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The focus of this website is to share information on 'living from Heart', ways to better Health, and preparation for 2012 and beyond.  

There are over 350 Sections/Chapters in these 20 webpages.  Each Section (including eBook Chapters) helps to interconnect one or more 'Dots' (verified facts).  Most are high intensity and require time to digest.  

The above symbol was joyously shared by Signs & Symbols, Section 0, Home webpage.  

(If you wish to see a summary of each Section  within that webpage, use the below Webpage Index to quickly visit the top of each webpageTo return to this webpage use the 'Back Arrow' of your browser.   

  • Home
    Shares information on 'living from Heart', ways to better Health, and preparation for 2012.  
  • What's New
    A one stop 'what is new' index for all Many of ONE webpages.   
  • Upcoming Events
    For Heartcentric Co-creating.  
  • Co-creation and Products & Services
    Sharing how to Co-create when living from Heart. 
  • 3's in Business
    Sharing how to organizationally structure Co-creations when living from Heart. 
  • From eBook
    Most recent chapters from Research webpage
  • Research
    About 150,000 hours of research, development, testing and trusting.  
  • Webpage Index
    This webpage. 
    The Home webpage contains all you really need to know and do. More 'Dot connecting' information is available on the remaining webpages. 
  • Commentary
    Provides 'Dot confirming Commentary' regarding Heart, Health, and 2012.
  • Return Path
    Shares information regarding the return to living multidimensionally and from Heart.  
  • Forms of Beings
    Shares on/off planet information regarding our massive Creation.  
  • Our Future
  • Future 'Dots' along the way?  
  • John 17
    Profiles direct/daisy chain translations... to 100% interconnected 'Dots'.  
  • More Subjects
    Complex past subjects made easy by connecting 'Dots' on Many of ONE. 
  • Raising Vibrations
    Summarizing the most important interconnected 'Dots'. 
  • Heart
    Choices for returning to living multidimensionally and from Heart .  
  • Health
    A '5 by 5 by 5 Dot connecting cube'' sharing a total systems approach to better health, including over 40 'self help' tools & 50 subjects (like teeth). 
  • 2012 & Mayan Calendar
    Shares dates from 16.4 billion years ago through 2012.  
  • Magic Words
    A '20 by 20 by 20 Dot connecting cube' that reveals over 2.43 million trillion components of interrelated information... in one word... Truth. 
  • First Contact & Magic Future
    Examines the 'long cycle' period of 248,000 years... the time required for our galaxy to make one complete revolution. The current cycle ends on December 21, 2012. We will reunite with our 'Heartcentric Space Brothers and Sisters' before the new long cycle starts our Magic Future.  




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This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!!!
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