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Apr06/10:  This symbol is from Signs and Symbols.  Being with it in prayer will provide an overwhelming feeling of calm and safety.  Also, the symbol is a very powerful tool to use in helping disaster areas heal quickly and experience much higher levels of vibration after each disaster event,  


The rest of this webpage examines the 'long cycle' period of 248,000 years... the time required for our galaxy to make one complete revolution. The current cycle ends on December 21, 2012. We will reunite with our 'Heartcentric Space Brothers and Sisters' before the new long cycle starts our Magic Future.  

Webpage updated Nov01/10

This webpage is a 'roll of information'... a scroll of "dot connecting" sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.  

        ******************** CONTENTS *******************    
      Section                    Brief Description                   Date   
1   Introduction   First Contact & resulting Magic Future after the return of our 'Space Brothers and Sisters'   Jan16/10
We are all 
many of one
  Energy for change growing worldwide; life in Heaven; the soul, soul reunions; prayers; universal law of attraction; karma; Earth humankind origin; direct connection with
God; ET helpers
3   Choice of 
Planet A or B
'What will be' continues, until we change it
4   4th thru 7th Dimensions   The types of experiences available in the 4th through 7th dimensions    
5   We have not 
been Alone
  The 280,000 years old origins of humans   Apr24/10
6   Disclosure   Official recognition of friendly ET's by U.S. Government
delayed again
7   Understanding First Contact Issues   Comprehensive understanding of First Contact from off planet    
8   Pre First Contact   Beyond typical UFO Sightings of prior 6 decades    
9   First Contact   "From Within" started May 1/2, 2010   Nov01/10
10   Magic Future   Living from Planet A   Aug17/10


1  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The return to Love and 'ONE ness', will include the on-planet & visible return of our 'Space Brothers and Sisters'... our true kith and kin (billions).  Most of the "ETs" (trillions) do not qualify as our kith & kin... because they do not yet choose Being within Love and 'ONE ness'.  Some of our true kith & kin have recently been described by Sheldan Nidle on his website...  

Ready for First Contact?
Meet the Team

Lyrans [Shama’an] improve their environment; best diplomats; first human star nations; mediators between human star nations and non-human sentient beings

Centaurians [Zamaya] the administrators, very organized; very intense, efficient managers; analytical nature; they get the job done

Pleiadeans [Shala’am] interact with their environment; galactic historians; environmental scientists; developed time travel because of their historic curiosity

Sirians [Selamat Ja!] absorb their environment; the spiritual healers; service-oriented; laid back; exploring joy and playing games

Herculeans [Selama’at Jara!] great psychologists; experts at Fluid Group Dynamics; problem solvers; goal-oriented

Andromedans [Acharaya] best scientific innovators; developed replicators and space craft propulsion systems; most diverse culture; known throughout galaxy for ritual chants   

A five minute video clip sharing how each of the above says 'hello'...  


2  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are all many of one:  .

Norway phenomenon ET produced; Obama; energy for change growing worldwide; life in Heaven; the soul, soul reunions; prayers; universal law of attraction; karma; Earth humankind origin; whales; animal evolution; message from 9/11 souls; love, fear; convictions create; peace coming; direct connection with God; synchronicity; ET helpers  


3  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Choice of Planet A or B:  

From the Home webpage... Question 14)  "What 'will be' will beis not true.  An accurate statement is "What will be continues, until we change it".  We change things by changing our agendachoices and attention.  

This 101 page on-line document comes from information shared by "Cosmic Awareness" during 2008 and 2009.  The information is consistent with Love and 'ONE ness'... and provides many many details.  We all have choices for a unique set of experiences... no exceptions...  

Aug16/10:  The Planet AB configuration started July 31st 2010... after a 21 year gestation period.Planet A will separate from Planet B no later than Winter Solstice 2011.  

The eight Fibonacci harmonic dates between July 31st 2010 and December 21st 2011 are...

  • 2.1%,   August 10, 2011 
  • 3.4%,   August 17, 2010 
  • 5.6%,   August 28, 2010 
  • 9.0%,   September 14, 2010 
  • 14.6%, October 13, 2010 
  • 23.6%, November 27, 2010 
  • 38.2%. February 10, 2011 
  • 61.8%, June 9, 2011

You may feel tired and/or different at/near these dates (2 days plus or minus)... 
the differences are simply a result of your personal expansion process into higher vibrations.

Do not anticipate a return to the normalcy of lower vibrations environments.  Each harmonic date signals an even higher plateau in vibration levels.

You may find yourself starting to reduce the vibration lowering aspects in your life ... More within Distractions, Section 31, Home webpage

You may find yourself starting to increase the vibration raising aspects in your life ... More within Attention, Magic Word 11, Magic Words webpage

You will find yourself changing choices in your life ... More within choices, Magic Word 13, Magic Words webpage

Aug17/10:  A 'Physical First Contact' will no longer be necessary for Planet A, unless the Planet AB Separation process requires temporary evacuation for people in the process of 'moving to Planet A'.  

Aug17/10:  Right NOW we can day dream our way to Planet A.  

  • Day dream with Love in your heart and nothing on your mind 
  • Allow it happen 
  • Whenever your mind tries to take control ... 
  • ... simply love the thoughts... never try to analyze them.  

Children day dream all the time... we all hold the experience of once being a child.  

  • Sleep with Love in your heart and nothing on your mind. 
  • Whenever your mind tries to take control ... 
  • ... simply love the thoughts... never try to analyze them.  


4  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

4th thru 7th Dimensions:  

Dec08/09 posting of David Wilcock's Dec06/09 long article including disclosure, 'who plays who' and the types of experiences available in the 4th through 7th dimensions...  


5  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We have not been Alone:  

Jan04/09 hijacked UK broadcast in 1977... 1977 message from Vrillion.   

Aug08/09 video disclosing part of NASA's participation in massive 60 year cover-up of Star Beings (1:07 hrs)  

Aug17/09 Project Camelot radio interview with Michael Tellinger discussing the 280,000 years old origins of humans as described by the 60 square mile Adams Calendar site in South Africa (2 hours including skippable commercials)  

Dec10/09 Michael Tellinger with more history and pictures about Adams Calendar ...  

Apr24/10  Project Camelot February 2010 video interview with Bob Dean discussing on and off planet activities and why we are heading for some bumps and then a "glorious future".


6  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Official recognition of friendly ET's by U.S. Government or another major world government was delayed again  


7  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Understanding First Contact Issues;  

Nov21/09 posting of Matthew Ward's Nov/19/09 message to his mother Suzy... comprehensive understanding of First Contact from off planet (Hatonn's part of the transmission)... 

... also includes Energy of anticipation; ET disclosure TV program, background; "V," "2012" and other fear tactics; illness in Ukraine; power of love; god/goddess soul essence; children's bodies 3D to 4D; intuition, thoughts; duality's challenges; soul contract, pre-birth agreement.  

Dec23/09 posting from Sheldan Nidle... another point of view consistent with Hatonn's comments posted Nov21/09.


8  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pre First Contact:  


Dec12/09:  From the Galactic Channelings link... "Something ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINARY happened today, December 9, 2009 which I know is a portentous sign of GREAT global changes of unprecedented magnitude now underway that will significantly transform our world and our experience of life in many wonderful ways, especially for those of us who pray/meditate/demand from our hearts and souls that such changes are globally implemented for the highest good of all."  

Dec14/09:  Another view on the Norway Spiral...

Dec20/09:  More on the Norway Spiral... The most profound sign yet from our brothers and sisters in other civilizations that the time is nearing for their presence to be properly acknowledged-there is no way that those who do not want that to happen can explain away this dramatic sign....


9  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First Contact:  

Nov01/07:  Latest reasonable First Contact date to avoid 'event compression' is October 31, 2010... an earlier date is possible... and hopeful.  

The latest possible date is September 17, 2012.  

May 3rd 2010:  "From Within" First Contact started May 1/2, 2010 (depending on physical location in relationship to the International Dateline).  As a point of planetary reference, "From Within" started at 7 PM, MDT on May 1st, 2010.  

  • This timely start avoids 'event compression' and provides enough 'time' for each person to raise their vibrations by Winter Solstice 2012.     Raising Vibrations webpage

There will be 5 basic groupings associated with First Contact: 

  • "From Within", pre May1/2, 2010 Start
  • "From Within", pre Physical First Contact
  • First 91 Days after Physical First Contact
  • Not easily convinced by the external evidence of Physical First Contact
  • Not yet interested in raising vibrations and ascension

Nov01/10:  "From Within" First Contact started May 1/2, 2010 as described earlier within this section.  The 508 day period for raising vibrations started on July 31st 2010.  The planet of higher vibrations is Planet A... to get there, simply live the 3 A's full time... Allow, Align & Adapt.  The two most difficult portions of 'allow' are to 'forgive yourself and others' and to 'let go' of all that does not travel to Heart.

10  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Magic Future:  

The Magical Future for those choosing the return to 'ONE ness'.

  Current Reality      Planet A   Planet A
      Planet B        7 "Let Go's"    
1 War / stress       Peace
2 Chaos       Harmony
3 Competition   No chaos   Cooperation
4 Suffering   No sacrifice   Joy
5 Lack   No lack   Abundance
6 Fear       Love
7 Dogma   No fear   Truth
8 Believing       Knowing
9 Doubt   No judgment   Calm
10 Judgment       Compassion
11 Heaviness   No suffering   Laughter
12 Separation   No separation   'ONE ness' 

Aug17/10:  There are no anomalies on Planet A.  For example the bible starts with Adam and Eve about 6000 years ago.  Clearly there is overwhelming evidence that people have been on earth for over 175 million years.  Only considering the last 6000 years and ignoring the clear evidence of earlier events is 'living with anomalies'.  

There are no anomalies on Planet A... all the way back to before the beginning of time.  


This picture of The Most Distant X-Ray Jet is a way to visualize the tremendous 
strength of Love and 
'ONE ness'

(Picture from


A jet plane breaking through the sonic barrier... 
an actual sonic boom... a picture of sound.   
(Picture from                                                                   



This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

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