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Forms of Being

'What will be' continues until WE change it!

What are some other 'Forms of Being' in All of Creation?  

Provides on/off planet information regarding our massive Creation.  

 Webpage updated May04/10

 This webpage is a 'roll of information'... a scroll with "dot connecting" sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.  


  Section                           Brief Description                                         Date  

  1. Introduction                                How to increase understanding and your benefits                
  2. Terrestrials                                 Billions                                                                                  May 03, 2010
  3. Extra Terrestrials                        Trillions                                                                                 May 03, 2010
  4. Points of Being                            Pure Love                                                                            May 04, 2010


   1  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


At first, by simply choosing to treat this webpage as fantasy most of us are more likely to allow the information 
for consideration.  Attention, Section 11, Magic Words webpage.  

This webpage will assist those of you who are in the process of changing Comfort Zones from egocentric#12 
to Heartcentric#10.  Comfort Zone. Section 24, Home webpage.  Magic Words, Section 12 & 10.   

There no such thing as an alien, we are all part of the same massive Creation of about 170 Billion Universes.  

For many of us, alien is typically used to describe someone who is from another country.  They are 'alien' to us.
These days in the USA, the term "illegal alien" is often mentioned during major network news broadcasts.  

This webpage expands that same point of view from... different country... to on-planet... to off-planet... to Pure Love.    


  2  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Using the 'trappings of separation' terminology... types of beings that can be found in our dimension (3D)... on-planet:  

  • Humans (hue man, frequency man)
  • human appearing
  • synthetic (Like Mr. Smith in the Matrix trilogy of movies)
  • dark
  • conflicted
  • Light (still egocentric)
  • Love (Heartcentric and/or Multidimensional)
  • billions


  3  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Extra Terrestrials:  

Using the 'trappings of separation' terminology... types of beings that can be found outside our dimension ... off-planet:  

  • Humans (hue man, frequency man)
  • human appearing
  • other DNA template appearing (from giants to insects and more)
  • synthetic (like many of the Greys)
  • dark
  • conflicted
  • Light (still egocentric)
  • Love (Heartcentric and/or Multidimensional)
  • trillions and trillions and trillions

  4  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Points of Being:  

Notice the title is "Points of Being"... not "Points of Beings".  

"Being" means Being 'in and of' Pure Love.  

There are no  'trappings of separation'... 33 examples follow:  

  • home planet
  • way you connect with me
  • past lives
  • current life
  • evil (live spelled backwards)
  • good (there is only experience#5)
  • entertainment
  • names of guides
  • evolution/lessons (a nickname for evolution is 'evol'... Love spelled backwards is evoL.)
  • separate bodies (Sections 2 & 3)
  • egos
  • choices
  • a form of choice#13 is named sin... which creates individual/group  Karma#15
  • agendas
  • past
  • present
  • future
  • If you so choose
  • colors
  • sounds
  • forms
  • symbols
  • The Founders
  • Source
  • God
  • God wants this
  • God has authorized that
  • Lord 'so and so' says
  • Spiritual Hierarchy this
  • Galactic Federation that
  • Light/dark
  • Roundtable of "ONE ness'
  • Even the simple 3 letter word... "The"

We/Us are 'in and of' Pure Love... period... full stop!  

We give names to all the aspects of pure Love.  

Many of US have chosen to change these names into 'trappings of separation'.  

We can all to choose to return to the realms of Pure Love by raising vibrations and#3 ~surfing Love~.  

Raising Vibrations webpage

We are ALL Many of ONE... or Points of Being... ALL interconnected 'by and of' Pure Love.  


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This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!!!
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