone, humans or pets.

One more question to cover, before I depart to the needs of my day. Some are noticing that some animals already seem a bit different, they are seeing age old wisdom in the eyes of some. Yes, my dear friends, some wise old animal souls are coming into your realm, as animals once more. This is a way to update the DNA also, to enable a better life for the animal journeys yet to come. DNA and spirit are not separate as supposed, they are closely integrated. This wise animal souls are indeed improving the D! NA templates, hooking up disconnected DNA, much as you yourself are doing in your ascension.

I want to say one more thing, several people have written apologizing for not being sure these messages are real, for being in doubt. My friends, doubt is fine! You must question what you read. A major problem on this planet, is that so many do not question what is going on. This is one reason the BBB&G's can get away with their games. Too many still will not look at the events of 911, still believing that huge fairy tale the press put out.

There is also the fairy tale that we are not here, and we are. Please do not put yourself down for doubting and asking questions! Pat yourself on the back for this instead. I go now in seriousness, so Candace can finish with some animals stories of hers. No more hints about what is going on in the background with NESARA, got to keep the dark in the dark! Know only that we are pleased! Salu, Sananda

Candace: The above writ! ings were channeled over a few days, as we had more and more questions to answer. The final message, just above, was given today, Monday, March 7. Now I will finish with a couple of animal stories of my own.

First, since I have made some telepathic connection with my new kitty, I would like to describe how this may help in animal behavior. This new one loves to claw my cheap paneling. I was able to explain simply to her why she could not do so and showed her where she was allowed to claw. This worked much more quickly than my telling her NO, and I got real cooperation on her part. She will often now, before she tries clawing something, look up at me, and say "Can I use this?"  Sometimes I just see this question in the _expression in her face, and answer yes or no.

I think you should all try at telepathy with your animals, you might be in for a delightful surprise! One night I was trying to fall asleep and she was digging at something on some shelves, annoying me.! I asked her mentally what she was doing. She said "I'm trying to get my toy."  Turns out, she found some small items, and thought they were toys. When I told her they were not, she left them alone. I think as we become more telepathic with the animals, that we will solve many communication and behavioral problems with them. You might want to watch the "Pet Psychic" on Animal Planet. It is interesting.

Now to one last story. Sananda loved this story, when he asked me what stories I might tell. When I was in high school, I took home some rats to raise, from my biology class. We always had plenty needing homes! I had a dog, half wolf at the time. Now you would think that a half wolf dog would consider rats a nice snack!

But no, she loved to play with them, and they loved to play with her. I would come home from school, let them out of their cage and leave them totally alone with my dog to play. I would often find them asleep in her wolf like ruff around her upper ! body! I once sent a picture of them to the newspaper. I wish I still had a copy of that picture.

Sananda loved this story, because he did not realize that both rat and dog could so overcome their natural instincts this well. He never did try to raise rats. My beloved Grandmother, who lives on the Other Side, did not take kindly at first to my rats back then. We had to live with her for a short period, while waiting for our new house to be finished. But curiosity got the best of her, and soon she was playing with the rats and holding them also. She had grown up in a city, and had to deal with rats in apartment buildings where they were a nuisance. We often had rats, when my children were growing up. They can be a bit smelly to care for, but they love kids as a rule, and like to be held and played with. They even seem to have a soft purr when they are content.

That reminds me, a reader asked what to do about nuisance bugs in life. She wanted to know if it is all right! to kill them, or should we respect all life? I am calling back Sananda to answer that one!

Sananda: Yes, it is all right to control nuisance bugs. All are in competition in life, and not all life forms that develop are helpful or beneficial. Some you may not need to kill, just move them elsewhere. Don't let little ones get stung by wasps. Get rid of those nests of them. You don't need to put up with termites that eat your homes. You have the right to control pests that eat your gardens.

You have a somewhat greater right to existence in this way. Insects infected with organisms that can hurt you, are not needed. When we come, you will also receive some better technology to control pests in humane manners, that do not cause the environment harm. Earth, being the great evolutionary planet that she is, occasionally produces harmful and unnecessary life forms. You will be schooled into properly identifying these forms of life. This is part of the role you play, in the ca! re of your planet.

Candace: Well, I think we have now covered all the animal questions that came! I hope that this article will go far and wide. It has beautiful simple messages in it, that some that abuse animals need to hear. Feel free to educate those around you with this message, that think animals are well, "just animals."

I thank all of you that read these and get value from them and share of them. I thank all who write, I love your kind words. I even like the ones that haven't been so kind, at least, they were read! I do get those that tell me I am quite full of s*****t and other uncomplimentary terms. Most of these are very obviously from the BBB&Gs reading the messages. This is one reason Sananda mentioned the 1000's of warriors and other star folks on the ground. It was a little message from him to them! Take care, as always, Candace

Mar/08/05,  Animals *******************************************************************(Chapter  75)***finish

==============================end Sananda (Jesus, Yeshua)===============================



St. Germain/NESARA/Stock Market

Dec/18/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter   5)***start

I have a very close working relationship with St. Germain.

On Nancy Tate's website, select 'Introduction to Spirit' and then select St. Germain for his own introductory words thru Nancy.  These words follow:

St. Germain             Hello, my dear fellows; I am St Germain of the highest order of the cosmos in the deliverance of the dark forces from the energies of planet earth, and the bringing forward of the Light energies for the advancement of the culturally predominant aspects of this grand race of humanity.

            Within the service I provide in the coming age will be the utmost circumspect deliveries of the continuing evolutionary practices that will propel you all into the new age of enlightenment with the clarity and aplomb of all that the royalty affords in the grandest time of all of creation on this planet.

            With the onset of the changes that are taking place on the planet, there will be a continuance of the splendid coming together of the dynamics of the chosen ones. In this dynamic you will see the playing out of all the pieces of the puzzle.

            My capacity as an ascended master in service to this planet is to find the commonality of all the people, and assist in bringing together the purpose of building a grander assemblage of the peoples of the earth in the expression of the desires and intent of humanity.

            In my long existence as a being on this planet, I built a legacy of promise to the totality of my beingness. Within this totality I have ascended to the position of the keeper of the peoples of the earth. In this capacity I release the bondage of the energies that have bound you to the fear energy all these eons. As you all reach my way and ask for the assistance, I bring to you my brotherhood, and tell you that you are as I in the Spirit that guides all there is.

            In relation to the coming months of service, I will be expressing my purpose on this earth in the energy of transformation of the governing bodies of this world. In this capacity, I will assist in the bringing forth of the transformation of the rulership and allow for the return of the governing back to the people.

            I am St. Germain; and I support all the workings of the Light that is to be coming forward on this planet for eternity. Deliver yourselves to the sovereignty that lives within that beautiful beingness you reside in. We are all here to assist you to that mission in the energy of the Light of all there is.

Dec/17/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter   5)***finish

Dec/17/03,  St. Germain on NESARA & Stock Market ***************************(Chapter   6)***start

(NESARA/Stock Market) Question from Hamid on Dec/17:  "i wonder wussup w/ nesara. since treeofgoldenlight stll has the nesara dec 15 lang f light on its homepage.
o well".

Answer:  Hamid,  During our 6D Harmonic Concordance session in Colorado Springs on Nov/8/03, St Germain spoke through Cathy Rosek.  I asked him about Nesara... he basically said... and I'm quoting from my notes,  "Nesara has been delayed and may change form".  He later indicated the delay is for at least 3 months. 

He also re-iterated that after 2Q 2005, the stock market will no longer have the viability it has today.  That comment caught people's attention, his basic follow-on answer to a flurry of questions from the audience was "Safe investment areas will be hard to find.  Focus on retention."  Questions continued, St. Germain then stated "Follow you intuitive guidance." 

He also stated that their wish (the inner worlds) for us is more joy and laughter... as joy & laughter can help us accelerate our healing and ascension processes.   His concluding comment was the inner world's affirmation/mantra for those of us in the outer world (physicality) is "Joy, Joy, Joy." 

My personal observation about me is "intuitive guidance" didn't always work while living from my mind/ego... but always works when living from my high/inner heart.

Dec/17/03,  St. Germain on NESARA & Stock Market ***************************(Chapter   6)***finish

Jan/14/04,  Event Announcement Alert **********************(NESARA)**********(Chapter  20)***start

Extracts:"This is heralding an announcement that is to take place imminently. Realize when I say imminently it is in the time in which I reside at this moment.  
> Within this announcement will be an exposure of certain occurrences that have taken place within the US. And when this exposure comes forward there will be great tribulation among many of the people. We will be on hand to keep this from becoming overwhelmingly ferocious. We will be here to keep the lid on so to speak, peoples  emotions, for it will stir many. There will be many who will want to take to the streets in wild furor. " "> It is a time to be ready with your energies of light and love to clothe the world with your golden glow of love and compassion, and see that golden glow tinged with pink; the healing that will be permeating all on planet earth. This will raise the consciousness of many people who walk this earth."This will be posted on
Peter----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 9:57 PMSubject: Special:St. Germain, Jan 14, 2004
> Thank you for not replying to this email. 
> Special: St. Germain, January 14, 2004 
> I am here; I am calling you into my circle for I have something to share with you this night. (Bells of the clock ring the eight o clock hour) Hear the ringing of the bells. This is heralding an announcement that is to take place imminently. Realize when I say imminently it is in the time in which I reside at this moment.  
> Within this announcement will be an exposure of certain occurrences that have taken place within the US. And when this exposure comes forward there will be great tribulation among many of the people. We will be on hand to keep this from becoming overwhelmingly ferocious. We will be here to keep the lid on so to speak, peoples  emotions, for it will stir many. There will be many who will want to take to the streets in wild furor. We will not allow an overwhelming response of violence to take place. We have energies that can keep this from happening.  
> When this announcement takes place there will be proof brought forward that will support the statements that will be made. This is all in keeping with bringing a degree of justice to the people not only of this country, but of the world. And I am St. Germain, and I bring this message to you tonight and I wish for you to share it with the people of the world who read your site.  
> This forthcoming news is news that will propel a great deal of admonishment among the people of the world; and when this comes about all of you beautiful light workers who are in place will be lending your energies of love and compassion to the energies of mistrust and hate, all of those energies that will come forward from those who do not understand the deeper purpose. Therefore, this is why I come at the behoonst of Enki and Sananda at this time this evening to bring you this report, and to ask you to share this with those with whom you have access.  
> It is a time to be ready with your energies of light and love to clothe the world with your golden glow of love and compassion, and see that golden glow tinged with pink; the healing that will be permeating all on planet earth. This will raise the consciousness of many people who walk this earth.  
> This has been carefully planned, and orchestrated ever since this began over two years ago. An abomination on mankind was perpetrated, and soon the truth will out, and those responsible will be brought to their own form of justice. They have created the laws by which they will be tried in the courts of the land, and this time the courts of the land will be led by the judicial energies of the Creator. This is to be a final declaration of love and compassion that will sweep the planet before the next phase of NESARA takes place.  
> NESARA is living. NESARA is in effect. In the etheric world of NESARA its own energy is revealing itself in the events that are taking place on earth today. I give you my solemn vow that I will walk those halls of justice and remember my partnership with all of you including those who will stand before the tribunal on earth and in heaven. And I will remember that all are my brothers and my sisters. There are no ones outside of the flock in this whole situation. And when I walk through those hallowed halls I will shake the hands of anyone who comes before me. And I will hold their hearts in mine and I will show them how much I love them, how much I am thankful to them for doing their part in this whole scenario that is being played out now.  
> We are all one in the eyes of God the Creator. It is only in our own earthly humanness that we see the differences. In these halls of justice we will breach the gap, and we will bring us all into the furthermore step of this story that we have written, and that we play out in the energy of the evolvement of mankind on this planet earth.  
> I thank you for giving me these few moments to bring this development into your home and into your lives, for I love you all so dearly. You are all my family; we indeed all are family, and I stand here with three of your brothers, Sananda, Enki, and Enlil, and I leave you now. Thank you. 
> Than you dear Master St. Germain, 
> Nancy Tate 

Jan/14/04,  Event Announcement Alert **********************(NESARA)**********(Chapter  20)***finish

Mar/01/04,  Stocks and Bonds no longer a safe haven ****(Stock Market)******(Chapter  29)***start

As part of my current life mission, I have spent over 50,000 hours studying/working with energy... including the mathematics of interdimensional energies... which led me to an understanding of the mathematics of construction of Physicality (Creation). Since January 1997, very accurate predictions of future stock market prices have been shared with many... including some of you on this list. We are now at an extreme risk/reward point for owning stocks.  In other words, owning stocks or stock mutual funds will not be a rewarding experience... there is a chance of loosing 100% of investment between April 2004 and March 2006.  

The 12 key energies described on are gradually destroying the current global stock market structures.  These energies arrived in full force on November 9, 2003 (GMT).  It is interesting to me that 11/9 (2003) is the flip side of 9/11 (2001). United States Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds have been considered the safest investments on the planet.  They are backed by 'the full faith and credit of the US Government'.  By March 2006, this view of 'safest investments on the planet' will have changed dramatically.   If stocks and bonds are no longer a safe place to invest, how do I preserve my capital?  There is no 'cook book' answer to this question.  Find a quite moment and ask your 'Total Self' (includes the interdimensional portions of you) for your answer.  Your answer may be very different than anyone else's answer.  Trust your answer for you! 

For me, I remained in stocks from 1997 to early 2000... and have been in US Treasury Bonds since then... and am now planning to sell these bonds during 2004.   I am currently considering cash flowing investments backed by tangible assets like under valued real estate or oil/natural gas trusts.  Non cash flowing investments such as precious metals (platinum or gold) are another category under consideration.  Bottom line, I'm still working on my answer for me. This email is posted on

Mar/01/04,  Stocks and Bonds no longer a safe haven ****(Stock Market)******(Chapter  29)***finish

Mar/06/04,  NESARA Details & Stock/Bond Update ******************************(Chapter  30)***start

This forwarded email has additional details about NESARA implementation (National Economic Security and Reformation Act).  For more information on NESARA, go to .
 There are three basic ways to prepare for NESARA: 1) Dismiss such a thing as outlandish; 2) Consider it as a potential 'lottery ticket' where almost everyone is a winner... and intend for it to happen (provide your positive energetic support);  3) Take some low risk actions... actions with little risk and significant reward, if NESARA or something like it is eventually announced.  Everyones decision on what to do is unique... because everyone is unique... with unique gifts and talents. Nelle and I have chosen number 3.  We have not paid down/off the remaining balance of our home mortgage and are carrying our first car loan since the 1960s.  If nothing has really changed by April 2006... and NESARA or something like it has not manifested, our mortgage and car loans will be paid off.

 As mentioned in my 3/1/04 email to these two groups "The 12 key energies described on are gradually destroying the current global stock market structures.  These energies arrived in full force on November 9, 2003 (GMT).  It is interesting to me that 11/9 (2003) is the flip side of 9/11 (2001)."   9/11/01 was the beginning of distruction of the old ways of fear, power, greed and manipulation... 11/9/03 was the beginning of the new ways based on the 12 key energies. Stocks.   The original concept of stocks is shared ownership... a good thing... part of key energy #12 (connection).  However, fear, power, greed and manipulation are bad things (separation)... and speculation is a bad thing (also separation).  The bottom line of speculation is being lazy... looking for short cuts... not doing our inner/outer work as an individual (including not knowing and containing our Full/Total Self)... not serving others... not using our unique gifts and developing our unique talents... not nurturing/teaching/encouraging our young to understand/use their unique gifts and to develop their unique talents.   The 12 key energies will have been in place for 9 years by November 9, 2012.  In energy and numerology, 9 is the number of completion.  

Between now and late 2012, companies around the world have 3 basic choices: 1) Restructure based on understanding and manifestingthe 12 key energies; 2) Understand the coming changes, decide not to change, close up shop and liquidate; 3) Ignore the coming changes, be closed up and liquidated.  All speculation will start coming out of stock prices as soon as April 2004 and no later than mid 2005... a stock portfolio and/or mutual fund of unfortunate mix of stocks has the potential to loose 100% of it's value. 

Bonds.   Bonds are debt.  To be in debt makes us slaves to those who own the debt.  Debt is not part of connection (key energy #12).Debt secured by word/reputation will be at immediate risk (unless the debt is immediately monetized as part of NESARA).  If anydebt is monetized, United States Treasury Bonds, Bills and Notes would be included. Debt not secured by tangible assets (like deposits of oil, natural gas, gold, platinum) will be at immediate risk. Debt secured by future revenue streams could be safe for awhile, if the future revenue stream is safe (like revenue from shipping of oil and natural gas... until free/off-grid forms of energy have become widely available);  Insured debt will be at immediate risk because the primary assets of most insurance companies includes stocks, bonds and overvalued real estate. Eventually, all debt will disappear.

As mentioned in my 3/1/04 email to these two groups..."If stocks and bonds are no longer a safe place to invest, how do I preserve my capital?  There is no 'cook book' answer to this question.  Find a quite moment and ask your 'Total Self' (includes the interdimensional portions of you) for your answer.  Your answer may be very different than anyone else's answer.  Trust your answer for you! For me, I remained in stocks from 1997 to early 2000... and have been in US Treasury Bonds since then... and am now planning to sell these bonds during 2004.   I am currently considering cash flowing investments backed by tangible assets like under valued real estate or oil/natural gas trusts.  Non cash flowing investments such as precious metals (platinum or gold) are another category under consideration.  Bottom line, I'm still working on my answer for me." This email is posted on

----- Original Message ----- From: "Dove of O" <>To: <>Sent: Friday, March 05, 2004 10:51 PMSubject: [doveofo] NESARA Debt Relief Confirmed by Debt Management Company Rep
> [doveofo] NESARA Debt Relief Confirmed by Debt Management Company Rep
> March 5, 2004  9:21 p.m. PST

> Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

> Yesterday I received a great confirmation from M.P. in West Hollywood who
> had confirmed NESARA and NESARA's debt relief with a debt management
> company representative.  I've included this confirmation below.  There's
> also another recent NESARA confirmation below from a bank teller.

> The NESARA debt relief in the U.S. will begin when NESARA is announced. 
> During the NESARA announcement, there will be a discussion of the
> forgiveness of credit card debts and immediately at that time, the banks
> which issue credit cards in the U.S. will run special computer programs to
> zero out all balances on credit card accounts.  This includes credit card
> accounts which have been referred to collection agencies or departments. 
> There will be ways people can confirm that their credit card debts have
> been forgiven.

> The other debt relief provided by NESARA including mortgages, home equity
> loans, car loans, college education loans from the government, property
> mortgages of corporations, personal signature loans, and other bank debts
> will be done after NESARA is announced.  There will be official
> instructions after NESARA's announcement about how people can apply for
> these other types of debt relief.  However, all payments for these debts
> will be suspended as of NESARA's announcement to give people time to apply
> for the relief/forgiveness of these debts.  

> Some major reasons why debt relief is authorized by the NESARA law are:
> 1) the current loans were all generated under the unlawful practices of
> the Federal Reserve banking system; it is unconstitutional to charge
> compound interest.  In order to clear these unlawful loans from the
> banking system of the U.S., NESARA requires these loans be taken off the
> banks' books so that the new U.S. Treasury bank system is not polluted by
> the fraudulent and unlawful loans and practices of the Federal Reserve
> system.
> 2) the debt forgiveness is part of the "financial redress" owed to
> Americans for the damages done to them and their families over many
> decades of "robbery" by the banks charging compound interest and other
> damages done to Americans by the banks and the federal government.

> Debt relief in other countries around the world will be done in various
> ways based on processes and rules set up by each country.  Debt relief in
> other countries may begin soon after NESARA or may take up to a year,
> depending on the country.  The people in each country may be able to
> speed-up their own debt relief by demanding their country do debt relief
> like it's being done in the U.S.  I do not have details on which countries
> are going to take months to do bank debt relief but I am being told that
> if the people in each country strenuously demand their bank debt relief,
> it may help to speed-up the debt relief processes in their country. 

> I'm hearing that many people are sending postcards to the four pro-NESARA
> U.S. Supreme Court Justices.  A big "High Five" to all of you who are
> sending postcards to the Justices letting them know that we are expecting
> to see NESARA's announcement in March 2004!  Every postcard you send is
> helping to energize NESARA's announcement this month!  You are also
> telling the Justices that WE KNOW that NESARA can be announced this month
> and we demand NESARA's announcement this month!  

> The four pro-NESARA Justices are hearing from many people who are calling
> for NESARA's announcement to be done this month.  The Justices also
> requested a government report which shows that most individuals and
> corporations wait until April to send in their tax returns with so-called
> taxes-owed payments.  The Justices do understand and take seriously that
> announcing NESARA in March 2004 will save many Americans from needlessly
> paying more unlawful federal income taxes.  

> Someone wrote asking if all income taxes paid in 2003 would be refunded
> after NESARA is announced.  The answer is "No".  Tax returns with amounts
> to be refunded will continue to be processed after NESARA is announced,
> but NESARA goes into effect as of the date NESARA is announced; NESARA is
> not retroactive to 2003.

> The four pro-NESARA Justices are being pressured by actions from
> Illuminati against NESARA and by NESARA supporters for having NESARA
> announced in March 2004.  It is likely the Illuminati will continue to
> pressure the Justices in any way possible until NESARA is announced.  We
> can help the Justices to realize they have tremendous support for
> announcing NESARA this month by continuing to send our postcards demanding
> NESARA's announcement in March 2004 until we see the announcement.

> Let's continue sending our postcards to the four pro-NESARA U.S. Supreme
> Justices:
> Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice John Paul Stevens, Justice David
> Hackett Souter, and Justice Steven G. Breyer .

> Their mailing address is:
> U.S. Supreme Court
> One First Street
> Washington, D.C. 20543

> For you new to the Dove Reports, we are sending postcards, not letters,
> because letters are delayed up to two weeks due to anthrax checking.  Also
> if you are new to the Dove Reports, read the History behind NESARA at  to understand why U.S. Supreme
> Court Justices are involved with NESARA.   

> NESARA's announcement initiates much needed improvements in the U.S. and
> by ripple effect around the world.  Let's do all we can to help ensure
> NESARA is announced this month!  NESARA Now!

> Blessings and Love,
> Dove of Oneness
> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

> Subject:  Confirmation Letter 
> Date:  Thu, 4 Mar 2004  15:10:21 -0800

> Dove,
> I just got off the phone with my debt management company. I asked a
> representative there if her staff had been trained for NESARA. She said
> "Not specifically." 

> I asked if it was something she was familiar with. She said, "I've heard
> about it." 

> "Well, will it close your business down," I wondered aloud. 

> "Not to my knowledge," she replied.

> "I guess, what I'm wondering," I told her, "is, when NESARA is announced,
> will you still be an advocate on my behalf? Or will I have to handle the
> closure of those accounts? Because I don't want to be beholden to a
> monthly commitment to you if all my credit card debt is wiped out."

> I felt like acting dumb would get me a little more information.

> It worked. She said, "When that happens, you won't need to keep paying us.
> You'll deal with that with your creditors. But they'll know what is going
> on, and what to do."

> "So, then, when NESARA gets announced at the end of the month, I'll just
> be able to call my creditors, because until now I've been encouraged not
> to."

> "We don't tell people not to contact their creditors. It's a good way to
> work out better deals," she said.

> "So, should I call them and work out a better deal now, even with NESARA
> being announced soon?" I asked.

>  "Do you think you need to between now and the end of the month?" was her
> reply.

> "Okay, so then, you know NESARA is being announced and you've been trained
> on how to cover that transition?"

> "I haven't gotten any special training."  

> "But you know its coming?"

> "I can't deny knowing about it," she said.

>  That's good enough for me. What a wonderful relief.
> M. P., West Hollywood, CA
> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ 

> Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 6:22 PM
> Subject: RE: NESARA NTAT Report

> Hi Dan, I did get another NESARA confirmation last week.  I visited a
> Northern Trust Bank and spoke to a teller there.  When I asked her if she
> had the new bank training that NESARA requires, she said that she had and
> knows all about NESARA.  I asked her if she's been keeping up with NESARA
> and that the official website is NESARA.US, she said she hadn't.  She
> doesn't have a home computer and the few spare moments she has, she spends
> them with her daughter <.snip>.  

> At least I received another confirmation!  JDG  
> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ 

> For more information on NESARA, go to .

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> A new announcement window for NESARA starts later this month (3/22/04)... other announcement windows have come and gone... this is the first announcement window that I have energetically sensed has a chance of success.

Mar/06/04,  NESARA Details & Stock/Bond Update *****************************(Chapter  30)***finish

Mar/27/04,  Symbology within US Dollar & Nesara ************(NESARA)*******(Chapter  33)***start

 Another piece of evidence on why something like Nesara is inevitable... evidence right in front of our nose for over one hundred years... amazing!  (I didn't really 'get it' until visiting the conspiration website.)  


Mar/27/04,  Symbology within US Dollar & Nesara ************(NESARA)*******(Chapter  33)***finish

May/15/04,  News/implications from the Inner Worlds *******(NESARA, S.M.)**(Chapter  38)***start

During a live channeling session this afternoon in Colorado Springs, St. Germain spoke thru Cathy Rosek... bottom line... Humanity has made more progress toward ascension since the Harmonic Concordance than expected (11/9/2003 GMT)... as a result, sudden is out... gradual is in... eighteen implications (all from St. Germain):Earth changes will not be large scale and catastrophic; Nesara will happen later and in a less disruptive (more gradual) form; First Contact is already happening for some... the 2 most likely windows for the 'media event' are July 2007 or July 2008 (as with all timing, this can change); End date for the Mayan Calendar was/still_is 12/21/2012... although how humanity reacts or responds to the various days/nights is determined by individual free will (currently 3rd Day, until 2/1/2005); Easiertimes for all will be the main difference after the midpoint (7/26/2006) of the 4th Day of the eighth cycle to the Mayan Calendar... also, more portals will open; Stock markets will no longer be necessary after this 7/26/2006 4th Day midpoint; The term "Authentic Self" was introduced and defined as our soul plus our unique aspect of the Creator/Divinity (soul/light body + spirit); Aware/connected humans (to Authentic Self) respond... unaware humans react; Spend more time in meditation to jump start living within heart consciousness (high/inner heart); The color for our high/inner heart chakra (located between heart and throat) is turquoise (aquamarine); While in meditation, visit portals; Positive intensions/expectations/responses to our personal situation day by day, will accelerate our personal healing and ascension; As we each heal/ascend... all benefit (we are all connected); Notice and take time to celebrate our dramatic progress... we chose to be here at this time... and we are collectively doing a great job; After individual ascension, we have the choice to remain on the planet in a dramatically rejuvenated body; Lavish abundance is part of ascension; Take time for fun, play, rest and recreation ("re creation")... learn to pace ourselves... this will be very important once the masses awaken and start to ask for assistance; The upcoming (starts 6/8/2004) Venus transit (first since 1882) activates love and abundance opportunities... including learning how we may have blocked ourselves in the past.This email is posted on

May/15/04,  News/implications from the Inner Worlds ******(NESARA, S.M.)**(Chapter  38)***finish

Jun/01/04,   A window for Co-creation **********************(Connection)*********(Chapter  44)***start

Today I found myself containing more unconditional love than ever before in this life... to the point of wanting to jump up and down... and to spread this love in all ways.  (A wonderful feeling that started to emerge for me on Saturday 5/29/04 and has intensified daily since then.) Today's message from St. Germain gives me the scientific and interdimensional energy explaination of why... which is very exciting because the energetic changes are significant and life changing for all.  These changes are absolutely necessary in moving from separation to connection consciousness!  These changes are also consistent with the 3rd Day of the Mayan Calendar... key word being 'Anchoring'.  (Third day is from 2/7/04 to 2/1/05.) If you would like to help Co-create our upcoming 'Golden Age' in this moment, simply read with focus the following excerpt from today's St. Germain message... 

"Whoever told you in life that it is a hard road, one that you have to strive for through mighty upheaval and many obstacles was telling it as it was. Now, there is a different story. This is a story that says, life is a breeze and it flows in and out of corners and crevices without interruption, unencumbered by resistance and free flowing as the river winds through the valley and around the curves of life with an ease that transcends all barriers.  
> We see you all as that river, and as that breeze that flows effortlessly through life, making your own way through the power and gentleness of your Spirit. We see you living and loving and allowing the ease to seep through every thought, action and deed. We see you singing, and laughing through life with a joy that surpasses any you've known till now. We see you in love with everyone on this planet and beyond into the universe and all there is. Life eternal springs anew, and you are the springboard from which your dreams and promises manifest.    
Now intend (outloud if you wish),  "I see this... I intend this... it is done."  This message becomes the 43rd posting on the Q&As, Articles & Links webpage


Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2004 9:40 AMSubject: Wake up Call
> Thank you for not replying to this email. You may contact me at 
> Wake up Call June 01, 04 
> Dear ones, there is an issue that I wish to bring forward at this time. I AM St. Germain, and I AM going to first tell you about the changes that are taking place in the atmosphere at this time. There is an ascending particle wave that interrupts the magnetics of earth and it is enveloping the globe at this time. What that does is to slow down the aptitude of the circulatory system of the earth, and reverse the pull that the core has on the moon. This interprets itself as the magnitude drawing that suppresses itself within the structure of the DNA of everyone on earth. This corrects itself as the consistency of the magnetics adjusts to the new frequencies that are being emitted forth from everyone. This is a coalescing of the genetics of the individual as compared with the genetics of the earth to the moon. All this is in preparation to the upcoming second moon that will be placed in position in orbit with earth. 
> I tell you of this in order to explain something about the state of readiness for the announcement of NESARA. While this is taking place is a ripe time for the announcement, for at this time is the lowest peak of pull that the resistance energies have in co-ordinate with the earth-moon resistance. This creates a magnitude of energies that leave an opening for a free-flow of information that is forthcoming from the resistance field. This field is rendered inactive by this occurrence, therefore allowing information to come forward unencumbered.  
> What can take place within this time to counteract this free-flow would be for the information within that field to be interrupted and replaced with another less beneficial source of information. The darkness can produce a counter balance to this light information, and render the free-flow to be that of more of the darkness. However, what can take place to keep the information field Light is for a handful of lightworkers to see that field as being light and being free-flowing with the information of Spirit Light. This is a steadfast knowing from a group of you that all is love and all is light, and that is what prevails. With joy and a peaceful heart you can envision this field as being your own interpretation of color light and bring that knowing into balance with each other. This is a simple yet powerful way to keep the potential of this time period, which will last for a period of approximately two days, in a state of ease with light and love and crystalline energy of co!
>  lor. 
> We have been observing you through this time, and we have seen how you have risen in your light knowing. We have seen how you are interpreting the actions you take on an intuitive level as being what springs from the Spirit and soul knowing. You have been able to operate from that inner knowing, and you are finding that more and more when you act from that first intuition, that first thought you receive the most powerful result. This is the way of it, my dear ones. This is how it shall be done. Rising from the lower chakras of life, and bringing that energy along with you into the higher chakras is the way of being in the new energy. This is the power that manifests, and this is the energy of transformation. Utilize this energy with the natural flow of information intuition as it springs forth, and you may have the world at your fingertips for always and forever, in the light and love that streams forth from your beingness. 
> We see that there is a time for all of you in which you feel more powerful, more in control of your destiny. This is because in part you are being governed by the pull and interaction of the moon and the earth. What is taking place at this time and over the next few months is changing that. There will be a time when there will be no push/pull action and influence from the earth and moon, and all will be in harmony and all will be the steady, sure flow of the circular state of being. The field of resistance will have zeroed out, and there will be a constant that will allow anything to manifest at the instant of intent. This next two days is one step in that process. All you need do is be that constant to hold that intent for this world of perfection that you seek.  
Whoever told you in life that it is a hard road, one that you have to strive for through mighty upheaval and many obstacles was telling it as it was. Now, there is a different story. This is a story that says, life is a breeze and it flows in and out of corners and crevices without interruption, unencumbered by resistance and free flowing as the river winds through the valley and around the curves of life with an ease that transcends all barriers.  
> We see you all as that river, and as that breeze that flows effortlessly through life, making your own way through the power and gentleness of your Spirit. We see you living and loving and allowing the ease to seep through every thought, action and deed. We see you singing, and laughing through life with a joy that surpasses any you ve known till now. We see you in love with everyone on this planet and beyond into the universe and all there is. Life eternal springs anew, and you are the springboard from which your dreams and promises manifest.  

> We come along with you and join you in your chorus of life. Blessings come forth from every breath you take, and they are Divine and they are Holy, and they are your creations, in God and in love. 
> Thank you dear Master St. Germain, 
> Love, Nancy Tate 

Jun/01/04,   A window for Co-creation **********************(Connection)*********(Chapter  44)***finish

Mar/02/05,  You are Color ***********************************************************(Chapter  73)***start

The fundamental point in today's transmission from St. Germain through Mike Quinsey is that "You are color".        ~htL~    Peter     

St. Germain  03.02.05.
Home is where you make it, and is true as far as Earth is concerned. Home also exists on many levels of the higher dimensions, and as you rise up you return to familiar surroundings. This comes about because you originally came down through them to take your place on Earth. Although you have got used to your earthly conditions, and you derive a certain satisfaction and comfort from them, it is not your true home. As you enter the higher dimensions, the beauty of them will take your breath away, yet you will sense a familiarity that tells you it is not the first time you have been into them. I talk here of the dimensions immediately above your present one, which some of you visit in your sleeping hours. However, your knowledge of them goes back a long, long way, calculated in your time as millions of years ago. You will feel more at “home” in them because they reflect your true reality. You have been often told that Earth in its 3D presentation is only a pale reflection of the spiritual realms. In the lower vibration you cannot create that which exists in the higher realms. Yet, the creators of the Earth filled it with beauty such as you find in the tropical areas that abound with color.

You have an innate appreciation of color and its energy, that you have always carried with you. Color as you use it, is to some extent an indication of how you are within yourself. You often subconsciously select those that are a reflection of your own auric colors. In other words, you create harmony between the two, and generally speaking this is why you have a preference for specific colors. Choosing your clothes, is sometimes prompted by fashion, but even then you will make a selection that makes you feel comfortable. In your home you will surround yourself with color schemes for the same reason, and as different as they are one to another you all feel that yours is right for you.

Through observation, you have come to learn which colors harmonise with certain conditions. For example, in your hospitals it has been found that gentle pastel shades are more conducive to peace and well being. The green, blue and yellow are favored over the stronger and darker colors which are too harsh in such an environment. White is used to balance them, but too much often gives a very sterile and cold appearance. Can you believe that green which is a predominant color upon Earth is there by chance. Of course not, it is a healing and calming color, and this is why you feel much more at ease when you are in the country. Red is an interesting color, it is fierce and energetic and it is no coincidence that it is associated with the God of War. When you are lacking energy, you may find you are drawn to it as it will have an uplifting affect on you. Much healing is now carried out with the use of colors, and it is a serious approach to a means of treatment that was widely used in the temples of the past. Colored glass, crystals or lights all have a useful place in a wide variety of treatments.

Where a person chooses dull and particularly murky colors, it is usually a sign of one who has problems in expressing themselves. They do not feel at ease with themselves and tend to hide behind them. This is not necessarily a conscious decision, and is usually taken without much thought. In this sense black has a sinister meaning to most people, but it is much maligned as it is a balancing color. Some people totally cover themselves in black, and there is again a sense of hiding away. It shows a lack within them, and their choice means that whether they realise it or not, they absorb all colors that are around them. Conversely, white is considered a sign of purity, and this is why it is widely used in religious or spiritual ceremonies. None of these choices are by complete chance, and it is a knowledge that has been handed down over eons of time.

Color Healers will be familiar with the application and value of the various colors. You must remember that you have octaves of color in the same way as sound, and these are an aspect of each other. You have many mixed colors and your silver, gold, and pearl all have a specific vibration that is meaningful to a healer. Think about your approach to the whole subject, it may help you to find those colors which are most in harmony with you. I carry the violet flame, and I encourage Lightworkers to use it to transmute the areas of dark. This is helping to heal the Earth as will the purple ray, and some of you specialise in this type of work.

Dear Ones, you will realise that color plays an important part in your lives. You are color, if only you could see your auric emanations as some people can who have developed this ability. When you rise up you will still be Beings of Light, very much so, and not just see it around you but have an understanding of its energies.

I am St. Germain and it has been a colorful subject to talk to you about. When you next send out love, send it with the rosy pink color in mind, because that is exactly its color. At present Earth is continually being bathed in beautiful uplifting colors, and I continue to also add mine. All are sent with great Love and understanding of your needs.

Thank you St. Germain

Mike Quinsey  

Mar/02/05,  You are Color ***********************************************************(Chapter  73)***start

Happy 2008! From below...

"Dear Ones you are beautiful souls who committed yourselves to live lives beyond count, so that you could experience separation from the Source. 

Religion has played its part, and for better or worse kept peoples awareness of God alive. Now comes the time when the truth of God’s place in your life is to be revealed. As you have so often been told, God is the energy and power within your Universe without which it would not exist. God is you, and you are God inseparable and bound by Love and Light. There is no one else apart from the Creator who in turn holds All That Is within his/her energy. 

Realize that those who now play the part of the dark are themselves nevertheless on the upward path. It may take longer than those who have already turned to the Light, but at some stage they will see through the darkness they have created. They are not disowned or cast aside, as every soul is precious and loved by God. 

Your present period of life is one of the most important that you are experiencing, as many who are working towards Ascension will not leave the Earth through death of the physical body. 

The coming Golden Age is exactly that, where the energies are of the highest vibrations and creation occurs with absolute perfection." 


----- Original Message ----- From: Mike To: Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 1:21 AMSubject:[] St.Germain01.04.08. 
St. Germain 04-January-2008 

Dear Ones you are beautiful souls who committed yourselves to live lives beyond count, so that you could experience separation from the Source. You did so in such good faith knowing that you would never be forgotten, and that many Beings of Light would accompany you on your journey. Now your faith is being rewarded, and you are seeing many changes approaching that will finally remove the darkness from your eyes.


It is such a wonderful time to see you bringing the Light back into your lives, and seeking the Truth about your sojourn upon Earth. Many caught up in the darkness have caused you to lose your way, but in spite of that you have always been able to recognize the greater pathway to freedom. You are now achieving the realization of your dreams, and peace and happiness lie just around the corner. Most people sense the changes but it can be confusing for those who have become entrenched in the old ways. Religion has played its part, and for better or worse kept peoples awareness of God alive. Now comes the time when the truth of God’s place in your life is to be revealed.


As you have so often been told, God is the energy and power within your Universe without which it would not exist. God is you, and you are God inseparable and bound by Love and Light. There is no one else apart from the Creator who in turn holds All That Is within his/her energy. There is but one energy that is filtered down to you through your Solar Sun, and appropriate according to the level that you can accept. Too much energy of a high vibration would be overpowering and uncomfortable for you, and that is why the Law of Attraction is in place. It ensures that you move in levels that resonate with you, and with the coming of Ascension it will explain why not everyone can move into its higher vibrations.


Guiding you ever onwards has been the task of a multitude of Light Beings, and many have sat in Councils for millennia of time deciding how to ensure your continual upliftment. The White Brotherhood has sent its mentors to Earth and they have kept your Light alive. It was so that in your minds, you knew there was a greater force than the dark that tried to keep you in ignorance of the truth. Always the Light has shone through, and always you have had your Gods even if their purpose was distorted. There is but the One God for All, and in the very near future you will come to accept a new way of understanding God that will bring you all together. God is Love that is never ending and not in the slightest way tainted by Human interpretation that brings fear into it. You must ask yourselves, how can God be anything to you other than the totality of Love. Any other Gods are false, and have no place within the true expression of that great and wonderful Being.


Be aware that God allows all that you choose to experience and neither endorses it or denies it, as it is your freedom of choice as to how you do so. It is the whole object of you being in duality, and you have stood on both sides for the completion of your experiences. One without the other would not further your evolution and upliftment. Now try to see what is happening in your world in a different way. Realize that those who now play the part of the dark are themselves nevertheless on the upward path. It may take longer than those who have already turned to the Light, but at some stage they will see through the darkness they have created. They are not disowned or cast aside, as every soul is precious and loved by God.


On Earth it is understandable that you grieve for those who pass on, particularly where you consider that their death is premature. However, remember that nothing is by chance, and the soul involved is not affected in the same way that you are. Immediately they arrive in the higher dimensions they find themselves surrounded by love through energies and souls who tend their needs. There is little trauma and even that is soon overcome after a short period of recovery. The circumstances of your passing are explained, and once they understand that it has been part of their pre-life contract they become at ease. Life does not stop, and is one continual experience that links all other lives together. The result is that there is always some gain from the experiences of any one life, and it can be used in subsequent ones.


Your present period of life is one of the most important that you are experiencing, as many who are working towards Ascension will not leave the Earth through death of the physical body. Instead, they will rise up in it, albeit that it will have been refined and cleansed of the old energies. It will have been renewed and able to house a soul of super-consciousness with a fully developed DNA. You will have become as the Gods that we have always told you that you are. Your powers of creation will have increased so that you will be able to manifest whatever you need. With it comes responsibility, but you will have no difficulty in handling it, as you will have become One with your Higher Self and God.


Do not be frightened by the prospect of upliftment as it is quite normal and natural to you, and is but a stepping up into that which you were before the Fall. It has always been your destiny to return to your higher status, and you were never meant to languish in the lower dimensions forever. See that all around you is illusory and conjured up out of your own minds. Now you are manifesting a new vision and it will become your reality very soon, and as you draw the higher energies down so it will begin to emerge. Nothing can stop this process of change, and it will soon become obvious that the old is being swept away to be replaced by the new.


I am St. Germain and ask you to allow for change, knowing that it will bring into your lives that which is pure and of the Light. That which has no place in it will disappear and there is no reason to mourn its loss. The coming Golden Age is exactly that, where the energies are of the highest vibrations and creation occurs with absolute perfection. Words cannot truly express what is coming into your reality, but it will be of Light beyond your present imagination, with harmony and beauty that you have yet to experience. All will live as they desire in perpetual Love and Light. Carry this vision with you, and let it Light your way now and show you the path back to God.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey. Please do not use the above Email address, it is one way only. My address is To "subscribe"  to the ET First Contact List go to :
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Jan/04/08,  The coming Golden Age ***********************************************(Chapter  90)***finish

Feb/20/08,  Sleep and Death *******************************************************(Chapter  91)***start

From below...  " 1)  You all leave your body whilst in your sleep state, but if you are a total disbeliever of out of the body experiences you remain very close to your physical body... 2)  At the time of your approaching passing many souls gather around you, and they make it as easy as possible and guide you to the higher levels. Of course some of you believe that you drop into a sleep state where you stay until Judgement Day. You are unable to proceed further as you have blocked any help that can be given... 3)  Death is not painful in itself, only the period of illness that often accompanies such a passing. On such occasions many Beings of great love gather around you surrounding you in love, so that it is an easy transition and not traumatic in any way.  " ~htL~  Peter

 ----- Original Message ----- From: Mike To: Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 1:49 AMSubject: [] 02.20.08St. Germain.
St. Germain  20-February-2008


Dear Ones, in your times of happiness you feel at one with the world, and on many occasions you awake in the morning feeling bright and energetic. Do you wonder why there are other times when you feel exactly the opposite, with the weight of the world upon your mind? I will tell you that a lot of this has to do with the problems that you go to sleep with, ones that are still unresolved when you awaken. For most of you your night time out of the body experiences are opportunities to meet with others, and decide a course of action to deal with them. You often do so in amicable circumstances to find a way to overcome them.


It means that when you awake from your sleep, a path has been established to find a solution. It gives you peace of mind, even though you do not have a recall of the circumstances in which it was made. You simply have an inner knowing of what to do when presented with the problem again. However, you can also be very obstinate, and refuse advice and will not give way. The problem remains and you awake with it firmly embedded in your consciousness, often causing a feeling of unease and unhappiness.


You all leave your body whilst in your sleep state, but if you are a total disbeliever of out of the body experiences you remain very close to your physical body. Those of psychic ability can see it and also the cord connecting you to it. It is necessary to keep out of the body experiences within your sub-conscious mind, so that you are able to go about your daily activities without being distracted. Sometimes you recall flashes of your nightly experiences, and these can seem as dreams. You often meet someone who has passed on, and they are likely to have been very close to you. Imagine how uplifted you feel in such circumstances.


Depending on where you are in your evolution, you may also meet your spiritual mentors and discuss your progress or any problems you have. You are never left to face these alone, although you have the freewill to reject advice or help. Life often seems so lonely especially when you have a major problem to face. Yet, it is not only when you are out of the body that you get help, as your Guides are with you at all times without intruding in your private life. Like your Angelic protectors they have a link with you, and can be at your side in an instant when they are needed, or your life is under threat. Is it not comforting to know that in your physical life so much care and attention is given to you.


At the time of your approaching passing many souls gather around you, and they make it as easy as possible and guide you to the higher levels. Of course some of you believe that you drop into a sleep state where you stay until Judgement Day. You are unable to proceed further as you have blocked any help that can be given. In these circumstances it is possible that you will have the realization of having passed out of your physical body, and still be conscious and make a decision to “call” out for help. As soon as that happens, Beings will be able to come to you and guide you out of the veil you have placed around you. Once you have re-united with friends and loved ones, you are as you might say settled in, and can then review your life upon Earth. It is you who judge your actions, thoughts and deeds, that are weighted against your Karma and your life contract. The beauty of this review is that you can do so without recourse to anger or any other negative emotions, and in this way you can be clear and objective in your understanding.


You need have no fear about moving from your physical existence to the heavenly realms of Light. Death is not painful in itself, only the period of illness that often accompanies such a passing. On such occasions many Beings of great love gather around you surrounding you in love, so that it is an easy transition and not traumatic in any way. When you progress into the higher dimensions and you desire to move on, you simply lay down your body and slip out of it as easily as you drop off to sleep. Indeed, you can do so as often as you like and leave it for long periods of time as you venture into higher dimensions where it is not necessary.


There is so much attention given to you during your lifetime upon Earth. Even though there is no interference when you go through your Karmic experiences, a guiding hand is always extended to you when you call for help. Unfortunately so many souls disbelieve the truth about their guides and protectors, yet they can draw so much nearer to you if you acknowledge their presence. Even so you cannot avoid your Karmic responsibilities, as you have certain events that you planned in your life that represent opportunities to evolve. Realize therefore that within the apparent chaos, the souls are acting out their experiences both in the Light and dark.


You are in the last phase of your travels through this cycle of duality, and it offers a once and for all opportunity to climb off the wheel of re-birth in this dimension. Take note of your hear-felt emotions, and listen to your inner voice and follow your higher guidance. Let no other mortals dissuade you from your path, as you will have your own goals and it is important that you achieve them. Do remember that you are invited to call upon our help, and you have only to mention our name and we link with you. Talk with your God as every thing you do is inextricably linked with that energy. Go within and “talk” freely and openly with God and surely you will receive love and guidance.


I am St. Germain, and I remain at the helm of your planet as it speeds through space with its destiny already mapped out. You will all rise up together, and leave the old ways behind that will have served their purpose well. Times at present are volatile and very changeable upon Earth, as you are in the cleansing stages that are essential to manifesting the conditions that will allow Ascension to truly begin. It is necessary and unavoidable if you are to see the old cleared away to make way for the new. See beyond the destruction and death, as out of it the new Earth will arise soon to be restored to its pristine condition. Beauty, peace and godliness will once again reign upon Earth. Hold fast to your faith in God’s plan, as your future is assured and none shall alter it or prevent the crowning glory of Ascension.     


Thank you St. Germain.

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Feb/20/08,  Sleep and Death *******************************************************(Chapter  91)***finish

==========================end St. Germain/NESARA/Stock Market===========================



UFO/ET/First Contact

Dec/17/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter   7)***start

I have watched/attended hundreds of videos/seminars on this subject... nothing even approaches the compelling nature of this National Press Club event in Washington DC on May/9/2001. 

One witness described some of the 57 ET species that have been documented... including some that pass for humans with higher senses. Another witness describes hyper-luminal propulsion systems that have been built by US defense contractors.  Hyper-luminal means faster than light. Technology that can end our dependence on fossil fuels and stop global warming are also described. 

If you want to continue to believe we on earth are alone and/or our government is open and truthful with us, you have the choice not to look at this video (almost 2 hours long). 

Dec/17/03,  Introduction by Peter G. Olson III *************************************(Chapter   7)***finish

May/09/01,  Dr. Steven Greer video at National Press Club **********************(Chapter   8)***start


Link:  2 hours is a long time... I watched it as a documentary DVD.  I have Internet Explorer 6.0 and simply clicked on the following link  and the video started to play.

May/09/01,  Dr. Steven Greer video at National Press Club **********************(Chapter   8)***finish

Dec/24/04,   Immediately after First Contact **************************************(Chapter   58)***start

The following Winter Solstice message from St. Germain thru Mike Quinsey is clear and consistent with my understanding. Bottom-line:    "It is a wonderful time to behold (2004 Holiday Season), and much love is both given and received. When you eventually meet your Space Friends it will be much the same."     "They bear you gifts that are destined to quickly raise your quality of life, and have the resources to spread these all over the world."    "But have no concern about how your pollution will be cleared up, the technology that your Space friends have is far beyond anything you have at present. Speed is of the essence and when the task has been completed there will be no trace left, and this includes your nuclear waste. "    "Finally you will go forward in preparation for the Ascension, and again be given all the help you need to achieve it. There will be a process that will ensure the purification of your body, but if you are already doing so that is to be desired."    "Many of you are putting yourselves forward to complete your Ascension this time round. Do not be concerned that you are not yet ready, or lack knowledge that would help you. When the time of preparation arrives you will all be guided as to what you need to do. There is nothing new in Ascension, it has been carried out many times before. But yes, your Ascension will be unique as you rise up with your physical body."    "Next year should see the start of everything you have been waiting for, so do not despair at what you see the dark doing. This is their last fling, and their days are numbered."    "Love is the only power that will transmute the dark."  ~htl~

*******************************************************************************************  St.Germain  12.21.04


Each day brings you a little nearer to your festive occasion. Each day your anticipation grows of having an enjoyable time. Of course a lot of it depends on what you have planned for yourself, particularly where your family is concerned. It is a time of seeing friends and relations that you wish to renew your ties with. And by and large there is a lot of goodwill generated. You hope to shut your front door and keep out the worldly woes, and enjoy your own personal celebrations. It is a wonderful time to behold, and much love is both given and received. When you eventually meet your Space Friends it will be much the same. There will be great celebrations, and your acceptance of them will become a lot easier. They bear you gifts that are destined to quickly raise your quality of life, and have the resources to spread these all over the world. There will be a great coming together and the tasks that need addressing will be dealt with quite quickly. You have spent far too long struggling against the mounting pollution, which your governments do not seem to give the priority to that it deserves. But have no concern about how your pollution will be cleared up, the technology that your Space friends have is far beyond anything you have at present. Speed is of the essence and when the task has been completed there will be no trace left, and this includes your nuclear waste. The changes will take you forward to a point where the industrial methods you use will no longer cause the pollution of old. These first actions will nicely lead you on to fully restoring the Earth, and that also includes making good the de-forestation that has taken place. All round there will be a better understanding of what you need to do to maintain the changes. Finally you will go forward in preparation for the Ascension, and again be given all the help you need to achieve it. There will be a process that will ensure the purification of your body, but if you are already doing so that is to be desired.


Many of you are putting yourselves forward to complete your Ascension this time round. Do not be concerned that you are not yet ready, or lack knowledge that would help you. When the time of preparation arrives you will all be guided as to what you need to do. There is nothing new in Ascension, it has been carried out many times before. But yes, your Ascension will be unique as you rise up with your physical body. Human Beings are great worriers, and they do feel happy until they have all the facts before them. Rest assured that all is well planned and as the needs arrive so you will be put in the picture. There will be a lot to do once things get under way, and I think you will be glad it is not too overpowering. We are gradually letting you into some of the secrets, and once the political changes have taken place it will be all stations go. Next year should see the start of everything you have been waiting for, so do not despair at what you see the dark doing. This is their last fling, and their days are numbered.


So what do you need to do right now? I would say never lose sight of you goal, and keep very much focussed on it. Do not let the dark leaders upset you, keep calm and spread cooling waters everywhere. The more they carry out the heinous acts, send them even more Love than ever. Love is the only power that will transmute the dark. Use my violet flame, and send it for example to the Middle East . This will be an act of faith on your part, but I assure that it will produce results. If you feel so disposed, why not send it to Mother Earth, see her enfolded in this beautiful energy, as she desperately needs your help. There is power in numbers, and if a few of you can get together and work for the Light, it would be very rewarding. Many, many people are engaged in Light work, and collectively they are making a measurable difference on Earth. We need you to do your part, and these tasks are useful lessons for Lightworkers.


A lot of things are coming together right now. You will see what is taking place as the Light slowly but surely draws out the dark. It will then be too late for them to escape justice, but in their arrogance they still believe they can do so. Leave them in their own little world, they are being kept in check by us and the affects of their actions are extremely limited.


I am St.Germain, and as ever at the helm of the activities on Earth. I and my Brothers have long given our power to you, and we shall continue to do so until our victory is won. My Love is with you all the time, call my name and I will be there.


Thank you St.Germain
Mike Quinsey     

Dec/24/04,   Immediately after First Contact **************************************(Chapter   58)***finish

Dec/29/04,   An upcoming love/hate choice  **************************************(Chapter   59)***start

A love/hate choice will be facing everyone of us shortly... to love (in connection) or hate (from separation) a very well known 'on planet' leader.     This person has played a tough role very well during several lifetimes so that we could all experience separation from the Unconditional Love of our collective Creative Source.     To love or to hate... that is the question.  Either choice is honored and respected by our Creative Source... by our Total Self.   ~htl~ Peter      

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 8:46 AMSubject: Wake up Call, St Germain
> It is time my dear ones to find the deepest compassion you have. 

> Wake up Call: St Germain Dec 29, 04 

> Today I lost a friend and gained an enemy. Today I became a sole occupant of a Divinely guided engine of doubt and frustration. Today I went out on a limb and swallowed the only drop of medicine I had left in this world, and I withdrew from life in a glorious crescendo of sorrow. 
> My dear ones, this is the tribute to his life that a certain leader uttered this day, and when he did, his whole way of ruling the people of his nation turned around and gave way to the light. With this proclamation the glory that was in his eyes, his regime of top man on earth came to a deafening stop. Deafening at least to his ears because he stood alone and in shame in the eyes of his people. 
> My dear ones, I AM St Germain. The above is what could take place in the very near future. Is this something that all of you are going to raise your hands and voices to, or are you going to shed a compassionate tear for this soul who has so gloriously fought for the darkness that has prevailed over earth for so long?  
> I AM going to let you in on something, and that is that this soul has long been playing this role on earth, and through the numerous lifetimes in this role he has perfected the act to the point where he no longer recognizes the light of his soul. He is coming to a place in his darkness where he sees no other recourse but that of complete annialation for his being.  
> This is not being shown at this time, but is being experienced and played out in his chambers, and in the privacy of a room deep in the great house where he resides. In this room deep in the recesses of this house is a small straight back chair where this ruler goes occasionally and berates his plight. He has worn a groove between the upstairs hall and the deep recesses, in order that he would not loose his way. 
> My dear ones, I offer up this report for the purpose of revealing to you the other side of this ruler, the one that is tormented by the very situation he has created within his soul. He has forgotten that there is still a spark of light within; he has forsaken all claims to life on this planet, and feels that he must go and be incorporated back into the recesses of the hell from which he came.  
> I bring this forward now, for all of you to feel your compassion for this soul, and for you all to see him as that bright speck of light that he is. He has played a role in this grand plan that is mighty and worrisome. It has not been an easy task, for his beginnings were one of the brightest of the bright, as were all of you.  
> He was once the boy next door who rescued your kitten from the tree, holding it next to his heart and loving it till it stopped trembling. He was once the young girl who waited for her suitor to come and woo her into his arms once again. He was once the young maiden who valiantly held herself in trust for the mighty warrior who would soon return from the fields of battle. He was once the compassionate teacher who held the place for the student who was being harassed by the town bully. All these things and more he brought to his field and enriched the playground from which he could draw upon the energies of duality and play the ultimate scoundrel in this time on earth. 
> Now he is playing another role, and that is of the  village idiot  who brought his reign of tyranny down upon the people who put their trust in him. He is playing the part as a puppet does with the strings strong and menacing. Soon those strings will be cut and he will have to stand on his own, or fall away and loose his will for forbearance in this play.  
> How will you receive him then? Will you see the light in him, or will you say fare-the-well and goodbye, to one who deserves what he gets? I ask that you find your compassion and allow that to guide you. Find the way of receivership of what it is that benefits all concerned, for the world will need much healing in the time to come. You are all beautiful beings of light. I suggest that you reach deep within and recognize this sole spark of light, and welcome him Home to the bosom of The Creator, for he is your brother, and he has been all and everything to you. So great is his love for you he has given away his promise of salvation, in his eyes, and cannot see that he always has that salvation.  
> One kind and loving thought from you, directed his way during this coming time will enable him to change his farewell song to one of hope and salvation for himself and for everyone whom he loves so dearly. This is the truth of the matter, despite the appearance he has created for himself. Remember who you are, and in that remembrance you will know him too. 
> You are blessed and loved, and so it is. 

> Thank you dear Master St Germain, 
> Love, Nancy Tate

Dec/29/04,   An upcoming love/hate choice  **************************************(Chapter   59)***finish


Jan/05/05,   First Contact Perspective from Ela  *********************************(Chapter  61)***start

Humankind's views on First Contact range from loving anticipation... to Science Fiction... to no familiarity with the topic.     Today's transmission by Ela of Arcturus thru Mike Quinsey provides an off-world view from someone who is very familiar with the topic.      ~htl~ Peter 

*******************************************************************************************Ela  01.05.05.


When you have been informed that there are millions of Spacecraft stationed around your planet, you will understand that there are also millions of personnel manning them. Because of our advanced technologies we only require a minimum number to operate each craft, but even so we are a formidable force to be reckoned with. It is not that we are militarized in any way, but regardless of our enormous size, we have an immaculate communications system. However on a personal basis, most of us can contact each other by mind to mind contact. Our methods of operation are very sophisticated and there is a chain of command that is impeccable and totally efficient. We carry this out with what you would perceive as computers, except that they are vastly more advanced than your versions, and interact with their operators. We have been in place for some years now, patiently waiting for the go ahead to make First Contact. Time as you understand it does not affect us, and we have no sense of impatience or concern over the delays that have occurred. Firstly the plan is firmly in place and although subject to changes, in principle it has remained the same. Secondly, we are never idle, and we find much to do in the meantime. Because distance presents no problem, we do work in other parts of the Universe, and are what you would term as “being on call” The Universe is vibrant and ever on the move, so you can imagine that there is always some activity taking place that requires our attention. To understand what we can do, you have to think on an entirely different basis. We can control energy, re-direct it, or alter it, and we are often called to do such things to maintain a planetary balance, as has happened frequently with your own Earth. We are all volunteers on this mission for the Earth, and we feel extremely privileged to be here at such a monumental time in your history. Many Beings from all over the Universe have their representatives here, so that they may record the events leading up to, and covering your Ascension. You have not really grasped the magnitude of what is about to take place. It is an event that has required delicate changes to your planetary energies, that also have to be at a certain point consistent with your own energies. It has to exact, and of course we know what is required, but even so we hold our breath sometimes as we bring everything together for the next phase. You have energies pouring into your Earth, and the grids around it, and these come from commanding entities such as the Angelic Kingdom , and even from the Great Central Sun. Make no mistake, what is taking place is magnificent in its concept, and all to enable you to ascend with your physical body. You may feel that your goal seems impossible because of what is expected from you. But be assured that each and every one of you has many helpers around you, to guide you and ensure that if you have elected to Ascend, it shall be so. You are treated like royalty, and we have that reverence for you and admire your total focus on your goal. You always have your freewill option open to you to change your mind, but we cannot foresee anyone pulling out at this stage. You have come a tremendous long way through various civilizations that have long been lost in the mists of time. Some of you would have been in at the beginning some 50 million years ago. It is just as well that you do not have a conscious memory of everything that you have experienced; it would be too much to bear. But as you know, you have lost nothing but gained all, and carry the sum total of all of your experiences with you. Can you imagine how much wisdom you have acquired, and how much understanding you have of the conflicts between dark and Light. Beings who have never experienced duality cannot comprehend what you have gone through. But because you have done so, others will be richer through your shared experiences.

Some of you have had contact with a group of Greys that are based upon Earth, and the one factor that comes out quite clearly, is that they do not understand emotion. But even they are beginning to understand through you, what is lacking in their own make-up.

Understand their actions are out of ignorance, and they do not purposefully mistreat their “abductees”.  It should also be remembered that they are here on Earth by agreement with your Government, and they are not breaking any Universal Law as otherwise they would have been removed immediately. The Greys comprise of many factions and as a species they will retain their connection with Humans for a long time to come. You have stronger links with other more human-like Beings, who have been with you for eons of time, and I refer primarily to the Pleiadians and the Sirians. These will be amongst the first to greet you when First Contact takes place, and for you it will be like meeting old friends again. This event is so near to happening, and you will have little time to wait to experience a most exciting time, it will take your breath away. Do not have any fear, as the Beings concerned are your allies, and in their presence you will feel the wonderful Love that they have for you.

I am Ela of Arcturus and I let you know all is well, and try to lift your understanding of what is happening right now, and the magnitude of what is about to occur. The operations are carried out with great Love and respect for you all. You are wonderful Beings of Light.

Thank you Ela

Mike Quinsey

Jan/05/05,   First Contact Perspective from Ela  *********************************(Chapter  61)***finish

Feb/10/05,   First Contact, NESARA, & our Moon from Helena ****************(Chapter  68)***start

Chapter 68 represents a significant 'leap' in the clarity of information provided from this co-created eBook.  Some may choose to simply smile and shake their head... while others will immediately recognize the event and say "it's about time".  All reactions are perfect and in alignment with the timing of each Soul.  All Souls are unique and Divine!     Spaceship Capricorn (also known as the New Jerusalem) is one of twelve motherships positioned (for over one decade) around our world as part of First Contact.  The current target date for North America is February 22, 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Sananda (Jesus) will be one of those in the landing party.  Event timing pressure may slip this date, so allow some slack... but as of February 10, 2005 the 2/22/2005 date still holds.  By the way, the Base 20 numerology of this date is 13, representing Ascension... the next '13' date is March 3, 2005. Per Captain Helena on January 11, 2005,  "There are over 900 of us on board and includes Sananda. We have been assigned to help in the cleanup of atmosphere and water, especially over or in North America.  Our assignment has come from the Galactic Federation.  We are not here to take over, to harm, or to enslave any earthlings.  We bring help, love, and services to your planet.  However, we are not permitted to public landings until there is peace declared, which will be soon now."    
The following message from Captain Helena was the first message of 2005.  These almost daily messages started on November 14, 2003 and are available on   ~htl~  Peter    

Communication with Capt. Helena of the Capricorn.  03 Jan 2005 Lavar: Welcoming Helena 

Helena: Good morning.  This is a new day, a new year, and there will be much happening this year.  This is the year of our landings and, if all goes according to the best information that we receive, the landings will be sooner rather than later in the year.  [With a smile.]  That is not very definite is it? 
New topic:  We are amazed at the outpouring of emotional response to the wide-spread tragedy in the South Pacific.  There is much hope for a world population that can be so outgoing and concerned for the plight of others.  Much of what is being done to help will make a great difference in how the entire world believes and behaves.  There will soon be a cease to war and a more focused earth on the plight of those who suffer needlessly.  Those who have died will not have died in vain.  In fact they will have been welcomed into the arms of their deceased family who preceded them. 
New topic:  The NESARA program will soon be announced, after many delays that should never have occurred.  There will be a new beginning for many as they are released from such work as is totally unnecessary in a proper society, for example, [many of] the IRS employees.  There will be some temporary widespread displacements and some consternation among people while the full impact and benefits of the return to constitutional government is understood and heralded by those in charge and communicated to the populace as a whole.  There will, soon, only be benefits to the widespread changes that will be the result of the NESARA program. 
That is the message that I have for you today,.  Any questions? 

Lavar:  Thank you Dear Helena.  I have read that there were NASA photographs of various buildings on the moon.  Has your crew or your ship established any such buildings on the moon? 

Helena:  No.  We are self-sufficient here on the Capricorn.  The moon however, has been used in ages past for a variety of colonization efforts while better contacts were being made with earth and its inhabitants.  There will soon be some changes made in the moon's position and there are some other changes in the solar system that will soon become apparent to your astronomers. However, the most important changes that will be recognized and published in your papers will be the effects of the NESARA program announcement. 

Lavar:  Thank you dear Helena.  Our blessings and our prayers go out to you and your crew.  Mother Earth needs all the help it can get now.  We will be most pleased to welcome your coming and that of other Mother ships and their shuttles [for other parts of the world]. 

Feb/10/05,   First Contact, NESARA, & our Moon from Helena ****************(Chapter  68)***finish

Feb/11/05,   'Tour' of Spaceship Capricorn ****************************************(Chapter  69)***start

This 'tour' technique worked for me.  I actually experienced the '3 feet wide and 9 feet long' room before reading the words from Commander Korton.  (As described in Chapter 68, New Jerusalem is another name for Spaceship Capricorn.)        ~htl~    

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 9:48 AMSubject: Wake up Call, Commander Korton
> Let's take a visit in our minds and hearts to the New Jerusalem. 

> Wake up Call: Korton Feb 08, 05 

> My dear ones, I AM here this day to ask you to go outside and look to the heavens. When you do, you will see a multitude of ships that are there to welcome you to their midst. These ships may not be visible to you with your eyes, however they will be visible to your  knowing  as long as you realize that vision is but a measure of the ability that you have to go beyond the 3D and become the 5th and higher dimensionality of All That Is. I AM Commander Korton, and I invite you for a visit to one of our ships. Sit back for a few moments and I shall share with you a day on the New Jerusalem. 
> In the stillness of your inner mind, take a deep breath and hold that breath for a total of 5 seconds, then release it in a long drawn out breath that exits your body taking all of the unrest and tension with it to be transformed in the sweet energy of the cosmos. Do this three times, and then invite us into your beingness, as we prepare for the introduction to our home in the heavens. 
> We now take you into our chambers where we rest for a bit with the sounds of restoration surrounding the room. These sounds are the universal patterns of energy that rejuvenate and restore the peace and joy that may have been depleted somewhat from the work that we do in your behalf. We do this willingly and in joy for it means that in the accomplishment of our mission we shall enjoy a reunion with all of you that we have been eagerly anticipating for eons. 
> In these chambers, we take a few moments to gratefully immerse ourselves in the sweet energy of the music of the spheres, and then we walk into the next room, where we sustain a moment or two of restoration from the energies that run continually through this room. The room is narrow and long, perhaps in your terms, 3 feet wide and 9 feet long. As we glide through it on an elevated beam of energy, we are supplanted with the rejuvenating rays of light that we have deposited there from our storehouse within our beingness. It is what you might term a bank from which we draw energy for these purposes. 
> Upon leaving this corridor, we enter a room that is much like any you have seen in your science fiction movies and shows. This room is round, and in the middle are the places of command, the captain s port, and co-captain, the navigator, and the instruments director. These command ports are lined in a semi-circle for the most advantageous positioning for utmost communication. Most of our communication is telepathic, for much of our work here is precise and swift. We are in constant communication with the  equipment  and in so doing we are at all times in a state of animation that restores the balance and unity of the perfect operation of the ship. 
> As many of you realize, our ship is made up of living matter, it is energy, therefore biological. It has the ability to communicate with us, and even to advise when we are not seeing something that is advisable for a smooth operation. All around us are the instruments that are utilized for the operation of the ship. We are an integral part of the ship, as each of us has been instrumental in the creation of the ship. We have each been involved with the programming and need for the communication to be clear and concise. Before undergoing the creation of the ship, we came together and each stated our intent for the operation and unity of our collective roles on this ship. 
> Another factor of this ship, as with any other, is that there is a variability built in that allows for the changing of any of the personnel. There are no non-expendable personnel, and there are no ones who cannot be reassigned to another ship. This changing is simply regarded as a matter of communication of intent, and the change blends in with the intent of the whole. 
> Voice commands do have their place in the operation of this ship, for the voice holds a frequency as well. With the use of the voice, blended with the energy of intent comes an instant of recognition of intent that matches the actions that are to be followed. With the advent of the voice, comes a directive that there is to be an involvement with earth, or whatever planet of heavenly body is to be addressed. With this instant communication by voice comes the instant recognition that another frequency/dimension is to be activated, and the necessary adjustments are made. 
> One of those adjustments is to flow into the energy of the interdimensional chamber where the necessary adjustments are made for our involvement, and probable landing on earth are prepared for. This occurs when the necessary contacts with others on earth are made, and when we must make a journey through the atmosphere that surrounds earth. In this way, we are at all times being protected from the pollution that is present in your atmosphere and on the surface. 
> We meet often with the ones within the earth, and they at times come to us on the ship. During those times, they undergo a few moments of restoration as they have come through earth s atmosphere. This is but a momentary interlude, and then we meet and interact in the manner that has brought us together. 
> During their stay they are escorted to our meeting rooms, and this is where our hospitality is offered and their complete comfort is honored. We are very grateful to these ones, for they have been holding an energy for all those on the surface that has had a great stabilizing effect for all these eons. Without their presence the people of earth would have become extinct long ago. They have been in operation in their various places of maneuvers almost from their first time of setting up their cities under ground. But that is another story. 
> In our meeting rooms are various places of recline, what you would call couches, sofas and chairs. The difference is that these are pure energy, and they take a form of sorts, only to aesthetically be pleasing. They meld themselves to the body of whomever visits their energy, and they adjust to the temperature and chemical energies of those who recline with them. Another feature of these is that they detect if there is an imbalance within their field, and correct that in accordance with the will and intent of the person.  
> Around the room are various displays of flowers, vegetation, fine art of a celestial nature, and numerous instances of entertainment. All in the room is geared to the comfort and hospitality that we wish for our guests and ourselves. If there is refreshment served it is pure energy, and only for the satisfaction of the guests, for we recognize the appeal in certain ideas of pleasantry.  
> The guests are then returned to their homes, or are shown to their individual rooms if they desire to have a few moments or longer of respite. They are here on a mission, and in that they are respected and honored with their own habitat, which can be adjusted to be as they are accustomed to in their own homeland. 
> When it comes time for all of you on earth to close your eyes for sleep, we on the New Jerusalem do not need to sleep, we merely revitalize ourselves with our intent, and then offer our thanks to the Source for all that we are. We only require this when we have taken ourselves into an atmosphere that contains a degree of impurity. This is for the purpose of bringing our abilities to the measure that is necessary for the intervention that we are bringing to earth affairs at this time. Though this is not often the case, there are times when our involvement with activities has brought us to the influence of earth and then our restoration is but seconds away.  
> I AM sharing this with all of you at this time, for I wish to acquaint you with our home here in your heavens. We have been here for quite some time in your earth years, and now we are beginning to see the rainbow that means the pot of gold is immanent. We are seeing that all our efforts and all our involvement with the lightworkers on earth is about to manifest a great change that will make our work here with you much more involved. We are about to see the time when we will be spending much more time among you.  
> This will come about at the same time that First Contact does, for with the advent of your space family, will come the means by which to clean up Mother Earth, and thus provide not only a friendly environment in which for you to live, but also that will support our coming so that we may be able to work, play, and live with you as this great transformation of life on Mother Earth comes about.  
> We look forward so much to the time when we will all walk arm in arm, with our intent for a beautiful life on earth to match that of Heaven. We are glorying in the promise that these last days are bringing to the idea of peace of earth. We are taking our leave of the various instances when there was not much hope for the outcome of certain events on earth that seemed to be headed for destruction, and we have seen that these thoughtforms have been dissipated and in their place are rays of love, light, joy and promise for a bright and peaceful future for all on earth and in the heavens. 
> I have given you a glimpse into our home in the heavens this day, and I look forward to the day when you will be able to experience first hand what I have briefly outlined today. We here on the New Jerusalem are anticipating in joy the coming of our earthly visitors in the near future. At that time you will be remembering how it is to live the life of the angels and the Masters, for that is who you are. The welcome mat has been out and ready for centuries, and it is now strewn with the finest rose petals and lotus blossoms one can ever find, for they will never die, or be blemished, for they are pure energy in manifestation, just as you are. 
> You are blessed, and you bless our lives. We shower love down around you all, and offer up the glorious new times that are upon you. 

> Thank you dear Commander Korton, 
> Love, Nancy Tate 

Feb/11/05,   'Tour' of Spaceship Capricorn ****************************************(Chapter  69)***finish

Apr/05/05,   First Contact accelerates  ********************************************(Chapter  77)***start

 The First Contact process began on 2/22/2005 and as of 4/5/2005 is about to become a world-wide media event.    World peace, First Contact and Nesara are now now all coming into view!  More details from Hatonn and Sananda follow in four separate notes from 4/3 to 4/5/2005 through Nancy Tate and Candace Frieze.     ~htL~    Peter     

Message 1:My friends, take heart, things are heating up! 
Special Message from Hatonn: April 03, 05 
I have some news for all of you, and I ask that you deliver it to the world. It is this: 
Upon the close of this day there will be a stockpile of messages that will be delivered to the illuminati in the highest of their ranks that will disclose the benefits to their stepping down from their alleged powers and surrender to the Federation.  
In the event that they don t there will be a worldwide clearing of their influence and they will find that the orders given in the name of their allegiance to the darkness will fall on deaf ears and be blown away to the seeds of change.  
In turn these seeds of change will take root in the hearts of man and will bear a crop of light that will shine around the world as the ascension finality that it is germinating. 
You wish for us to give you details; that is forthcoming, to the extent that we are able. One point is that we have taken the liberty of dismantling all of the nuclear warheads on the planet and are as well taking away and dis-enabling all of the capability, even in potential of the manufacture of any nuclear weapons in the future. 
Another thing that we have done is to sidestep the administrations of the governing forces of the entire planet and are interfacing the potential for peaceful governance for every nation of earth. There is in place a company of lightbearers who are ready to take their positions as we give the signal.  
This will bring the ones who have been versed in this divine way of governance a place from which to educate the people of earth in the ways of this divinity of governance. We see that this is to be a gradual clearing of the old fear-based governments with the new light-based governance.  
Allow the gradual change to come about through the acceptance of the new ideas, for it will take some time for the old programming to be replaced with the wisdom that lives within the heart and soul of every person who lives on Mother Earth. 
Again, we tell you that with these new changes will come a whole new society on earth. This will be a welcome change to many, and to the rest it will take some time before their own light and wisdom is allowed to come forward and be comprehended. 
As we go about our activities this day, we do so with a great deal of joy. We find that with this joy we are acting in our power of transmutation, and we point this out so that you may see the power you have in action. This is a fact of universal law that all activity done in joy and peacefulness and with love and gratitude bears the intended results. 
Question: Many of us who are supporting this change are undergoing all kinds of ups and downs. Do you have something you can tell us to alleviate this anxiety and enable us to more peacefully endure this transition period? 
Hatonn: My reply to this is in two-parts; the first being that which you have all heard before, and that is that it takes a glad heart to reap glad results.  
The next part of this reply is that you can bring those glad results to your heart by seeing the stamp of love upon everything that you do. Know that this is being taken care of in the highest way through the perseverance that you carry for us and for the action that is being taken.  
Know that we are employing the use of your talents and your innate wisdom in the work that we do, for with this there is being established a lightworker base from which the final throes of the illuminati will fall.  
Your place in all of this, though till now has been in the background so to speak, will come out in active participation in a very short time. When this happens then you will see what you have been doing behind the scenes and how it is going to affect your lives. 
There is an old saying among those of us who have been watching and monitoring all of you and the activities you engage in. That is; there is nothing grander than seeing the fallen in action and seeing them rise to the occasion despite the odds. This is a lesson to all of us to persevere and bring to the table the best elixir of the senses that can come to the awareness of any sentient being. 
Question: How does this all fit in now with the public First Contact. 
Hatonn: This is the sequential part of the proceedings, depending on how the ones of the illuminati respond to our invitation to step down and reveal their ways of governance to have been for naught, to have been for their benefit only.  
In the event that the leaders of the illuminati do not take the initiative and declare their confession, there will be a standing down of the family from the Federation. When we say standing down, we mean that there will be a declaration by our constituents on earth that we are ready to take over the governance of the world powers and replace them with our own representatives who are already on earth, and in place to come forward. 
This is the interim government that is spoken of in the law that was passed in the united states, and has been awaiting announcement. We will come to the surface of the earth in numbers that represent the necessity to bring about a swift and peaceful resolution to the tyranny that has besieged earth society for all these years and especially the past 100 years. 
In the event that the illuminati leaders do not make their confession, we will come in numbers and the way will be clear for our course of action. When we come to earth and direct the employment of this new way of governance, it will be because the leaders of the present regime have not stepped down and given their confession before the world. 
Either way we will be able to come to all of you in an open manner and be presented by the new leaders of governance as the peaceful, loving members of the Galactic Federation and representatives of the family of the Universe of which all of those on earth are surely a part. 
So in a nutshell there are two choices; we see them confess and then we come with the interim announcement, or we come in numbers to show the people of the world who these illuminati are and what they have been doing. Either way, NESARA will be announced and implemented. 
This is the beginning of a constant stream of updates from the various messengers who carry our energies. There will be a wave of information that will accelerate and fill the Internet with news and backing up with activities that will come forth across the television and other means of communication. 
Thank you dear Commander Hatonn, 
Love, Nancy Tate 
Message 2:----- Original Message ----- From: "Nancy Tate" <>To: <>Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 11:27 AMSubject: Wake up Call, Hatonn & Sananda, through Candace Frieze
> Today things are happening, and we stand united. 

> Hatonn April 04, 05  

> Hatonn Update: April 03, 05, 9:00pm,mt 
> An update: We have served the papers to the leaders of the illuminati, and they received them with silence and a bit of trembling. We will continue to stand down for the time it takes for them to make known their response. When we handed them their packets they gave us a wary smile and then looked at the signatures on the envelopes. That is when the grave expressions came over them. 
> Hatonn: April 04,05 
>          The above message is an update of what I told you all yesterday; as you see I gave it to Nancy last night. Today I would like to fill you in on some more developments and what you as a people together can do to support our actions.          We take a great deal of care to assure that our steps toward a peaceful resolution of the activities of First Contact go as planned. However, with the stubbornness of the Cabal that is in place at this time, we are finding that we must take certain actions that stretch the peaceful resolution that we strive for.          With this declaration, we have come to measures that go outside of the law of universal expectations in a situation such as this. We have had to end the life of one of the persons we spoke of yesterday, as he was in a position to render the entire east coast of the united states non-existent through his set up of a nuclear armament that was directed to the eastern shore of the Washington DC area. Of course this !
> attack would have completely destroyed the eastern coast and had its devastating effect on most of the world.          We had to end this person s life before the point of detonation, for he had found a way to surpass our efforts at completely clearing and disabling all of the nuclear weaponry, as was reported in yesterday s message. We have found his capability for this action, and have assured that it not happen again.He was able to infiltrate the areas surrounding the White house, and through his own abilities to bring forth the elements from the atmosphere, he created the weapon. He came across this ability quite by accident, and has taken that knowledge with him to the other side. He was the only person on earth with that knowledge, and that has been confirmed by the angelic realm including Metatron himself. 
> Now my dear ones, we are in the midst of bringing a lawful stand against the ones who would see that there be no peace on earth. We have taken the initiative to meet with certain parties who have repeatedly avoided our warnings and have taken it upon themselves to regain their control of certain banks, through their employment of tactics that exceed those they have used before. 
> We have stopped their actions and have taken them off planet. They are no longer a part of this earth plan, and are to be held in captivity until such time as the tribunal of galactic law meets to decide their fate. This will take place as soon as activities of cleaning up Mother Gaia are well underway, which is to be very soon. 
> We are no longer pussyfooting around and taking our time to allow the cabal to ruin any more lives. We are taking the measures necessary, with the blessings of Heaven, to bring planet earth and all life on her surface to a glory that has not been seen ever. We are taking the part of the strong-arm guard and following through with the measures that are necessary to give all of you the new beginning that you so richly deserve. 
> We desired to allow the cabal to come to the recognition of their light as was set down in the original plan. However, several months ago we appealed to Heaven to allow us to intervene through any means possible, and we have now received the blessings to go ahead and do that. 
> You have long stood in the shadow of the illuminati, and when the smoke clears, you will all be informed as to how this has happened and what we are doing to assist you to the light way of living on planet earth. You have withstood much in this life, and have not realized the trap you have fallen into. This is about to be over, and you will be re-energized with a new vitality that will give you the strength and passion that lie in wait for expression within all of you. 
> With this new vitality you will be able to work side by side with us and bring a glorious new face to the society on earth. You will also bring a whole new substance to earth life as you go about building not only a new face, but also a whole new body to the earth and her societal life. 
> For now, what we suggest is that you find the strength, which you have immeasurably, and see that our activities are reaping the results that are intended. Know that with these measures we take we are assisting you to the finest hour that you have seen on earth. Continue to follow the courses that you employ, and act as if the life that we project for you is already in place and running smoothly. 
> This is the strength that backs up our abilities in the interest of bringing you a firm foundation on which to further the peaceful planet and joy of living that is your inheritance. We speak now of the ability that you have to overcome all obstacles and reach out far and wide in the healing of the earth and all of her inhabitants. 
> We love the glow of your aura, for there is one beautiful glow that surrounds the planet at this time. It is the collective aura of all of you, for you are hearing this news as a whole united in the energy of NESARA and what it stands for. This has come about through the energy work of many of you lightworkers, and we are humbled by your greatness. 
> I shall return later today with further updates. Until then, see that with the various other messengers other than Nancy we are speaking to the heart of earth, and you are listening. The proof is in the pudding, and we are cooking up a delicious dessert for all of you. 

> Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,Love, Nancy Tate 

> Hi Everyone,           
> I think it will interest you to read this wonderful message from Sananda, through Candace Frieze. This came yesterday, and reinforces what Hatonn has told us in the two messages, yesterday and today.     
> Love,          
> Nancy 
Message 3:> Stand Down & Stand Aside  
> Sun, 03 Apr 2005 21:40:38 -0700  

> By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel  

> Dear Readers, we have a strong message to put out tonight of great importance. Send it far and wide. I let Sananda now take over. 
> Sananda: My followers, the time has come to quit putting up with the endless games of the BBB&G's. The Galactic Federation has had enough. So have you. This Pope was sent to his grave, to further try to disrupt NESARA and the Contact events. I will discuss the Pope at the end of this message. 
> Today, through out the world, the Star people on the ground hand delivered messages to the major players in government through out the entire world. It is a stand down order. It was not delivered by White Knights on the ground, but rather by Galactic Federation personnel. The message is that they should Stand Down and Stand Aside. 
> Now I am addressing any of the BBB&Gs reading this message. This is your lost cause. We have intervened, and those of you receiving the messages have been given a very small time limit in which to make your decisions, as to whether or not you will cooperate. It matters not to myself whatsoever, whether you do or not. Know that you are going to be removed if you do not do so. I mean business, as do the many members of Galactic Federation of Light. You have had your period of owning the Earth. It is time now for the people of Earth to own and run their planet. 
> Now, dear friends and workers in the light of these so many years, we, all of us are come. All the many years of endless incarnations are coming to an end. It is your time to stand and be counted amongst my supporters. This is what we have awaited these eons. It is over. The end is here. The new has started. Find in yourselves your finest sense of Christhood. This Second Coming event is for all of us. Give your gifts unto Earth. 
> Now a short message about the Pope, recently passed from your plane. In fact, this person that passed is a clone. The real John Paul was a lighted soul, intending to heal his church. He was killed and replaced back when there was the attempted assassination. He refused to follow his orders. He has worked these any years on your Other Side. How much difference he could have made had he not been murdered. When your BBB&G's learned cloning, they put it to their best possible use. This clone actually died one day before stated. Satanic practices don't allow the death of a Pope on the day of fools. But these ones are definitely fools. I do so hope they will chose not to be fools any longer. Now, I leave you for the present, I still have a number of challenges ahead, and I hope that every one of these BBB&G's receiving of the messages today, or reading my above stand down and stand aside will chose to take the Grace of God. Go in great peace tonight, and know once more, I AM COME,!
>  Sananda.  

> Candace: There is nothing for me to add to this. I write this message for Sananda in the greatest of joy in my being tonight.  Take care, dear ones, Candace  

Message 4:will they choose remorse of be taken off planet? 
Hatonn Update: April 04-05, 7:00pm, mt 
My message to you all this evening is that there is much taking place in the kitchen and it isn t all spoiled supper. As we progressed through this day, we came to the conclusion that there is much more to the compatriots that come together than meets the eye. 
We have seen that within a matter of hours there has been a mass awakening of souls who are here to begin their journey toward the sun. These ones are the family and sometimes the friends, neighbors and acquaintances of the leaders who are in this position of remorse, or being taken off planet.  
We have given them exactly 24 hrs from the time of deliverance of the documents to make their decision. There is to be no variance from this schedule, and the time is running close. 
These abovementioned ones in the lives of the leaders of the illuminati are using their powers of influence to guide their loved ones to an equitable solution for them and for all of humanity. They see that with their decisions there can be no compromise. Though they love them, they do not wish to see the rest of the world suffer in order to keep them in their midst. 
Because of this, there is a great shift taking place in the memoirs of the families that have held so much power up till now. With this shift we are seeing a grand exodus of the ones who are beyond the influence of their loved ones. Also we are seeing a wonderful assessment of the possibility that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for some of them.  
This is the deciding factor for those who waver from their truth. This is the time in which their fate is sealed irrevocably, for we will not falter and fade from our stand, for it is solid in light. We know that when the night is over, and the sun rises on a brand new day, we will have seen a separation of the wheat from the chaff, and the world will begin to hear the truth of the night s activities. 
This truth may come disguised at first as representatives of the truth come forward with their stories. These stories may contain diversions that belie their courage to give forth all they know. Such is the power of threat and coercion. This too will pass and the courage for all the truth will spread its wings and reveal all. 
I go now to meet with a member of the Federation who has just met with the remaining ones who are in the process of decision-making. These are the times that try men s souls, and these men are tried and will seek to rely on their destiny to pull them out of this one. 
Thank you dear Commander Hatonn, 
Love, Nancy Tate 

Apr/05/05,   First Contact accelerates  ********************************************(Chapter  77)***finish

Apr/09/05,   Preparation for First Contact & Nesara is complete  ***************(Chapter  78)***start

In today's transmission through Mike Quinsey, St. Germain talks about the current 26,000 year cycle... ascension... and the most important point of all... "The Universal Laws are based on love and the recognition that All are equal, and One with God".     This email becomes Chapter 78 in the freely available co-created eBook on Many of ONE.     ~htL~    Peter       

St Germain  04.09.05 


The completion of all the preparation for the next stages that lead to the coming announcement have been made. It is just a period of waiting until the correct time, and then all shall go ahead. The next phase is carefully planned and will proceed with relative ease because of this. Once the obstructive elements of the dark have been fully curtailed, then all shall openly take place. This is obviously desirable and necessary as we need the full co-operation of not just our allies, but all of Humanity. 


Because NESARA and First Contact have brought many people together in a common cause, it has hastened events and speeded up their growth in consciousness. The latter has been a separate issue of long standing, and started as this cycle did 26,000 years ago. It is the completion of cycles within cycles that has brought this one to such an important conclusion. It is the end-time of duality and the beginning of an integrated consciousness, that will see you restored as Galactic Beings with full consciousness.


The Light is now a powerful force on Earth, and grows ever more rapidly as the dark is losing its power. The days of oppression and bondage are ending, and helped immensely by the actions of those who are awakening to their true self. With growing confidence, many are standing up and challenging the unlawful acts that are against your constitutional rights. As the momentum of even this small change gathers force, so it will further the efforts to halt the activities of the dark. As more of you recognise the way in which your freedom is being removed, so there will be a counter force that will bring pressure to bear upon the dark. 


Your greatest problem is that you are left very much to find your own truth, as the media not only manipulate your news but falsely report it. Perhaps you accept that for political reasons certain editors will naturally have a bias, but what you have seen is a suppression of news on a large scale. Your media is a powerful tool cleverly used by the dark, and opposition to it is not tolerated. In a balanced society, you would expect matters to be given equal status and presented fairly. However, once the changes take place, the whole situation will be addressed very quickly and you will be given truthful reporting. 


The truth of your past is a shocking catalogue of manipulation and deceit, which has reached a new peak this century. For hundreds of years powerful beings have played politics and religion, and many times against each other. The wealth of the land has gradually been acquired by the privileged few, who have perpetuated their ideas into present times. With the sudden growth of advanced technology, they have found a means to implement their plans for world domination. Have you not wondered why so many inventions are simply designed for warlike purposes that have no possible use for peaceful purposes? The technology that could have helped Humanity to progress has been deliberately suppressed. With it, many of today’s problems would have been overcome some years ago, and free energy is one of the principle areas. 


Without being able to introduce the technology that will solve many problems, the conditions worsen and become chaotic. The dark have taken advantage of these situations, and in creating need make you more dependent upon them. This also enables them to control the money markets in which they use their knowledge to cream off your wealth. All of this could have been totally changed if a different reality had been created. Sad to say, over millennia of time you have accepted domination by those who would lead for selfish reasons, and have established a hierarchy benefiting the privileged few. 


So many of you have recognised what has been taking place under your very noses. You have looked for a different way and found it in spiritual enlightenment, and helped create the new reality that has effectively lessened the power of the old. Once enlightened, you see the world with a new pair of eyes, you can stand back and understand what is needed to bring change. What you cannot do without help, is bring in the changes quickly enough so that they will remedy the situation. This is why the Hierarchy decided that the forces of Heaven would be placed before you, and the plan of the Creator would be helped to manifest for those who are desirous and ready for Ascension. In bygone times you have failed to achieve your potential, and each time a new cycle has commenced with yet another opportunity to try again. 


There is no disgrace or failure connected with your choosing to reject the opportunity to ascend. You have Infinity in which to experience and you do so at your choice of speed. What is known, is that every single soul will eventually achieve a higher consciousness and will come into the Light of the higher dimensions. The Universal Laws are based on love and the recognition that All are equal, and One with God. 


I am St Germain and ask you to concentrate on the ultimate goal of Ascension. Leave the every day problems behind and know that soon they shall no more intrude into your life. You will reclaim that position of one who has sovereignty, and enjoy your freedom once more. I work behind the scenes, but soon I shall be openly amongst you. Go forward in strength and unyielding purpose, knowing you have great Beings of Love walking with you. 


Thank you St. Germain 


Mike Quinsey    

Apr/09/05,   Preparation for First Contact & Nesara is complete  ***************(Chapter  78)***finish

Apr/17/05,   First Contact Fine Tuning  ********************************************(Chapter  79)***start

The First Contact process started on February 22, 2005.

Today's message from Hatonn through Nancy Tate is a wonderful example of how 
our brothers and sisters from the Lighted Realms are constantly adjusting 
the First Contact Process to help us accommodate the strength of their pure 
Light and unconditional Love.

Triggered by First Contact process, some of those on earth who have played a 
role in the dark have now chosen the Light.  The Lighted Realm is helping 
them by allowing time for their adjustment to the brilliance/strength of 
Love and Light.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Nancy Tate" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 5:44 PM
Subject: Special Hatonn Message

> Compassion renders everything light and loving.
> Update Hatonn, April 17, 05
> There came 3 knocks.
> Nancy: Hello, how are things going?
> Hatonn: My dear things are hopping.
> I would like to share some news with you and the world. There is to be a 
> gathering tonight of top officials in the White House who have found our 
> efforts to be not only comforting, but welcome and agreed upon as well.
> This is going to take some time in preparing to complete the assigned 
> tasks that are in order for this announcement to take place. With these 
> tasks, each of the officials will be taking their place in the lineup of 
> the presentation of certain facts. These will serve to open the 
> proceedings for the coming to justice of the ones responsible for the 9/11 
> event.
> When this happens then there will be a resumption of the orders, under 
> Constitutional law that will bring all those responsible to the courts of 
> the land. This will in turn satisfy the ones who choose to live here and 
> carry on in the manner in which this country and the world will be 
> carrying itself.
> There will be a return to Constitutional law as we have told you. In this 
> fact there lives the knowledge that the results of this court case will 
> set the precedent for the future of the justice system in this country, 
> and eventually will be the backbone of the judicial systems around the 
> globe, for it represents the Divinity of all.
> I would also like to inform all of you that there is validity to what has 
> been reported thus far as to the events of last night April 16, 05. There 
> is to be a full disclosure of what has taken place as soon as it is time 
> to bring that forward. Please understand that there is a need for a degree 
> of secrecy at this time, in the interest of protection of certain ones. We 
> will continue to reveal the facts through various messengers, as we are 
> able to bring them to you.
> One more point I will make is that there is to be a coming time when all 
> of the facts will be available to everyone, and then there will be a 
> reckoning for all as to what they can see as their reality.
> In the interest of peace and love between all, I suggest that you remember 
> this one important truth: love is surrounding each and every messenger at 
> every moment. The truth shall will-out and all is imperfect order. This is 
> a time for compassion and love between all of the beautiful people in the 
> world.
> Question: What about those who have been held in security in the basement 
> of the White House?
> These ones are under our security still. There is an ongoing process 
> through which they will come to an understanding as to the veracity of 
> their words. They have faced our tribunal, and before they are able to 
> come before the people of the united states, they will have to undergo a 
> simple procedure that will determine their ability to appear in a manner 
> that befits their stature in some of the people s eyes.
> This means that they will have a degree of modicum about them, and they 
> will carry with them their true countenance that represents that they are 
> in good hands. We have given them the best accommodations and they have 
> had the best of care from our medical staff. We have employed the chefs 
> from the White House kitchens to serve them healthy and grand food.
> We have no interest in presenting them in a light that speaks of their 
> supposed distress. We strive to allow them to come to terms with their 
> lot, and to benefit from our council. We love them, and we intend for them 
> to be allowed their own voice. This is not an incarceration that keeps 
> them in severe bondage. This is a time in which we surround them with the 
> light of truth and the love and compassion that brings flame to the spark 
> of love.
> Our foremost desire is to have these ones come to a degree of light and 
> love that they have not experienced for eons. This is a daunting task, and 
> as we proceed with our rehabilitations we are finding that they, though 
> slow to respond, are showing signs of becoming more of who they are, and 
> being able to shed the shell of non-emergence in which they have resided.
> I would like to share with you some of how this works. When the ones we 
> speak of, the leaders of this country who are members of the illuminati, 
> were taken into custody, they became unglued, as you may put it. When this 
> happened, they became as frightened children, and found no solace in what 
> we were offering them, which was a complete and total rehabilitation and 
> refuge on another planet where they could begin the journey back to their 
> light.
> They could not comprehend this as being in their favor, for our mere 
> presence caused them excruciating pain. With this knowledge, we created a 
> shield between them and us that would lessen the affect we had on them, so 
> that they could experience this with some degree of normalcy. We were then 
> able to communicate with them in a more equitable manner.
> With this development, we then began to address them with an offer to 
> begin their rehabilitation, and then they would be able to face the 
> people, and not be  stoned  or unduly deprecated by them. At first they 
> were absolutely not going to even think of this, for they were above all 
> that, and they were the rulers over the people.
> We recognized that this is not the time for them to be facing the public, 
> and that in order for them to eventually be able to, they would need to 
> face our line of rehabilitation in a way that they set their own pace. 
> Understand that when this sort of energy is present, that of complete and 
> total thought of anarchy, there is no room for anything less than feel