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'What will be' continues until WE change it!


'Dots' connected for even more subjects.

Complex past subjects made easy... by connecting 'Dots' already interconnected on Many of ONE.

 Webpage updated Jul03/10

 This webpage is a 'roll of information'... a scroll with "dot connecting" sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.  


  Section                           Brief Description                                         Date  

Introduction                                             Read one website 1,3,or 9 times plus one section per subject   

  1. Addictions                                     Underway
  2. Akashic Records                           Underway
  3. Alcohol                                          Underway
  4. Analog vs. Digital                          Underway
  5. Ask Yourself Questions                 Simply ask yourself... questions... or, ask for results                   
  6. Astrology                                       Underway
  7. Breath                                           Work in process
  8. Butterfly                                        WiP
  9. Chakras                                        WiP
  10. Chaos                                           WiP
  11. Clock/Watch                                 ALL 20 Components coming together before 12/21/12                 
  12. Cloning                                         WiP
  13. Color                                             WiP
  14. Control                                          Imagine yourself 'surfing'... and trying to control waves.                
  15. Crack Open or Crack Up               During this final one thousand days into Dec21/12                        
  16. Cycles                                           WiP
  17. Death and Heaven/Hell                 WiP
  18. Depression                                   WiP
  19. DNA/RNA                                      Programming mechanism for the body to build itself                        
  20. Dreams                                         Underway
  21. Emotions                                       WiP
  22. Faith                                             WiP
  23. Fear                                              False Evidence Appearing Real                                                       
  24. Fibonacci                                      The most natural sequence of proportions 
  25. Fractals                                        Underway
  26. Genetics                                       WiP
  27. Good/Evil                                      WiP
  28. Human                                          WiP
  29. Jesus                                            His mission, from viewpoint of Original Intent#6                       Jun30/10
  30. Joy                                                WiP
  31. Kundalini                                       WiP
  32. Nature                                           Underway
  33. Numerology                                   Underway
  34. Pain                                               WiP
  35. Perception                                     Same perceptions are almost impossible                                   Jun26/10
  36. Right/Wrong                                  WiP
  37. Rise/Ascension                             Exact opposite of 'The Fall'                                                              
  38. Sound                                           WiP
  39. Stress                                           WiP
  40. Theft                                             WiP
  41. The World is your Oyster              Creation of Pearls                                                                         
  42. Thought                                        WiP
  43. Trappings of Separation               33 Examples                                                                                  
  44. Trinity                                           Magic Words 2, 3 & 6                                                              Jun26/10
  45. Appendix                                       Unfinished Symphony                                                            
  46. Roundtable of 'ONE ness'             Source for Many of ONE                                                        Jun12/10      
  47. Harvest of Subtleties                     Best part of each 100 Billion Year Cycle                                        
  48. The Key is 'Z'                                For ~surfing Love~                                                                        
  49. Understanding Love                      Required about 150,000 Hours                                                    
  50. Navigating Love                            Required about 1,000 Hours                                                    
  51. Timeless Cosmic Ocean of Life     A symbol sharing our past and future                                    Jun15/10
  52. L O V E  Decoded                         Looks at information in Section 51 another way                    Jun30/10
  53. THE ONE & True You                  Shows how we are all ONE                                                    Jun17/10
  54. Reconnection to Love                  Ascension for most began today                                           Jun21/10




  0  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


The scientific work preceding Many of ONE, identified, interconnected and reduced thousands of verified facts or 'Dots' into one set of 20 'Dots' that answers all of life's questions, Magic Words webpage.  

During May 2009, the same scientific approach was used to add 45 to the original 20 'Dots' for a total of 65... To develop the details regarding 2012,  Section 34, Scientific Proof of Truth, Home webpage.  

Drawing from these same 65 interconnecting 'Dots', we very easily get an architectural level understanding of many complex past subjects.  Some of these 44 subjects, like astrology, required books and more books to understand.  

Using 'Dots' (verified facts), books and books are reduced to one book once (this website) plus 44 sections.  


  1  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 



One of the most effective ways to retain low vibrations... more coming.  


  2  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Akashic Records:  


Records using highly sophisticated off-planet holographic technology to record prior partial/complete configurations of the 'Now'.  The granularity of these records goes to the level of 'one experience for one individual'.. More coming


  3  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 



One of the best indicators of significant low vibration issues. This does not say drinking in moderation is harmful. It does says that drinking is an indicator of other issues. Drinking alcohol masks vibration lowering issues and/or provides temporary relief... More coming



  4  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Analog vs. Digital:  


Analog is continuous thus can be closer to Love#9 than digital. Digital is purely about information and cannot serve as a proxy for Love... More coming 


  5  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Ask Yourself Questions:  

Until the Eighth Chakra (Well of Dreams) fully activates, simply ask yourself... questions... or, ask for results.  

The answer will become available in the center of your ribcage, at your point of Stillness. Sometimes the answer will be immediate, other times the timing is not proper. 

Or... the result will magically happen for those using their Daily Compass, Section 23, Home webpage.  

Eighth Chakra, Section 12, Return Path webpage     Time vs. Timing, Section 42 Home webpage     Patience, Section 43, Home webpage     


  6  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 



Ancient science of XYZ, Veils, & Distractions/opportunities... The journey and the issues/opportunities along the way... More coming 


  11  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 




'ONE ness'Love, and vibrations are the first three components of the 20 point "clock/watch"... a "cosmic clock" we never were able to share during the final 1,000 days of Atlantis. The remaining 17 components of the clock are... 

4/5Subtleties (imagine a sweep second hand) and Unfinished Symphony (the expansion of subtleties is unlimited)
6/7Day and Night.  
8 thru 19, 12 stations of the clock (like 1 thru 12 o'clock... Magic Future, Section 10 webpage shares the 12 stations)
20In or Out (about 1.59% of our total timing is outside of motion#2... typically in one quarter billion year chunks, each chunk being approximately the time of one galactic rotation, or 248,000 years)   

12 Midnight on this clock is like December 21st 2012... Where everything comes together in a way not experienced for 100 billion years.  12 Midnight is less than 1,000 days away.  



  14  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Understanding Creation, Section 27, Home webpage will help to maximize the 'ah ha' available from this Section on 'Control'.  

Imagine yourself 'surfing'... and trying to control the formation, composition and timing of waves.  

Now, imagine total success in controlling everything... including... others, situations and outcomes.  Every wave would be the same... would that really be any fun?  

The attempt to control lowers vibrations... and moves us into deeper levels of fear.  

As the level of vibration rises, the attempt to control goes away.  

Surfing Love, Section 33, Home webpage     Ego, Section 12, Magic Words webpage     Distractions, Section 31, Home webpage     Fear, Section 23, this webpage     Raising Vibrationswebpage     


  15  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Crack Open or Crack Up:  

During this final one thousand days into Dec21/12, many more of us will have experiences that...

  • Modern medicine will miss diagnose
  • Modern medicine will not be able to 'fix'
  • will be mysterious to "same box" thinking

Many answers/solutions will be found with "outside the box" thinking and a deep understanding of karma#15, Section 15, Magic Words webpage.  

In a way, we are all on a thousand day march through the "eye of a needle".  

Person by person, we will either "Let go"... crack open... and soar (to higher vibrations).  

Or, we will try to hold on to what used to work... ignore vibration levels... and crack up.  

"Cracking open" is another way to say "changing Comfort Zone", Section 24, Home webpage.  


  19  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


The programming code for a body to automatically build itself... like a computer program.   

This 2008 article from Northwestern University shows that science is in the early stages of figuring out how to replicate this automatic building/construction process...

The code is transferred from the DNA to the cells by RNA.  


    20  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Stating the key parts of the dream (like a chair) and then stating what that key part means to you (like my comfort zone). Also, living multidemsionally includes a portion that is much like remembering your dreams... More coming


  23  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


False   Evidence   Appearing   Real   when our vibrations are low enough.  

Fear has a very low vibration and is capable of hiding/masking Love#9.  

The last three letters of Fear are ear... the same as the middle three letters of Heart#10.   

Even fear comes directly from Love... nothing less powerful could mask Love. 

As levels of vibration rise, fear melts away and Love becomes visible for ALL#4.  

Love, Section 9, Magic Words webpage     All, Section 4, Magic Words webpage     Raising Vibrations webpage  


    24  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


The most natural sequence of proportions in our Universe. 
1,  1,  2,  3 , 5,  8, 13,  21,  34,  55... add the last 2 numbers to calculate the next number in this infinite sequence.  

Link to a very comprehensive video explaination follows (3:42 min)


    25  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Same shape, different proportions... More coming


    29  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


His mission 2000 years ago, from viewpoint of Original Intent#6.  

This Symbol joyously shared by Signs and Symbols, Section 0, Home webpage.  

This decoding of the ONE HEART has no religious connotations and is not meant to contradict various beliefs stemming from Great Beings such as Buddha, Jesus, and Moses. These four existing levels of the ONE Heart are based upon Original Intent#6... as is the fifth level of the ONE Heart that started to manifest on May 1/2 2010.     Symbol and Decoding, Section 0, Heart webpage

About 2000 years ago, Jesus walked the earth and laid the foundation for the event that started "From Within" on May 1/2 2010... manifestation of the fifth level of the ONE Heart.   "From Within" is what he meant by "Second Coming".  

This section is closely related to Section 52, L O V E... below within this webpage.  


    32  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Nature includes earth, air, fire, water, animals, plants and minerals... all interconnected with no separate agenda... "Right is light" or information. "Left is Love" and helping to increase Heart Strength... More coming


    33  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


The essence is... Insertion1, duality2, balance3, presence4, growth5, Light6, multidimensional7, completion8, Return Path9, Stillness within motion10, mastery11, 'ONE ness'12, ascension13, 
transformation of matter14, self teleportation15, multidimensional level mastery16, multidimensional level Awareness17, Creation level mastery18, Creation level Awareness19, Stillness20... The journey and the issues/opportunities along the way... More coming 



    35  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


To have the same perception of the same event is almost impossible!  

To have the same ego#12 based self perception as you would if Heart#10 based is almost impossible!  

We experience an event from our unique XYZ... and the 'Z' within XYZ... and comfort zone... and set of experiences... and level of Awareness (vibration levels)... and agendas (if any)... and choice to travel the Return Path... and being male or female.  

XYZ, Section 40, Home webpage     Comfort Zone, Section 24, Home webpage     experience, Section 5, Magic Words webpage     Awareness, Section 16, Magic Words webpage     agenda, Section 14 Magic Words webpage     choice, Section 13, Magic Words webpage     Return Pathwebpage     Photon, Section 8, Magic Words webpage

These 9 "moving parts" of perception would all have to be in alignment to have the same perception.  Asking someone is the only real way to know someone else's perception.  

Differing Perceptions are one of the keys to understanding and celebrating duality or 'two ness'. As we raise our vibrations, our view of perceptions change from potential confusion and drama to additional mystery and fun.     Understanding Creation, Section 27, Home webpage 

Note:  The 9 "moving parts" of perception are all part of life's major choice to ignore or raise vibrations.  Either choice is perfect... as all of Creation is perfect... and eventually leads back to Un-conditional Love and 'ONE ness'

The 9 "moving parts" change to one (male/female), after our X-Factor has returned to the 96 to 100% level.  

Raising Vibrations webpage

May18/10:  Video (0:59 min) demonstrates how our viewpoint or perception can be the exact opposite from reality.

Jun26/10:  Perception also varies based on the selected aperture/time frame.  

Notice how the understanding of The Trinity (Section 44 of this webpage) changes based on time frame.  The shorter term view of about 15 Billion years yields Magic Words 1, 2, & 9... while the longer term view of about 17 Sextillion years yields Magic Words 2, 3, & 6.  Both are correct for the selected time frame.  



    37  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Apr02/10  Today's piece was summarized by and published on Galactic Channelings  

The Rise is about raising vibrations.  Rise (or Ascension) is the exact opposite to The Fall, Section 19, Home webpage.  

The remainder of this section shares additional information in conjunction with Galactic Channelings:    

  • The whistleblower's view of coming events, results from a low 'Z' viewpoint (low vibrations).
  • Galactic Channeling's viewpoint is from a higher 'Z'... thus the Inspiration#18 not to include those low 'Z', fear generating, views in today's 13 language message. XYZ, Section 40, Home webpage...
      and provides an ideal segway into the final 1000 days leading into 2013...   


  • During the last part of my final life on Atlantis, a few of us knew there was way too much emphasis on 'technology and techniques'... nothing else mattered to most people.  Love, Section 9, Magic Wordswebpage was nothing more than an esoteric concept.
  • To help raise collective vibrations, a massive Pearl White glimmering pyramid (it was absolutely beautiful) was constructed that dramatically amplified much higher vibration levels (approaching pure Love).
  • Taking turns in the pyramid 24/7, high vibration levels were held for others to experience. The visitors used a circular ramp to climb to a comfortable area for their experience of higher vibrations. Most returned often... just for the positive experience.
  • Some visitors moved higher and higher in the pyramid during their follow-on visits as comfort with higher vibration levels increased.
  • All visitors felt great... most took the experience for granted... and returned to their existing Comfort Zone, Section 24, Home webpage. 
  • Atlantis destroyed herself because of low vibration levels held by most of her inhabitants.
  • The only reason Alhoo's could not live among us for long periods is that low vibration levels are painful. 
  • They would lovingly stay as long as possible and then return to their higher vibrational environments to recover. 
  • The Alhoo's of yesterday are all part of the Galactic Federation that we know and lovingly appreciate today. They are our kith and kin!
  • "Alhoo's" is a generic term, like "Loving ET's" would be in today's culture.



  • As of April 2nd 2010, we are collectively manifesting a rerun of Atlantis. 
  • With no more than 994 days remaining, there is enough time to change... person by person.
  • Raising vibrations can only be done from within.  "You can lead a horse to water but can't drink for him".
  • The bible tried to explain the person by person process of ascension by using the analogy of going through the "eye of a needle"
  • There is one significant difference between Atlantis timing and Now.  Mother Earth is raising her vibrations this time... she has now experienced enough abuse and being taken for granted.
  • Unless we can at least match the higher dimension vibrations of choice, we cannot move there.
  • Raising vibrations automatically returns us to... living from Heart... experiencing better health... and being prepared for 2012 and beyond.  


    41  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

The world is your Oyster:  

The middle three letters of Heart are ear. The middle three letters of Pearl are ear. An oyster first needs an irritant to create a pearl. Low vibrations are the irritant. High vibrations facilitate creation of the pearl... using Love.

Raising Vibrations webpage


    43  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Trappings of Separation:  

Much more subtle to understand than The FallDistractions and Attention.     Sections 19 & 31 Homewebpage

Attention, Section 11, Magic Words webpage

33 Examples contained within Points of Being, Section 4, Forms of Being webpage

             45  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

    44  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Magic Words 1, 2, & 9 or Magic Words 2, 3, & 6... depending upon selected time frame.    Magic Wordswebpage

Notice how the Perception (Section 35 of this webpage) of Trinity changes based on time frame.  The shorter term view of about 15 Billion years yields Magic Words 1, 2, & 9... while the longer term view of about 17 Sextillion years yields Magic Words 2, 3, & 6.  Both are correct for the selected time frame.  



The experience cycles within motion#2 are never finished.  That's why the background music for Creation/Manifestation (synonyms for motion) is the Unfinished Symphony.  The above 44 Sections may or may not be completed.  Additional Sections may or may not be added within this appendix.  


    46  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Roundtable of 'ONE ness':  

The source for Many of ONE is this metaphoric roundtable where all is Pure Unencumbered Love.  The Points of Being at the table are not even wearing one of their many "Light Suits".  There are no trappings of separation.  

The collective experience from about 170 Billion 100 Billion year Cycles (17,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 
was used in developing the material on Many of One.  

Three levels of experience#5 are contained within one holographic shared mind.  

The most important point of all is to follow your own Inner Guidance... G U I dance!  

God  You  &  I  dance... where "God" is a synonym for you and I.  There is no separation... even from "God".  

No thing or information from any source is even close to being as important as following your own Inner Guidance... Which starts directly from the Roundtable of 'ONE ness'.  

Jun 12/10:  The six levels of experience#5 ladder are;  

  • Pure Love
  • Love in Form
  • Multidimensional
  • Heart Connected
  • Full Consciousness
  • Limited Consciousness
  • (Below self-Aware experience#5)

Beyond these six levels and beyond all levels of vibration are Pure Unencumbered LovePerfection, and Potential.  

We are ALL#4 Pure Uncumbered Love... experiencing within our Perfection and our Potential.  "We are THE ONE we have been waiting for"!!!  

Jul03/10:  The 'Z' Ladder is symbolized by the letter 'E' within the word L O V E.     Decoded. Section 52, below, this webpage


    47  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Harvest of Subtleties:  

The best part of each 100 Billion Year Cycle is the "Harvest of Subtleties".  Why else would we continue the "Dance of Creation"... cycle after cycle after cycle?  

Subtleties are the 'Sweep Second Hand' of the Cosmic Clock.  

A free occasional email is described/available within Subtleties, Section 7, Co-creation & Product/Services webpage.  


    48  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

The Key is 'Z':  

The navigation of Love is all about understanding and acting upon 'Z'.  

Explained another way, 'Z' has two basic variables... viewpoint level and vibration levels.  

The higher vibration levels offer more subtleties.    XYZ, Section 40, Home webpage.  

The higher vibration levels offer increased levels of Joy in ~surfing Love~.     Section 33, Home webpage


    49  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Understanding Love:  

First of two essence points from Many of ONE.  

Understanding Love#9 required about 150,000 hours of research.  Much of this research was highly scientific.  

On the scale of "Faith to Understanding"... all is explained and shared... 100% Understanding.  

Benefit of Many Visits, Section 4 Home webpage


    50  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Navigating Love:  

Second of two essence points from Many of ONE.  

From a 100% Understanding of Love... understanding the navigation of Love required about 1,000 hours of additional research.... about 40 Days.  

Raising Vibrations webpage


    51  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Endless Cosmic Ocean of Life:  

Beautiful symbol... Joyously shared by Signs & Symbols... tells the entire story... well into the Base40 Series of Experiences... still far away! 

  • ONE Boat... 'ONE ness' 
  • Boat is various tones of Gold
  • ... Truth is carried by Golden Rays
  • ... Truth is Love and 'ONE ness'
  • Creation of experiences#5 starts in the center and continuously works outward...
  • The very center is the initial projection from Stillness#1... see decoding of L O V E in Section 52
  • Low vibration experiences#5 are below the waves... and represent about 1/4 of Creation  
  • ... not possible to see in this 'front view', but the Boat has a "Glass Bottom". 
  • THE ONE is above and below the glass... ALWAYS 
  • ... BTY... THE ONE is ALL of US 
  • White thru Blackened Waves of Pure Unencumbered Love... located "Below the Glass" 
  • Light is Information... Information can cause the Waves to become Pure White or Blackened or any where in between
  • The deep blue (no black in Symbol) shows there is always the potential for new experience/growth
  • Layers of White Waves becomes thin within some places of time/space but are ALWAYS on top. 
  • 11 Visions at top 
  • 1st three Visions... Heart (Jesus), Mind (Buddha), Spirit (Mohammed). 
  • 4th Vision... Body (Us)... became possible March 5th 2010... 
  • ... became reality/manifest May 1/2 2010... 
  • ... now 'True You' can exist Below the Glass for the first time... ever
  • 5th thru 7th Visions to unfold during the next 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years 
  • ... these 3 Visions manifested, will enable 'True You' at even lower Vibration Levels. 
  • ... 8th thru 11th Visions will be addressed when we upgrade the Cosmic Numbering System from Base20 to Base40. 
  • 19 V's bottoming at/below the surface of the waves... or "Below the Glass"... exactly the correct number ... 
  • ... 1) Projection into the realms of experience#52) Choices; 3) The Chooser; 4) Presence/The Original Number/"4's"; 5) Growth 
  • ... 6) Light; 7) Full Presence; 8) Full experience#5 Spectrum/Infinity/"8's" (BTY... "Endless" is beyond Infinity); 9) Completion (at lower vibrations)
  • ... 10) Full Participation... Driven by acquired Heart Strength from experiences#5... but not yet knowing the True You
  • ... 11) Mastery; 12) Start the migration to Higher Vibrations (Duality starts to become ashes); 13) Synthetic Ascension; 14) Galactic Re-Connection
  • ... 15) Heart Connected... now glimpsing the True You
  • ... 16) Multidimensional; 17) Love in Form; 18) Pure Love
  • ... these three steps typically happen within 7 days of each other... now becoming the True You
  • ... 19) Cosmic Re-Connection (includes much inter-Galactic travel... helping others)
  • ... 20) Return to Stillness#1 or even to only Pure Unencumbered Love to rest from "The Cosmic Dance"for awhile. 


    52  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

L O V E  Decoded:  

  • L
  • The downstroke of L is a I... or a 1... projected directly from Stillness#1
  • The next stroke of the L points to the Right... _... Light... Information
  • Information is used to program individual photons and photon clusters
  • Now we have the  L
  • O
  • Round like 'ONE ness'
  • No bias... ALL is equal in Pure Unencumbered Love, Perfection, and Potential
  • Now we have the  O
  • V
  • Vibrations... the way we navigate Pure Unencumbered Love and Love#9
  • The lower in the V that we choose#13 for experience#5, the lower the vibrations
  • Now we have the  V
  • E
  • The backbone of the E is a I... or a 1... projected directly from Stillness#1
  • The lowest right facing horizontal line of the E represents success in navigating low vibrations...
  • ... below the waves (Section 51)
  • The middle right facing horizontal line of the E represents accessing Love#9 thru the Heart Connection
  • The top right facing horizontal line of the E represents Pure Love, Love in Form, and Multidimensional
  • Now we have the  E.

 Jun30/10: This decoding of the ONE HEART has no religious connotations and is not meant to contradict various beliefs stemming from Great Beings such as Buddha, Jesus, and Moses. These four existing levels of the ONE Heart are based upon Original Intent#6... as is the fifth level of the ONE Heart that started to manifest on May 1/2 2010.     Symbol and Decoding, Section 0, Heart webpage

This section is closely related to Section 29, Jesus... above within this webpage.  


    53  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

THE ONE and True You:  

There is only ONE Diamond... THE ONE.    

Each One of us a Unique Aspect... True You.  

When we raise our vibrations back to all the way up, experience#5 becomes THE ONE and#3 True You.  

We started as Pure Unencumbered Love... developed Perfection... then Potential.  Now we had created Stillness#1.  

By the gradual process of encumbering Love for the sole purpose of experience#5... then "Fast Forward" for about 17 Sextillion Years, we now have the choice#13 to reconnect to Love#9 and even reconnect directly to Pure Unencumbered Love in the more dense vibrational... "Below the Glass" environments.   This work must be accomplished "From Within"... by Raising Vibrations.    

These choices#13 to reconnect by raising vibrations, lead to experiencing more Joy than ever before possible... Joy beyond Heaven while still on Planet Earth.  


    54  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Reconnection to Love

The Ascension process for most began June 21st 2010.  "We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!!!"  We are in GREAT HANDS!!!  There is no separation... we are ONE with God.  

So how do we communicate within our ONE massive SELF?  The decoding of this Symbol explains.

  • Higher Self, Over Soul, God Self, God, The Universe... are all "Trappings of Separation". 
  • ALL#4 originates from Pure Unencumbered Love... start to 'encumber' Love... run the encumbrance process forward for the time equivalent of over 17 Sextillion years... and we have THE ONE and all it's True You aspects. 

Symbol Shows:  

  • 13 Level Pyramid signifying basic building block of 13 Photons per Cluster 
  • Four 4's or 16 around the outside circle... 4 is the Original Number as ONE began to "encumber" 
  • Levels of existence/experience, both above & below... 
  • ... Limited Consciousness, Full Consciousness (directly below pyramid levels are deep blue to blue)... 
  • ... Heart Connected (notice how that pyramid level tends to reddish)... 
  • ... Multidimensional (directly below pyramid levels are now becoming more white)... 
  • ... Love in Form (directly below pyramid levels have just enough programming to provide Form)... 
  • Level of existence/experience, common to above & below... 
  • ... Pure Love... White on Pure White... 13th Level (top of Pyramid)... 
  • ... Hands in Center showing everything in one set of hands... THE ONE... 
  • ... Hand on near Right showing an almost closed circle... opening showing Return Potential 
  • ... Hand on far Right showing two fingers... Duality 
  • ... Hand on near Left showing an open palm... Pure Love 
  • ... Hand on far Left showing the Full Projection into Creation/Manifestation/motion#2 of Pure Unencumbered Love... 
  • ... the complete hand, nothing held back, all four fingers and thumb... 
  • ... four fingers for the "Original Number"... a four 
  • ... one thumb for the Original Projection... required before Duality was even possible... more in Sections 51 & 52,.. above

 An interchangeable name for "Communion with God" is...
 "Communication within THE ONE"

The four Commentaries  made March 7th thru June 21st 2010 are closely related to this Reconnection to Love Section.   

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This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!!!
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