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  How Do I develop Ego Strength?

Every time your eGo thinks/talks/acts in a non-loving way, Re-develop that very same non-loving part of eGo within Ego Strength.

That is as simple as Loving each eGo Event... that ‘Act of LOVE‘ will Re-develop that very same non-loving part of eGo’ to within Ego Strength

Your Spirit will then do the Re-develop for you, automatically...
you simply have to LOVE each non-loving Event of eGo.

This can also be done with eGo Events that ‘bubble up’ from past disappointments, let-downs, mistakes, and embarrassments.

Eventually Ego Strength will contain ALL Aspects of eGo.

Ego Strength will be at 100%.

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

  Please give an example of a Weak eGo?

There are three types of eGo ... Weak (3 O’Clock) , Big (9 O’Clock), and Strong (6 O’Clock).

To think that your Unique Magnificence is less than, or greater than,
the Prime Creator’s Unique Magnificence, is an example of a
‘Weak eGo’ still running part of your life.

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

  How do I talk to an eGo?

Avoid using terms that could flare an eGo... put yourself in their shoes...
then speak!

As of August 21, 2014 there were just 10 of 7.15 Billion People at/above
480 Circuits.

Circuit numbers from 3 to 360 are in the domain of eGo.
Circuit numbers from 361 to 479 may be in the domain of eGo.
Circuit numbers from 480 to 600 will only feel the ‘tug’ of their eGo.

By 601 you will be able to maintain 100% Ego Strength.

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

  What are End Times?

'End Times' started upon crossing the We-Line on April 25, 2014.  We were all in such a 'good place' then... that it took some time for the 'End Times' to become noticeable.

'End Times' have happened during the past 20 Ascensions... all 20... no exceptions.  The ‘War of Words‘ has never been successful... never. 

Depending on circuit Mix, only people above 440 to 480 circuits, have the ‘Strength of Magnificence’ to stay above these ‘War of Words‘ Events.

‘Words’, even if Loving/Positive, can be Viewed in a negative way by people still heavily influenced by their own eGo’s... people below 440 circuits.

We have had major ascensions every 4 to 6 million years.

'End Times' are when a person allows eMotions and/or eGo’s that are still running part or all of their life... convinced that they are special.

No one is special... everyone is Magnificence.

Beings with ‘Less Light’ or inadequate ‘Strength’... i.e.. fewer ‘circuits’... tend to be impatient, make shortcuts, and do activities that don't really matter.

Unmastered eMotions block LOVE.

Unmastered eGo’s are even more destructive.

This starts a long lasting loop between Gain & Maintain... and the only reason for 1 to 10 to 100 additional lifetimes is to break this loop... and Always Maintain.

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

  What is Equal?

All Quantums are Equal... there is no better or less among Quantums.

    What is Equal-Endless?

All Quantums can continue ‘Forward’,  Endlessly.

They can improve their LOVE/Balance/Mastery Skills Endlessly.

Balance, Balance, BALANCE!

   What is Equal-Healing?

All Quantums can Heal Themselves.

Learn new techniques from each other but help Heal Yourself!

Advanced Quantum Healing

Balance, Balance, BALANCE!

  What is Evolution?

Evolution is Change... Loving Change.

Words are just words... and come from the Solid Consciousness/Thought/eGo... thus destabilize the Quantum Fields.

Actions include Visualizations and come from the Spirit... thus stabilize the Quantum Fields.

PS5 Harmony is the ‘magnet’ and PS6 Intent is the ‘pencil’.

“quantum's” (998) are the building blocks for everything within Creation.

'Scalar Energy' is actually PS6 Intent.
48 Min Video... ignore Tom’s incorrect ‘GOD‘ comments.

  Is English the Divine Realm’s choice for the entire surface of Terra/Gaia/Mother Earth?


English is the first or second language for most countries.

It is best to use the English Language to discuss this website.  This avoids incorrect translations.

4 Realms


  What is Faith?

The opposite of doubt.
The main problem associated with healing and manifestation is doubt.

Fear is even more destructive than doubt.


  Why did we choose to Fall/Descend?

Every time we change Photon Layers, (7, 13,19, etc.) there must be a major Expansion during the SuperCycle.

  Fields - Einstein?

Fields are the same as Plasma.

Electro & Magnetic Fields.

Zero Point: The Story of Mark McCandlish and the the Fluxliner (HQ) from James Gladman on Vimeo.

Click on the above picture twice... first, directly above... second, on new webpage.


  Fields - Keshe Foundation?

Gravitational & Magnetic Fields.

Knowledge Seekers Video, July 16, 2015, 204min.

  Fields - Keshe Foundation - the Technology Part - Transformation of Planet Earth?

Knowledge Seekers Video, September 24, 2015, 160min.

As of October 16, 2015, GCR/RV is now a must for each and
every country...
... Era of Free Energy, Food, Medical, & Drugs now begins.

The Cultural Part of Transformation is the responsibility of each and
every one of US!

  Fields - Quantum?

Comprised of Quantum Lite Plasma... the QUANTUM Singularity.

Supports Photonic Light Fields of Creation... Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical.

Change is
rare... every Billion Years or so... next change, August 15 thru September 28, 2015.  (8/14/15:  Planetary evacuation should not be necessary.)

Change not detectable by technology... only by Quantum Knowing.

  Fields - Rupert Sheldrake?

Morphic Resonance Fields.

October 1, 2013, 111min.

  What is the First Wave for the Ascension Process?

The First Wave does not require 8,455 people (square root of 1% of 7.15 Billion).

The First Wave only needs between 10 and 100 people.

This Moment is in the ‘Hands of the Human Collective and not the Prime Creator.

Only the Human Collective can Stabilize the Quantum Fields.

  What is Free Will?

Free Will means the ability for ‘Un-loving’ Thoughts/Words/Actions.

Free Will is currently a portion of Choice... Magic Word#13.

We are in transition away from the potentially vibrational lowering Free Will.

The timing and transition details are up to the Human Collective and to the Prime Creator.

  What are the 41 Frequencies?

‘Externally applied’ purification tools... developed by Many of ONE...
move away from your eGo... Magic Word#12...   also see eGo.

USE for 1 to 3 Quarters... or 91 to 273 Consecutive Days.

Link to tool... Your Frequencies

  Our Future?

Endless Loving Experiences.

Eventually, we will not need any form of money... the GCR/RV will help bridge us from ‘Now‘ to ‘Then’.

We need to Purify, Build/Connect/Restart 1466 Circuits, and FLOW.

We are now expanding our use of #1- ‘Stillness and activating our use of #3- ‘And.

We are ONE QUANTUM Singularity of Individual Quantums
having trillions of Unique Experiences.

Eventually, we become 22 Stage Individual Quantums’ and Choose only
my Unique Portion of the ONE Quantum LOVE for my Individual Unique Experiences.

We are Many of ONE

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