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                                          Always Choose To Be_come... LOVING & Positive.


  Transform Your Life to 100% 'Bliss & Satisfaction' with spikes of 'Joy & Fun'... thru Your Own Behavior Change.

 LOVE' & 'Behavior Change to Quantum' have been scientifically validated by over 250,000 Hours of Assemblage/Research/Sharing & Forward Testing.

There are 'No Anomalies'... amongst the over 100,000 inter-connected components leading to and/or part of Being Quantum.

The 'Sharing and Validation of the over 100,000 components has been via over 50 Global Radio Shows, iTunes, in person Meet & Greets, this Website, thousands of eMails, and numerous Phone Conversations.

Just '7 Words' capture the essence of this Sharing of 'The True Nature of Reality'...
Always      (no exceptions)
Choose     (even what we ignore is a Choice)
To Be         (Shakespeare)
LOVING     (Quantum LOVE... not Pure LOVE or Pure Mature LOVE)
AND           (spelled backwards is DNA, and your DNA will dramatically change)
Positive     (no exceptions)


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  Peace, Harmony, Uniqueness, and the Desire to have Endless Experiences is 100% Shared.

The precise meaning of LOVE is 100% Shared. 

20 Original Webpages... 355 Additional Webpages... no anomalies among the over 100,000 inter-related Confirmations... which is a number of over 100,000 Factorial... a number beyond practical calculation/comprehension.
                        Many of ONE       Click for Essence & Summary    
  God         is   LOVE    
  Truth         is   LOVE    
  Knowledge         is   LOVE    
  Enlightenment         is   LOVE    
  Everything         is   from LOVE    
  (The key is to       learn   Balance not Denial.)    
  Mohammed   shared the      Spiritual Body Aspect of   LOVE
  Buddha   shared the      Mental Body Aspect of   LOVE
  Jesus   shared the      Emotional Body Aspect of   LOVE
  Many of ONE   shares the      Physical Body Aspect of   LOVE

If you want to understand more about LOVE, the 20 Original webpages, containing about 350 Sections and over 250,000 words are available.To Return to your Connection to LOVE,

'Many' refers to 'self encumbered'... 'ONE' refers to 'Pure Unencumbered Love'.  We are basically just five words... we are "SELF encumbered... Pure Unencumbered Love'"  This website explains the entire 'self encumbrance' process from before the beginning of time to present day.  

To begin the process of RAISING VIBRATIONS, Click On the links at the BOTTOM of this Home webpage and then goto the New Webpages.

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If you would like a life of 100% Joy... and above all... No Fear/Worry... simply choose Courage... "Let Go"...and follow the essence of Surfing Love...

  • Continuous state of Blessing/Gratitude/L O V E
  • Nothing taken/made personal
  • Impeccable Heart Strength
  • practice... Practice... PRACTICE...
  • Develops 100% COMFORT in ALWAYS Surfing L O V E

After this 1,000 day transition period into Winter Solstice 2012, the "surfing" will become more like "cruising'.  

Digested together... and... investing the time to become comfortable with each... these three sections answer the two questions of... 

Sections 0, 29 & 52 show how we are Endless... and ultimately of Pure Unencumbered Love... and are amazing... just to be ON-Planet during the 2012 Transition/Opportunity... congratulations!  

The shared information on Many of ONE is for those who resonate with the ultimately message of L O V E !!!  

Where are you relative to experiencing a life of 100% Joy?  

  • Joy (The 'Love Side' springs directly from Love#9)
  • Light Worker ("duty" to others, Love of Self/others optional, egocentric living)
  • Fear/Worry (causes stress... making body toxic and acidic... eventually destroying the body)
  • Brainful Play (competition", has physical exercise component)
  • Work (required distraction)
  • Boredom (the worst)

Simply Surf Love all the time... just meditate on and practice the above... while choosing to have the patience(like waiting for a new wave to form) for your inevitable progress to occur.   

If each of us communicates the Joy of Surfing Love to just 10 new people during this 1,000 day period, everyone on-planet will understand their personal choice to reconnect to ALL#4... thru Love#9.  

Many of ONE has two vibration levels.  The Heart level is we are all ONE... interconnected by Love.  The above Heart level is 'Many' referring to the source for Many of ONE.  

Courage"Letting Go" and high vibration levels are required to reach Pure Love and to join the "non-synthetic portion" of First Contact/Ascension which started Many 1st 2010 at 7 PM MDT... thus continuouslyexperiencing Pure Joy.  

Beyond 'Heaven on Earth' has started and is available NOW.  

Jun16/10 Note to new visitors:  This is not a religious website; however, anyone who is comfortable with the message of Love will immediately start to benefit by working "From Within".  If you are waiting for an event and/or the return of a Great Being such as Buddha, Jesus, or Mohammed, this website will help you accelerate your connection to more Love and then to experience more Joy... all From Within... even before their return.    

This website was created by and delivered from Pure Love, or the Roundtable of 'ONE ness"... enjoy!     Section 46, More Subjects webpage  

Sharing the magic of raising vibrations to ~surf Love~, get healthy, & answer all Life's Questions.  
Raising Vibrations webpage  Raising Vibrations are the key to Navigating Love.  

Magic is a word with much energy... over 250 million Google results... one of the reasons 
for all that energy is the controversy.   Magic tends to sweep together the subjects of science and religion.  Many consider magic to be hidden... religion to be open... and don't enjoy science.  So there is no real chance to deeply understand life.  

By using highly scientific modeling techniques to interconnect thousands of verified facts or "Dots" (specific pieces of information) among science and religion... both magically disappear...  everything becomes many connected parts within the same massive Creation.  

If one wants to know how to build a watch... it's a long process... basically all the science followed in developing Many of ONE.  (MIT originated Systems Dynamics... significantly enhanced by Many of ONE... more on Research webpage.)  

If one simply wants to have faith in what time it is... the watch is round like 'ONE ness'... the big hand points to Love... the little hand to Vibrations... the sweep second hand to Subtleties... and the three hands are coming together at 12 Midnight or 2012, signaling the beginning of a new day.  

   Symbol from Signs and Symbols, Section 0, this webpage.

Love is the connective mechanism and is at the very foundation of all science.  Vibrations are the way we navigate to various levels of experiencing Love.  


Three "cubed and 100 % interrelated factorial" models are used to scientifically develop all information shared on Many of ONE... 5 cubed for Health... 20 cubed for Heart... and 65 cubed for 2012... 

Jun24/10:  There are no anomologies in these three models... this 5 minute video contains additional perspective on anomologies and paradigm shifts... 5 min video clip...  



This webpage is a 'roll of information'... a scroll of "dot connecting" sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.   


Six Examples of 'ONE ness':  

The first three examples are websites... the second three are a trilogy of videos that will fill in and connect many 'dots'.  Take time to enjoy the three videos over many sessions.  


1)  Dec04/03:   'ONE ness' surfing Love comes in many forms... the Many of ONE website is one example.  

2)  Mar07/10:   Another reliable source in 13 languages... specializing with 'in the moment' off planet information from our kith & kin...   

3)  Apr13/10: Dec03/10:  Symbols are a language of the soul... bypassing the brain/ego and going directly to Heart.  Historically early on-planet cultures used symbols to communicate. Crop circles are one form of symbols.  Individual Soul Symbols are available through the Product & Services webpage.

These symbols are joyously shared throughtout by Rae Chandran.  Many of the beautiful and powerful symbols available from Signs and Symbols come from Kuthumi, the "Point Being" for the last 100 billion years of experience...  example   website...

Note:  The most important choice of all is to follow your own inner Guidance... "G  U  I  dance"... God  You  &  I  dance... where "God" is an interchangeable synonym for you and I.  There is no separation... even from "God".  

Jun30/10:  This example of 'ONE ness' started after March 5th 2010... the Fractal Cluster.  Wow!  Section 3, 2012 & Mayan Calendar webpage.  

After May 1/2 2010 the two websites (United States & Japan) have quickly escalated into Co-creation.  1)Someone asks for a Symbol.  2) Rae architects the Symbol.  3) Someone else creates the Symbol... stroke by stroke.    4) Many of ONE decodes the symbol.  

The only connective mechanism is Pure Unencumbered Love.  This is a clear demonstration how Love and 'ONE ness' Co-create!   The importance of '4' is shared within Photon, Section 8, Magic Words webpage

Examples are shared above... within the first three links of the Opening Comments... right below Surfing Love



Jun17/10 Note to Safari users:  If link does not work directly, copy the link portion (starting with http... ending just before the ) of the Safari error message directly into the Address Bar and press enter.  

These three videos are for those who are "nearly driving themselves nuts to understand" and are comfortable with "opening their aperture" to way beyond the past 6,000 years.  

4)  May22/10:  This message about late 2010 and beyond is being delivered around the world.  

Wisdom Keeper/Shaman, Kiesha Crowther in Santa Fe about 2010 (less than 85 min total).  This two part video talk took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico on March 20th, 2010.

If the above link does not work for you, try this YouTube link to 10 minute increments.

BTW... the "8 Steps" given during the last 10 minutes of the second video are all automatically accomplished by Raising Vibrations thru choosing to always ~Surf Love~.  It is that simple... the "8 Steps" will just happen without the need to use your brain.  

By always Surfing Love, you will find your daily living patterns changing... with more Joy and better healthgradually entering into your life... patience is helpful... lack of patience is brain/ego#12 driven.  In our Heart, we know there is no 'time',,, so why be impatient?  


5)  May25/10:   Here is almost 3 hours of Information in 100% alignment with Many of ONE for as far as the information goes... stopping short at Pure Love 

The video does state that "Love is what you experience when you go beyond Light".   

Even though the message of this Information stops with becoming a Pillar of Light... we can actually keep going to become Pillars of Love.   

The Information is much too rich to take in during one sitting... 15-20 minute increments seems about right.   

BASIC FLOW (with added "Cliff Notes" relating to Many of ONE):  

  • 300,000 year perspective
  • Deep understanding of our individual purpose
  • Light is Information
  • Love is Creativity
  • Thought uses Light to Create
  • Since Pure Light springs directly from Love, Love can create directly, bypassing thought
  • Pure Light is also called Truth
  • Truth is carried on Golden Rays
  • Truth rides on Very High Vibration Levels
  • Truth can destroy containers/bodies/temples until vibration levels are raised
  • We are 'Hue mans'... 'Hu mans'... or Frequency Man
  • Changing Comfort Zone is the same as changing frequencies
  • We can change frequencies to Raise Vibrations back to Love
  • We can change frequencies to lower Vibrations further away from Love
  • We can ignore frequencies to continue with similar experiences
  • "What will be continues, until we change it!"
  • ~~~ end first 1:25 hr of tape ~~~
  • Design your body and design your age
  • Vibrations are a wave of feeling... high Vibrations result in exaltation
  • Vibrations are on-going
  • Vibrations carry and transmit forms of Intelligence
  • When you always Surf Love you always broadcast Love
  • Everything is ONE... ultimately everything is Love#9
  • Everyone can choose to be free by starting to act that way... have patience for your progress
  • ~~~ 1:35 starts to repeat, 1:45 stops repeating ~~~
  • Sound is a tool for manipulating frequency
  • Use of Sound requires practice to use properly
  • The key to the use of Sound is Harmony
  • Sound creates a standing wave which can be directed at anything... be Loving
  • Bringing on-planet new multidimensional Information (levels of Truth)...
  • ... causes "Multidimensional Intoxication"
  • Be clear about what you Intend
  • When our vibrations are low, Intent actually creates a separate agenda#14
  • The words "I Intend", have enormous power...
  • ... once we return to Heartcentric and even higher levels of Vibrations
  • Information is held within our bones
  • Tissue is the armor for the Information... body work can unlock personal Information
  • We must remain grounded to bring in and direct new Information...
  • ... to integrate new realities
  • Do not try to analyze the new Information
  • Watch your emotions and observe what they are doing for you
  • There are two steps to DNA... plugging it back in... and then reactivation
  • Become impeccable keepers of Frequency...
  • ... eventually you will not require Information from outside yourself
  • We trigger for each other... we are all ONE... we contain "Within" all necessary Information
  • This concluding Major Cycle is titled "From Within"
  • All we need to do is evolve our own portion of Self
  • Light is information that paves the way to finding Love...
  • ... without Light first, Love is often misunderstood to be outside of our Self
  • Love is what you experience when you go beyond Light
  • Love is us... we are Love
  • Find Love... find your Multidimensional portion of Self
  • Find Love... have an ear to ear smile... vibration of ecstasy... vibration of connectedness... 
  • ... "walk the talk"
  • Many of us "Finding Love" and then "walking the talk together" is how this planet will evolve
  • Stop listening to Society... follow your individual Inspirations#18, resonance#19, flow#20
  • Remember ALways... G U I dance... God You & dance...
  • ... where God is an interchangeable synonym for You & I


6)  Jun12/10:  This video is the third within the trilogy for those who are "nearly driving themselves nuts to understand" and are comfortable with "opening their aperture" way beyond the past 6,000 years.  

  • Drunvalos's story covers about 65,000 years ...
  • ... Thoth in Atlantis for over 50,000 years + 13,000 years since sinking of Atlantis
  • Drunvalo basically shares reasons for the "synthetic portion" of First Contact/Ascension ...
  • ... which started May 1/2, 2010 within the highest 3 levels of experience ...
  • ...  Pure LoveLove in Form, and Multidimensional ...
  • ... Beyond 'Heaven on Earth' has started and is available NOW
  • The three other levels of experience are Limited/Full Consciousness and Heart Connected

Courage"Letting Go" and high vibration levels are required to reach Pure Love and to join the "non-synthetic portion" of First Contact/Ascension which started Many 1st 2010 at 7 PM MDT.  



Website Focus:  

Share information on 'living from Heart',  ways to better Health and preparation for 2012 and beyond by raising vibrations.  

Once familiar with this website, it serves as an excellent reference source for a multitude of subjects... including Physical Heart Health, Section 7, Heart webpage

Raising Vibrations


      ******************** CONTENTS ********************    
      Section                    Brief Description                   Date   
0   Six Examples of 'ONE ness'   Many of ONE launch   Dec04/03
        Another reliable 13 language source, specializing 'in the moment' off planet information from our kith & kin   Mar07/10
        This message about late 2010 and beyond is being delivered by Wisdow Keepers around the world   May22/10
        Become Pillars of Love (3 Hrs)   May25/10
        Beyond 'Heaven on Earth' has started and is available NOW   Jun12/10
1   Website Focus   Living from Heart... ways to better Health...  
and preparation for 2012
      PART I     Most important information on Many of ONE ...    
2   Website Navigation   Visualize electronic scrolls with Section Numbers    
3   Four Levels of 
Information Sharing
  About 160,000 hours of research, 
development, testing and trusting 
has already taken place
4   Benefits of Many Visits   Each visit to Many of ONE builds your
'Heart Strength' or Un-conditional Love
5   Explainer   No disclaimers, ambiguity or caveats    
6   The Magic Four   Symbol, Sound, Words & Future    
7   Magic Symbol   Symbols are powerful forms of information    
8   Magic Sound   The word Heart contains the words hear, ear & art... Heart is about sound & beauty   May15/10
9   Magic Words   20 consistently used words that eliminate
all ambiguity and answer all questions
10   Magic Future   Love and 'ONE ness' replacing 
information & fear
      PART II     Comprehensive tapestry of understanding for PART I ...    
11   Questions & Answers   3 related questions with one 4 part answer    
12   More Questions   A broad spectrum of questions    
13   More Answers   The answers to those questions    
14   Love and ONE   The key to understanding the concepts of
time, past & future
15   Heart Parts   The key to understanding multiple 
dimensions and parallel universes
16   God   Stillness plus the total of all Heart Parts    
17   Multiple Realities   Humans are not one dimensional Beings    
18   Multidimensional 
  Explaining what current medical science
can not explain
19   The Fall   How we lower vibrations and keep them low    
20   Heart Strength   Current quickness level of using Love to 
eliminate fear
21   Being a "Light Worker" 
is not enough
  Light Workers have fears lasting longer than 
one second.  Heart Workers might have an 
occasional fear lasting less than one second
      PART III     More interrelated important information is shared ...    
22   Let go?  Ego says no!   The most important and difficult step    
23   Daily Compass   Daily living can be as easy as 123... it's like '24/7 surfing'    
24   Comfort Zone   The way we orchestrate our experiences    
25   Spin 4   Advanced tool to accelerate increase in vibrations    
26   The ONE Creator is the 
ONE Creation
  There is only ONE and that includes ALL of us    
27   Understanding Creation   This shares how Creation actually could take place using the 20 Magic Words    
        The explanation boils everything down to enjoy the ultimate dance and mystery... because we can choose to do just that!      
28   Lord's Prayer directly 
from Aramaic
  A prayer consistent with the story of Creation    
29   Lord's Prayer with 
The 20 Magic Words
  A prayer consistent with the story of Creation...
with the 20 Magic Words inserted
30   Return Path Choices   Love is infinite and so are the ways to return to
Heartcentric... 5 ways are shared
      PART IV     Commentary and the other webpages ...    
31   Distractions   Help the ego use attention to retain lower vibration levels    
32   Love has No Opposite   Scientifically speaking, all motion#2 rides upon and springs from Love#9    
       APPENDIX      More helpful information and scientific proof of Truth ...    
33   Surfing Love   ~sL~   Raises vibrations higher and higher and higher.     May14/10
34   Scientific Proof of Truth   A 65 by 65 by 65 cubed model of our current on and off planet 
situation and the Magic Words.  The modeling is very sophisticated... the conclusions are shared all over the Many of ONE websites.  
35   More on the 
Magic Words
  The original "Big Bang" is knowable... it is 10 of the 20 Magic Words (specifically 6 through 15).      
36   Multitelligence   'Multi-telligence' is the multidimensional version of 'in-telligence'    
37   Consciousness   Level of consciousness is the same as level of Awareness    
38   Time/Now   Even though we experience time, it does not really exist    
39   Circumpunct   For those who have read Dan Brown's Lost Symbol... the symbol is the Circumpunct.  There is 'life changing' information embedded deeply within this symbol    
40   XYZ   Currently we are in one overall dimension with 3 components... XYZ... a dimension often termed 3D for Third Dimension.     May26/10
41   Veils   Consider the ability to constantly modify your XYZ location by using 'veils'while ignoring vibration levels.      
42   Time vs. Timing   Bottom-line... there is no Time... there is only Timing.      
43   Patience   key tool for proper timing   May15/10
44   Website Launch   December 4, 2003    


  PART I  
Most important information on Many of ONE.



Website Navigation:  

Each webpage is a 'roll of information'... minimal page flipping or page selecting required.  

Click to the webpage then scroll your subject on that webpage... browser back/forward arrows and slide bar are helpful.  The scroll bar on your right is very useful.  

All links are underlined in bold italics.  

Each section is a new "dot connecting" chapter and marked by this blue indicator flag.  

The 17 most important updates... ever... are marked by this red indicator flag... they are easy to spot.  

New information as of August 2nd 2010 is marked by this pink Heart... and mostly Co-created from ON-Planet... with 'Roundtable of 'ONE ness' total agreement,        

If interested in a specific webpage section, phrase or word,  use 'CTL F' or 'Apple F'... a 'Find Box' will appear... key the section title, phrase or word... press enter... if necessary, use 'next' or 'previous' the buttons to navigate... or... just 'roll the scroll' up and down the page.  

This website only has the capability to link to the top of a page.  Using the scrolling capability of your computer will quickly move you up and down any webpage.  

The date at the top of a webpage displays the date of the last informational change on that webpage.  Sometimes the dates only change on the What New webpage as new information changes from “pre-release” to “released”.  

How to understand entire website contents in 5 minutes:  

  • Go to each webpage and quickly scan *** CONTENTS ***
  • Scan summary contained within *** Brief Description *** (directly below CONTENTS)

For the Webpage Index to all 20 webpages... which contain over 350 groupings of 'Dots' (Sections plus eBook Chapters).  

Once familiar with this website, it serves as an excellent reference source for a multitude of subjects.  

Other links to Many Of ONE:  



Four Levels of Information Sharing:  

Summary for all of Many of ONE.... Raising Vibrations  

All the shared information (none of it speculation or hearsay) one really needs is within the HomeHeart, Magic Words, and Return Path webpages.  

The second level of information sharing is within the CommentaryForms of BeingsHealth2012 and First Contact & Magic Future webpages.  

The third level of information sharing is within two webpages ... 
3's in Business, & From eBook.  

The fourth level of information sharing is within one webpage ... Research  
About 160,000 hours of pre-research, research, development, testing and trusting has taken place to this point in time (December 22, 2009).  This page contains over 
156,000 words and shares much of the recent information.  .  



Benefits of Many Visits:  

"To raise or not to raise vibrations... that is the question"..

Words carry energy... upon reading these words for the first time, there is both understanding and vibration raising energy.  Each time, upon re-reading words on this website... the understanding will deepen further and vibrations will increase to even a higher level.  

Visiting Many of ONE every day... and studying/meditating on ONE section will dramatically accelerate Heart Strength.  

The benefit of increasing Heart Strength is to remain living Heartcentrically... 24/7... not going back and forth between egocentric and Heartcentric.  

You will begin to notice an increase in your Heart Strength because fear will start to depart 
from your life.  Less fear means less stress.  Less stress can trigger the process of better health. 

Many of ONE is shared freely to be read and enjoyed.  By reading the website like a novel (about 150 Sections of interconnecting "dots"), all of life's questions will start to be answered.  Eventually, as the process of "connecting and applying the dots" matures,  none of life's questions will remain.  

As of March 1st 2010, It's like a new phase is starting... enough "dot connecting" Sections (released, pre-released or underway) are now shared on Many of ONE for a person by person choice to "raise or not to raise their vibrations".  There are less than 34 months remaining until December 21, 2012.  Those choosing to raise vibrations may find the following nine most helpful for study, meditation and application:  

  • Understanding Creation, Section 27 of this Home webpage
  • The Fall, Section 19 of this Home webpage
  • Magic Symbol, Section 7 of this Home webpage
  • Magic Sound, Section 8 of this Home webpage
  • Spin 4, Section 25 of this Home webpage
  • Daily Compass, Section 23 of this Home webpage
  • Distractions, Section 31 of this Home webpage
  • Attention, Section 11 of Magic Words webpage
  • Return Path webpage
  • ~surfing Love~ Section 33 of this Home webpage

Jul/07/10:  Another scenario is to prepare for Co-creation and study the FREE part of Services, Section 4, Co-creation Prod/Serv webpage.  

The most important choice of all is to follow your own inner Guidance... God  You  &  I  dance... where "God" is an interchangeable synonym for you and I.  There is no separation... even from "God".  

Summary for all of Many of ONE.... Raising Vibrations   

April 25, 2010:  If you would like to understand the scope of this work, read the entire website one time and then visit often, trusting your inner Guidance on where to focus.  

If you would like to start interconnecting 'Dots' for yourself, read the entire website three times and then visit often, trusting your inner Guidance on where to focus.  

If you would like to interconnect 'Dots' for yourself, read the entire website nine times and then visit often, trusting your inner Guidance on where to focus.  




This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well 
beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.

Information within this website is not protected by © Copyright Laws.  Thus information from others is not included unless also specified as freely shareable.  If this business practice has
not been met, please email or call Peter Olson at 719-651-1411.  

Many of ONE information is not protected by © Copyright Laws.  All are free to share information 
from this website with anyone.  

Want to experience the unifying joy of dance... of sharing?  Watch this 4:29 minute NASA video



The Magic Four:  

The Magic... Symbol, and/or Sound, and/or Words can lead you to the biggest "Ah Ha" 
possible in life!

The Magic Future is a post 2012 choice available now... the benefits of this choice are
'living from Heart', developing your 'Heart strength', and elimination of fear.  

As information comes your way and you have doubts about the content, go within and trust your own judgment. There will always be information that conflicts.  That is in the nature of differing levels of consciousness/Awareness from which the information originates.  

Words carry energy with them, so ask yourself how you feel as you read them... and 'spend time'  
'just being' with the words.  Clearly if you find information uplifting it will follow that it originates 
from a higher level.  



Magic Symbol:  

The symbol is presented as it might appear on a cave wall... because 
the information symbolized is both timeless and eternal.  

The large circle signifies All.    The Heart signifies Love.    The small 
circle signifies the wheel of births and deaths... or
the wheel of experience.  

The small extension leading from the lower left small circle is The Return Path from egocentric to 
Heartcentric.   The light to Love gap on the symbol between the small extension and Heart is "Letting Go".    

Any "Return Path" to Heart requires a quantum leap in consciousness by 'Letting Go' 
(not forgetting) all information and following your Love sourced... Inspirationresonance 
and flow.  

Heartcentric living is basically ascending (raising vibrations) to live within Love.  

Egocentric living is basically falling (lowering vibrations) to live within information 
and to experience fear.  

'Letting Go' is the key to raising vibrations and returning to Love.  

Circumpunct and XYZ, Sections 39 & 40 of this webpage expands on the information contained 
within this Magic Symbol Section.  .  



Magic Sound:  

Heart is about higher vibration sound in harmony.  Harmony is about beauty.  The word 
Heart contains the words hearear and art.  In a way, we are all 'parts' of ONE Heart.  Sound is why so many cultures choose to chant as a regular part of their daily living.  

What is the most important tool available for...

  • Letting Go...
  • Leaping the gap within the Return Path...
  • balancing and releasing karma?

Answer:  Love... of self, others and experiences... of all things you 'don't enjoy' about yourself... including smallest/fleeting weird thoughts & strange behaviors.  When 'don't enjoys' happen... no 
analysis required... just place your Loving attention on the issue.  Inspiration, resonance, and flow will guide you from there.  

Question:  How do I immediately 'turn on' Love?  

Answer:  Visualize a pink heart and generate the Magic Sound... so that your skull and pineal gland vibrate harmoniously.  

The Magic Sound is based upon these four words... 'Om MaNi PadMe Hum'.  The Om and Hum 
can be produced in a way that harmoniously vibrates the areas of Thymus, Pituitary, Pineal, and Well of Dreams*****... like this Golden Ratio Om recording made in the King's chamber of Great Pyramid - recorded by Patrick Flanagan  JxmZQ0.  

  • Om signifies All... and is symbolized by the circle in the Magic Symbol and Circumpunct.  
  • Ma signifies Mastery
  • Ni signifies near mastery
  • Pad signifies Paddling towards mastery
  • Me signifies 'Me' stepping upon the path eventually returning to mastery
  • Hum signifies motion... anything that moves has a sound... a 'hum'... a spin


***** The Pituitary and/or Pineal areas are used by our spiritual, mental, emotional & physical bodies.  
More is available regarding Thymus, Pituitary, Pineal, and Well of Dreams within Return Path, Sections 11 thru 13.  

A massive Pearl White glimmering pyramid mentioned in Rise/Ascention, Section 37, More Subjects webpage was used to help people experience higher vibrations from without.  The Magic Sound raises vibrations from within.  

Raising vibrations from within works... experiencing higher vibrations from the outside is only temporary... the higher vibration levels do not last!  

May15/10:  Sound is a pressure wave making it uniquely valuable in the areas of Form creation and Formtransformation.  This symbol and translation is for OM... first portion of the Magic Sound.  

  • Uplifting, vibration raising experience#5...
  • Background color becomes lighter from bottom to top
  • More swirls of white above center line
  • Uses Love as basis for raising vibrations...
  • More swirls of white below center line on left/Love side
  • Sound is based upon Level7 Fractal Clusters
  • Shows OOO MMM... First of 4 parts of Magic Sound
  • Carrier wave of Truth... high gold, red, and white content
  • OOO concentrates Love and thus loosens noise...
  • ... noise accumulates from all choices#13 that lack of harmony with Love#9
  • MMM heals by removing noise
  • (((EEE is the other powerful healing sound
  • B, C, D, G, P, T, V, Z all finish with the EEE sound
  • M and E have 4 lines)))
  • Harmonious with 4's...
  • 12 rays from center...
  • 16 points on circle of 'ONE ness'
  • Harmonious within Level12 Creations...
  • 12 rays from center...
  • Numerous groupings of 3's and 5's...
  • Both are prime Fibonacci Numbers
  • Providing maximum potential harmony... making it easier to directly connect with Love
  • Symbol helps achieve "From Within" Connection to Love
  • Sound OOO MMM helps achieve "From Within" Connection to Love
  • Making the sound while watching the symbol is even more powerful



Magic Words:  

1) Stillness,   2) motion,   3) and,   4) All,   5) experience,   6) Intent,   7) Soul,   8) photon,   
9) Love,   10) Heart,   11) attention,   12) ego,   13) choice,   14) agenda,   15) karma,   
16) Awareness,   17) Being,   18) Inspiration,   19) resonance,   20) flow.

To eliminate all possible ambiguity, Many of ONE webpages use these 20 words or words 
derived from these 20 words.  These are the 20 words you really need to know.  

"Love and 'ONE ness'" is the essence of the 20 Magic Words.  Love is always present... 
while the other 19 Magic Words explain the science of 'ONE ness'.  

Note:  If the Magic Word is capitalized it is associated with Stillness#1... 
not capitalized with motion#2.  

There is an entire webpage dedicated to sharing information on the Magic Words.  The webpage includes a brief summary of each word at the top ... and details in Sections 1 thru 20.  



Magic Future:  

Love and 'ONE ness' replacing information & fear... for those who choose to 'Let Go' and
ascend... or, using different words, to 'Let Go' and thus raise vibrations.  

There is no original sin.  We choose to fall and thus lower vibrations.  Information is the anchor 
that holds us to these lower vibrations.  




Comprehensive tapestry of understanding for PART I.



Questions & Answers:  

Why are we on Earth?  What is happening?  What can I do right now?   

  • Let Go of all information & fear
  • Return to Love and 'ONE ness'
  • Joyously accept full responsibility as a Co-creator ...
  •  ... Both before and after 2012.



More Questions:  

Note:  Section 13, 'More Answers' basically restates each question, so there is no need to flip back 
and forth between the two sections.  

1)    Why any creation?   
2)    What existed before creation?  
3)    What was the first part of the original "Big Bang" of the original creation?   
4)    What was the second part?   
5)    How do I better enjoy creation?  

6)    What is happening in our portion of creation?   
7)    How do I prepare for 2012?   
8)    What is ascension?   
9)    When will ascension occur?  
10)  What happens after ascension? 

11)  Is 2012 the end of days?  
12)  Does returning to Heartcentric require work?  
13)  Please describe a Return Path to Heartcentric?  
14)  Is "What will be will be" true?  
15)  Will the earth change spin direction in 2012?  

16)  What is First Contact?
17)  How does Photon Mechanics explain both the Science of Consciousness... and missing 
       portions of Quantum Mechanics/Physics?   
18)  Is the directly translated version of the Lord's Prayer the same as Photon Mechanics? 
19)  What does "We are the ONE's we have been waiting for" imply? 
20)  What does "After a new step is taken, the Lotus Blossom will appear" imply? 

21)  What does "Nothing is as it seems... everything is as it should be" imply? 
22)  What is the difference between a "Light Worker" and a "Heart Worker"? 



More Answers:  

Note:  These answers basically restate the question from Section 12, so there is no need to flip back and forth between the two sections.  

(Answers use the Magic Words... 1) Stillness,   2) motion,   3) and,   4) All,   5) experience,   
6) Intent,   7) Soul,   8) photon,   9) Love,   10) Heart,   11) attention,   12) ego,   13) choice,   
14) agenda,   15) karma,   16) Awareness,   17) Being,   18) Inspiration,   19) resonance,   20) flow.)  

1)   The sole purpose of any creation is experience... Magic Word # 5.  

2)   Before the first creation there was only Stillness... Magic Word # 1.  

3)   The first part of the original creation is scientifically described by the 'catch all phrase',  
      'Theory of Everything'.  Magic Words 6 thru 11 share what really happens. 

4)   The original creation is scientifically described by the 'catch all phrase',  
      'Big Bang'.  Magic Words 6 thru 15 share what really happens.  

5)   A way to better enjoy creation is to "gift' yourself with better health.  This is explained on the 
     Health webpage.  


6)  On December 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT, a once every 25,920 year physical alignment with our 
Galactic Center takes place intensifying gravity.   The increase in gravity gradually dismantles all 
cultures, laws and institutional structures not based on the foundation of Love (MW 9).  
See 2012 & Mayan Calendar for prior and upcoming important dates.  

7) Preparation for 2012 is optional.  Those who wish to return to Heartcentric living must raise their vibrations.  

8) Ascension is a more Loving and beautiful form of Heartcentric.  
This 4:36 min YouTube video is another way to share information about ascension.  (Some of the terms used in this video are synonyms to the terms used on Many of ONE... other terms are the same.  The pictures are beautiful.)  

9)  Ascension can happen at any time.  This opportunity will most likely take place between 
September 17, 2012 and December 21, 2012.  (September 17th is the '00000' Date Fractal... 
see 2012 & Mayan Calendar )  

10) Those choosing to ascend will experience lives filled with Love, synchronicities, beauty, 
health, youth, and full of Co-creation... with the availability and use of highly advanced 
technologies that all but eliminate the need to work and make money.  


11) 2012 is not an end point.  2012 is an opportunity for transition to a new beginning.  

12)  Returning to Heartcentric requires no work... it only requires Love... Love of self
others and your experiences.  

13)  A Return Path to Heartcentric living is shared within the Magic Symbol section of this 
of this webpage.  (Section 7)  

14)  "What will be will beis not true.  An accurate statement is 
"What will be' continues, until we change it".  

15)  Scientists have identified over 18,000 changes in spin direction by studying changes in magnetic alignment at various levels of soil core drillings.  That would be about one every 
13,000 years for the last quarter billion years.  We are due for another soon... probably 2012. 
The 'spin change' process requires at least 30 hours.  Spin change will not be experienced by those choosingreturn to Heartcentric.  


16)  First Contact is described within the First Contact & Magic Future webpage. 

17)  Photon Mechanics, Science of Consciousness and the missing portions of 
Quantum Mechanics/Physics are explained on the Magic Words webpage.  

18)  The directly translated version of the Lord's Prayer is the same as Photon Mechanics.  
Translated directly from Aramaic to English (rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English).  
This is also explained on the Magic Words webpage.  

19)  "We are the ONE's we have been waiting for" implies Love and 'ONE ness'.  If 'others' could 
"save us", 'two ness' or duality would exist.  We are all "parts of the same Heart", so there are no 
'others'... we are all "from and of" the same ONE... we are all Many of ONE.  (Heart Parts are 
explained in Section 15 on the Home webpage.)   We will rock you as sung by Queen

20)  "After a new step is taken, the Lotus Blossom will appear" implies free_will/free_choice.  
The lotus blossom has hundreds of petals implying hundreds of new possibilities.  If these new 
possibilities started to appear before we took a new step, free_will/free_choice would be a sham.  



22)  Light Workers have fears lasting longer than one second.  Heart Workers might have an 
occasional fear lasting less than one second.  



Love and ONE:  

Many of ONE can be summarized in just 2 words... Love and One.  

When spelling 'live' backwards we get 'evil'.  When spelling 'lived' backwards we get 'devil'.  
There are two things holding us from returning to Love and ONE... information and fear.  When 
we live based on information and choose to accept fear, we are living life backwards.  

If you want to blame something for the current global chaos, the bottom-line is information and/or fear.  

Some religions include the 'Love' part in their teachings/beliefs while science can partially 
explain the 'ONE ness' part thru Quantum Physics.  Science explains what is not yet understood within the 'catch all' term  "Big Bang".  The original "Big Bang" is actually a very precise and long process described byMagic Words 6 thru 15.  

Love is everywhere... we can only choose to ignore/hide/deny Love.... Love continues to Be
even if someone/something is mean to you.  

There is no separation... everything is interconnected... everything is a part of ONE.  

There is no past, present & future... there is only Now.  Now is always in motion... in the state of 
'constant change' or reconfiguration.  Now is the only possible scientific outcome of 'ONE ness'.   

True 'separation' or 'two ness' or 'duality'... is required for a past & future to exist.  Quantum Physics 
demonstrates that everything is interconnected, this means that only 'ONE ness' can exist.  

Everything (All) is a part of Love and One.  So we are all basically multiple 'parts' of the same Heart. With 'tongue in cheek' we could say that our Heart 'parts' allowing fear are 'farts'.   

The connection to our multidimensional Heart Parts is thru the eighth chakra, Well of Dreams.  The use of this new chakra requires practice and is much like remembering your dreams.  

More about Love and Heart is explained on the Magic Words webpage.  



Heart Parts:  

From Section 14... "Everything (All) is a part of Love and One.  So we are all basically multiple 
'parts' of the same Heart."  

All these 'Heart Parts' are interconnected by Love.  Each and everyone one of us have many of these 'Heart Parts'... like a TV with many channels.   

But we typically only tune into the 'Heart Parts' on channel 3.  (Our current pre-2013 reality is often 
called the third dimension or 3rd density.)   

Very real dream state experiences are typical when we tune into some of our other 'Heart Parts' within other realities.  For 'other realities' consider tuning into other TV channels.  

Multiple dimensions and parallel universes are basically other realities containing more of our 
'Heart Parts'.  

How do we hide other 'Heart Parts' from the parts on "channel 3"?
Cable TV uses the VBI or Vertical Blanking Interval to maintain separate channels.  We use more 
sophisticated techniques... they are often called 'veils'.  Fear is one way to 'veil'.  Beliefs and rituals are other ways to veil.  

The only way to veil Love is by accepting fear.  

The same Love is everywhere... including other dimensions and parallel universes.  Love does not have any parts... and is always present. 

Multiple Realities, Section 17 and Multidimensional Bleed-Through, Section 18 provide more information on the unlimited number of locations/realities for Heart Parts.  . 

More about Love and Heart is explained on the Magic Words webpage.  




The concept of 'God' is now very easy to understand.  God is Stillness plus the total of all Heart Parts. 

It may take some time to accept this simplicity and allow "Stillness plus Heart Parts" to sink in...  
but it is just that simple!  

As your number of visits to Many of ONE accumulates, this concept and its simplicity will eventually become a huge Ah Ha!  

Eventually, you will reach the biggest Ah Ha possible in life... that the concept of God includes you!  
The inclusion is in the form of 'potential' while living egocentrically.  The inclusion is 'actual' when living Heartcentrically.  Either choice is fine... there is no judgment... there is only experience.  

We are all Many of ONE... and that includes God.  

Note:  Sometimes while choosing to live egocentrically we create karma, Karma is explained
within Section 15, Magic Words webpage.  



Multiple Realities:  

From Section 15... "Multiple dimensions and parallel universes are basically other realities containing more of our 'Heart parts'."  

These 'Heart parts' are structured by clusters of photons.  The photons come in pairs.  

The photon pairs are typically separated by different realities.  This is necessary because if allowed to recombine, the two halves of a photon pair will "self annihilate" or cease to exist.  

If all photon pairs recombined, all of creation would cease to exist.  However, the potential 
for creation would still remain.  

All photon pairs in all parts of creation are interconnected by Love.  The 'pull' between a photon pair creates gravity.  

All photons can be programmed to behave like electrons, positrons, gamma rays, or gravitons ... 
and then clustered to form atoms.   Each half of a photon pair has its own programming... and 
in most cases, the programming is different.  

More on the ONE Photon with the potential for an unlimited number of photon pairs is explained in Section 8 of the Magic Words webpage.  



Multidimensional Bleed-Through:  

This section builds upon the ONE Photon mentioned in Section 17 of this webpage and explains things that current medical science cannot explain.  

From Section 15... "Multiple dimensions and parallel universes are basically other realities containing more of our 'Heart parts'."  At times these 'Heart parts' bleed through to each other.  

Feeling 'spacey', dizzy or some localized numbness?  Can't seem to fix the issue.  You are probably experiencing 'Multidimensional Bleed-Through' or MBT.  This on-planet condition started at least by 1978 and accelerated 30 years later during 2008... and will continue to December 21, 2012.  The feeling can also be explained as 'MBT Intoxication'.  

Each one of us has the choice to veil up to eleven simultaneous lives in eleven simultaneous 
dimensions.  Simultaneous current lives are not the same as past lives.  

Simultaneous current lives are part of the current configuration of the eternal Now.  Past lives are part of prior configurations of the eternal Now.  

Future lives are part of prior configurations of the eternal Now.  Both the past and future are constantly in the state of reconfiguration.  

There is only the current configuration of the eternal Now.  The current configuration includes the 
past and future in all 170 Billion Universes.  

Part of the experience in moving from egocentric to Heartcentric may include MBT.  Sometimes 
MBT may be experienced as unexplainable joy... and other times as unexplainable sadness.  
These high and low moments are probably bleeding through from other dimensions.  

From another point of view, MBT experiences probably indicate that you have already chosen 
to ascend and to return to living Heartcentrically.  

MBT may come and go until December 21, 2012.  During MBT events, try to drink pure energized water and choose plenty of rest/sleep.  Use the Magic Sound and Spin 4 before and after resting/sleeping. 

The connection to multidimensions is thru the eighth chakra, Well of Dreams.  The use of this new chakra requires practice and is much like remembering your dreams.  



The Fall:  

The biblical term, "Fall" refers to the process of lowering vibrations and keeping them low.  Other 
terms are separation, duality, 'two ness', and limited consciousness. 

The multidimensional interconnected parts of us choose to join each other in fabricating  "The Fall" by lowering vibrations and developing additional techniques to retain the low levels.  

The Fall actually took place almost 13,000 years ago.  Imagine trying to explain this ancient event even just two thousand years ago to fisherman and goat/sheep herders. 

By using today's science and culture, sharing information on low/high vibrations is much easier. 

It helps to remember... that there is no time, there is only timing, Section 42, this Home webpage.... 
and that the multidimensional part of us never lowered vibrations resulting in today's possibility of Multidimensional Bleed-Through, Section 18, of this Home webpage.  

For those who would like to continue the low vibrations experience... it is also a perfect choice for their nonmultidimensional parts.  Our multidimensional parts will continue to "keep in touch'... as it has 
always been and will continue to be.  We are all many of ONE.  

Life is like a box of mixed chocolates... we all get to choose from an almost infinite assortment... and most of us don't choose the same chocolate every time... we enjoy the freedom of choice.  

This 8 minute video clip using the ancient art of dowsing to reverse the vibration lowering effects of EMF from a cell phone show the power of attention#11...  

From a Heartcentric viewpoint... attention is used to raise vibrations... distractions are used to lower vibrations.  In this video tape, attention reverses the vibration lowering effect of EMF... very powerful evidence!  

Using attention#11 is described within Section 11 of Magic Words webpage.  

Once attention is combined with Love#9 and Heartcentric#10, the magic of raising vibrations, 
getting healthy and answering life's questions will begin.  Section 9 thru 11 of Magic Words webpage

Rise/Ascention, Section 37, More Subjects webpage is the exact opposite of 'The Fall'.  . 


The fall (to lower vibrations):   

The less difficult event, 13 millennium ago, was to jointly fabricate this separation experience while 
still part of 'ONE ness'... interconnected by Love.  

Distractions, Veils, egocentric living, and free will/choice are all fabrications used for The Fall:

   Distractions are described within Section 31 of this Home webpage.  

   Veils are described within Section 41 of this Home webpage.  

   Living egocentrically is described within Section 12 of Magic Words webpage.  

   Free will/choice is described within Section 13 of Magic Words webpage.  


The rise (to raise vibrations):   

"The Rise" is the more difficult event.  It is a person by person choice from the one dimensional viewpoint... rather than a group choice from the multidimensional viewpoint held 13,000 years ago.  

The "2012 Opportunity" is the window for those who would like to raise their vibrations between now 
and December 21, 2012.  This process is shared as the Return Path... .  There is an entire webpage sharing the process of raising vibrations.  




Heart Strength:  

Heart strength is basically the quickness level of eliminating fears using Love.  

On the 'return path' to Heartcentric ... fears ...

  • go away 
  • happen less frequently 
  • last for shorter periods of time

When living Heartcentrically, we are immediately aware of our fear and can choose to
eliminate the fear in less than one second.  

There are 604,800 seconds each week... 60sec x 1440min 7days.  

Compared to 604,800, even a few weekly sub-second fears are trivial and of no consequence.  
Eventually fears simply go away.  

Roman Gladiators were "tough as nails" but still experienced fears.  Impeccable Heart Strength leads beyond what was obtained by the very best of Gladiators.  

Note:  An occasional sub-second fear is still possible in 3D (pre-2013) when 'living from Heart' 24/7.  What is an occasional fear lasting one thousandth of one second compared to over 600,000 
weekly seconds!  



Being a "Light Worker" is not enough:  

Being is a state reached upon the completion of most of our 'Letting Go' process.  Being is a 
part of Heartcentric living ...  

 ... "To Be or not to Be... that is the question"... attributed to Shakespeare ~ written by Francis 
Bacon ~ who was an aspect of St. Germaine.  

From Section 10 of this Home webpage... Love and 'ONE ness' replacing information & fear... for 
those who choose to 'Let Go' and ascend... or, using different words, to 'Let Go' and thus raise 

Relying on information and/or 'tried and true' techniques prevents us from raising our vibrations to a high enough level.  

Light carries information... consider fiber optics and DVD's as examples.  Light can carry loving 
information.  But it is still just information.  Love is a quantum jump from information... and requires much higher vibrations.    

Light Workers have fears lasting longer than one second.  Heart Workers might have an occasional fear lasting less than one second.  




More interrelated important information is shared.



Let go?  Ego says no!:  

This is the most important and difficult step because if we still have fears, we are still 
living egocentrically.  If you were just an ego, would you give up without a fight?  

Experiences appear to happen outside of us... the key is to realize that all experiences are 
decoded inside of us by our brain.  Brain is the physical portion of our ego and the center of 
our nervous system.  Items stored in our brain include chosen beliefs and the accumulation of 
'to date' life experiences.  

The entire spectrum of 'beliefs & experiences' is never never the same for any two people.  This is 
why people sharing common experiences will not react the same way or remember the same things.  

This 'beliefs & experiences' programming is one of the main ego tools to keep us living 

'Letting go' is performed by Heart using Love.  'Letting go' will perform all necessary mental 
and emotional reprogramming... no egos required... no egos allowed!  



Daily Compass:  

This section can be summarized in just one word... 'Surf'.  

You will know that departure from egocentric has started because of your developing Heart strength... fear over anything will be occurring less often and becoming shorter in duration.  

The next step is an increasing awareness of how much of yourself has remained hidden and
soon your Heart Strength will take another leap toward even less fear.  

The final step is total awareness of Love and 'ONE ness'... and that you have multiple parts in the
many different realities of All That Is.  You now know there is no separation from anything... that you 
could ignore Love but it always remains... that you are multidimensional.  Your ego has just lost the battle... and lost the war!  

By the way, ALL your Heart Parts still Love your ego... it has served you well by providing a very 
convincing experience!  

Now there is one simple remaining choice... to Be.  You are no longer a 'Human Becoming' or 
a 'Human Doing'... you are simply a Human Being.  

Being is as easy as 123... even with little or no experience living Heartcentrically.  

  • 1)  Heart speaks softly,,, you will just 'know' and grow to trust Inspiration
  • 2)  Confirm the Inspirations physically using resonance ...
  •       ... the Inspiration will simply 'feel' good
  • 3)  Continue to act on confirmed Inspirations as long there is flow...
  •       ... as long as the process is easy

Daily navigation is as easy as 123... It's like '24/7 surfing'...  
(... using Inspiration, resonance and flow... Magic Words 18, 19 & 20.)  



Comfort Zone:  

Comfort Zone is the way we orchestrate our experiences... and it is as easy as ABC ...
Beliefs, and Choices.   (A chair is one dream symbol for Comfort Zone.)   

  The ABC's of Comfort Zone determine our experiences#5... 

  • A)  Where I place Attention will eventually become my experience
  • B)  What I Believe determines my reaction to my experience
  • C)  What I choose determines my immediate reaction ... and eventual experience.  


When we change Comfort Zone we change what we perceive... and what we experience.     Veils, Section 41, this Home webpage.     Perception, Section 35, More Subjects webpage

When we immediately choose to react in a positive way to our experiences, we balance the karma#15 and the reason for the unenjoyable experience#5.  We keep repeating the same type of basic unenjoyable experienceuntil we are able to immediately react in a positive way and thus balance the targeted karma.  

Courage, "Letting Go" and Pure Love are required to change Comfort Zone and thus to Raise Vibrations.   

Once the momentum of Comfort Zone change builds, downstream events start to change dramatically.  This 15 minute video excerpt provides strong evidence of such...  

The elimination of Distractions, Section 31, this Home webpage... and, adding Attractions using Attention, Section 11, Magic Words webpage is the key to changing Comfort Zone.  

Continuously Surfing Love will automatically change Comfort Zone and raise vibrations.  

The process of Changing Comfort Zone starts out as 'work'.  As our vibration levels start to rise, the fear of continuous 'work' changes into experiencing more Joy!  

The job/work portion of life morphs from...  a "part/full time job" into... one continuous "full time Joy".  



Spin 4:  

A highly advanced tool to raise our already increasing vibrations requiring about 33 seconds per day.

Spin 4 automatically activates our Merkaba and... Causes it to spin 2 additional ways for a total of 
four ways ... Clockwise... counter clockwise... end over end... and like a gyroscope.  

The resulting XYZ spin of our Merkaba + Heart based alignment with Intent performs photon 
creation and programming.  

The Spin 4 process requires at least 33 seconds to perform.   It is OK to take longer and enjoy the 
process.  One time a day is enough... more is OK.  

Visualize Love and produce the Magic Sound once... more is OK.  

Place tongue on roof of mouth at the pituitary spot... keep tongue on this spot ...

  • ... we know the pituitary spot by an "itching" later (after performing Spin 4...
  • (words are silent)
  • Left nostril in-breath, 7 seconds... "Spin 4 (merkaba) ~ faster ~ offload"...
  • Right nostril out-breath, 7 sec...    "Upgrade ~ integrate ~ align"...
  • Right nostril in-breath,   7 sec...    "Create and program photon pairs"...
  • Left nostril out-breath,   7 sec...    "Distribute and apply photons"...
  •  ... Apply to our fields, chakras, bodies, cells and pineal...
  • ...  Distribute is for the other twin of the photon pair heading for a different reality.
  • Quick Left nostril in-breath, less than one second... 
  • Quick Right nostril out-breath, less than one second...
  • Then a quick "Om" "Hum" ... out loud and vibrating/resonating skull

Spin 4 may not make any sense until comfortable with and using the Daily Compass as explained in Section 23.  

Return Path webpage.  

A massive Pearl White glimmering pyramid mentioned in Rise/Ascention, Section 37, More Subjects webpage was used to help people experience higher vibrations from without.  Spin 4 raises vibrations "From Within".  

Raising vibrations "From Within" works... experiencing higher vibrations from the outside is only temporary... the higher vibration levels do not last!  Old habits are difficult to release,,, difficult to "Let Go".  



The ONE Creator is the ONE Creation:  

We are all from and of the ONE Creator.  'We' includes humans, Mother Earth, her animal, plant, 
and mineral kingdoms... and about 170 Billion other universes.  We are all Many of ONE.  

From Google search... "John 1 direct translation from Aramaic to English"

The Testament of John 

John One 

1. In the beginning [of creation]
there was the Manifestation*; 
And that Manifestation was with God; 
and God was [the embodiment of] that Manifestation.

Even the directly translated bible, states there is no separation between God the Creator and the 
creation.  We are all Many of ONE.  

If the number one is multiplied by itself 7 Billion times, the answer is still one.  If the number one is 
divided by itself 7 Billion times, the answer is still one.  If another number is divided by one, the other number is unchanged.  If another number is multiplied by one, the other number is unchanged.  Only the number one has these capabilities and simplicity!  

There are almost 7 Billion humans on Earth.  Are we separate or connected?  Quantum 
Physics/Mechanics has proven mathematically (Bell in 1964) and then verified by laboratory 
experimentation (Aspect in 1987) that everything is instantaneously interconnected at the sub-atomic level, thus we are all Many of ONE.  If we are interconnected at the sub-atomic level, we must also be interconnected at the Super-Atomic Level.  

Our current life exists within a holographic container (part of the one Photon) filled with clusters of 
sub-atomic particles (formed from photon pairs) naturally moving in sine waves.  These particle 
clusters can be either in a state of unpredictable chaos (separation Consciousness)... or 
harmonious organization (Connective Consciousness).  

These massive clusters of sub-atomic particles form everything we can sense, feel and experience... including Mother Earth, minerals, plants, animals, and humans.  

Individual beliefs represent our personal 'Theory of Everything'... including the portions of everything 
we choose to believe we do not yet understand... or can never understand.  Our 
beliefs are perfect for our chosen experiences.  

The Super-Atomic Level includes the Creator Realm, or God, or whatever name is within one's 
comfort zone..  The Creator Realm is ONE with the Created Realm.  Thus the 'we' from above includes 'God'.  We are all Many of ONE.  Separation from one another and/or from 'God' is only possible by choice in constructing our individual beliefs.  Through the findings of Quantum Physics/Mechanics, separation between each other and 'God' or 'All That Is' is not scientifically possible.  

Some of us have chosen to simply believe there is no God... that's also OK... we are simply choosing to orchestrate our experience to include that there is no God... and in most 'no God' cases... no Love... of self and/or others.    

There is no separate God... each of us is from/of Pure Unencumbered Love... on-planet to experience and gain Heart Strength.  We are a drop in the Ocean and we are the Ocean at the same time. We are All equat in LovePerfection and Potential.  In The Milky Way Galaxy, we have the free will to use that Potential in any way we choose.  

All choices are perfect as eventually, we tire of the duality or 'two ness' experiences and choose to 
return to Love and 'ONE ness'... and with a renewed "pep in our step".    



Understanding Creation:  

This shares how Creation evolved using the 20 Magic Words.  An explanation that holds up to any questioning and is consistent with information shared over two thousand years ago.  

The explanation boils everything down to enjoy the ultimate dance and mystery... together... 
because we can choose to do just that!  

One definition of Guidance is G  U  I  dance... God  You  &  I  dance... where "God" is an interchangeable synonym for you and I.  There is no separation... even from "God".  

This statement comes together after reading this section.  

Creation ... 

  • is the ultimate mystery that never never never becomes boring or stale ...
  • ... mystery requires uncertainty (not doubt, not fear)
  • ... and springs from the resonance of Pure Unencumbered Love ...
  • ... which is from which Stillness#1 evolved
  • ... and contains infinite Joy, for All to find and to choose... and to share.  

Note:  If the Magic Word is capitalized it is associated with Stillness#1... 
Not capitalized with motion#2.  

     Magic Word      Status as of each Magic Word      Dialog leading to next Magic Word
1   Stillness   In the beginning all is perfect...  
and all is Love.
  How can we experience imperfection?
How can we experience uncertainty?
            Let's establish the potential for
confusion and uncertainty.
2   motion   The potential for motion was 
  That should certainly allow confusion
and uncertainty... all those moving 
3   and   Yeah but all will be ONE... the motion 
can't really be separated from 
  Motion will still work... the 'and' will get 
confused as 'or'... or Stillness will 
simply be ignored all together.
4   All   Sigh... that's really ALL there can be.   True... and it is ALL interconnected...
Stillness and motion.
            But there will be so much confusion 
and uncertainty that very few will be
able to see that everything is part of a
gigantic ONE.
            That's great!  These interconnections 
will become the greatest and final 
mystery. What fun!
5   experience   Let's "bang" this thing out... so we 
can actually start experiencing
confusion and uncertainty.
  OK then... first we'll need a blueprint.
6   Intent   The blueprint is named and ready.   OK... now we need a portal or gateway 
in which to pass from Stillness to 
            (BTW... People who choose to believe 
God is not part of the ONE sometimes 
call Intent "The Word of God".)
            Good, that will add to the mystery.
7   Soul   The gateway is named and ready.   That name should certainly help to 
allow confusion and add to uncertainty.
            This gateway name has many 
implications including 'only' and 
'sol' (sun)... that will help deepen 
the mystery even further.
            OK... now we need a container on the
other side of the gateway.
8   Photon   The container is named and ready.   Good... now we will establish the 
potential for an unlimited number of 
photon pairs that cancel each other out 
unless they are kept in separate 
            That will work... we can separate them 
into billions of universe's and an 
unlimited number of realities.
            Wow... that will allow for an unlimited 
number of experiences!  And 
experience is the only reason we have departed from Love and perfection.
9   Love   In Stillness, everything is perfect and all
is Love.
  True... I certainly will be able to 
experience imperfection considering 
all of the realities and moving parts... 
but all of motion is based on Love.
            What if I want to experience the lack of 
            Well, that will be hard because motion 
could not exist without Love and 
the presence of Stillness is Love.
            ALL is ONE and interconnected by 
Love.  Remember?
            I remember... OK let's develop a 
connective point for Love.
10   Heart   The connective point is named and 
  Where will we protect and hide these 
individualized connective points?
            For humans, lets hide the connective 
points near the physical heart in the 
middle of the ribcage... that location will 
further add to the confusion.
            That's a good hiding place.  We 
decided to depart Stillness to 
experience uncertainty and confusion...
that hiding place will deepen the 
mystery even more!
            Everything becomes quiet for a 
moment. And then the conversation
            We have the potential for motion... but 
how are we going to program it?
11   attention   The programming tool is named and 
  So simple, attention works for individual 
photons and clusters of photons... very
clever approach to programming!
            What if we run out of photons and need
more of them?
            Also simple, photon pairs can be 
created using Love... 
but only when we are 'living in Heart'.
            Another pause for collective 
            Well now we need a separate tool to 
navigate and experience the 
uncertainty and confusion of motion.
12   ego   The navigation & experience tool is 
named and ready.
  All motion is energy... is ego short for 
"Energy GO"?  LOL... could be.
            Well then... let's have another category
called Energy motion... get it?  
E_go and E_motion!
            One of the main tools for the ego is the
brain.  Everything is decoded by the 
brain inside the brain... talk about 
allowing the fox into the chicken coop!
            Everyone will have different views 
because of individual brains... all 
programmed with their individual beliefs
& experiences.  No one will be able to
experience anything in exactly the 
same way... talk about uncertainty, 
confusion and mystery... wow!  
            And don't forget to include different 
emotions for each person... talk about 
diversity of experiences!
            This is almost becoming scary.   Nay...
let's add the potential for even 
a larger diversity of experience.
            Well how would we do that?
            By allowing the free will to choose.
13   choice   That was easy, more programming 
space was added in the clustering 
of photons
  Now that is easy to understand... 
sort of like moving from 32 to 64 bit 
architecture in computers.
            Did we include enough programming 
space to to make a string of choices?
            Yes... there is enough programming 
space for strings and strings of 
14   agenda   We'll call these 'strings of 
choices' agendas.
  So ego, choice and agenda are all 
about information and it's storage.
            That's correct.
            So if I want an experience with 
little or no Love, I just focus on 
            That's correct... so simple yet such 
an effective way to hide Love.
            Is there any other way to hide Love?
            Yes, one of the emotions will be strong
enough to hide Love.
            Does that emotion have a name?
Yes... it is named fear.
            So the ego is all about emotions, 
information and fear.
            Yep... add logic and linear thinking...
then that about sums up the ego.
            Wow... the ego is very powerful...
how do we insert some type of invisible
dog collar that won't go away and 
'encourages' the experiencer to 
reconsider... and eventually start the 
return to Love and 'ONE ness'?.
            Is there any rush to return?  
            No rush... because there is no time...
there is only the 'Now'... a 'Now' 
created for the purpose of experience.
15   karma   The 'encouragement' tool is 
named and ready.
  Now then... we have "banged" out the 
entire creation in which to experience 
uncertainty, confusion and mystery... 
congratulations to us!  
            Yep... but we still have to create the 
return path to Love and 'ONE ness'.
            Right... let's get started.
            The first return step is obvious... simply
a level of understanding of 1 thru 15....
and then 16 thru 20.
            So let's name that understanding.
16   Awareness   That level of understanding is
  OK,,, so now what do I do?
            Be patient... it takes some for this
understanding to really sink in and 
become trustable.
            How long?  At least 3 months... maybe
a year.
            What can I do after Awareness has 
become more than just information?
            Anything you want to... the only 
difference is now you've un-blocked 
Love and can no longer experience fear.
            Good!  Fear is just based on 
information... False Evidence Appearing  
Real... FEAR.
            Good one... LOL!
            And besides, there is no joy when 
Love is hidden... no joy at all!
            So let me be certain... no more 
uncertainty or confusion or fear?  
Yes... that's correct.
            And time no longer is of any concern?
Yes... that's also correct.
            Will my experiences ever be the 
same?  No... Love becomes the 
foundation for all experiences from this 
point forward.
            So "follow your bliss" and enjoy all
experiences with others choosing that
same state of being.
            That's like "having your cake and eating 
it too"!
17   Being   A name for the state of "having your cake and eating it too".   How do I leave the information based 
world of ego and continue to navigate 
my experiences?
            You return your focus to Stillness... and
to Love.
            But I'm still within motion having 
            True... but you never stopped 
communicating with Stillness... 
Stillness is always present... always 
aware... always ready to communicate.
            Another pause for collective 
            Stillness has been 'in us' so the name 
should start with 'In'.  Makes sense... 
let's name it 'In spiration'
18   Inspiration   The name for 'communication' 
with Stillness.
  Is Inspiration the same as "gut feel"?
No... not even close.  Inspiration 
appears in the center of the ribcage
as a knowing.  "Gut feel" actually 
contains some physical sensation and 
enters in the area of the Solar Plexus.
            "Gut feels" are often influenced by 
our agenda's... Inspirations neither pay 
attention to nor judge our agendas.
            It would be nice to have a physical
confirmation of our Inspiration.
            That's automatic.  Really?
            Yep... because of the momentary 
concentration of Love, you simply feel
good in the center of your ribcage...
It rings true!
            You mean it resonates?  Yes. 
Well then... let's call it resonance.
19   resonance   A name for 'feels good' or 'rings true'.   So let me be clear... if an Inspiration 
also 'rings true', we act without any 
logical information that makes sense 
in advance?   Yes... that's it!
            Do we ever stop?  Yes... as soon as 
the action is no longer easy.
            You mean don't go against the flow... 
right?  Yes.
            So when many of us are going with 
the flow, it's like the dance of the 
Universe?   Wow... what fun!
20   flow   A name for 'easy'.   So Being as a matter of Inspiration, 
resonance and flow?  
            Yep... no more need to understand in 
advance... no more fear... just make 
choices and enjoy them with 
others also 'living from Heart' and 
enjoying just Being!
            And here’s the best part—it’s the 
same for everyone and everything. 
It’s timeless, infinite and everlasting. 
Very long pause ending with all smiles.
            So flow leads us back to Stillness? 
Yes, if that is our choice... we can
also just stay on the dance floor for as 
long and as often as we wish!
            Well... now we’ve come 
full circle. Wanna go again?  Whoopee!
            Pause for collective contemplation.
            Yeah... why not... wanna dance?!

One definition of Guidance is G  U  I  dance... God  You  &  I  dance... where "God" is an interchangeable synonym for you and I.  There is no separation... even from "God".  

Sections 27, 28 and 29 of this home webpage are interrelated.  



Lord's Prayer directly from Aramaic:  

The Lord's Prayer translated from Aramaic, Jesus' native language, into
English (rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English)...

These are the 139 words shared about 2000 years age to a culture of goat/sheep herders and fisherman... no Internet or Quantum Physics... no TV or History Channel.  Notice the similar energy (motion) 'feel' to Section 27, Understanding Creation.  

The Lord's Prayer...

"O Cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration! Soften the ground of 
our being and carve out a space within us where Your Presence* can 

Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the 
fruit of your mission. 

Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire. 
Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being needs 
to grow and flourish. 

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us, as we release 
others from the entanglement of past mistakes 

Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true 
purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment. 

For you are the round and the fruitful vision, the birth-power and
fulfillment, as all is gathered and made whole once again."


While reading the Lord's Prayer connect the 'dot' that prayer is a form of attention... 
and that we create our experiences with our attention.  


Sections 27, 28 and 29 of this home webpage are interrelated.  



Lord's Prayer with The 20 Magic Words:  

Same story as shared in both Sections 27 & 28... Now with the 20 Magic Words inserted.  

The Lord's Prayer...

"O Cosmic Birther (Intent#6) of all radiance (photon#8) and vibration (motion#2)

Soften the ground (experience#5) of our being (Being#17) and carve out a space within us (Heart#10) where Your Presence* (Stillness#1) can abide 

Fill us with your creativity (Awareness#16) so that we may be empowered (Attention#11) to bear the fruit of your (Soul#7) mission. 

Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire (choice#13)
Endow us with the wisdom (resonance#19) to produce and share what each being needs 
to grow and flourish (flow#20)

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us (karma#15), as we release 
others (using Love#9) from the entanglement of past mistakes 

Do not let us be seduced (agenda#14) by that which would divert us (ego#12) from our true 
purpose, but illuminate the opportunities (Inspiration#18) of the present moment. 

For you are the round and the fruitful vision (All#4) , the birth-power and (and#3)
fulfillment, as all is gathered and made whole once again."


Sections 27, 28 and 29 of this home webpage are interrelated.  



Return Path Choices:  

Pure Unencumbered Love is endless and so are the ways for return to "Life with Love"... continuously Surfing Love is the most effective return choice.  5 ways are shared as accelerators to Surfing Love.  Doing all 5 accelerators is great cross training!  

1)  Read one section of the Home webpage every day... Benefit of Many Visits, Section 4.  

2)  "Let Go and walk in Love and Beauty". .. Heart webpage.  

3)  Use Spin 4 each day.... Spin 4. Section 25.  

4)  Spend time with the 20 Magic Words each day and use Inspirationresonance and flow... 24/7

5)  Use the Magic Sound 1,000 times daily for 30 consecutive days... requires about 22 to 33 minutes.  After the 30 days, Surf Love.  





Commentary and the other webpages.




For those in the process of raising vibrations, It can be helpful to keep a 24/7 log of where 
attention is being placed... this helps to understand how ego might be using attention to retain lower vibration levels.  

Another approach is to study/meditate on one example daily, along with performing the Magic Sound and then Spin 4.  Spend the rest of the day, normally... while paying attention to Inspirations#18.  
This procedure will dramatically accelerate raising vibrations.  

Distractions were a major fabrication tool for The Fall, Section 19, this Home webpage.  

Some examples of vibration lowering attention are...

  • worrying about not enough money
  • worrying about money
  • worrying about how to accumulate more than enough money
  • debt and/or borrowing money
  • partially 'justifying' life by how much money you have and/or make
  • fame
  • fortune (most with large fortunes become slaves to that fortune)
  • extreme physical beauty (most with extreme physical beauty are slaves to trying to keep it)
  • extreme athleticism (most with extreme athleticism are slaves to trying to keep it)
  • extreme talent (tendency to separate oneself to a pedestal)
  • addictions (one of the most difficult of all is power over others)
  • diet
  • eating disorders
  • weight
  • height
  • education
  • job
  • house
  • furniture
  • collections
  • seeking sympathy
  • health issues
  • toxins (like dirty engine oil... sources include processed foods, medicine, thoughts, emotions)
  • stress
  • suffering
  • exhaustion
  • home town
  • popularity
  • parents (blame things on them... or brag about them... they are not you)
  • accomplishments (when used as a form of separation from others)
  • goals (not being in the 'Now' before... the letdown after reaching)
  • lack (separation from 'Now')
  • other people/beings (this is your life... not the choices others have made)
  • other lives (separation from 'Now')
  • criticism of self (separation from 'ONE ness')
  • criticism of others (separation from 'ONE ness')
  • blame (we have agreed/chosen everything... to blame is to separate)
  • bragging
  • boredom
  • taking for granted (no appreciation and/or thanks to other loving Heart Parts)
  • dogma
  • expectations (anticipation is frequency raising)
  • drama
  • Satan (simply a form of separation)
  • evil ('evil' is simply 'live' spelled backwards)
  • devil ('devil is simply lived' spelled backwards)
  • separate savior (seductive form of separation... there are many beings of pure Love)
  • separate god (seductive form of separation...  we are all many of ONE Loving Being)
  • doubt (very different than uncertainty... uncertainty is part of free will)
  • feeling alone (this is actually funny as 'alone' actually implies 'all one')
  • feeling abandoned
  • competition (unless you Lovingly celebrate the success of others)
  • war
  • disaster planning (this actually attracts disasters)
  • government non truths (it's OK to act against them, but don't hate them)
  • broken trust
  • corruption
  • greed
  • deception
  • hate
  • hostility
  • anger
  • judgment
  • condemnation
  • disappointment (from unfilled hope)
  • let down (from a prolonged period of unfilled faith)
  • agony
  • violence
  • confusion
  • alienation
  • chaos
  • work (unless you enjoy it... then it is not work)
  • turmoil
  • trauma
  • havoc
  • being the victim
  • busy all of the time (no time spent in Stillness)
  • fear ( most effect of all vibration lowering techniques)
  • chaos (opposite of order)
  • mess (opposite of organization)
  • complexity (opposite of simplicity)
  • sloppy (results from not being fully centered)
  • past (separation from 'Now')
  • future (separation from 'Now')
  • needs (separation from 'Now')
  • wants (separation from 'Now')
  • self-protection (separation from 'ONE ness')
  • limitation (separation from 'ONE ness')

As we begin to shed this frequency lowering 'noise',  our frequencies start to rise and rise and rise... and physical heart health starts to improve... Physical Heart Health, Section 7, Heart webpage.  

Examples of vibration raising attention are in Attention, Section 11, Magic Words.  

Distractions are a subtle form of Veils, Section 41 of this Home webpage.  

We program and#3 attract our experiences by our attention#11.  By placing attention on distractions, we will continue to experience distractions and keep our vibrations low.   

Those actively working to "Let Go" of distractions may find the Return Path webpage helpful.  



Love has No Opposite:

Scientifically speaking, all motion rides on and springs from the resonance of Pure Unencumbered Love.  

The detail information is within 4 Magic Words... Stillness#1, motion#2, Photon#8, Love#9.  





More helpful information and deep research. 




Surfing Love:  

~sL~   Raises vibrations higher and higher and higher.  All motion is created by separated Photon Pairs and rides upon Pure Unencumbered Love.  In our Universe, everything based on groupings of 13 photons.  These groupings represent the smallest fractal possible.  

Those riding upon Love are like passengers, relying on others.  

Those surfing with Love are like proactive drivers, relying on themselves.  

More detail information is within 4 Magic Words... Stillness#1, motion#2, Photon#8, Love#9.  

What it is like to surf Love Continuously:

  • "Always On" State of Blessing/Gratitude     Blessing     Gratitude
  • Impeccable Heart Strength" (Section 20)... no platitudes like everything is "Love and Light"
  • Nothing personal... personality is a trapping of separation
  • No agenda... agendas are trappings of separation
  • No "I'm special"... we are all special... we are all Many of ONE

The most important point of all is to follow your own Inner Guidance... G U I dance!  

God  You  &  I  dance... where "God" is an interchangeable synonym for you and I.  There is no separation... even from "God".  

The doorway to ~surfing Love~ is raising vibrations.     Raising Vibrations.

Essence of ~surfing Love~...

  • Continuous state of Blessing/Gratitude/Love
  • Nothing taken/made personal
  • Impeccable Heart Strength
  • practice... Practice... PRACTICE...
  • Develops 100% COMFORT ALWAYS Surfing Love

After this 1,000 day transition period into Winter Solstice 2010, the "surfing" will become more like "cruising'.  

 A symbol interconnecting all aspects of the endless Love that we are surfing together!!!   

Symbol shows: 

  • Forms, placement and colors within this symbol all have significance...
  • ... and all together reveal ALL_That_Is
  • Experiencing#5 the symbol is uplifting... you just feel better (raises vibrations, 'Z')
  • Actually no need to proceed further,. just gaze at the symbol... over & over & over
  • 'ONE ness' (circle,) 
  • That experiencing Quantum Being (symbol) is the only reason we needed Magic Words 2 thru 20
  • "Vibration/frequency Stick" portion of motion#2 (the upright pillar... or 'Z')
  • Noise Zones between 'ONE ness' and Motion (space at top and bottom of pillar)
  • 2 points for Direct Connect of 'ONE ness' to motion at top of pillar
  • (the 2 Visions of Spirit and Heart) 
  • 2 points for Direct Connect of 'ONE ness' to motion at bottom of pillar
  • The five levels of Being... limited & full consciousness, Heart Connected...
  • ... Multidimensional Connected, Love in Form
  • Multiple occurrences of 4's, 8's and 16's within symbol
  • 4's and multiples of 4's are the foundation for Form within Quantum
  • (Quantum is another name for Photon#8)
  • Two diagrams of Original Form available within Photon, Section 8, Magic Words webpage
  • Notice alignment with Magic Words 4, 8 & 16... 
  • ... ALL#4, Photon#8 & Awareness#16
  • (an interchangeable synonym for Vibrations... the key part of 'Z')
  • 16 is the total number of Visions possible within the current Base20 numbering system
  • The 1st is Love without Form... and has been here all along... beyond the circle... 
  • ... Beyond all vibration... beyond all color, sound and form (Stillness#1)
  • Called The Roundtable of 'ONE ness'
  • Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body are the next 4 of these Visions
  • The final 11 will surface during the next 100 Billion, 100 Billion Year Cycles
  • On right side of symbol...
  • 7 aspects of Love#9 (6 pointed star plus center or 'ONE ness")
  • (Love is at the center of the 13 chakra system... which is now being activated)
  • Green is the mid color of Love
  • 13 clusters leading to right edge
  • 13 clusters leading to right edge
  • 13 is the number of a "From Within" Ascension... or the direct connection to Love, "From Within" 
  • Noise Zone plus 2 points of direct connection at right edge (Mind and Heart Visions)
  • Each green Love Cluster has 8 levels
  • 8 represents the wheel of births and deaths...
  • have a full experience#5 spectrum at lower vibrations (lower 'Z')
  • 8 on it's side is infinity
  • Right for 'Light'... or information
  • Information is contained within Quantum (Photon#8)
  • Information is not Love
  • Information is the programming for photons
  • Information enables the clustering of photons
  • Information enables the clustering of photon clusters (beginning of fractals)
  • Left for Love... how everything is interconnected (Love#9)
  • 15 red nine level pyramids
  • The Mayan Calendar has 9 levels/cycles
  • (9th cycle begins April 5th 2012 and lasts for 260 days to Winter Solstice 2012)
  • Love is the ninth Magic Word
  • Most Mayan pyramids are nine levels
  • The 15th pyramid directly connects to the circle ('ONE ness') at far left of circle (Spirit Vision)
  • The 15 pyramids represent the 15 Visions within motion#2
  • Love is ALL (ALL#4)
  • (Photon Pairs are created from Love)
  • (In the movie "ET", his heart glowed red as ET started to Live again)
  • The 'men like' containers, or temples, are outlined in red
  • ("Temple of a living God")
  • The feet of the 'men like' containers start at slightly below the center line of 'Z' (The pillar)
  • (Pisces are known to have feet problems)
  • We are departing from the Age of Pisces
  • Love contains O for 'ONE ness'
  • Live  contains  I  for  all of the unique "I AM" aspects within 'ONE ness'
  • (Live backwards, spells evil)
  • It is backwards/uncomfortable for all of us to "distance" ourselves from Love
  • (It is not possible to fully separate ourselves, because ALL comes from Love... even fear)
  • The Body Vision is "From Within"... 
  • ... no point of direct connection as is the case with Spirit, Mind & Heart Visions
  • X-Factor is the distance between the two direct connect points on the far right...
  • Purple is a lower vibration of color of Love
  • Green is the mid vibration color of Love
  • Lavender is a higher vibration of color of Love
  • Pure Love is white
  • Notice the white in the center of the pillar...
  • ... and the lines of white/lavender all with direct termination points
  • (showing all dimensions are determined by Love and a very high level of 'Z')
  • ... and points of white/lavender throughout (basically central suns and quasars)
  • The opposite of white is black
  • Since Love has no opposite, black is an interchangeable synonym for white
  • The red square with gold on both sides of the red emphasizes the importance of 4's...
  • And the red and lavender of Spirit (pyramids)
  • And the red and white of the Temple of man
  • All contained within the gold of Truth
  • Rotate the Truth Square 90 degrees and the 4 paths of the 4 points...
  • ... result in a slightly inside Circle of 'ONE ness'
  • Demonstrating the importance of 90 Degrees (like Squares in Astrology)
  • This symbol has now been 100% decoded
  • In essence, this symbol provides a full explanation for ALL#4... 
  • ... for the prior 170 Billion, 100 Billion Year Cycles... or a 17 with 21 zeros...
  • And... the next 100 Billion ... or a 10 with 21 zeros
  • Total 'time' of over a 27 with 21 zeros...
  • ... A very long long long "time"!
  • Before "a long long long time" started, there was only Stillness#4...
  • ... or Love, Perfection and Potential
  • ... 1st of 16 Visions was already manifest... Love without Form
  • ... 2nd of 16 Visions is the connection of the 15th pyramid with 'ONE ness' at the far left... Spirit
  • ... 3rd of 16 Visions is the connection of the lower part of the green Love Cluster... Mind
  • ... 4th of 16 Visions is the connection of the higher part of the green Love Cluster... Heart
  • ... 5th of 16 Visions is the right to left extension
  • (into the center of the symbol) of the higher part of the green Love Cluster... Body
  • ... Visions 6 thru 16 will unfold during the next 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years
  • Symbol Observation... Now we have dance thru G U I dance... GodYou & I dance...
  • ... where God is an interchangeable synonym for You & I
  • Or we have rhythm thru algorithm...
  • ... All Go Rhythm (experienced inside by the frontal lobe of Mind/ego#12)
  • Rhythm is an interchangeable synonym for dance
  • "Wanna" dance !!!



Scientific Proof of Truth:  


The success of the Magic Words, a '20 by 20 by 20 dot connecting cube' that reveals over 2.43 million trillion components of interrelated information inspired this larger model to determine the 'truth' of 2012.  

The modeling is more sophisticated than Systems Dynamics as originated at and taught by MIT.  (The modeling adds scenarios to MIT's rates. levels, & triggers.)  

The answers and conclusions are shared all over Many of ONE.  

There is really no reason to study the interrelationships of these 65 subjects yourself... just know that they all do interrelate and deliver the same message... and that we all can choose a Heartcentric future... a future based in Love and on 'ONE ness'.  

If you wish to study this scientific proof of Truth for yourself, first become comfortable with the information shared on this Home webpage.  

We start with a 90 position subject matrix and the 20 Magic Words... that boils down to 65
Interrelated subjects.  

1)  2012;     Ascension;  Light Player;  Mayan Calendar;  Star Beings;  choice Player;  Creator Beings;  Country(s);  Group(s);  Golden Age.   

2)  First Contact;     dark Player;  Light Player;  dark ET's;  Star Beings;  choice Player;  Creator Beings;  Country(s);  Group(s);  Conspiracy Theory.   

3)  Health;     Body Toxicity;  Body Acidity;  Fibrogen;  Frequency Supplements;  You;  'TAFFY';  medicine;  symptom;  stress.   


5)  Players;     dark Player;  Light Player;  dark ET's;  Star Beings;  choice Player;  Creator Beings;  Country(s);  Group(s);  Highest Self.   

6)  Religion;     Beliefs; Rituals; via text; via mouth; God; Jesus; Holy Spirit; Group(s); Death.  

7)  Science;     Spiritual; Health; Science understands; Science placeholder; Heart; Love; Religion; fear; stress.   

8)  Spiritual;     Science;  Health;  experience;  Star Beings;  Heart;  Love;  Being;  fear;  stress.   

9)  You;     dark;  Light;  experience;  Star Beings;  Heart;  Love;  Being;  fear;  Us.   


65 Subject thumbnail:
... 50 of the 65 subjects follow directly... the other 15 subjects 
are the 15 Magic Words not included directly below. 
2012 The from ego to Heart opportunity of this lifetime.  
'TAFFY' One approach towards health dealing with cause not symptom
Acidity Body acidity does not promote health.  
Ascension 2012 return to Heart Opportunity.   
Being Compared to being a 'Human Becoming' or 'Human Doing'.   
beliefs Powerful set of tools that determine our experiences.   
choice player A human un-Aware or undecided about the 2012 Opportunity.   
Conspiracy Theory Many ego's accepting a common dark agenda.   
Country(s) Group of people sharing a common geographical territory.   
Creator Beings Great Light Beings located throughout the Omniverse.   
dark any being hiding their Love and living 100% from ego... 
or lacking free will
dark ET's dark off-planet physical beings.   
dark player dark physical and non-physical beings.   
death belief... our spiritual body and Heart Parts are eternal
derived from word or concept derived from many or one of the Magic Words.   
experience why we have projected ourselves from Stillness into motion.   
fear the way a being can hide their Love and live from ego.   
Fibrogen too much fibrogen does not promote health.   
First Contact reunion with our Star Beings kith and kin.   
Frequency supplements food supplements, vitamins & minerals directly from Mother Earth.
God Stillness plus Heart Parts
Golden Age Post ascension.... beyond 2012.
group(s) Group of people sharing a common agenda.   
Health A state of' 'ease' & wholeness replacing  'dis-ease' & breakdown.   
Heart A connective point for Love.
Highest Self Stillness plus Heart Parts
Holy Spirit non-visible portion of Stillness plus Heart Parts
Jesus a visible portion of Stillness plus Heart Parts
Light Un-conditional Light springs directly from Un-conditional Love.
Light Player A being working with loving information but still experiencing fear.
Love The presence of Stillness.
Magic Words 20 words describing Truth... or All That Is.   
Mayan Calendar A long term calendar identifying the '2012 to Heart' opportunity.
medicine The art, business, and science of healing.
  Os capable of sensing, organizing, deciding. and projecting.
placeholder That which can be theorized but not replicated by Science.
players Those choosing to participate in the '2012 to Heart' Opportunity.
religion Human spirituality,  may include symbols, beliefs and practices.
rituals Performance of ceremonial acts of tradition or sacerdotal decree.
science The application of scientific research to specific human needs.
spiritual As contrasted with the material, the temporary and the earthly.
Star Beings Beings of Love living among the stars... our kith & kin.
stress can cause physical illness
symptom the business part of medicine usually treating symptom, not cause.
Toxicity Body toxicity does not promote health.
understands That which can be described and replicated by science.
us We are all part of 'ONE ness'.
via mouth One way to share beliefs and information.
via text Another way to share beliefs and information.
You ... Are not separate from any thing...together we are 
Many of ONE... located throughout about 170 Billion Universes.


More on the Magic Words:  

The Magic Words Webpage contains even more information than directly below 'thumbnail and discussion'.  

20 Magic Words 
'thumbnail and discussion'
                          Sharing information about All That Is ...

Between 600 and 400 BC the Ionians (near Greece) lived proving that 'All is knowable'... within this same time span, Pythagoras of Samos also lived proving that 'All is knowable' but decided to withhold information.  The Pythagoreans and follow-on choices made by/for humanity prevailed until 2004.  

The original "Big Bang" is not an unknowable concept... The original "Big Bang" is 
10 of the 20 Magic Words (specifically 6 through 15).  

The trillions of interrelationships among these 20 Magic Words will answer trillions of questions without any inconsistencies!  
    The 20 words simplify to all is Love... everything is interconnected... there is no past or future... only the now... everything is happening at the same time... all is ONE.  Everything and everybody are all Many of ONE.  (Quantum physics/mechanics has reached the same conclusions.)  

(If first letter of a Magic Word is capitalized, the word is anchored in Stillness... non-capitalized, motion.   Words 'derived from' one or many Magic Words are capitalized and in italics.)
Stillness 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the Presence of all possible motion in perfect balance and harmony... thus, undetectable.  
motion 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the presence of movement like...  electrons in atoms... or positrons in anti-matter... or light within darkness... and includes the material, the temporary, the earthly... manifestation.    
... and ... 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the state of wholeness, or 'ONE ness'...  understanding the mysteries of motion is notpossible without considering the Stillness portion of All That Is... thus Stillness ... and ... motion... not 'or'... not 'ignore'.  
All That Is 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is Stillness ... and ... motion
... not Stillness 'or' motion... not motion by itself.  
      There is 'no thing' more... than these first 4 Magic Words!
    Then why did Stillness create motion?  
    Only one answer... to have experiences.
experience 5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the only reason for Stillness to create motion... as Stillness is already perfect!  
    Then how did Stillness create motion?
      Magic Words 6 through 8 answer the 'creation' question.
Intent 6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 developed a collective Intent for motion (or creation... also termed 'Word of God' by some traditions).  
     ... but just Intent does not cause motion to happen.
Soul 7 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
So a portal to & from Stillness is required... since everything is one, only one portal is necessary... The Soul (also sounds like Sol or Sun). This portal is two ways. 
Photon 8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This two way portal, or Soul, has Stillness on one side and Photon on one side.  All photon pairs required for motion experiences, are created within one Photon.  This Photon contains many many many Universes... the Omniverse... the Cosmos... all of motion!  
    What else does this one Photon contain?
    Magic Words 9 & 10 answer the 'contain' question.
Un-conditional Love 9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the Presence of Stillness within motion.  Un-conditional Love is the only quality of Stillness that can be sensed within motion... it is within and around every atom.  The only energy capable of hiding Love is fear.  Fear is what helps to create our experience of being separate.  
Heart 10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is our one common ('ONE ness'connection to Un-conditional Love. We all have and can access our unique aspect of the ONE Heart
    Each one of us is unique yet we are all One... joined together by Un-conditional Love,Heart and Stillness.  We are all Many of ONE.
     Un-conditional Love, Heart, Soul and Stillness... together represent our ONE Highest Self.  We all have the same Highest Self!
attention 11 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is how we create our experiences.  When connected to our unique aspect of the ONE Highest Self ... and ... aligned with our unique aspect of Intent,  we can create and program new photon pairs... and can reprogram existing photon pairs.  In this state of Being, the Magic Word is Attention.  
    There are 1440 daily minutes, Magic Words 12 thru 15 share information about these four 'ONE derful' gifts used to create the illusionary experience of separation... contrasted to our natural state of Un-conditional Love and 'ONE ness'.
tool of
12 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is inter-dimensional motion technology... capable of sensing, organizing, interpreting, projecting and making decisions within motion. A key tool of mind/ego is the brain.  The brain is the center of our nervous system... and interprets our earthly experiences inside our skull... 'inside our skull' usually guarantees different (separate) interpretation of a shared common event.  Fear ... and ... 'inside our skull'are the two major tools used to create the illusionary experience of separation.  
free will / choice

(tool of
13 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the unconditional freedom to place our attention on any experience.  We are choosing during every one of the 1440 daily minutes... even to choose not to choose is a choice.  To choose ignorance is a choice.  To choose not to remember is a choice.  There are no excuses; we create our experiences by where we place our attention... minute by minute!  Some experiences are immediate... some require lifetimes to manifest.  

Some experiences don't appear to be by our choice because we don't always remember (or yet have Awareness of) how our attention has been directed... but we always have the immediate choice of 'how we react' to every experience... a positive attitude all the time 
intention / agenda
tool of
14 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the unconditional freedom to try and 'get what we want'.  In many cases, our intention/agenda is hidden from the view of others.  (Our unique aspects of Heart and Intent are always aligned within 'ONE ness', thus never hold a separate intention/agenda.)  
tool of
15 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the tool created by 'ONE ness'  to help us experience the discord created by trying to 'get what we want'.  The 'get what we want' karma experience eventually (and sometimes immediately) happens every time we choose to manifest a separate intention/agenda...not aligned with our unique aspects of Heart and Intent.  "Lessons" is a term often used indicating the balancing of karma.  There is no such thing as punishment, but only self-realization of what it is to be responsible for your actions, thoughts and deeds... karma is often referred to as "The Universal Law of Cause and Effect".  
    Note:  Our karma#15 balancing experiences#5 are chosen#13 by our Highest Self over and over again until we are able to immediately respond in a positive way.  
     2nd Note:    'Releasing' karma#15 is not the same as 'balancing' karma#15.  More information contained within the Multidimensional Bleed-Through (Section 18) of this webpage.   
    Another choice to clearing all karma is the 18 day "Let go and walk in Love and Beauty" program already described on this webpage...  

... another choice is to define all your experiences using these 20 Magic Words or your own set of 20 words that answer all of your questions, all of the time... no exceptions, never allowing yourself any unanswered questions!  
     Magic Words 16 and 17 happen when we begin to 'see through' the illusionary experiences of separation and start clearing and purifying of karma in preparation for our return to 'ONE ness'.  
Awareness 16  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the state non-judgmental observation of our experiences.  
 is 'from and of' Stillness.  

... as Awareness increases, humility soars... to gauge your progress from egocentric to Heartcentric, observe your natural (not forced) increase in humility.  
Being 17 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is the state of "in but not of" experience.  As Shakespeare wrote... "To Be or not to be,  That Is the question".   When in a state of Being, we are now choosing to Be a 'Human Being'... not a 'Human Becoming'... not a 'Human Doing'.   
     We have now returned to Heart and to 'ONE ness'... have addressed the 'You' portion of 'TAFFY' for great Health... and are 100% positioned to participate in the 2012 opportunity.  
a tool of
'ONE ness')
18 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
comes directly from Stillness.   Inspiration and our unique aspects of Heart, Intent and Stillness are always aligned.   We can choose to use Inspiration to leave our comfort zone... to take a step in the direction of new experiences.   Simply Being is the best way to be available to receive Inspiration.  Answers often appear by osmosis... we simply wake up knowing something new... or emerge from our shower... or turn a corner.  It is best to always be Aware & receptive to Inspiration!  
     Heart and Health go hand in hand  Great health simply becomes a process of remaining in the state of Awareness and Being... and receiving Inspiration...  and making some of the new health related choices now becoming available to You!  
     How can we confirm our Inspirations?   

a tool of
'ONE ness')
19 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is a feeling/knowing that confirms Inspiration.  Reasons, logic, gut reactions, and thoughts that are not aligned with Intent, will not resonate.  ... Observing to yourself that something "rings as true" is another way one might experience resonance... is the Inspiration 'Love based' is another test for resonance.  
     An Inspiration may be for only that current minute... or for the remainder of our lifetime.   How do we know 'how long' to act on our Inspirations
a tool of
'ONE ness')
20 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is when the choice to follow our Inspiration remains easy.  Lack of flow happens when the period or duration of 'how long' has ended.   
    What can I do now?  Be Love, share 'ONE ness' and experience Joy... spiced with great health and some mysterious twists, turns & coincidences along the way!  




'In-telligence' is self contained within ego.  The telligence is withIN.  

'Multi-telligence' is the multidimensional version of 'in-telligence'.  The ultimate or greatest of ALL Multitelligence is Stillness plus all Heart Parts.  None of us choose that level because it eventually becomes stale and boring.  

Multitelligence is part of living Heartcentrically.  It is nothing like channeling, automatic writing, or possession.... or talking to guides, angels and ET's.  We simply know more than before upon returning to 'living from Heart' instead of 'living from ego'.  

Multitelligence takes three things... higher vibrations, living Heartcentrically, and practice.  




The level of consciousness is the same as the level of Awareness#16.  

High levels of consciousness are determined by experience and practice.  

Pure Unencumbered Love is beyond all levels of Consciousness.  




There is only the present... or the Now.  The past and future do not exist.  Time does not exist.  

Even though we experience time, it is an illusion.  Creation, or motion, is constantly reconfiguring... and at the 'total of All' level... always in balance.  True time would require true imbalance within Creation.  True imbalance is not possible as every photon pair is always in balance.  

Because there are memories and records of prior configurations of Creation, there is an illusion of the past.  

Part of the Now includes the present configuration of the future.  It is the future to us because
we are not there... but by the 'time' we get there, that future will have reconfigured.  

Also, the potentials for upcoming configurations of Creation, adds to the illusion of there being a future.  

The current configuration of Creation, is all there can ever be... ever.  (More information contained 
within photon.)  




For those who have read Dan Brown's Lost Symbol... the symbol is the Circumpunct.  There is 'life changing' information embedded deeply within the Circumpunct.  It actually shares all knowledge... except how/why to utilize this knowledge.  

The Magic Symbol, Section 7 of this webpage shares how/why to utilize this knowledge... breaking it into actionable steps... including the Magic Sound, Section 8 of this webpage... and Spin 4, Section 25 of this webpage.  

As shown above, the Circumpunct is drawn as a circle with a Dot in the center.  It is actually a sphere with a Dot in the center, but spheres were almost impossible to carve in stone or paint on cave walls.  

The sphere signifies motion#2... or Creation... or Manifestation.  More in Magic Words, Section 2.  

The Dot signifies Stillness#1.  More in Magic Words, Section 1.  

The sphere and Dot implies and#3.  The 'and' is hidden in plain site.  What do you see?  Notice the 'and' that came out of your mouth or that you thought.  The 'and' is the connection dynamic.  The 
'and' is hidden in plain sight!  More in Magic Words, Section 3.  

Stillness#1 and#3 motion#2 is All#4, Basically the Circumpunct is a symbol containing the first four Magic Words.  The mystery of life is actually that simple!  

Together, the two symbols contain all important information about everything.  The Circumpunct symbolizes Magic Words 1 thru 4 while the Magic Symbol symbolizes Magic Words 5 thru 20.  

Understanding and applying all 20 Magic Words is life changing.  XYZ, Section 40 of this webpage provides additional perspective.  




XYZ has a deeper meaning, upon understanding Circumpunct, Section 39 of this webpage

Currently we are in one overall dimension with 3 components... XYZ... a dimension often termed 3D for Third Dimension.  

X is forward/backward... Y is side to side... and Z is up/down.  

When we chose to change our XYZ location, our view of all other XYZ locations changes.  

It is not possible for two of us to hold the same point of view, because we all hold unique XYZ 

XYZ represents our unique angle... Reverse the 'le' of angle and the word becomes angel.  

At any moment, we can make the choice to realize this XYZ reality and stop trying to control, change and influence one another.  

At any moment, we can make the choice to share our uniqueness... and the uniqueness of all others... using the connectivity of Love... the fundamental mechanism for all of science and beyond.   

Imagine how stale it would become... and how boring it would be if we were successful in controlling or changing and influencing everyone else to be the same.  

Vibration levels are a big factor in Z.  We can't choose to go higher in the Z up/down direction than our current vibration level will support.  

We can choose a lower 'Z' level for our viewpoint... but that viewpoint will be based upon higher vibration levels.  

Explained another way, 'Z' has two variables... 1 viewpoint level and up to 4 vibration levels.  

May26/10, Section Essence:  XYZ contains 2 to 6 aspects... 

  • mental/algorithmic (XYZ)
  • emotional/feeling (Z)
  • Heart connected (Z)
  • Multidimensional (Z)
  • Love in Form (Z)
  • Pure Love (Z)




From the perspective of 170 Billion Universes and 100 Billion Year Cycles, Veils include chosen#13 locations for experience#5 and our wardrobe of "Light Suits".  

From the perspective of our current Universe, Veils include chosen#13 locations for experience#5 and our "carbon based suit"... or our physical body... and our Comfort Zone... and freedom to change Comfort Zone.     Comfort Zone, Section 24, this Home webpage.  

Veils were a major fabrication tool for The Fall, Section 19, this Home webpage.  

Consider the ever changing dynamics of viewing all other XYZ locations from your chosen XYZ 
location.  Now consider the ability to constantly modify your XYZ location by using 'veils' while ignoring vibration levels.  

Well, this is exactly what we do.  Some veils are placed by our multidimensional Heart Parts.  Some are placed in this dimension by denying, distorting, ignoring, or forgetting.  

Denying, distorting, ignoring, or forgetting, creates baggage that helps to keep our vibrations at a low level. 

Forgetting is one of the ego's most stealth of all veil techniques... during Heartcentric moments you can actually 'see', catch and avoid the ego in setting up a 'forgetting'.  During egocentric moments the setting up of a 'forgetting' goes unnoticed.  

For those choosing to raise their vibrations, allow and accept all... no more distractions, denying, distorting, ignoring, or forgetting.  More helpful information shared within Attention, Section 11, Magic Words webpage.  

Sleep allows rest/rejuvenation for our physical body and serves as a multidimensional veil.  

Veils are used to set up prolonged experiences of false hope and blind faith.  

Distractions are a more subtle form of Veils... covered within Section 31 of this Home webpage.  



Time vs. Timing:  

Comfort with Section 38, Time/Now is helpful.  

Bottom-line... there is no Time... there is only Timing.  

Even though we experience time, it is an illusion.  Creation, or motion, is constantly reconfiguring.  

Question:  What happens when the configuration is flowing#20 our way... but the flow has not yet come into manifestation?  

Answer:  'Timing' is not right.  

Beyond the understanding provided by this section, proper timing requires practice.  The more we 
practice, the better we become at timing.  

Daily Compass, Section 23, this webpage is very helpful for proper timing.  




Comfort with Section 40, Time vs. Timing is helpful.  

Question:  In addition to the Daily Compass, what is a key tool for proper timing?  

Answer:  Patience.  

This is why "Patience is a virtue."  

May15/10:  The Symbol for Patience follows.  



Many of ONE Launch:  (December 4, 2003)  

Many of ONE was visioned and intended on Sunday Morning November 9, 2003 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.  (The Harmonic Concordance happened the prior evening at 8:13 PM EST.)   The website first appeared on December 4, 2003.

Times are Eastern Standard Time on Nov/8/2003.  The Harmonic Concordance was punctuated by a total full moon eclipse that included Colorado Springs, CO.   The picture was taken in Staten Island, NY.   (Picture from


U.S.S. Enterprise... "Where no man has gone before".   Also interesting that in the current Star Trek Series, Andromeda (2003), the space ship is named U.S.S. Ascendant..(Picture from

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This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  



1)  LET GO and ALLOW...

... An example of "Letting Go" and Allowing LOVE to come in new ways...  Apricot the Wolf

2)  LOVE and 'ONE ness...

... An example of LOVE and 'ONE ness'... every word consistent with Many of ONE... Enya on Raising Vibrations

3) Science...

... Fibonacci & Frequencies

4) BEING Human...

... Added Feb27/11... more on human frequencies... The Beauty of Frequencies/Sound

... Added Jun20/11 ... Click for Many of ONE Essence & Summary


5)  LOVE and 'ONE ness' in Action...

... Added Feb14/11...  1 Million Children, using LOVE, 'ONE ness' and some Vibrational Raising Frequencies of music to...  Change the World

6)  Forms of Government... which is your choice? ...

... Added Feb25/11... eliminate personal ambiguity... for a clear choice... Forms of Government



This is a website about LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

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