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  What is this 2000+ year Flight?

This ‘Divine Realm Flight’ was started around 100 BC.

4 Realms

  How will this flight Land?

The Landing of this flight started on August 22, 2013. 

This was the very beginning of direct Divine Realm Intervention.

The Divine Realm preferred way of travel is either in Space Ships or Direct Beaming... visualize Star Trek.

This Landing has five phases.

Reptilian Return...                             August 22, 2013.
Antimatter thru our Sun...                 September 9, 2013
Global Currency Reset (GCR)...       Now (2015)
Disclosure...                                      Soon after GCR
Landings...                                        Soon after Disclosure

   What did the Reptilians do?

They were the main way of helping us to lower vibrations and
thus experience The Fall...

... the Reptilians are etheric beings, which means we can not see them in our Dimension...

... by hacking thru our Reptilian Brain in the back of our skull, they were able to plant low vibrations subconscious suggestions into our eGo/Brain in the front of our skull...

... eventually we started to act on these subconscious suggestions...

thus our vibrations started to fall or to decline...

the Reptilians were active for about 4 million years...

there were about 2 million Reptilians active, when they departed on August 22, 2013.

  What are Reptilian Remnants?

During the Reptilian’s 4 million years, zillions of subconscious suggestions were registered to many many many souls.

In some cases the Reptilian’s even occupied the body along with the
Soul... a type Soul Project to cause lower vibrations for that personality.

total of these subconscious suggestions are termed Reptilian Remnants.

On March 1, 2014 Prime Creator removed all remaining Reptilian Remnants from Creation. This was announced by Prime Creator, thru Zaraya, during Father God’s biweekly BlogTalk Radio Event. 

Since Prime Creator is the Sole/Soul/Sol occupant of Creation, Only She can remove these Reptilian Remnants in one fell swoop... just like She can adjust Free Will... or the ability to make un-loving choices in one fell swoop.

 What is Anti-matter?
Matter uses one or more electrons.  Anti-matter uses one or more positrons.

Matter        spins like a screw being tightened... very restrictive.

Anti-matter  spins like a screw being loosened... very freeing.
Anti-matter  started to be emitted thru our sun on September 9, 2013.  An Event never before experienced within our Solar System.

  What is the GCR?


  What is Disclosure?

Admission by USA Government that UFO’s are real.

  What are Mass Landings?

The beginning of the joining of Surface Earth with the Divine and Quantum Realms.

Mass landings will include the introduction of Replicators.

Mass landings will also include the use of Light Chambers to reconnect our DNA and restore us to Full Health.

  What is Ascension?

Ascension is not a birth right... ascension is You Raising Your Vibrations... and can happen at anytime... Timing is your Choice... no one (like Mentors) or no thing (like Light Chambers) can ascend for you.

We are ONE QUANTUM Singularity of Individual Quantums
having trillions of Unique Experiences.

Eventually, we become 22 Stage Individual Quantums’ and Choose only
my Unique Portion of the ONE Quantum LOVE for my Individual Unique Experiences.

We are Many of ONE

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“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias exists. 

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