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Sharing how to organizationally structure Many narrow Co-creation's using Quantum LOVE.

Business Triangle
Narrowly define Customer/Product(s)
1) Revenue      (Left Leg)
2) Cash Flow   (Right Leg)
3) Pricing         (Bottom Leg)

USE 3's            (Remainder of this webpage)

All narrow Structures fit/look as ONE very large Structure.

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This webpage is a 'roll of information'... a scroll of "dot connecting" sections.  After choosing a subject of interest, simply scroll down to the section number.  

          ******************** CONTENTS *******************    
      Section                Brief Section Description                Date   
1   Introduction   A business structure based on Quantum LOVE
'ONE ness' and Fairness to ALL
2   3's   The key to Fairness   Jun09/08
3   Best numbers   The key to Harmony    
4   Investors & liquidation   Another key to Fairness    
5   58 Major Business Aspects   The key to Abundance    
6   Co-creation     Jul04/10
      Begininning of ON-planet part of Co-creation.   Jul04/10
        These new pages are being Co-created on a new platfrom, Apple instead of PC... signifying the newness of ON-planet Co-creation.    
        These examples will share how to architect structures that enable the ON-planet part of Co-creation.    
    Co-creation Pre-requisite   Middle 'Z" or higher Vibration Levels... Raising Vibrations webpage.    
    Pre-requisite 'self confirmation' tools   96% or higher X-Factor... Heart webpage.    
    Template   Work in Process (WIP)...
... The real answer is to tap into our combined diverse resources (THE ONE) and pull them together in a creative fashion to address whatever it is that our higher 'Z' portions of THE ONE Diamond is identifying for choice.    

Co-creation requires a minimum of 2 ON-planet people to start... which is best activated with at least one of clockwise and one of counter clockwise photon spins.   Photon, Section 8, Magic Words webpage

That is done individually... choosing to form a group, but not according to an assigned itinerary... but by the individual choice#13 of each True You.  
        "We are THE ONE's we have been waiting for."    
        "Do it yourself kit" for the ON-planet part of Global Co-creation...    
        Point person for this ON-planet Global activation of Co-creation is Peter Olson, eMail address...    
    thru Blossom        
    thru Blossom
July 4th . 2010

Good morning to you. I wonder if I could bring up the issue of the ‘activation’ in our last communication? Many experienced something strong, many didn’t and yet found later they could see aura’s or sensing some change from within, many didn’t experience anything at all, even though they gave it a go several times. Could you please explain why some felt it and some didn’t’?

Indeed we would feel this appropriate. For we are aware that some were perplexed at the lack of outcome which therefore stirred from within a disappointment of sorts. But we ask you to KNOW when we say that whosoever made the efforts to perform the task of activation  … IT WILL HAVE OCCURRED.

 That’s really good to hear, and yet how come some felt it and some didn’t?

Because of the necessary adjustments to the individual’s energy field and the level of vibration they were in at that particular moment. Not, we stress, NOT because of the level they reside in full time, if we may express it that way. There are many that were expecting the Earth to move … and due to the anticipation ... the expectancy overruled the actual phenomenon and if you like ‘disguised’ that which actually took place. Yet we continue to express that the event within each one DID occur. Perhaps we would say that some have been ‘put on a timer’ and for those who did not feel it immediately they will WITHOUT DOUBT KNOW the moment when their particular ‘timer ‘ goes off. There can also be for some … ‘activational triggers’ that shall take place at the correct time for each.  

OK. Thank you. Anything more you would like to add on that matter before we move on?

Yes. We desire to additionally remark upon the devout intentions of so many to bring your world into its Higher realm. The activation process deemed its self- importance and many more than you realise succumbed  to their inner voice and followed its calling. Do you see dear ones? Do you see how the Divine Plan is coming together? It is happening NOW. You only need to sit and FEEL it in the silence of yourself to KNOW of its TRUTH.

Thank you. I KNOW I have asked of this before, but there is so much speculation as to what is to take place regarding the Gulf oil spill. So many are living in fear … understandably. Would you feel it appropriate to speak more of this ongoing disaster, to perhaps relieve the fears of many? If you FEEL you have said all that needs to be said, then I shall accept that of course.

YOUR WORLD IS AT THE END OF ITS CYCLE. YOUR PEACEMAKERS ARE DRAWING STRENGTH … IN PEACE … AND IT SHALL BE KNOWN THAT THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS … CAN NO LONGER BE HIDDEN. For decades now, many are learning of matters that at one time they could only conceive as make believe. We say, from the HIGHEST PLACE OF AUTHORITY … VERY SOON … AMONG YOU shall be LIGHT that cannot be covered up or hidden from view. *A decloaking as you know of it to be expressed …  SHALL occur on a scale of that which we have spoken in the past. Many KNOW of this in your hearts. Many FEEL this in your hearts and at times we are aware of the yearning … the longing … for this to take place. It is soon to be upon you.

Hate to interrupt and of course with all respect … but as we have discussed in the past …That word ‘soon’ doesn’t cut it for us down here. Your version of ‘soon’ is very different from ours down here. Your ‘soon’ could mean in a few years … to us … that’s LIGHT YEARS AWAY in the terms of expectancy!!!! ‘Soon’ to us means in the next couple of days or months, so to be honest … Could we scrap that word for now … as, for us earthlings ... it is very misleading.

 We accept your proposal and we smile as we say Light- heartedly yet again … oh ye of little faith.

And I accept it Light-heartedly, for as you know, myself and who knows exactly how many thousands, have KNOWING rather than faith … yet it is our ‘time difference’ that causes the dilemma.

 Yet there is no dilemma from our perspective. You can only see with your human eyes …

And yet do we not FEEL with our spirit hearts? And through your teachings we are learning to listen to our FEELINGS above all else. 

And what are your feelings telling you of?

A feeling!!! 

About what?

About you coming … about you showing up in the way you have always said you would …. SOON!

And as you have just said, have we not taught you and have you not adhered to this lesson of KNOWING that your FEELINGS are your TRUTH? For they and only they (your feelings) can alert you to what is. Your minds’ thoughts can wonder and interact with all forms of energy that may confuse ANY given matter, and yet … ask your soul, ask your heart what it is FEELING about ANYTHING and it will always give you the TRUTH . For it cannot … it is not designed … to give you anything other than what it is … TRUTH.
So these FEELINGS that so many of you are experiencing are what is about to take place.

But we don’t know what these FEELINGS are saying … we can FEEL them, but what are they telling us?

 Let us ask you that question ... What are your feelings telling you?

Erm … are we not going round in circles here? We started this section off by saying that the FEELINGS were telling us that you were coming ‘soon’.

Thank you. Shall we continue on this wheel or shall we move on.

Understood!  What would you like to discuss next?



Your futures. It is so very important, more than you realise, at this time to be very precise about decisions you make regarding your everyday existence. Lift up your spirits into a place of great value. How much do you think you value who you are and why you are here? It would benefit you endlessly to involve your FEELINGS with valuing the position you are in right here, right now. For by doing so , you will allow the activation notch to be tuned into an ever increasing frequency that releases acceptance and understanding as you move into that ever increasing frequency. 

 I sort of get that. Are you saying that the more we value the privilege of being chosen to be here at this wondrous time, the more are vibration rises and the more we can value ourselves … and the more we value ourselves the more …. Etc …. You get the picture?

That is precisely what we are saying. 

Oooh! I just heard the next sentence you wanted to put, and thought … ‘here we go!!’And that sentence was????

You are waiting for yourselves.

And you knew I would be saying … please detail this on a deeper level if you would. Because I am taking that sentence on the lines that many are waiting for ‘The Star Kind’ to arrive and give us a helping hand in all this mess we have made down here … so  how does that tie in with  your statement ‘ Waiting for yourselves’?

Has it ever occurred to you that those very ‘Star Kind’ that you speak of may just be a HIGHER version of yourselves? After all, you have come to know that you are just a small aspect of who you are , experiencing a ‘playtime’ on this planet earth.


Indeed … this was the intention … this was its original purpose. To play … the derision of which is to be of joy to have fun … is it not? THIS WAS OUR INTENTION FOR YOU.  And although the experiment did not finalise in the way we had assumed … it is none the less IN THE BIG SCHEME OF THINGS … just a small experiment. We can FEEL your FEELINGS Blossom as you write for us. We are aware that as a human NOW on your planet, it appears we are of little comprehension of what it actually entails to be experiencing ‘life on earth’ at this time.

For when you are here deep within it … all the horror and disaster and control and abuse of free choice etc seems to FEEL a lot more than a small experiment that went … got to say it … excuse me …. Arse up!!!  I am not angry  saying this , not at all, it is just I can sort of FEEL what you are about to say and I ‘GET IT’, but when you are actually here on earth playing your part it all FEELS so important that we are doing so.

AND IT IS. Yet understand from your inner KNOWING that you are playing a role. You are carrying out your destined will in order to uplift this tiny tiny planet called Earth. IT IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE IN THE SCHEME of things, and yet, if you were able to comprehend the vastness of eternity , which of course in incomprehensible, you would also come to  the realisation that this ‘EVENT’ is merely a small aspect when you consider FOREVERNESS.  Each step that is made along the eternal path of LOVE is simply a happening. Life … all life … all LOVE …  is simply experiencing a happening. 

We can FEEL too your need to return to the matter of ‘waiting for yourselves’.

Yes, you said, or I FEEL you implied that those that shall arrive in the ships in the sky … are a Higher version of ourselves?

That is correct. And now knowing this, do you see the importance and necessity of your vibration being of a degree that could handle this?

Well, sort of. Guessing that if we were not ready to accept and receive this information, when I finally met a Higher aspect of myself … this one, this human one, might keel over in surprise, and if we all did that, there would be little point of any of it. I am TRULY a bit lost here … So, your'e saying we are going to meet a Higher aspect of ourselves … What ? All of us?  Each one of us? A biggy is coming, I just got the gist of what you are about to say …. THIS IS ALL SO HUGE!!!

Let us take this slowly when we say … consider the notion that a group of souls on your planet earth … a large group … may together … make up  … one Star Being.

Far out!! So what you are saying is … I FEEL … I think … that those with whom we may feel very strongly connected to … those that we say we have a deep soul connection with … when moulded together become one soul in the realms of the star people.

That is correct. 

That’s blown me away. Holy Moley and any other appropriate expression!!!

And then to take it a step further …

Steady Neddy , because  I might fall off my perch!!

Take that same scenario and adjust it to it happening to the visitors that are to come … them meeting up with the next Higher aspect of themselves, so that many ‘starkind’ who were of a soul group , then became  ONE Higher Being …and so on and so on . If you take this into account, perhaps it helps you to understand the concept of BEING ONE.

Yes, yes it does. White Cloud once spoke of a metaphor regarding this, it has just come to mind, as to how Love was broken down into many particles etc, too long to go into now, and even though I had understood that, I had never really looked at it from a point of view of people. Well, not in the way that you have just described.  It’s so weird to try and get my head around it … so, what happens then … when say … my soul group … meets itself … as portrayed as one Star Being? 

This dearest inquisitive one, we must leave for another time. In some ways we would need to discuss amongst the Higherarchy whether or not it would be appropriate to reveal such things. For as you KNOW … the saying goes … when the pupil is ready the teacher will come.

And I know, simply because I am so accustomed to the KNOWING of when a session is over, that the bell has just gone and it’s time to go out and play. As Alice in Wonderland once said … ‘curiouser and curiouser!!!!!!!’ Mmm a lot to think about today. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. Part of the plan I know and yet I know it’s not compulsory. Like for each one of us that is awakening more and more into the Light we share our knowledge because we want to , not because we have to. Ok … I guess I shall be having a real think about WHO is ME. Who I am part of on this earth plane right now that is not just a friend  or part of my family , but is actually ME!! LORD MAUD. And what you have shared with us today I FEEL is just a current in the cake …  I can’t possibly imagine what the icing  on top will contain!! Until next time oh blowers of minds … much Love Light and thanks!! PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

*As I was reading through for spelling etc, I got to this bit and FOR NO REASON AT ALL ... or for every reason , my page changed on my site and the following channelling came up. So I feel I should guide you towards reading this again ... after a few years it seems!! Very strange ... Truly I was just reading , touched nothing and it came up all by itself ... (or not)!
      This is the introduction to Section 6,,, rest of Section 6 is near the end of this webpage.    

1  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


This approach of structuring business is based on Love'ONE ness' and fairness to ALL.  

The architecture is highly similar to 'Group Fluid Dynamics'... and is based on 3's.  

April 29, 2009:  The architecture is detailed and comes from direct experience in all 58 business aspects listed within Section 5 of this webpage.  

The essence is all surfing Love together as equals in a flat organization.     Surfing Love, Section 33, Homewebpage


2  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The motion part of All basically works in '3s' (including fractions and multiples of 3's... also termed fractals).  Global Scaling research (started in Russia) is one source of '3s' validation.  The 

3's ... (Thirds):

1/3... Pod founder(s) (and down the road, their heirs). 

1/3... Investors (2/3) & Advisors/Directors (1/3); 

1/3... Operators (Officers (1/3), managers (1/3), employees/full_time_contractors (1/3)).

For example, distribution of the non-retained cash flow for the Model using '3s in Business'  would look like this...

  • 3/9 for the founder(s);
  • 2/9 for the investors;
  • 1/9 for the advisor;
  • 1/9 for the officers;
  • 1/9 for the managers;
  • 1/9 for the employees/full_time_contractors;
  • Founders can also choose to be officers & investors;
  • Any of the above distribution categories can also choose to be investors;
  • Investors may also be eligible to be officers, managers, or employees;
  • Officers, managers and employees also receive compensation for their time ...
  •  ... 9 compensation levels ... ...
  •  ... ... determined by skills and experience levels:
  • Contractors receive fees for their services;
  • Reimbursable business expenditures are approved and pre-paid in advance.  


3  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Best numbers:  

Best number of founders is 1,2,3,5,7,or 9.

Best number of advisors is 1.  (If too much for 1,  a 2nd may be added down the road (each with a minimum of 27 years experience covering most of the 58 business categories).

Best number of directors is 0... appoint 3 only when becoming a public company  (minimum of 18 years business experience with no exceptions). 

Advisor & director category shares 1/9th of total distribution equally (1/3 times 1/3 = 1/9th).   

Equal votes for active founders,  officers, and, in the case of a public company,  directors.  (No votes for heirs of founders unless they are also officers),  

The prior paragraph means that 'down the road', the current officers, advisors(s), and director(s) are running the organization.  

(A founder can eventually choose to become inactive and move to a 'no vote' status.... while still continuing to receive their distribution share of non-retained positive cash flow.)  


4  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Investors & liquidation:  

The world is awash with $$$ and thus investors.  Heart connected talent with experience is way more precious than $$$.   

Investors who want 'control' are operating from ego... rather than Heart.  Egocentric investors are generally interested in 'what is in it for them'. (One rotten apple will eventually destroy an entire basket of healthy apples.) 

Most investors lose money most of the time... because it takes business experienced talent to recognize and attract business experienced talent.  (Most investors do not have at least 18 years of business experience.  Business experience is not the same as investment experience.)   

The investors have one role... to offset cash flow deficits from operations.  Once operations move to positive cash flow, the investors will receive 2/9 ths of the non-retained positive cash flow... only while leaving their money in the organization. 

When investors choose to withdraw part/all of their money, 8/9 ths of non-retained positive cash flow will be applied to retire investor contributions.  While investor money is being repaid, founders, operators and remaining investors will not receive any distributions. 

The distribution share of non-retained positive cash flow for remaining investors will be reduced by the percent reduction from the cumulative 'high water mark' of invested money. This 'reduction'  will now flow equally to Founders (1/2) & Operators (1/2).  

Down the road, if cash flow deficits appear again, rights to re-invest will first be offered to existing investors at their then current percent of invested money.  Un-exercised rights will become available to former investors/heirs... and then to new investors  ( 2/9 ths remains the maximum distribution for investors, even if a new cumulative investment 'high water mark' is reached.)  

If additional investment is not available, the business will be liquidated.  From the liquidation proceeds... first, accounts receivable will be repaid...  second, investors will be repaid (based on current percent of still invested money).  If any liquidation proceeds remain,  they will be distributed equally among all these people... Founders, Officers, managers & employees.  


5  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

58 Major Business Aspects:  

Starting and scaling to a global business requires a comprehensive/inter-related understanding of these 57 disciplines... 1) organizational architecture, 2) corporate culture, 3) forecasting, 4) pricing, 5) product planning, 6) cost accounting, 7) travel and living accounting, 8) financial planning, 9) general accounting, 10) treasury operations, 11) company ownership (percentages), 12) profit sharing (all employees and full time contractors), 13) company structure (corporation, LLC, etc.), 14) capitalization (equity, short term debt, long term debt), 15) balance sheets, 16) profit & loss statements (including performance planning & analysis), 17) quarterly/annual reporting and filing, 18) taxes, 19) international, 20) basic research, 21) applied research, 22) product development, 23) phone coverage, 24) general & administrative support (payroll for example), 25) human relations (see below for an expansion), 26) information systems support, 27) Internet support, 28) marketing, 29) sales, 30) market development (including competitive analysis), 31) manufacturing, 32) customer support phone-in center, 33) customer service, 34) product service/maintenance, 35) warehousing and fulfillment/delivery logistics, 36) customer installations, 37) bonding for installation mishaps, 38) customer accounts receivable, 39) sales taxes (about 6000 separate domains in USA), 40) customer credits & claims, 41) product returns, 42) accounts payable, 43) legal, 44) intellectual property, 45) manufacturing capacity, 46) real estate & construction, 47) product engineering, 48) manufacturing engineering, 49) product testing, 50) quality practices (think ISO 9000), 51) board of directors (rules of governance), 52) self & outside Insurance, 53) Banking Relations, 54) investment banking relations, 55) investor relations, 56) government relations (other countries, federal, state, local) 57) college & university relations (world wide... especially US, former USSR, Germany, China, Japan, North Korea)... and, 58) in the case of public companies, 'Wall Street'. Not properly/deeply understood andincluded and inter-related with other business aspects... any one (and only one) of the above can destroy a promising global business in it's tracks.

All 57 major business aspects expand.  The Human Relations Aspect (#25) expands to 18 aspects as follows:  Training;  Succession Planning;  Employee interchangeability;  Health benefits;  Vacation benefits;  Holidays;  Sick days;  On/near premise medical;  Hiring;  Births;  Deaths;  Firing;  Loans;  Counseling; Complaints;  Legal actions;  Equal rights;  Retirement Accounts (like 401Ks)

When all 57 major business aspects are expanded, the number of individual business aspects exceeds 1000... and most aspects must be duplicated for every country.  


6  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


This example shares how to architect a Global Structure that enables Co-creation... and is based upon Surfing Love & Fairness to ALL.  The architecture will continue after Winter Solstice 2012.  

Before Winter Solstice 2012, the part of this architecture requiring the most courage is... "Letting Go" and... developing 100% COMFORT in always Surfing Love.  

Step 1... Determine your Endless Passion,,, it will be a 'four',,, the Original number after ONE.  

(Example of Endless Passion is... 1) Understand ALL#4. 2) Share the understanding. 3) Co-create.  4) Experience#5 the LOVE side of Joy.) 

The Opening Comments on the Home webpage,including the links, will facilitate the First Step.  

Step 2... 

July 4th 2010... It starts with US... "We are THE ONE we have been waiting for!"  

"Do it yourself kit" for the ON-planet part of Global Co-creation...    WIP on new Apple Platform

"Spreading the word" Scenarios are shared on the Co-creation Products/Services webpage



This is a website about Heart... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias is intended or implied.  

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