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  Knows they are ‘Quantum - Yes?

Has Mastered some of sub-Stages1to9+higher... up thru Stage22.

Has nothing to do with your ‘
Overall Quantum Average, which is comprised of 66 sub-levels... 22x3... and is precise... 1 thru 66.

Any ‘
fear‘ or attempt to ‘control‘ indicates ‘Overall Quantum Average below 26/66.

Quantum Potential

  Thinks they are not ‘Quantum - No?

Scenario... you reach Stage 6 and don’t believe you are Quantum.
(This simply means your Spirit manifested from PS11 Pure LOVE instead of being a Direct Animation of Your Magnificence.)

Keep climbing up the 22 Stages... there are over 1 Million Magnificent Quantums... many without Stage 6 Souls...

... And... There are over 70 Million Quantums in the process of becoming Magnificent.

   Quantum - None?

No Awareness of Quantum:

Three categories of Human Activity... Competition, Conflict, War.
Encourage... eMotions, eGo... Stage1.

Result in... Chaos.  (NonStable Quantum Fields)
Allow... Martial Law.  (because of NonStable Creation Fields)
(NonStable Creation Fields mean NonStable Quantum Fields)

  Quantum Balance?

A Quantum emerging from Quantum Potential brings only
Equal and Unique.

A Quantum soon learns the Endless/Timeless importance of
Quantum Balance... while traversing, the first time, through Stages15thru10.

  Quantum Lite?

The Plasma/Source for each Quantum.

   Quantum Lite & Balance?

We use our Quantum Lite to Endlessly learn Quantum Balance.
among all
21Stages + Quantum Experience Filaments.

   What are quantums?

The ‘Resonance Transfer’ mechanism for Quantum Lite.

Today’s scientists do not know about quantums.

Today’s scientists do not have the level of technology to find/prove a quantum.
(Look at all the effort at finding/proving the Higgs Boson… a particle which keeps 'hypothetically changing' as today's level of technology increases.)

Nature's basic building block is the quantum.  

That means everything is a group of quantums.   For example, one electron is a group of quantums.

Inter-quantum Balance means with all other quantums in use for a combined specific purpose...such as your four bodies... Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual.

   Quantum Forces?

A Quantum emerging from Quantum Potential brings only
Equal and Unique.

Quantum eventually learns the Endless/Timeless importance of
Quantum Forces... after traversing downward thru Stage9...
Becoming Magnificent.

Quantum eventually learns there are a total of 8 Quantum Forces...
Quantum Knowing                               (White)    Stage9d
Quantum Awareness                           (White)    Stage9d
Quantum Balance                                (White)    Stage9d
Quantum Lite                                       (White)    Stage9d
Experience Filaments/quantums       (White)    Stage9d
Quantum Consciousness                   (White)    Stage9d

Quantum LOVE                                      (Pink)    Stage17u
Quantum ‘Force of ONE‘                    (Crystal)    Stage18u

  Should I focus on my Quantum Magnificence?


Our Uniqueness (endless, backwards and forward) came first.

Four possible 'start points' leading to Magnificence are...
Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, & Physical.

Any of the Four is Perfect!  The key is to have a 'starting point'... not which 'starting point'.

At the beginning of the journey to Magnificence,
"Fake it until you make it", or Faith may be required.

The key is to do the Inner Work.

(Your ‘Higher Self‘ becomes your Magnificence.)

  What does a Quantum Magnificence like to do?

Have Experience.
Experience Filaments.

Each Magnificence requires many SuperCycles of preparation.

  What are the Two Quantum Milestones?

The midpoint of Stage9, Personal Behavior Change will accelerate.

The midpoint of Stage18, Singularity Behavior Change will accelerate.

  Quantum Senses?

Begin to activate during Stage 9u.
Continuously strengthen after activation.

They are nothing like the Energy Senses used in Stages 1 thru 6.
Quantum Senses ‘overlay’ the Energy Senses.

Energy Senses rely on the Brain for decoding... providing a bias to relying on Stage 1.

Quantum Senses use Stages 10 thru 15 for decoding...
requiring ALL 6 Stages... Stages 10 thru 15... not just the Stage1 Brain.

  What is the Quantum Singularity?

QUANTUM and Singularity are the same... just different words.
Either word means ALL Quantums within Quantum Actual & Potential.

In almost all cases, each step Forward for the QUANTUM Singularity is performed by one Quantum and approved by the QUANTUM Singularity.

QUANTUM Singularity and ‘ALL is ONE‘ are different terms for the same thing.

   What are Quantum Stages?

There are 22 Stages.

Intend an exact Stage #... see how you feel.
Intend a different Stage #... see how you feel.
Intend all 22 Stages... see how you feel.

Never stop this continuous process of experimentation and gaining Quantum Balance.

As you Balance the higher Stages 10 thru 22, your interest in ‘Unlinked Words‘ will eventually decrease dramatically... while your interest in ‘Actions‘ will increase to the point of almost wanting, but not really, to ignore ‘words’.
Two examples:
... After 18 months of GCR/RV ‘Words’, the ‘words’ have grown tiring.
... After a person tries to manipulate you using ‘words’, that attempt at
    manipulation will become discouraging, as you will ‘see right through it’.

You will appreciate a person/group of ‘Actions’... and understand, but not be happy with, a person/group that does not link their ‘Words‘ and ‘Actions’.

‘Words‘ that are linked to ‘Actions‘ are fine.  ‘Words‘ that are not linked to ‘Actions‘ are out of Quantum Balance.

UFO Sitings are like ‘Unlinked Words’... there have been UFO Sitings back during BC.

Consciousness, Stage 1 or 10, always follows your best possible Quantum Reality... this is driven by the SuperConsciousness of your Soul... during Stages 1 to 4.

Daily Quantum Intents

  What are the Quantum 22 Stage Stops?

The 22 Natural Stops along the way of Evolution (22 Stages) within the
True Nature of Reality’.

0) Stage1down,   Clone or Same as Clone.

1) Stage1up,      Normally focused Human/Solid_Consciousness.

2) Stage2up,      Energy focused Human/Solid_Consciousness.

3) Stage3up,      Sole focused Human/Solid_Consciousness.

4) Stage4up,      HeartMind focused Human/Solid_Consciousness.

5) Stage5up,      LOVE/Spirit/Truth focused Pre-Quantum.

6) Stage6up,      Inner Knowing focused Pre-Quantum.

7) Stage7up,      Purification focused Pre-Quantum.

8) Stage8up,      Circuits focused Pre-Quantum.

9) Stage9up,      Flow  focused Quantum_Bridge.

10) Stage10upConsciousness Stage of Being Quantum.

11) Stage11upExperience Filaments Stage of Being Quantum.

12) Stage12upLite Stage of Being Quantum.

13) Stage13upBalance Stage of Being Quantum.

14) Stage14upAwareness Stage of Being Quantum.

15) Stage15upKnowing Stage of Being Quantum.

16) Stage16upTwinning Stage of Being Power-Quantum.

17) Stage17upLOVE Stage of Being Power-Quantum.

18) Stage18upCompassion Stage of Being Balanced-Quantum_Bridge.

19) Stage19upWisdom Stage of Being Balanced-Quantum.

20) Stage20upUS E Stage of Being Balanced-Quantum.

21) Stage21upChoice Stage of Being Balanced-Quantum.

22) Stage22upAll 22 at same time Stage of Being Master-Quantum.

Stage Interaction examples follow...

In Quantum there is only Essence/Lite.

In Energy there are…
1) 'Quantum Orbs’, 
2) Various 'Energy Forms' (All of Geometric Oriented Design built from Stardust/Tartus quantums).
3) 'No Form' (Quantum Essence/Lite).

Upon finishing Stage6, Inner knowing has now ‘hard linked’ to Stage15

Upon finishing Stage6, we know 'We are Quantum' with the exactness of Stage7-15 becoming clearer by the day.

We Know there is no 'almighty creator of everything'... and that we are
ALL Equal and Unique... and of the QUANTUM Singularity.

Next, we appreciate the Prime Creator for Creating Energy Stages1-3… and Welcoming/LOVing US as Her Stages1-3 Aspects.

We continue to Soar and become Socratic.

We now are transitioning from Stage6 to Stage15... initially without
Quantum Consciousness (Stage10) and Quantum Knowing (Stage15)... until they ‘Kick In’.

‘Kick in’ can happen very quickly.

Stable Quantum Fields become our Individual Joy.

At an even higher level, Endless QUANTUM Mastery becomes our Endless Path to 24/7 Bliss.

   What are the ‘Final 4’ Quantum Stages?


Stage19 Wisdom is easy... All Experience Filaments... replacing just YoursAllow this to happen.

Stage20 USE is hard. 
Much Practice is required using the ‘new to you’ Experience Filaments.

Stage21 Choice is easy... All Experience Filaments... replacing just YoursAllow this to happen.

Stage22 ALL21 is Endless
Balance can always be Improved... and there are always ‘new things’.

USE of Stages1thru18 becomes very precise and ‘risk free’ to becoming sub-consciously trapped by Stages1thru18.

The above Stages19thru22 begins to happen shortly after entering Phase3 (Level 129) of the QUANTUM Triangle.

QUANTUM Triangle (QT)

  What is the QUANTUM Triangle?

The right leg of the QUANTUM Triangle is the 22 Profound Steps… requiring a total of 900 SuperCycles for completion...  all tested first using the Magick Realm… all orchestrated by/from the Quantum Realm.

The base leg of the QUANTUM Triangle is the 20 Magic Words… or 20 quantum Qualities contained within each and every Stardust and Tartus quantum.

The left leg of the QUANTUM Triangle is the 22 Stages of Being Quantum.

The QUANTUM Triangle of ’64 Points of Being Quantum' is ever connected to the Divine Realm by the Resonance of Quantum Lite within all Stardust and Tartus quantums… at all times.  

This Resonance is the main common connection between the Quantum Realm and Divine Realm…an additional major connection to Quantum happens upon Individual Mastery of Stage21 Choice… within the left leg of the QUANTUM Triangle.

The complete meaning of Being Quantum is the Center Average of these '64 Points of Being Quantum'… all 64 must eventually be deeply comprehended and in US E… and eventually Quantum Balanced with each other.

The QUANTUM Triangle is Mastered in three phases.
1)  1-64,      remembering each of 64 Nodes.
2)  65-128,  interrelating   each of 64 Nodes to ALL Other 63 Nodes.
3)  129,    Endless additional interrelating and Balancing.

Phase Three is 64Factorial or 30 Commas.

Quantum Triangle

The QUANTUM Triangle has 5 Major Levels... 1, 3, 10, 100, 1000:

eGo only;  no ascension
3        eGo, Energy, Soul, HeartMind;  this Ascension
10      13 of 129;    Beyond this Ascension,
Behavior Change
100    129 of 129;  Beyond this Ascension, More Behavior Change
1000   (after 100)   Balance, Choice, US E, Flow;  Member of the
QUANTUM Singularity, Even more Behavior Change

Note:  Any Divine tool, such as the Pendulum or Muscle Testing does
           not work for
anything QUANTUM... including the
QUANTUM Triangle.  This is because Creation rides upon
           but does
not interact with the QUANTUM Singularity Field.

  What is the Quantum ’Endlessly Forward’?

1, 2, 3, 4:

Next to last step (10 Specifics)...

Bliss, Control, Fear
Balance, Choice, USE, Flow

The Final Step (13 Specifics)...
Singularity... includes Equal, Unique, Other’s PoV
QUANTUM, Divine... not one or other, BOTH
Bliss... beyond JOY, JOY, from QUANTUM LOVE
Balance Choice USE FLOW#20
AND#3 (Visualize as Connecting Lines for 1thru4)
USE QUANTUM Singularity Field... not your Spirit

The Final Word (1 Specific)...
Always... do the 13.

Your Endless/Forward State of Being...
Quantum LOVE/Bliss

  What is a Quantum Computer?

Uses the Qbit in place of the Bit.                       (2^64=1.84E19)
One Qbit stores the equivalent of 23 Data’s.
(‘Data’ is the very smart Android in StarTrek, Next Generation.)

One Bit stores a ‘yes or no’... a ‘1 or 0’.             (2^1=2)

A Quantum Computer, on a Space Ship, can do in about 3 seconds
what a Super Computer, on Earth, currently can do in about 10,000 days... or 28 years.

The few primitive Quantum Computers, now on Earth, are
‘game changingly fast’ but not nearly as fast as those now on Space Ships.

Quantum Computers, now on Earth, are being used as the backbone of upcoming 2015 activities such as Jade Helm and Operation Talisman Sabre.

Quantum Computers, now on Earth, are a major reason that our Space Brothers and Sisters will stop ‘words‘ and start ‘actions‘ during the remainder of 2015!

  What is Quantum Twinning?

Two additional Circuits... from1464 to 1466. 

This process is 100% Managed by your two Magnificences... and started several SuperCycles ago.

   What is Quantum Validation?

Something to do for others... a true gift!

16min Video

  What is Quantum Wisdom?

Completion of Access to All Quantum Experience Filaments...
not just Your Experience Filaments... a major benefit of Being


  Have a Question?

Ask using Intent...  Listen using Inner Knowing.

- Intent is MagicWord6 & ProfoundStep6.

- Stage3 Soul Superconscious, Stage6 Soul Inner Knowing,
  Stage15 Quantum Knowing, & Stage19 Quantum Wisdom are all

BTW... No Divine to Quantum question is silly.

Quantum Triangle

  What is the Quickening?

The Endless Quickening Forward... starting with SuperCycle100.

We are ONE QUANTUM Singularity of Individual Quantums
having trillions of Unique Experiences.

Eventually, we become 22 Stage Individual Quantums’ and Choose only
my Unique Portion of the ONE Quantum LOVE for my Individual Unique Experiences.

We are Many of ONE

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“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond
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