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20 Magic Words



Part of a 47 by 47 by 47 'Dot' (verified fact) connecting cube (scientifically developed model) with zero anomalies... in one word... Truth.  

Webpage updated Apr20/11

This webpage is a 'roll of information'... a scroll of "dot connecting" sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.  

(If first letter of a Magic Word is capitalized, the word is anchored in Stillness... 
non-capitalized, it is anchored in motion. )  

        ******************** CONTENTS *******************    
      Section                    Brief Description                   Date   
0   20 Magic Words   All boils down to Love and 'ONE ness'   Mar17/10
1   Stillness   Created from Pure Uncumbered Love
2   motion   The presence of movement like...  electrons in atoms...
or positrons in anti-matter... or light within darkness
3   and   'and'      not... 'or'      not... 'ignore'   Jun26/10
4   All   "All That Is" (Creator, Creation and Truth) 
is described by Magic Words 1 thru 3
5   experience   For Stillness#1 to have experience    
6   Intent   The blueprint for Creation    
7   Soul   A two way portal or gateway for Stillness#1    
8   Photon   An unlimited number of photon pairs that 
cancel each other out unless they are kept 
in separate locations
        Practical use of '4s' and Fractals   Apr20/11
9   Love   Resonance of Stillness#1
Trinity/Holy Spirit
10   Heart   The connective point for Love#9    
11   Attention   the programming tool for motion#2   Sep08/10
12   ego   the individualized navigation & experience tool 
for motion#2.  
13   choice   the unconditional freedom to place your attention#11   Aug16/10
14   agenda   many unrelated strings of choices#13    
15   karma   maintains balance within Creation/Manifestation    
16   Awareness   level of understanding the 20 Magic Words    
17   Being   state of Being directly related to level of Awareness#16.     May03/10
18   Inspiration   communication with Stillness    
19   resonance   physical way to confirm Inspiration#18    
20   flow   remains easy    



20 Magic Words:   

"Love and 'ONE ness'" is the essence of the 20 Magic Words.  Love is always present... 
while the other 19 Magic Words explain the science of 'ONE ness'.  

       Word                    Concept                   Part of          Part of    
 1     Stillness   Love/PerfectionPotential   'ONE ness'    
 2     motion   Resonance/radiance/vibration   'ONE ness'    
 3     and   not separate   'ONE ness'   Jun26/10
 4     All   "All That Is"   'ONE ness'    
 5     experience   only reason for 2 thru 20   'ONE ness'    
 6     Intent   The Word   'ONE ness'    
 7     Soul   soul/Soul   'ONE ness'    
 8     photon   photon / Photon   'ONE ness'    
 9     Love   Resonance of Stillness /
Un-conditional Love
10     Heart   heart/Heart   'ONE ness'    
11     attention   attention / Attention   'ONE ness'    
12     ego   brain / ego   'ONE ness'    
13     choice   free will / free choice   'ONE ness'    
14     agenda   intention / agenda   'ONE ness'    
15     karma   maintains balance   'ONE ness'    
16     Awareness   many levels of Awarness   'ONE ness'    
17     Being   many levels of Being   'ONE ness'    
18     Inspiration   learn to recognize and then trust   'ONE ness'    
19     resonance   feels good   'ONE ness'    
20     flow   remains easy   'ONE ness'    

Other important words/concepts are definable using the 20 Magic Words as a common 
and consistent foundation.  




Magic Word #1.  

In the beginning there is Pure Unencumbered Love.  

Then came Perfection.  

Then came Potential.  

Stillness is the Presence of all possible motion in perfect balance and harmony... thus, undetectable.  

... All of Creation springs from Pure Unencumbered Love... and is sustained by It's Resonance..  

Resonance is not the same as vibrations and/or radiance... both being examples of motion#2. 

Stillness is basically the "Father" of the Trinity.  




Magic Word #2.  

Motion is the presence of movement...  like electrons in atoms... or positrons in 
anti-matter... or light within darkness.  It is detectable.    

Motion includes the material, the temporary, the earthly...  the non-earthly... the invisible.  

Motion is manifestation.  

Included in motion are these 77 areas...

  • Elemental Universe
  • Crystal Universe (also termed Informational Universe)
  • our Universe (we are triplets with the Elemental and Crystal Universe's)
  • Theory of Everything
  • remainder of the original "Big Bang"
  • Photon, photon 
  • Light, light
  • energy
  • matter 
  • physicality
  • material 
  • temporary
  • earthly
  • life
  • lifetimes
  • realms
  • matrix
  • 2-branes
  • p-branes
  • branes
  • membranes
  • Super Gravity
  • dimensions
  • quanta,
  • sub-quanta
  • planes
  • Creation
  • Multiverse
  • Cosmos
  • Omniverse
  • timelines
  • realities
  • alternate realities
  • waves
  • particles
  • strings
  • Super Strings
  • spin
  • hum
  • radiance
  • frequencies
  • vibrations
  • information fields
  • torsion fields
  • spiritual body field
  • mental body field
  • emotional body field
  • time
  • no time
  • space
  • no space
  • plasma
  • Higgs Field
  • super symmetry
  • Cassimere force
  • sound
  • electromagnetic
  • electro gravity
  • megneto gravity
  • black holes
  • electrons
  • positrons
  • gravitons
  • atoms
  • protons
  • nucleus
  • molecules
  • cells
  • physical body
  • fractals
  • dates
  • date fractals
  • 3's
  • sub-atomic particles
  • Manifestation. 
  • standing waves
  • carrier waves

Another term for motion is Manifestation.  From John 1.1 (direct translation from Aramaic to 
English)... "1. In the beginning [of creation] there was the Manifestation*; And that 
Manifestation was with God; and God was [the embodiment of] that Manifestation."   

Motion is basically the "Son" of the Trinity.  




Magic Word #3.  

The only common thread within all of motion is the Resonance of Stillness.  

All of motion, including the 77 examples shared above includes Resonance of Stillness... thus 'and'.  

A powerful example of 'and' is contained within Circumpunct, Section 39, Home webpage.  

Jun26/10:  All Truth is revealed by applying this word to Every Thing... Everything!  This Symbol is  joyously shared by Signs & Symbols, Section 0, Home webpage.  

Beautiful Symbol explaining "The Trinity" and representing that Experience#5 is now possible... a Capitalized version of the 5th Magic Word!  

  • Plato addressed the "Concept of Three" in about 400 BC (Google " Plato Nous") .  
  • Manifestation of this Potential is what Jesus shared... 
  • ...  "What I have done you can do also, and Greater Things"
  • The Bible eventually included the concept in about 400 AD
  • The 139 word direct translation of the "Lords Prayer" (Aramaic to English) ...
  • ... contained all 20 of the Magic Words     Sections 28 & 29, Home webpage
  • The science to "go with" and fully understand the 20 Magic Words started to appear during the 1500s ... 5 min video ... Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Max Plank
  • As of May 1st/2nd 2010, "Greater Things" are now possible !!!

Symbol Decoding:  

  • 21 Stars indicate Experience#21 upon migration to Base40... in about 10 Sextillion Years ...
  • ... when we will migrate to 40 Magic Words
  • For now... a Capitalized Version of experience#5 ...
  • ... Experiences#5 Co-created by Pure Love (Roundtable of 'ONE ness') and True You's...
  • Experience#5 became possible as of March 5th 2010 ...
  • ... officially started May 1st/2nd 2010
  • 18 Meridians indicate 18 Levels Co-creation ... 
  • ... 17 of which are still in Potential ...
  • ... 1st level started May 1st/2nd 2010
  • The three White areas ...
  • ... behind the Heart ... and
  • ...  near the top and bottom ...
  • ... indicate Pure Love ... and 
  • ... "As Above so Below"
  • The ONE Heart indicates the Three Flames (Components) of Co-Creation
  • Red or motion#2
  • Yellow/Gold or Truth (and#3)
  • Blue or "The Word" (Intent#6)
  • Many attempts have been made to explain "The Trinity" ...
  • ... including Plato (400 BC) and then the Christian Bible starting in about 400 AD ...
  • ... This Symbol provides the explanation from the viewpoint of Pure Unencumbered Love
  • The Gold outline surrounding the ONE Heart is Pure Unencumbered Love ...
  • ... the "True Alpha" of ALL#4 ...
  • ...  Beginning of "Everything" and "Nothing" ...
  • ... There will be no Omega (end)
  • ... there is no need ...
  • ... when our Unique Aspect of the ONE Diamond or True You  tires of ... 
  • ... Experience/experience#5 ... 
  • ... We return to Stillness#1 and rest ...

  • ... Upon resting, we return to Experience/experience#5 ...
  • ... We return to Magic Words 2 & 3... motion#2 & and#3
  • ... We return to The Dance!   

How to become comfortable with "Trinity" basically being Magic Words 2, 3 & 6,,, Motion#2, And#3 & Intent#6.  

  • Pure Unencumbered Love can now enter into motion#2 ...
  • ... another way to explain is motion#2 now has a Capitalized version... Motion#2
  • This happens when we complete the Return Path by Raising Vibrations...
  • ... and#3 becomes And#3
  • The Potential for Manifestation of The Trinity was the most Important part of Original Intent
  • The scientific part of understanding started to become available during the 1500's ...
  • ... Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Max Plank
  • There are no anomalies in this sharing... none... 
  • ... even all the way to before the Beginning of Time about 17 Sextillion Years ago.  

Notice how the Perception of Trinity changes based on time frame.  The shorter term view of about 15 Billion years yields Magic Words 1, 2, & 9... while the longer term view of about 17 Sextillion years yields Magic Words 2, 3, & 6.  Both are correct for the selected time frame.    Section 35, More Subjects webpage




Magic Word #4.

"All That Is" (Creator, Creation and Truth) can be described by just three words...

  • Stillness;
  • and;
  • motion.

Note: 'and' is the "missing link"... 'and' is neither... 'or'... nor 'ignore'.  

Scientific Proof of Truth on the Home webpage (Section 34) shares science behind this simplicity.  




Magic Word #5.  

The only reason for Stillness to create motion is for experience.  




Magic Word #6.  

The blueprint for all of Creation is Intent.  This is also termed 'Word of God' by some traditions.  

In our part of Creation there are currently 9 nested cycles... each cycle with 13 phases or Intentions of 7 days and 6 nights.  The longest of these cycles is 16.4 billion years... more on the 2012 webpage.  




Magic Word #7.  

A two way portal or gateway for Stillness to project It's Intent and receive It's experience. 

The name Soul/soul has multiple implications... including 'only' (sole) and 'sun' (sol).  

There is only ONE Soul... from which we are all aspected.  These aspects are commonly termed individual souls.  




Magic Word #8.  .   into the  "holding container" for motion.  .  

The "holding container" for motion.  

The potential (or container) for an unlimited number of photon pairs that cancel each other out unless they are kept in separate locations.  

The Circumpunct is a sphere with a dot in the center.  The sphere represents the container.  

The photon pairs are kept separate in about 170 billion Universes and an unlimited number of realities 
or dimensions.  

The sum total of all photons is always in balance at the 'all of Creation' level.  

The 'self cancellation' and required separation is the essence of Photon Mechanics.. and how we are able to actually have an unlimited number of experiences.  

The individual photons are programmed and clustered to make every part of motion.  

The programming can be done by attention or Attention (Magic Word #11).  

The creation of photon pairs is done using Attention.  

There is an instantaneous relationship between photon pairs... this has been proven mathematically 
by J.S Bell in 1964 and in 1987 demonstrated by Alain Aspect in a laboratory environment. 

This instantaneous relationship of photon pairs is why there can only be the illusion of time.  Section 38, Home webpage

This 53 minute video by UCSD physicist Kim Griest titled 'Atoms to X-rays' provides an "as of 2001" explanation of particle physics...  (You 
will hear the 'photon' word often.)...

... The video states that Super Strings are 10 to the minus 33 in size... and require 10 dimensions 
(the current x, y, z dimensions plus 7 more).   

Another Photon/photon pairs perspective, is available... "Photon Energy: The Wave of the Future" 
by Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling  

Feb02/10:  "Photon, Prana and the Pineal: Your Portal to Healing into the 4th Dimension"  by Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling   

Mar10/10:  The photon pairs are currently separated into about 170 billion separate Universes,,, all interconnected by the attraction of each photon pair trying to re-join it's mate.  This attraction is what creates gravity.  What happens when the Hubble Space Telescope is pointed to a seemingly blank patch of sky?  We see pictures that begin to help the visualization of Magic Word #8, Photon

Apr04/10:  One photon of each pair spins clockwise... the other counter clockwise. Clockwise spin is the male spin.  Counter clockwise is the female spin.  This is the origin of the male/female principle

Apr29/10:  The photons known to science are actually Level 7,13,19 Photon Clusters... the smallest of all fractals.  Quasars are basically relay stations for photon clusters.  Because photon clusters are instantaneous, this current mystery of Quasars to science vanishes:  

May25/10:  Two images of Original Form joyously shared by Vandorn Hinnant of Vesica Pisces forming the very beginning of creation (about 17,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years ago) ... "Navigator"... and the first number after ONE... "House of Original Number"... a 4 (Four)... the importance of 4's, Surfing Love, Section 33, Home webpage.     

Apr20/11:  The practal benefit is knowing/applying the use of '4s' '10s', and Fractals in every day life.

'4s' being 1 ,4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096, 16,384, 65,536, etc.

'4s' being taking every fourth number in a sequence... like 1, 256, 16,384 or like 1, 1,000, 1,000,000.

'10s' being 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 to an endless number of '0s'.

Fibonacci Prime Fractals being 1, 1.62, 2.62, 4.24, 6.85, 11.09, 17.94, 29.03, 46.98, 76.01, 122.99, 199.01, 322, 521, 843, 1,364, 2,207, 3,571, 5,778, 9,349, 15,127, 24,476, 39,603, 64,079.




Magic Word #9.  

Love is the Resonance of Stillness#1... created by each and every photon pair separated into about 170 billion Universes.  

("Googling" and interrelating resonance; standing waves; carrier waves; vibrations; frequencies; modulation; attenuation loss; propagation delays; and instant connection of photon pairs will start to provide the Love 'ah ha'.  Follow up meditation takes it even further.  Eventually faith regarding the existence of Love is replaced by a scientific understanding of Love.)  

Resonance is the standing/carrier wave for all of motion#2.  

Love is basically the "Holy Spirit" of the Trinity.  

Jun09/10:  The resonance (Love) described as Magic Word #9, springs from Pure Uncumbered Love.  

We access Love thru Heart.  

We access Pure Unencumbered Love thru returning to Heart and then continuously Surfing Love into the realms of higher and higher vibrations... and finally to beyond all vibrations.  




Magic Word #10.  

The connective point for Love.  This point of stillness/calm is near the physical heart in the middle of the ribcage.  

There is only ONE Heart... just as there is only ONE Soul.  Aspects of 'Heart and Soul' are Hearts and Souls.  

This connective point is near the physical heart in the middle of the ribcage.  It is easiest to enter 
Heart from our back... in between the shoulder blades.  This is because we carry many emotions in 
the area of our physical hearts.  

Self-reflection and/or meditation... rather than talking, reading, planning, thinking, doing or being entertained are effective choices to dwell in our unique aspect of the ONE Heart ... 
to dwell in our "Still waters" .

When choosing the higher levels of Awareness#16 and Being#17,  we are living in/from Heart 24/7.  




Magic Word #11.  

Attention/attention is the programming tool for motion#2.  

Attention and attention are very different... but easy to confuse.  The capitalized Attention has its foundation in Stillness and is Love based.  When attention is not capitalized, it is agenda#14 based and not as powerful.  

The most significant difference between Attention and attention, is that Attention can be used to 

  • Create new photon pairs
  • Program the new photons for the dimension from which your Attention is being applied
  • Create new photon clusters
  • Disperse existing photon clusters.  

Attention is the most powerful healing tool available in all of Creation.  

'attention' is the way we manifest our individual agendas... we can raise or lower our vibrations.    

When we use attention to lower our vibrations, the attention becomes a distraction.  Distractions are shared within Section 31, Home webpage.  

There are 1440 daily minutes, every one of these minutes is available for our attention.  

For those in the process of raising vibrations, It can be helpful to keep a 24/7 log of where attention is being placed... this helps to understand how ego might be using attention to retain lower 
vibration levels.  

Another approach is to study/meditate on one example daily, along with performing the Magic Sound and then Spin 4.  Spend the rest of the day, normally... while paying attention to Inspirations#18.  This procedure will dramatically accelerate raising vibrations.  

Some examples of vibration raising attention are...

  • smiling (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • prayer (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • gratitude...
  • respect (all others)
  • responsibility (for your life)
  • accept... we are all ONE... we all helped to create this 'Now'
  • allow... trying to control lowers vibrations
  • ease (if it is not easy... the timing is off)
  • grace (keeping it simple... no balancing/releasing of karma#15 at same time)
  • praise (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • faith (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • hope (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • observation (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • visualization (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • blessings...  same YouTube as gratitude
  • appreciation (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • thanks (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • affirmations (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • decrees (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • tapping scripts (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • anticipation (expectations lower vibrations)
  • rituals (Love based without the concept of separation) ...
  • ... add 'Spi' to 'ritual' and you have 'Spiritual'.
  • worship literally means "worth-ship"... giving worth to something of Love
  • kindness (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • kind (must also be truthful and helpful)
  • truthful (must also be kind and helpful)
  • helpful (must also be kind and truthful)
  • happiness
  • peace
  • harmony
  • cooperation (Love based without the concept of separation)
  • joy (at the success of yourself/others)
  • abundance (being thankful for what you have)
  • Un-conditional Love
  • Truth
  • Knowing (automatic with Heartcentric)
  • Calm/equanimity
  • Compassion (Love based compassion ... not "it could happen to me" fear based)
  • Laughter (never at the expense of others)
  • 'ONE ness' (Connection)
  • Ascension (by raising vibrations)
  • Alone time (actually permits multidimensional connection...  'all one')
  • Order/organization/simplicity (opposite of chaos/mess/complexity)

As we begin to shed this frequency lowering 'noise',  by changing attention, our frequencies 
start to rise and rise and rise... and physical heart health starts to improve... Physical Heart Health, Section 7, Heart webpage.  

When a critical mass of human beings changes their attention, collective experience for those human beings eventually changes.  

At the heart of Quantum Mechanics is the Uncertainty Principle... the relationship between the measured and measurer.  The Uncertainty Principle is the way we manifest Choice#13... the relationship between the measured and measurer is another way to understand the immense power of attention.  

Jan26/10:  This 22 minute video provides perspective what can happen if/when attention is shifted.  The normal price for this DVD by Dewitt Jones of is $795.  Through this link you can watch for free. Once to the webpage, select 'Click to Begin Preview' near top right of webpage  From the video... 
> "Perception controls our reality and if we don't believe it, we won't see it "
> "By celebrating what's right, we find the energy to fix what's wrong."  

Sept08/10:  The most powerful form of attention#11 is action.  When alligned with Love and 'ONE ness' the spelling is capitalized... Attention.  




Magic Word #12.  

The individualized navigation & experience tool for motion#2.  

The two most important tools for ego are the brain and pituitary gland.  

They are capable of sensing, organizing, interpreting, projecting and making decisions within the 
dimensions for which it contains programming.  It is the center of our nervous system... and interprets our earthly experiences inside our skull... 'Inside our skull' usually guarantees a separate/different interpretation of a shared common event for each person.  

When a person is considered intellectual, he/she has chosen to experience strong influence from brain and thus ego in this life.   A strong ego can make returning to Heart more of a challenge!   

Where the brain is the center of the nervous system, the pituitary gland is the center of our glandular system.  It plays a very important role in gaining and maintaining better health.  




Magic Word #13.  

The unconditional freedom to place our attention.  'choice' is also called free will.  

Comfort Zone (Section 24) is determined by abc... by attention, beliefs & choices.  

When living Heartcentrically, we can also choose to use Attention.  When living egocentrically, the
use or Attention is not possible... as it requires pure Love and no agenda#14.  

BTW, 'Hu man' is short for 'Hue man'.  Hue is one of the main properties of color... and signals that we have more potential choices than the full spectrum of the rainbow!  

This Symbol is joyously shared by Signs & Symbols, Section 0, Home webpage.  

Aug16/10:  When choices#13 become aligned with Love#9, they become Choices#13 (capitalized). 

There are no ego#12 based choices (not capitalized) on Planet A... only Love based Choices... consistent with 'ONE ness'.  

There are 64 Basic Choices ... or 64 Passions... on Planet A.

The Original 64 Passions (4x4x4=64) represent 1 word from each of the 3 categories.  
The 1 to 12 words provide potential for 479,001,600 unique Love based combinations.

               1           2           3         4
    What      Understand           Be        Share       LOVE
     How    Experience        Joy   Co-creation   Support of
each other
  Self Aware       Heart
  LOVE in Form

At Heart Connected or higher Vibration Levels, each Point of Being, holds a sequence of 1 to 12 of these Love based combinations.




Magic Word #14.  

Many unrelated strings of choices#13.  

We can choose many different agendas.  




Magic Word #15.  

Maintains balance within Creation/Manifestation.  

Individual balance raises individual vibrations.  

The 'encouragement' tool to help us eventually remember Love and 'ONE ness'.  

Karma is created when we ignore Love and make choices following our own agenda... instead of choices aligned with 'ONE ness'.  

Some call karma generating experiences 'lessons'.  Karma is also called "The Universal Law 
of Cause and Effect".  Karma is something that has to be cleared both as individuals and as the Human Civilization.  

Eventually we choose to balance karma... usually by non-enjoyable situational experiences with 
other people.  The 'situation' part often includes items like health, disability, loss and death.  

Near the end of each 25,920 year cycle we can also release karma... as we choose to return to Heart.  

BTW... unwanted weight gain is often karma waiting to be balanced or released.  

Karma is also carried in other dimensions and released in this dimension.  The key is to 
immediately react to the karmic experience in a positive way.  

When releasing karma,  a male/female pair of Boji Stones can be a helpful tool to reduce the physical pain sometimes caused by karmic release.  (Boji Stones are sometimes called Ascension Stones.)  

'Releasing' karma is not the same as 'balancing' karma.  'Balancing' is typically done through 
situational experiences... many with other people.  'Balancing' takes place when we react to the 
situation in a positive way.  Future similar experiences will occur until we choose to be 

The 'balancing' situation with other people often includes items like health, disability, loss and death.  

Since we don't always recognize karmic experiences, the safe choice is to always and immediately react in a positive way to all experiences... no exceptions 

Karmic situational experiences will repeat themselves until that karma is balanced... or until we eliminate enough karma to raise vibrations and return to Heartcentric living.  




Magic Word #16.  

Level of understanding the 20 Magic Words.  

The level of understanding is unlimited...  It requires Love and practice.  

When we temporarily raise our vibrations to pure Love#9, we are aware at the same level of ALL#4.  

Level of consciousness is the same as level of Awareness. 

Once Awareness starts to return in a big way, we reach the state of non-judgmental observation 
of all experiences.    

Level of Awareness has a direct relationship to level of humility.  The higher the Awareness, the more 
genuine and higher the humility.  

A high level of Awareness may appear to others to be a high level in intellect.  This is not the case... intellect is ego based,,, Awareness is Heart based.  

Awareness springs from Heart Parts (Section 15) and Love Modulation (Section 8).  

The Return Path to Heartcentric living by raising vibrations can now begin.  



Magic Word #17.  


Our state of Being is directly related to our level of Awareness.  

As Shakespeare wrote... "To Be or not to be, That Is the question".   When in a state of Being, we 
are not distracting ourselves by 'doing' and/or 'becoming'.  

May 3rd, 2010:  We are all Points within the same massive Being.     Forms of Being webpage




Magic Word #18.  

The name for 'communication' with Stillness.

This Inspiration takes place through Heart#10.  The 'communication' arrives near the physical heart in 
the middle of the ribcage... is always first... rarely repeats... never nags... and is always Loving.  




Magic Word #19.  

Resonance is the physical way to confirm Inspiration.  It happens when a potential choice#13 
'Feels good' or/or 'rings true'.  

The ultimate resonance/vibration is Love which is caused by the presence of Stillness.  

Reasons, logic, gut reactions, and thoughts not aligned with Stillness do not produce a confirming resonance.  

No more need to understand in advance... just trust Inspiration and confirm with resonance.  




Magic Word #20.  

Another name for flow is 'easy'.  

No more need to understand in advance... just trust Inspiration, confirm with resonance, and 
go with the flow.  

Daily Compass, Timing & Patience are powerful flow tools.  Sections 23, 42 & 43, Home webpage. 

The Return Path through Heartcentric and on to Multidimensional living by raising vibrations even higher can now begin.  



This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well 
beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

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