Many Of ONE
Many Of ONE

Prior Group FaceTime Calls


Become  Quantum

Become Simple


64 Quantum Tool Sets

3 Ego Sets

1 Trickster Set

1 Return To Quantum Set

1 Quantum Mastery Set


70 Then Becomes 1


70 Is Complex

1 Is Simple


(2 Trailing Zeroes Covered By Bible, Or 10,000 Years...

About 500,000 Trailing Zeroes Covered By All Of Quantum)




These 13 Website Pages Upgrade You To

Quantum Mastery

(Or Mastery Of ALL Change)


The 13 Webpages Cover

64 Skill Sets

        1)  SelfLOVE, Full Responsibility For Your Life, Happiness,

        Fun, Self Growth, Skills Growth, Experience No Time,

        Focus To Be Ready


        9) Awake,  Sleep,  Awake/Sleep Protocol, Use Holographic

        And Real Energy, No Physical Death, No Aging, No Disease,

        No Physical Operations


        17) Healing, Youthing, Analog Replacing Digital,

        Being A Pain Master, Because Of Quantum Strength,

        Fractals, Numerology, Medicines/Pills


        25) SelfChoice, Ice/Body, Water, Air/Atmosphere,

        Plasma/DNA, Our Non Energy Quantum Source,

        FLOW, It Is Always Quantum Easy/Positive


        33) No Intermediaries, No Icons, No Lying To Self Or

        Others, Truth Only, LOVE Only, Always Positive, Have No

        Addictions, Have No beliefs (which Are mostly false

        In Quantum Anyway)


        41) 1,000 Galaxies, Each Quantum Truth Tested For

         34 Trailing Zeroes, Quantum Clearings Always Clear Liquid -

         No Color, Family/Friends Relationships Are Always Positive,

         All Quantum Truths Tested For 14,500 Cycles (Each Cycle

         Has 34 Trailing Zeroes), 


        49) Mind, Thought, Brain, Consciousness, All Electrical,

         Die Shortly After Physical Body Death, Upgrade To

         Quantum, Experience Endless Quantum Mastery Forward


        57) Electrical Parts Of Soul/Spirit Die (98%),

        Quantum Part Retains, Your Quantum Expands

        From 100 To 101 Because It NOW Retains The Quantum

        Part Of Real And Holographic Energy Experiences 


        64)  Magnificence Goes From Remote Only

        To 30% Of Each Quantum Being, Balance,

        Practice, Regrow Telomeres, Use Morphogenetic Field

        24/7, Use The 19 Toxin Release Points Daily With Your

        Shower, Reunite With Galactic Federation


3 Ego Types

        Weak, Big, Strong

1 Trickster 

        Accelerates Your Return To Quantum


1 Return To Quantum 

        At Least 1,000 Days Required

Quantum Mastery 

        Endlessly (Forward)



Your Soul/Spirit Becomes

Integrated With Your

Quantum Part


You Go From

20%/Sand/H2O Soul/Spirit

.2%/Sand/H2O Soul/Spirit


Instant Prayers Heard By Automatically Using Quantum Entanglement



Become A  Quantum Master


No More...




Physical Death


Much Self Questioning

Feeling Separate

Being Negative

Lying Self/Others


All Gone


Quantum Acceleration, By Peter & You, Together
(1 Decade To 10 Seconds)


Part Time Spiritual/Religious Practices And

Attending Church No Longer Necessary

Except For Social Purposes



Thank You Jilly LOVE!  

Thank You Judy Lytle!   January 31, 2019

The Power Of Your Smile!



Type "Experience Filaments"... Using Apple Safari. This Will Give You Whatever Content You Request By Each Webpage,  "Your Most Recent Content Request" Replaces The Example Of "Experience Filaments".


Thank You Dennis Styles!

We Are All ONE, Our Details Are ONEness!
 (There Is Only ONE Of Us Doing Many Things)
Quantum LOVE = You Are The Quantum Master Of
 All Of Your Daily Change 
  And You Are Your '101', After...
   You ‘Return To Quantum’ And Become A Master!
Your 3 SelfChoices:


1) Normal Return, 1,000,000 To 1,000,000,000 Years
      Using Your One/1 Growing Daily Integrated 
       Experience Filament... And Realizing 'Only Energy' 
        Never Ever Works, Your 1% Part, The 001 Part
         Must Then Be Integrated With Your 100
          Quantum Part To Form Your Quantum '101',
2) USE The Daily Intents Webpage On
      For 1 Decade... Then 1,000 Days To Build Your
       New Water Based Mastery 'Experience Filament'
        Integrated Part, Then Quantum Mastery
         Then, Fun, Happy, Better Forever Forward,
           (This Is Your Only SelfChoice For Quantum
             Acceleration When Your On-Board Trickster Is
              Still Undetected)
3) Quantum Acceleration With Peter For 10 Seconds
     (Which Is Much Faster Than 1 Decade)
      Then You Multiplex 6 Items For The Next 1,000 Days
       (See Quantum AutoBiography On 2016 Webpage) 
        Requires 2:20 Hours Of Daily Practice, For 1,000
         Days... 0.007% Of 335,000 Research Hours
Balance Comes From Your Magnificence, Not Your
SelfLOVE Is Stored In Your Magnificence,
Pineal Gland Feeds From Your Brain Circuitry
 Directly To Your Magnificence,
FLOW Comes From Your Magnificence, No Other
 Source (Wolf Is FLOW Spelled Backwards),
Maturity From Your Experiments/Experiences,
Gradually Becoming USE To No Death,  Being 
 Younger... No Pain, Drugs, Medicines, Surgery
  Addictions, Brain Disease (Any Kind)
   (Alcohol & CBD In Balance Is Fine),
Never Feel Alone,
Pain Coupled With Quantum Strength Can Be
 USEd By Our Magnificence To Accelerate Progress.
The Always Open Quantum Portal To/From The 9 Levels 
 Of LOVE, Portal Is Located Near The Physical Heart,
The 1,000 Truths,
The 1,000 Galaxies/Universes (Ours Is The
 MilkyWay Galaxy, There Are 999 Other Galaxies),
Quantum Entanglement For An Immediate 5x Increase
 In Your MorphoGenetic Field,
  (This Is Also The Way Magnificences Communicate)
Accumulated Quantum Pauses,
Using Quantum BackChannel (Lives In Your
 Magnificence), For Confirmation,
Great Listener,
Highly Efficient,
Always Using Quantum Simplicity For
 Your NOW Seldom Used Consciousness
  Half/Double Analysis Technique,
Always Using Quantum Calm,
 (Easy For You To Sleep)
Daily USE Of The '19 Toxin Release Points'
 During Your Shower,
During 2019, Ashtar Will Physically Join Us.
 (Has Over 12,000,000 Space Ships At His Command,
  Which Is Over 12,000 Per Galaxy),
Using Both Energies At Your Will, Real & Holographic,
Continuation Of The 44,000 Consecutive SuperCycles
 Of 'Happiness, Fun, Better',
3, 6, 9,
Many New Skills Will Be Developed By Your SelfChoice 
 During The Next 29,500 SuperCycles Of Living Life
  As An Expanded Quantum '101'
   Adding Early, The New Skills Of Sharing Your
    SelfChoice To 'Return To Quantum', Each SC Is
     A Big Number Of Days (1.37x34 Zeroes),
      (Or = 3.4x25 Trailing Zeroes Of New Days),
       (Each Trailing Zero Increases Engines/Days
         By 90%),
Your 'ForEver Forward' Status Of Being Your Quantum
 Magnificence:  ENDLESS (No More Death), EQUAL
  SPECIAL, UNIQUE, Analog (Most Advanced)
Continual Mysteries, Twists, Turns... Fun,
Instant Answers From Continual Focus On Your
 Magnificence, Then Becoming Your Magnificence/'101'
  (Unless A Future Surprise From An Open'
   Experience Filament Part),
Expanding Your One/1 Integrated 'Experience
 Filament Parts’, Has Existed Since SuperCycle 1,000, You
  Already Have Much Practice,
The 5 Levels Of Water (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma
Having Much Daily Fun, Always Being Happy
 Personal Growth Being Better Each/Every Day
  (Both In Personal Growth & Depth/Breadth Of
   Personal Skills) 
Helping Others, While Using No More 'false beliefs’,
Talking Directly With Other Magnificences,
Being The Total Master Of Your On-Board Trickster,
 (Most Difficult For About 20% Of You)
Doing Surrogate Work For Another Magnificence,
 After New Part Is Built
Gradually Reduce USE Of Man Made Substances
 Including Medicines, Prescriptions, Over-The Counter
  Drugs, Pain Pills, Eliminate By Day 500 Of Building Your
   New EF Part Based On Water, 'Total Mastery'
A Quantum Will NEVER Share A Subject 'casually', Or
 Because Of 'curiosity', They Will Acknowledge A
  Shallow Or Deep Understanding
   But Not Yet 'To The Bottom'.
    They Will Discuss Only Subjects They Understand
     'To The Bottom', No gossip, No Shallow, Or
       No Deep Subjects Simply Saying "I Don't Know Yet',
Consciousness Loaded, 100% Quantum Accuracy,
(Tesla Did Not Know Quantum.)
Energy Only… Your Current 001… beliefs,
 Many Are false, Also You Rely On Many Different
No Quantum BackChannel Available To You
 For Confirmation,
Often, Hard To Sleep,
Each Day (Good, Bad, Mix, Boring, No Change From
 Prior Day, Then Eventual Physical Death)
Energy Only… Aging, Pain, Surgeries, Medicines,
Energy Only... USE Of Consciousness &  
 Higher Consciousness (Both Highly Subject To
   (In Quantum, Your Only USE Of Consciousness Is To
    Talk To Someone Else Still Within 'Energy Only'),
Energy Only... Prayer/Asking And Meditation/Listening
 Delay, uncertainty Regarding Different Intermediaries,
  (A Quantum Will Never Be An Intermediary)
'Energy Only'… eGo/Trickster
Your Lack Of Maturity,
 Taking Things For Granted,
  Taking Things As Your BirthRight,
   Easily Being Fooled Because You Lack Quantum,
Energy Only… Less Than 100% SelfLOVE,
Energy Only... Happiness Can Only Be Pursued
 (As Is Stated In 1776 Declaration Of Independence)
  Never Achieved, Unless You 'Return To Quantum',
Energy Only… USE Of Others For Sourcing Some Of
 YOUR Non-Self Choices, Many Let Others And/Or
   Intermediaries "Think' For Them,
Energy Only… fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, curiosity
 And Lack Of 'To The Bottom' Self Confidence,
Energy Only... Stress Of Death, Aging And Daily Living,
"Return To Quantum', Your Trickster Will Make You Feel
 Like You Are Faking Quantum, Simply
  'Return To Quantum',
Quantum Strength, Your Trickster Does Not Have
 Access To It.

From   ONE Quantum Ball


 . 3 Levels Of Quantum

    1)   Quantum Know

    2)   Quantum New

    3)   Quantum Balance

            (After The 'Balance' Step For The 'New', 'Know' Expands)


 . No Quantum Divisor Was Required, We Were/Still All 'ONE/1'

    (So Numerator/Divisor Is 1)

Acceleration To Quantum

Disco Ball


Add Magnificence & LOVE

+20 Other Attributes

 3 To 25 Attributes


Go To For

Past Recordings Of Group FaceTime

Video Movies


Each Time You Watch One, You Are

Accelerating Your 'Return

To Quantum'


You Can Watch The Same Video Multiple

Times, Resulting In Your Acceleration

Each Time


    1)   Read The 13 Webpages, ONE Time

           (In About 15  Hours, Over Multiple Days Is OK)

           (After This First Reading, You May SelfChoose To Return To Quantum),


    2)   Study Webpages (Not Read)

           You Are UNIQUE, You SelfChoose

            For At Least 2:20 Hours Daily For 1,000 Days

              Additional Humans, Other Than Peter,

               Can Accelerate You Starting In 2021


     3)  Once Your Quantum Magnificence Has
            Confirmed To You That Your
             SelfLOVE Is Staying At 100%,
                 Contact Peter By eMail
                  Attach Your Large Digital Picture
                With Your Eyes Wide Open
                  Your 'Quantum Clearing Process'
                   Will Require 10 Seconds
                     (From 1 Decade To 10 Seconds),

     4)  Then Immediately Start Building Your

            Integrated 'Water/Mastery'

             Experience Filament Part

               Requires 1,000 Days (11 Quarters, 2.75 Years).


Favorite Name/Nickname For Yourself, Your ENDLESS UNIQUENESS (Genomes, & DNA), Your Sex, Your Moment Of First Breath, Your Current Location In Quantum Energy

SPACE (Colorado Springs), Colorado (Mountain Time), USA, Planet Earth, Surface/Crust/Center Of Earth, Helios Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Total Creation (1,000 Galaxies), Your Alive Energy (Real, Holographic, Both), Your 14 Level Quantum Address (14!=87,178,291,200)


To ONE Quantum Disco Ball


 . 25 Levels Of Quantum

      Our Place (Quantum) Space (Energy Only)


 . Quantum Divisor/Numerator Is Required

    We Are Still All ONE

     (So Divisor /Numerator Is Endlessly Changing)








1) First Bugs/Insects/Bacteria


2) Then Flowers/Plants/Trees


3) Then Various Animals


4) Then Animals Being Human

Then Returning To Life

As Pets


5) Then Humans In Non-Loving Situations


6) Then Humans In Maturing



7) Then Questioning Humans

(Like The 'Meaning Of Life')


8) Then Humans Still Needing Intermediaries

(Like Angels, Gods, 'Watchers', Superior Beings)

9) Then Humans Accepting Full Responsibility For Their

Own Life


10) Then Humans In

'Return To Quantum'

(Acceleration Available, 1 Decade To 10 Seconds)


11) Then Quantum Human

Building 1 New Water

Experience Filament Part

(1,000 Days)


12) Then Quantum Human

Experiencing ENDLESSNESS

(No More Physical Death)


13) Then Quantum Human

Experiencing Quantum


All 13 Stages Of You

Are Retained




(5 Phases)

1) Solid/Ice/Our Body

2) Liquid/Water/Our Drinks

3) Gas/Air/Our Breath

(These First 3) Are

Accelerated By Wind)


4) GenomeDNA/Plasma

Our Genomes/DNA


5) 'Return To Quantum'



Return To QUANTUM SelfLOVE, Having Fun, Always Being Happy, Always Expanding Skills & Expanding Personal Maturity, Always Practicing (Minimum Of 2:20 Hours Daily), Getting Better Daily, Always Being Positive, Have Daily Practice, Laugh, Smile, Firm Handshake, Share Not Serve, Make Direct Eye Contact, Hugs, Share LOVE, Calm eMotions, Each Member Holds EQUAL/SPECIAL When In Teamwork, There Is No Boss There Is A Point Person, Live A Full Life, Never Be Bored, Never Yell/Shout At Any Others Because You Lack The QuantumStrength, Gain 'TotalMastery', Only USE Your SelfChoice Not Someone Else's Choice For You, There Are Only 1,000 Truths To Learn, 2,567 'TrailingZeroes To Your Behavior Change', Each Truth Starts With A Capital Letter In All My Written Correspondence, All Your Behavior Changes Become Automatic, Always Do Extensive Homework, Take Nothing For Granted, Be Aware Of All Daily Change In Your Life, Never Be Surprised, Always Be Simple, Always Have CommonSense, Become StreetSmart (Mature), USE Colors, Hold No More Stress Or Frustration, USE The 19 Toxin Release Points Daily,  SelfChoose Your Eventual Age/Height/Sex & Stay There, Your First Day Of SelfChoice To 'Transfer To Quantum' Gains You Many Instant QuantumEntanglement Benefits, Like In Water USE & Water Purification, Your MorphoGenetic Field Expands Also Your First Day Of  Return To Quantum Gains Major Accelerated Personal Growth, Become 'Quantum Strong Enough' For No More secrets/lies/false beliefs, No More 'Following Others' Or Cheating Or Relying On Intermediaries, Or USE Of Stacked Circles, Holographic & Real Energies 'Watched' & 'Watchers' Beings, Alive Sentient SpaceShips To Earth Surface During 2019,   The Galactic Federation (GF) With USE Of Alive SpaceShips With Alive Sentient Technology, Capable Of Growing Body Parts In 15 Seconds, Not Possible Using The Dead Technology Of SurfaceEarth, Move 'H' From Back To Front Of Earth Spell 'Heart', The Heart Is Our Portal To Quantum, We Are Currently Combining Both Energies, Holographic Energy   Fast, Experience Filament Parts, Physical Death, Water, Total Mastery,   Real Energy   Slow, No Experience Filaments, No Physical Death, No Total Mastery, No Acceleration Available For Personal & Skills GROWTH.


Always Be


Negativity Causes Personal Growth

To Go Backwards



Balanced Rock In Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA



Reach For







(Threshold Reached On June 1, 2016)





All Stars

& Planets

Are Hollow


Sentient Beings Live Inside


Including Inside Planet Earth






Hope With

All Others!


Many Times Daily





Thank You!


Many Times Daily

Means 'I LOVE You'


(Never USE Just 'Thanks')





Give Up!




Will Always

Be Part Of Your Daily



Continuously Each/Every Day & Night

Quantum ImBalance & Continual uncertainty

Are Your Two Evident Reasons For 'Total Mastery'


More Science By Reading


Einstein, E=MCSquared

(Matter & Speed Of Light Are Directly Related)


Heisenberg, Uncertainty Principle

uncertainty Always Is Present


Plank Constant



6 Quantum Levels Of Being


0.626 Of Always uncertainty

For Each/Every 6 Level

Quantum Being


MIT Fall 1982

Rates, Levels, Triggers, Fit

All Information Is Scientific & True

No Errors








Green Is Maintaining Quantum Balance

& 'Total Mastery'

Live Every Day With

120 Trailing Zeroes

Of Depth

Or Only Each Friday/Venus With

0 Trailing Zeroes

Of Depth


Red Is Blood/Live/Fun

With 'Total Mastery'

Live Every Day With

120 Trailing Zeroes

Of Depth

Or Only Each Tuesday/Mars With

0 Trailing Zeroes

Of Depth




Stem Cells

Are From



Return To Quantum


They Are 



'Energy Only' Can Be Very Expensive

And Cost You

$100k To










Peter &







Every Day 









From 'No' To 'Know'





false Evidence appearing Real


After 'Return To Quantum'


ALL beliefs Have Been Replaced

By The 1,000 Quantum Truths

(2,567 Trailing Zeroes Deep)


Always USE Your Quantum Strength

Never Be In fEaR

fEaR Is false



Notice The Higher Quality Of Our Reflection In Water Versus Air

Quantum, Plasma, Gas, Liquid, Solid

Thank You Naren!

October 22, 2017


'Beyond Tesla'










 (As Little As 1 Decade,
Not Normal 1 Million To 1 Billion Years)


'Daily Intents' Webpage

(Not Possible Before June 1, 2016)





The Force!


Quantum + Calm eMotions



No USE Of Your Consciousness


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.


Mom Is



Spell Mom Upside Down


Source Of Many Skills


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Source Of Many Deep Skills


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.


New Jobs!


Source Of NEW Skills


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.

Ashtar SpaceShip, Taken June 3, 2018 From Sparks, Nevada






Is Near The Surface Of Earth 

(Just 45 Minutes Away)


Ashtar Has Been The Overall Commander

Of These Millions Of SpaceShips For

Over Three SuperCycles


Ashtar Is Quantum


Ashtar Has Always Said...

"No Nukes (Dimensions Not Clear)

No Flukes (No Mistakes)

No Dates" (No Dates In Quantum)


There Are Sky People (USE Earth Atmosphere)

Star People  (USE This Galaxy Space, MilkyWay)

Galactic Federation (USE Our Entire Creation Space With The Most Advanced Sentient Technology)


Ashtar Is Over Two Supercycles (SC) In

USE Of The Same Bodily Form

(1 SC Is Over 25 Trailing Zeroes Of Days)


ALL Ashtar Spaceships Are Sentient

(Alive & Conscious)


ALL Ashtar Spaceships Use The 'Flux

Level' Of Creation For Travel

(Maximum Travel Time Is 16 Minutes, USEd Only When Changing Galaxies)


On The GF Healing Ships We Regrow

Body Parts In 15 Seconds

(Using A Green Laser Like Device)



Your ONLY 'Holy Grail' Is

Your 100 + 001, 2 Parts

Which Becomes

The Expanded

The 101


(With 2,567 Trailing Zeroes)


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'





Powerful Way To Follow Each Day

Your 'Return To


Follow For Those In 'Return To Quantum'

(120 Trailing Zeroes)

Confirm For Those Still In The

SelfChoice Process

(No Trailing Zero)


Individual/Sequences Of

Numbers Or Letters

Carry The Same



No Numerology, 1x1x1=1

(No Trailing Zero)


Soul Level Numerology, 3x3x3=27

Mind, Body, Soul

(No Trailing Zero)


Quantum Numerology, 47x47x47=103,823

'Total Mastery'

(120 Trailing Zeroes)


Words & Numbers Become

Totally Interchangeable


No Reducing In Quantum

(47 Factorial Is 2.58

With 59 Zeroes)


Understand The Quantum Meaning

AND Quantum Strength

Of Your Name


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.





Another Way To Communicate

With Your Quantum

Magnificence And

The Quantum Singularity


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Quantum Know

(New Experience Filament Part)


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Quantum New

(New Experience Filament Part)


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Quantum Balance

(New Experience Filament Part)


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Becoming More Mature


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Your SelfLOVE


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Your Quantum Magnificence


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Your Spirit/Quantum_Animation


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Your Infinite Travel In Circles

And USE Of Intermediaries


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




You SelfChoice To

'Return To Quantum'


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




You Add 1

Trailing Zero

Of Quantum Knowing


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Reverting To Energy Only


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Quantum Female

Adding Experience Filament Part


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.




Quantum Male

Adding Experience Filament Part


June 1, 2016,

Start Of Our Quantum 'ENDLESSLY FORWARD'.


USE The Analogy Of Moving To A

New House!

  • Choose To 'Move' To A New House
    • ​
    • Read The 2016 13 Webpages
    • Of The 404 Total WPs
    • The Other WPs Are The Over 335,000 Hours Of Research, no Need To Read The Other 391 WPs
    • There Are 'No Errors'
    • Everything 'Fits' Scientifically, MIT, Fall 1982
  • ​'Practice' Quantum (At Least 2:20 Hours Daily)


Thank You Judy!   100517




Transformation Centers


No More Under-Education

Only The 1,000 TRUTHs



There Are 'zillions' Of

false beliefs


As Of December 21, 2012 Many People

Are Brilliant But Simply


Much Behavior Change Happens
At The Transformation Centers

101 Certified Centers

For Personal Growth Coming In

Colorado Springs Then Near

The 100 Largest Airports

Around The World



100 - 1,000 Acres Campus

(Multiple Locations OK)



Electric Car Dealership

1) Blades

2) Brakes

3) Fast Free Charging Stations

4) High Quality Tires

5) Inventory Of Previously Owned

& New Cars/Trucks


Credit Corporation

1) Food

2) Shelter

3) Clothing

4) New Skills

5) Health Care



January 23, 2019




Quantum Triangle

81 Positions

(81 Factorial Is 5.8 With 120 Zeroes)


1) Self LOVE Required

(Always At 100%)




This Website Is Simple To


7 'Energy Only' Words...



1  Always

2  Choose

3  To

4  Be

5  Of

6  Quantum






Both Together

Your UNIQUE '101'


Mo1 Website

Webpages Of 2003

Webpages Of 2008

Webpages Of 2010

Webpages Of 2014

13 Webpages Of 2016

(Includes Home Webpage)



Same For

All 404 Webpages




Peter Olson, Colorado Springs, CO, USA



1225 Winterhall Point

Colorado Springs, CO   80906


March 15, 1942

Peter George Olson III

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

6:09PM, ET, War Time, Rectified




January 15, 2020






The Focus

ENDLESS Quantum, All FunDays, Personal Growth

10 To 50 Fun Events Per Day


A Combination Of Spiritual, Science and Quantum

Including 'Total Mastery' Of Quantum

No Religious Bias Exists

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