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$$$ Sharing Joy!
(Cash Flow, no depreciation/amortization.)
                                                                  BAU    Joy
Income                                                       100     150     100%
Expense                                                       40       40       27%
Interest Expense                                        20         0
Employee Benefits                                    10       15       10%      50% Increase
Monthly Employee Profit Sharing             0        50       33%      New

Profit                                                             30       45        30%     50% Increase
Tax                                                                10       15        10%

Retained                                                       20        30        20%    50% Increase

1-  Immediate, establish Monthly Employee Profit Sharing...
     ... using saved Interest Expense.

2-  When Income starts to grow, increase Employee Benefits.

3- As Income continues to grow, gradually increase Monthly Employee Profit Sharing to 33%.

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Archives of 'What's New" below... links no longer are active.

This webpage is a 'roll of summary information... a scroll of new/updated "dot connecting" Sections.  


        ******************** CONTENTS ********************
Webpage      Date                   New Entry Summary             
Home     Share information on 'Living from Heart,  ways to Better Health and Preparation for 2012 and Beyond by RAISING VIBRATIONS.  
    Apr11/11   Added Apr/11/11... 10 new webpages plus 20 original webpages.  Four of the 10 new webpages provide a brief summary... IntroductionSurfing LoveLove versus Energy, and Planet A.  The remaining six provide precisely calculated sound based frequency 'self help' tools that are 1115x CD Quality.  
    Mar27/11   Added Mar27/11... more on Raising Vibrations... 5 Albums  (Link also at bottom of Home webpage.)
    Feb28/11   Added Feb28/11... How to use this website to RAISE VIBRATIONS (At top of Home webpage.)
    Feb27/11   Added Feb27/11... more on human frequencies... The Beauty of Sound  (Link also at bottom of Home webpage.)
    Feb26/11   Feb26/11... Integrating Comments  (At bottom of Home webpage.)
    Feb25/11   Feb25/11... Forms of Government  (Link also at bottom of Home webpage.)
    Feb24/11   Feb24/11:  If comfortable that nothing is beyond Pure Unencumbered Love,simply BE LOVE... vibrations will rise automatically.  (Near top of Home webpage.)
    Feb14/11   Feb14/11...  using LOVE...  Change the World  (Link also at bottom of Home webpage.)
    Jan27/11   Jam27/11:  New links... follow your Heart on how often and which ones to watch while in a meditative state... at least one watch per week will accelerate progress in RAISING VIBRATIONS... more watching results in more acceleration.  (At bottom of Home webpage.)
    Jan01/11   Jan01/11:  'Self encumbered' implies 'self change'... if we want to change our experience and re-connect to our portions of Pure Unencumbered Love by raising our vibrations, it is up to us... no one else.  (Near top of Home webpage.)
Oct0610:  The "508 day elevator ride" from Planet AB to Planet A started July 31st 2010 and ends December 21st 2011.  To join this 'raising of vibrations', simply Allow, Align, and Adapt.  The most difficult part of 'Allow' is to forgiveself\others and to "Let Go" of anything/everything.  'Align' is to stop waiting and start being proactive.  'Adapt' includes the renewal of your life, many joyous experiences and far better health.  2012 will be for adjusting to no Planet B experiences and Co-creating our experiential environment starting in 2013.
    Sep22/10   Opening Comments
        'Many' refers to 'self encumbered'... 'ONE' refers to 'Pure Unencumbered Love'.  We are 'self encumbered Pure Unencumbered Love'.  This website explains the entire 'self encumbrance' process.
    Sep08/10   Opening Comments
        Scientifically speaking there are no anomalies or identities on this website... everything inter-connects and is explained... even to before the beginning of time.  The basic process was to study and understand the cause of over 10,000 subjects.  After 150,000 hours of following this causal elimination process, the final answer is Pure Unencumbered Love. 
    Sep03/10   Opening Comments
        Aug17/10:  There are no anomalies on this website... everything inter-connects and is explained... even to before the beginning of time.
    Aug19/10   Benefits of Many Visits, Section 4
        Jul/07/10:  Simply prepare yourself for and start Co-creation  Services, Section 4, Co-creation Prod/Serv webpage.  
    Aug18/10   Opening Comments
        3:42 min "I Love You" YouTube Video
    Aug17/10   Six Examples of 'ONE ness', Section 0
        Jun30/10:  This example of 'ONE ness' started after March 5th 2010... the Fractal Cluster.  Wow!  Section 3, 2012 & Mayan Calendar webpage.  
After May 1/2 2010 the two websites (United States & Japan) have quickly escalated into Co-creation.  1) Someone asks for a Symbol.  2) Rae architects the Symbol.  3) Someone else creates the Symbol... stroke by stroke.   4) Many of ONE decodes the symbol. 
The only connective mechanism is Pure Unencumbered Love.  This is a clear demonstration how Love and 'ONE ness' Co-create!   The importance of '4' is shared within Photon, Section 8, Magic Words webpage
    Aug16/10   Opening Comments
        July 4th 2010... On-planet part of Global Co-creation begins.   See the three large pink Hearts and links below... or use the links provided within Opening Comments
    Aug10/10   Opening Comments
        Jun24/10:  There are no anomologies in these three models... this 5 minute video contains additional perspective on anomologies and paradigm shifts...  
    Aug06/10   Six Examples of 'ONE ness', Section 0
        Jun17/10 Note to Safari users:  If link does not work directly, copy the link portion (starting with http... ending just before the ) of the Safari error message directly into the Address Bar and press enter.  
    Aug05/10   Opening Comments
        Jun16/10 Note to new visitors:  This is not a religious website; however, anyone who is comfortable with the message of Love will immediately start to benefit by working "From Within".  If you are waiting for an event and/or the return of a Great Being such as Buddha, Jesus, or Mohammed, this website will help you accelerate your connection to more Love and then to experience more Joy... all From Within... before their return.    
    Apr27/10   Surfing Love, Section 33
        ~sL~   Raises vibrations higher and higher and higher.  
    Jul04/10   Love has No Opposite, Section 32
        Scientifically speaking, all motion#2 rides upon and springs from Love#9
    Jul03/10   Webpages Introduction, Section 32
        Merged into Webpage Index webpage
    Jul02/10   Patience, Section 43
        key tool for proper timing
    Jul01/10   Time vs. Timing, Section 42
        Bottom-line... there is no Time... there is only Timing.  
    Jun30/10   Veils, Section 41
        Consider the ability to constantly modify your XYZ location by using 'veils' while ignoring vibration levels.  
    Jun29/10   XYZ, Section 40
        Currently we are in one overall dimension with 3 components... XYZ... 
a dimension often termed 3D for Third Dimension.  
    Jun28/10   Circumpunct, Section 39
        For those who have read Dan Brown's Lost Symbol... the symbol is the Circumpunct.  There is 'life changing' information embedded deeply within this symbol
    Jun27/10   APPENDIX
        Appendix Sections now easy to navigate
    Jun26/10   Time/Now, Section 38
        Even though we experience time, it does not really exist
    Jun25/10   Consciousness, Section 37
        Level of consciousness is the same as level of Awareness
    Jun24/10   Scientific Proof of Truth, Section 34
        A 65 by 65 by 65 cubed model of our current on and off 
planet situation and the Magic Words.  The modeling is very sophisticated... the conclusions are shared all over the 
Many of ONE websites.  
  Jun19/10   Opening Comments
        Importance of Courage and of "Letting Go" to Surf Love
  Jun18/10   Six Examples of 'ONE ness', Section 0
        Beyond "Heaven of Earth" is available NOW
  Jun17/10   Multitelligence, Section 36
        'Multi-telligence' is the multidimensional version of 
  Jun16/10   Part IV
        Remaining Sections now easy to navigate
  Jun15/10   PART III
        Sections 21 thru 29 now easy to navigate
  Jun14/10   Return Path Choices, Section 30
        Love is infinite and so are the ways to return to
Heartcentric... 5 ways are shared
  Jun13/10   Lord's Prayer with The 20 Magic Words, Section 28
        A prayer consistent with the story of Creation...
with the 20 Magic Words inserted
  Jun11/10   Understanding Creation, Section 27
        This is a story of how Creation actually took place
... using the 20 Magic Words
  Jun09/10   The ONE Creator is the ONE Creation, Section 26
        We are all ONE... there is no separate Creator
  Jun08/10   Spin 4, Section 25
        Highly advanced tool to accelerate increase in vibrations
  Jun07/10   Comfort Zone, Section 24
        The way we orchestrate our experiences
  Jun06/10   Daily Compass, Section 23
        Heartcentric living is as easy as 123
    Jun05/10   Multidimensional Bleed-Through, Section 18
        Ways to deal with MBT
    Jun04/10   Benefits of Many Visits, Section 4
        Benefits of reading the website 1, 3, or 9 times
    Jun03/10   XYZ, Section 40
        Section Essence, 2 to 5 aspects depending upon Vibration Levels
    May27/10   Five Examples of 'ONE ness', Section 0
        Become Pillars of Love
    May25/10   Four Examples of 'ONE ness', Section 0
        This message about late 2010 and beyond is being delivered by Wisdow Keepers around the world.  
    May24/10   Opening Comments, lower part of Introduction
        Heartworker versus Lightworker explained
    May23/10   Opening Comments, top of Introduction
        Focus on Joy
    May17/10   Patience, Section 43
        Symbol added for patience
    May16/10   Magic Sound, Section 8
        Symbol with decoding added for OM
    May15/10   Surfing Love, Section 33
        Symbol providing feeling and explanation of our endless Love
    May14/10   Surfing Love, Section 33
        Essence of ~surfing Love~
    Apr24/10   Three new paragraphs at top of page
        Second meaning of... and the source for... Many of ONE
    Apr13/10   Three Examples of 'ONE ness', Section 0
        Symbols are the language of the soul. Symbols bi-pass the mind/ego and go directly to Heart.     example
    Apr12/10   Introductory Comments
        Build a watch or just know the time
    Mar24/10   Commentary
        Now a separate webpage on
    Mar23/10   Website Navigation, Section 2
        How to understand entire website contents in 5 minutes
    Mar20/10   Magic Sound, Section 8
        Thymus/Pituitary Areas and Well of Dreams added
    Mar16/10   Webpages Introduction, Section 32
        The Home webpage contains all you really need to 
know and do.  More information is available on the remaining webpages.  
    Mar13/10   Distractions, Section 31
        Help the ego use attention to retain lower vibration levels
    Mar12/10   The Fall, Section 19
        How we lower vibrations and keep them low
    Mar08/10   Four Levels of Information Sharing, Section 3
        Updated to reflect the new Section 0
    Mar07/10   Two Examples of 'ONE ness', Section 0
        Many of ONE... and another reliable 13 language source, specializing 'in the moment' off planet information from our kith & kin
    Mar02/10   Benefits of Many Visits, Section 4
        Each visit provides additional 'Heart Strength'... by raising vibrations
        Extension webpages for Many of ONE
    Jan13/10   PART II
        Sections 11 thru 20 now easy to navigate
    Jan12/10   Heart Strength, Section 20
        Current quickness level of using Love to eliminate fear
    Jan10/10   God, Section 16
        Stillness plus the total of all Heart Parts
    Jan08/10   Karma, Section 19
        Is typically carried in other dimensions and 
released in this dimension
    Jan07/10   Multiple Realities, Section 17
        Humans are not one dimensional Beings
    Jan06/10   Heart Parts, Section 15
        The key to understanding multiple 
dimensions and parallel universes
    Jan05/10   PART I
        More easy navigation completed
    Jan04/10   Magic Sound, Section 8
        How to produce the proper 'Om' sound.
    Dec28/09   Easy Navigation 'Work in Process'
        First 5 sections converted
    Dec16/09   More on website navigation, Section 2
        How to use the red & blue indicator flags.
    Dec15/09   Website Navigation, Section 2
        Two new webpages... What's New (this webpage) and
Upcoming Events
    Dec08/09   15th Question & Answer, Section 12
        Will the earth change spin direction in 2012?
    Nov29/09   14th Question & Answer, Section 12
        Is "What 'will be' will be" true?
    Nov24/09   Four Levels of Information Sharing, Section 3
        The first level may be enough.
    Nov23/09   Website Navigation, Section 2
        Click to the webpage...
... then 
scroll to your subject on that webpage...
... browser back/forward arrows and slide bar are helpful.
    Nov20/09   Return Path Choices, Section 30
        Fast effective ways to return to Heart...
... and have the 'Heart Strength' to remain.
    Nov19/09   Magic Sound, Section 8
          Hear... ear... art... are all part of Heart...
the Magic Sound is all you may need to return to Heart.  
    Nov18/09   Being a "Light Worker" is not enough, Section 21
        'Light' carries information... not Love.
'Light' is processed by the ego.
Information is often loving... but still, only information.
Love is everywhere.
Love is always available thru Heart.
    Nov17/09   Let go?  Ego says no!, Section 22
        The ego controls us using information.
Heart connects to All.
Heart never requires information.
    Nov16/09   Multidimensional Bleed-Through Section 18
        Feeling 'spacey', dizzy or some localized numbness?
Those feelings are other parts of you becoming active again.
    Nov15/09   Love and ONE, Section 14
        Love is All there is....
... everything else is a part of 'ONE ness'!
    Nov14/09   Benefits of Many Visits, Section 4
        Each visit provides additional 'Heart Strength'
    Nov12/09   13th Question & Answer, Section 12
        Please describe a 'Return Path' to Heartcentric?
     11/11/11   Magic Symbol, Section 7
         (11/11/11 because November is the 11th month & 2009 = 11.)
        Wheel of life... and the 'gap' separating egos and Heart.
Webpage Index     The Home webpage contains all you really need to know and do.  More 'dot connecting' information is available on the remaining webpages.  
    Mar17/10   Former Section 32 of the Home webpage merged into this webpage.
& Services
    Aug18/10   Simplified new webpage
Commentary     Provides 'dot confirming commentary' regarding Heart, Health, and 2012.
    Aug09/10   Ascension for most of US began today... June 21st 2010... 
the moment for "From Within" has arrived!!!
  Jun12/10   Big picture is within the 17 updates from Jun07 thru Jun22/2010
  Jun10/10   Pre-Joy "Speed Bumps" accelerating
    Mar10/10   Early signs during first 2 days following '3 of 21' Date Fractal
    Feb23/10   MMS gains traction
    Jan30/10   Now a separate webpage
    Jan11/10   Two major date fractals signal a "beyond historical 
game changing" event during 2010
    Dec01/09   Fast approaching world wide economic 'speed bump'.
    Nov11/09   End of 375 day period of 'new beginnings'.
    Nov06/09   U.S. jobless rate increases to 10.2%.
    Nov01/09   Significant change underway since Nov/01/08. 
Return Path     Shares information regarding the return to living multidimensionally and from Heart.
    Apr20/10   Me Becomes We, Section 13
        Like a massive roundtable with just enough chairs
    Apr19/10   Eighth Chakra, Section 12
        Access point for holographic Shared Mind
    Mar22/10   Me Becomes We, Section 13
        Exactly seven days after the 'Ring of 5 Pearls' event, the 'Me to We' transition takes place.  
    Mar21/10   Eighth Chakra, Section 12
        The Eighth Chakra is the Multidimensional portion or our Being#17...  the place of dwelling for our always connecting Heart Parts of the higher vibrations... the connection point of 'ONE ness".  
    Mar15/10   Ring of 5 Pearls, Section 11
        Heaven while on Earth
    Mar14/10   Introduction, Section1
        Adding the 12 'along the way' indicators to our Magic Future
    Mar06/10   Creative Play, Section 10
        Prolonged periods of higher joy
    Mar05/10   Physical Confirmation, Section 9
        It feels good... it feels right... it gets easier
    Feb28/10   Love Modulation, Section 8
        This form of information delivery is instantaneous
    Feb27/10   Intuition, Section 7
        Not a gut feel, hunch or feeling... just a knowing
    Feb26/10   Sleep, Section 6
        Sleep allows rest/rejuvenation for the physical body and serves as a multidimensional veil.
    Feb25/10   Working Interdimensionally, Section 5
        It's much like remembering your dreams... plus requires a great deal of practice... and, initially, trust
    Feb21/10   Swirling could Happen, Section 4
        How to detect, address and mitigate painful swirling energies
    Feb19/10   Allow the Whirlwinds, Section 3
        Why whirlwinds are likely to happen
    Feb18/10   Twirling Around, Section 2
        Why twirling is likely to happen
    Feb01/10   Introduction, Section1
        How to increase understanding and improve your benefits from
this webpage
    Jan31/10   A new webpage
        This new webpage provides additional information regarding the Return Path to... living from Heart
Forms of Being     Shares on/off planet information regarding our massive Creation.
    May10/10   Points of Being, Section 4
    May12/10   Extra Terrestrials, Section 3
        Trillions and trillions and trillions
    May11/10   Terrestrials, Section 2
    Mar04/10   Introduction,   Section1
        At first, by simply choosing to treat this webpage as fantasy, most of us are more likely to allow the information for consideration
    Feb14/10   A new webpage
        This webpage provides additional information regarding our massive experiential Creation.
Our Future     Future 'Dots' along the way?  
    Apr25/10   Beyond 2012. Section 5
        Whatever we choose, person by person
    Mar29/10   Religion. Section 4
        'Ah ha' moments coming
    Mar28/10   Man Made, Section 3
        Stock Market drop coming, how to navigate
    Mar27/10   Natural, Section 2
        More of the same, occasionally more intense
    Mar26/10   Introduction, Section 1
        Very clear picture of coming events
    Mar25/10   Release of new Our Future webpage
        A mix of joy and 'speed bumps' are on the horizon into 2013.
John 17     John's 'Dots' 2000 years ago.
    Apr14/10   Summary, Section 27
        Daisy chain translation is highly suspect
    Jul31/10   John 17.26, Section 26
    Jul30/10   John 17.25, Section 25
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul29/10   John 17.24, Section 24
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul28/10   John 17.23, Section 23
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul27/10   John 17.22, Section 22
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul26/10   John 17.21, Section 21
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul25/10   John 17.20, Section 20
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul24/10   John 17.19, Section 19
    Jul23/10   John 17.18, Section 18
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul22/10   John 17.17, Section 17
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul21/10   John 17.16, Section 16
    Jul20/10   John 17.15, Section 15
    Jul19/10   John 17.14, Section 14
    Jul18/10   John 17.13, Section 13
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul17/10   John 17.12, Section 12
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul16/10   John 17.11, Section 11
    Jul15/10   John 17.10, Section 10
    Jul14/10   John 17.9, Section 9
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul13/10   John 17.8, Section 8
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul12/10   John 17.7, Section 7
    Jul11/10   John 17.6, Section 6
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul10/10   John 17.5, Section 5
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul09/10   John 17.4, Section 4
    Jul08/10   John 17.3, Section 3
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul07/10   John 17.2, Section 2
    Jul06/10   John 17.1, Section 1
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Jul05/10   Introduction, Section 0
        Consistent with Love, 'ONE ness', vibration levels
    Apr15/10   Release of new John 17 webpage
        Profiles direct & daisy chain translations... and compares the translations to Love, 'ONE ness' and vibrations
More Subjects     Complex past subjects made easy by connecting 'Dots' on Many of ONE.
    Aug15/10   Jesus, Section 29
        His mission from the viewpoint of Original Intent#6
    Aug13/10   Perception, Section 35
        Notice how the Perception of Trinity changes based on time frame.  The shorter term view of about 15 Billion years yields Magic Words 1, 2, & 9... while the longer term view of about 17 Sextillion years yields Magic Words 2, 3, & 6.  Both are correct for the selected time frame.    Section 35, More Subjects webpage
    Aug12/10   Trinity, Section 44
        Magic Words 2, 3, & 6... Motion#2, And#3, & Intent#6
    Aug08/10   Reconnection to Love, Section 54
        Our process of reconnection to Pure Unencumbered Love started for most of US today... June 21st 2010 !!!
    Aug07/10   THE ONE & True You, Section 53
        Each one of us is both THE ONE & True You during ALL moments,,, raise vibrations to return to your Natural State of Being#17
  Aug03/10   L O V E Decoded, Section 52
        Expands the understanding of Section 51
    Aug02/10   Timeless Cosmic Ocean of Life, Section 51
        Tells the entire story... well into upcoming Base40 Experience Series
  Jun22/10   Roundtable of "ONE ness', Section 46
        "We are THE ONE we have been waiting for"!!!  
    Jun02/10   Fibonacci, Section 24
        The most natural sequence of proportions
    May22/10   The World is your Oyster, Section 41
        How to create Pearls
    May21/10   Navigating Love, Section 50
        Required about 1,000 hours of additional research
    May20/10   Understanding Love, Section 49
        Required about 150,000 hours of research
    May19/10   Trappings of Separation, Section 43
        33 Examples
    May18/10   Perception, Section 35
        0:59 video (under 1 min) showing how 'viewpoint' changes 'perception'
    May06/10   The Key is 'Z', Section 48
        For maximizing navigation within ~surfing Love~
    Apr29/10   Harvest of Subtleties, Section 47
        The major reason for all of these 100 Billion Year Cycles
    Apr23/10   Roundtable of "ONE ness', Section 46
        The Source for Many of ONE
    Apr18/10   Appendix, Section 45
        Mirrors the "Unfinished Symphony" of our massive Creation
    Apr17/10   Clock/Watch, Section 11
        ALL 20 Components coming together during this 1,000 day period
    Apr10/10   DNA/RNA, Section 19
        The programming code for a body to automatically build itself... like a computer program.   
    Apr06/10   Rise/Ascension, Section 37
        Exact opposite of 'The Fall'
    Apr05/10   Fear, Section 23
        False Evidence Appearing Real
    Apr04/10   Control, Section 14
        Imagine yourself 'surfing'... and trying to control waves
    Apr03/10   Ask Yourself Questions, Section 5
        Simply ask yourself... questions... or, ask for results
    Apr02/10   Perception, Section 35
        To have the same perception of the same event is almost impossible
    Apr01/10   Crack Open or Crack Up, Section 15
        Raise or ignore vibration levels
    Apr22/10   Introduction, Section 0
        Some of these subjects, like astrology, required books and more books to understand.  Using 'Dots' (verified facts), books upon books are reduced to this website (read 1, 3, or 9 times) plus one new section per subject.
    Apr21/10   Release of new More Subjects webpage
        Complex subjects made easy by connecting 'Dots' already established and  interconnected by Many of ONE.
Raising Vibrations     Most important 'Dot' summary.
    May02/10   "From Within" Portion of First Contact, Section 3
        Started with a 'Roundtable of 'ONE ness' celebration at about 7 PM MDT May 1st, 2010
    May03/10   Physical First Contact, Section 2
        May not be necessary before the end of this Grand Cycle
    May04/10   Summary, Section 1
        The essence of raising vibrations is ~surfing Love~
    Mar31/10   Summary, Section 1
        For all of Many of ONE... vibration levels
    Mar30/10   Release of new Raising Vibrations Summary webpage
        Summarizing the most actionable 'Dot'... vibration levels
What's New     This webpage... new information index for all Many of ONE webpages.
    Dec27/09   Release of the separate 'What's New' webpage
        Now a separate webpage and a 
scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
        This webpage now archived
Upcoming Events     For Heartcentric Co-creating.
    underway   Event Co-creation cycle
        Third Co-creation cycle in process
    Apr16/10   Event Co-creation cycle
        Second Co-creation cycle completed
    Dec29/09   Easy Navigation reformatting completed
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Dec19/09   Co-creation Participation
        Share anything that comes to Heart
    Dec17/09   Shortened to 3 days, expanded to 'Co-creation'.
        First Co-creation cycle completed
    Dec13/09   Living from Heart... a 5 day joyous event in...
the healing vortex energy of Wimberley, Texas...
early 2010.
        Announcement on Many of ONE
Heart     Choices for returning to living multidimensionally and from Heart 
    Jun30/10   Heart, Section 0
        Jun30/10:  This decoding has no religious connotations and is not meant to contradict various beliefs stemming from Great Beings such as Buddha, Jesus, and Moses.  These four existing levels of the ONE Heart are based upon OriginalIntent#6... as is the fifth level that started to manifest on May 1/2 2010.  
    May05/10   Physical Heart Geometry, Section 8
        The fundamental 7 sided form working as a vortex
    Mar09/10   Physical Heart Health, Section 7
        Continuous Chest Compression CPR video presentation by two Mayo Clinic doctors
    Mar03/10   How to approximate your Unconditional LOVE or 'X-Factor', Section 5
        Confirming the Heartcentric cusp is 95% to 96% X-Factor
    Feb20/10   Physical Heart Health, Section 7
        A major benefit of returning to Heartcentric living is the positive influence on physical heart health
    Jan24/10   Easy Navigation reformatting completed
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Dec02/09   Your Heartcentric Progress to Unconditional LOVE using 'X-Factor', Section 6
        100% 'X-Factor', 24/7,  is not possible in 3rd dimension.
    Nov25/09   2012 Preparation by using Sound, Section 1
        Hear... ear... art... are all part of Heart.
    Nov22/09   Your Heartcentric Progress using 'X-Factor, Section 6
        A way to measure your way from ego to Heart... to Unconditioal LOVE.
    Nov13/09   Using sound to achieve momentary condition of Heart, Section 2
        Very helpful for stressful situations and healing.
Health     A '5 by 5 by 5 dot connecting cube'' sharing a total systems approach to better health, including over 40 'self help' tools & 50 subjects (like teeth).
  Mar03/11   Shopping List, Section 10
        Royal Manna Super Saturated Oxygen Water Wands
    Dec24/10   Shopping List, Section 10
        Royal Manna Super Saturated Oxygen Water
    Aug28/10   Specific Health, Section 13,  Sore throat #37
        Aug03/10   Self Help tools for 'Sore throat' added
    Aug23/10   Jul10 Food growing movement gaining traction
    Aug22/10   Jul10 Very good news for the healthy who like direct sun light. 
    Jun23/10   Section 10 & 13
        SPF 30 Mineral Sunblock from 'Climb On!'
    Jun01/10   Specific Health, Section 13,  Night Cap
        Don't have Barley Gold and Flax Hull Lignan at same time
    May31/10   Shopping List, Section 10
        Xylitol Syrups added at 33.5 priority level
    May30/10   Shopping List, Section 10
        Sweet Wheat added at 3.5 priority level
    Mar01/10   Specific Health, Section 13,  Hair
        One of the 'TAFFY' benefits is the regrowth of lost scalp hair
    Feb24/10   General Health, Section 12,  MMS
        MMS is gaining noteworthy traction
    Feb22/10   Specific Health, Section 13,  Jaw
        Additional healing & pain mitigation step for swirling
    Feb17/10   Specific Health, Section 13,  Deodorant
        The essential oil Neroli is the base for about 15% of all perfumes
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    Feb15/10   Easy Navigation for Section 13
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    Feb13/10   Travel, Section 13
        Thieves Essential Oil for prevention of colds, flu, infections, virus
    Feb12/10   2009 Experiences, Section 13
        Section 13 updated to include the new experiences for 2009
    Feb11/10   Water,  Hot Tub, Section 13
        Section 13 updated to details and protocols
    Feb10/10   Vaccine, Section 13
        What to do if forced to use vaccines
    Feb09/10   Essential Oils, Section 13
        For increasing your vibrational support
    Feb08/10   Easy Navigation for Sections 11 thru 12
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    Feb07/10   Easy Navigation for Sections 14 thru 18
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    Feb06/10   Pineal, Section 17
        the central location for all multidimensional information 
    Feb05/10   Easy Navigation for Sections 6 thru 10
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Feb04/10   Shopping List, Section 10
        Picture/explanation of blood before and after stir wand treated water
    Feb03/10   Easy Navigation for Sections 1 thru 5
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Jan26/10   Commentary, Section 7
        GMO Food, more evidence that we may be modifying/harming our personal genetics and the genetic structure of our children
    Dec18/09   Spin 4... a gift from 'ONE ness'
        How to pronounce Om.
    Dec09/09   'TAFFY' simplified, "Issues and Tissues"
        Includes the role of karma.
    Dec07/09   'TAFFY Lite', a starter kit to better health
        The 'access ramp' of a 'super highway' to better health.
    Dec03/09   Spanish Bee Pollen, a new 'self help' tool
        Very high priority level.
    Nov28/09   Spin 4... 33 seconds daily is all you need!
    Nov27/09   Juicing Guidelines
        Based on how the growing food handles photons.
    Nov26/09   Spin 4... a gift from 'ONE ness'
        A Thanksgiving Day gift from many of our 'Heart Parts'
    Nov10/09   Shopping List for 'Self Help' Tools
        Centralized list makes the tool ordering process easy.
    Nov09/09   "Om MaNI PadMe Hum"
        Foundation for the Magic Sound
    Nov07/09   Flu, vaccines, teeth & MMS1&2 (a sample newsletter)
        This was originally newsletter #7 and later changed to #6.
    Nov05/09   "Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques"
        One way of eliminating 'issues'.
    Nov04/09   3 HP Blendtec Total Blender
        Great tool for juicing raw fruits and vegetables
    Nov03/09   GMO Food
        Controversial, easy choice is to simple avoid GMO food.
    Nov02/09   Commentary:  Phosphoric Acid (Cola)
        Phosphoric Acid is Toxic and Acidic (2 of the TAFFY 5)... 
also leaches calcium from bones and destroys tooth enamel!  
    Oct28/09   Teeth
        MMS and/or Colloidal Silver delivered in the mouth using DMSO 
can balance jaw infections and the need for root canals.
2012 & Mayan Cal.     Shares dates from 16.4 billion years ago through 2012
    Aug01/10   Date Fractals, Section 2
        Ascension/First Contact started during the March 5th
thru May 19th Date Fractal Cluster
    May29/10   Wow!, Section 3
        Date Fractals work..."From Within" First Contact started May 1st, 2010
    May28/10   Date Fractals, Section 2
        Prime Fibonacci Series of Date Fractals added... has two 2011 dates
    Jan28/10   Easy Navigation reformatting completed
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Jan25/10   TAPs, Section 4
        How to calculate TAPs
    Jan15/10   Date Fractals, Section 2
        How to calculate Date Fractals
    Jan14/10   Wow!, Section 3
        Two major date fractals signal a "beyond historical game 
changing" event during 2010
    Jan09/10   Date Fractals, Section2
        A "game changing" event could very well happen 
near the March 5th & May 19th 2010 date cluster
we shall know soon
Magic Words     A '20 by 20 by 20 dot connecting cube' that reveals over 2.43 million trillion components of interrelated information... in one word... Truth
    Apr20/11   Magic Word 8,  Section 8
        Practical use of '4s' and Fractals
    Sep08/10   Magic Word 11,  attention.  Section 11
        Sept08/10:  The most powerful form of attention is action.
    Aug31/10   Magic Word 13,  Section 13
        Aug16/10:  The 64 Love based Choices/Passions.
    Aug11/10   Magic Word 3,  Section 3
        Jun26/10:  All Truth is revealed by applying this word to Every Thing... Everything!  The word is 'and'.
  Jun17/10   Magic Word 1,  Section 1
        The Origin of Stillness#1
  Jun16/10   Magic Word 9,  Section 9
        Love#9 versus Pure Inencumbered Love
    May26/10   Magic Word 8,  Section 8
        Two pictures of Original Form joyously shared
    May13/10   Magic Word 17,  Section 17
        We are all Points within the same massive Being
    May08/10   Magic Word 8,  Section 8
        Mystery of Quasars revealed thru Photon Mechanics
    Apr09/10   Magic Word 8,  Section 8
        Origin of the male/female principle
    Mar19/10   Magic Word 9,  Section 9
        A way to use study and meditation to replace faith in the existence of Love#9 with a scientific understanding of Love#9
    Mar18/10   Magic Words,  Section 0
        Scientifically clarifying Love#9 as the Resonance of Stillness#1
    Mar11/10   Magic Word 8,  Section 8
        What happens when the Hubble Space Telescope is pointed to a seemingly blank patch of sky?  We see pictures that begin to help the visualization of Magic Word #8, Photon
    Feb02/10   Magic Word 8,  Section 8
        How to use understanding the 'Photon' to your benefit
    Jan27/10   Magic Word 11,  Section 11
        22 minute video provides perspective about shifting attention
    Jan23/10   Easy Navigation reformatting completed
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    Jan22/10   Easy Navigation for Magic Words 16 thru 20
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Jan21/10   Magic Word 11,  Section 11
        Additional examples of vibration raising attention... 
>accept... we are all ONE... we all helped to create this 'Now'
>allow... trying to control lowers vibrations
    Jan20/10   Magic Word 11,  Section 11
        Additional examples of vibration raising attention... responsibility, respect, and Love based compassion ... not "it could happen to me" fear based compassion
    Jan19/10   Easy Navigation for Magic Words 11 thru 15
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Jan18/10   Easy Navigation for Magic Words 6 thru 10
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Jan17/10   Easy Navigation for Magic Words 1 thru 5
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
First Contact & Magic Future     Examines the 'long cycle' period of 248,000 years... the time required for our galaxy to make one complete revolution. The current cycle ends on December 21, 2012. We will reunite with our 'Heartcentric Space Brothers and Sisters' before the new long cycle starts our Magic Future.
Nov01/10:  "From Within" First Contact started May 1/2, 2010 as described earlier within this section.  The 508 day period for raising vibrations started on July 31st 2010.  The planet of higher vibrations is Planet A... to get there, simply live the 3 A's full time... Allow, Align & Adapt.  The two most difficult portions of 'allow' are to 'forgive yourself and others' and to 'let go' of all that does not travel to Heart.
  Sep05/10   Your choice of Planet A or B, Section 3
        Aug17/10:  Right NOW we can day dream our way to Planet A.  
    Sep04/10   Your choice of Planet A or B, Section 3
        Aug17/10:  A 'Physical First Contact' will no longer be necessary for Planet A, unless the Planet AB Separation process requires temporary evacuation for people in the process of 'moving to Planet A'.  
    Sep02/10   Magic Future, Section 10
        Aug17/10   There are no anomalies on Planet A.
    Sep01/10   Your choice of Planet A or B, Section 3
        Aug16/10   8 Fibonacci Dates between the beginning and end of Planet AB
    Aug30/10   Magic Future, Section 10
        Aug16/10   7 Items that will not move to Planet A.
    Aug29/10   Magic Future, Section 10
        Aug05/10   What is it like living on Planet A?
    May09/10   First Contact, Section 9
        "From Within" started May 1st, 2010 at 7 PM MDT
    Apr26/10   We have not been Alone, Section 5
        New information from Bob Dean... bumps coming, then glorious future
    Jan16/10   Introduction
        A five minute video clip sharing how each of the above says 'hello'... 
    Dec30/09   Easy Navigation reformatting completed
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    Dec24/09   Introduction
        Ready for First Contact?  Meet the team.
    Dec23/09   Understanding First Contact Issues
        Comprehensive understanding of First Contact from off planet
    Dec22/09   Disclosure
        Official recognition of friendly ET's by U.S. Government 
delayed again
    Dec21/09   We are all many of one
        Norway phenomenon ET produced; Obama; energy for change growing worldwide; life in Heaven; the soul, soul reunions; prayers; universal law of attraction; karma; Earth humankind origin; whales; animal evolution; message from 9/11 souls; love, fear; convictions create; peace coming; direct connection with God; synchronicity; ET helpers 
    Dec20/09   Pre First Contact
        The most profound sign yet from our brothers and sisters in other civilizations that the time is nearing for their presence to be properly acknowledged-there is no way that those who do not want that to happen can explain away this dramatic sign.
    Dec14/09   Another view on the Norway Spiral of (Dec/10/09)
    Dec12/09   Pictures & information on the Norway Spiral of (Dec/10/09)
    Dec11/09   Things we do in the 4th thru 7th dimensions & more 
    Dec10/09   We have not been alone section, more pictures & history
    Dec06/09   'ONE ness' progress
    Dec05/09   Peace progress
    Dec04/09   Magic Future
    Nov30/09   Your post 2012 choice of Planet A, B or other
    Nov21/09   Understanding First Contact Issues 
    Nov08/09   New release of First Contact webpage
        This webpage now archived (scroll down)
Co-creation and 
Produce & Services
    Sharing how to Co-create when living from Heart.
    Aug27/10   Services, Section 4
        (Jul14/10)  Rayve ON-planet portion of Global Co-creation Scenarios available
    Aug26/10   Services, Section 4
        (Jul14/10)  International ON-planet portion of Global Co-creation Scenarios available
    Aug25/10   Services, Section 4
        (Jul14/10)  Domestic ON-planet portion of Global Co-creation Scenarios available
    Aug24/10   Services, Section 4
        (Jul10/10)  Power of Scenarios for Between-the-lines understanding and the
foundation for the ON-planet portion of Global Co-creation Scenarios
    Aug23/10   Services, Section 4
        (Jul10/10)  Gateway to ON-planet portion of Global Co-creation
    Aug21/10   Services, Section 4
        (Jul09/10) Lite ON-planet portion of Global Co-creation Scenarios available
    Aug20/10   Services, Section 4
        (Jul08/10)  Expansion of Co-creation related Services ...
 including free tools to support "From Within"
    May06/10   Services, Section 4
        Post "From Within" portion of First Contact starting May 1/2, 2010
    Apr28/10   Subtleties, Section 7
        An occasional free email sharing 'subtleties' is available
    Apr11/10   Co-creation,  Section 1
        The importance of deeply understanding/celebrating everyone's perceptions and having already chosen to raise vibrations
    Dec31/09   Easy Navigation reformatting completed
        Now a scroll template designed for using browser 'Slide Bar'
    Dec26/09   Your Input
        Co-creation input form for Heart to Heart sharing.  
    Dec25/09   New release of this webpage
        The webpage now focuses on Co-creation.
3's in Business     Sharing how to organizationally structure Co-creations when living from Heart.
    Jul04/10   ON-planet beginning of Co-creation!
        July 4th 2010... It starts with US... "We are THE ONE's we have been waiting for!"  
        The link to the new set of pages is
    May01/10   Introduction, Section 1
        Detailed architecture to develop a highly efficient Organization by all ~surfing Love~ as ONE
    Jan01/10   Easy Navigation reformatting completed
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    Jun09/08   3's
        The key to fairness
From eBook     Most recent chapters from Research webpage.
    Jan02/10   Easy Navigation reformatting completed
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    Nov01/08   Chapter 101;  Those Coming, Other, Those Present
    Oct15/08   Chapter 100;  "X-Factor" and October 14, 2008
Research     About 150,000 hours of research, development, testing and trusting.
    Aug04/10   First few paragraphs
        Massive website, written like a Zip File to save your time... over 250,000 words that would uncompress to about 2,500,000 words
    Apr08/10   First few paragraphs
        15 hours average for 10,000 'Dots' requiring 150,000 hours
    Jan03/10   Converted from 'eBook & Links' to Research
        (No change planned to easy navigation formats)
    Sep21/09   UStream link, Project Camelot Conferences
    Jan17/09   Scientific Evidence of Ascension
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