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Overview of LOVE Group

  Global Currency Reset/ReValuation GCR/RV?

198 Countries have their own Currency.  Through the decades there has been much Currency Manipulation.  

The GCR/RV ‘Levels the Playing Field’ for all Countries around the Earth... even those with ‘DeFacto Currencies’... which represent another 100+ Countries 
(in addition to the 198 Countries with their own Currency).
 When will the GCR/RV take place?

Not known... hopefully, very soon.
 How can I participate in the GCR?

The Vietnamese Dong has the greatest potential for increase in price relative to the USA Dollar.  If the Dong revalues to it’s 1940s price it will be worth about 1.1 dollars for each Dong.  

Today a Million Dong costs $58.12.  After The GCR, a million Dong will convert to $1,100,000 Dollars... if you can get the Contract Rate it will convert to as much as $11,000,000 Dollars.  

$1,100,000/$58.12 = 18,926x... or 1,892,600%.

 Is my risk $58.12?

No your risk is less than $17... today the bank will buy back your local currency at $41.25.  

Therefore your risk = $58.12 - $41.25 = $16.87 per million Dong.

 What should I do Right Now?

Buy and then physically hold Dong paper currency.  Keep your Confirm Number until the Dong are in your physical possession.
 A Wells Fargo Example?

Call 800-626-9430 and buy Dong Currency (Wells Fargo USA Local Currency Travelers Desk).
 Who is ‘TNT Tony’?

Listen to him on Blog Talk Radio... Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10am pacific time.  

Tony also holds special broadcasts.  

Tony has about 50,000 listeners for each broadcast.

 Subscribe to Tony’s Team for updates on your phone?

Send   #Follow The_TNT_Team to 404-04.   You will get a response in less than 1 minute.
  What should I do after my Currency Conversion?

 Have fun, help family & help others.  This is a direct blessing from Divine/Defined Realm for Light Workers.
  What is the form of this Blessing from Divine/Defined Realm?

Divine/Defined Realm Intervention in the form of money.
  Who cares that this is a Blessing from Divine/Defined Realm?

It guarantees the GCR will happen.  

The Prime Creator discussed GCR on the radio (BlogTalk Radio on Monday January 20, 2014... the Exact Day The Golden Age Began!  This message from The Creator was delivered via Dr. Kathryn May on that Monday Night).
  Any recent news?

The date is February 19, 2014,  Reptilian Remnants are nearing the end of their line.

The Public View is now at the United Nations, with UN Reptilian Remnants being exposed for the first time.

Before this time, these UN Reptilian Remnants had not yet been placed in the public view... and thus could not be removed.

    What else?

The date is March 10, 2014:

If we look back  about 250M years ago, all the dots relating to the fast approaching GCR come into view.

The very first pyramids built on surface Earth are now underground in Crimea... and have been rediscovered.

Hitler, of low vibrations, thought he could control humanity by possessing sacred items such as the Arc, Spear of Destiny, Shroud, Chalice, etc.

Putin, currently of low vibrations, thinks he can control humanity by possessing sacred items such as the the first pyramids on surface Earth.

For this lifetime, this struggle is about control... Putin uses actions... Obama uses bulling words, words mostly written for Obama by others.

The Divine/Defined Realm is now complete... the GCR is finished.

The one remaining problem can be understood as follows...  Divine/Defined Realm enters the clean Belief_Free_Waters at the very top of the surface.

We are below the surface of these Belief_Free_Waters.

As we continue to Raise Vibrations and replace 
Beliefs with Truth,  we will go higher in these deep waters.  

The GCR is close.

The GCR will eventually become manifest in our Realm... GCR is 100% certain!

The date is May 23, 2014:

The GCR/RV was mentioned to us during the summer of 2013.

From July 2013 thru October 2013, the GCR/RV was prepared for sailing.

In late October 2013, the ship set sail.  “It is done!”

The crossing has required about 7 months.  (During many trips during the past thousand years, the ships were intercepted by pirates or sank.)

Our ship, the 
Ship GCR/RV, has made it safely into port, humanity’s port.

Upon landing safely in humanity’s port,
 three red lights were blocking the ship’s permission to dock. 

One of the red lights were our collective Beliefs.  This light went from 
red to green to gone on May 21, 2014 at 6:00 PM EDT when 11 Million People Visualized GCR/RV Manifestation.

Immediately, the other two lights switched from red to yellow.

The other two lights are Maritime Law and Corporate Law.

Maritime Law started about 1000 years ago, to make piracy illegal.  Today these same laws that eliminated piracy are, once again, enabling modern day piracy.

Corporate Law gained traction during the 1790s... USA is a Corporation, Washington DC is a Corporation.  These laws are also enabling modern day piracy.

These two lights will soon switch from 
yellow to green,  then our Ship GCR/RV will dock!  (These two lights will soon after be gone.)

With the GCR/RV in hand,  there are two key words... Nurture & Grow.

We Nurture by caring for people... if Nurturing thru an existing charity, ask what percentage goes for administration and what percentage goes to the people.  Some charities 
use over 80% for administration.

We Grow people thru Spreading Joy, adding new skills, and adding new jobs... more in the Sharing Joy webpage.

Help all 
Souls develop Depth of Knowing of their Unique Magnificence... this is easily done while avoiding the world/words of Wild, Weird, and Wacky.

The importance of 
Quantum Field Stability is emerging.

The date is August 1, 2014:

Importance of Quantum Field Stability has fully surfaced.

These two lights described directly above have switched from yellow to green.  The final step follows...

For those not living from their HeartMind or striving to ‘connect’ with their Magnificence, this song says it all... If I were a Rich Man

Once the first 10 people have fully connected to their Unique Inner Knowing, the GCR/RV will be able to take place.  The Quantum Fields will be stable enough! 
Stability of your Quantum Fields by gaining Mastery of Ego and Emotions.

No one else can do it for others... Ascension is an Inside Job.

Understanding the most recent 1,000 Super Cycles, will develop your direct connection ‘circuitry’ with your own 
Unique Magnificence... this includes your own Inner Knowing....

... If you rely on words/actions, you are not deep enough to 
100% connect...
... If you rely on 
energy/feelings, also you are not deep enough.

The date is August 21, 2014:

We have reached 10 People on the Planet Surface who have, at least, 480 Connected Circuits.  The GCR/RV can now proceed in the USA.

To fully share 
QuantumMany of ONE is rapidly expanding to 404 Webpages.

The date is December 12, 2014:

GCR/RV has started in the USA.

7 Minute Video

The date is January 8, 2015:

There is no way to insure accuracy of eMail Addresses… typos, ‘moving addresses to/from spreadsheets', brand new eMail Addresses, 
simple mistakes like Upper vs. Lower Case for just one letter, missing period, missing letter/number, or transposed numbers.
The above comment is based on the recent experience of having just compiled an eMail List, now approaching 300 eMail Addresses and 
would still be growing rapidly.  But this eMail List will not be used or go forward.  This eMail List has been abandoned.
We are now blessed with a way to enter our eMail Address ourself.  Yeah!
The ‘do it yourself’ Website is
The below screenshots will save you time and possible frustration.
Frustration does not raise vibrations.
No 'eMail Addresses' have been submitted… no one has already been enrolled by a eMail List being compiled by Many of ONE.
Shows the Magick underlying this ‘do it yourself’ Website.
3 Steps… Step 1...
Click ‘Create Account' in upper right.
3 Steps… Step 2...
Fill in the requested Information.
3 Steps… Step 3...
Act upon the Confirming eMail then sent to your eMail Address by
You are now a member of the 'RV eMail List'… without any 'eMail Address List risk’.

The date is January 9, 2015:

The above Choice (in white background) was closed yesterday.

The date is May 29, 2015:

Manipulated/'Lack of Balance/Fairness’…      to RV… to ???…                            to NoMoney (because of QuantumBasedTechnologies and QuantumBasedIntent.)
May 29, 2015                   upcoming Fractal Date Range of June 9 to December 26, 2015            the following two Fractal Date Range (FDR) Centers… November 22, 2029… or May 8, 2040
Once you are comfortable the initial phase of ??? is over… Act.
Until then… QUANTUM Triangle!

Quantum Triangle

The date is June 9, 2015:

The 200 day wide FDR begins today and runs through December 26, 2015.

If the RV does not happen by 
December 26, 2015 then the RV will probably be skipped... and NoMoney will be accelerated.  
Stability of the QuantumFields within Creation is the primary criteria... 
RV versus NoMoney.

NoMoney brings accelerated MassLandings.
The date is Friday June 24, 2016:
Brexit Vote takes place... First Domino...
DJI down over 610 Points to 17,400.

We are ONE QUANTUM Singularity of Individual Quantums 
having trillions of 
Unique Experiences.

Eventually, we become ‘22 Stage Individual Quantums’ and Choose only
my Unique Portion of the ONE Quantum LOVE for my Individual Unique Experiences.
We are Many of ONE
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“Many of ONE” is about Quantum LOVE... a combination of Spiritual and Science... but well beyond 
either Spiritual or Science.   No religious bias exists. 

Always Choose TO BE Of Quantum LOVE!  ?

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