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'What will be' continues until WE change it!

What are some of the 'Return Path' conditions that may be encountered?  

Shares information regarding the return to multidimensionally and living from Heart.  

 Webpage updated Apr22/10

 This webpage is a 'roll of information'... like a "dot connecting" scroll with sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.


  Section                           Brief Description                                         Date  

  1. Introduction                               How to increase understanding andyour benefits                           Mar12/10
  2. Twirling Around                          Why twirling is likely to happen                                       
  3. Allow the Whirlwinds                  Why whirlwinds are likely to happen                                
  4. Swirling could Happen                How to detect, address, and mitigate painful swirling        
  5. Working Interdimensionally         It's like remembering dreams plus more                           
  6. Sleep                                        Rest for our body and our multidimensional veil                
  7. Intuition                                     Not a gut feel, hunch or feeling... just a knowing               
  8. Love Modulation                         This form of information delivery is instantaneous              
  9. Physical Confirmation                 It feels good... it feels right... it gets easier                       
                                                    ... Physical Heart Health starts to improve
  10. Creative Play                             Prolonged periods of higher joy                                        
  11. Ring of 5 Pearls                         Heaven while on Earth                                                      
  12. Eighth Chakra                            New information to many, one of the 5 Pearls                                 Apr21/10
  13. me Becomes We                        7 Days after the 'Ring of 5 Pearls'                                                 Ap22/10


  1  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Understanding of Sections 14 thru 19 on the Home webpage is very beneficial.  This Return Path webpage is only applicable to those who are in the process of 'Leaping the Gap' from egocentric to Heartcentric living.  

Comfort Zone, Section 24, Home webpage is almost useless to us now because prior attention, beliefs and choices have been based on egocentric living.    Our mind has not yet been programmed for navigation within other dimensions and/or realities.  

A key part of 'Leaping the Gap' is the significant amount of new programming to be gradually added to our mind...  Spin 4, Section 25, Home webpage.  Spin 4 and constant practice are very efficient ways to accomplish the new programming.  

Mar12/10   The 12 'along the way' indicators to our Magic Future are shared within Section 10, First Contact & Magic Future webpage.  


  2  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Twirling Around:  

For most of our life, we have kept the attention of our mind focused in 3D (third dimension).  This means our mind is only programmed for 3D living.  

As we begin to expand... and to practice navigating additional dimensions/realities,  the multidimensional programming process starts to gain traction.  

Until this complex programming process is almost complete,  we will occasionally experience periods of 
physical disorientation... including the sensation of going around in circles... or "twirling around".  


  3  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Allow the Whirlwinds:  

Much of the multidimensional programming process requires the distraction of our mind so the new programming 
can be integrated.  

The basic concept of a whirlwind is allowance... which is a frequency raising form of attention.  
Magic Words, Section 11.  

Until this complex multidimensional programming process is complete, we will experience many many many periods of mindless activities... activities we can simply choose to allow, enjoy and celebrate... or to "allow the whirlwinds".  


  4  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Swirling could Happen:  

If you are really "pushing the envelope" of return to multidemsional/Heartcentric living... periods of intense pain 
caused by swirling energies in the frontal area of the skull could happen... especially the forehead, eyes, and
jaws areas. 

This is much like trying to raise kundalini energy too quickly... the resulting pain can be intense. The upside is that the benefits start earlier... there is always a tradeoff in duality while we are still living egocentrically.  

The first thing that could happen is the normal pain killers will start being less effective... and then completely stop working.  There is no place to hide from the intense pain.  The following protocol sequence takes about 10 minutes:  

  • Unplug any anti-gravity devices such as a G-Mac
  • Repeat the Magic Sound several times (loud & resonant)
  • Perform Spin 4 once
  • Perform one or three Prana/photon Breaths (with focus on pineal)
  • Ask for immediate help from Heart Parts in the realms/dimensions of faster vibrations...
  • ... this includes trusting Inspiration#18 to have already advised a few on-planet friends
  • use hot towel on face
  • last, use cold towel on face

You could immediately experience reduced pain and sleep shortly after starting the cold towel.  

Continue using the Magic Sound, Spin 4, & Photon Breaths on a daily basis... using Inspiration#18 for how many times during each session.  

Follow the lead of the physical body for additional rest/sleep during the next several days and consider the protocols described on the Health webpage, Section 13,  Health Topic 24,  Infections, Jaw.  


  5  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Working Interdimensionally:  

It's much like remembering dreams... plus requires a great deal of practice... and, initially, trust.    

If we ever have kept a dream journal for at least 1000 days, we were actually practicing for returning to 
'working Interdimensionally'.  We were already preparing ourself for the 2012 opportunity.  This may seem strange but remember there is no time... there is only Now.  Time/Now, Section 38, Home webpage.  

Sometimes we simply wake up knowing new things to do... very similar to a 'during the day' Inspiration#18.  

"After a new step is taken, the Lotus Blossom will appear." 

If the 'Lotus Blossom' of new choices from Interdimensional Heart Parts appeared before a new step was taken, free will could be compromised.  Heart Parts, Section 15, Home webpage.  

Upon daily practice... trust and understanding starts to rapidly develop for Working Interdimensionally... and life starts to become an even more magical experience.  



  6  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 



Sleep allows rest/rejuvenation for the physical body and serves as a multidimensional veil.  Veils, Section 41, Home webpage.  

This is why working Interdimensionally is much like remembering dreams.  

Remembering dreams requires practice... the more we practice, the better we become.  



  7  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 




Not a gut feel, hunch or feeling... just a knowing.  

There is no physical sensation with Intuition... we just know something... from the area near our physical heart.  
This area near our physical heart is located at the center of the ribcage.  

Things that we already know are not intuition.  'Intu' sounds like 'into'... meaning the information is not there yet.

Intuition is another word for Inspiration  Magic Words, Section 18.   

Inspiration comes thru our unique connection to the ONE Heart... and travels on the 'carrier wave' of Love.  
This is why there is no physical sensation or delay associated with true Inspiration... all of the sudden we just know something new.   

Being able to separate gut feels, hunches or feelings from Intuition takes practice.  




  8  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 




Love Modulation:  

Love Modulation, or "LM", delivers Information with zero propagation delay... the delivery is instantaneous.  

Most of us are familiar with AM and FM radio.  AM signifies Amplitude Modulation... FM, Frequency Modulation. 

In the case of AM, constant amplitude serves as the information carrier wave.  In the case of FM, the carrier wave is constant frequency.  There are propagation delays following the known laws of physics for both AM & FM.  

Heart to Heart LM is the only form of communication with no delay.  The carrier wave for LM is Love, or the Resonance of Stillness#1.  This Resonance is most similar to a standing wave but is always present and always inter-connected.  

High vibration levels are required for LM.  Low vibration levels are destroyed when trying to access LM.  

The three qualities of Omni-presence, zero noise and no delay make it the perfect carrier wave for information. 
This is an obvious conclusion, as Love is at the very foundation of our massive Creation of about 200 Billion Universes.  




  9  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Physical Confirmation:  

We start the Return Path to Love... or LM... or Heartcentric living… by shedding our frequency lowering 'baggage'.  

This 'baggage' includes:  

  1. Karma                         Home, Section 31              Magic Words, Section 15
  2. Personal agendas                                            Magic Words, Section 14
  3. Distractions                 Home, Section 31         
  4. Veils                           Home, Section 41         
  5. Physical body toxins                                                                                     Health, Section 8

As we begin to shed this frequency lowering 'noise',  our frequencies start to rise and rise and rise... and physical heart health starts to improve.                                                                               Heart, Section 7

As frequencies rise, more and more of our three bodies (physical, emotional, mental) become synchronized 
with our spiritual body.  The synchronizing agent is Love... with 'assistance' from the pineal gland.   
                                                                                                                           Home, Section 8

Spin 4 helps to accelerate the frequency raising process.                                        Home, Section 25

Heart Strength starts to increase... leading to a life free of fear.                               Home, Section 20         

Life starts to become more and more magical... as we raise our vibrations higher and higher.  

24/7 navigation becomes easy.  We simply 'surf' and dance through life by acting on our Inspirations#18(Intuition)... confirming with physical resonance#19... and trusting the flow#20.                            Home, Section 23         


  10  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Creative Play:  

As life becomes more magical and you choose#13 to eliminate personal agenda#14,  anticipate... prolonged 
periods of higher joy... basically spent in 'creative play'.                                           Home, Section 23         

Most interests shift... from personal interests and activities... to helping other people.  

The pure act of creation contains incredible levels of joy.  There is no concern about receiving credit or 
recognition... because you are now rejoining and experiencing Love #9 and 'ONE ness'.  

The scientific source of this joy is that all two hundred billion Universes within 'ONE ness' are benefiting by 
more organization and less chaos at the level of photon pairs#8.  Less chaos means less noise masking 
Love#9... or the resonance of Stillness#1.               Section 8, above, Love Modulation        Magic Words, Sections 1,8,9,13,14


  11  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Ring of 5 Pearls:  

March 6th 2010, one day after a rare major Date Fractal there has already been confirmation of the importance.  

Those who have worked with Merkaba know that the very last part comes from within.  The "Ring of 5 Pearls" gift also comes from within.  It will come when each one of us is ready.  The 'Ring of 5 Pearls' has much precision... when the information is highlighted... significant attention to details may eventually be highly rewarding.  

The 'Ring of 5 Pearls' is the final 'AH HA'... combining all other major 'ah ha’s' throughout life.  

The ring is like our 'silver cord'... except more platinum like than silver.  This invisible platinum ring connects the upper portion of our physical being with with our multidemsional Heart Parts and Stillness#1 within the center of our ribcage.  

The five pearls are Stillness#1, thymus area, pituitary area, pineal area, and the eighth chakra.  

20 Components:  

  • Study/meditation is required for each 'ah ha' to eventually come from within.  

  • near 100% X-Factor;   sub-second Heart Strength
  • Distractions (none);   attention#11 (complete transition);    karma#15 (balanced and released)

  • Nature will start the gift with 10 to 20 minutes of direct sunlight to the face ...

  • ... followed by a most incredible/loud combination of bird sounds

  • Daily 'Magic Sound' followed by 'Spin 4' then leads to a beyond normally high level of Awareness#17

  • Note sequence of sun (photons), birds (balancing frequencies), Magic Sound, Spin 4

  • Pearl
  • Stillness#1

  • Pinealpituitarythymus

  • Well of Dreams

Well of Dreams is the 8th Chakra.  



One interpretation of our new 13 Chakra System:


  12  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Eighth Chakra:  

The Eighth Chakra is the Multidimensional portion or our Being#17...  the place of dwelling for our always connecting Heart Parts of the higher vibrations... the connection point of 'ONE ness".  

The Eighth Chakra has been speculated, discussed and described for centuries... Google research on March 10th 2010,  produced about 798,000 results.  Two examples from different perspectives follow... text ... video  

The one common theme is that the Eighth Chakra is special and highly desirable.  

April 21, 2012:  The eighth chakra is where we connect to the Holographic Shared Mind.  Our chosen vibration level is the navigation tool within the Shared/Common Mind.   


  13  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


me Becomes We:  

Exactly seven days after the 'Ring of 5 Pearls' event, the 'me to We' transition takes place.  

The first thing understood is that all categories including Guides, Angels, Higher Self, and Divine Beings, are part of the same team... part of 'ONE ness'.  

All is ONE... and part of ONE team.  Thus 'me or I' loses all identification and becomes meaningless.  Everything becomes one multidimensional team... all surfing on Love.  'Me' becomes 'we' or 'us'... and is constantly changing.  

The largest team is 'Stillness#1 plus everything and everyone' spread among almost 200 Billion Universes.  Another name for this team is 'God'... or Love... or perfection.  

The smallest possible team is experienced by lowering vibrations and then using fear/distractions to create the illusion of separation.  The experience 'we' have just finished.  

The second thing understood is there was a preliminary process of exactly 12 weeks leading up to the 'Ring of 5 Pearls' event... followed by the ONE week integration process.

The total 'me to We' transition process is a 13 week, or 91 day process... no more, no less.  



   Symbol from Signs and Symbols, Section 0, Homewebpage.  

April 22, 2012:  Becoming 'We' again is beyond description.  The phrase "Heaven on Earth" doesn't suffice... as we all are free to imagine our individual "Heaven".    Perception, Section 35, More Subjects webpage

Becoming 'We' again is metaphorically like Being#17 at a giant round table... constantly expanding and contracting.  With a "musical chairs" of We's taking place... but always enough chairs for any We who wishes to join the meeting of equals... by coming forward and sitting at the round table.  All the 'We' parts are pure Love... no "Light Suits" are used.  

Light Suits could be misunderstood as separation and/or a spiritual pecking order.  

There can be a chair for each Universe.  This is one massive metaphoric roundtable!     Roundtable of 'ONE ness', Section 46, More Subjects  webpage

All Points of Being use the same holographic mind which contains all experience#5.  .  


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Return Path webpage top

This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  



We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!!!
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