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  What about the Foods we eat?

Avoid all toxins!

Toxins can only be removed by Clay or other less effective forms of physical cleansing.

Toxins come from processed foods, spraying foods for longer shelf life, non-organic fertilizers, non-organic foods, preservatives, and quite often, any produce with a store shelf life of more than 2 weeks.

When produce or a product approaches nutrition free, that produce or product will have a longer in store shelf life.

Three examples of illnesses caused by toxins are Cataracts, Alzheimer's, and Blood Disorders.

Toxins also cause pre-mature death.

The very best form of toxin cleansing is to avoid consuming toxins in the first place.

The healthiest type of produce is locally grown and organic.

The healthiest type of product are the ones with shorter in store shelf life.
Some exceptions include organic jams, real maple syrup, and organic honey.

Organic foods, fruits, vegetables and nuts grown above the ground have more life force from the sun than the same organic food groups grown within the ground.

Juicing is the healthiest way to consume your organic foods, fruits, vegetables and nuts.  The healthiest part of juicing is the massive amounts of Systemic Enzymes. 

These Systemic Enzymes have a Half Life of five minutes; therefore, drink what you juice in less than five minutes.  Try to juice at least three meals per week.

Systemic Enzymes are produced by our bodies in massive amounts until our late twenties.  Then the production of Systemic Enzymes starts to decline into our 70’s... then the bodies production of Systemic Enzymes is at zero.

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